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tv   CBS Weekend News  CBS  May 26, 2018 5:30pm-6:00pm PDT

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and show you a delicious live shot and we will be back in 30 minutes. captioning sponsored by cbs captioning sponsored by cbs >> ninan: state of emergency. millions of residents along the gulf coast get ready for heavy rain as alberto drenches cuba and heads north. also tonight, signs the summit between president trump and north korea's leader kim jong un could be back on. the president of the university of southern california has agreed to step down as outrage over a sex scandal involving a campus gynecologist intensifies. in ireland a loud and emphatic yes as voters repeal a constitutional ban on abortion. >> women can choose to do what they want to do with their life. >> ninan: and sweden reveals a centuries old secret about one
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of its national treasures. >> don't call it swedish meatball, because it's not. this is the "cbs weekend news." >> ninan: good evening, i'm reena ninan. alberto, the first named storm of the year, is slowly moving toward the gulf coast. the governors of florida and mississippi have already declared a state of emergency. the storm is just north of cuba and not expected to make landfall until sometime monday. but the outer bands are already starting to lash parts of southern florida. craig setzer with our miami affiliate wfor is following the storm. craig? >> reporter: the storm is getting a bit stronger tonight as it moves to the north, and during the day on sunday it has the possibility of even further intensification reaching the north gulf coast here some time late on monday or monday night, but it's a big, lop-sided storm with a lot of the bad weather east of the track and north of the track. so the effects will be felt well before the center makes landfall.
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wind is going to be a problem. tropical storm-force winds will be skirting the west coast of florida all the way up into the panhandle and much of the northern gulf coast. some of that wind will be going inland. and the other big issue with this storm besides storm surge and the wind, it's going to be rainfall, a tremendous amount of tropical moisture heading to the north. one of these tails, this moisture tail for alberto, will be draped across florida pointing toward the carolinas where flooding is a possibility, and flooding also a possibility right where the center makes landfall there. here is forecast track. and you can see heavy rainfall amounts through parts of florida, also parts of the panhandle and parts of the southeast. there's also a threat, reena, of isolated tornadoes. >> ninan: craig setzer from miami. thank you, craig. there was a flurry of activity today in an attempt to save the highly anticipated meeting between president trump and north korea's leader, kim jong un. mola lenghi is at the white house where the president is spending the memorial day weekend. >> reporter: in a surprise meeting in the d.m.z. this
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morning, south korean president moon jae in and north korea's kim jong un attempted to revamp the on-again-off-again summit between president trump and the north korean dictator. after canceling the summit on thursday, president trump hinted on friday it could take place on june 12 in singapore as planned. >> we'll see what happens. it could even be the 12th. we're talking to them now. >> reporter: behind the scenes planning for what would be an historic meeting continues as all parties are now speaking again. led by joe hagin is set to beg led by joe hagin is set to begin laying the groundwork this weekend. white house press secretary sarah sanders said today: "the white house pre-advance team for singapore will leave as scheduled in order to prepare should the summit take place." this morning president trump rejected, via tweet, a "new york times" report suggesting a june 12 meeting with the north koreans would be impossible considering the lack of time to prepare. "wrong again!" the president tweeted. "use real people, not phony sources." but thursday, just hours after
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president trump canceled the summit, a senior white house official said as much. "there's really not a lot of time. we've lost quite a bit of time that we would need in order to-- i mean there's been an enormous amount of preparation that's gone on over the past few months. june 12 is in 10 minutes." the president also tweeted this morning that, "there is zero disagreement within the trump administration as to how to deal with north korea." >> ninan: mola, we're following another major development out of the white house as an american prisoner has been released from venezuela. the president is expected to welcome josh holt to the white house tonight. how exactly was the administration able to secure his release? >> reporter: 26-year-old joshua holt of utah and his wife thamy were held for two years in a prison in the capital of caracas. holt, a mormon missionary, traveled to venezuela in 2016 to marry thamy. during that trip, the two were arrested on weapons charges. u.s. officials dispute those charges, and they have been
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working on their release ever since. yesterday tennessee senator bob corker met with venezuelan president nicolas maduro, who agreed to release the couple a goodwill gesture. they are expected to arrive at the white house this evening to be greeted by president trump as well as holt's family. reena? >> ninan: mola at the white house, thank you very much. at the university of southern california, the school's president has agreed to step down in the wake of a sex scandal involving a campus gynecologist. carter evans has the details. >> my fellow trojans... >> reporter: the resignation of university of southern california president max nikias late friday night came with recognition from the recognition from the board of trustees that "something is broken and that urgent and profound actions are needed." >> i have cautious optimism. >> reporter: lucy chi is one of more than 300 students who accuse former campus gynecologist, dr. george tyndall, of repeated sexual misconduct. >> he said that he loosened my--
