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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  June 8, 2018 7:00am-8:59am PDT

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that list. >> watch party at my house! go "dubs"! and all you wanted to do was blanket-like softness andt and premium protection.your baby in so that all they feel is love. pampers the number one choice of hospitals, nurses and parents we believe nutrition is full of possibilities to improve good morning to our viewers in the west. it's friday, june 8th, 2018. your pet's life. we are redefining what nutrition can do. welcome to "cbs this morning." because the possibility of a longer life breaking news, the well-known celebrity chef and tv host and a better life is the greatest possibility of all. anthony bourdain is found dead purina pro plan. nutrition that performs. in a french hotel. he reportedly took his own life. why is dark magic so spell-bindingly good? we'll look back at his it's a bold blend of coffee groundbreaking career. with rich flavors of uganda, sumatra, colombia >> president trump is prepared for a face-to-face showdown with and other parts of south america. like these mountains, each amazing on their own. america's closest allies over but together? magical. trade and other issues. all, for a smoother tasting cup of coffee. the president of france says the green mountain coffee roasters. g-7 is ready to move forward without the united states. >> only on "cbs this morning," the developers of a new, ictive how it could be an answer to the opoid crisis. plus, nasa's curiosity rover
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discovers new evidence there could have been life on mars. wearing powerful sunscreen? in our pay attention series, why yes! neutrogena® ultra sheer. doctors are sending patients unbeatable protection helps prevent into the forest to improve their early skin aging and skin cancer health. but we begin this morning with a clean feel. with a look at today's eye the best for your skin. opener you world in 90 seconds. ultra sheer®. neutrogena®. >> world renowned chef, moms love that land o' frost premium sliced meats best-selling author. >> award-winning host of cnn's have no by-products. "parts unknown" anthony bourdain [conference phone] baloney! [conference phone] has joined the call. hey baloney here. has died. >> someone with every fiber was i thought this was a no by-products call? a celebration of life, how do land o' frost premium. a slice above. you reckwrec reckoncile it was y man 1: this is my body of proof. woman 1: proof of less joint pain... woman 2: ...and clearer skin. suicide? >> trump in a brawl over trade. woman 3: this is my body of proof. >> president trump will leave the summit early to prepare for man 2: proof that i can fight psoriatic arthritis... the meeting with kim jong-un. woman 4: ...with humira. >> i think i'm very well woman 5: humira targets and blocks prepared. i don't think i have to prepare a specific source of inflammation very much. >> an aide in a leak case. that contributes to both joint and skin symptoms. accused of lying to the fbi about contacts he had with three it's proven to help relieve pain, stop further irreversible joint damage, and clear skin in many adults. reporters. >> an arizona man whose violent arrest was caught on camera is humira is the #1 prescribed biologic speaking out. >> i want mesa to be held
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for psoriatic arthritis. accountable. >> officials say the lava from avo: humira can lower your ability to fight infections, including tuberculosis. the erupting kill kilauea serious, sometimes fatal infections and cancers, including lymphoma, have happened; volcano has destroyed 600 homes. as have blood, liver, and nervous system problems, >> caught on video. >> it's a plane on the highway. serious allergic reactions, and new or worsening heart failure. >> and all that matters. >> suspicion of a sonic attack before treatment, get tested for tb. tell your doctor if you've been to areas led to government personnel where certain fungal infections are common, being evacuated out of china. >> a rival country is attacking and if you've had tb, hepatitis b, us with sound. are prone to infections, or have flu-like symptoms or sores. is it panama? panama! don't start humira if you have an infection. >> on "cbs this morning." woman 6: need more proof? woman 7: ask your rheumatologist about humira. >> the puck drops. man 1: what's your body of proof? the words that d.c. fans have been waiting to hear since 1974, the washington capitals are the 2018 stanley cup champions! ♪ we are the champions ♪ of the world >> this morning's eye opener is presented by toyota, let's go places.
