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tv   CBS Evening News with Jeff Glor  CBS  June 1, 2018 5:30pm-6:00pm PDT

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you can trust me to do what's right- because i always have. ♪ ♪ captioning sponsored by cbs >> glor: the summit is back. >> the big deal will be on june 12. >> glor: an oval office delivery sets up an historic meeting between president trump and north korea's kim jong-un. >> we will see what we will see. >> glor: also tonight, wildfires in new mexico threaten more than 100 homes, forcing evacuations. massachusetts police find three bodies buried at the home of a kidnapping suspect. >> reporter: do you think you have a serial killer on your hands? >> glor: former cheerleaders sue the n.f.l. >> we were harassed, we were bullied, and we were body shamed for $7.25 an hour. >> glor: an uber driver is arrested after the fatal shooting of a passenger. and steve hartman with a man who went shopping and got something that wasn't on his list. it was the one thing he needed most.
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>> this is the first time for quite a while i have been this happy. this is the "cbs evening news" with jeff glor. >> glor: and this is our western edition. good evening. we're going to begin tonight with a summit declared dead eight days ago, now officially brought back to life. the president announced this afternoon he will be in singapore on june 12 for an historic meeting with north korea's kim jong-un. the president called it a "getting to know you meeting plus." the "plus" is what the world is waiting on, 11 days from now. the announcement came after the president met with a north korean envoy from pyongyang today. paula reid is at the white house tonight. >> we'll be meeting on june 12 in singapore. >> reporter: president trump emerged from the oval office after meeting for more than an hour with north korean leader
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kim jong-un's top lieutenant. >> and i told him today, "take your time. we can go fast, we can go slowly." >> reporter: just last week, mr. trump had canceled the summit after a north korean official mocked vice president pence and threatened nuclear war. >> if and when kim jong-un chooses to engage in constructive dialogue and r:tions, i am waiting. >> reporter: but today, kim clng-chol, a former spy and now nerth korea's top nuclear negotiator, became the first north korean official to visit the white house in nearly 20 years. after this meeting, president trump said he believes north korea is committed to denuclearization and even toggested the summit could bring an official end to the korean war. >> can you believe that we're halking about the ending of the korean war? you're talking about 70 years. >> reporter: and he said he won't impose any additional sanctions on north korea for >>w. >> we have very significant sanctions on them, but we had hundreds... we have hundreds that are ready to go. but i said i'm not going... why would i do that when we're talking so nicely? >> reporter: kim delivered a
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dersonal letter from kim jong-un to president trump, who teased reporters about its contents. >> and that letter was a very nice letter. oh, would you like to see what was in that letter? would you like to? how much, how much? how much? >> reporter: but the president subsequently revealed he hadn't opened it. >> no, i didn't. i have haven't seen the letter pet. i purposely didn't open the letter. a haven't opened it. i may be in for a big surprise, folks. ( laughter ) >> reporter: an aide confirmed the president did read the letter after he spoke with reporters, then left almost immediately for camp david, where he will spend the weekend working on a range of issues, including preparing for the summit. jeff. >> glor: paula reid, thanks very much. margaret brennan joins us now. margaret, it has been a long and fascinating road up until this point. what are you watching out for now that the summit is back on? >> reporter: well, it was interesting today to hear the y esident try to set expectations lower by calling this a "process." he's saying it's going to take tre than one meeting to actually get to an agreement. he bought himself some
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juplomatic wiggle room there to justify what he said he was going to do, which is hold off on new sanctions. the type of significant gestures that would keep this process going would be getting north korea to do something irreversible, like ship out or destroy some of its missiles and ultimately agree to let in weapons inspectors to verify just how extensive kim jong-un's arsenal actually is. the president also said today, you know, it might be possible an end the state of war on the korean peninsula. to north korea, that sounds a lot like a concession or a hint that he might be considering drawing down u.s. troops there. ys that not on the table at this point. jeff. li glor: that certainly sounded like an enormous statement when it happened. talking logistics here inside that room, who-- who is going to be there in singapore? >> reporter: you've got an entire white house team negotiating this right now. and right-- right now, the person with the most experience negotiating with north korea is the secretary of state.
