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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5PM  CBS  May 20, 2018 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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dottie: given how far they do hit it, it is pretty darn straight and not with the same trajectory all the time. ian: yeah. as we go to 18, adam scott. he is another guy who can hit it. bill: 72nd hole for adam scott. nick: one more beautiful swing. it looks like it's fading. and it sure is. there you go. that's the shot you have to play to get around that mound of hump on that middle right-hand side. bill: 14. nick: to get to 18 under and type for third currently -- tied for third currently. ian: this took off right from the putter, dottie. did you read that correctly. -- didn't read that correctly. six under the front, but all pars the back. he is getting a little frustrated at times. dottie: sometimes, it is really hard to keep the pedal down,
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especially if you're going late in the day. ian: yeah, it has been a long day. dottie: it has, and it takes an extra effort to stay in right here. bill: j.j. spaun. currently tied for third. nick: that's the most important thing. these guys all know it. they are all thinking, second, third, fourth is very important to many of them. bill: back to 14. nick: same thing, just that away from him to the right. that's a tricky little hole location today. dottie: it is, but i think there's a little mental fatigue that is starting to creep in here. you have to double down, stay hydrated, have a little more food. you have four holes left. ian: very good point. try to keep the energy levels up. gary: i'm trying to keep mine up here. ian: that's good. gary: marc leishman, three shots back. aaron is pretty close.
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you have to get it there. peter: he got a good rate from matt jones' putt. he knew exactly what that was going to do. gary: just a little too far of a toss from there. a-ha! always the strong ones create a drag for the ones in the back. when you get tired, they go to the back, then they just keep shifting. that's why they can go long distances. i have no idea -- those look like ducks. geese? what are those? do they have these in dallas? ian: you know why they fly south in the winter? gary: why? ian: it's too far to walk. gary: ah. no drumroll. hm. ok. marc's at 20. peter kostis, can he miss this? peter: obviously, you can, but the way things are going now,
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i'm not going to bet against him. ian: this could be it. this might shut the door. gary: worm cam. no. got it out there too much. ok. keeping it tight. all the viewers out there, you can see this guy has total control of his golf game. if he misses a green, which he really does, he gets a -- it up and down with the good ship. -- chip. the other guys watching him know he is not going to fail. they have to leap forward. that's going to be hard to do. he is six under par for the day. marc leishman, three under, just getting boat raced. sure looks like he can win to me. nick: i agree. there's no flaws at all in
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anything, swing or character. ian: the thing that i noticed, and i'm sure you guys did as well, he missed that putt. it wasn't a very good putt, but he didn't show any frustration at all. nick: not burning any extra emotion, is he? ian: branden grace, coming here to 17. couple of birdies would get him to 10 under today. he is eight under coming to this tee, and another good shot. fluid feed back down -- will it feed back down? it should come back to about five or six feet. not bad at all. of course, the course record was marc leishman on the first day, 61, 10 under par. branden grace cannot -- can knock that one in, perhaps birdie the last to tie it. no stranger to low numbers, as we go to 15. bill: keith mitchell. nick: this guy is long. ian: very long.
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nick: that hurt my back just watching that one, didn't it? dottie: it hurts my ears listening to it. nick: here we go, pound it around the corner. dottie: that's just the flip leftdottie:. nick: today 90 yards of the flag. dottie: and with really no health. bill: to the last -- no help. bill: to the last. let's see what adam can do here. finishing up. nick: nice way to reward the day, through 18, 501 yards. bill: another solid week in the state of texas, where he has won every stroke play given. he will be in the field next week at colonial where he has won before, 33 and 32 for adam.
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in with 65. ian: also trying to get into the u.s. open, too. he needed a top 10 to get up into the top 60. bill: came in this week at 65. ian: so, t tha -- so, that will certainly help. another good week next week on a course he likes, so, all looking good. bill: fedexcup points standings. right now at 91. 14. nick: marc leishman with driver. firing up over the hill. peter: no wind against today to speak of. the middle bunker is not an issue. >> heads up! peter: and that has found the long stuff over the right-hand bunkers. nick: that's nasty in there.
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peter: looks like the gentleman from the salesmanship club of dallas was there. tirelessly working this week, so many hundreds of them out here every day volunteering all day today, in the rain, helping out with the crowds and the galleries. all about giving back. gary: you were talking about that poor putt on the last hole. the putt was bad, but the stroke was good. his nerves are ok. he simply misread that. nick: i had a bit of a chuckle with matt jones about it. gary: this is also headed right. nick: ok. no problem. in the fairway. avoided the bunker. that's a good hit. he will be able to reach from there. now down the fairway.
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brian gay getting set to go with his third shot. he is laid-back, up on top of the hill. 93 yards for brian. these are big, nice, full swings. the lob wedge and spin it. four squeeze one in lower and bounce it in. i believe he's going up high. watch the spends. -- spin. spun too much. if it goes another yard, it goes down over that and it would be pretty close. brian gay is at 15 under with a chance to get to 16. it's been a hot, humid week here in dallas, but today, a little cooler, a little rain earlier. final stages of the at&t byron nelson.
