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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11PM  CBS  May 25, 2018 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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haunting bay area murder mysteries. tonight: a fresh look at the jenny lin cold case... now at 11:00, it is one of the most haunting bay area murder mysteries ever. tonight a fresh look at the jenny lin cold case thanks to new technology. good evening, i'm ken bastida. elizabeth has the night off. kpix 5 christin ayers reports a high-profile arrest is giving jenny's parents new hope that their daughter's killer may
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finally be brought to justice. >> reporter: tonight marks 24 years since jenny lin's father found her murdered. the case remains unsolved, but tonight the lin family says something has changed that is giving them new hope. >> all right, start walking guys. >> reporter: tonight they walked, candles were lit, in remembrance of a teenage girl. a straight a student and budding musician, jenny lin was murdered in her own home at 14 years old. >> it was hard for me to believe when we crossed the five-year mark, let alone tent years, 24 years, no t years. john lin is jenny's father, the one who found his daughter stabbed to death in their castro valley home that tragic day. >> it is very, very hard for anyone to have to come back here year after year and do this kind of event.
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>> it gives us hope. >> reporter: their hopes have never been higher. the alameda county sheriff says there is a foe coned on the technology. off of the items that previously didn't allow us to extract the dna. >> for me the hope also plies in the fact of the rapist known as the golden state killer. >> deangelo is identified as the golden state killer. john lynch said he and his wife had been in contact with authorities more frequently, and that is keeping their hope alive. >> we are going to keep doing it until the case is solved. >> in can throes valley, christin ayers -- in in castro valley, christin ayers, kpix 5.
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katie nielsen reports a driver hit her motorcycle on highway 101, southbound mill valley and then vanished. >> i lay awake at night and picture my daughter laying in the road. i can't get it out of my head. >> reporter: connie and mark had to do the unthinkable. >> it's just awful. i got to get over it, you know, i got to get past that because that's never going to change. >> reporter: they had to bury their young daughter. chp investigators say on march 23, marie was riding her motorcycle south on highway 101 home to san francisco, when a driver rear ended her just before tiburon boulevard. marie was thrown on tot family about a minute later, another car -- onto the highway, about a minute later, another car hit her and killed her. officers found pieces of a broken headlight and blinker at the scene. they were able to figure out the vehicle that struck marie was either a 1999 to 2002 chevy
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silverado pickup or a 2002 to 2006 chevy tahoe suv. the deliver of that chevy never -- the driver of that chevy never stopped. >> somebody did this, somebody hit her. i cannot believe this person is just fine. >> reporter: today they're offering a cash reward for anyone who has information in the crash. >> it would be nice to see somebody take responsibility for what they did. >> reporter: chp says everyone needs to pay attention to the road. a maximum ebb forcement period is underway right now that runs through monday night. >> they do get a lot of people, if we have nice weather, that are out and about, celebrating or whether they are traveling to different places or just enjoying a long weekend away. >> reporter: while we were talking to marie's family earlier today, a neighbor came over and offered another $1,000 to the reward fund, bringing it up to a total of $13,000.