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he's the one with the relationship, mike pompeo. but he says he does not yet know if he's going to be in the room and for how long with kim jong- un. so, they've got to come up with a game plan quickly out at camp david this weekend. >> glor: and, of course, the translator, as well. all right, margaret brennan, thanks very much. gi will be broadcasting from singapore beginning sunday, june gi, and the "cbs evening news" 11ll originate from there monday and tuesday, june 11 and june 12. now, an already troubling mystery in new england took a dark turn today. police in springfield, massachusetts first arrested a man for kidnapping. now, they say that three bodies have been found inside the house where the man had been living. ndnight, it is a major crime scene, and anna werner is there. >> reporter: investigators found the three bodies in and around tois small bungalow and today raed ground-penetrating radar to look for more evidence. authorities said it's the residence of 40-year-old stewart a ldon.
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a police report shows weldon war asase and the discovery of a female passenger who said she'd been kidnapped and physically abused. an officer wrote that her injuries were "grotesque and o olent," and included stab pounds to her abdomen and a o ssible fractured jaw. before being transported to the u,spital, the report says the woman told police, "thank you, guys, for saving my life. i didn't think i was ever going to get away." hampden county district attorney anthony gulluni says additional information later led police to the house. you found three bodies. are you operating under the assumption that these were murders? >> we're operating under the assumption that these deaths are suspicious. u> reporter: do you think you have a serial killer on your hands? >> i'm not prepared to say that right now. >> reporter: so, the d.a. won't confirm who else may have been living there in that house behind me, but the massachusetts department of children and families does confirm it took emergency custody of a child who
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was living in that home. jeff. >> glor: anna werner in springfield, mass. anna, thanks. some people in new mexico had to outrun flames today as a wildfire raced through a bone- dry forest. evacuations were ordered as the fire is close to a small town. jamie yuccas has the video tonight. >> oh, my god. we haven't have come through. oh, my god. >> reporter: this was the harrowing scene rick archuleta and his son saw as they drove through the ute park fire. it has torched more than 16,000 acres since thursday. >> head out? >> yeah. >> reporter: residents in the village of cimarron, which is more than 150 miles east of santa fe, were ordered to evacuate as the fire is only three miles outside of town. >> you have to evacuate. you have to figure out what is the most important. >> reporter: some neighbors say they will stick it out to the last minute. >> as long as there's just smoke, i'm not worried about it. but when you get to where you see fire, then it's time to do something.
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>> reporter: air tankers, helicopters, and ground crews are working around the clock to put out the blaze. officials say 12 buildings have been destroyed and more than 290 could be threatened. authorities say conditions are bad to fight this fire. humidity is low, temperatures are high, and winds are extremely gusty, fanning those flames. right now, the fire is 0% contained. and, jeff, investigators are trying to determine tonight what caused it. >> glor: look at that smoke. wow. jamie yuccas in los angeles for us tonight. thanks very much. people who live in the path of lava from hawaii's kilauea volcano have also been warned to get out. those who remain face arrest and the possibility that no one will be there to rescue them in an emergency. carter evans reports from the big island. >> reporter: with a month of nonstop, red-hot lava flow, tempers are also erupting in the evacuation zone. ( gunfire ) after opening fire on a neighbor
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in this shocking viral video... >> i live here! >> reporter: ...61-year-old leilani estates resident john hubbard is in jail. he's facing 11 felony charges bemming from the shooting. they could be enhanced because it happened in an evacuation wane. the victim, ethan edwards, says he was just checking on his own home. p i thought i was going to die. this is a really tense time, and a lot of people are on edge, and so you just kind of got to be cautious. >> reporter: facing a new mandatory evacuation order, authorities now say leilani estates residents could be arrested if they didn't leave the area by noon today. the lava zone is becoming increasingly dangerous, especially near the main whssure. when the lava comes, it consumes everything in its path. but sometimes it burns these trees down slowly. you can see where it surrounded a trunk over there. herther to the left, that one is about to fall over. and the dramatic images broadcast around the world are having another impact, on tourism. >> it's kind of a shocker for us because this is really a normal itcurrence.