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>> welcome to "cbs this morning." gayle king is off. so alex wagner is with us. >> great to be here. car crash on highway 680 this morning. >> as you wake up in the west, we're following breaking news. famed chef and tv personality the driver who caused the collision says he anthony bourdain has died at the good morning, i'm michelle griego. age of 61. an 8-year-old girl died in a cnn said this morning the cause of death was suicide. car crash on highway 680 this morning. the driver who caused the bourdain was found by a friend collision says he fell asleep in a french hotel room. >> in a statement, cnn said his at the wheel. two other people have been hospitalized. police in san francisco talents never ceased to amaze us and we will miss him very much. are looking for a gunman in a vladimir duthiers is following the story. vlad, good morning. deadly shooting yesterday >> the news is shocking. afternoon near cesar chavez and treat. 21-year-old jaime poole of san anthony was a master of his francisco was killed. craft, a renowned chef, a two others were hurt. stay with us; a look at best-selling author and a tra ffic and weather in just a moment. savings. popular television personality. he had been dubbed the culinary bad boy and was open for years if you're looking for an incredible selection of the about his demons. brands you love, this season's newest trends >> this country when i first for a fraction of what you'd pay at department stores, arrived here, it smelled like a place that i would like. >> reporter: for anthony ♪ you gotta go to ross bourdain, food was more than
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nourishment. it was an identity. >> how african is brazilian cuisine in general? >> 90%. >> reporter: a way to understand different cultures and people. bourdain's career took off in 1999 when, as a struggling chef, he wrote an article for the new yorker about what happened behind the scenes in restaurants. the article became a best-selling book. "kitchen confidential." >> france needs me, i'm thinking, now more than ever. why me? because i'm a cook. >> reporter: in 2005, he became they'd tell you to go to ross. a household name with his travel and food show "no reservations." because there's so much to choose from. listen to your pets. bringing the world into people's they're your best friends, living rooms. in recent years, he found a home so they don't want you to spend more than you have to. if you want to save big on pet accessories, at cnn. >> cheers. >> reporter: with his popular you gotta go to ross. show "parts unknown" where he explored more than just food. >> do you feel it's parity for women as if you were paid and treated as well as men? >> yes, yes, i i think so. >> he lit up every room that he good morning. 7:27. slowdowns on the eastshore walked into here at cnn. >> reporter: bourdain's cnn freeway because of an accident colleagues were emotional friday morning agz they reacted to the blocking the middle lane
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news of his death. >> he was the walking embodiment westbound 80 right at appian way. speeds dip below 25 miles per of passion. >> reporter: bourdain was open hour. delays starting to back up about his struggle with drugs. beyond the richmond parkway. in a 2016 interview with past that things pick up. this is 80 at carlson., he said he was westbound side on the right one of the lucky ones. side of your screen, no delays after giving up heroin in the heading over towards the maze. 1980s. we made it out alive, he said. but once you get to the bay there are a lot of guyings that bridge toll plaza, it is didn't get that far. sluggish through the metering lights. let's check in with neda now bourdain appeared on "cbs this on the forecast. a lot of you want to start morning" throughout the years. in 2012, he spoke about his your weekend now, i don't travels. >> the world is actually a blame you. look how gorgeous it is out somewhat nicer place than i there. sunshine over the bay, picture- would have thought. perfect start to this friday. temperatures are going to be you know, it's nice at my age to warmer today thanks to the sunshine. get to learn stuff on a regular right now we are in the 50s for most of you. 54 in livermore. 58 in concord. and those afternoon highs in basis. >> cnn said bourdain was in concord, you're going to be 80. france working on an upcoming 85 for fairfield. 50s to 80s today. episode of "parts unknown." 90s next week. his death just days after fashion designer kate spade died from suicide. the ability that he had to bring together people from all boundaries, ethnicity, religious, national, around good libations, that was his --
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>> it's hard to imagine someone who had such an appetite for life doing something like this. >> who seemed to have everything going for him. >> yes. >> vlad, thank you. president trump is arriving in canada at this hour to begin several days of high-stakes diplomacy. his first stop is the g-7 summit in quebec where he expects tough talks with six u.s. allies, canada, france, britain, germany, italy and japan. >> relations are tense after the president put new tariffs on steel and aluminum from the european union, canada and mexico. now threatening u.s. products. weijia jiang is in quebec. >> reporter: president trump's america first mantra has led to policy decisions that have angered u.s. allies. g-7 finance ministers are plus one. now president trump is suggesting russia be reinstated in the group after it was kicked out in 2014.
