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tv   The Late Show With Stephen Colbert  CBS  May 21, 2018 11:35pm-12:38am PDT

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captioning sponsored by cbs >> the president likes to end his campaign rallies with a song "you can't always get what you want" a rolling stones song, but it's a different song by the stones that provided the code name for an f.b.i. investigation that helped provide the foundation for the case that became the special counsel investigation. the code name crossfire hurricane. all right, we need a code name for there trump russia investigation. >> beetings back in the u.s.s.r. rock. tiny dancer. wo on the nose. how about 21st century skitsoid man? >> king crimson. what's wrong with king crimson?
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>> heavy metal goes to college. you shut your mouth! ( laughter ) >> all right, let's just call it crossfire hurricane. >> great, classic stones. mick jagger, you're a bad boy. >> keith was the driving force behind that band, right. >> discounting brian jones? i tack ron wood over three brian joneses. >> mick tailor. ? better than king crimson. say that again! king crimson sucks! >> it's "the late show" with stephen colbert. stephen welcomes zachary quinto, vanessa bayer, and dean baquet, featuring jon batiste and "stay human." and now, live on tape from the ed sullivan theater in new york city, it's stephen colbert! ( cheers and applause ) ( theme song playing )
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>> stephen: hey, everybody! how are ya? over there, down there, over there, hello! ( cheering ) hey! thank you so much, everybody! please, have a seat. man, that is -- you know what that is? that's a monday crowd. you can't fake that. >> jon: that's right, that's right. >> stephen: amazings. welcome to "the late show." i'm your host, stephen colbert. ( cheering ) i hope you had a good weekend. obviously everybody got up to watch the royal wedding on saturday, right? ( cheers and applause ) yeah, me, too. you know, back here in the states, donald trump is obsessed with his staff leaking information. you know how i know that?
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his staff leaked that information to the "new york times." ( laughter ) trump is now determined to stop it at all costs. in fact, west wing aides are instructed to drop their personal phones into a small storage locker when they come to work. wait a second! ( laughter ) they're taking away the phones of everyone except donald trump? ( cheers and applause ) that's -- i don't -- how does that work? how does that help? that's like saying no one can bring knives to work, except you, o.j. ( audience reacts ) >> jon: the juice! the juice! >> a lot of o.j. fans tonight. ( laughter ) if that sounds paranoid it's only because it is. former trump aides say the president thrives on a sense of dominance and control of his environment, so much so that he has a longtime fear of having his food contaminated. yes, for good reason. once he was eating what he thought was a safe meal, and he
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found a vegetable in there. ( laughter ) and the behavior of some of his staff has been extreme, including "the junior aide who was found to be taping meetings with mr. trump and playing them to impress friends." really? i find it hard to believe that someone who works in the trump administration still has friends. ( laughter ) ( piano riff ) ( cheers and applause ) but here's the thing -- during the campaign, trump aides were afraid that whatever they said to him would end up in the press and, behind his back, they called him "leaker-in-chief." ( laughter ) fight it, colbert, fight it. it's not worth it. more like "leaker-on-sheets." damn you, satan! ( laughter )
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get thee behind me! >> jon: get thee behind! ( laughter ) >> stephen: now, i talk a lot about how the president has become a delusional ego maniac who lives in the reality of his own making. but, that's not fair. trump was that way before he was president. case in point, this interview with s.n.l.'s pete davidson. he's talking about what it was like when trump hosted the show back in 2015. >> he was like, weird, all week. he, like, faked a phone call during the table read. right as we started he like, he was like uhhhh-- "hello!" he goes, "oh, fantastic. okay, great!" and then he hung up and he goes "hey everybody, my book just went number one!" and we were all like, "yo, that phone didn't ring." ( laughter ) >> stephen: they were tipped off when trump answered on his finger-phone. ( laughter ) "can't talk. obama tapped this hand. call me on my other one. hello? okay, tell me how great my book is doing."