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if you do have any information about the crash, chp wants to hear from you. in court u court, katie -- in the courtroom, katie nielsen, kpix 5. oakland firefighters are on the scene of the a small fire. the as set off fireworks tonight after tonight's game, which may have started that blaze. this is in between the arena and the coliseum bart station. also tonight cal-fire says four of the wildfires that broke out last fall in the fire storm were caused by pg&e power lines. two fires in butte county and two fires in nevada county broke out around october 8 and 9. tree or tree branches fell onto power lines. they burned more than 9,300 acres, destroying more than 100 structures. pg&e had this response tonight,
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"we look forward to the opportunity to carefully review the cal-fire reports to understand the agency's perspectives." we're still waiting for the final cal-fire report on what sparked the deadly wine country wildfires. from hollywood to handcuffs, it's one scene harvey weinstein never wanted to play out. he's out on bail tonight, charged with rape and other sex crimes. reporter chris holmstrom has reaction from some of his accusers. >> reporter: harvey weinstein surrendering himself to police early friday morning. weinstein's arrest follows months of investigation. it's the first time prosecutors charged the 66-year-old since more than 80 women came forward with their stories. those stories bringing about the #metoo movements. actress rose mcgowan leading the charge today saying we got you harvey weinstein, we got
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you. other accusers include ashley, the daughter-in-law of the late actor best known for movies like grummy old grumpy old men and other charges. when she was filming "dirty dancing, havana nights." she is also making her voice heard on twitter. been waiting for this day for so long, so happy that he is getting what he deserves. italian actress, arcia also another accuse fretter canned film festival. >> in 1997 i was raped by harvey weinstein. >> today he'll take his first step hell. we, the women, finally have real hope for justice. her boyfriend, anthony bourdain backing her up. you were sure this day would never come, that you would be
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crushed, yet you did it any way. weinstein has denied any allegations of non-consensual sex. he has posted a $1 million bail and expected back in court in july. reporting live in los angeles, i'm chris holmstrom for kpix 5. expect to pay a little bit more to get away this holiday weekend. gas prices just spiked. prices are up 31% from last memorial day. at this 76 station, the price of a gallon of regular almost $3.95. gas prices haven't been this high since 2014. they are most expensive right here in california. thousands of music fans rocking out at bottle rock tonight. it's the first big music festival in the bay area since the gunman opened fire on an outdoor concert in las vegas.
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kpix 5 andrea nakano shows us the security tonight. >> reporter: extra security is available tonight. s.w.a.t. officers were also on the ground. a lieutenant told me he went to cochello to see how they could improve things here at bottle rock. muse took the main stage on the opening day of bottle rock. >> we are stoked to see muse. then for the whole weekend, obviously snoop, obvious lit killers. obviously bruno mars. >> ticket sales hit a record this year. general tickets sold out in less than ten minutes. organizers are expecting roughly 20,000 people for a weekend of music and food. >> and we decided, you knyourow
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planned. >> reporter: many who attend come from the area. they remember just how months ago this venue was the staging area for fire crews. luckily we were unharmed from that with a bit of a celebration from here. >> the napa police department is taking extra measures to make sure the celebration remains safe. it's asking local agencies for extra resources to keep an eye out for threats for security. >> we're also using those resources to help us staff the event. >> reporter: security is a concern for this mom whose daughter is planning on attending sunday. >> it was the first thing i actually asked the policeman, will there be metal detectors and he said yes. >> for the most part those at the event feel safe and look forward.
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>> i have to say every year it seems to get better. even though the amounts of people rise, i can't believe how well the whole thing is managed. >> so a packed house for muse tonight. larger crowds are expected over the weekend. snoop dogg and the killers will be on tomorrow, and bruno mars will be the final act on sunday. in napa, andrea nakano, kpix 5. this bay area woman is 111 years young, but the feds thought she was dead. tonight the fight to prove she's still alive. plus they've already invaded the sidewalks. now those electric scooters tie up traffic on the bay bridge. today was the 13th straight day with temperatures below normal and it is still raining in parts of the north bay tonight. there is a 180 coming up in weather this weekend. find out when we may hit 90
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fillmore district. happened about an hour ago we're following breaking news in san francisco right now where two people have been shot in the fillmore district. this happened about an hour ago at fillmore and golden gate. you can see police activity there, still very active. police tell us a male driver in a car was shot. two other parked cars were also hit with gunfire. life or death battle tonight. a 111-year-old woman from san francisco recently had to prove to the federal government that she's still alive. kpix 5 mary lee shows us why. >> i'm smiling. >> are you smiling?
