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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5AM  CBS  May 16, 2018 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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. >> good morning. i'm kenny choi. let's take a look outside. partly cloudy to start this wednesday morning. >> i don't know. >> it's just warming up. >> i was going to say just looks cold out there. >> it's cold, yeah. it's going to not even warm up by the afternoon, unfortunately. so a warm suit or jacket sounds good. keep that with you today. we have a chance for drizzle so you may need to use your windshield wipers. here's a live look at mineta international airport in san jose. definitely noticing some cloud coverage but it doesn't look like that's going to impact flights this morning. satellite/radar showing a low out here that's hovering over the bay area this morning. but look where the moisture is
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all around us, not on us. so that's good news. north and east, thunderstorms. gray conditions at 9:00. not much cloud coverage burn- off in the morning in concord and livermore. at the coast and bay, mostly cloudy kind of day. yesterday it was sunny and warmed things up but temperatures today will be cooler than yesterday and tonight continued cloud coverage again and you can see any areas of green are staying east of us and there's a chance of thunderstorms but not for our area at all. and jaclyn, how are the roads? >> right now, we are following a fatal crash that happened last night and it's still having an impact on traffic. all northbound 880 lanes shut down at automall parkway. the autism on-ramp as well as the -- the automall parkway on- ramp as well as the other
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areas are impacted. we are seeing the backup develop and it's stretching to fremont boulevard at this time. you can get through the closure quicker with alternates. side streets are starting to get busy, as well. 680 an alternate route. the next on-ramp that is open onto the freeway to get onto northbound 80 will be mowry. we'll continue to follow this and the rest of your ride coming up. back to you. three people are dead after that multi-vehicle accident jaclyn was just talking about. this happened on interstate 880 overnight and anne makovec is live in fremont with the latest on the investigation. anne. >> reporter: i'm here at stevenson boulevard where all of the northbound lanes of 880 are closed. you can see they are starting to clear the scene here behind me. some of the mangled vehicles involved in this accident. it happened at around 9:30 last night. five vehicles were involved. and three people did die. we have some video from last
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night of a little bit of that scene because chp investigators have been working here since that happened at 9:30. the people who died we are told it is a woman and two children and that five people from the same vehicle she was riding in were also taken to the hospital including a man and four children. again, they were all driving in the white cadillac escalade that was involved in this crash. one person has been arrested for dui, a person driving a camry in the crash. dui under the influence of marijuana. that was a man. he is not injured. and he is cooperating with police this morning. a little good news for commuters is the road will re-
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open around 5:30 a.m. of course, we'll keep you posted. jaclyn will keep you posted throughout the morning on this closure and when exactly these lanes will re-open, probably starting slowly one lane, two lanes, because this could be a real mess for the morning commute. live in fremont, anne makevoc, kpix 5. the plan for a summit between president trump and kim jong-un is in jeopardy. pyongyang says one-sided demands from the u.s. may force the cancellation of next month's historic meeting. the trump administration has said it would lift economic sanctions in exchange for the complete dismantling of north korea's nuclear program. the north also abruptly canceled a meeting with south korean officials yesterday demanding an end to joint military drills between them and the u.s. experts say this could be an attempt by north korea to get more favorable terms on an eventual deal. >> the north korean leadership doesn't hold summits unless they think they will get
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something for it in return. in some cases, literal cash, in other cases concessions and political benefits. >> the white house says it is still examining north korea's comments. meanwhile, new questions about president trump's financial dealings with china as he heads into trade negotiations with beijing. a company owned by the chinese government has signed a deal to build a development in indonesia which includes a trump brand hotel, golf course and condos. the trump organization will reportedly receive almost $3.7 million plus management fees and unspecified incentives. president trump turned over day-to-day management of the trump organization to his sons when he took office. he did not divest himself financially. terminally ill patients are in bimbo after the "end of life option act" was overturned by a judge. the law allowed patients with less than 6 months to live an