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( laughter ) ( applause ) not only was this rando phone call apparently faked, but the book he's referring to, "crippled america," never made it to number one on the bestseller list. it was like moscow. trump just sat there while someone else went number one. damn you, satan! ( laughter ) damn you! ( cheers and applause ) so, the president lied in a phone call that he lied about getting. what a pointless, pathetic way to boost your own-- wait, hang on, i'm getting a real phone call-- "brrring! brrring!" yes, hello, president trump who is actually calling me right now? what's that? i'm doing a tremendous job and you agree with all the things i'm saying about you? how nice. sorry, got to go, my potassium's
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low. ( laughter ) ( cheers and applause ) bye-bye! nailed it. nailed it. ( cheering ) i got a personal question -- anyone give birth today? ( laughter ) no? okay. if you didn't, you're not alone. because apparently, the "u.s. birth rate has plummeted to the lowest point in 30 years, to a record low of 60.2 births per 1,000 women." meanwhile, the birthrate for men is still at rock bottom. ( laughter ) come on, science! i demand an excuse for my stretch marks. ( laughter ) plus, as birth rates drop, the current generation is getting further away from having enough children to replace itself. which actually could be nice. less traffic, shorter lines at disney world, fewer kids named "declan."
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( laughter ) but our economy needs people to function. if only there were some non-birth way to grow the population. if we could just get people to migrate in. ( laughter ) they could be "inmigrants." >> jon: yes! it could work. >> stephen: that's a crazy idea! ( applause ) in lighter news, i am pumped to see "solo." anybody else excited to see that movie? i am. ( cheers and applause ) the new star wars movie about young han solo. it's the first origin story for an individual character, which is great, but come on, let's get to the good stuff. where's the movie about max rebo and the jizz wailers? ( cheers and applause ) who are they? where did they come from? am i allowed to say their name on cbs? i don't know!
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>> we'll find out tonight. but, now, there's controversy about changing beloved characters back story, because the writers of "solo" have just confirmed "lando calrissian is pansexual." first of all, good, lando. you do you, which i think is part of the whole thing. ( laughter ) come on, we all knew... ( laughter ) the man wears a cape! classic sign of intergalactic pansexuality. just look at bowie. alien in a cape-- a dead giveaway. that's how you know superman is down for anything. "look, up in the sky. wait, kids don't look." ( laughter ) the co-writer of "solo" says of donald glover's lando, "i love the fluidity. sort of the spectrum of sexuality that donald appeals to and that droids are a part of."
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oh, yeah, the droids are part of it. i mean, artoo has always had some pretty sexy scenes. ♪ ♪ that's actual footage. ( applause ) walt disney, we await your lawsuits. ( laughter ) it's about time "star wars" had some proud and open l.g.b.t.q. characters. for pete's sake, it's okay to watch a brother and sister make out, but we can't watch two men kiss? star wars is a story of empowerment in the face of discrimination. >> we don't serve their kind here. >> stephen: that, of course, was an early cameo by mike pence. ( laughter ) ( cheers and applause ) ( piano riff )
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yeah, he's good. he's good. the full spectrum of sexuality has always been there, but they just wouldn't come out and say it. we know chewbacca is a furry. and darth vader is clearly part of the lifestyle. he dresses like a dominatrix. >> remember, the safe word is pumpkin patch. >> stephen: we've got a great show for you. zachary quinto is here. but when we return, people are getting high on cheese. stick around! ( cheers and applause ) ( band playing )
