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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11PM  CBS  May 26, 2018 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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warriors. the game against the rockets that had fans at the edge of their seat. lawmaker fires back at pg&e tonight. accusing the utility company of covering up... after a the bay area lawmaker that fires back at pg&e accusing them of covering up after a new
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report blames them for sparking several wildfires in northern california. katy nielsen explains why the lawmaker is sounding the alarm. >> reporter: jerry hill says pg&e is lobbying for change around fire law liability. this comes as the report shows the power lines caused massive fires in nevada and butte county last year. those fires are not the same as the fires connected to the wine country fired that destroyed parts of santa rosa. >> they are trying to create a story around their behavior and actions which is a false reality. that is the part that is so disturbing. >> reporter: jerry hill says he worries about pg&e's lobbying efforts in sacramento to change state laws that currently require utilities to compensate people if property is damaged by utility equipment.
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>> they don't want shareholders to pay the money. they want the ratepayers or the state to cover the cost. they will do anything, say anything and spend any amount of money to do it. >> reporter: this comes as they released information reports about the cause of two fires and butte county and two end -- in nevada fires combining for 9000 acres. it shows it all formed fires that were caused by trees or branches that fell into power lines and in three of the four cases, they allowed the trees to grow too close to lines. >> they're trying to tell everyone in sacramento that this is the result of the new normal. climate change is making this happen. it has nothing to do with the fact that they did a poor job maintaining lines and proper clearance. >> reporter: they have not released reports releasing the cause of the deadly fires that ravaged the wine country. but if they are successful in changing liability, the state could end up picking up the tab
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for an estimated $10 billion or more in damage. >> we need the wires, the pipes in the ground and if something happens and it's not their fault, we should share in the responsibility and i'm happy to do that. not if they are at fault. >> reporter: theory responded to the report saying they look forward to the opportunity to review the reports to understand the agency's perspective. the utility added that based on the information they have so far, they believe the overall programs meet our state high standards. the cal fire report on the fires was sent to the district attorneys in each county and apparently to the california public utilities commission. the golden state warriors, what a game. they pulled it together for a massive comeback. we are at the arena. >> reporter: and elimination game for the warriors and what
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a game it was. they fell behind by 17 points after the first quarter but in the second half the can't -- they came to life. the fans in the arena will tell you they knew game seven was going to happen. they came into oracle with confidence that the team would take the series back to houston. >> hell yeah we won the game. >> reporter: the confidence faded as fans sat on the edge of their seats for game six and saw the team fall behind. >> i was nervous, i must admit. if they had won i thought it might be close but this is better than anything i imagined. >> i told them to believe. she was unsure in the first and we got her to believe in the second half and they came through. >> reporter: boy did they, they fill they -- flipped the switch. in the end they won by 29 and
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get some momentum back as they get ready to play the deciding game in the western conference finals. >> it was amazing, that is what they needed to do. >> game seven, do or die. we will do it. >> it will be the boston celtics and the warriors. >> reporter: before we talk about the finals, there is one more game left, game seven coming up on monday tipoff is at 6 pm. there will be a watch party here at oracle and those tickets will start to go on sale tomorrow at noon. >> after big game some celebratory fireworks went off above the arena. vern glenn is there tonight and will have the highlights in sports. and overnight argument turned violent in mountain view. a man allegedly drove his car into two people pinning one of them underneath it. this happened outside the sports page bar on plymouth street.
