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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6AM  CBS  June 7, 2018 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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still too close to call -- where we go from here... the family of a student who drowned at his bay area school have hired an attorn cl san francisco's mayoral race is still too close to call. where we go from here. >> the family of a student who drowned at his bay area school has hired an attorney to help clear up misconceptions about his death. >> and a couple of angry bulls square off in the middle of a bay area street. look at that! >> that's scary. >> good morning, everyone. it is thursday, june 7th. i'm michelle griego. >> and good morning. i'm kenny choi. we are going to get the forecast from neda, the cool and cloudy forecast in just a bit. but first, traffic. i guess people are behaving this morning? >> yes. things are looking good. no bulls on the freeways right now. we are tracking just some brake lights for drivers making their way out of
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antioch but that's to be expected. westbound four, about 20 minutes over towards 680 out of antioch. heading over to interstate 80, in hercules, pinole, you can see that traffic is doing just fine in both directions near highway 4. we are still in the green under 20 minutes getting towards the bay bridge toll plaza. your 580 approach, we are starting to see just a few brake lights as you pass highway 24 but no backup. and you have an easy ride making your way towards the foot of the maze there where we are still not seeing that backup develop. but those metering lights are on since 5:22 this morning. you can see we still have that parking lot effect so you will be in good company over there but past those metering lights it's sluggish heading up the incline but then okay into san francisco. we are still in the green on the 280 extension and the 80 leading to the lower deck of the bay bridge. good morning to you.
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check out our "salesforce tower" camera looking towards the west. i love this shot because right in the middle, right there, that would be city hall. we are waiting to figure out who will be the mayor which anne will have all that in a live report. but i also want to show you this because a lot of these clouds right here getting thicken and thicker over the past few minutes. we are starting to see them move in and that marine layer is thick this morning. lawrence hall of science camera set up at uc-berkeley showing gray skies over there. so we are under that "june gloom" full effect and it's all because of west winds pushing in the clouds from the coast and pushing in that cooler air. at sfo now it's gone up to 16- mile-per-hour winds. but through downtown san francisco, calming down a little bit down to 15. sustained winds from the west- southwest will continue to bring our temperatures down below average. low cloud ceiling may affect arriving flights this morning. so check on your flights. santa rosa 8-mile visibility. that's decreased a little bit.
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overall the satellite-radar showing it thick across the bay area. parts of the north bay you're in the clear. but most of us yes sitting under gray gloomy conditions but not to worry, we'll see a significant warmup coming up in the full forecast. turning to campaign 2018 and san francisco's race for mayor, current front-runner mark leno leads london breed by a razor-thin margin. that could change as the count continues. anne makovec reports. >> reporter: there are tens of thousands of ballots inside city hall that need to be opened and counted before we find out who is the next mayor of san francisco.ranked choice voting is the reason for uncertainty this morning. as of midnight on election night, london breed was ahead with 42.5% of the vote to mark leno's 31%. jane kim was in third. but when kim got eliminated, a huge part of her vote, 75%,
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went to leno, because leno was their second choice. that's how leno's vote count rose to 50.42% by yesterday morning. it's a one-point lead. this is a strategy leno and kim used to get each other's number two votes. >> so we're waiting on results and my sisters are still in town so hopefully we'll get a little down time and then again, exercising patience, which can take a lot of effort. >> it has been an amazing journey full of love, excitement and hope. and i'm optimistic. >> of the 240,000 total votes cast by san franciscans nearly a third about 85,000 were mailed in or dropped off. so they are still being counted. elections officials say it could take into next week before they are actually finished counting those ballots. live in san francisco, anne makevoc, kpix 5. they are
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giving updates at 4 p.m. each day even on weekends. in national politics, the trump administration is stepping up its ongoing efforts to curb illegal immigration. >> jackie ward joins us now with the latest move from the white house. >> reporter: good morning to you both and despite the trump administration's best efforts on preventing mexicans from crossing the border illegally, there's still a steady number of people trying to do just that. president trump is rolling out a new feature to his zero tolerance immigration policy called a fast track prosecution program that he hopes to criminally charge more people who cross into california illegally according to attorneys in san diego, the "los angeles times" spoke with. it's called operation streamline. migrants will move through our justice system in group hearings very quickly. some in a matter of just a few hours from arraignment to sentencing. this announcement comes as the united nations is calling on the trump administration to stop separating families at the border. a u.s. spokesman says children should never be detained because of their own or parents' migration status.