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to dallas and the red pants -- that's the salesmanship club of dallas, the host organization for the at&t byron nelson. as we move over to 15. ian: straightforward shot, but just can't go along. dottie: can't go long for left. that's a sandwich out to the scenic side. smart side -- that's a sand wedge out to the scenic side. smart side, though. ian: zip it in sideways. dottie: the big tee shot let keith mitchell just 86 yards, 60 to the front. ian: almost a half swing for these guys. dottie: kevin tway hit it further. that's just a lob wedge. ian: there we go. bill: he will have a go at birdie.
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keith mitchell. wow. peter: there are three golf balls within about 12 inches of each other. one of them is marc's. he has found it and identified it. he will do well to get this out and advanced it anywhere -- advance it anywhere. nick: he hit the front nine. the second nine, this is the fairway -- first fairway he has missed today. trying to get a length for the -- a feel for the length of the grass, how hard he needs to hit it. so much depends on the backswing as well, doesn't get stuck. gary: that came out fairly nicely, actually. nick: well done. maybe he can get far enough down to be able to see the green with his third. gary: no. he won't be able to, but he
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won't have that long of an iron either. nick: ok. ken still make birdie. -- can still make birdie. bill: kevin tway. dottie: big tee shot. 68 yards. ian: why would you cut when you can -- putt when you can hole it? [laughter] it's eagle sunday. that's a nice little run. birdie, birdie, eagle. bill: 14. ian: we are seeing some eagles, lots of birdies. everyone seems to be shooting 65. cavanagh -- kevin na has this putt for eagle. this is that group with brian gay. and another eagle for kevin na. [laughter] that's what we like to see, a big smile on the face. kevin na moves to 16 under.
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kevin tway, kevin na, all the kevin's making eagles here. he didn't know who to pray to, but he found somebody eventually. he was pretty happy. [laughter] we will take that one. his caddie saying, well done, boss, good job. now brian gay for birdie. as it gets over the slope about six or eight feet short of the hole, it swings off to the right and picks up speed. we've seen a lot of putts miss there. yes, branden grace gets to nine under. so, one more birdie to time marc leishman's record of 61. what a birthday it is. 30th birthday today. bill: keith mitchell back at 15. dottie: he will be the 21st birdie here today if it falls.
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kind of needs this to get him back on track. that's better. bill: just right in the heart. attended the baylor school in chattanooga, tennessee. that high school has produced four current players on the pga tour, inc -- including harris english. 16. j.j. spaun. peter: short little sand wedge shot there. nice, right underneath the flag. a little under the hill. this whole playing -- hole playing 182 yards. bill: back at the 15th. blaum for birdie to get it to 16 under.
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yep. came in 143 in the fedexcup points standings. all these putts are big. 14. ian: oh, pounding an iron down over the bunkers. peter: 250 to the front. this is a 4-iron. ian: he didn't get over the bunker. nick: that looked plugged. ian: it just popped forwards, nick. nick: that rain this morning would have helped. ian: it is still pretty wet and firm on top. nick: that only needednick: to carry a kind of -- carry another couple of yards and it gets into the middle of the green. he knows by the reaction that it's not good, because no one would have been clapping or cheering down over the hill. now marc leishman with his third after the good shot out of the
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grass. peter: just a nice, soft 9-iron for him. nick: he landed into the upslope. he needed to land that on. that's a good club short. at&t. bill: grace for birdie to equal marc leishman's 61, but that's not a good start. nick: that's where jimmy walker went yesterday. he is going to be fine, just onto the gravel, sandy path. bill: some fancy footwork over there by folks in the salesmanship club. final round of the at&t byron nelson. great scoring conditions. we will be back at the at&t byron nelson in just a moment.
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peter: he's got the look. checking it out to see if everything looks -- he makes it. same routine. confident. right to left. i love these putts. and once again, i have failed as a professional golf announcer. he will have a par there. let's go to 14. nick: decent lie.can see exactly what's in front of him . peter, he has to avoid that 15 feet short, the little upslope there. peter: yeah, but the ball is sitting down just a little bit. this will probably be a chunk and run, i would imagine. nick: like i said, he is going high, trying to spin it.
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nick: settle down. i'm sure that's what he was concerned with, that little upslope. if you land into it with spin, it doesn't get over the hill. a good break coming out of the pitch, but it's going to be a tough birdie. over the 16. gary: just an iron off the tee. it's amazing how hard he is swinging it. ian: that is pretty impressive, isn't it, for an iron? gary: there's a couple bunkers down here. they try to keep it out. a flip to the green. hole is not hard at all. same kind of deal, except it's going to be with a lofted metal. jj tapped his in at 16 after i miscalled that birdie putt. i thought he would make that. ok. that's a good perch right there to play from. the hole is on the back right.