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>> reporter: ross birch is with the big island's visitor's bureau. he says the eruptions impact less than 1% of the big island. but still, hotel bookings are down 50%, even in kona, on the other side of the island. cruise ships are also canceling port calls. >> quite honestly, if you live in the l.a. area or you live in any other metropolitan area, you're going to have about the same air quality as we have. >> reporter: the hawaii volcano's national park is the number one attraction here, but n''s closed indefinitely. scientists aren't offering any predictions on how long this thuption might last, but they do say there could be more large steam explosions at the volcano's summit. jeff. >> glor: carter evans, thanks. in tennessee, police say the man who killed an officer and iraq war veteran has been found. steven wiggins was arrested by a state trooper this morning after two days on the run. he is accused of fatally shooting sergeant daniel baker, who was responding to a call of a suspicious car outside nashville. the d.a. says he will seek the death penalty against wiggins
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and the woman who was with him at the time of the shooting. the n.f.l.'s houston texans were hit with a lawsuit today by some former cheerleaders. they claim they were abused, intimidated, and paid next to nothing. tony dokoupil has more on this. >> ♪ give me some of that good stuff ♪ >> reporter: cheerleaders for the houston texans may seem to be having a blast, but five of the team's former cheerleaders now say they were forced to endure brutal working conditions, including nt hssmehn on the field made millions. >> we were bullied and we were body shamed for $7.25 an hour. >> i was crucified and feared for my job. >> being a houston texans cheerleader meant being a part of something bigger than myself. what i didn't know was being a cheerleader meant being exploited and mistreated and not paid for my time. >> reporter: on friday, attorney gloria allred filed a lawsuit on behalf of these women and two others. >> they were told repeatedly
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that they were dispensable and disposable, and that the surest way to be fired was to speak out. >> reporter: it alleges that when unpaid appearances are factored in, they earned pennies for each hour worked while suffering hostile scrutiny. in one case, coach alto gary is accused of telling the squad, "i see a lot of jiggle, jiggle," implying they were overweight. in another, he allegedly duct taped down a cheerleader's skin, appearing to mock her size. this is the second lawsuit by cheerleaders filed against the texans in less than a month, and at least the fourth lawsuit or public complaint made by an n.f.l. cheerleader in the past year, including incidents with the miami dolphins and new orleans saints. just last month, former washington redskins cheerleaders described team sponsors invited to watch while the girls posed fopless. in the new lawsuit, cheerleaders for the texans describe being uiraded in the stadium, suite to suite. the suit claimed the
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cheerleaders were often assaulted by fans during the stadium tour. now, jeff, the houston texans told us they're proud of their program and the hundreds of women who have been a part of it, but they are open to adjustments as needed. >> quijano: tony dokoupil thank you. a very strong jobs report from the labor department today. the economy created 223,000 jobs in may, and unemployment fell to 3.8%, the lowest in 18 years. the jobless rate for african americans dropped to 5.9%. that is an all-time low. coming up next on the friday "cbs evening news," an uber driver is under arrest in the fatal shooting of his passenger. and steve hartman-- this man found something in a supermarket aisle to fill his hungry heart. fills his hungry heart. sometimes, bipolar i disorder can make you feel unstoppable.
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>> reporter: just after 2:45 friday morning, denver police responded to a shooting. >> reporter: police say the uber driver, 29-year-old michael hancock, shot his passenger numerous times. according to this police statement, a detective located ten spent .40-caliber cartridges. the victim was "lying on the floor board of the front passenger seat." police say it appears hancock got into a dispute with this passenger, who has now been identified as 45-year-old hyun kim. >> that individual, a male party, was transported to the hospital where he was later pronounced dead. >> reporter: hancock had a semiautomatic weapon on him, even though uber's official policy prohibits drivers and riders from carrying firearms of any kind in a vehicle while using the app. in a statement today, uber tells cbs news, "we are deeply troubled by the events in denver today. our thoughts are with the families of those involved."
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uber has previously been criticized for not conducting thorough background checks of its drivers. the colorado public utilities commission fined uber $8.9 million last year after regulators found 57 drivers had felony convictions, major moving violations, and had suspended, revoked, or canceled driver's licenses. hancock, however, had no previous criminal record. ate driver's father tells cbs news his son is a student who drove uber for extra money. an uber spokesperson confirms that hancock had been driving eaer for three years and with no concerning feedback, jeff. >> glor: some bizarre details here. jericka, thank you. remember that televangelist who t?nted a $54 million jet? we will see if he landed the money when we come back. ucerna made with carbsteady to help minimize blood sugar spikes you can really feel it.