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>> stephen: hey! welcome back, everybody! jon batiste and "stay human" right there! give it up for the band, everybody! ( cheers and applause ) whoo! >> jon: whoa! >> stephen: you know, we're on after local news around the country, and one of the things i admire about their reporting is fearmongering about teen trends. so, in the past, i've tried to warn you about some of the sick stuff our teens are getting into like secretly sexual emojis and snortable chocolates. ( laughter ) but teens aren't the only ones risking their lives for cheap thrills. this is -- ( sinster music ) -- teen secrets, middle-aged edition. ( applause )
11:52 pm
people love the teen secrets. there's a disturbing new craze at suburban-dinner parties: taking m.d.m.a. wrapped in brie, or as it's called in the cul-de-sac, "brieing." really? why brieing? the obvious pun is ecsta-brie. this finally answers the age old question: "how can i make drugs more unhealthy?" now, like me, i'm sure you have a lot of questions like, "why?" and, "what? why?" ( laughter ) ( cheers and applause ) well, according to one cheese-head, it started innocently enough, when one of her friends, "suggested we all take m.d.m.a. together so we could open up to each other and improve our friendships." it's what one mom called "the sisterhood of the tripping-balls pants." ( laughter ) this group of women got a gram of the drug and one of them "phoned her son who told them not to sniff it but to swallow it, so they wrapped some of the powder in a cigarette paper and
11:53 pm
put it in brie." ( laughter ) poor kid. can you imagine getting that message? "beep. hi honey, it's your mom. how do i do the "e-ball" again? is it up the nose? brenda says you pack it in a cocktail straw and blow it in your ear. but remember last week, she was the one who said we should smoke the magic mushrooms. i still haven't found your father." ( laughter ) ( piano riff ) now, this may sound innocent enough -- and it doesn't -- but doctors warn "brieing in middle-age can result in emotional turmoil and epic mid-week come downs." ( laughter ) i'm sorry, that should say, "being middle-aged" can result in emotional turmoil and epic mid-week come downs. ( cheers and applause ) >> jon: yeah. >> stephen: there are some heavy users of middle age out there. ( laughter ) this is a serious problem so, baby boomers, meet me at camera one.
11:54 pm
( laughter ) listen up, middle-aged people -- drugs in cheese sounds fun, right? no harm in a little brie-basing. but then you find yourself dabbling in am-feta-mines ( laughter ) mozzarel-l.s.d., monterey crack, a little mars-coke-pone to get you through the week, and before you know it, you're having a havarti party behind the whole foods doing meth-chego and gruyere-oin. ( laughter ) ( cheering ) so, parents, just say parmigia-no! ( laughter ) we'll be right back with zachary quinto. ( cheers and applause ) ( band playing )
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( cheers and applause ) >> stephen: hey, everybody! ladies and gentlemen, folks, you know my first guest from heros, american horror story, as spock and star trek and now stars on broadway in the remounting of "the boys in the band." please welcome zachary quinto! ( cheers and applause ) ( band playing ) >> stephen: nice seeing you again. >> good to see you. >> stephen: we have deep conversations. >> we do. we go there. >> stephen: we do. just dive in. >> stephen: we go there and live there for a while. i'll start with one of the deepest things now. >> what's that? >> stephen: i now we're going to talk about "the boys in the band" at the booth theater, a
12:00 am
restaging of the landmark play from 1968. >> yeah. >> stephen: but first, before we get there, is there going to be a star trek 4 and is tarantino directing? >> there is a rumor. there is truth to the rumor. i know more now than a few weeks ago which is there will be a fourth movie. >> stephen: yeah! hot damn! >> hot damn if we stay on the track we're on. but i think there is going to be a movie mr. quintin's next movie and maybe a movie after. they announce add woman will be directing the film. >> stephen: the first time. the first time in the feature universe, yeah, and actually a woman i know and have worked with before named s.j. clarkson. she's incredible. i'm very excited. that seems to be in the works. don't quote me on that on national television, i don't know if the deal's closed but it was in deadline and variety, so there must be some truth to it.
