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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5PM  CBS  June 2, 2018 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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flames. kpix 5 breaking news from oakland. a recycling plant goes up in flames pending -- sending smoke in the air. a live look at the blaze south of the bay bridge burning at schnitzer steel in the 1100 block of -- firefighters are getting the upper hand. we have just arrived at the scene to tell you what the latest is. >> reporter: the scene out here is a metal scrapyard. oakland fire is out here doing a good job putting out the fire. they are getting a handle on
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it. the recycling buyer is that schnitzer steel. they recycle and repurpose steel scraps. there was a fire in 2009 and 2011 in the same plant. earlier there was a thick black smoke in this area. i want to show you this video. this is snap chat videos from one of our viewers in the area. you can see that thick smoke out there. when we arrived about 15 minutes ago we saw this whole area covered in thick black smoke. what a difference, the firefighters are doing a good job to get the fire under control. you can see things winding down. that is a good sign out here at the schnitzer steel scrapyard. of course we will keep an eye on this and we will have more information for you and of course the cause of the fire is still under investigation. reporting live, mary lee.
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in san francisco hundreds march across the golden gate bridge to protest gun violence and demand action. melissa came reports -- melissa came reports. >> reporter: hundreds of people march across the golden gate bridge today to protest gun violence. they were orange because that is the color people where in the woods when they don't want to get shot. >> we are the enemy's worst nightmare and we are just getting started. >> today's action is around raising our voices and demanding common sense gun laws. >> reporter: jen started this chapter of moms demand action. after the sandy hook tragedy happened, i had this moment and realized that we are just like
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fairfield county. >> i am a survivor of gun violence. >> reporter: nicole gardner moved to marin county from boston after his -- her sun was shot three times and left disabled. her 20-year-old daughter was coming home from the mall with friends when she was hit by a stray bullet and died instantly. >> i don't think any parent is prepared for something like that. >> reporter: the three things the groups want universal background checks and assault weapons ban and mental health checks. while they view these as common sense, they know there is big opposition from the nra. still they say when it comes election time, they are ready to fight. >> it will come clear this november that you align with common sense gun laws or you will be voted out. a pittsburgh hillside went up in flames this afternoon on
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glen canyon circle. flames burned right up to the back of houses. as you can see about 12 acres were scorched before cal fire got the upper hand. at last check it was 40% contained. no damage to structures. another brush fire broke out in alameda county. a viewer posted this along greenville road. this broke out at about 3 pm tying up traffic. no word on how many acres burned. two people were killed after they fell while climbing el capitan. they were attempting to free blast route up the rock face this morning when something went wrong. park visitors witness simple and called 911. by the -- witnessed them fall and called 911. both climbers were found dead at the scene. this is the second deadly fall in yosemite in a little over a week. a new park in santa rosa honors a boy who was shot and
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killed by sheriff's deputies. andy lopez was killed after a sonoma county deputy mistook his bb gun for real weapon. investigators ruled the shooting was justified. for now andy's family is honoring him with andy's unity park in the moreland neighborhood. the same neighborhood he died in five years ago. >> today is a remembrance of andy and his life and the tragedy that unfolded in the community moving forward. while we continue to seek justice for andy, we also need to heal and bring the community together. and make sure this doesn't happen again. >> the community played a huge role in helping to design the $3.7 million park. the tension between the city of santa clara and its most prominent tenant is back on display today. the mayor is offering her state of the city address and pointing to the ongoing relationship with the 49ers. we were there. >> we have to manage the 49ers and not have the 49ers manage santa clara. >> reporter: lisa gilmore
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underscore the importance of oversight and accountability during her state of the city address. >> we have been questioned about enforcing a curfew to protect our neighborhoods for people who prioritize money over quality of life. >> reporter: headlines and open hostility health likely faded from view. tensions still simmer beneath the surface. >> we had the last line of defense and we are the ones making sure the residents are well protected. >> reporter: the 49ers said they were not respond to the constant drumbeat of criticism coming from city hall. the mayor's message did seem to resonate with residents. >> it is a controversial issue but i think the mayor is on the right side in the issue. it is important to protect the interests of the citizens. >> reporter: the mayor didn't address the recent resignation of recent councilman amid
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allegations of misconduct. she said the council is trying her best to turn the page on a difficult chapter in the city's history. >> it was very disturbing and i feel it was a stain on our city that that happened. i'm proud of my counsel. we got through it. >> reporter: the mayor's speech this morning is the first of state of the city of dresses she will make -- city state of the city address and she will make. mr. trump vowed to nip up trade deals and crackdown on what he considered unfair trading practices. the president post tariffs this week on allies -- president imposed tariffs on allies. kenneth craig has the latest. >> reporter: wilbur ross is in beijing for talks as the trump administration works to lower the u.s. trade deficit with china. ross wants china to fulfill a promise to buy more american farm goods, energy and other products. president trump is watching development lately. he tweeted on saturday the
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united states must at long last be treated fairly on trade. china is not the only targets. on friday the u.s. imposed tariffs on nearly all imported steel and aluminum from canada, mexico, and the european union. >> we have to believe at some point common sense will prevail. >> reporter: those nations, some of america's closest allies are planning to retaliate with tariffs of their own and some u.s. manufacturers are concerned about a trade war. >> we are inflicting some needless pain on our farm families and that is not necessary. >> reporter: american makers of steel and aluminum will get a boost from tariffs but it remains to be seen if they stay in effect for long. the president says he is open to negotiating new deals with trading partners. kenneth craig, cbs news new york. coming up, lava consumes miles of land and threatening communities and forcing evacuations and now it is
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putting a dent in tourism. it is a medical breakthrough , it is a test that can pick up cancer at the earliest stages. when we come back we have the latest on the weather.