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>> the u.s. should immediately halt this practice of separating families and stop criminalizing what should at most be an administrative offense, that of irregular entry and stay in the u.s. >> reporter: in march and april more than 50,000 people were detained while trying to illegally cross the border according to numbers from the federal government. these numbers are similar to what we saw during the obama administration. shortly after the zero tolerance policy was announced in april the "l.a. times" reports that the number of u.s. border patrol arrests in san diego rose sharply averaging about 120 people per day. most of those people were not criminally charged but that would change under streamline. >> thank you. today president trump begins a week full of meetings with global leaders. it comes amid a major trade
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dispute and with the planned north korean summit looming. president trump hosted his first ramadan dinner at the white house last night. he stressed the importance of having strong relationships with other leaders. >> only by working together can we achieve a future of security and prosperity for all. >> reporter: the president can try to do just that at the g7 summit which starts tomorrow in canada. french president emmanuel macron is already there where met with canadian prime minister justin trudeau. both trudeau and macron have stated disapproval of the u.s. tariffs on foreign steel and aluminum. despite that macron says the relationship between the u.s. and france is strong. >> the g7 i will have useful and open discussions with president trump, it has been the case from day one. it will be useful because both our countries are aligned on many subjects. we can be open because there are many subjects on which we agree. >> i have no doubt that the
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united states and canada will remain firm friends and allies whatever short term disagreements may occur. >> reporter: after the g7, president trump has another major event on the agenda. his historic sitdown with north korean leader kim jong- un. but some former u.s. officials remain skeptical of the korean leader and the summit's prospects. >> i don't trust him. and i would want to see his action, not his words. >> the summit in singapore is scheduled for june 12th at the capella hotel. delegations from the u.s. and north korea met four times last week at that hotel to hash out the logistics. the family of a student who drowned at a school in danville wants to clear up the circumstances surrounding his death. last month 15-year-old benjamin curry was found at the bottom of the pool at san ramon valley high school. students say rumors spread quickly that the freshman was suicidal and that the school never corrected them. curry's death has been ruled an accident. his parents are working with a lawyer to set the record
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straight. the school district had this to say: the time is 6: one city in hawaii makes a first-of- its-kind move to protect ride- hailing pass from excessive prices... 6:08. one city in hawaii makes a first of it kind move to protect ride hailing passengers from excessive prices. >> plus, we'll hear from one of the two daredevils who just set a new record and scaled yosemite's el capitan. >> another day of that onshore breeze keeping things cool and cloudy. but temperatures are going to rise about 20 degrees. i'll let you know when. >> and this is what we call broadcast jinx. we were just showing interstate 80 at highway 4 and it was moving fine at the limit. now we are seeing an incredible backup that stretches well beyond highway 4. what's going on and how long will it take drivers to get through it? find out coming up. -hey, did i mention i can save you $620
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for switching to progressive? [ engine revving ] you cannot hear me at all, can you?
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of two wildfires in sacramento county yesterday... the larger "simpson fire" was contained after burning more tha investigators believe that downed power lines may have started one of two wildfires in sacramento county yesterday. the larger simpson fire was contained after burning more than 500 acres and at one point it threatened structures and solar panels used by the sacramento municipal utility district. no injuries were reported in either fire. police are still searching for suspects in the shooting outside oracle arena. a man was shot in the parking lot as fans left the warriors watch party last night for game 3. the man was taken to a hospital. no word on his condition or motive. fremont police officers get the call of a lifetime. they are needed to break up a bullfight. yes, a real bullfight. it happened tuesday along castro lane near mission boulevard. take a look at this. these bulls went head to head right in the middle of the
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street. doesn't even look real. police say the bulls got out through an open gate after a trespassing left it open. it took about 10 people to break up the bullfight. they needed a matador. the owner was hit with a $100 fine per animal for failure to control livestock and minor damage. we are hearing from the rock climbers who set a new speed record on el capitan. after weeks of practice climbs in yosemite, the two men scaled the 3,000-foot granite wall in just under two hours. normally it takes experienced climbers four or five days. >> i wasn't sure that we were actual going that fast until i saw the timer and saw 1:57 when i got to the top and i'm like oh, we're doing it! i got fired up. thankfully, tommy got up one minute later and we did it. it was exciting. >> and you can watch the full interview on "cbs this morning" starting at 7:00. booking a flight for your summer vacation will probably be more expensive.