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>> i'll tell you what, it's what i do. it won't even be hard. and in the end, we'll all get along. >> reporter: on his way to the g-7 summit, president trump seemed positive, despite the messages he posted on twitter yesterday. trump tweeted canadian prime minister justin trudeau, quote, ♪ is being so indignate and welcome back to "cbs this morning." slammed both trudeau and french here are three things you should know this morning. facebook is warning 14 million president macron. they said they will not back users that a software bug may have caused them to unknowingly down to trump, who said his administration recently imposed post content publicly instead of tariffs will help keep the u.s. safe. privately. the bug switched user's default "it is laughable," prime privacy settings over several minister trudeau said. days in may. facebook says it changed every post that was affected back to the g-7 summit typically private and it urging users to concludes with all seven leaders review privacy settings. signing a joint communique. there's a chance that won't >> naughty little bug. fans of drip coffee at happen. president macron tweeted the other six leaders wouldn't mind starbucks are paying more for their cup of joe. signing one without the u.s. the chain raised its prices by thursday, president trump hosted 10 cents to 20 cents in most
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japan's prime minister shinzo u.s. shops. a small coffee now costs between abe, who will also attend the $1.95 and $2.15 depending on g-7, but that other summit coming up in singapore stole the location. spotlight. >> i think i've been preparing for this summit for a long time. starbucks third price increase in three years. as has the other side. the golden state warriors may be one win away from >> is he going to be too sweeping the cleveland cavaliers distracted by his trip to in the nba finals. singapore? >> no. it would be their third nba the president is at ease with title in the past four seasons. all these tough issues. he's proven himself to be a the cavaliers are facing a 3-0 leader on the world stage. deficit which no nbc team has >> reporter: but president trump is leaving the g-7 early. ever, ever overcome to win a series. the team tip-off is in game four he will travel directly to singapore tomorrow morning. tonight. the u.s. has also broken with >> alice johnson is making plans to meet reality tv star kim the other countries, breaking out of the iran nuclear deal and kardashian west who helped orchestrate her release from clashing with them over how to address climate change and he prison. will, by the way, be missing the 63-year-old great-grandmother was serving a life sentence without parole for discussions about that. her role in a cocaine alex. >> weijia, thanks. distribution ring. while the president said he is kardashian west lobbied president trump to commute her well prepared to meet with kim jong-un on tuesday, he also said sentence. attitude is more important than adriana diaz is in memphis where preparation. ben tracy is in singapore, johnson spent her first full day looking ahead to the much of freedom. anticipated meeting there. adrianna, good morning. ben, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. we spent the day with alice
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>> reporter: good morning. johnson as she admitted to us so we just arrived here in singapore a couple of hours ago. she didn't even know who kim there's definitely a buzz in the kardashian was. air about this upcoming summit. she'd been in prison for 21 years. she now calls the reality tv it's unclear if people are more excited about the idea of star her war angel. for reuniting her with her perhaps catching a glimpse of trump or kim jong-un. family. these two leaders have a big gap >> lord, i thank you for this to close in the negotiations. meal. president trump continues to say >> reporter: alice johnson was that his goal is to get north grateful on her first full day of freedom. >> this is what i've been korea to agree to complete missing. >> what? >> this food. this kind of food. denuclearization and also a >> reporter: finding joy in the quick time line for making that little things. like time spent with family. happen. >> the best thing has been being but kim jong un, has only said able to hug unrestricted. he's willing to talk about it and has made no firm promises >> reporter: for johnson's for what he wants in return for giving up his weapons. daughter, catina scales, having president trump stated if north her mother home still feels korea does not agree to denuke, then the harsh sanctions on the surreal. >> i touch her. making sure she's here. regime will remain in place. >> reporter: johnson was serving he warned if the meeting here on a life sentence without parole tuesday is not going well, he on a first-time nonviolent drug offense for her role in a will simply walk out of it. cocaine drug ring. the president continued to predict he thinks this will be a last week, reality tv star kim successful summit here in singapore. he says if he and kim jong-un kardashian west met with president trump after watching hit it off, he will invite him this video of johnson from the to visit the united states. alex. news website mic. >> ben tracy in singapore, what did you think of donald
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trump at the time that you were thanks. we will bring you live extensive going into prison? >> i just knew him from "the coverage of the summit. cbs evening news anchor jeff apprentice" and he was always glor will be in singapore on funny to me. i love hearing him say "you're monday to lead our reporting right here on "cbs this morning." fired." the senate intelligence he just told me "you're free." >> i just felt this connection committee former head of to her. >> reporter: kardashian west security is due in court today spoke publicly for the first accused of lying to the fbi about talking with reporters. time since johnson's release, citing the thousands serving life for drug charges. 