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option to get drugs from their doctors to kill themselves. a judge ruled that state lawmakers passed it during a special session that was supposed to address healthcare. brittany maynard became the face of the death with dignity movement. he said his wife would be disappointed with this decision. >> that they were pursuing just to have this peace of mind to know that they have taken this little bit of control back from the cancer or whatever their ailment is, the fact that that has been taken from them? that's what really tears me up. >> california attorney general xavier becerra says that he disagrees with the ruling and will file an appeal within five days. the law stays in place in the meantime. there's a little more momentum for a new baseball stadium for the oakland a's. last night, the oakland city council approved a nine-month exclusive negotiating agreement with the a's to study a possible new ballpark at the current coliseum site. the a's will be the last team remaining at the coliseum
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arena complex as raiders and warriors are moving. a's are also considering the howard terminal area as a potential ballpark location. the father accused of torturing his 10 children says police have it all wrong. kpix 5's jessica flores joins us live with his plea behind bars. jessica. reporter: good morning, michelle. that's right. we did talk to the father yesterday accused of torturing ten children and now the mother of those children will be heading back to court. she faces new charges today. prosecutors are bringing nine felony counts of child abuse against the mother of 10. they say that she put her children in a situation that would cause great bodily harm or death. ina rogers and jonathan allen are accused of keeping their children in an abusive and filthy home. investigators say allen tortured the children and caused cruel and extreme pain and suffering for a sadistic purpose. police say the children ranging in age from a baby to
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12 years old have burns and bruises consistent with being shot by a pellet gun. allen denied the allegations in a jailhouse interview yesterday. i'm not an animal, torturer or monster. >> the investigation began march 31st when the children's mother was arrested and charged with 10 counts of child endangerment because of the living conditions in their fairfield home. she also denies the allegations and actually let us into her home for a tour to see what it looks like and our cameraman saw feces on the upstairs bathroom. it was filthy. that mother says it was filthy because police executed their search warrant and turned things over in the home including furniture and clothes but police say those children were living in extremely filthy and abusive conditions. again, that mother will appear today in the solano county courthouse facing new charges. she is expected in court at
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8:30 a.m. live in fairfield, i'm jessica flores, kpix 5. time now 5:08. growing danger on hawaii's big island as a red warning is issued over potential explosions hurling large rocks for miles. >> and a stunning reversal in oakland's effort to prevent trains packed with coal from rolling through town. >> good morning, everybody. we are talking about a cool day out there and cloudy conditions with a chance of drizzle. the forecast is coming up. >> things looking okay over at the golden gate bridge. we have wind advisories to tell you about for some other bridges coming up. it's time for sleep number's 'semi-annual sale'.
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a federal judge struck down the city's ban on large coal shipments. that clears the way for a developer to build an export terminal between the bay bridge toll coal trains may start rolling through oakland after all. a judge shut down the ban on coal shipments clearing the way for a developer to build the terminal between the bay bridge toll plaza and the port of oakland. the judge ruled that the city council did not provide enough evidence that the coal operations would pose any substantial health or safety danger. city officials say they did and plan to appeal. fissures continue to open
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near the kilauea volcano on the big island of hawaii. 20 have come through the soil since it began spewing lava almost two weeks ago. experts say that the blue flames are a sign that toxic gas is being released into the air. geologists say the summit could have an explosive steam eruption that would hurl large rocks and ash miles into the sky. >> hearing that stones might be flying this way, you see plumes coming and ash covering all over the place, so trying to get things covered as much as possible. we're prepared as much as possible. >> the volcanic activity has destroyed more than 2 dozen homes already. about 2,000 people have been evacuated. across the country in the northeast, powerful storms have left at least five people dead including an 11-year-old girl. airlines canceled flights out of the region and in new york
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city, thousands of commuters were stranded in grand central terminal. laura podesta shows us the worst hit areas. >> reporter: severe thunderstorms hammered the eastern see you back here. from maryland to new england tuesday. in new york state, hail the size of baseballs and strong winds snapped trees like twigs, crushing cars like this jeep. in a separate incident an 11- year-old girl in newburgh, new york, was among those killed by trees falling on cars. >> hit the window. >> reporter: this family narrowly escaped disaster when a falling tree missed their 10- year-old's bedroom. throughout the region, drivers were stranded and flights were canceled. here in new york city, the metro-north railroad suspended trains due to downed trees on the tracks. >> all trains ... >> reporter: this video circulating on social media shows the massive commuter crowd in grand central terminal waiting for service
