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tv   CBS Morning News  CBS  May 24, 2018 4:00am-4:30am PDT

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m iticis sof the pecial n.stinl's vestigioat yeheerday on went et a tweed st lkorm taouing abt the alcriminee's dp atstuce condting h a witchunt. coses l' aoffice fsked aederal judgrtto staro the p ocessf cisentenmeng forumr trp mpcaaign r advisegegeor padaps.opoulo to the fbibo aisut h c ontact ld th jne-mie? rkhiohn screumo heew in n yo. thk u yo mso juch,ohn. >>s thimoinrng pderesint trp' sst ummiwi kthonim jg-un mareonins skyhaun p . trum hsayse'noll kw next weeke f thsu wmmitilkel ta e placone jun12s th apld,anne burtt noh a korere inewsts effo ps toult.l ou aororth keanff oicialla smmed igmmentskey mi pceen as no.rant upend likeib lya.h north may nonw, i a,libymm moaarad g hafi >>ovs roerthwnnd ale kild. > idpresenumt trp'sos -ln-inaw
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rebefo hs e watased. nitot ghe thlipo hcee avanchd ge their tune. alescepoli cefhion alfsoor m - m ouremrsbein actg apinripropaty eland those dimeweers reec ry entl scliip ned. >>ep rr:orte bwnromi, a lwkeaue s buckroieok b wasrilyefle jaid urhoats lere hla pdye thee gam e th vibrule biso es tth af. tethr mee ga hwoe 'tuldn go in dtol.etai >> the mwailukeeol pice chrtpa wmenthi hchadas me ansge has had a sgetran afrelaonipsh with the city's rin-caicameran mmcounity. in016 rtsioro bke outft aer fiof scershot and kildle syillvmile sth whool piceay s ed e andscedapra a tfftoic sp. or arcenfoemisent bngraci f wh c boulde roa stngea rn ctio stand roesng rpofrnse om the >>unmm ity. ts hat'deo marcmo.rgan brown lere aased steta ment l ngpl he an fs toillee a ga pogaon ain tstilhe mwa ukee liepce dart.tmen hes say thenc iident was an
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lshe aod sai stiituaon leik mine anwo hrseapevpen erayy d in e thkblac mmcounity. beg a voice and face for pe wopleho't won beae hrd and han't ve s theame ptfla aorms iad hs ia sprebionsili ity take riseously. >>cirivil ghrots gupes ar "nnfl b kaninneelg ngduri the atl ionaanemth." erplays ahave ce.hoic mecoth on e d fielanstd foand r "nthe atl ionaan" themory stain lothe ckooer rm. >>hasot's meinth og wewe suwe'vbeenen ssi ativende mad re we give playersho c, icesbu elt we bhaieve tntt momean is f>> i prslaye w tereone kel tringhent amher on i any way be esdisrpefuctn l ithes eye of e ,leagueir theea tmou cld be saba' ceo chrtois jpheroh nson
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pl he won't discoe uraghis ayfrers omin takg kna ee. itasin col krnaepeico k wh testard otprngesti teahe dth of olof pice. nerics heat t hdsan > rafedel ecprosuts orewin n hyorkavene opedri a cminal haeyns weitein.gait nslmfikemar esscor omef won fhaveiled wes.arge ineistsn i alsoer und cnarimil veatstigioinn losans,gele rlbevey s,hill aonnd ldon. any h not bn eegechard thwi , imesthghoud , andeesni the algaontis. >>re pntsi t s ketaew nio actn stomstop -1 3, thvie t olenstetreg. gan nge ga h aasnys ma a10s ,000 nyma f arerocem l ntraamicera. th'reygre immiants. spki ongonn lg isndla, aidestrent um dpibescred ms-13 be, nimalsrma te huse's ed ki, perad , ancorontl.he otto >>that auactthlly eimor tto. t gheisang dcres aibeds e th iost vle intisn th cntoury. wh hdee bescris caslirippng lo leophos mmin iig lrantawats th alwsg ganmes mbertoer ent and >> ie n thun sitedta tes.