12:01 am
>> stephen: i was a huge fan of the show. >> i heard that. >> stephen: saturday nights, leonard nimoy would come out, 7:30 would be the muppet show, then i would go out with my friends. >> as you do on a saturday night, watch the muppet show, before you -- >> stephen: of course. and you were stepping into that role, too. >> yeah. >> stephen: zachary quinto, 2018, what are we in search of? >> we are in search of -- well, you know, the original show was great in its own way. leonard would often appear in a turtleneck and a blazer in a studio and say good evening, welcome to in search of, and then throw to a pre-taped package in the film. when i was approached about doing it i said i'm interested, but i want to be on the ground. so i got to travel all around the world using anthony bourdain as a template. >> stephen: really? yeah, so i went to these places and conducted interviews myself. and we're trying to maintain the
12:02 am
integrity of the original series, so look for things that are unexplained, unknown, mysteries of the universe. >> stephen: are we talking aliens? >> aliens. >> stephen: big foot, stonehenge -- that kind of stuff? >> some of that. we have an episode at aliens, atlantis, and artificial intelligence, life after death and mind control. we try to explore things from perspective of all the advantages in technology and science that we've benefited from in the last 40 years. so we're trying to keep the familiarity of the show, but to move it in a new direction and to invite audiences in, to look at things from the way that we see them now rather than the way that they were seen in the late '70s and early '80s. in the spirit of my dear departed leonard, i am really excited and we have a great time filming it and it will be on sometime in july in history. >> stephen: most important questions, turtlenecks? >> i do wear one turtleneck.
12:03 am
>> stephen: you do? ( cheers and applause ) >> it's like a fisherman sweater turtleneck. it's utilitarian. >> stephen: based on pedestal. totally. >> stephen: do you believe in aliens, by the way? >> i believe that we would be foolhardy to think that we're the only intelligence life in the expense of the universe and beyond. >> stephen: i think we might be foolhardy to think that we're intelligent life. >> yeah, that's true. ( laughter ) ( applause ) fair enough, toucheeé. but i think there has to be some version of life beyond what we know on this planet. a lot of the show is about the convergence of science and experience. so human experience and science and where those two things meet. so we meet, like, people who have been abducted by aliens and who have had these experiences. >> sure. as weird as it may seem, you know, we interviewed three people, none of whom had met the
12:04 am
other before or had anything to do with each other, but the similarities in their stories were to eerie it made me double take the whole possibility of it. but when we talked to the scientists who, are you know, utilizing the most advanced technology and radio tel telescs and searching into the deep recesses of sparkes it feels quite far from being reality. the interesting thing about the show is it presents it to the audience, gives us what we've learned and asks you how you feel about it. >> stephen: definitely. check it out. >> stephen: i need to ask you about this right here. >> okay snits absolutely beautiful. can you explain what this is. >> okay. >> stephen: i love when guests have show and tell. makes class exciting for the other students. do we need to put it out here for you to be able to shoot that? is that a good shot? >> there it is. gorgeous, isn't it? i was talking in my
12:05 am
pre-interview about sort of the legacy of theater and doing theater and the idea of lineage and being connected to the people before us. >> stephen: institutional memory. >> the last broadway production i did was "the glass menagerie" and this was giveto me by my co-star who played amanda. this belonged t to tennessee williams himself and used for cooking. ( laughter ) it's broken but you can see that there is a spoon that goes in there and actually makes up the tail of the bird, so if the spoon with respect broken, it would be in there and then the idea is that you just dip it in with a little -- ( sniffs ) -- and then -- i don't know if that's what it was actually used for. >> stephen: the spoon broke, a lot of heavy cocaine. >> very heavy cocaine. it was loaded in brie, so it had extra weight to it. ( laughter )
12:06 am
