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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11PM  CBS  May 30, 2018 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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life vest and pieces of a boat found on a bay area beach. tonight, the mystery deepens. next. . i'm dianne feinstein and i approve this message.
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i thought after sandy hook, where 20 six and seven year olds were slain, this would never happen again. it has happened more than 200 times in 5 years. dianne feinstein and a new generation are leading the fight to pass a new assault weapons ban. say no to the nra and yes to common-sense gun laws. california values senator dianne feinstein missing dementia patient is discovered... in a bay area hospital stairwell. the question tonight: ho the body of this missing dementia patient is discovered in a bay area hospital stairwell. question tonight, how did she end up there? good evening. let's get to joe vasquez live
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at sf general tonight. joe? >> reporter: family members said they didn't want to talk about it, but they're in deep shock and grief after finding out their loved one who was missing from the hospital ground was found in a stairwell. ruby lee anderson, her family members had reported her missing last week. according to a flyer, the family reported she was suffering from dementia and went missing from sf general mental health. she was found in the stairwell of the building. hospital spokesperson says mrs. anderson was not a patient at zuckerberg hospital, but there are other clinics here on the campus that are not directly run by stuck better hospital -- zuckerberg hospital. she can elaborate on when clinic she went missing from. it's unclear how she got in the
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power plant, which is to be a secure building. >> we're very concerned this happened. we don't know how this woman gained access to the area where she was found, and we are looking into that. very concerned that happened. >> reporter: back in 2013, a patient named lynn spalding went missing at the main hospital. her body was found about two weeks later. the family sued and won a settlement. it has since updated the security protocols. a sheriff's spokesperson said deputies patrol the outside of the power plant, but do not go inside. ruby lee anderson's daughter plans to talk to reporters when the time is right, but a family member said they are in deep shock and grief right now. it was a member of the engineering staff that found mrs. anderson's body in the stairwell in the building behind me in the power plant. a building that does not house patients. reporting live, joe vasquez, kpix5. power outages in the bay
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area. san francisco's glenn park neighborhood, a witness said he heard an explosion outside. here's paul saying the strong winds caused the problems. >> we heard from wind from sun up and down. and continues. these are the peak gusts, mount diablo, 57 miles an hour. this is some pretty windy stuff. oakland and sfo excess of 40 miles an hour, fairfield, 38 miles an hour, concorde 36, and san jose, 25. even though the wind is relaxing this evening, it's still pretty strong. cinerea money, 20, oakland, 26, fairfield, 22, it brought in some chilly air. coming up, we will talk about when the wind relaxes and how long the latest round of cool weather will last. that's coming up. strong winds also fueling a series of brush fires. they broke out this afternoon near byron highway close to
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mountain house in eastern contra costa county. betty yu shows us what firefighters are up against tonight. >> reporter: cal fire says the wind is the biggest hazard tonight. the fires are about 35% contained right now. firefighters will be spending the night battling flames and hot spots in byron. chopper 5 shows quick smoke billowing into the air. at least 500 acres have burned along the alameda contra costa county line. cal fire says winds in the area were estimated at 50 miles an hour this afternoon, and tonight. at least 6 separate brush fires broke out in an hour after the first reports came in around 1:00 p.m. the fires may have merged into one, near mountain house road and grant road. from the air, we saw at least two structures destroyed. >> this says as a good reminder for people that fire season is here. and it's time too clear brush
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to make sure if a fire occurs, your home has a chance to survive. >> reporter: at last check, winds calmed down a bit to 40 miles per hour. betty yu, kpix5. coast guard crews searching for a possible ship wreck tonight after finding some debris floating off the coast of pacifica. they scoured miles of shower line. crews found what appears to be pieces a wooden boat in the sand with the words rio and barka. coast guard hopes that someone might know whose boat this is. chopper 5 was overhead this evening as a coast guard member propelled down when he spotted a life jacket. no one has been reported hiking
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and no reports of overdue vessels or accidents. a pipe bomb explosion under investigation tonight, and danville police want to hear from a witness about what happened. the bomb went on sunday on dab low road. two cars had minor damage from the blast. police believe this man saw what happened, and may have information that can help crack the case. he's between 5:10, and 6 feet towel -- 5'10", and 6 feet tall. they believe he's driving the white sedan in the surveillance photo. it's possibly a jaguar. if you have any information that can help, call the danville police. police are on the hunt for a robbery suspect in danville. police say the vehicle particular met a -- victim met a man in a safe way parliament. he was trying to by an apple
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watch, instead, the thief stole a wallet. the vehicle had lyft ride hairing sticker in the -- sharing stickers in the window. nine san francisco police officers caught sending racist text messages may lose their job. in 2015, the police chief recommended termination, but since the feds first discovered the texts back in 2012, superior court judge ruled too late. the police department let the statute of limitations expire. today, a state appeals court overturned that decision. in a statement from the city attorney "this ruling up holds police department's ability to coordinate with federal investigators to expose dirty cops and protect the public." the officers have been on paid leave for almost three years. fire victims who lost their homes in san jose say they're being victimized all over again.