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foresost in me cieitars ndou coe truny. > >>ereith ts hithdog in ikst's a ck or the ducklings think it's their mother. fred, a 10-year-old labrador at atl case in engld,an steedpp in enwhir the mheotr dieasappred last week. tfredoohek tkl ducingsnd uer hipaarw, crything emun arod. due licks ngsoalle s weph it edfrhi in s g doetbask. tew cu iths . at >>th> she wainongtit capalars e headintog s thetaeynl cup filsna t forheir fimst te in 20 stht nig theap citsal sthuut o e tampa bay ghlitlg,in 4-0, to withsee , ries4-3. vecae lspita wfaill ce l theas galds goengh knitsn inhthe l thfina. isth is e htknigs'st fir
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se oasonf tethe am. b$20et onhe t tmea bac tkhen llwiet g you0, $100f 0 ithiney w jathe anculey p. ccmie yuasas h me.or is t'over! thknhtige s argog inheto t anstculey p nafil. >>eportes r: thinewas ver e pphaed to ppen. th woddser50e 0/1. > yid bou oet?n it i o. wi ish n hadow. one of the members of the golden knights. >> they called us misfits because no one wanted us. >> reporter: they're known on the ice. the game was a week after the deadliest mass shooting in u.s. history. engelland spoke directly to victims and their families. >> we fly 58 stars in the sky >> reporter: the knights also retired the number 58, a moving
4:22 am
tribute to the 58 who died in the massacre. >> it's just a hockey game. three hours of time to maybe shut off and not think about what happened and then that grew into people falling in love with the team and every guy in the room falling in love with the city. so i think it went a long ways to help seal us even more. >> reporter: fans like kimberly einiger agree. >> this whole city was so somber, and they electrified us. >> reporter: and this is-with the show doesn't just go on. it's over the top. >> the golden knights army has flown. >> reporter: you can't even find a seat at their practice. they're now set to host one of hockey's most iconic trophies. whether or not they lift it up, they've already lifted up an entire city. coming up on "cbs this morning," actor ethan hawke
4:23 am
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our top stories this morning. there will be two meetings at the justice department where congressional leaders will get information about an fbi informant into the trump campaign. the informant was part of the russian investigation. the president claims he was a political spy. and the milwaukee police chief apologized to bucks player sterling brown for a parking violation that escalated into the use of a taser. yesterday the police released body cam video of january's incident. police used tasers on brown. brown plans to take legal action against the police department. there's a mystery developing in china. a u.s. government employee may
4:26 am
have been the victim of a sonic attack much like the attacks on american diplomats in cuba. david martin has details. >> reporter: an american working at the u.s. consulate in guangzhou had to be sent home in april after a sensation of sound and pressure over a period of months. last week tests concluded his symptoms matched those of mild traumatic brain injury. secretary of state mike pompeo called it a serious medical incident and explained why. >> the medical indications are very similar and entirely consistent with the medical indications that have taken place to americans working in cuba. >> reporter: last year more than 20 americans working at the u.s. embassy in havana suffered ailments including hearing loss and nausea after being exposed to this high-pitched sound. one theory is that it was a surveillance device directed by
4:27 am
local security forces against americans suspected of working for u.s. intelligence. pompeo met with china's foreign minister who said it is investigating and has mtd found anybody who could have been responsible for the sonic attacks. pompeo said the u.s. is conducting its own investigation. >> we have medical teams that are moving to be on the ground there. we are working to figure out what took place both in havana and in -- now in china. >> reporter: the u.s. embassy and all five consulates in china have held town hall meetings to give employees a chance to ask questions about the threat posed by sonic attacks. david martin, cbs news, the pentagon. well, coming up on "cbs this morning," reversing a historic trend. lung cancer is now more common in young women than young men. dr. tara narula explains why smoking doesn't tell the whole
4:28 am
story. plus -- >> reporter: in 1961, this was the view of the future from seattle. while times changed, the space needle didn't change until now. a space lift on "cbs this morning." and actor ethan hawke joins us in the studio to tell us about his new movie "first reformed." "that's the "cbs morning news" for this thursday. thanks for watching. i'm anne-marie green. have a great day. -- captions by vitac --
4:29 am
i'm kenny choi. all right. let's start this morning off with a live look outside. this is the "salesforce tower" camera and the shot that we have been waiting for, look at that! "karl the fog" nowhere in sight at least for now.
4:30 am
so giving you this awesome shot of the bay bridge and beyond. good morning, it is thursday, may 24th. i'm kenny choi. >> and i'm michelle griego. we saw some cloud cover but luckily it wasn't high enough. it's a gauge where the cloud coverage is. very special day, happy birthday, michelle! >> i feel like it's a holiday for all of us. the day you were born! the weather is not going to be as drippy for your birthday so there's that. it is cool and cloudy out there as we saw in that shot. you can see the lights so at least we are not necessarily dealing with low visibility this morning. but you will see it will be a cooler day overall. keep your sweater handy but ditch the umbrella. cool and cloudy again. i'll fix the typo real quick then rain tonight we'll have a dry warm holiday weekend for


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