( applause ) >> stephen: i feel like, when i was told about this, i said this sounds like an illicit "antiques road show." ( laughter ) let's see what you can get for tennessee williams cocaine holder, jim. that's nice. well, thank you very much. be careful with that. >> my pleasure. >> stephen: this has an amazing cast, "the boys in the band" at the booth theater. >> yeah. >> stephen: jim parsons, randall's. how do you think telling the story now is different than in 1968. what part of the message is the same? >> this play was produced not on broadway. this is the first broadway production of it. it was prosed on broadway, but it was an incredible hit. it was a revenues. nobody had seen anything like it. the exploration of gay men, psychology and relationships and interactions on stage, how far
12:07 am
with vie come in 50 years? the fact this is an entirely out-gay cast i think is a huge hallmark of the advances that we've made in that time. but, you know, it really wriesnates for audiences. first of all, it's hysterically funny, but it also xplorers what it is to internalize societal bigotry, judgment and, you know, if you think about the administration that we are currently under the weight of, there is a lot of backward-looking, reductive thought about the lgbtq community. so i think there's no better time to be telling this story than now. it's really holding up a mirror to where we are and, you know, look, marriage equality is the law of the land. that certainly wasn't the case 50 years ago. the original cast of this play had an incredibly difficult time in the world trying to integrate
12:08 am
who they were as people and who they wanted to be as actors and this is a cast that have been able to do that in their own ways as individuals. sometimes i think the things about ourselves that we might not be comfortable with, or the parts of ourselves that we would rather change, through the work that we can do as creative people and also in our own lives can become kind of the most powerful and exciting parts of our experience and i think this production has proven that for me and i would say on behalf of everybody else, probably for them, too, it's been really exciting and really, really fun. >> stephen: have a great run. thank you, man. >> stephen: always lovely to see you. >> you, too. >> stephen: "the boys in the band" on broadway now. zachary quinto, everybody. we'll be back with comedienne vanessa bayer! it's my iphone 6. can we fix this phone tonight? it's really slow. you can turn off the performance management feature but it may lead to unexpected shutdowns. battery throttling. or you could just upgrade it.
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( cheers and applause ) >> stephen: hey, everybody! welcome back to the show. you know my next guest from her
12:13 am
seven years on "saturday night live." her latest film is "ibiza." >> this is a perfect plan. this is so great. i can totally take the time off from work. the other dentists at my practice will just cover my patients. we have such a nice understanding. >> that's because you're black mailing him. >> what?! no, i'm not black mailing him. i already told you i just happened to walk into the office one night when he was huffing nitrous with our dental assistant dale and i said let me do what i need to do and i won't tell your wife and kids about this. blackmail is, like, give me back my son! that's kidnapping. >> that's full-on kidnapping. >> stephen: welcome vanessa bayer! ( cheers and applause ) ( band playing ) nice to see you again! nice to see you, too!
12:14 am
>> stephen: that is just an absolutely beautiful dress. >> thank you so much. >> stephen: that's spring testimony itself. >> this is a spring look. >> stephen: thank you for bringing it. >> thank you. >> stephen: as i was saying on the show, pete davidson told the story about trump when he was on "snl" in 2015, he says he took a fake phone call to talk about being fake number one with his book. >> yes. >> stephen: were you there when that happened. >> i was there, yeah, i witnessed it. >> stephen: okay, how would you describe that? >> we thought it was fake. we don't have proof, but -- >> stephen: did donald trump say it? it was fake. >> all right, yeah, yeah, yeah. ( applause ) >> stephen: but that must have been odd. what was he like as a comedy partner? because i've met the man, talked with him before but i've never done a bit with him. >> cecilie and i do this porn star sketch -- ( laughter ) >> stephen: yeah, sure.