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analysts say you can blame rising fuel prices cutting into airline profits. it's not exactly clear how much airfare also go up but experts say airlines will likely look at several ways to add a few bucks to a plane ticket including higher base fares and fuel surcharges. major u.s. airlines confirm higher fares are coming. >> so you have to drive everywhere, right? >> just book your flight right now. >> book in advance and if you drive, yeah, you're going to be spending money on gas and you have to deal with traffic. boy, do we have traffic right now! we were looking so good and it was so quiet and i should have just kept my mouth shut about it. we are tracking a crash westbound 80 at pinole valley road. two lanes closed after a motorcycle went down. emergency crews are on the scene and the backup is close to cummings skyway. so it is definitely causing delays. here's a live look. westbound traffic on the right side of your screen there, travel times for the eastshore freeway just shot up into the
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yellow. we are looking at a little over 25 minutes to go from highway 4 down towards the maze depending how long those lanes are blocked. this could definitely destroy the morning commute for drivers heading along interstate 80. so we'll keep an eye on that. give yourself some extra time. chp has not given us a time as to when the lanes will re- open. any sort of hiccup on the eastshore freeway and all bets are off. over at the maze, we are seeing that backup develop now along 580 and that berkeley curve as you make your way through emeryville and over towards the bay bridge toll plaza. metering lights are on and we are still in the yellow getting closer to the red just under 30 minutes heading into san francisco. hat's a check of your traffic; over to you. all right. well, look at this gorgeous view over from the homewood camera. it is ride your bike to work month over at lake tahoe. that's how the tahoe residents try to keep tahoe blue by reducing their time in their cars. but check out that gorgeous
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sunrise this morning. a few wispy clouds out there. when we get back to lower elevations like san francisco we are seeing a break in the cloud coverage, as well. this is another great shot of those sun rays just peeking through those thick clouds out there this morning. it's kind of dark and gloomy in some spots. there's always a ray of light. this is out view of the bay and the bay bridge right now. our headlines are one to two degrees warmer than yesterday. tomorrow will be comfortable. next week, the heat is on. we have a thick marine layer yet again. from you in half moon bay probably used to that the past several mornings a little drizzle along the coastline there. south of the golden gate bridge. then much of the coast to the north as well in thing thicker cloud coverage. and it's not bad in most locations. satellite-radar showing the marine layer is really being pushed beyond fairfield and into sacramento area. that's what we'll continue to
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see tonight again but it won't be as intense tomorrow. our cloud coverage should burn off this afternoon. look at the winds at sfo. 16, oakland 14, berkeley 11. it's breezier across a lot of the hills through oakland and berkeley, as well. they are dealing with strong sustained winds yet again. temperature-wise 52 in san francisco. 54 livermore. 56 in concord. so where are these west winds coming from right here? expected to bring rain for washington and oregon. for us we are going to see a ping pong of our temperatures today of course being impacted by the cooler ocean air. tomorrow more sunshine and less cloud coverage. by saturday that's when it will dip into northern california. cloudy and cooler on saturday. sunday the warm weather arrives. next week will be pretty
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toasty. today we are below average. tomorrow slightly above average. dipping down again saturday and then look at that 90s for next week. that's your forecast. thank you. the city of honolulu is cracking down on so-called surge pricing from ride hailing services. services like uber and lyft charge more when demand is high. yesterday, honolulu city council passed a measure that sets a cap on just how high those prices can reach. prior to the vote, uber sent emails to customers in hawaii urging him to oppose it. daimler has unveiled an electric big rig truck. the freightliner is an 18 wheeler with a 250-mile range. it will be marketed for regional distribution and port services. daimler's etruck will go into production in 2021. facebook is teaming up with media to launch news programs. facebook will pay for the shows which will appear
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exclusively on its watch video service. it's part of the company's push to repair its relationship with the news industry and restore user trust in the wake of fake news and privacy scandals. i'm dennis o'donnell. coming up from cleveland, why there won't be a warriors letdown in game 4. that is straight ahead. introducing jack's new $3 sauced & loaded fries.
