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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5PM  CBS  June 7, 2018 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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owns one of the dogs. he's hoping to reunite with his manchester jack this evening.>> knowing that he was gone, it ansport the 14 show dogs from t to keep the left the air air-conditioning on. surveillance video showed that this man drove off in the van. at this time he did not know that there were dogs inside. >> you know, we are just beyond concern. i don't care about my property or the van. i just want the dogs back.>> many people at the competition criticized the handler.>> of got no hard feelings, i'm just happy to have him back. i'm relieved.>> reporter: he says if his dog is all right,
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they plan to compete in saturday's dog show. police say all the dogs appear to be doing fine at this point, they are looking for the car thief. live in vallejo, kpix5. a woman's recovery after being gored by a bison at yellowstone national park, she was with a group of people who approached the bison yesterday. they god within 15 feet of the animal. it charged the crowd ramming the woman in the hip. she is reported to be in good condition but is in the hospital. police are investigating a shooting in san francisco that ended with police surrounding a car outside of the hospital. shots were fired two hours ago in the mission district near cesar chavez. you could see the heavy police presence there. at least two people were taken to the general hospital with
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gunshot wounds. you could see officers taped off the block as they continue to investigate. police say that this man drove the victims to the hospital. he was handcuffed after police say he refused their orders to get out of the car. details in a deadly tesla crash on highway 101. according to a federal report, the car on autopilot sped up before impact. our reporter is at the tesla factory in fremont with more about these new findings. >> reporter: this report comes at a crucial time for tesla. they are struggling to meet the demand for their popular model three-car and they are producing about 100,000 vehicles per year at the fremont plant. a lot more of these vehicles are on the road today, many of them using this autopilot feature which is central to the investigation.>> reporter: seconds before the deadly crash into a traffic divider on highway 101 and 85 in mountain view last march, the tesla model
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on autopilot sped from 62-70 miles per hour. the ring left into the -- veering to the left. the occupant was killed the findings are similar to this crash where the tesla model also on autopilot was found to have's head up seconds before it crashed into a fire truck. some tesla drivers i spoke to use autopilot, they say it's a useful feature especially in stop and go traffic.>> i use it daily. i dropped the cruise control around town.>> reporter: this pharmacist says he finds the system reliable and safe but
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uses caution such as keeping his hands on the steering wheel at all times.>> if you don't have your hands on the steering wheel after 30 seconds there's a bunch of lights on the dashboard that flash doing this -- to remind you to put your hands on the steering wheel.>> the onboard computer did not contact -- detected the hands on the wheel. they found no indication of breaking before the car hit the barrier and burst into flames. tesla didn't comment on this report but referred to the earlier statement of the crash. >> tesla autopilot does not prevent all accidents. it makes them much less likely to occur. it unequivocally makes the world safer for the vehicle occupants, pedestrians, and cyclists. >> reporter: there's been no word from tesla founder elon musk who has been at odds with the ntsb after a series of types of reports on the tesla crashes. he has accused the ntsb of
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being more concerned with press headlines then actually promoting safety. reporting live from fremont, kpix5. >> enthusiasm for self driving cars appears to be waning. 46 % of bay area drivers say that they are willing to relinquish control but that is down from 50 to % from last year. 22 % think that self driving cars could solve the bay area's traffic problems. 65 % say they are not convinced. the bay area council surveyed 1000 registered voters in nine counties. numbers show the top two candidates in the san francisco mayor's race are now only 255 votes apart. a razor thin lead over the supervisor london brie. the department of elections say they received new ballots today as many as 84,000 need to be counted. we may not know who the winner is.
