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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5PM  CBS  June 3, 2018 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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live from the cbs bay area studios this is kpix5 news. t agency is fighting back. right now at 5:00 b.a.r.t. has the bad ram for filthy trains and un-- rap for filthy trains and unhealthy stations. now the transit agency is fighting back. good evening. i'm brian hackney. >> i'm juliette goodrich. beginning tomorrow the public can help keep the system clean. kpix5's jessica flores explains how. >> reporter: among the symphony of sounds at b.a.r.t. stations there are also these sights greeting b.a.r.t. riders, drug users shooting up captured in video from civic center b.a.r.t. and in pictures from the concord b.a.r.t. elevator. >> you go up the tunnel to the financial district, there's people right on the stairs and, you know, they're using needles or they're smoking. >> human waste is something i've seen frequently.
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>> reporter: b.a.r.t. is now launching a mobile app where you can report biohazards like needles and even human waste. you can get that app at monday, but the app won't address the root of the problem. maurice benton says he's lived on this street and thinks the city and b.a.r.t. aren't doing enough. >> both of them have more money that they could put into different programs for the drug offenders, for the homeless people. >> but b.a.r.t. is a transit agency. we're not a social service agency. >> reporter: b.a.r.t. board member and former san francisco homeless czar bevin dufty spoke to kpix5's phil matier. dufty puts blame on the city for growing homelessness and drug use at stations. >> don't tell me you don't have resources to dedicate some shelter beds. we've got to step up because it's an unacceptable situation in san francisco what's going on in civic center and i think that b.a.r.t. has stepped up and is doing its share. >> reporter: san francisco mayor mark farrell is increasing the budget to fight homelessness to the tune of $29
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million. >> the biggest thing is to get them help and if we can get them the right help, we can definitely make an impact. >> reporter: in san francisco, jessica flores, kpix5. for weeks now we've showed you the fight to stop the flow of drugs into san francisco's downtown b.a.r.t. stations and tonight we'll take you to the streets above. s to rooftops: >> we were just watching a corner. there were five, six drug dealers at that one corner. >> yes. >> reporter: you see that a lot? >> that's every day. there's no way we can arrest everyone every time and this goes on 24 hours a day. >> we have more coming up later in the 6:00 newscast. president trump's attorneys say he could pardon himself, but he probably won't. kpix5 political reporter melissa caen says it's part of an effort to prevent anyone from forcing the president to testify. >> reporter: president trump's lawyers are asserting broad constitutional powers in their effort to avoid a subpoena from
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special counsel robert mueller. on sunday rudy guiliani was asked if the president has the authority to pardon himself. >> he probably does, but he has no intention of pardoning himself, but he probably does. that doesn't say he can't. >> reporter: the possibility of a self-pardon was raised in a memo mr. trump's attorney sent muler in january published on saturday by the new york times. guiliani who was not involved in drafting that document said even if the president can pardon himself, it's not likely. >> the president of the united states pardoning himself would just be unthinkable and it would lead to probably an immediate impeachment. >> reporter: that was a rare point of agreement between the president's allies and critics. >> the president has never said he'd pardon himself. i don't know where the president would go forward pardoning himself, but i don't think a pardon should pardon themselves. >> the president decided that he was going to pardon himself, i think that's almost self- executing impeachment. >> reporter: the president has said he wants to tell his side of the story, but guiliani said
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today his legal team would fight any attempt to compel mr. trump to testify before a grand jury, melissa caen, kpix5. an emotional graduation in parkland, florida, students at marjory stoneman douglas high school received their diplomas today just months after the commune was devastated by a deadly -- community was devastated by a deadly shooting. reporter kim hutchinson has reaction from the survivors. >> reporter: it was supposed to be a happy celebration to mark the end of their high school years. instead it was a bittersweet graduation for the class of 2018. >> it's kind of hard to be really excited about it because not everyone is here. >> reporter: that's because four classmates didn't get a chance to receive their diplomas, meadow pollack, nicholas duart, carmen swentrop and oliver. >> it's the same every day. it's no different here because
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it's graduation. imlose track of days. i work so much -- i lose track of days. i work so much. every day has been the same since february 14th. >> reporter: no cameras were allowed inside sunday's ceremony in sunrise, florida, but organizers say the event managed to balance the grief felt by everyone in the room and the celebratory spirit of graduation. >> graduation is always bittersweet because it's so hard to watch the kids go, especially this year after the year they've had. >> reporter: seniors wore a special sash along with their caps and gowns. the reality is still hard to face. >> it's just not fair and it's very angering. they worked just as hard, if not harder, than us to do this and they can't for no reason. >> reporter: kim hutchinson, kpix5. the tonight show host jimmy fallon was the guest speaker at the graduation. fallon praised students for their bravery and leadership