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you get our hot and salty fries, smothered in cheddar cheese and creamy guacamole plus your choice of 3 tasty toppings: tender carne asada, savory chorizo, or chipotle chicken. each for just 3 bucks. so tonight,
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kick the party in your mouth up a notch with jack's new $3 sauced & loaded fries. only at jack in the box delivered exclusively with doordash - order now. klay thompson and steph curry were a combined 7 of 27 shooting last night, which proves why the signing of the kevin durant was so incredibly valuable to the warriors. andre iguodala back after two weeks with a knee injury. lebron james got everyone in building to their feet with an alley-oop off the glass to himself. durant cut the cavs' lead to 6. kd with 24 points in the first and was just getting started.
6:24 am
3rd quarter javale mcgee cleans up the miss, puts back two of his ten points in only 14 minutes. game tied at 61. now quarter warriors up one. -- 4th quarter warriors up one. iguodala strips kevin love pushes it to curry. he finally got one to drop. warriors up 4. that was carry's lone three of the night. it's 101-97 warriors. love keeps the cleveland possession alive and james hits from the corner. the cavs within a point with two minutes to go. it's now 103-100 warriors. shot clock winding down. durant launches a deep three over the defense and that is your dagger, that's your ballgame! warriors 110-102. durant scored 43 a career play- off high for him and golden state takes a commanding three games to none lead. >> they looked each other up. if one of them is having a tough night, it's pretty nice, pretty nice luxury as a coach, that's for sure. >> what does it say about the
6:25 am
resolve of this basketball team when both those guys struggle? >> it's good to have kevin durant, let's be honest. >> just enjoying the moment. he was so stone-faced that somebody had to yell and show some emotion. so me and draymond took care of that. >> the margin of error is very low. you can't --it's almost like playing the patriots. you just can't have mistakes. they are not going to beat themselves. 13 teams in the nba history have had a 3-0 series lead in the finals. all 13 went on to win the finals. eight of the 13 teams went on to sweep. that's what the warriors plan to do on friday night. quick baseball notes. the giants win, a's lose. i'll have more on the 6:00 news tonight. reporting for kpix 5, dennis o'donnell in cleveland.
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all the way in cleveland last night... a few thousand die-hards showed up for the "watch party" last night. there's another one tomorrow warriors fans at oracle were making their voices heard all the way in cleveland last night. thousands showed up for the watch party. and there's another one tomorrow night for game 4 when the warriors could complete the sweep. tickets are 20 bucks each. they go on sale today on the team's website. the ballots are still being counted here at san francisco city hall. coming up, where things stand in the race for mayor and how the candidates feel about all this uncertainty. >> and despite the trump administration's best efforts, the number of people trying to cross into the u.s. illegally remains the same. a new addition to its immigration policy that it tends to criminalize more people next.
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and i'm michelle griego. time is 6-- a new effort by the trump administration k good morning, it's thursday, june 7th. i'm kenny choi. >> i'm michelle griego. time now is 6:30. >> a new effort by the trump administration kicks off to crack down on illegal immigration. jackie ward joins us now with the latest move from the white house. >> reporter: they're hoping this makes a significant difference. the trump administration hopes this new addition to their immigration policy will be what it takes for the number of people trying to cross into the u.s. illegally to go down. operation streamline is the latest adjustment to president trump's zero tolerance policy, essentially a fast track prosecution program. the "los angeles times" reports that in a matter of hours, groups of people at a time could face everything from arraignment to sentencing. the goal is for more people who cross into california illegally to be criminally
6:31 am
charged. this comes as the united nations is calling on the trump administration to stop separating families at the border. the u.n. spokeswoman said children should never be detained because of their own or parents' migration status. >> there is nothing normal about detaining children. as i said, detention is never in the best interests of the child and always constitutes a child rights violation. >> reporter: shortly after the policy was announced in april, the "l.a. times" reports that the number of u.s. border patrol arrests in san diego rose sharply averaging 120 people a day. now, most of those people are not criminally charged but that would change under streamline. in march and april, more than 50,000 people were detained while trying to illegally cross the border according to numbers from the federal government. these numbers are similar to what we saw during the obama administration. >> thank you. the race for san francisco mayor is still a toss-up.