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mark pulled ahead as he picked up ranked choice votes. with the fourth of july less than a month away cal fire busted a booming illegal fireworks business. more than 49,000 pounds of illegal fireworks were seized. hundreds of boxes were found stacked up in sweltering outdoor storage containers. officers recovered more than $150,000 in cash along with computers and guns. this is the result of a three- year investigation by cal fire federal agents, and state and local law enforcement. these people have been arrested. they say the ring had been flying under the radar for decades. >> they reason to believe that the suspects have been illegally importing, transporting, storing, distributing, and ultimately selling this product of
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dangerous fire products throughout california. this practice has gone on for at least 30 years.>> hellfire says the illegal fireworks start at least 18,000 fires. resulting in various deaths and millions of dollars in property damage. cal fire is storing this explosive stockpile until it could be safely disposed of. a teenage home invader gave himself away with his choice of t-shirt. investigators say this 17-year- old was wearing a billionaire boys club shirt when he and his accomplice broke into a home in the evergreen neighborhood last week. and forced the owner to open his safe at gunpoint. they got away with a ar-15 rifle, a pistol, cash, and jewelry. home security video led to the suspects. the other suspect is identified as this 19-year-old
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oscar vasquez. police are not naming the other suspect. a man is behind bars accused of human trafficking of a 17-year-old in san francisco.>> human trafficking is growing in san francisco. in 2015 we know over 500 cases of human trafficking here in our city. unfortunately, we are in a crisis moment in our city and do not have the resources to deal with the problem.>> the suspect has been identified as a 19-year-old, the district attorney says he was arrested last month. other bay area headlines, this gleaming office tower could be going up in san jose. the tower has been proposed for downtown. it's near the google transit village. if approved, the project will break ground next summer. fire destroyed a boat in san rafael this morning. firefighter say thanks to the quick action of the neighbors, the fire didn't spread to other boats. police paddled out to the burning boat to save the dog from being hurt.
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the dog was safely reunited with his owner. this suspect tried to open a door and winds up breaking off the handle in concord. after a few more unsuccessful attempts he finally broke in and stole nearly $5000 worth of lottery tickets. a step toward creating affordable housing with a new village near the colosseum of bartz station in oakland. they began putting together these pre-constructed units in place at this parking lot at 71st avenue. the units were built in idaho and taken to oakland. the project is called colosseum connections. it will eventually have 110 apartments and townhouses.>> the benefits of the construction we are recognizing today, the speed and efficiency, the off-site construction, it's bringing value. it's been in the works for years. our efficiency for this project, it's been exciting.>> the project will be finished
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next january. electric scooters could be back on the streets of san francisco in a more orderly fashion. the deadline passed for scooter companies to file for a permit to park them in public. at last check, six companies have filed their paperwork including bird. they will review the applications and make a decision on the permits by the end of the month. lawyers for the former 49er are making a plea in his case against the nfl. they report that his lawyers are expected to seek subpoenas for the president, vice president and other campaign officials. last fall he filed a grievance against the nfl owners for collusion. accusing them of keeping him from the nfl because of his national anthem protest. with the help of a reality star, is 63-year-old grandmother is finally free after serving two decades for a
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drug crime. alice johnson arrived home in memphis last night where her family was waiting. she was serving a sentence without parole for being part of a cocaine trafficking ring. her release was set in motion by kim kardashian west who made an appeal to the president last week.>> i woke up without a bunkbed over my head. that was great. i would like to tell the president thank you so much, i'm going to be the one who will make you so proud.>> the white house said they will always be tough on crime but that some people deserve a second chance. smashing their own record over and over again. meet the duo that scaled el capitan than less -- in less than two hours. a new report card is in, we are failing. the bay area beach is topping the most polluted list. a look at the game against the cavs and what we can expect tomorrow.