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[ laughter ] >> it is such an honor to meet you. >> okay. >> reporter: lucy is 111 years old. >> i've seen people say oh i'm too old, no, i never said that. i'm old, but i'm not dead. >> reporter: the u.s. government didn't think so. the feds sent her a form to make sure she was still alive and eligible for benefits. she either didn't get the letter or accidentally threw it away, so the feds cut off her federal pension. >> you need to slow down. >> rather than hearing i can't save the damage, no. >> reporter: it's obvious she is very alive. but her daughter and son-in-law quickly found oumut chit's not to change the government's mind. >> what are you going to do? we were very frustrated. >> imagine her being kicked off her health care and not get a
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pension. it's too much. they never want anything to do with it. lucy's family helped get her pension back this week. she says she was happy to >>shs you just want to find out what her secret sauce is. [ laughter ] i think it's the fact she has what she wants. she loves life. >> reporter: lucy is glad the government now thinks she's alive, so she can go back to, well, living her life. she said the secret to living a long and happy life is to truly live it. >> it is too late when you say i wish i had, it's too late. in san mateo with lucy, mary
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lee, kpix 5. commuters have a brand new option to get around. rather than fight the traffic on highway 4, they can ride trains. it runs between pittsburgh, bay point, and ant y up and running tomorrow. when passengers get to the bart station, they can transfer on the same platform. the ten-mile line has two new stations. the stop in antioch has a thousand parking spaces. first electric scooters started popping up in alley ways. now two guys have taken it to a whole new level. julie watts shows us the bay bridge traffic jam caught on camera. >> reporter: yeah bad timing for lime bike. the city issued a new mandatory
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permit process. behavior like this could impact a scooter company's permit application. >> you can't kill yourself. >> reporter: this video was taken yesterday in the lower deck of the bay bridge. two guys were on scooters on the left ledge of the bridge. keep in mind there is not a pike path and these scoot -- bike path and these scooters only goes 17 miles an hour. >> i mean we'll have traffic regardless, this is san francisco bay area. but you know if someone would have hit them, if i would hit that individual, i don't -- they will decide which, if any scooter companies get a permit, and the city attorney stresses the scooter companies will be held accountable for rider behavior. >> mta director has made it quite clear that past behavior will be taken into account. in terms of the application
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process. >> now the city stresses there is no guarantee any of the existing scooter companies will get a permit. any scooters without a permit will be confiscated. right now there are three scooter companies operating in san francisco, but lyft is rumored to be getting into the game as well. in the newsroom, juliette goodrich -- julie watts, kpix 5. a huge swarm of bees found a temporary home in his jeep. check this out. you see thousands of bees all over the roof of the vehicle. matthew clark was at work when he saw the windows. he went outside to find them all over the inside of his jeep. he googled how to get rid of them. a mix of soap and water, spray it on them it temporarily paralyzed s thane bees. then he used a shop vac to collect all the bees and set them free at an open space
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nearby. pretty smart, paul. >> all that on google. >> yes. >> that's amazing. when had in doubt, just have your phone close by and thousands of pees, what do i do? all right, a beautiful view here earlier this evening. the marine layer, the cloud deck was just above the salesforce tower. so time lapse here, clouds moving right to left, left to east, running 1700 feet. just humming along the bay. marina looks nice. financial district looks nice. and just a gorgeous evening out there. knew marine layer has lowered. let's take a look at the similar shot with the clouds rolling in at 1,000 feet below the salesforce tower, a nice perspective to give us the exact innovation to talk about where those clouds are. san francisco, 55 degrees, tieing you with liver mother and santa rosa -- livermore and santa rosa. it's wet throughout in the north bay. the low pressure area is taking off, but the northwestern edge of it is causing some showers
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in lincoln county and also sonoma county. you may wake up to wet grass and wet pavement. san rafael points to tomorrow morning. san francisco 53. wet there today at times. sunshine tomorrow, 70s, warmer on sunday with highs in the 80s. there is a big weather change coming, but this guy has to get out of here first. gave us the flow all week down. as it exits, it will move out. watch what happens in futurecast. sunshine in the surgeon, you know, we have not done that. but sunshine in the morning, sunshine all day long, temperatures are going to climb as we look at a big ridge of high pressure building in. as warm as the 80s and 90s come memorial day. 7 0s tomorrow. san mateo 64. pihittsbreurttsan ramon. mill value lyrics 66 degrees.