58-year-old james wolfe was arrested yesterday. >> it just so happened to be the fbi says he was in regular that alice was on my screen at contact with a number of that moment, at that time, when i was on, but it doesn't mean journalists. "the new york times" says investigators secretly seized phone and e-mail records from that we're going to stop here. one of its reporters. >> i plan on magnifying my jeff pegues is outside the situation. so that people can see a human justice department. jeff, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. being. >> reporter: are you thinking wolfe's arrest comes as the about the women still in that white house is cracking down on leakers. prison? >> they're tattooed on my heart. prosecutors say that wolfe falsely claimed to fbi agents in i could never forget them. an interview in 2017 that he did >> reporter: there are nearly not have contact with reporters. 2,000 people serving life sentences for drug charges in but according to this federal prison. johnson wants to vote her new indictment, until late thursday, found freedom to them by investigators say he had advocating for police and repeated contact with at least three reporters between 2015 and
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sentencing reform. john. >> adriana, thanks. scientists are excited by 2017. wolfe's job as the director of new evidence of potential building blocks of life on mars. security for the senate intelligence committee gave him nasa announced yesterday that access to classified its curiosity rover discovered information. "the new york times" reported organic molecules and an that investigators secretly increase in methane gas. seized years worth of phone and kris van clean is at nasa's e-mail records from reporter ali goddard spaceflight center in watkins. "the times" reports maryland with the discoveries. investigators did not obtain the >> reporter: is animation of the content of those messages. curiosity rover on mars. it's been there for almost six "the times" says watkins had a years now. three-year personal relationship this latest discovery could be with wolfe before she began the best evidence yet that life working for the paper in 2017. now, watkins denies that wolf may have once existed there or could even still be there. gave her classified information and her attorney says the >> if mars did not have a failed seizure of her data was in their attempt at life, i would find that surprising based on what words, disconcerting. we're learning today. now this is the first known >> reporter: while they weren't announcing evidence of life on incident that the department of the red planet, nasa scientists justice, under the trump say the curiosity rover has administration, has seized a reporter's data. found organic molecules on mars. it is a tactic that the obama administration used in the past. we reached out to james wolf for a comment. na we still haven't heard back. nasa goddard chief signtive jim garvin. >> we thought maybe these if he is convicted in this case, minerals told us something. he could get up to 50 years instead, we got the holy grail. >> reporter: the rover found the behind bars. molecules when it drills into
7:12 am
john. rock in an ancient lake bed. >> jeff pegues for us in washington, thanks. in 2013, the rover found hints there's going to be a lot more coming out of that story. >> absolutely. of other organic molecules what did they fd nearby and kept looking. seed rec fro "e ne >> organic material is york times" reporter. >> and what are the other associated with life on earth. everything that we know on earth reporters. >> justice department does not associated with biology is take kindly to lying to the fbi. more than 600 homes have now composed of organic molecules. been destroyed by the volcano on >> reporter: nasa astro hawaii's big island. biologist jennifer eigenbrode the kilauea volcano is still says curiosity has confirmed erupting after five weeks and continues to threaten seasonal increases of methane neighborhoods. one of its fissures is blasting gas on mars. on eth, it comes from animal, lava up to 230 feet in the air. human and plant life, none of the lava feeds into a larger which has been found on mars. >> there's a mystery as to why flow that cascades through the island and into the ocean. it's there, where it's from, and the u.s. geological survey says that's what future missions are there's been enough lava so far going to figure out. >> reporter: because it could be a sign of life? to fill more then 11 million >> it could be a sign of life. >> reporter: while nasa average dump trucks. scientists caution there could be other explanations for both >> a lot of lava. an arizona man who was shown the methane gas and organic being hit by police on surveillance and body camera molecules, they say they now foot only speaking out. know where to look for further signs of life. officers in mesa say the use of >> we're the miners of the organics that might tell us force on robert johnson was about the history of life on another world and we're now justified. they accused the 33-year-old of getting the story.
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>> reporter: it is also possible those organic molecules got to being combative as they the red planet from a meet yor investigated a domestic right strike the surface. disturbance last month. johnson disagrees and is nasa researchers are really excited about this finding threatening legal action. because they believe it gives >> i want mesa to be held them a road map for future accountable for what they have missions that could eventually done. just basically the stress, hurt answer the question, is there life on mars? and everything that was going >> chrkris, thanks. on. >> the four officers and scientists could be on the verge of a breakthrough that may sergeant have been placed on help tackle the nation's administrate ive leave. worsening opoid crisis. other video shows another ahead and only on "cbs this alleged incident, a 15-year-old morning," hear from the is heard crying out in pain as researchers behind the police search him. painkiller they say is 50 times a teenager was later charged more powerful than morphine but with armed robbery and assault. is nonaddictive. two officers involved in that incident are on administrative leave during an internal investigation. the mesa police chief will have a news conference later today. a new medical mystery. this time in china is g. seve a u.s. ainy bji h that's why i got a subaru crosstrek. love is out there. find it in a subaru crosstrek.
