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tv   CBS Evening News with Jeff Glor  CBS  May 31, 2018 5:30pm-6:00pm PDT

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for universal healthcare. and stand up to donald trump. as governor, you can trust me to do what's right- because i always have. captioning sponsored by cbs >> glor: the word goes out to get out. more evacuations ordered on hawaii's big island as the lava flows and tempers explode. ( gunshot ) >> i live here! ( bleep ) >> glor: also tonight, we're tracking the threat of dangerous weather across the nation from floods to tornadoes. will there be a trump-kim summit next month? >> i'm confident we're moving in the right direction. >> glor: the answer may be in a letter kim is sending to the white house tomorrow. he fired him on "celebrity apprentice." now the president is considering commuting the corruption sentence of rod blagojevich, and pardoning another "apprentice" alum, martha stewart. tbs is not firing samantha bee. she apologized for a crude remark about the president's daughter.
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youth football players team up to save lives. and a bittersweet moment as brothers of a fallen hero celebrate the birth of the daughter he never saw. this is the "cbs evening news" with jeff glor. >> glor: this is our western edition. good evening, we're going to begin tonight in hawaii with new evacuation orders in what appears to be the most urgent situation since the volcano emergency began four weeks ago. the images tonight are breathtaking, the danger explosive. 1600-degree lava is blasting more than 25 stories high, flowing rapidly downhill, cutting off escape routes, potentially leaving hundreds with no way out. carter evans is there. >> reporter: jeff, just look at this. this is the most active eruption behind me right now. we've been watching it go like this for days. at times it was blasting lava up to 250 feet into the air. and today, authorities are
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issuing a new evacuation warning for this area, telling people to get out now. the massive amount of lava in leilani estates is spreading fast, in some places the length of a football field every ten minutes, and at temperatures of 2,000 degrees, geologists say that's as hot as it gets. >> the scientific aspect of this is fascinating, but it's tempered hugely by the fact that this is a neighborhood and people have lost homes. >> reporter: 75 have been destroyed so far. take a look at the orange glow on that house. this is leilani estates at night, and i'll show you the source of all of that light. it's that 200-foot fountain of lava behind me. inside the evacuation zone-- ( gunshot ) tensions are high. >> i live here! i live here ( bleep )! >> reporter: 61-year-old john hubbard is accused of opening fire and assaulting a neighbor who came back to check on his property. (bleep) >> stress is high, anxiety is high. strange people in their
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subdivisions trying to protect stuff. it's a hard time for those folks that are still in there. >> reporter: meanwhile, workers are digging a new evacuation route. lava has already over-run the main road, highway 132, leaving people in about 500 homes and vacation rentals with just one escape route left. if the flows cross highway 137 there, would be no way out. the national guard has helicopters on standby just in case. >> we want those people to leave. we don't want to have first responders and national guardsmen or marines in helicopters putting their lives at risk to rescue them. >> reporter: this is the eruption that forced 2,000 people from their homes. about 400 of those are still in emergency shelters. it's not clear how many people remain inside the evacuation area, but authorities want to make it clear, if they need help, they may not be able to respond. jeff. >> glor: carter evans on the big island tonight. carter, thank you. at least three people are dead as the remnants of alberto, the first named storm of the year,
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hit the mid-atlantic. more flash floods are threatening the region tonight. two people were killed yesterday by a mudslide in north carolina, and another was lost in a flood in central virginia. kris van cleave is there tonight. >> reporter: search-and-rescue teams from across virginia spent the day combing an area outside of charlottesville looking for a couple who were swept away during last night's violent storm. one was found dead. the other is still missing. captain allen carwhile from the lynchburg, virginia, fire department. >> water moving at that speed, there's still a vehicle that's unaccounted for, and they haven't found it down the creek anywhere yet. >> reporter: search-and-rescue teams think the car that's missing would have been swept off of this road into ivy creek here. that's why the search-and-rescue team are going step by step with those sticks checking in the pile of debris. they're looking for any signs of the two people believed to be inside of the missing car. now, we hear it was 6-10 inches of rain that came down very fast.