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police were called to the scene at about 2 am. the woman who was hit was trapped underneath this car. by standards allegedly tipped it over to get her out from underneath, witnesses told police it started with an argument inside the bar and continued outside. that is when the suspect allegedly got inside his car and drove to the man and woman. after the collision, they attacked the driver and all three individuals were taken to the nearby hospital. no word on the extent of injuries and their names have not been released. harvey weinstein is under electronic monitoring and free on $1 million bail. he was arrested yesterday in new york city and charged with sex offenses including two counts of rape. since last fall, dozens of women have said he took advantage of them using his stature and influence to lure them into abusive situations. rose mcgowan said he raped her at the sundance film festival in utah. >> it is tragic that it takes
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over 100 women and that probably means 1000. let's be real. this man had hunting grounds all over the world. >> people get thin -- convicted when there is credible evidence and in this case i do not believe that the district attorney has that. >> he denies every engagement that was nonconsensual but authorities in both offense -- los angeles and london are considering criminal charges. schools president of the university of california has agreed to step down in the wake of a sex scandal. carter evans has the details. >> my father trojans. -- fellow trojans. >> reporter: on friday night they came with recognition from the board of trustees that something is broken and that urgent and provide -- profound actions are needed. lucy is one of 300 students who
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accused the former campus gynecologist of repeated sexual misconduct. >> he said that he was trying to loosen my pelvic muscles. with his fingers. mac he worked for the university's student health center for 30 years. accusations against him include taking inappropriate pictures of patients genitals, making sexual comments about their bodies and repeatedly assaulting patients under the guise of medical treatment. >> he made me feel extremely uncomfortable and violated. >> reporter: this grad student is one of nearly 2 dozen women suing the doctor and university so far. >> reportedly, they were aware of his inappropriate conduct before i was even born. >> reporter: according to one of the lawsuits, he wasn't put on leave until 2016. when a nurse reported him to the campus rape crisis center. he was fired last june. and the university president
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only resigned after hundreds of faculty members signed a petition expressing outrage and disappointment about their alleged failure to protect against repeated and pervasive sexual harassment and misconduct. >> i am hopeful that the board is agreeing that there is some fault here. i hope we can move forward. >> reporter: with the alleged victim's permission, usc is turning over their names and information to police. the lapd has not yet begun a criminal investigation. a flurry of activity on two continents to save a summit meeting between the u.s. and north korea. at the dmz the south korean president held a surprise meeting with kim jong-un. the south's president said that kim told him he is determined to me president donald trump and discuss complete denuclearization. president donald trump canceled
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the meeting but hinted yesterday that it could still happen. talks are continuing behind the scenes. >> we will be prepared and if the meeting takes place june 12 we will be ready, if it takes base -- place july 12, we will be ready. an american man held in an overseas prison for nearly 2 years is back home in the u.s. just hours ago, josh hold landed in washington, d.c. and was taken to the white house to me president donald trump. he spent nearly 2 years in a venezuelan president -- prison on weapons charges. they claimed he was working to undermine the president. the u.s. is the charges are false. >> i am so grateful for what you have done and for thinking about me and carrying about me. >> he had gone to venezuela in 2016 to marry a woman he met online. he was arrested one day after his wedding. a march drew hundreds of
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protesters. they gathered at the gardens in san francisco this afternoon at the so-called animal liberation march as part of a global effort to promote animal rights. they say they want to put an end to animal abuse and one of the recent victories was banning the sale of her in san francisco and berkeley. another goal is to ban the sale of meat entirely. >> what we see is a lot of lies from industry. it is telling us that there is a way to have humane meet and we want to challenge that because there is no humane way to kill anyone who doesn't want to die. >> it is part of a weeklong animal liberation conference that is taking place in berkeley. a community on alert after a mountain lion was spotted this week. the animal was reported in martinez near fountainhead court. flyers are up warning people to be careful. e toho es onsu monday. neighbors who have seen the video say the grainy footage
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shows what appeared to be a large adult mountain lion. explosive eruptions could trigger evacuations. >> as it threatens homes and consumes land. >> any time you can get out of the stress of traffic, you want to do that. a bart extension that is expected to ease traffic. tense moments at bottle ,ro a suspect behind bars. we will look ahead to memorial day and changes in the weather when we come back. in the face of senseless violence, we need hope.
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i'm jeff bleich. preventing violence has long been my cause. after columbine, i led president clinton's youth violence commission. i joined joe biden to reduce domestic violence, helping boys become men. i beat the nra in court, defending gun laws that save lives. today, a new generation is rising, and this is our moment. in the streets and in the capitol, i'll stand with them. jeff bleich. democrat for lieutenant governor.