6:32 am
mark leno is currently the front-runner but he is only ahead of london breed by about 1%. anne makovec is live outside city hall. it could be days before a winner is declared. [ pause ] [ no microphone ] >> okay. we can't hear anne but i'm sure she has a lot to say about this. um, and we are going to check in with her in a little bit. but for now we'll check in with neda and jaclyn who is coming in right now. >> enter! give us the forecast. >> hey, i know. >> so much going on. >> there's a lot going on. a lot going on. so let's check -- we're going to go to ... >> neda! >> "june gloom." >> kicking off. >> we are going to talk about the gray skies out there. starting to see it get thicker out there, as well. the cloud coverage coverage now blocking parts of the "salesforce tower." look at this view. you can see it hovering close right at the top of the tower. and i want to take you to some of those tower cameras to show
6:33 am
you what we are seeing out there this morning. here is the view of the "salesforce tower" looking north and then this would be the view west. you can barely see now just moments ago we had a decent shot of san francisco and city hall but that's not the case. this would be the view east. clouds are being pushed by the west winds and that's the story throughout the morning hours. it is cool out there. here's that satellite-radar showing it's getting thicker throughout the morning hours. right after sunrise, that's what tends to happen. visibility also gets reduced a little bit. half moon bay five-mile visibility. oakland airport just dropped down a mile and then petaluma, santa rosa, you're still under the clouds, as well. west winds though keeping things chilly this morning. you want to layer up today. it's going to be very similar to yesterday. so if you thought it was cool yesterday, just take those proper precautions as far as your outfit goes. sfo 16 miles per hour sustained winds through downtown san francisco 15. 14 for oakland. yellow areas past livermore
6:34 am
through altamont, antioch, fairfield, it's breezy. sunrise over the bay. not a bad looking view when you get a little bit of that sunlight. here's the temperatures right now: serious charges after attacking now hearing it could be days inland areas warmer, tomorrow even warmer and then the weekend temperatures dip to comfortable conditions in the 60s, 70s, low 80s. the heat will be on next week. i'll explain coming up. things heating up on the roads, as well. drivers seeing red along interstate 80. this is all due to a motorcycle accident that has two lanes blocked. a traffic alert in effect.
6:35 am
it's stretching to the carquinez bridge. it's a little past cummings skyway at this point. travel times in the red 41 minutes from the carquinez bridge to the maze. this is 80 near 4. you can see as folks make their way through hercules, slow, not a fun ride for the eastshore freeway. over at the maze, traffic continues to be stacked up heading into san francisco. getting very busy. hat's a check of your traffic; over to you. now, we have got our audio issues worked out so that's good. we can finally hear anne makovec, who has the latest on the san francisco mayoral race. anne, we talked yesterday, you thought the decision would come down maybe late yesterday. but it looks like it could be a couple more days. >> reporter: i was hoping you would forget about that, michelle. it might be next week before we find out who the next mayor of san francisco is. they are still counting ballots here at san francisco city hall. the ranked choice voting system is the reason for all of the uncertainty.