12:15 am
may i show it? >> of course, yes. >> stephen: you did it can with him? >> yeah, we did it with him. the last time we got to do it was with him. yeah. there you go. >> stephen: this could be a documentary. >> yes. ( laughter ) >> stephen: so how did you talk -- the man's running -- the man's running for president. how did you talk him into it? >> we were kind of rehearsing and he said, do you think i should do the porn star sketch? and i was, like, yeah, because i wanted to get my sketch on. ( laughter ) and he goes, but i'm running for president. and i go, well, i think it shows you have a good sense of humor. then i was, like, oh, my god, am i sabotaging his campaign? >> stephen: what did you really say at that moment? >> i was, like, i don't want him to win, but if it's going to be because to have the sketch i do with him showing him with porn stars and it seems like, oh, that doesn't matter. ( laughter ) >> stephen: other big news, you have nothing but art cards
12:16 am
about you. >> i love an art card. >> stephen: this is exciting news. okay, so this was really exciting to a lot of people who know you. >> yes. >> stephen: it was about beyonce's baby shower and says with a guest list limited to close friends and family members, famous guests included vanessa bayer, serena williams, et cetera. >> yes. >> stephen: how did you get yourself invited to -- are you friends with beyonce? >> well, i mean, so i wasn't really there. there was some kind of -- i don't know how that came out. i guess it was in ten different news stories. places covered it said i was at her baby shower. >> stephen: what did you find out? >> i found out a friend of mine texted me a couple of days later and like a month later my mom texted me. my mom was, like, were you at beyonce's baby shower? >> the thing is, no, i wasn't there, but office little upset about how shocked everyone was. ( laughter )
12:17 am
we could be friends. >> stephen: sure. we have a lot in common. we both, like, love -- ( laughter ) -- styles and -- ( laughter ) -- being cool and -- >> stephen: sure. you're both queens in your own way. >> we're both queens! ( cheers and applause ) >> stephen: we'll, i would just go with it. >> yeah. >> stephen: now, okay, let's get to the important stuff here. the new movie is called "ibiza." >> i think some people say "ibiza" (pronounce). >> stephen: yeah, that's what i do but i can't do it. how are you supposed to say it? >> i say ibiza but i hope i'm not making a fool of myself. i think i sound more stupid when i say ibiza. >> stephen: you certainly sound shy.
12:18 am
it's about three friends who go -- >> have an adventure. >> stephen: party. foam pits and stuff like that? >> yeah, some clubbing. that must have been fun to go do. >> yeah, i'm not -- this is going to be shocking to everyone. ip not someone who's out on the club scene a lot. >> stephen: yeah, sure. you know, i have that vibe. ( laughter ) >> stephen: did you go to -- did you shoot it? >> we shot quite a bit of it in serbia. >> stephen: okay. the thing that we would do a lot to make it feel sort of like home is we would go to zara all the time. >> stephen: okay. a cultural experience. >> stephen: sure. yeah. >> stephen: you do a little shopping there? >> so a lot of the t-shirts that they sell at zara's in europe have, like, american phrases on them that aren't necessarily super popular, i would say. >> stephen: yeah. like this one you actually saw?
12:19 am
>> yeah, we saw that in serbia. >> stephen: happier than a duck with bread. ( laughter ) yeah, that might be a serbian phrase that they just translated into english. >> yeah, it's so clear, though. that's a happy duck. >> stephen: sure. yeah. ( laughter ) >> you know. they love bread. >> stephen: yeah. and you look -- you actually look -- >> happy. >> stephen: happier than a duck with bread right there. >> that's the whole thing about it. >> stephen: well, good luck with the film. thank you so much for being here. >> thank you for having me. >> stephen: say hi to beyonce for me, please. "ibiza" out this friday on netflix. vanessa bayer, everybody! back with the head honcho of the "new york times," dean baquet! out of sunscreen, going on a targetrun need anything? watermelon. water please! and soda! grandpa!! got it! get low prices today and every day.