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life on mars, the rover makes an exciting new discovery. that's coming up on the cbs evening news. the largest multicultural celebration on the west coast. >> happy 40th anniversary.>> we live streamed the entire parade . so the world could watch. >> it brings people together that normally would never be together.>> we showcased all of the highlights in a special broadcast. expect original coverage from kpix5 news . expect more. (sound of engine starting)
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weaving your own shoes...rgy by out of flax. or simply adjust your thermostat. do your thing, with energy upgrade california. (sound of footsteps) (sound of car door opening) (car door closes) (sound of engine starting) shattered a record.. once considered *impossible when they
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scaled yosemite's el capitan. the legendary granite cliff face is about three *thousand feet high. fear of heights is to rock climbers shattered a record, once considered impossible. they scaled el capitan. it fazes about 3000 feet high.>> fear of heights? not an option. according to these guys, taking their time yesterday was not an option either.>> i look bad but i feel good.>> reporter: one hour and 58 minutes, seven seconds, that is all it took this man and his friend to speak lima up this storied route.>> i did not know we were going up. but then i saw the timer and i was like, we did it.>> reporter: they took on this challenge that no one else had conquered. it was less than two hours and 19 minutes.>> it was like to be done? so it had that sort of allure to it.>> reporter: they scaled
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yosemite's towering granite formation rising above 3000 feet from base to summit. that is taller than about three a salesforce towers. the feet could be likened to a marathoner breaking a two hour barrier which has never been done before.>> it's fair to compare this to a two hour marathon. it's the same cardiovascular output. you are using your whole body and trying for two hours.>> reporter: it was the third time they try to scale el capitan in less than two hours. the previous effort came up short. they are thinking that the clime could be done in under 90 minutes.>> we could go up this evening you know? >> i think that i'm good.>> this photo shows the view halfway up. those would be the climber's shoes. the route they took was easy. either way, they rocked the climbing record. kpix5. >> i'm getting woozy looking at the picture. tommy caldwell had to close calls during the training and
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survived two falls and is likely -- and is lucky considering two men died saturday after attempting the same clime. facebook is revealing a software bug made private posts public. this effect did as many as 14 million users. this happened in facebook says the bug automatically suggested users make new mayposts public even they had previously indicated that they only wanted to share their posts with friends. facebook is facing 30 class- action lawsuits stemming from the cambridge analytic a privacy scandal. the federal judge in san francisco will be handing out the decision on the cases filed in northern california, illinois, new jersey, and tech this. facebook's suspended cambridge analytic a after it obtained as many as 87 million users data. the nba finals are back on. the warriors have a shot this week. the cavaliers, they went for the third time in four seasons.>> they could think
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kevin durand for the career night -- they could think kevin durand for the career night in game three. >> reporter: you've got it, dreymond green told me he doesn't think they've played this game in the final. it's true. stuff curry had terrible shooting last night. but once again, he was bailed out by kevin durand. >> clay thompson and the rest of the warriors had seen this before kevin durant in a leading role. he blew them away with a team three in the closing moments. a sequel from last year's performance in game three.>> kevin durant from downtown. >> reporter: a thumbs up review
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for his shots.>> he's got it almost identical or further from the same spot last year so, he's just, he is great.>> it was like dij@ vu last year. all the way around. >> he got to his spot a little further back. it was beautiful.>> he was amazing.>> they needed him more than ever last night considering stuff curry's box office flop. he was 1-10 for three.>> what does it tell you might happen with him in game four.>> i won't say. i will keep shooting. that is for sure.>> who knows if there's crypt would have been written this way -- if there script would have been written this way. portland picked greg alden first overall instead paving the way for kevin durant to end up in oklahoma city and later in the bay area. >> from the time he was drafted
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he was going for greatness. everyone knew beside portland, i guess. [ laughter ] >> reporter: it's scary to think about. portland thinking, what were rethinking not picking kevin durant but i will now -- i will tell you, who will be the mvp? curry when the finals mvp. both of those guys right now are neck and neck. reporting live, kpix5. >> we will see how he plays tomorrow.>> he is due.>> thank you dennis. if you're planning going to the beach this weekend, some of the most polluted spots in the entire state are right near the bay area. five of the top 10 dirtiest beaches are in san mateo county, lakeshore park, roseville, and surfers beach. plus the speech in santa cruz county. according to the annual report card from the group heal the
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bay. they say the bacteria comes from poor circulation and runoff from polluted rivers, storm drains, getting in the water could lead to respiratory or gastrointestinal illness. >> no one should get sick from a day at the beach so we published the beach water quality information in a simple a-f grade to go to the beach to be more informed and decide which beach they want to go to.>> on the positive note most of the other beaches in the area got letter a or b grades. >> i would give the beach a c for the cold. the ocean is running at 51 degrees. that is a beautiful view from sales force tower. we are sunny but chilly. when the chili part changes, that's coming up. tonight, a
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high school valedictorian cut off. she says the school censored her speech because she went off script. a me too message she wants everyone to hear. the markets closed big. here's a look at the closing numbers from wall street.