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after their shooting. he gave words of wisdom to the seniors helping them in their years ahead. about 1,500 people in laguna beach south of los angeles are allowed to return home tonight while the fire contins in the coastal hills. the fire has forced the evacuation of mo than 2,000 homes yesterday. so far it's only 10% contained, about 150 acres burned, no buildings. this morning all but a few- people were allowed to go home. one firefighter -- few hundred people were allowed to go home. one firefighter suffered a minor injury. shots were fired during a marathon in san diego. thousands of runners were rerouted while police searched for the gunman. it was a 50-year-old woman with a pellet gun. officers tracked her to a parking garage and found her hiding under a car. >> multiple calls came in of an active shooter. we had officers responding on scene. one officer fired two rounds at
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our suspect, did not hit her. >> one of the responding officers accidentally shot himself in the leg. arena he's expected to be okay. the unidentified woman is in custody. let's take a live look now at oracle arena as nba finals, game two between the warriors and cavs, are underway. is there fan fatigue when it comes to the same match-up four years in a row? >> a feat once thought impossible today, 2,000 people escape from alcatraz. >> it's amazing video of a rare scene out of monterey, more than 1,000 dolphins circling a baby whale. >> and changes ahead this week go back to work tomorrow, the forecast when we come back. you could save energy
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at home. maybe you could save energy by weaving your own shoes... out of flax. or... just set the washing machine to cold. do your thing, with energy upgrade california. gorgeous warm and sunny a live look from our exclusive sales force tower cam looking out at alcatraz after a
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gorgeous warm and sunny day, perfect for swimming or biking or running. >> or all three. kpix5's john ramos says thousands did just that in the escape from alcatraz triathlon. >> reporter: this morning 2,000 people did what was once thought to be impossible. >> it's a daunting swim. i mean you're out at the rock where supposedly no prisoner could ever escape. >> reporter: each year the escape from alcatraz triathlon shows how silly that notion was because after the 1.5-mile swim competitors hustle in and saddle up for an 18-mile bike ride. they then finish off the morning with a grueling 8-mile run that features the dreaded sand ladder, a steep climb from baker beach where each step is pure agony. it's the kind of challenge that makes this such a prized title among professionals like ben knut who won the second straight year. >> it feels like you're trying to escape jail a little bit.
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you're and down and all around. it's an incredible race. >> reporter: sarah haskins won the women's division in 2014 but had to take last year off to have her second child. that's why it meant so much when she crossed the finish line today. >> it's one of the biggest races in the country. to come away with a win here, i'm really proud of the accomplishment. >> reporter: but most who compete are not pros, just average people who take on an extraordinary challenge. madeline doorling was proud to see her mom compete, but when this contestant with only one leg ran by, her mind was officially blown. >> i was thinking like holy crap, i couldn't even do that if i even had both legs. he's amazing. >> reporter: and laura davidson and most of her family were in the perfect spot to see her cousin christina finish one of the world's toughest triathlons. >> swimming with the sharks in
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56-degree temperature water out there, that's insane to me, but they love it. they feed off the insanity i think. >> reporter: it used to be considered insanity to try to escape from alcatraz prison. now every year 2,000 people do it for fun. in san francisco, john ramos, kpix5. starting this year -- they had n a series of races >> competitors for escape from alcatraz were chosen in a lottery, but this year they had to qualify in a series of races in huntington beach, philadelphia, d.c., london and beijing. for weeks now fast moving lava in hawaii is forcing some people to evacuate or face arrest. a team of students now from university of hawaii is becoming a crucial part of keeping people safe. lava's movement using drones. the crew has been up all night they are documenting the lava's movement using drones. the crew has been up all night every night since kilauea first started erupting almost a month ago. their work is used to inform hour to hour decisions. this week they watched as a massive fast moving lava flow
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cut off highway 132 creeping down it for 2 miles leaving a pile of shifting lava some 10 feet high. toward another highway.... >> trees don't do much to slow lava. >> no. if the volume is there, there's not much that will. >> some of that lava is headed towards another highway. the u.s. geological survey says lava from the volcano has covered 5 1/2 square miles, four times as big as new york's central park. on to brian, yes? >> why not? >> we could also say early saturday morning there were frantic calls into yosemite park rangers. >> two climbers had fallen on el cap and we'll tell you about