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he was trying to loosen my pelvic muscle with his fingers >> reporter: tyndall worked for the university's student health center for about 30 years. accusations against him include taking "inappropriate pictures of patients genitals," "making sexual comments about their bodies," and "repeatedly assaulting patients under the guise of medical treatment." >> he made me feel extremely uncomfortable and violated. >> reporter: u.s.c. grad student daniella mohazab is one of nearly two-dozen women so far suing the doctor and the university so far. >> reportedly u.s.c. was aware of dr. tyndall's inappropriate conduct, even before i was born. >> reporter: but according to one of the lawsuits, tyndall wasn't even put on leave until 2016 when a concerned nurse reported him to the campus rape crisis center. he was fired last june. and university president max nikias only resigned after hundreds of faculty members signed a petition expressing "outrage and disappointment" about u.s.c.'s alleged failure
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to protect against "repeated and pervasive sexual harassment and misconduct." >> i'm hopeful that now that the board is agreeing that there is definitely some fault here, on the part of the leadership at u.s.c., that we'll be able to move forward. >> reporter: with the alleged victims' permission, u.s.c. is now turning over their names and information to the l.a.p.d. but police say they have not yet begun a criminal investigation. reena. >> ninan: thank you. more charges could be filed against disgraced hollywood mogul harvey weinstein. this time in los angeles and london. on friday, he was arrested and charged in two sex crimes cases in new york. here's demarco morgan. >> reporter: now under electronic monitoring, harvey weinstein paid $1 million bail to walk out of court. he is charged with rape and another felony, sexual assault, in new york. once the most powerful producer in hollywood, 66-year-old weinstein appeared to react as
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the manhattan assistant district attorney explained the case against him on friday: >> reporter: former actress lucia evans told authorities she was at weinstein's office in summer 2004, when he forced her to perform oral sex. weinstein is also charged with raping an unidentified woman at a hotel in march, 2013. a statement from evans' attorneys said, in part, "we are relieved and grateful that justice is coming." last weekend, actress asia argento spoke about weinstein at the cannes film festival. >> in 1997, i was raped by harvey weinstein here at cannes. i was 21-years-old." >> reporter: actress rose mcgowan also says weinstein raped her in france. >> it's tragic that it takes over 100 women, and that probably means like 1,000, let's
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be real. i mean, this man had hunting grounds all over the world. >> reporter: weinstein denies ever engaging in non-consensual sex. he's also facing scrutiny from authorities in los angeles and london. weinstein's attorney, ben brafman: >> people get convicted only when there is credible evidence beyond a reasonable doubt. and in this case, i do not believe that the district attorney has that. >> reporter: if convicted, weinstein could face up to 25 years in prison. he's expected back in court at the end of july. under conditions of his bail, weinstein has been told to only travel within new york state and connecticut. reena. >> ninan: it will be interesting to see what happens in those other cities. >> reporter: yes. >> ninan: thank you. well, in ireland it's being called a quiet revolution and a victory for women. the once conservative nation voted "yes" to repeal a constitutional ban on abortion. jonathan vigliotti reports. ( cheers and applause ) >> reporter: the landslide vote to legalize abortion shows an
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overwhelming desire for change in a country once so closely entwined with catholic tradition. prime minister leo varadkar addressed the nation this morning. >> i think what we've seen today is the culmination of a quiet revolution that's been taking place in ireland for the past ten or to years. >> reporter: lawmakers will now move to allow women to get abortions in the first 12 weeks of pregnancy. more than two-thirds of voters said yes to repealing ire;amd's eighth amendment, the seismic equivalent of a red state turning blue. the 1983 law banned all abortions, except when a mother's life was at risk. in europe, only malta and poland have similar bans. ireland has leaned more liberal in the past few decades, while the rate of catholicism has declined. divorce was legalized in 1995, gay marriage in 2015. ahead of yesterday's vote, the catholic church in ireland encouraged its followers to keep the right to life in the constitution. but critics say the church's moral authority has weakened
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after a series of child abuse scandals. since 1981, the number of practicing catholics have dropped by around 15%. >> would you like some information on a yes vote? >> reporter: campaigning ahead of friday's referendum was often divisive and there was concern over foreign influence after recent revelations of meddling in the u.s. election. in an unprecedented move earlier this month, facebook and google banned all online ads from campaign groups outside ireland. but ultimately this was a uniquely irish vote, fueled by reform. in some areas, turnout was 70%. jonathan vigliotti, cbs news, dublin. >> ninan: the teacher who stopped a teenage shooter at a middle school near indianapolis is being called a hero. students at noblesville west say jason seaman threw a basketball at the 15-year-old suspect, then tackled him. seaman was shot three times. this afternoon he was released from the hospital.