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consulates in china have been evacuated after complaining of hearing odd sounds. then becoming ill. ...perfectly seasoning our ohillshire farm smoked sausage. cbs news radio steve dorsey was the first to report on a similar so by simply adding the right ingredients... group of ailments in cuba. can end each day crafting a perfectly delicious dinner. he's outside the chinese embassy in washington, steve, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. overnight in another health alert, the u.s. embassy in china are you one sneeze away from being voted out of the carpool? urged americans with any try zyrtec®. it's starts working hard at hour one. unexplained physical symptoms to get medical help amid new and works twice as hard when you take it again the next day. concerns this mysterious case stick with zyrtec® and muddle no more®. could be worse than first reported. diplomatic security officer mark i'm lucky to get through a shift without a disaster. my bargain detergent couldn't keep up. lenzi is one of the latest so, i switched to tide pods. americans evacuated from the they're super concentrated, so i get a better clean. u.s. consulate in ghuangzhou, number one trusted. number one awarded. china. he's back in the u.s. for it's got to be tide treatment after he says he was injured after hearing odd sounds. he says the ordeal is stress fu for my family. >> we're concerned about the health and safety of diplomats so we're trying to work through it. >> reporter: in a similar case
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last year, 24 government employees and spouses at the u.s. embassy in cuba complained if you spit blood you may have gum problems,s and could be on the journey to much worse. of headaches, air pain and cognitive problems after saying try parodontax toothpaste. they also heard strange sounds. it's clinically proven to remove plaque, the u.s. retaliated by expelling the main cause of bleeding gums. for healthy gums and strong teeth. cuban diplomats. leave bleeding gums behind on tuesday, secretary of state with parodontax toothpaste. mike pompeo set up a medical task force to seek answers to when you make a pb&j with smucker's, the mysterious ailments. he addressed congress last that's the difference between ordinary everyday month, after the latest case in and exquisitely delicious in an everyday sort of way. china was first reported. >> we have medical teams that are moving to be on the ground because with a name like smucker's, it has to be good. there. we are working to figure out what took place. and exquisitely delicious in an everyday sort of way. we've asked the chinese for their assistance in doing that. to me, he's, phil micwell, dad.o golfer. >> reporter: on thursday, a so when his joint pain from psoriatic arthritis chinese foreign minister spokesperson said china got really bad, it scared me. conductedconduct and what could that pain mean? ed a thorough investigation and joint pain could mean joint damage. found nothing. enbrel helps relieve joint pain, david rank is the former deputy helps stop irreversible joint damage, in chief mission to china. and helps skin get clearer. >> evidence that this was a enbrel may lower your ability to fight infections. state organized activity would have much bigger impact on our serious, sometimes fatal events including infections, relations. tuberculosis, lymphoma, other cancers, >> reporter: mark lenzi tells me nervous system and blood disorders,
7:16 am
he'll soon begin treatment at and allergic reactions have occurred. the university of pennsylvania. he's also calling on several top tell your doctor if you've been someplace where fungal state department officials to infections are common, or if you're prone to infections, resign, accusing them of a have cuts or sores, have had hepatitis b, cover-up. alex. >> steve, thank you. for the first time in their have been treated for heart failure, or if you have persistent fever, history, the nhl's washington bruising, bleeding, or paleness. don't start enbrel if you have an infection like the flu. capitals are stanley cup champions. i did not think i would ever say since enbrel, dad's back to being dad. that sentence. finally, reads the front page of a special edition of "the visit and use the joint damage simulator to see washington post," after the how your joint damage could be progressing. capitals beat the vegas golden ask about enbrel. knights 4-3 last night. enbrel. fans could not hold back their fda approved for over 15 years. excitement as the city took home its first championship in a major sport since the redskins won the super bowl in the year 1992. chip reid is outside capital one arena in washington, d.c. chip, we did not think this day would come. how is it down there? >> no, we did not. i'll tell you, a lot of people in this town are going to be calling in sick today. up a little too late celebrating. don't tell my boss. the last time the capitals were in the stanley cup finals, they had to give tickets away to try