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given to people who live in the path of lava. anyone who stays could face arrest. the kilauea in hawaii more evacuation orders have been given to those who live in the path of lava. anyone who stays could face arrest. the kilauea volcano has been erupting for four weeks now. that is affecting tourism. >> reporter: with the latest river of molten rock burning a new path to the ocean, people in nearby cities have spent the last two days packing up their homes anticipating the lava would cuoff t of their community. in leilani estates, robert and kristi want to state as long as
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possible but with a lot of fountain four blocks away from their home, they are not spending their nights here. >> we are in a shelter right now. we are at the red cross parking lot. authorities now say anyone who defies a new mandatory evacuation order in leilani estates could be arrested. the lava zone is becoming increasingly dangerous especially near the main fisher. when the lava comes it consumes everything in its path but sometimes it burns the trees down slowly. you can see that this one is about to fall over. longtime residents say this could be the new normal. what will the next month look like? >> unfortunately you are probably looking at it. >> reporter: thdric arhaving an impact on tourism. >> it was kind of a shocker for us because this is really a normal occurrence. ross is with the big island visitors bureau.
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the eruption impacts less than 1% of the island but still hotel bookings are down 50%, even in not on the other side of the island. crew ships are also canceling port calls. >> that is the largest impact we have had specifically to the island is the immediate lack of port calls. that hurts our mom-and-pop operations. >> reporter: two people need to worry? >> absolutely not. if you have plans to come to hawaii, keep those plans. if you hadn't had plans right now is the time to start looking at it. >> that was carter evans reporting. scientists don't know how long the eruption will last but they expect more steam explosions at the volcano summit. >> better start getting used to shorter showers and larger loads of laundry. california has become the first state in the nation to enact thimit family ciency some feel that the allotment will not be enough for many
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families. in 2022 homes will be limited to 55 gallons of water per person per day. by 2030 that number falls to just 50 gallons per day per person. >> i get it and i understand we are trying to preserve but 55 gallons a day with the child and every day having to wash clothes, in my opinion that is not feasible. >> my family is way too large. >> an eight minute shower can use 17 gallons of water or load of laundry up to 40 gallons. a bathtub can hold 80 to 100 gallons of water. failure to comply could mean fines up to $10,000 for water district. a new blood test that can detect cancer is getting a lot of buzz. researchers say can pick up cancer years before a person get sick. danielle nottingham explains how it works. >> reporter: it is considered the holy grail of cancer research. a test that can pick up cancer at the earliest stages before
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symptoms. now a blood test that measures fragments of dna shed by cancer cells is being hailed as a step to that goal. >> we found that for about 10 cancers that we can in fact see a biologic signal in the bloodstream, we call that a liquid biopsy. >> reporter: those cancers include breast, esophageal head and neck, liver, lung, pancreatic and ovarian cancer. study author doctor eric klein of the cleveland clinic says it is exciting because many of these cancers currently do not have good screening test. >> these cancers tend to present with symptoms and with advanced stage diseases that are hard to cure. our hope is with these results that this will be the basis of a blood test that allows us to detect these potentially lethal cancers at a much earlier stage when they are far easier to cure. >> reporter: next steps are more testing on patients. researchers say test like this could be available in the next
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5 to 10 years. researchers say in patients with no known cancer, the test was 98% answered -- accurate. a pot festival is underway in sonoma. people can buy marijuana if they are over 21. it features live music and plenty of food. if you missed out today the festival will still be underway tomorrow. we have mostly clear skies over northern california and warm temperatures, too. we have readings in the 90. here's a view of the peer and the sky is blue as the swimmers lit. >> it might feel a bit warmer. temperatures will be there again tomorrow before things began to cool off on monday. as for now, there it is. a lovely shot from the top of the sales force building
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looking out to the scene of the fire. right now concord has 97, oakland at 74 in livermore to the mid-90s. 91 in san jose and 90 degrees at santa rosa. we will be warm tomorrow t cl tu anwi cool d down. future cast is a time-lapse of the future. it shows a few clouds well offshore but if this is to believed through tomorrow evening it will be clear along the coastline. tomorrow will be warm and then monday we begin to cool it with low clouds returning to the shoreline and a mild week ahead for the rest of the week. a lot happening this weekend. union street music fest all weekend long. the temperature about 68 degrees in san francisco. also the arts and wine festival in walnut creek. it will be hot, 93 degrees. the art and wine festival in sunnyvale with 87 degrees.