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a female student is still in critical condition. the suspected shooter is in police custody. the holiday get-away is underway, with americans paying the highest memorial day weekend gas prices in four years. triple-a says a gallon of regular gas is $2.97. that's 25%, or 60 cents a gallon more than last year. more than 36 million americans are expected to be on the roads this weekend-- the most since 2005. alan bean, the fourth man to walk on the moon, has died. he flew into space twice. the first time was on apollo 12 in november, 1969. he was the lunar module pilot and landed on the moon. then in july 1973 he flew to the u.s. space station "skylab." when he left nasa he became a painter. alan bean died in houston. he was 86-years-old. coming up: shattering the glass ceiling. the first woman in charge of the new york stock exchange.
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♪ otezla. show more of you. ( bell rings ) >> ninan: the glass ceiling was shattered at the new york stock exchange friday. for the first time in its 226- year history a woman is leading the financial market. her name is stacey cunningham, and she took some time out of her very busy day to speak to dana jacobson. >> reporter: is this like breathing life into you again being out here? >> yes, it always is. it never gets old walking onto the trading floor. >> reporter: stacey cunningham has called the new york stock exchange home since 1994. your first memory of the new york stock exchange is what? >> so i was an engineering student and i sort of through happenstance ended up with an internship on the trading floor. as soon as i heard all the sounds and the energy and the pace, i knew it was home for me.
5:47 pm
>> reporter: she climbed the ranks on wall street, starting as a floor clerk and specialist she worked her way up. ( bell rings ) now, 24 years after that nyse internship, stacey cunningham is its first female president >> it's a-- you know it's overwhelming. we have a very high profile role in global commerce, in the capital markets and so being the face of that is a little intimidating. >> reporter: when you first started you were one of few women. what was that like? >> i didn't notice it, and i know that's a surprising answer. i know i was outnumbered and i can tell the difference between a man and a woman, but it was not-- it wasn't top of mind for me >> reporter: thanks in large part, cunningham says, to muriel siebert. back in 1967 siebert paved the way, becoming the first woman to own a seat on the new york stock exchange. >> she kept pushing and she had to get sponsored and the first nine people she asked said, "no." and even when she finally did
5:48 pm
get in there wasn't a whole lot of support for having her there. so she did that hard work and that's inspirational. >> reporter: but not all the doors were fully opened. >> so they turned phone booth number 5 into a bathroom. but they turned it into a ladies room. right next to phone booth number 5 was the men's room, and they were literally big saloon doors, attendants, couches, the whole thing. and it wasn't-- and when i left the trading floor in 2005, it was still the phone booth upstairs. it was only in the past 10-11 years that there was a proper ladies room there. >> reporter: and stacey cunningham isn't the only female on the move on wall street. the beloved fearless girl statue is heading from its spot in front of the charging bull to her own perch in front of the new york stock exchange. what does that fearless girl mean to you? >> i think she's the greatest thing, i love her. i think she challenges corporate america to do better. you know, when you look at the number of women in the corner office as c.e.o.'s, less than 5% of the fortune 500 women and not necessarily growing. i just think that she is taking
5:49 pm
on the world and she's not afraid at all. >> ninan: still ahead on the "cbs weekend news:" fighting the odds, to get out of extreme poverty. afraid at all. >> ninan: still ahead on the "cbs weekend news:" fighting the odds, to get out of extreme poverty.