7:17 am
to fill up the arena. this time, getting a seat in that building behind me would cost enough to put you in the red. >> "the washington post" capitals for the first time in their 44-year history are the stanley cup champions. >> reporter: led by their captain, playoff mvp alexander ovechkin. >> ovechkin scores. >> reporter: the capitals did what no major professional dk team has done in more than a quarter century. win a championship for the ♪ i'm waking up nation's capital. ♪ i feel it in my bones tens of thousands of fans packed researchers in massachusetts believe they may be on the brink streets outside the arena. of creating a revolutionary for a city unaccustomed to nonaddictive painkiller. it could be a big step forward championship celebrations. >> i'm 51 years old and i've in dealing with the growing opoid crisis. it is called blue 181 and it was developed by researchers at blue been waiting forever for this. >> reporter: quickly getting the therapeutics. they've been working for years hang of it. for some, like kamaria salau, to create a judge as powerful as opioids but they claim without it's been a lifetime in the making. the dangerdangerses. >> our teams have been
7:18 am
disappointing us for years and finally we proved we can do it. kenneth craig sat down for an interview with the team behind >> reporter: and for the it. >> reporter: the team said they capitals t.j. oshie, a wanted to make a drug that championship meant more than a enhe . something that people could spot in championship history. safely stop using without the >> my dad's here in the crowd. possible dangerous side effects. >> not many people know they're he's diagnosed with alzheimer's addicts until they start using. and he doesn't remember a lot of stuff, but you bet your ass he's >> reporter: mark loccisano felt going to remember this one. a gratification from painkillers >> reporter: you know, as we all with his very first pill, prescribed for a sports injury. know, it takes a lot to unite the beginning of an opoid this town. addition that consumed his 20s. and the capitals appear to have done it. there's no word yet on exactly >> i ended up wrapping my truck when the par rat will be. around a telephone pole and that if last night was any indication, it's going tock wasn't enough to stay clean. >> reporter: mark is now in quite a party. norah. >> oh, chip, that is such good treatment. news. you're right about uniting that town. one of the most excite things to he's part of a staggering number happen in washington in a very, very long time. of americans swept up in the >> growing up in washington, it nation's opoid epidemic. was a redskins town. there was this weird thing that but now these three harvard happened in 1974, a hockey team. trained scientists believe they've developed a their record that year, they had breakthrough. a nonnarcotic painkiller 50 8 wins, 67 losses. >> it's a steep -- i'm saying go times more powerful than
7:19 am
morphine but it's nonaddictive. nats. that's the next team that's we were told the same thing about the painkillers currently going to bring home a championship. i'm calling it right now on on the market that they were national television. >> you're welcome. nonaddictive, there is no risk we'll hold you to that. for dependency. >> please do. the mars rover finds the >> the onus is really on all of best evidence yet that the us to make sure the scientific planet could have had life. rigor is maintained. ahead, nasa scientists explain >> reporter: the team at blue why signs of methane gas are therapeutics is part of the helping guide them in their pharmaceutical race to find powerful opoid alternatives. search for further indications of potential life. they believe the answer lies in but first, it is 7:19. their molecule blue 181. time to check your local weathe it works by clinging to a different receptor in the central nervous system than opioids, eliminating the narcotic high, abuse and dependence risk. >> it targets resent iceptors i spinal cord, without targeting area, s of the brain which lead to the addiction side effects. >> reporter: several other bio tech companies as well as researchers at universities are working to develop similar drugs with different approaches. blue is preparing for its first clinical trial.