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to start up again. >> numerous trees came down on all three lines. power went down and then various different trains went down on the new haven, hudson lines and harlem line. >> reporter: power was also out to more than half a million customers across pennsylvania, new york and connecticut. but plenty of electricity has surged from the sky. some schools are canceling classes today due to the damage. laura podesta, cbs news, new york. >> according to, more than 500 flights were canceled at new york city's three major airports yesterday and more than 100 at boston's logan international airport. time now 5:15. let's see how our roads are look now for the morning commute. jaclyn. >> good morning. it's not a good morning for drivers heading along 880 because that remains shut down in that northbound direction after a deadly crash last night. so we are getting some conflicting information. of course this is a sliding scale fluid situation as to
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when those lanes will re-open. but it looks like it's going to be another hour at least before they get some of that opened at least some of those lanes. so in the meantime, you will need to give yourself extra time getting through that stretch. all traffic diverted off at automall parkway. the automall parkway on-ramp as well as the stevenson on- ramp are closed getting onto northbound 880. for drivers on 880, you can always get off at mission or fremont. traffic is backed up to about fremont boulevard at this point. you can see take that up to mowry and get back onto 880 or you can head on over to 680. now, we are tracking some overnight roadwork along 680 and that's keeping your ride slow northbound but it's not creating too much of a delay, just a few minutes. a heads up for drivers through that stretch. we are also tracking a closure along southbound 280 on the connector ramp to northbound 87 due to some flooding reported in the lanes. it looks like this may be a
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broken sprinkler head system that's caused all of that flooding. it didn't rain. for more on the weather, let's check in with neda. no flooding from rain, i can definitely say that is the case. what we are seeing this morning would be cloud coverage. a few of our cameras coated in those clouds and we can't even use them this morning. but this one definitely shows you clearer conditions at least where our transamerica camera would be pointed towards the south here. coit tower as you see there, this would be "salesforce tower." you can see the clouds behind it but definitely not too low to block that view. san francisco 56 right now. livermore 53. 55 in oakland. sunrise 5:58 a.m. sunset 8:13 p.m. most likely, though, sunrise and sunset it looks like clouds will be blocking some of the views but we'll keep an eye on that for you, of course. west winds at sfo at 8. san
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ramon 8. concord 9. antioch 12. fairfield 17. you may see the marine layer in the delta past us into sacramento. so that's all because of course this low that's been over the pacific for a few days and now it's right on top of us. these bringing us cooler and cloudy conditions and west winds, that are the ones that bring us that coastal cooling. now, behind it, though, will be the ridge of high pressure. when we get that, that means temperatures will be on the ride. it's not going to happen for a while. it will take its time to get here. on saturday you will notice it. temperatures will feel warmer, more comfortable than what will be out there today. here's a look at the rain-snow futurecast. what you can expect for the north and to the east would be some precipitation this morning and then by the afternoon a chance for thunderstorms. we do have unstable air in place, not for the bay area though. so that's good news for us. all we'll see is maybe light drizzle or cloud coverage for most of you. the sierra that's where the rain will be coming down. and then those higher elevations up near chico, redding, ukiah, eureka, far up
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north. north of the bay area, of course. that's going to last through this afternoon and then tonight we'll get that marine layer again for tomorrow as well but temperatures will be slightly warmer tomorrow. these numbers are going to start to rise on up. here's your afternoon high today. san francisco 61. inland should be in the mid- to upper 70s. you're only going to be 68 in sunnyvale, los altos 66. 68 in concord, benicia 67. some people are loving this cooler weather saying it's nice and refreshing. others are waiting for the warmth. 61 in sausalito. 65 in berkeley and petaluma. rhapsody." cool monday, chance of rain in the forecast tuesday. a new trailer is teasing queen fan with the first look at the long-awaited biopic
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bohemian rhapsody. ♪[ music ] >> freddie mercury died of aids. the new trailer links to put me in bohemia a site that lets you sing along with the british band. it gives you a chance to have your voice included in the movie. the movie opens in november. if you can't get enough of this weekend's big wedding, there is a comic book for that. royals, prince harry and meghan markle, arrives this week from tidal wave comics. choose between the 26-page comic the hard back 40-page graphic novel and a wedding edition with a special cover. so how do you make your dog the happiest dog in the world? well, you can try by giving your pet 5,000 ball pit balls. that's what one youtube user did in florida for his four- legged friend. he says when heard his local
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toys 'r us store was closing down, he decided to buy most of the store's ball pit balls so the dog loved it. looks like fun. the owner says it took four trips to toys 'r us to haul all the balls to his home. could the giants climb above the .500 mark and get closer in the national league west? and what a great moment for an a's player in boston last night. if you waited out the rain delay, you're going to see it next.