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5:52 pm
>> reporter: these boxing gloves give 18-year-old, elvin alicea, a fighting chance. his family is among nearly 25% in newark, new jersey living below the poverty line. >> i was homeless for two months, and i started coming here. >> reporter: underneath an abandoned stadium united states naval academy graduate and n.c.a.a. boxing champ, mike steadman, started the ironbound boxing academy. >> it really speaks to kids that we're targeting and the communities that we're targeting. they want to box. they want to learn how to fight. so once we get them in the door, then we get to mold them into better individuals. >> there you go. nice and high. >> reporter: ironbound's mission: free recreation for inner city youth. >> everybody needs a coach. everybody needs somebody in their corner, i don't care who you are. >> reporter: the training is not just in jabs, but life skills. >> what about a job? what kind of job do you want to do? what boxing does is get them in the habit of coming to the gym. one of the first things we try to teach them- more than anything in life- if just showing up, right- whether it's
5:53 pm
a job interview, you want to do better in school. >> reporter: elvin rarely misses a day. how did boxing get you through that tough, tough time? >> it was a lot of emotions, roughed up. so, i would come in here and it would disappear. from working, hitting the bags, and doing something i love. >> reporter: it's ironbound's "more than boxing" philosophy. >> i'm more of a go-getter now. i'm more aware of who i am-- my strengths and my weaknesses. i see a goal and there's nothing stopping me from reaching it. >> reporter: where will we see you in five years? >> hopefully on a wheaties commercial >> reporter: on a wheaties box! >> yeah! >> reporter: elvin says he dreams of boxing in the olympics and plans to study criminal justice at rutgers university. nikki batiste, cbs news, newark, new jersey. >> ninan: up next: sweden reveals a secret about one of it's national treasures. the emotions that bring us together shouldn't drive us apart. but when you experience sudden, frequent,
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and a dedicated advisor to help you grow and protect your wealth. fidelity wealth management. to help you grow and protect your wealth. heartburn and gas? ♪ now fight both fast new tums chewy bites with gas relief all in one relief of heartburn and gas ♪ ♪ tum tum tum tums new tums chewy bites with gas relief >> ninan: a shocking c >> ninan: a shocking confession has confounded lover's of the swedish meatball. for centuries the beloved staple was considered sweden's signature dish. but a simple tweet changed thath tr outurns m hollt y williaitms has the stor. ♪ ♪ >> reporter: when you think of sweden, perhaps abba comes to mind. or maybe ikea's build-it- ururself f tubu.t if yreou're a food lovers probably swedish meatballs. they're sweden's national dish,
5:57 pm
traditionally served with mashed potato and sweet lingonberry sauce. but last month, sweden's government confessed a terrible secret via twitter. swedish meatballs, it said, are actually turkish-- imported 300 years ago by swedish king charles xii. >> meatballs are ours! of course! swedish meatballs are swedish. >> reporter: swedish cafe owner, bronte aurell, is joking-- as other swedes did when they heard the news. one jested that his whole life had been a lie. the truth, of course, is that good food travels. >> i mean noodles came originally from china and then came to italy and you know they have pasta! so, it doesn't make italian pasta chinese! >> reporter: but here in turkey the confession left some people feeling they'd been robbed. at alibaba's meatball joint in istanbul these turkish diners
5:58 pm
told us they were happy to share their meatballs, but not the credit for their invention. >> don't call it swedish meatballs, because it's not. >> reporter: but now there's a new twist to the story. a swedish food expert told us it's fake news, because the origins of meatballs are uncertain. and sweden's official twitter account now concedes that the meatball's "culinary history is complex." and so an international incident has been resolved. meatballs, just like the people who make them, come from everywhere. holly williams, cbs news, istanbul. >> ninan: and did you know swedish company ikea says more than two million meatballs are eaten inside their stores every day. that's the "cbs weekend news" for this saturday. the news continues now on our 24-hour digital network cbsn at i'm reena ninan in new york. for all of us at cbs news, thank
5:59 pm
live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix 5 news. new at 6:00, mountain lion watch. a community on alert to protect small pets and children. the scary sight of what neighbors sight as a big, bold cat. >> the animal was spotted in martinez earlier this week near fountain head court and muir road. we're there. >> reporter: families living in the fountain head garden community are on high alert. no, not over this little guy, but for a much bigger cat. >> with people is safety. >> reporter: the homeowner association put up the fliers this week warning people to be careful and watch out for their pets. >> they are going to take them. they're going to -- mountain lion is going it take them. >> reporter: the surveillance camera caught a mountain lion
6:00 pm
walking pass all these townhouses late monday night. neighbors who saw the grainy footage shows a cat. the cat on the flier is not the actual one. >> i took my dogs out about 1:00 in the morning and i had to put them on leashes. i usually don't. i was a little nervous. >> reporter: the fountain head garden community on martinez is right off highway 4 and next to the contra costa county emergency center. it's made up of 144 townhouses. aside from pets, a lot of kids. >> i'm not going out past sunset, staying in the house, keeping an eye on your children a little tighter than you usually would. >> reporter: perhaps the big cat was looking for food. neighbors say it was very bold to enter this large complex. >> this is a very residential area though. you don't see wild animals. >> reporter: so far, no one has reported their pets missing. neighbors here are hoping the mountain lion happened to pass by and won't be


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