7:20 am
but the compound hasn't been tested in humans yet. dr. robert griffin specializes in pain management. >> it takes a long time to really know all the long-term effects and really to prove that something has no risk of addiction over time. >> reporter: blue 181 is backed by more than $2 million in funding from the national institutes of health and department of defense. which sees blue 181 as promising for injured veterans, especially vulnerable to addiction and overdose. do you see this concept as part of the solution to combating the opoid epidemic? >> absolutely. the main driver of it is the fact that a lot of us are in pain. if we don't give effective painkillers, we're never going to solve the problem. >> reporter: blue therapeutics said it could be five years or so before the drug makes it through the clinical trials to see if it con firms its claims. the national institutes of health and pharma, a trade group that represents u.s. pharmaceutical companies, both
7:21 am
a nonviolent drug offender say they're also working to fund set free after 21 years is and develop nonaddictive opoid beginning to catch up on her lost years. alternatives. >> boy, that could be >> ahead, adriana diaz on the transformative for so many people. i actually googled because i great-grandmother whose life wanted to see the number of sentence was commuted by the deaths from opioids which, by president. >> on her first full day of last year has surpassed the number of deaths from vietnam, freedom, alice johnson spent the day with family back home in iraq and afghanistan combined. memphis. that story coming up on "cbs we've got to find an alternative. >> when you look at the guy in charge mo this morning." is morning." the piece who has been battling addiction for ten years he told me something like this could have made all the difference in the course of his life if he had the option ten years ago. >> a lot of interest there, thank you. up next, a look that the morning's other headlines including a new pledge to protect kid's lemonade stands from overeager regulators and i take trulicity once a week looking for proper permits. to activate my body to release it, like it's supposed to. i read this story this morning.t ahea w and it works 24/7. trulicity is an injection to improve blood sugar in adults with type 2 diabetes sed wi diet and exercise. don't use it as the first medicine to treat diabetes, or if you have type 1 diabetes
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♪ good morning, welcome back to "cbs this morning." here's a look at some headlines. "the washington post" reports so many immigrants are being arrested that i.c.e. is going to transfer 1,600 to federal prisons. they will be routed to facilities in washington, texas, oregon, and california. immigration officials say the surging number of arrests results from an increase in border crossings and the trump administration's zero tolerance policy. >> the philadelphia inquirer reports 76ers president and general manager brian coangelo resigned after a twitter controversy and he's blaming his wife. his wife admitted to investigators she set up anonymous twitter accounts sharing sensitive team information criticizing sixers player, the head coach and league executives. an independent investigation said coang jellgel glelo was th
7:27 am
of the information. a new study suggests removing your towns letonsils m more risks than benefits. researchers tracked children for more than 30 years. those who had their tonsils removed had an increased risk of common colds, respiratory and allergic conditions and skin and eye diseases. in the u.s., more than 530,000 children have their tonsils or adenoids removed. adenoids are those glands in the mouth. and here's what sounds like a great publicity stunt. the hill reports country time is pledging to pay the fines of kids whose lemonade stands get shut down for operating without a permit. the company posted a video on twitter launching a new fund called "legal aid." get it, kids? it says kids are getting baffleded for running eliminate stands. country time says it will reimburse children or their families up to $300 if a stand
7:28 am
gets shut down or ticke int's an absolute brilliant publicity stunt. comes at exactly the right time which is school is out. summertime -- camps have not started. kids are like what do i do, set up the lemonade stand. smart. >> i'm a fan of legal aid, a.i.d., and a.i.d.e. >> and apparently puns. >> that i am, john dickerson. >> there you go. no u.s. president in office has ever met with a north korean dictator. ahead, we will preview trump's summit with kim jong-un and look at how you prepare for a meeting that is the first of its kind. you're watching "cbs this morning." you're watching "cbs this morning." hi.i just wanted to tell you that chevy won a j.d.power
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you'll get the news of the day, extended interviews and podcast originals. find them contra costa cou hours a day for this is a kpix 5 morning update. >> good morning, it's 7:56. i'm kenny choi. a major road in contra costa county will be closed 12 hours a day for utility work. saint mary's road between rheem boulevard in moraga and south lucille lane in lafayette will be closed from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. monday through saturdays until august 21st. one person is in the hospital after being shot in san francisco on polk street this morning. a search is under way for the gunman. traffic and weather in just a moment.
7:34 am
good morning. 7:57. we are tracking some drers maki
7:35 am
across the san mateo bridge. an earlier crash westbound 92 approaching 101. ride on 101 at ignacio, traffic is in the yellow after that southbound direction but overall not too bad when we see red this time of the morning. 16 minutes down to 580. let's check in with neda on the forecast. >> check out these beautiful blue skies this morning. wow, of course, it's friday. kicking off the weekend, we are getting ready for that onshore breeze but not as cool as it's been the past couple of days. so our "salesforce tower" view never disappoints. there's the golden gate bridge. this is the surf line camera at ocean beach. it's clear at the beaches today. no coastal clouds or fog.