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the a's and red sox sat through a one-hour 42-minute rain delay in a game that was burning the midnight oil in boston. but if you're an a's fan it was worth the wait. piscotty on the bereavement list after the death of his mother last week. in his first at bat like a hollywood movie script he hit it out of the park. and as he crossed home plate he placed his hand over his heart. great, great moment. a's led 3-2. mark hannah hit that pitch on the outside corner down the left field line. khris davis and matt chapman score. a's win 5-3. they have won back-to-back season series against boston for the first time since 1987 and '88.
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wow! pablo pinch hitting with the bags juiced against cincinnati. down 3-1. went down and got that pitch. down the line, and when crawford touches home plate, the game is tied at 3. tomlinson playing second base until further notice comes one a huge two-how the base hit scoring crawford. giants win 5-3. they are one game above .500. eastern conference finals lebron and the cavs looking to rebound from a marble game one. celtics up one. roger coming the other way, lebron had 42 points but it wasn't enough. the celtics win 107-94. they lead that series now two games to none. it now shifts back to cleveland. as for the warriors, they try to make it 2-0 tonight in houston. i'm dennis o'donnell. see you tonight. play of the day from major league baseball. st. louis taking on minnesota. >> you take these tests -- martinez deep to right field.
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keppler going back at the wall, makes the catch! >> beauty. the twins max keppler with the fine catch at the wall. minnesota goes on to beat the cardinals 4-1. today prosecutors bring new charges against the mother of 10 children who police say lived in an abusive and filthy home. we'll have the details coming up. >> and 880 northbound in fremont still closed this morning after an horrific accident last night. coming up, we'll tell you what happened and keep you posted on the closure. i'm dianne feinstein and i approve this message.
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i support the affordable care act, and voted against all trump's attempts to repeal it. but we need to do more. i believe in universal health care. in a public health option
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to compete with private insurance companies. and expanding medicare to everyone over 55. and i believe medicare must be empowered to negotiate the price of drugs. california values senator dianne feinstein explosion as an intentional act of violence... and one bay area city is slashing the cost of its towing al of this police in southern california are now investigating a deadly explosion as an intentional
5:30 am
act of violence. >> plus, one bay area city is slashing the cost of its towing fees so what's the goal of this move? >> and there is a low pressure system sitting right over the bay area this hour. what this means for your temperatures. >> and a traffic alert full highway closure along 880 and the metering lights are on at the bay bridge toll plaza. we'll have your travel times coming up. good morning, it is wednesday, may 16th. i'm michelle griego. >> good morning. i'm kenny choi. police rescued 10 children who were allegedly tortured and living in filth. kpix 5's jessica flores reports. their mother is facing new charges. >> reporter: prosecutors are bringing new charges against the mother of 10. she is now facing nine felony counts of child abuse. prosecutors say she put her children in a situation that could cause great bodily harm or even death. 31-year-old ina rogers and her husband, 29-year-old jonathan allen, are accused of keeping
5:31 am
their children in an abusive and filthy home. investigators say allen tortured the children and caused cruel and extreme pain and suffering for a sadistic purpose. police say the children ranging in age from a baby to 12 years old have burns and bruises consistent with being shot by a pellet gun. now, we did speak to allen in the jailhouse interview yesterday and he denies the allegations. >> i gave my everything to these, my everything. i didn't do these things. every. >> reporter: on march 31st, the mother was arrested for child endangerment based on the living conditions police saw inside their fairfield home. now, she allowed our cameras inside. we saw one room where all the ten children slept and upstairs the bathroom had feces all over the floor. the mother is due back in
5:32 am
court at 8:30 a.m. she posted bond for those initial child endangerment charges which is why she was out. the father is still in jail facing felony charges of child endangerment and child abuse. an accident killed three people in fremont and a driver was arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence of marijuana. it happened last night at interstate 880 near stevenson boulevard. anne makovec joins us live from fremont. >> reporter: just a terrible scene here. these are the northbound lanes in fremont. you can see the escalade where eight people were riding in last night, three of those people have now died after being ejected from that vehicle. the accident happened at about
5:33 am
9:30 last night involving 5 cars. but all of the injuries the deaths did come from that cadillac where a woman and two children died in the hospital. five people are in the hospital. one of the people is in critical condition. that may be a baby. now, there is one man under arrest a driver of a camry in this accident. he is under arrest on suspicion of dui of marijuana. he is cooperating with the chp an officer says this morning but they are still working to clean up the scene. you can see debris in the northbound lanes now so this closure is still in effect. one of the lanes may have been reopened at 5:30. that's come and gone so it