6:36 am
as of midnight on election night, london breed looked to be considerably ahead with 42.5% of the vote to mark leno's 31%. jane kim in third. but when kim got eliminated, a huge part of her votes, about 3 out of 4, went to leno because leno was their second choice. so leno's vote count rose to 50.42% by yesterday morning, a 1-point lead over breed's 49.5%. and this was a strategy leno and kim used to try to get each other's number two votes. >> we love the city. it's going through some tough times and we can and will do much better. >> ranked choice voting you never know what's going to happen. so we can't take anything for granted. and clearly, this race is very tight. so we are going to be watching the numbers very closely. >> reporter: of the 240,000 total votes cast by san franciscans, nearly a third, about 85,000, were mailed in
6:37 am
or dropped off. they are being counted. elections officials here at city hall said it could take into next week. they hope to have most of the votes counted by the middle of next week. so unless there's some huge surge in some of the numbers in some of those results, it could be that long until we actually find out. live in san francisco, anne makevoc, kpix 5. a reckless driver in east oakland is facing charges after attacking first responders who tried to help after a crash. police say the suspect sped up a hill near golf links road near the oakland zoo and launched his car into the air. now this all happened about 6 a.m. yesterday. as you can see, from chopper 5, the sedan smashed into a fence and garage and then landed in this backyard. police say the driver then attacked first responders using a medical backboard. >> the officer involved in the incident was transported to a
6:38 am
local hospital and is being treated for his injuries. he sustained significant injuries to his face and head. >> police arrested the driver. he now faces charges of attempted murder and assault. three people including a firefighter were hurt during a wind fueled fire in contra costa county. it started around 5:30 yesterday evening along the pittsburg-antioch highway. investigators think a candle in a nearby homeless encampment sparked the flames a. the fire sent up columns of smoke as it spread from dry grass into antioch auto dismantlers. that prompted contra costa county to issue a health advisory. >> obviously, petroleum products in there, rubber tires, oil, hopefully no gasoline but that's always a possibility. and so the smoke from those kinds of fires is particularly nasty. >> firefighters stayed on the scene for hours to knock down hot spots. the spewing kilauea volcano has generated another
6:39 am
moderate earthquake on the big island of hawaii. yesterday's quake was a magnitude 5.6 and was centered on the volcano's summit. it sent a plume of ash and rock about 10,000 feet into the air. at least 117 homes near the volcano have been destroyed by lava in the past month. authorities in guatemala now say 99 people are confirmed dead in connection with the volcano of fire. at least 197 people are listed as missing. meanwhile, a u.s. air force plane has carried 6 guatemalan children badly burned to texas for treatment. renewed calls for accountability within the milwaukee police department this morning after the violent arrest of an nba player. >> taser, taser taser! >> two weeks ago body cam video was released. bucks rookie sterling drown was's ared and tasered for being parked in two handicapped spots.
6:40 am
new video that wasn't released by the police department shows brown being stepped on and then mocked. one officer is also heard celebrating after he is approved overtime pay and in a surprising admission the new police chief in milwaukee says that he hasn't seen most of this footage. >> i wasn't expecting any of that to come out. i didn't see half of the videos, either. >> city officials are unhappy that police didn't release the video themselves and are calling for a public audit of the investigation. time now 6:40. another bay area city is considering a new tax designed to help deal with an influx of tech workers. >> and another potential scandal involving epa administrator scott pruitt this time connected to chik- fil-a restaurants.
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his wife get her own restaurant. scott pruitt had a former aide us seases the head of the epa is under fire for allegedly trying to use his position to help his wife get her own restaurant. scott pruitt had a former aide use her official accounts to email the ceo of chick-fil-a to talk about getting his wife a franchise. the aide said pruitt himself wanted to speak with the ceo about a potential business opportunity. this is the latest in a string of ethically -- >> it's mind-boggling how long the list is. >> among the other questionable moves, pruitt sent an epa staffer on government time to run personal errands. he is also leased a d.c. condo from a lobbyist's wife below cost and spent tax dollars on first class travel and weekend trips home. yesterday the president said the epa is doing really, really well under pruitt's leadership.
6:45 am
time for a look at what's coming up later on "cbs this morning." norah o'donnell joins us with more. >> reporter: good morning. ahead, we'll talk to the woman whose life sentence on nonviolent cocaine charges was commuted by president trump. alice johnson just spent her first night at home in more than 21 years. plus, first on "cbs this morning," two rock climbers show us how they scaled el capitan in yosemite in under two hours an historic record. and gayle is with oprah winfrey in d.c. for an emotional first look at a major new exhibit celebrating oprah's career. they toured it together at the national museum of african- american history and culture. don't miss it. all that plus the eye-opener, your world in 90 seconds. we'll see you at 7:00. >> that's going to be a good interview. i didn't know gayle and oprah knew each other. strange. >> ha ha! >> yeah. besties. but think about having -- being present for a quarter century like oprah was, her show, and having it in a museum. it really is kind of a big
6:46 am
moment in history. >> for sure! all right. we'll be watching then, norah. see you at 7:00. time now 6:45. talking finance and the economy a sign of hope in the trade issues between the u.s. and china. kcbs radio's financial reporter jason brooks reports. >> reporter: definitely a good sign in regards to u.s. china relations on trade. chinese tech firm zte agreed to pay a $1 billion fine in order for a ban to be lifted on it doing business with u.s. companies. it will also set aside $400 million in an escrow account to cover potential future violations. wilber ross said it wasn't as a result of overall negotiations but wall street analysts have been focusing on that issue as the signal in the trade talks and the "wall street journal is reporting that qualcomm is about to get approval in china for its purchase of nxp semiconductors another good sign in the trade talks which resulted in very big gains for the stock market yesterday.