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this time, by their landlord. fire breck out decrease breck -- breck out last month. >> reporter: a curtain is all that separates christine's family from the stranger she says she's forced to share this two bedroom, one bath apartment with. >> we put this up just to have some privacy into mostly -- >> reporter: mostly from the floor. in total, about a dozen people live in this unit, including her kids. she and several tenants say this was the landlord's solution after a fire gutted their building. but that was in april. >> now we're going on 40 plus days. >> reporter: omar and the other 120 tenants are demanding more from the property owner. holding a protest last week asking for answers about when they can move into new units.
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all while they claim apartment workers continue showing interested renters empty apartments. >> we've been patient, and people have been enduring really, really bad conditions. >> reporter: the tenants claim although this city sign allows them in the unions, the property owners -- units, the property owners blocked them off. >> we walked out with almost nothing. >> reporter: they say some were finally shown units they could rent after the protests. the building didn't have a working elevator. her father-in-law is in a wheelchair. even though the belongings were not destroyed in the fire, they feel like they have lost everything. >> we want our homes again, want our lives again. >> not knowing what's going to happen for the future. >> reporter: according to the mercury news, fire inspectors flagged a broken fire alarm in the building, but never followed up to see it was working. today, a woman in the leasing office said the office was closed and refused to answer
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any questions. in san jose, kpix5. turns out before the florida school shooting, the killer detailed his deadly intentions. tonight, the newly released cell phone videos. plus, the white house press secretary starts to choke up after a question from this bay area boy. and hundreds of priceless wedding photos lost and found in the bay area. tonight, the mission to return them to their rightful owners. the children of california. tony is a leader , slips through the cracks. sure california's schools are the best in the country. every child in california has a fair shot. i'm tony thurmond, and i'll lead california's fight against donald trump and betsy devos's anti-education agenda. please vote for tony thurmond for state superintendent.
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it happened last week on west calaveras boulevard. police say the victim was stocking merchandise when he was attacked. police identified the suspect as no police say the victim was stocking merchandise when he was attacked. they found the man in his
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parked car in san jose. he was taken into custody for attempted murder. so far, no word of a possible motive. now to the newly released cell phone videos in the florida school massacre. before the suspect allegedly went on his deadly rampage, he boasted about his plans to take an uber and be the next school shooter. the videos are disturbing. >> i'm going to be the next school shooter of 2018, my goal is at least 20 people with an ar 15. >> reporter: prosecutors say this is nikolas cruz on february 11, three days before he burst into marjory stoneman douglas and took aim at students, teachers and staff. the video was released and shows cruz planning his actions one of the videos is from february 8. >> i'm going to take uber in the afternoon before 2:40, from there, go into the school
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campus, walk up the stairs, load my bags and get my ar. >> reporter: the videos are stunning for how cold and disaffected he is. he discussed violence without emotion, and feels empowered by an assault rifle. >> i hate everyone and everything. with the power of my ar, you will know who i am. i've had enough of being told what to do and when to do it. i had enough of being, telling me i'm an idiot and. on the video, he talks big of committing a mass killing, and somehow reveling in it. >> location is stone douglas in parkland florida. it's going to be a big event. and when you see me next,
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you'll all know who i am. >> chilling to watch. now cruz confessed to killing 17 people, prosecutors plan to seek the death penalty. tonight, north korean official is in new york getting ready for more talks tomorrow with mike pompeo. he is known as kim jong un's right-hand man. he's the highest ranking north korean official to visit the u.s. in 18 years they are trying to nail down the details of president trump's upcoming nuclear summit with kim jong un. president trump cancel the summit last week, but both side appear to be moving ahead with the june 12 meeting in singapore. an american delegation is already there working out logistics. young student from marin county is getting national attention. the 13-year-old aspiring journalist posed a tough question on gun control that