5:34 am
could be another half-hour or an hour before they start re- opening lanes. we know that the northbound lanes are closed now on 880 in fremont. let's go to jaclyn. >> we are seeing a backup on northbound 880 as more folks join the morning commute. it stretches past fremont boulevard. a backup at mission boulevard at this point. take 680 as an alternate. use busy surface streets. give yourself some extra time. right now a backup along northbound 680, as well. so again give yourself some extra time. over at the bay bridge toll
5:35 am
plaza, metering lights are on. traffic is starting to stack up well beyond the west grand overcrossing. we'll continue to track that and more in the next traffic report. back to you. >> thank you. thank you. visibility is not an issue. we have cloud coverage but no low-lying fog for most of us. so gray skies and drizzle in the forecast. most precipitation will be it the north and east of us. so definitely not expected to reach the bay area. but we are seeing temperatures still cool. in the 50s and 60s today. we'll be warmer on the weekend. here's the skies at the golden gate bridge. 56 degrees in san francisco. 54 in livermore. oakland at 55 degrees. and that flag is not flapping now. winds not strong at this hour. but the direction is coming from the west again so we have
5:36 am
that marine layer pushing in past concord and livermore into parts of sacramento even but some areas a little break in the cloud coverage. of course we'll let you know what you can expect for your afternoon temperatures coming up in just a little bit. some drivers in san francisco may be eligible to pay lower fees if their cars get towed. tees will be slashed in half for low -- fees will be slashed in half for low income drivers paying $86 instead of $261 for their first tow. the sfmta will also waive some fees for dollies and flatbed trucks used when towing. the new fees start on july 1st. a fatal explosion at an orange county medical building is being investigated as an intentional act. the blast killed one woman and injured three others yesterday in aliso viejo southeast of anaheim. it may have come from a package. >> saw two women come out full
5:37 am
of blood, hair singed, glass stuck to their hair and bodies. their skin was burned and peeled back. >> children from a daycare center across the street were evacuated as a precaution. the fbi is investigating. today senate democrats will make a last-ditch effort to overturn the decision to end net neutrality. last december, the fcc approved a plan to roll back regulations meant to ensure that the internet stays open and accessible to all. even if senate votes to restore the protections it's unclear in the house will take up the measure. in a few hours representatives from facebook will testify on capitol hill about the data scandal involving cambridge analytica. it comes one day after the company said it has disabled nearly 1.3 billion fake accounts over six months. facebook says most were removed within minutes but millions more slipped through. the information was provided in facebook's first transparency report which will
5:38 am
be updated twice a year. the feds have reportedly launched an investigation into cambridge analytica. the data firm was hired by the trump campaign and other republican candidates to gather voter information during the 2016 elections. cambridge analytica collected information from more than 50 million facebook users without permission. according to the "new york times," the federal investigation seems to focus on the company's financial dealings. a big grocery chain is promising more discounts. iane king hall of "cbsmoneywatch" reports. >> reporter: good morning. ripple effect triggered by moves in the bond market sent stocks lower here on wall street. the dow was down 193 yesterday. nasdaq dropped 59. negotiators are hammering out a new nafta deal. they are unlikely to meet tomorrow's deadline. house speaker paul ryan said congress would vote on a new treaty this year if submitted by may 17th. the union of amazon and whole
5:39 am
foods will finally be easier on your wallet. amazon says it will begin offering prime members an additional 10% off sale items at whole foods. it kicks off in florida and will roll out to all stores by the summer. and call it the ostrich effect. bank rate says half of all people with financial regrets say they haven't started addressing the problem. 25% say they don't have any plans to tackle the issue, almost a fifth of people will get around to it and the biggest problem plaguing households not saving enough money followed by heavy debt loads. >> everybody has bills to pay including college grads sorting out where to start their careers. there's a new list with some recommendations, so what are the stats saying? >> reporter: that's right. so wallet hub is out with its list of the best and worst places to begin a career. salt lake city city tops it followed by orlando and atlanta. san francisco cracked the top 20 on the flip side, santa clarita and oxnard were the
5:40 am
worst places. among the determining factors were the number of job opportunities, cost of living and commuter friendliness. >> thank you. 5:40. a bay area councilman is stepping down as alleged victims speak publicly about their accusations. >> plus, students at one california school are celebrating a special connection to the upcoming royal wedding. >> and a live look out at 880 in oakland right now. at least this part of 880 is moving along just fine. but, of course, we have more on that multi-vehicle accident that killed three people in fremont coming up.