6:47 am
the u.s. economy continues to show strong signals. the labor department says weekly jobless claims fell by 1,000 to 222,000. that is close to a 50-year low. the stock market is off to a mixed start today. the dow is building at its highest level in 3 months up another 100 points today. nasdaq is building on its streak of records up another 4 points. the s&p 500 higher by 6 points in the early going. >> jason brooks from kcbs radio, thank you. the city of sunnyvale is looking at imposing a tax that would have a major financial impact on big tech companies. tech giants with large staffs are being blamed for contributing to big problems like traffic and the high cost of housing. so city council member michael goldman and others are looking at ways to make those companies contribute more to help solve those issues. goldman says the tax would apply to businesses with large staffs. companies with more employees working within city limits would pay more.
6:48 am
we have a traffic alert on 80 affecting commuters there. >> this accident still out there, still causing slowdowns. it's a motorcycle crash westbound 80 at pinole valley road. we are taking a live look. as you are going through hercules you will be on the brakes. drive times continue to show red. 52 minutes from the carquinez bridge to the maze. we have two lanes that remain closed due to this injury crash. so chp is not giving us a time as to when the lanes will re- open. but you can expect delays to stick around through much of the morning. you can see the backup from the 580 approach and the berkeley curve there "slow, stop, go" the name of the game. we were doing so well and now red on the roads. southbound direction 880 from 238 down to 84.
6:49 am
we are seeing the speeds decrease and those travel times increase a little under 25 minutes. it's a hazy ride across the san mateo bridge bridge. 22 minutes over to 101. 880 in the south bay at the 101 transition. you can see that northbound side getting slow. we have an accident northbound 880 near montague expressway. it looks like it was blocking one lane and chp may have just cleared that. so hopefully things will start to improve through that stretch. expect slowdowns. "june gloom" in full effect. a sliver of sunlight trying to be seen out there. a look at the west, show you what's going on there at the beaches. we are definitely noticing cloud coverage right along the
6:50 am
coast staying until 11 a.m. drizzle and the marine layer along the water. over berkeley lawrence hall of science camera showing gray conditions out there, as well. and our satellite-radar shows how thick it is and how east it's gone. wind speeds gusty starting to pick up near sfo. san ramon picking up 13-mile- per-hour sustained winds. gusts 20, 25 miles and the hills throughout berkeley and oakland and near altamont, as well. look at the skies over san jose. brighter with higher cloud coverage. the cloud coverage helps keep things in the mid-50s for san jose. it didn't drop down too much. santa rosa though under some clear conditions for you. so that's why you're at 47 degrees.
6:51 am
inland areas maybe one or two degrees warmer below average by about 9, 10 degrees. san jose also about 7 degrees below average. san francisco we should be right around 66. we are looking at low 60s today. upper 50s at the coast. expect clouds to stick around there near pacifica. 57 for that afternoon high. sunnyvale 70. fremont 66 degrees. over in the east bay, this is where it will be warmer: walnut creek around 70, same as yesterday. sausalito 62. around the bay it will stay cooler. we are all impacted by the cooler ocean water temperatures, low 50s. and yes, when the winds blow on through from the west, that's what cools us down. so we are definitely being impacted by that air- conditioning that's the pacific ocean. now we are going to get this ridge of high pressure. that's going to start to heat things up a lot next week. for now, this low to the north will bring our temperatures to near normal for the weekend.