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12:27 am
executive editor of the failing "new york times"! please welcome dean baquet! well, it's heady times for the old grey lady. >> it is. >> stephen: right now, you just won three pulitzer prizes. congratulations on that. ( cheers and applause ) you guys broke the news on the f.b.i. raid on cohen. you were first with the supposed questions mueller has for trump, and you also just had a big article about crossfire hurricane, the beginning of the investigation by the f.b.i. and the justice department into the trump campaign. congratulations on all that. >> thank you. thank you. ( cheers and applause )
12:28 am
>> stephen: what's it like being so publicly and repeatedly vilified by the most powerful man in the world? ( laughter ) >> you know, i have two reactions to it. the first one is, of course it's not great. partly because, i mean, he's intentionally trying to undermine the most independent institutions in the country, which i think of us as among the most. on the other hand, i have to say that the last year has been energizing for journalism. i have to say that i ran another newspaper, the "l.a. times" when it was having a cut. on the one hand, i think the attacks are bad for us. on the other hand, i'm not sure
12:29 am
journalism has been as energized as it is right now in such a long time ( cheers and applause ) >> stephen: i don't remember it in my adult life. >> yeah. >> stephen: to feel this vital. >> yes, that's right. >> stephen: have you ever received a phone call directly from mr. trump complaining about coverage? >> i have. ( laughter ) i have. >> stephen: but while he was president or before? >> while h he was president. >> stephen: so the president of the united states calls up and somebody goes, mr. baquet, the president is on line one and he sounds pissed. >> almost. i'm not going to tell you what he was complaining about, but i was in a meeting and i got an email from his office saying can i take a call from the president? i went down, i got the call, i listened to his complaint, i listened, we talked for a while, and that was the end of it. that's the only time i've talked to him directly. >> stephen: i imagine after you explained your reasoning he
12:30 am
said "you're absolutely right, i'm sorry." >> he did not. ( laughter ) but it was polite. it wasn't a nasty conversation. >> stephen: i know you can't tell us what it was about. what was it about? ( laughter ) ( applause ) why can't you tell me what it was about? the thing that -- we know he was upset, we know the things you printed about him. it could have been any one of them. what was the one? >> he didn't like our healthcare coverage. it was something boring. >> stephen: he didn't like your healthcare coverage. was it about one of the headlines that called him a liar? it wasn't one of those? >> it wasn't anything as sexy as that. >> stephen: okay. now i'm going to stop, though. >> stephen: i'm going to go look up what it is now. ( laughter ) well, the times gets dismissed by its critics as being, i
12:31 am
believe the term is liberal rag. >> yeah. >> stephen: okay, an organ of the left. >> mm-hmm. >> stephen: and have you ever printed a headline that was perhaps slightly made -- made slightly charitable to the right in order to lay out your bona fides as being balanced. >> no. >> stephen: have you ever said let's make ate little less harsh because we don't want to be accused? >> no. i dropped out of college. i have been in a news room since i was 19. news rooms are the most beautiful, deeply flawed places. on my way here on the phone i made three decisions. we make constant decisions about coverage. how do you play the latest school shooting. how do we make people understand it's different. sometimes particularly on the internet we write bad headlines because some human being writes a headline -- starts writing a
12:32 am
headline at 7:00 p.m. that has to be up at 7:00 p.m. and he gets it wrong, and readers call up and say it's awful, part of a conspiracy, when actually it's someone who didn't have their second cup of coffee that day. >> stephen: there is headlines people are hawking about now, in the article talking about crossfire hurricane, the article you flinted 2017 says f.b.i. investigating trump shows no link to lotion gave afternoon air of finality that that didn't support. >> right. >> stephen: how did that happen? that was in print. a lot of thought went into it. >> that's right. that was a case in which we wrote a story about a year ago. we wrote what we knew at the time, and our mistake, to be frank, is we made a headline that made it look like we knew more than we did.
12:33 am
we actually thought we knew a lot. we kept reporting, and every time we reported something new, even if it contradicted what we reported back in that story, we wrote it anyway. i mean, to be frank, the -- to be blunt, the cowardly way would be let's pretend that didn't happen, let's not report that anymore. the most recent story you're referring to there, we actually went in and said, you know, we now know stuff that we wish we had known back then and we now understand that the headline made it look like we knew more than we did, that sense of finality, and we said that in the story, we owned up to it. i mean, what i want people to understand about newspapers is, first off, how hard we try. we print 300 stories a day. there are 99% accurate. we make mistakes. when we catch them, we own up to them. >> you've got a four-part documentary on show time called the fourth estate.
12:34 am
why did you let people into the news room? you guys aren't supposed to be the story. >> for the reason i said before. i want people to know how hard we try. i want people to be blunt how much integrity i believe we have, and i want people to know our imperfections, and i think my believe was that if people got a look inside the "new york times," their reaction would be, boy, they're better than i thought they were. that's what i hope. >> stephen: well, good luck. thank you so much. >> stephen: and thank you for trying to get the stories out there. >> thank you. >> stephen: the fourth estate premieres this sunday on showtime. dean baquet, everybody! we'll be right back! ( chee
12:35 am
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