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5:42 am
in just a few minutes. dominic caserta -- did not attend last night's city council meeting in santa clara county. check out this cool view. there's coit tower. and look at the moving clouds behind it. we are waking up to another gray morning. may gray, it's here. it's short-lived.
5:43 am
we'll have the full forecast coming up. dominic caserta did not attend last night's city council meeting in santa clara county but his accusers did. he resigned before the meeting and suspended his run for santa clara supervisor amid sexual harassment allegations. but he is still a teacher at santa clara high school. several former students spoke about his alleged behavior. >> he screamed at me, called me disgusting and despicable. >> he would always call me on my cell phone nonstop and leave voicemails. >> his resignation later said: he isn't the only candidate for that board of supervisors seat under fire. critics are going after former
5:44 am
san jose city council member pierluigi oliverio over a 2014 claim. a union unfurled this banner yesterday call them up fit to serve. we got a statement from oliverio last night: have consistently denied and the city attorney stated that the allegation was without merit." the complaint against oliverio came from his former campaign manager. she later settled with the city. the royal wedding is just around the corner.. and royal "superfans" are already taking their positions opposite windsor castle. >> the complaint came from a former campaign manager who settled with the city. the royal wedding is coming up and royal super fans are taking their positions opposite windsor castle. we are still three days away from prince harry and meghan markle's big day but some have already set up their chairs outside the castle. one guy even brought along a cardboard cutout of the couple. okay.
5:45 am
some students here in california are already toasting the bride and groom. the bride is an alum from their school. meghan markle graduated from immaculate heart of school for girls in 1999. hundreds of students gathered there yesterday to celebrator that connection to the future duchess. >> i want to celebrate this occasion. >> this is a world story. so it's kind of very exciting as you can see from the students. so we are very happy. we are very proud of her. >> in addition to the speeches and the singing there was some traditional tea and toast and lemonade and biscuits. hm. sounds good. you can watch the royal wedding saturday morning right here on kpix 5 live coverage starting at 1 a.m. and the fascinators. that's what i always love to see. i know. >> you get a few of those for your party? kind of want to do tiaras. >> good times. >> i always have my invisible crown on. but okay.
5:46 am
but unfortunately, we have a rough start to our morning commute. >> this is due to a deadly crash last night. all lanes in the new york direction of 880 shut down at auto mall parkway. while they do their accident investigation. this is a sliding scale. definitely having a huge impact on the morning commute. that is -- now that we are approaching the 6:00 hour, we are definitely seeing those delays build. so traffic backed up beyond mission boulevard at this point. the automall parkway on-ramp is closed and 880 so you can exit before automall parkway so you don't just sit in the backup. get off at fremont boulevard but you will be sitting in some delays along those surface streets. you can take mission boulevard over to 680. and use that as an alternate. and that's looking good and in the green moving at the limit.
5:47 am
we have another problem in the south bay. this is a connector ramp from southbound 280 to northbound 87. that remains shut down due to some flooding in the lanes. they are looking into that to see what's causing that flooding. we know it's not rain. over at the bay bridge toll plaza, here's a live look at the maze. you can see the backup definitely not to the foot of the maze just yet. the metering lights are on and you can see we are dealing with a full crowd beyond that 880 overcrossing so a heads up in that direction. it is getting slow and we are tracking a travel time about 20 minutes into san francisco. the only thing you will see is mist especially if you are near the coast but right now a lot of drivers are dealing with traffic of course. also gray skies out there. yes. it's cool and it's a little gloomy again. sunrise at 5:58. probably won't see too much of that sunset at 8:13.