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made the white house press secretary choke up. >> there is nothing that can be more terrifying for a kid to go to school and not feel safe, so i'm sorry you feel that way. >> reporter: it's a side of sarah sanders we're not used to seeing. the topic is family enough, school shootings, and what the white house is doing about them. but today, the question came from a 13-year-old student journalist. his question appears to have taken sanders by surprise. >> we recently had a lock down drill. one that affects our mental health is that we could be shot at school. can you tell me what the administration has done, and will do to pre-vent the senseless tragedies? >> this administration takes it seriously, and the school safety commission that the president convened is meeting this week again, an official meeting, to discuss the best ways forward and how we can do
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everything single thing within our power to protect kids and our schools. >> reporter: he was on the white house on behalf of time magazine for kids. we did talk with his grandfather, and parent who knew him who didn't want to go on camera, and they say he's precocious child who is always asking questions, and today, it looks like he asked the right one. southwest flight forced to major an emergency landing because a passenger was allegedly spoking -- smoking in the lavatory, reports of smoke forced it to make an u-turn over king city. it landed in san jose about 4:30. chopper 5 over the aircraft. 32 passengers were rebooked on to other flights. southwest said, the flight landed without incident where it was met by local law enforcement and the customer in
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question was turned over to local authorities. flight attendant is praised for her work on the ground. she found a flash drive full the wedding photos outside of a bart station. thanks to the power of social media, betty yu shows us she also found the couple. >> reporter: she is wedding photos of diane and roberto were store on a flash drive, which held the only electronic memories of their special day. they sent it with his parents to show his grandfather who is sick in mexico. he couldn't make the big day about a year and a half ago, but before they got on the plane, his parents dropped the flash drive in the street. >> i was on my way home taking the bart system, and found the flash drive in the street. >> reporter: this flight attendant picked up the drive outside oakland enter knacks.
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>> i would -- international. >> i wanted to get it back. i work as a photograph as well. >> i started to hear my phone going crazy. >> reporter: they had no idea the flash drive had gone missing. edward parents are still in mexico. >> not that many people that take their time. >> reporter: she plans to send the drive to the couple who live in woodland. >> you can't put a price on memories like those, so i wanted to make sure the couple got the images back. >> see, there are nice people. and you hear so much about the not nice people. there are so many nice people. nice we could highlight one. temperatures in the 50s outside, but that's not the real story. the story has been the wind all day, all evening, it will still be breezy tomorrow, just not as
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windy. low 50s currently, san francisco 52, that's where you stay for the next several hours. oakland land, 53, what are the wind doing now? sfo, 33 miles an hour sustained. san josedown to 6 miles per hour. still windy in cinerea money, windy in san -- san ramone, and windy in san jose. why did this happen? yesterday was about 95 with no wind inland. we have a low pressure area approaching, it's approaching rapidly and strong. the stronger it is, the stronger the pressure difference is between it and the closest area of high pressure. it's west wind, chilly. it will still be breezy tomorrow. tomorrow, the change will be cloud cover. cloudy tomorrow morning, keep the clouds until about mid- afternoon tomorrow, so today was sunny, windy and chilly. tomorrow, breezy, still chilly, but know throwing in some clouds. because late in the evening,
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the clouds are gone, they do not return on friday, so just as quickly as the on show flow rushed in, it will exit on friday, and building in will be a ridge of high pressure limiting the ocean influence. temperatures warming up as we head toward the weekend. this is a two-day chilly snap. more cloud tonight, even some drizzle at the coast, breezy, but not as windy. well below average tomorrow, concord 67, san jose67, still breezy in campbell, and loss altos, pacifica -- antioch, hitting 70. dublin, san ramone, 65, pleasant hills 68. mill valley 62. a chilly, brisk 59 in san francisco. 69 in sonoma, just 68 in lake worth. extended forecast, thankfully, mercifully, we will warm back up on friday.