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that in a minute, aren't we? or are we doing weather? okay. dennis has the details of that story. >> reporter: it's called one of yosemite's most technical climbs. park rangers are still figure the how two climbers fell from el capitan. >> both climbers were in a party climbing together climbing on the route known as free blast. i'm not sure exactly where they were on that route. >> reporter: the climbers are 46-year-old jason wells of boulder, colorado, and 42-year- old tim klein from palmdale, california. after responding to the 911 calls park ranger jamie richards says most of the day search and rescue worked on recovery efforts. >> park rangers that are specifically trained in search and rescue and recovery came out here. they worked on recovering both of these climbers' remains and making sure that they get to the appropriate location to our local coroner's office. >> reporter: richards says she knows how close the climbing community will be. she said rangers will continue to investigate in the coming days. >> this is a tragic loss and we
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certainly hope to learn what happens and our thoughts go out to the friends and families of both these individuals. as we turn the times to weather we're going to first check out this drone video showing a large pod of dolphins having a little fun with a humpback whale and her calf in monterey bay. biologist say about 1,500 dolphins were snout riding the whales. if you've never heard of that, that's when dolphins swim and splash near their heads causing the whales to lunge forward creating a wave for the dolphins to swim in. it's whale wake for the dolphins to play. they know how to have a good time. so do we. we'll go outside and show you a few high clouds over the bay area. other than that it's a carbon copy of saturday with plenty of sunshine around for everybody, but you can basically make out a little bit of the marine haze outside the golden gate. that's a sign of thing to come
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as we look again towards alcatraz from this windy perspective. the winds are picking up around the bay area, first sign of thing cooling down. right now concord is still at 96 degrees, oakland 66, in livermore 90 degrees, jose 81 and in santa rosa 84 degrees. for tomorrow the numbers tumble inland. we'll be far off the highs today which was close to 100 degrees in some spots inland, but tomorrow only low 80s. in the bay we'll be about 70 degrees and morning clouds, along the coast 61 degrees there. as high pressure finally weakens, it will cool off the next few days. low pressure begins to subside and as a result, we get more low clouds along the shoreline. as we head into the early morning hours monday, see a few low clouds offshore and with an onshore push the sea breeze is back. we'll be looking for the numbers to come down 10, 15 degrees. low clouds at the coastline tonight, low clouds, cooler
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tomorrow and mild weather coming in for the rest of the week. it's looking pretty nice and dry, a little drizzle along the shoreline maybe tuesday and wednesday, but that would be about it. giants are taking on the arizona diamondbacks tomorrow night 7:10 p.m. first pitch. if you're going to the game, it will be partly cloudy and cool, 507 degrees. heading out of sfo -- 57 degrees. heading out of sfo tomorrow not bad, winds out of the west 27 miles an hour. partly cloudy skies. in new york a little morning rain and 73. overnight lows here low 50s, sun-up at 12 minutes before 6:00. high temperatures tomorrow 83 at concord, 78 in san jose, cupertino tomorrow 77 and los gatos 81. in the east bay we'll be in the low to mid-80s instead of low to mid 90s and for monday we'll be looking at numbers mostly in the mid-70s, finally up around ukiah 80 degrees, 79 at rohnert park. in the extended forecast,
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coolest midweek, low 70s wednesday and thursday. then friday we bump back. next weekend we'll be warm but not as warm as today and yesterday. that's weather. a lot happening in sports and for that here's dennis o'donnell live. hey, dennis. >> reporter: yes. an exclusive parking lot live shot indeed here at oracle, warriors game underway. i got giants and a's news. could tiger win a golf tournament? all that is coming up live from oakland.
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finals. they are battling the cleveland
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cavaliers this evening at oracle arena. the warriors trying to make it two wins in a row in the finals battling the cleveland cavaliers this evening at oracle arena and kpix5's betty yu is joining us from oracle where game two just got underway. >> reporter: hi, brian and juliette. we know game one was a wild one and the cavs came very close to upsetting the golden state warriors, but tonight the fans are hopeful the warriors will take that 2-0 lead here. earlier on the court we saw the big stars shooting around, stephen curry practicing with shaun livingston as some very excited fans looked on and a lot of them tell me tonight that they're still recovering from the shock of thursday's very intense drama filled game and the cavs tonight will do their best to, of course, even out this series, but the fans say they are hoping that that home court advantage will make all the difference tonight.