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to 14. ian: a bit of work to do here for the par. that one left for the five for marc leishman. peter: yeah. just when he gets a little bit aggressive with his legs, he loses it out to the right with his driver. that was an opportune time for that -- an inopportune time for that. ian: nice, crunchy lie. [laughter] nick: that should be fine. it's a great angle. he just has to carry it to the front left corner and it's going to release. bill: needs a birdie here, as we said. shoots 61, equals the accompaniment of marc leishman on thursday -- the accomplishment of marc leishman on thursday. ian: that's his go to shot. bill: could have taken relief, but chose not to.
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ian: it's a perfect lie. go on. oh, just caught. came up soft. that will roll sideways. that's going to be quite a tour across the large mound from out the sprinkler heads. he can probably putt it, but there's about six feet of break on it at least. bill: 14. nick: matt jones now for eagle. peter: about 27 feet of the hill. this would do some good. nick: oh, yes, he certainly needs it. he needs a good finish. everyone in the top 38 players is now under par. it has been a perfect day for scoring. all the fire taken out of the course this morning with the rain for that four-hour delay that it caused. settle down. peter: that's the first time
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that i've seen him take so little time with the putter. i know he had ample time to read it, but that was the quickest of the day. nick: and it wasn't a good putt on the hole before either. doesn't show any frustration or worry. maybe what's going on inside, we can't tell. always looking for your first win. it's tough to win out here. battled in australia and down the way at quail hollow when jason day won his 12th title,b eating -- beating him out. battling another aussie, marc leishman, today. peter: as fives go, that was pretty good, ian. ian: it certainly was.
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up to 16. dottie: that was a perfect angle, gary mccord, for ryan blaum. gary: ok. four feet away. ian: nicely holed as well. actually, had a plot of help from tiger woods' old sports psychologist, you would call it. brunza. a good friend of his coach,, and he got him involved and he has been a big help, for aaron wise. good demeanor. peter: 17 under. i expect more. dottie: i think you might get it. that's just a lob wedge. peter: that's on the downside of that little knob on the right by the hole. spit it forward.
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he is going to have about 12, 13 feet with a pretty big break on that one. 15. bill: matt jones. up the hill. one of the rare elevation changes on the course. peter: just keep it out of the bunkers and you will be fine here. ian: plenty of them. it probably won't reach that. bill: now leishman. peter: same as yesterday, going with the fairway metal. ian: that's all he needs. he's blocked a couple. this bunker down the right, 308, if he did block it. oh. and, and, and -- peter: that should stay short of it. ian: snakes past it -- snakes
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past it -- sneaks past it. peter: what do you think aaron wise is going to do, ian? he drove it down here a little touch from the green yesterday. ian: well, an adrenaline driver would definitely reach the bunkers. he is quite happy. peter, when you get a little nervous, you just want the club you know you are hitting solid all the time. if you can't aim it -- can aim it, you keep going with it. peter: he has one small tug on the ninth hole. other than that, he has ripped it down the heart of every fairway. ian: we will have to lean to the right to see what we can see the flag, gary player once said. bill: another big drive from our leader, aaron wise, a three-shot advantage.
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bill: beautiful shot of downtown dallas. to the west, the sun will set. wonderful job by the men and women of our cvs sports -- cbs sports golf crew. 7.5 hours on the air today and still some more time left as we try to get this concluded here on sunday. we thank them for their wonderful efforts, such a professional team. and always work awfully hard. ian: the quilting is they send in pictures -- the cool thing, as they send in pictures around the world, my good friend doing swedish tv, it's 2:30 in the morning in sweden and they are still going. bill: over to 16. yes. gary: uh-huh. another birdie for this group. that's 18. if any people out there at home are keeping score.
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that was just perfect, right speed, right everything. dottie: he has hit everything. buried it the last two times he has had a chance. gary: kevin na. bill: i 15 for birdie. -- at 15 for birdie. trying to get to 4 under today. ian: the light has just suddenly changed. you saw that scenic shot where the sun is going to get blocked by that line of cloud. nothing severe. bill: 16. gary: right in the middle after the great wedge shot. what's this group now? [muttering] they are 20 under. hard to get a skin in that
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group. let's go to 18. bill: grace surveying what he has remaining. ian: that's what he has a wedge in his hand. the mound down the right-hand side of the green. it'll kick sideways, left. if he carries it over as much as he can, you can see that -- the line. the darker brown patch on the right. there we go. that's going to be a tight lie to chip it. nick: keep everything moving on this one. bill: if he holes it, it's a 61.
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back one to 17. ian: j.j. spaun is on the tee here. 198. hole location, back left. got to get it back in that back section. that goes up the hill, then feeds back down towards the hole. leaving about 10 to 12 feet for the birdie. bill: back over to 15. par 4. gary: marc leishman will be the first to play. he has 135. you are starting to lose the light fairly quickly, so that perception will be an issue the last few holes. nick: that's what i just noticed. they are starting to get brave on this hole. how far back can you lan


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