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out *exclusive sales force tower camera looking at the bay bridge. it's been a sunny but *chilly day for some.. when do we get back to that hot summer feeling, paul? taking a live look outside from our exclusive sales force tower camera looking at the bay bridge. it's just beautiful. it looks like it's a postcard. it's been a sunny but chilly day for some. he typical. when will we get back to the height of that summer ?feelg >> you know, next week there are significant changes coming. we sit next to the ocean so we know it's cold but it's a matter of how cold. as soon as we change the wind direction to a different direction earn -- a direction, that's coming up next week. today we were mild.
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one location miti 280 degrees but otherwise, we were comfortable below average. livermore in san jose and concord at the 70s. highs in the low to mid 60s. low 50s overnight. fremont at 53, napa at 53. i want to show the radar because yes, we have been chilly but we've also been very dry. i added up san jose, 52 consecutive days without measurable rain. only a trace of rain in june and in the month of may. it's been almost 2 months since rain in the santa clara valley. we got a lot of outdoor events this weekend, one is the lurid airily -- one is the chocolate festival. the livermore rodeo, the 100th year both saturday and sunday.
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the flow from the ocean is not relenting. today, it was light to moderate. tomorrow won't be as strong as this ridge of high pressure slides toward the south but this low in the gulf of alaska will dive down and increase your onshore flow. our temperatures will be cooler than normal coming up this weekend. future cast tomorrow morning, notice the clouds along the coastline. less cloud cover then we had this morning. sunny from start to finish but not above average because the breeze is still there. watch the change on saturday as we see morning cloud cover with high clouds moving in in the afternoon. going to partly sunny skies on turday. we will be as close to average as we have been in a while tomorrow but still below average. cool again this weekend before the big change next week. 80s in concord, 80 in livermore, 83 in santa rosa, oakland will hit 70, san francisco will be at 66 degrees with mainly sunny skies.
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cooler weather saturday. more mild on sunday. then the change next week. we warm-up 70s near the bay, 80s to low 90s are likely inland. that's her forecast. we will be right back.
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the white house. the pizza delivery man now at the center of a national immigration nasa says cou where the president says that the north korean leader could end up at the white house. the pizza delivery man at the center of a national immigration controversy. what nasa says could be a breakthrough on mars. coming up in just a few seconds on the cbs evening news. a woman is being credited for
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saving an old tree. what she did when she saw workers with chainsaws. we are back in 30 minutes. captioning sponsored by cbs thu >> glor: on this thursday night, the president says if the north korea summit goes well, kim jong-un could be coming to the white house. vee pizza delivery man arrested on an army base now at the center of a national immigration controversy. oud what nasa says could be a gheakthrough on mars. but first, tonight's headlines in 60 seconds. >> will you be inviting north nvrean leader kim jong-un to the -un ed states? >> the answer is yes if it goes well. i think it would be well received, so i think that could happen. >> earlier today, a.t.f. was conducting an undercover operation in gary, indiana when one of our officers was shot haltiple times. wo i had no idea that donald trump would be the one to free me, i love hear him saying, "you're fired." he just toe,e."


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