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that created a flash flood and a whole lot of water-- it went up over the road. you can see the debris is waist high here and we are well above the creek-bed. you're talking about a torrent of water that would have come on in a flash and washed that car away. authorities here declared a local emergency. the powerful floodwaters washed loodwarge portions of county roads. >> don't drive through standing water. you know "turn around, don't drown." that's the message here. >> reporter: in boon, north carolina, police say heavy rains caused a hillside to give way, causing a massive mudslide, which led to a gas explosion destroying this house and killing two people. this neighborhood is virtually cut off from the rest of the charlottesville area because the road in and out is gone. neighbors tell me this creek here normally is just a trickle, but last night it came up and tore through here doing all of this. we hear now that banks as high as 12 feet tall are still unstable, and, jeff, more rain is on its way. >> glor: that road washed out there. wow, amazing picture.
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kris, thank you very much. secretary of state mike pompeo told reporters in new york today real progress has been made in talks to revive the nuclear summit with north korea. tomorrow, the focus shifts to washington and a personal letter from kim jong-un to president trump. margaret brennan covered the talks today. >> it could be nothing short of tragic to let this opportunity go to waste. >> reporter: after four hours of meetings and a steak dinner with the top aide to kim jong-un, secretary of state mike pompeo said he was still not sure if the june presidential summit would happen. >> don't know. don't know the answer to that. we've made real progress in the last 72 hours. last 72 hours. >> reporter: tomorrow kim yong- chol, north korea's 72-year-old former spy chief, will hand deliver a letter from the north korean dictator to president trump, a reciprocal message to the one pompeo brought to pyongyang earlier this month. >> so, i look forward to seeing what's in the letter. but it's very important to them. so, they'll be probably coming down to washington, d.c., on friday.
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>> reporter: a white house visit will be a propaganda win for north korea. the last such meeting was in 2000, during the clinton presidency. >> hopefully, we'll have a meeting on the 12th. >> reporter: today, president trump lowered expectations for the proposed summit. >> it doesn't mean it gets all done at one meeting. maybe you have to have a second or a third, and maybe we'll have none. but it's in good hands. that i can tell you. >> reporter: diplomats gathered at the d.m.z. say progress is slow moving as they try to hammer out what north korea is willing to give up in exchange for sanctions relief and security guarantees. president trump has personally promised not to carry out regime change. >> the real threat to their security is the continued holding on to of that nuclear weapons program and not the converse. >> reporter: today, kim jong-un said he was committed to denuclearizing but he thumbed his nose at the u.s. by offering to boost cooperation russia, which has offered to lift international sanctions before north korea fully dismantles its
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program, which is the exact opposite, jeff, of the trump administration's position. >> glor: interesting note. also today, margaret, another big story you'll following. starting at midnight the u.s. plans to impose tariffs on some of america's closest allies, 25% on steel, 10% on aluminum. this involves the e.u., canada and mexico. there's been a big reaction today. >> reporter: yes, the administration says this is to level the playing field for american workers because they weren't able to negotiate new trade deals, but this action triggered those very same countries to put tariffs on american-made goods which could hurt their sales abroad. so, canada's prime minister said he's willing to go, as of july 1, dollar for dollar with president trump on this. and that could risk a trade-war. that means, it puts pressure on prices to go up for consumers, the market to go down as a reaction, and it could hurt corporate profits as well. >> glor: and the question becomes whether this just escalates further at this point. margaret brennan, good to you have here in new york. thank you. president trump today is