5:48 am
going to continue to see that marine layer return tonight, as well. so most of the day today especially the coast in the bay looking at cloudy conditions. temperatures this morning 56. santa rosa 52, as well. livermore 54. a few areas noticing a little bit of a break in the clouds but over sfo, west winds at 8 miles per hour, pushing that marine layer across the bay. we are going to see a change in the weather pattern here by the end of the week as a ridge of high pressure arrives but there's a low sitting right over us. and that's basically what's causing those cooler conditions. across the sierra and to the north of us, that is just associated with that low. our hi-def doppler showing now just some areas of some rain but it's not in the bay area. look at this, no lightning strikes just now popped up moments ago across the sierra foothills so that's where most of the precipitation will be. afternoon thunderstorms in the forecast there for today, tomorrow and next few days as
5:49 am
their weather pattern stays the same. it's overall unstable. futurecast cloudy, no rain. it's not looking like you will see precipitation. 4:00 this afternoon, more of that instability starts to increase as we get a little bit of the warming of the day. and that's when we could see possibly in the north bay some scattered showers. but it looks like sacramento, mendocino, ukiah, that area is going to get a lot of lightning strikes yet again. awarmer through the weekend. so that's going to keep us warmer with the ridge closer to us for the weekend.
5:50 am
cloudy conditions and moisture in the clouds but that's the main story for today. a few degrees below average for the coastline and around the bay but inland, you're about 6 to 8 degrees below average, upper 60s instead of the mid- to upper 70s. you today not so warm in the 60s. so you want a jacket and sweater later on. 65 in petaluma. let's hop over to the seven- day forecast. you can see that warmer weather. when will the sunshine get here? here it is for friday and saturday, sunny, inland, around the bay, coastal conditions consistent with cloudy in the temperatures in the upper 50s for the next seven days and dropping off on monday, tuesday. cold conditions and then rain back in our forecast. that's a look at your forecast. time now 5:50. bay area police hope that crystal clear surveillance video will lead to a quick
5:51 am
arrest and recent armed robbery. >> another terrifying incident on board a commercial airline flight when a copilot is sucked halfway out of the cockpit. it's not just any streaming.
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for switching to progressive? [ engine revving ] you cannot hear me at all, can you?
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check out the view from uc-berkeley lawrence hall of science showing a break in the clouds out there but those winds definitely pushing those clouds far out east and here's the overall view. no precipitation out there but you may see mist this morning. conditions cool and this afternoon, they will stay cool. jaclyn in. >> and chp remains on the scene of this deadly crash along the northbound 880 at automall parkway. that remains closed but we will have an update for you coming up in the 6:00 hour. we see the tow truck is there and it looks like they may be opening up at least one of those lanes. we will be tracking this and more coming up. in oakland, customers at restaurants, bars and coffee shops will have to ask for plastic straws. the measure was passed last night. in san francisco city leaders announced a proposalto to ban
5:55 am
plastic straws permanently. alameda and berkeley have approved a ban or limit on plastic straws also. police are searching for a suspect in an armed robbery in san francisco at a bernal heights apartment saturday night. the victim's doorbell camera saw it all. a couple embraces and says good night to a friend and then as you can see in the video, a man approaches them with a gun drawn. the victims talked to kpix 5 but they don't want their names used for safety reasons. >> told to us lie down on the ground in front of our house and took cash and jewelry and purses. >> the victim is hoping the video will lead to an arrest. he is urging everyone to invest in a security camera. that robber took off in a dark suv. police are hoping the video will lead to an arrest right away. a copilot is recovering after getting sucked halfway out of a cockpit of his plane. it happened on a sichuan
5:56 am
airlines flight on monday as the plane headed for tibet. a passenger took this video of the chaos inside the cabin. you can see people wearing those oxygen masks as the pilot made an emergency landing in china. all 128 people on board surved who did have his seatbelt on. his only injuries were a few scratches and sprained wrist. last month a window on a southwest jet shattered after an engine blew apart killing a passenger. northbound lanes of 880 in fremont remain closed this morning. coming up, we'll show you some of the damage left behind from a late-night crash and keep you posted on when some of these lanes re-open. >> and the fairfield mother of 10 children who police say lived in abusive conditions faces new felony charges today, plus, we spoke to her husband, who is accused of torturing the children. that is coming up.
5:57 am
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a bay area father accused of child abuse defends himself.. this as police prepare to bring i'm not an animal, i'm not a torturer and i am not a monster. >> a bay area father accused of child abuse defends himself as police bring charges against his wife. >> and north korea is threatening to cancel next month's summit. why the sudden change of course. >> plus a new warning in hawaii as they brace for a volcanic eruption. good morning, it's wednesday, may 16th. >> i'm michelle griego. >> and i'm kenny choi. a deadly crash on a bay area freeway is under investigation. it happened last night on northbound 880 at stevenson boulevard in fremont. jaclyn dunn is monitoring the traffic impact. but first, let's get right to anne makovec live near the scene.


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