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saturday, first weekend of june, it will feel like. 60 howling today. branches down, and light debris in most neighborhoods. this is not that common for this time of year. >> strange weather we've had lately! >> like the whole year. >> hot, cold, within dishes and hot -- windy, and hot again. why kim kardashian met with president trump in the oval office. and here are tonight's guests on the late show on stephen colbert. in the face of senseless violence, we need hope. i'm jeff bleich. preventing violence has long been my cause. after columbine, i led president clinton's youth violence commission. i joined joe biden to reduce domestic violence, helping boys become men.
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i beat the nra in court, defending gun laws that save lives. today, a new generation is rising, and this is our moment. in the streets and in the capitol, i'll stand with them. jeff bleich. democrat for lieutenant governor. to california schoolsd, need big change. marshall tuck is the only candidate for state superintendent who's done it before. less bureaucracy, more classroom funding. marshall tuck for state superintendent. marshall tuck.
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between president trump.. and kim kardashian. topic of discussion? prison reform. the reality star arrvied at the white house this afternoon. kardashian says she's advocating for a pardon on behalf of a great- grandmother.. who is serving a life sentence without parole for a non-violent drug offense. the president tweeted this photo with kardashian in the oval office. saying the meeting.. went great. { toss to sports t} { toss to sports tease} it's al president tweeted this photo with kardashian saying the
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meeting went great. >> there you go. >> i bet she's court side tomorrow for game one of the nba finals. >> showtime, and that's the place to be. court side live, it's about the finals right now. and can the golden knight make it two in a row? and warriors and cavs tip off tomorrow, but not at full strength. news and react, next. reaction, next. when the worst oil spill hit san francisco,
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first responders went to work. and mayor gavin newsom, he went to hawaii. man: newsome left the day after the spill for a four-day vacation in hawaii. the same gavin who said his job as lieutenant governor was so dull, he only showed up for work at the state capitol one day a week, tops. gavin's not gonna work as governor.
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warriors not being at full strength.. andre iguodala will not play tomorrow night...he will miss his fifth stra ury.. iguodala is warriors are a 12 point favors over the cavaliers, andre andre will miss the game. kevin love remains in e coussion protocol, and is still questionable for game one. steve kerr spoke about guarding lebron without igdowla tonight. >> if we have lots of buys who can take on that -- guys who can take on that job, it's a group effort regarding lebron,
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sean, kd, you know, they'll see time on him. >> the giants trying to salvage a win in colorado, but on a 1-2 pitch, he grilled one. 11th home run, holland had zero strikeouts, but the giants claw back. tied at 4 in the 5th, i'm not sure how longoria hit that pitch. the giants lead, longoria is in with the triple. san francisco wins 7-4 at least they finish the road trip with a win. 2-6 on the road trip. so-called -- layer up only thin colder were the bats. -- thing colder were the bats. 6 no hit innings. that's cj crone capping off the rays scoring with a double into -- a's scoring with a double.
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in just of just 6705 fans. wow. stanley cup finals, second period, tied at 1. it's ovechkin finding the back of the net. caps win 3-2. the series is tied at one game a piece, and heading to washington for game 3. that series has the makings of a 7 game series. warriors -- maybe not so much. but imagine if something happened -- and cleveland pulls it off. be there tomorrow night.
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boasting. overselling his achievements. making false claims. as lieutenant governor, he skipped many of his duties, saying the job was "so dull," he only shows up to work at the state capitol "like one day a week, tops." the same gavin who, as mayor, "split town" during a massive oil spill and "jetted hawaii." gavin's... not gonna work... as governor.
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good night. game one of the nba finals is the late show is coming up. captioning sponsored by cbs >> president trump tapped former u.n. ambassador john bolton to become his third national security advisor. bolton is known for advocating hard-line positions on iran and north korea. s appointment is raising concern about an increased possibility of military conflict in different globacrises. >> mom! mom! >> hey, hey, what is it? what's going on, hun? >> i'm scared. >> did you have a bad dream? >> no, mom. are you scared of the monster under the bed? >> no! it's the new national security advisor, john bolton. he's a war monger who's called for preemptive strikes on north korea and iran!


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