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considering granting clemency to a couple of celebrities with "apprentice" connections and he is giving clemency to a conservative commentator. paula reid has more on this. >> reporter: president trump granted his fifth pardon this morning, tweeting, "we will be giving a full pardon to dinesh d'souza today. he was treated very unfairly by our government." the high-profile conservative film maker and author pleaded guilty in 2014 to arranging illegal campaign contributions. d'souza has said his prosecution was politically motivated. >> i've gone through going to jail. >> reporter: mr. trump also said he is thinking about pardoning martha stewart, who was convicted of lying to investigators about a stock trade, and commuting former illinois governor rod blagojevich's 14-year sentence for attempting to sell an appointment to the senate seat vacated by president obama. >> you're fired. >> reporter: both stewart and blagojevich have connections to mr. trump's "apprentice" television franchise. at the same point in his presidency mr. obama had not
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pardoned anyone, but eventually issued 212 pardons and 1,715 commutations, most for low-level drug offenders. president trump issued his first pardon last summer to controversial arizona sheriff joe arpaio. he was charged for ignoring a court order to stop profiling latinos. >> do the people in this room like sheriff joe? ( cheers ) >> reporter: historically, the justice department has reviewed pardon petitions and made recommendations to the white house, but president trump has short circuited that process, even fielding recommendations from celebrities. >> we righted a wrong. >> reporter: last week, he issued a posthumous pardon of boxing legend jack johnson at the behest of sylvester stallone. >> jack johnson was not treated fairly. >> reporter: and yesterday, he met with kim kardashian west, who's advocating for a pardon of a low-level drug offender. >> glor: paula, you've also been
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reporting on the russia investigation as it may relate to presidential pardons here. what is the latest on that? >> reporter: well, the president's former campaign chairman, paul manafort, could face over 15 years in prison, but i'm told that he is not cooperating because he is banking on a presidential pardon to help spare him any jail time. also, the president's personal attorney, could likely face charges in new york on a separate case, but is also expected not to flip on the president. so he, too, could be rewarded with a presidential pardon. but, jeff, presidential pardons only spare you federal jail time and don't protect you from anything filed by the states. >> glor: all right, paula reid, as the rains continue to roll in, in d.c., paula, thanks. in tennessee the hunt for the accused killer of a sheriff's deputy intensified today west of nashville. the reward money now totals $35,000. the body of sergeant daniel baker was driven to a funeral home with a police escort. officers and civilians paid
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their respects as that motorcade passed by today. mark strassmann is following the search for the suspect. >> reporter: in the search for a cop killer, investigators say their focus is 31-year-old steven wiggins, and add that he's real trouble with a decade of violent crime behind him. dickson county sheriff daniel baker was gunned down responding to a call about a suspicious car. police identified wiggins as the gunman from the sergeant's body camera. >> anyone who might see this individual, call 911. do not try to approach him. he is armed and dangerous. >> reporter: when baker's police radio went silent, deputies were worried. s. to track down to track down his cruiser. his cruiser and found his body inside it two miles from the original traffic stop. detectives say 38-year-old erika castro-miles was in the suspicious car with wiggins, and she saw him shoot and kill she baker. they also say castro-miles told them wiggins had been smoking meth all night after beating her up and stealing her car.
5:43 pm
she was found hiding under a house and charged with first- degree murder. >> this hits a little closer to home. it's a little bit more personal. >> reporter: we caught up with captain mark elwood, helping direct the aerial search for wiggins. >> terrain is very rough out there, a lot of creeks, a lot of hills, it's heavily treed, a lot of underbrush, so the guys on the ground are having a tough time walking and moving through the area out there. >> reporter: he could be anywhere. >> he could be anywhere. >> reporter: sheriff jeff bledsoe told me he knows sergeant baker's cruiser was moved two miles but he's not ready to talk about it. jeff, he's also seen the sergeant's body camera video and he says it's disturbing. >> glor: mark strassman in tennessee as the search continues tonight. mark, thanks. coming up next on the cbs evening news, a tv comic unleashes a crude attack on the president's daughter but is not fired. sk, "is there a doubledouble standard?" standard?" and later, football players team y rescue.highway rescue.