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pet luna 72 degree -- petaluma 72 degrees. extended forecast, much warmer on sunday. monday, 80s and 90s. inland, still cooler near the water, we're kind of turning a corner for three days where it is actually going to feel like the time of the year because it has been chilly all month long. >> you have a pair of 92s there. can you move them from monday to tuesday to saturday and sunday? >> no, no. >> i will try though. >> give me a few minutes. we have a special. >> thanks, paul. coming up, getting hitched on the top of mount diablo? and here are tonight's guests on the tonight show on diablo. our own joe vazquez and christin ayers will be hosting our coverage this sunday. it streams live starting at 10:00 a.m. on and all on our social media platforms
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program called destination wedding. the contra costa county clerk, recorders office teamed up with the state park officials to make it happen. now this san francisco, a dozen couples waited their turn atop the mountain's observation deck. the destination wedding program was only in effect for today. by the way, the couple could drive to the top. they didn't have too hike up. rockets and warriors games. hey, i have a question for you. for game six tomorrow, who do you have? and there is going to be a friday night lights without the bay area big leaguers. oh no! what happened there.
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fan...10 to 12 1/2 pt favorites to win w.c.f. game-6. when they tee it up tomorrow at oracle... ...down 3-2 in the series, a loss by no 10-5 point favorites to win with game six when they take it up tomorrow at oracle. down 3-2 in the series. a loss by the dubs is not an option. out for the rockets tomorrow, number three in black, chris paul. the star guard injured his right hamstring in the final minutes of last night's game five. he had really come alive offensively averaging 20 points per game in the series. the injury will be reevaluated
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on sunday. lebron james and the cavaliers made the semiticks bend to its will. he scored 46. 109-99, cavaliers hold at home, forcing a game seven in boston on sunday. baseball now, when you see darth vader, bad things happen. 3-0 oakland. bottom of the 3rd, back away and gone to a gal lax say far, far a-- galaxy far, far away. goldschmidt just hits one, but pender could not get it. extended arizona ease lead to 6- 1. 2 home runs, two rbis. a ease lose 7-2. mack williamson rejoined the team back at chicago.
11:31 pm
hernandez, got a bat, not afraid to use it. and solo job tied up the game. still tied in the 7th. ben zobrist, former as, gets in a couple of runs and they win on the final of 6-2. shorthanding them their third straight loss. but it happened on this day of this came. >> what do you like? the like the warriors easily. >> i give them a 70% chance. >> there you go. we'll be right back. i'm dianne feinstein and i approve this message.
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i thought after sandy hook, where 20 six and seven year olds were slain, this would never happen again. it has happened more than 200 times in 5 years. dianne feinstein and a new generation are leading the fight to pass a new assault weapons ban. say no to the nra and yes to common-sense gun laws. california values senator dianne feinstein time to go. every fire department every police department
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is part of a bigger picture. that bigger picture is statewide mutual aid. california years ago realized the need to work together. teamwork is important to protect the community, but we have to do it the right way. we have a working knowledge and we can reduce the impacts of a small disaster, but we need the help of experts. pg&e is an integral part of our emergency response team. they are the industry expert with utilities. whether it is a gas leak or a wire down, just having someone there that deals with this every day is pretty comforting. we each bring something to the table that is unique and that is a specialty. with all of us working together we can keep all these emergencies small. and the fact that we can bring it together and effectively work together is pretty special. they bring their knowledge, their tools and equipment and the proficiency to get the job done. and the whole time i have been in the fire service, pg&e's been there, too. whatever we need whenever we need it. i do count on pg&e to keep our firefighters safe. that's why we ask for their help.
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'sup pixies! pixnation... late show with stephen colbert is coming up next. have a great weekend. we'll see ya. captioning sponsored by cbs >> the wait is over. tonight, stephen colbert sits down with james comey. ( laughter ) ( laughter ) >> stephen: am i supposed to ask questions? i thought we were just sitting. >> announcer: it's "the late show with stephen colbert." tonight, it's comey day! plus, stephen welcomes james comey and musical guest jason aldean. featuring jon batiste and stay human. and now, live on tape from the ed sullivan ea


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