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homes. or lava flow from hawaii's kilauea volcano is threatening more homes. he went door-to-door urging people to evacuate. right now, there are several active fissures on the island spewing red hot lava. iraq is covering more than 2000 acres of land since eruptions it -- began. it has sent an ash cloud 10 feet into the air. marines are standing by in case there is need for a mass evacuation. >> we have two crews operating on a 24 hour standby, capable of day and night operations. that -- the helicopters have accrued to be manned 24 seven. >> 80 structures have been swallowed up, 37 homes. new trains up and running
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to connect antioch with bart. devon feely says the opening of the service went forward. even as long planned maintenance happened on the same line. >> the new line extends the transit system 10 miles further into the east bay to antioch. >> people in the county have been waiting for an extension for a long time. there was so much excitement. >> reporter: unlike the rest of the trip, the new line runs on biodiesel, not electricity. it cost less than half of the $525 million project. >> any time you can get out of the stress of traffic, you want to do that. >> reporter: driving from san francisco they think the line will be a timesaver. >> normally when i want to travel to san francisco, i don't drive there so i would go to the concorde station and take it again. when i knew this was open, i decided to try this one out.
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>> reporter: there is a small hiccup with the grand opening, they are taken advantage of the holiday weekend to do some maintenance. they will have to hop off and onto a bus to get around the closure. >> we have told the region we would open in may 2018 for so long. it was important that we kept our word and if we delayed a week it would be in june and that would have been something that people would have said they can't keep the deadline. >> reporter: even with the scheduled maintenance it is helping drivers steer clear of traffic headaches. this holiday weekend. a waterside is back open after nearly a year. since a 10-year-old boy was thrown off. this is video of the accident that happened at the wave waterpark last summer. it looks terrible but he was not seriously injured. the slide that was shot down -- state investigators determined that waterflow caused the
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accident. so they worked with the manufacturer, whitewater west to resolve the problems. the slides height and weight requirements will remain the same. lots of people are trying it out and it is getting good reviews. >> i went down it and i felt safe. >> it felt awesome. i don't know why they are scared to do it but i love doing it. >> 55,000 people visited the park last year and city officials say they expect a similar turnout this year. a brief walk down this afternoon at the bottle rock festival, police tracked down and armed robbery suspect who entered the expo. they say the robbery happened earlier in another part of town, a second suspect escaped but the music festival is now safe. as for the performances, snoop dogg played a set along with the killers, he 40 and others. bruno mars will headline tomorrow. carnaval is here, a
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celebration of music, dance and food in the heart of the mission. thousands turned out for the festival ahead of tomorrow's parade. >> for me, this is once a year and it brings the community together. it is nice to be out here. >> the festival started back in 1978 and is now one of the largest multicultural celebrations on the west coast. if you can't make the parade, we are streaming it on our platforms. joe vazquez and christin ayers will be hosting the coverage and it starts at 10 am tomorrow morning. we have monday mornings forecast, memorial day looking warm. tomorrow is nice and we have had some great days lately but the sum -- son is coming up. temperatures warming up, readings will range from 60s at the ocean to 90 degrees inland. the heat is on as pressure increases, high-pressure giving the inferior elbow and as a result, things are looking good.
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golden gate bridge had an accident earlier tonight, shutdown the southbound lanes but everything is up and running. as we overlook the city, the numbers are mostly in the 50s. here's how it looks, high- pressure building in and temperatures will skyrocket into the 80s and 90s inland. by memorial day. futurecast shows there is a few low clouds that will be offshore but that is about it. later in the day things brighten up and we get more sunshine tomorrow. here is what we are expecting. patchy, low clouds forming, sunny and warm on sunday and it will warm into what would be the warmest day of the week with 90s inland. the forecast for tomorrow looks good, dry and warm with temperatures topping out in the low 80s and san francisco seven -- 67 degrees. plenty of sun and a great day
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to take in a game. first pitch, temperatures at 55 degrees. sfo will be windy, winds out of the west southwest at 20, high of 72 and new york has thunder bumpers and chicago has a we will -- heatwave. we have overnight lows in the mid 50s and the summit, some show -- 63 degrees and san francisco. we will hit 80 sunday, monday and tuesday in the latter half of the week will cool down and think god the warriors heated up tonight. here is vern. i a suitinam but does that change the way we do things? not one sport segment, we have two. and the warriors lapped in the face of them.