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apologized today for c apologized today for calling ivanka trump a four-letter word, acknowledging she had crossed a line. there were some calls for t.b.s. to do what abc did to roseanne barr. tonight some sponsors are pulling their ads from bee's show, "full frontal." more now from vladimir duthiers. >> welcome to "full frontal." i am samantha bee. >> reporter: the comment came during samantha bee's monologue about the trump administration separating immigrant children and their parents at the border. >> ivanka trump, who works at the white house, chose to post the second most oblivious tweet we've seen this week. >> reporter: bee was referring to a tweet the president's daughter posted about her son, just as the parent-child issue was gaining traction. >> you know, ivanka, that's a beautiful photo of and you your child, but let me just say, one mother to another, do something about your dad's immigration practices you feckless (bleep). ( audience reacts ) he listens to you! >> reporter: the "c" word was censored on the air, but not online. bee's remarks immediately drew
5:47 pm
references to a recent tweet from actress roseanne barr, comparing former obama administration official valerie jarrett to an ape, which resulted in the swift cancellation of barr's top-rated sitcom. in a statement, white house press secretary sarah sanders called bee's language "vile and vicious." adding, "her disgusting comments and show are not fit for broadcast." >> welcome back to the show. >> reporter: two sponsors today dropped their ads from the show. >> it is the worst word you can call a woman. >> reporter: while some conservatives questioned whether there was a double standard. >> there has to be a policy here that it's not like, where one person says something heinous and disgusting and they lose their job, and another person at another network says something heinous and disgusting and they somehow keep their job or potentially even get promoted. that doesn't make sense. >> reporter: ari fleischer, former white house press tweeted:y under george w. bush tweeted:
5:48 pm
>> reporter: we should note that samantha bee's show airs on tbs, and is recorded at a cbs studio in new york. in a statement today, bee apologized to ivanka trump and her viewers saying what she did was "inappropriate and inexcusable. i crossed the line and i deeply regret it." >> glor: what about tbs in all of this? >> reporter: there are some that are calling on the company to cancel her show, just as abc pulled roseanne barr's show, we all remember that. but bee says she apologized. tbs says she was right to apologize and there is no further action taken at this time, jeff. >> glor: okay, vlad, thank you. tomy of a murdertomy of a murder th that wasn't. the journalist who faked his the journalist who faked his death tells all. supposed to be quitting. i should try nicorette. anytime. anywhere. nicorette mini. you know why. we know how. nicorette mini. if you have moderate to severe plaque psoriasis,
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new details of the faked murder of a russian journalist. arkady babchenko says ukrainian authorities used makeup and pig's blood. they also shot holes in one of his sweatshirts and drove him to the morgue. it was all a ruse to break up a contract hit allegedly arranged by russia. some critics say the hoax rnalists's journalists' credibility. babchenko replied, asking, "what would you do in my place?" for a youth football squad, teamwork off the field made all the difference. look at that, the boise, idaho, black knights were traveling through oregon when they saw a jeep flip over. players 14 and under and their coaches then jumped into action rescuing a man. but a woman remained trapped. one player cut her seat belt, and they all pushed and pushed, raising that jeep just enough so the woman could be pulled to safety. amazing. at the ballpark in detroit last night, a fan caught a "foul" that dropped into the stands. it all began when a canadian goose landed on the field leading to a classic wild goose
5:53 pm
chase. that was followed by a fly, high and deep. and look out, the goose forgot to duck. it went down. the fan turned out to be a veterinarian. she gets an assist, if you're scoring. the crowd got the good news eventually that the goose was okay, and they were happy. up next, another good story. celebrating the birth of a soldier's baby one pill. more power.
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>> glor: we end tonight with a reminder of the sacrifices military families make. it is the story of daddy's little girl. while stationed overseas, u.s. army specialist chris harris received the best news from his wife, britt, a special handmade onesie that said, "chris, you're going to be a dad." one week later, the father-to-be was killed when a suicide bomber attacked his convoy. since he wouldn't be with his daughter in person for the many milestones in her life, chris' wife turned to what her late husband considered his extended family, his army brothers. >> my boy harris, we're going to do it for him. we're going to see what kind of baby he's going to have. >> glor: she sent to afghanistan confetti for the family to take part in the gender reveal. >> three, two, one!
5:58 pm
( cheers ) >> glor: it was a girl. chris harris' family seems as excited as any parent would be. named after her dad, christian michelle harris, was born in march, the same day chris' brothers returned from their tour of duty. >> chris, we got your baby girl! >> glor: and the brothers saw for themselves when they were included in a photo-shoot with were inc the baby. in one stunning image, they form a circle with their palms in the center, christian looking up. they cradle her, just as their brother would. in this picture, christian wears another onesie-- "my daddy, my another onesie hero." just about the best onesie ever. that is the cbs evening news tonight. i'm jeff glor. i'll see you tomorrow. have a good night. captioning sponsored by cbs captioned by media access group at wgbh
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tens of thousands of colorful *illegal poppies.. hiding in plain sight. we begin with the largest opium bust, poppies hiding in plain sight. good evening. i'm juliette goodrich. >> and i'm allen martin. two weeks ago, 25,000 poppy plants were pulled from this field in moss landing. a huge bust, but only the beginning. it led to the discovery of seven more fields in monterey county. all combined, enough to cover more than five acres. kpix 5 reporter len ramirez. this could be the biggest opium bust of its kind ever. >> that's right, this open field here behind me is one of the fields where these illegal opium poppies were found to be growing. it's not the kind


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