6:52 am
pretty comfortable, 70s and sites for most of you. monday 90s, tuesday upper 90s. that's your forecast. electric scooters were booted off the streets and sidewalks of san francisco a few days ago. now scooter companies like lime, spin and bird have until 5 p.m. today to turn in their permit applications. if the permits are granted, the sfmta plans to allow only 1200 or so scooters in the first six months. time now 6:52. the two men charged in the deadly ghost ship warehouse fire will be on opposing sides in court today. details on their dispute. >> reporter: and pins and needles, the state of the san francisco mayoral race this morning. coming up where things stand.
6:53 am
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6:55 am
wouldn't be surprised if we saw some zig zagging and seesawing." "i've said all along to people ... it's ranked choice voting ... you never konw wha
6:56 am
i'm anne makovec live in san francisco where tens of thousands of votes are still being counted. we still don't know who might be the next mayor of san francisco. as of midnight on election night, london breed was ahead with 42.5% of the vote to mark leno's 31%. jane kim was in third. but when kim got eliminated, a huge part of her vote, 75%, went to leno, because leno was their second choice. that's how leno's vote count rose to 50.42% by yesterday morning. it's a one-point lead. this is a strategy leno and kim used to get each other's number two votes. >> patience shall be rewarded. >> i wouldn't be surprised if we saw some zigzagging and seesawing. >> i have said all along to people, even though it showed me leading in the polls, that this is going to be a close race as ranked choice voting you never know what's going to
6:57 am
happen. >> of the 240,000 total votes cast by san franciscans nearly a third about 85,000 were mailed in or dropped off. so they are still being counted. elections officials say it could take into next week before they are actually finished counting those ballots. live in san francisco, anne makevoc, kpix 5. voter turnout was low across california in this week's primaries... initial results show about 22 rcent of registere time for your "final 5." >> voter turnout was low in california for the primaries. initial results so about 22% of registered voters voted. most of bay area counties are reporting turnout below 30%. san mateo county is only reporting 19%. it could take weeks to get the final numbers. today president trump begins a week full of meetings with world leaders. he will meet with japanese prime minister shinso abe today before heading to canada for the g7 summit.
6:58 am
there he will meet with leaders who aren't happy with the tariffs that just took effect. 99 people are now confirmed dead after a volcanic eruption in guatemala. at least 197 people are listed as missing as search crews sift through the ash and rubble. six badly burned guatemala children arrived in texas for treatment just a few hours ago. police are searching for suspects in a shooting outside oracle arena last night. the man was shot in the parking lot as fans left the warriors watch party for game 3. there's no word on his condition or a possible motive. lawyers for the two defendants in the ghost ship warehouse fire will go head to head today. max harris wants to push back the trial date to give defense more time to prepare. derick almena wants to proceed to trial as planned. tracking delays through novato. this is 101 at ignacio and you can see that southbound side on the right of your screen in the yellow 12 minutes from
6:59 am
roland to 580. all lanes have been cleared after that motorcycle crash really tied things up on westbound 80 at pinole valley road so the freeway is reopened westbound but that backup continues to linger. 52 minutes from the carquinez bridge to the maze and it's slow at the maze heading into san francisco. especially your 580 approach getting pretty heavy out there. one moment you see the city and now you don't. that's the story of the past few minutes with our "salesforce tower" tamaras because of the clouds. this would be facing west. check out the view facing north. you can see the transamerica pyramid there. temperatures are cool out there. 52 in san francisco. 54 livermore. yes, we have clouds and west winds yet again. so that marine layer in full effect large and in charge. 15-mile-per-hour winds at sfo and breezy in the area. afternoon highs today very close to what yesterday brought us. low to mid-60s around the bay. low 70s for most inland areas.
7:00 am
cbs this morning is coming up great day. >> "cbs this morning" is next. your next local update is 7:26. good morning to our viewers in the west. it's thursday, june 7th, 2018. welcome to "cbs this morning." a great-grandmother says she's been resurrected after president trump ordered her release from prison. we'll talk with alice johnson about her 21 years behind bars and her first night of freedom. new police body camera video shows mesa, arizona, officers beating a suspect. how the footage is leading to change for a department already under scrutiny. samantha bee returns to tv and apologizes for using an obscene andex


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