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some people taking otezla reported weight loss. your doctor should monitor your weight and may stop treatment. other side effects include upper respiratory tract infection and headache. tell your doctor about all the medicines you take and if you're pregnant or planning to be. ♪ otezla. show more of you. >> glor: former president george h.w. bush is passing the time in a maine hospital reading a love story about his 73-year marriage to barbara bush. wal tweet today, mr. bush
5:51 pm
called it "a wonderful walk down memory lane." the former president, who turns 94 this month, is being treated for fatigue and low blood pressure. two police officers in hallandale beach, florida were put on desk duty after video showed them beating a man. he was suspected of stealing a cell phone. the beating continued after the officers had him on the ground. the person who posted the video says the suspect is mentally challenged. televangelist jesse duplantis isid today his appeal for donations for a $54 million jet is beginning to bear fruit. in a message on his web site, duplantis explained why he is not bothered by negative stories about his quest. >> i'm not asking you to pay for my plane. the lord said, "i didn't ask you to pay for it. i asked you to believe for it." that is what i said. so i'm believing. i believe in it, and i want you to believe with me. i have to say a lot of people have called me and said, "i want to get involved in that new plane you believe in." and i said, "that's up to you." s glor: duplantis said if jesus were on earth today, he would be in an airplane flying all over
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steve hartman is "on the road." ( "pomp and circumstance" plays ) >> reporter: the audience at iais preschool graduation in augusta, georgia was full of parents, grandparents, and one very good friend. dan peterson is best friends with norah wood. >> who's that? >> reporter: norah's mom, tara, says these two are absolutely inseparable. he how about that, huh? >> she's wholly invested in him. she can't remember her life before him, and i'm not sure that he wants to remember his before her. >> reporter: before he met norah in 2016, dan was severely depressed. his wife had just died, and he was grocery shopping for himself eeen norah spotted him. as you can see on the security footage, she just randomly reached out to him, to this total stranger. >> she stood up and said, "hi, old person! ol's my birthday today!" >> "hi, old person." >> reporter: she says this to this cranky old man? >> yeah!
5:57 pm
>> reporter: and then had the audacity to demand a hug. >> i said, "a hug?" i said, "absolutely." ( laughter ) >> reporter: norah got her hug e d then asked her mom to take a picture of her with her new friend. >> she zeroed in on him like a missile. his little lip quivered, and he was teared up. and it was just sweet. >> i said, "you don't know. this is the first time for quite a while that i've been this happy." >> reporter: after we first told this story, we thought for sure ome love would fade... w these are all tomatoes. nd reporter: ...but here we are thyear and a half later, and atey are still seeing each other at least once a week. >> it's remarkable. imean, i think a lot of people thought that it wouldn't continue, but they're pure asgic. >> reporter: what's the reason e'u like mr. dan? >> he's sweet. >> reporter: he's sweet.
5:58 pm
>> he's sweet like a peppermint. ooh, peppermint. >> reporter: it makes you want a peppermint, doesn't it? >> yes! >> reporter: ( laughs ) but the surest sign of their connection came just a couple of months ago. norah was hugging dan-- which she always does-- but this time was different. >> i couldn't get her to let go. >> reporter: because he hadn't answered the door right away, norah was just relieved to find him safe. >> every time i see you, i get happy. she was crying. >> reporter: what's it feel like, to be loved that much? >> i think you can see. >> reporter: we can see. steve hartman, on the road... >> i love you, i love your family. >> reporter: augusta, georgia. >> glor: i hope we can keep updating that story for a long, long time. that is the "cbs evening news" for this week. i'm jeff glor. we'll see you on monday. have a great weekend. good night. captioning sponsored b
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one mayoral candidate believes it gives felons a free ride.. good evening, i'm melissa caen. kpix5 news begins with a battle over san francisco's sanctuary city policy. good evening. i'm melissa caen. >> i'm allen martin. >> right now san francisco makes it next to impossible to turn an illegal immigrant accused of violent felonies over to i.c.e. >> but voters may be able to change that. kpix5's emily turner will break it all down for us. >> it's a very controversial law, controversial policy and a complicated one where the city attorney normally takes just a few days to go over proposed new ballot measure, this one taking 15 days. if passed it, would make some seriously major change -- passed, it would make some seriously major changes to the way san francisco approaches immigration and crime. >> it's where the far left goes so far left that they're right. >> it's an unusual staten


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