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sunday streets in berkeley will be very pleasant with the temperature at 73 degrees. overnight lows tonight are in the mid-50s. 54 for santa rosa we will be 58 in san jose. 56 at fairfield. sign up on your sunday morning at 11 minutes before 6 am. forecasted highs for tomorrow range from near average in san francisco to 93 at concord. 13 degrees above average. san jose will be in the mid- 80s. south bay is looking nice and warm. 91 at morgan hill, 81 for fremont and 80 at hayward. in the east bay it is smoking. temperatures in in the mid-90s. 97 for antioch, 93 at walnut creek. in the north bay it is nice. santa rosa at 90 degrees. the beach continues to be reliable or cooling-off purposes. 95 at cloverdale and 96 at
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clearlake. in the extended forecast we will be looking for plenty of sunshine for sunday. all week long inland it will be sunny until the weekend when low clouds. around the bay the numbers will fall into the 60s by the time we get to tuesday, wednesday, and thursday. warm again tomorrow and then ultracool. coming up in sports a major reshuffling with the giants roster. rendon belt has surgery and hunter pence comes back in his new role. the warriors are about 24 hours away from game two of the nba finals and klay thompson's high ankle sprain looks worse today than it did yesterday. what are his chances of playing? we will be right back.
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could really use the next 24 hours. after being fairly pain free yesterday... he was walking eable limp t game two of the nba finals is tomorrow and klay thompson could use the next 24 hours after being fairly pain-free yesterday he was walking with a noticeable limp today. he is now listed as
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questionable or game to after suffering a leg contusion and high ankle sprain in a collision with jr smith on thursday. thompson sounds confident that he will play tomorrow. things don't sound as good for andre who is listed with -- as doubtful with a leg injury. cleveland will try to bounce back tomorrow. the cavaliers were fuming over a foul call in the final minute and jr smith letting the clock run out to end the fourth after forgetting the score. thursday ranks as one of the worst defeats ever. >> it is one of the toughest losses i have had in my career as well. everything that went on with the game and the way we played, it was a tough 24 hours. like i said, give yourself a day, if you need to take two days okay. today you should feel excited
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about the opportunity to be better and be great. and move forward. brandon bell suddenly left friday night's game for the giants. he had his appendix removed. he has been placed on the ten- day deal. hunter pence comes off the deal in his new role as backup outfielder. craig or blanco has been designated for assignment. kansas city played against the royals and the a's. ryan gollancz scores all the way from first to make it 3-0 kansas city. the next batter is john j and he shoots one down the left field line scoring escobar. back come the a's in the seventh inning. bruce maxwell connects for his first home run of the year cutting oakland's deficits to 1. then we move on to the next inning, pinch-hitter chad
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singles in the centerfield scoring matt holsen and the game was tied up 4. bottom of the inning the player serves up the go-ahead run and that was the game-winner as the royals when 5-4 today. at stanford, stanford's christian robinson scored all the way from first to give the cardinal a 4-3 win in the opening game of the ncaa tournament. stanford next place cal state fullerton tonight at 8 pm. now to golf. tiger woods is a charge at the third round of the memorial on the par 4/9. his shot plans on the green and take a look at this ball. spins back towards the cup setting up for a birdie. tiger was five under on the front nine and pulled within one shot of the lead. he cooled off on the back nine. on 18 he misses the par putt. he shot at four under and ended
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the day five shots off the lead. at the top of the leaderboard is bryson. he buries four of his last six holes including this put on 60. -- 16. he leads by one shot headed into tomorrow. in tennis, at the french open serena williams is competing in her first major tournament since giving birth in september, on the matchpoint she watches the ball go by as she wins into sets. she will now face maria sharapova in the quarterfinals. the last time they faced each other was in the 2016 australian open before sharapova's 15 month doping ban. should be a good quarterfinals mass. >> how long will it take the warriors to win? and how many games? in broadcasting have you ever been asked the question who is going to win in a situation like this and said well, i don't think it will be the home team? >>, no.
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no i would never say that. i would say that is always the home team, whether it is for games, six games at the most i would say. i don't think it would go till seven. >> home team. we like that. thank you. we will be right back. ♪
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at five. we'll see you back here at six. the cbs weekend news is next. news updates are always on cbs-sf dot com. thank you for so much for joining us. that is it for 5 pm, we will see you back here at 6 pm. cbs news is up next. before we leave you we want to go outside and look at it.
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see you in 30 minutes. cb ♪ captioning sponsored by cbs >> ninan: presidential powers. a confidential memo argues that the president does not have to testify before the special counsel. also tonight, the d.n.a. sample that led to the arrest of the suspected golden state killer. in new mexico, massive clouds of smoke and flames as firefighters battle wildfires at opposite ends of the state. in hawaii, lava forces more residents to flee their homes. >> reporter: you're not spending your nights here. >> no, we're not. we're too scared for that. >> ninan: new data on the number of people killed when hurricane maria devastated puerto rico. and a crowning achievement. >> it was like a production. it was like making a film


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