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i spoke to fans before the game and they were feeling a wide range of emotions. >> it's a fiesta tonight. you already know it's a beautiful sunday night and we are going to, you know, arriba! >> we're a little scared going into it i must say, but we're hoping for the best. >> reporter: why are you scared? >> we want the win. >> reporter: you're feeling a little nervous. >> nervous. we're both nervous, yeah. >> i'm not nervous at all. stefan curry, golden state, come on, what's there to be nervous about? >> reporter: lebron and his 51 points. >> who? >> reporter: of course, the warriors will do their best to make it very difficult for lebron james tonight. game one was not a sellout here at oracle despite this record setting fourth consecutive match-up. some fans tell me they're paying 10 to 15% less than they did this time last year, but i spoke to some courtside and front row section fans. they tell me they paid about the same for this game and it
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was not cheap. at last check i did go on stubhub and the cheapest tickets, standing room only were $850 for this game. >> when did you go on stubhub, like an hour ago or yesterday? >> reporter: just minutes ago, lots of tickets still available. depending on what you're willing to pay. >> well, yeah. good luck with selling those. betty yu, thanks much. here's dennis o'donnell also covering the game. hey, dennis. >> reporter: hello, brian. i heard betty talking about the fan situation, how much they paid for tickets. there's a sign in there. you got to get on the waiting list if you want to buy tickets for the chase center. so that's why winning now is really important to fill that place up and they're going to do it, believe me. now while we're talking about the warriors the giants are playing and they can't wait for the month of may to be over. giants went 11-16 in that month
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and june they look completely different. here's how it came down today. derek rodriguez making the first start of his big league career. in the 3rd he serves up a solo shot to jake arrieta. he's a philadelphia pitcher, sixth home run of h, phillies' first home run of the weekend. six struck out and one run allowed and the giants gave him some support in the 6th leading 2-1. andrew mccutchen connects for his fourth long ball of the year. 5-1 giants and in the 7th mark milanson making his season debut missing the first two months with an elbow injury struck out the batters in order. bottom of the 8th, buster posey caps this one off. giants win. 81 degrees at first pitch,
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oakland up 1-0. john shea to daniel goss it's gossitt. top of the 8th dustin fowler in -- gossitt. top of the 8th dustin fowler in scoring position and a 3-1 pitch ripped back up to the box. fowler who was thrown out of the plate yesterday in overdrive today and scores. a's leading 2-1. two batters later matt olson turns it loose on a 3-0 count. this 1 goes into the waterfall, his 12th home run of the year, 454 feet. a's leading 5-1. now gossett left the game with elbow tightness and will undergo an mri tomorrow, but the bullpen struck out five over four shutout innings. a's beat the royals 5-1 to take two out of three and are now 31- 29 on the season. college baseball baylor
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fans feeling good before facing stanford in an elimination game. bottom of the 1st the cardinal's connecting for a two- run home run. stanford wins 4-2. golf, through nine holes yesterday tiger woods was within one stroke of the lead at the memorial. he cooled off today, only four birdies over his final 27 holes, not in contention. jack nicklaus watching the final round of his tournament in ohio on 16, woods missing the par putt and bogeyed three holes on the back 9 en route to shooting an even par 72, finished tied for 23rd on 18. bryson dechambeau had a par putt for the win, but he missed right. dechambeau three putted 18 leading to a three-way playoff between kyle stanley, ben an and dechambeau and on the second extra hole dechambeau had another putt for the win on 18 and he got it this time.
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jacked out of his mind, his second career victory for the central valley native and a congratulations from the golden bear. that is it and we'll be back right after this. it's time for the semi-annual sale with savings on the new sleep number 360 smart bed. it senses your every move and automatically adjusts on both sides to keep you effortlessly comfortable. and snoring.... does your bed do that? don't miss the final days of our semi-annual sale save up to $700 on sleep number 360 smart beds. ends sunday.
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cbs-sf-dot-com. thanks so much for watching us at 5:00. we'll see you back here at 6:00. >> news updates are always on and on a beautiful day like this we felt the least we could do is show you what it looks like from the top of the sales force tower.
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so here are some views. ♪ ♪ captioning sponsored by cbs >> quijano: wildfires rage in the west. thousands of acres torched, hundreds of homes threatened. some have already burned. >> i hope the wind is blowing away from the ocean and our houses. >> quijano: also tonight, president trump's lawyer suggests the president has the power to pardon himself in the russia investigation. a new cbs news poll shows democrats with a slight edge in the battle for the house. four murders in a phoenix suburb. police say at least three of the killings are connected. shooting from the flip, an off- duty f.b.i. agent shows off his


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