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nba playoffs up top. first time since 1979, both conference finals will have a game seven. warriors out west saw to that. here is game six for the rockets star guard chris paul sat out with a hamstring injury. final minute of the first quarter, james harden buried a long-range three, making eight the third.and golden state cut into the lead in the second. eric gordon made his first of four three-pointers scoring 16 1/2. they led by 10 at the break. they came out on fire in the third. steph curry hit a three, then his splash brother klay thompson got into the act knocking down one of his seven second half threes and gave golden state the lead. a minute later, he pulled up from deep and it was 82-74.
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they outscored the rockets 33- 16 in the third. early in the fourth, here is thompson from way down town. for the lead, at 12. playing 35 with 9-14 from beyond . here is curry, joe johnson on the move. scoring 29, warriors outscoring houston in the second half and won going away 115-86 forcing a game seven on monday in houston. >> first six minutes disappoint knew the fans were and we wanted tweo give them a good show. we didn't want to go out like that. the whole season was on the line. >> you have a sense of fear and you pick it up a little bit. >> i guarantee if we started out like we did tonight and they jump out to the lead it will to be -- it will be 10
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times harder. that is our challenge, to have the same mentality we've had for the last 36 minutes tonight and bring that from jump. >> we have to keep going for one more game. >> the thing you dream about as a kid, trying to go the semi finals. everyone will be ready, intense and crazy in houston and we look forward to it. >> we are looking forward to going down there, walking in and being who we are. can't wait till tuesday. >> monday. >> you said tuesday? >> you meant monday. please don't miss the game. [ laughter ] i got you, i will be on the plane. >> is that it? we have baseball to talk about and your bay area sports fans, everybody won. come on back and we will tell you about the g-man and the oakland a's.
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back with baseball business and the giants. is help on the way? madison bumgarner, remember he had a bad pinky? struck out eight and a rehab assignment in sacramento and
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just 3 2/3 innings. how about his teammates? brandon crawford, he does not want the month of may to end. two run shot to left, to tie the game with the cubbies at two. his sixth homer, two more hits for crawford, batting .446 this month. top of the fifth, tied up three. brandon belt -- excuse me. the go-ahead run. giants beat the cubs 5-4 to snub a three-game skid. over the coliseum, south -- those are some powerful teams. in the game against arizona, first pitch matt joyce hit it where the big boys do. first of three long balls for oakland. that was plenty of support for daniel mengden striking out five and a complete-game two hit shutout and they won final of 3- 0.
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you know how i was talking about everybody winning? cal baseball, stanford baseball also won. all over the bay area including right here at oracle. >> that is great, when you ask who won the day, across the board, everyone did. >> everybody, like picking your favorite kid. >> thanks so much, nice job we will be right back. i call it like i see it. the race for governor has turned into a scam. gavin newsom's trying to elect a republican who was endorsed by trump. and villaraigosa's being bankrolled by a handful of billionaires. it's everything that's wrong with politics. and none of it is helping struggling families. here's my pledge to you.
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does your bed do that? right now during our semi-annual sale save up to $700 on sleep number 360 smart beds. plus 36 month financing. ends memorial day.
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a new alligator exhibit just opened at "happy hollow park and zoo" in san jose. the gator -- named b you don't have to go to florida to see an alligator up close. >> a new exhibit opened up and the gator is named by you. here is the weird thing, she was swimming in the sacramento delta. not its native habitat. it was probably someone who left it as a pet realizing they get big. >> thanks for watching.
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marshall tuck will change that. in california, 3 million kids can't read at grade level. tuck turned around struggling schools, raising graduation rates over 60%. marshall tuck for state superintendent. marshall tuck.
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