7:36 am
7:37 am
good morning to our viewers in the west. it's friday, june 8, 2018. welcome back to "cbs this morning." anthony bourdain is found dead of an apparent suicide. we will look at the warning signs. first, here is today's eye opener. anthony bourdain has died. the cause of death was suicide. >> his love of great adventure and the stories of the world made him a unique storyteller. >> g7 finance minuisters are
7:38 am
describing the group as g6 plus one. president trump is suggesting russia be reinstated. >> president trump says if he and kim jong-un hit it off, he will invite him to visit the united states. >> he falsely claimed he didn't have contact with the reporters. >> the u.s. embassy urged americans with any unexplained physical symptoms to get help. >> people are going to call in sick today. a little too late celebrating. don't tell my boss. >> nasa announced mars contains the biddied by building blocks . that's huge. mars has oxygen, hydrogen and netflix. we have breaking news from
7:39 am
france where chef, author and tv host, an none think bourdain died by suicide overnight. he had a travel and food program for several years. he was 61, was found dead in a hotel room. >> he built a solid career in new york city restaurants before turning to television where he won a peabody award and many other honored. he said in 2016 that his later life changed him. >> i think when you travel as much as i have you -- i don't want to say i'm more humble. but i think you become aware of how other people live. how hard their lives are. how big the world is. then, of course, fatherhood changes everything. i became a father at 50. at that moment, you stop being the star of the film. >> that's the truth. >> for me, that was an enormous relief and a gift.
7:40 am
>> cnn says in a statement this morning, his love of greated adevelop tur, new friends, fine de him uniquek and the rkstoryteller. his talents never ceased to amaze us. we will miss him very much. our thoughts and prayer are with join us dr. john lapook.this this is the second high profile suicide this week. hear everyone saying, what is going on? we had a new study that says suicide rates are. >> up 25% in the last decade. a lot of very smart people are looking at this and saying, it's multi-factorial. we don't understand. the risk factors are social isolation. if you are in trouble in terms of alcohol abuse or drug abuse. family history of suicide. one of the things that we keep coming back to is you never know what is in somebody's head.
7:41 am
how do you know? a lot of times people who end up committing suicide, even when they are asked are you suicidal, they will say no. >> would you consider this a public health crisis? if so, how -- what does that mean? terms of way we should think about this? >> it's a public health crisis. what it means is that wemore re. we need more nreeesearch.d when you have something that's increasing and smart people are looking at it and saying, what is going on here, there's no obvious -- we know that when there's mosquito season, you get more bites. what is going on to cause this increase? we do have a society where there is apparently more social isolation. one of the things that is so tragic and people beat themselves up about it is, this is such -- this can be an impet oohous event. >> one of the things in the report that came out yesterday, it said in more than half of deaths in 27 states, people had no known mental health condition when they ended their life.
7:42 am
is it that perhaps they should have been seeking treatment and they weren't? maybe more people need preventative care? >> and more outreach. doctors i think have been criticized because we don't go into that. if somebody may have 15 minutes for a visit and the doctor may be the one person who knows you for all those years and the person trusts you, go into it. there are questions you can ask to elicit it. it's a tough thing. often people will deny it. we have to say that guns accounted for half of the deaths. it can be impet oohous. if you can get over it and get treatment, maybe you can try to avoid it and get help. >> warning signs? what are the indicators? what should people be looking for? >> that is what people kick themselves afterwards. there were no apparent warning signs. ones that are written about are social isolation. engaging in risky behavior. drug use, alcohol use. a history of not only depression
7:43 am
but suicidal ideation. not only am i think aboing abou, but here is how i will do it. >> you see patients. you hear more people saying i'm suffering from depression and anxiety. >> i hear people saying they are more anxious in recent years. yes, with depression -- i'm very essiagith vethis. i actually spend a bufnch of time. how is it going? all along, i'm probing and finding out what their mood is. i refer to psychiatrists, other health facilities to get people mental health. i try to say to them, look, i'm here. i may be the only person in the world who you feel comfortable talking to. there was some statistic that said that people who committed suicide, about half of them had seep a doct seen a doctor. i think of myself, may be that life line. >> last line of defense.
7:44 am
>> they feel comfortable. look, it's you and me. i promise you, there's no judgment. tell me everything. >> thank you. if you are having suicidal thoughts or would like to speak with someone, the suicide prevention life line number is 1-800-273, 8255. president trump just arrived in quebec where he expects tense meetings with u.s. allies starting this morning. the g7 summit includes the leaders of canada, france, britain, germgermany, italy and japan. mr. trump has feuded with macron and trudeau over trade and newly enacted tariffs. he has bilateral meetings in quebec later today. the president tweeted this morning, he is looking forward to straightening out unfair trade deals. macron says the six other leaders may sign an agreement at the end of the summit without president trump. the new exhibit honoring oprah is opening this morning.
7:45 am
hear what gives her strength and inspiration.
7:46 am
7:47 am
this morning, the new oprah and can a rreer is opening.
7:48 am
she spoke at the inaugural summit on women's empowerment yesterday. she shared how many black female icons have inspired her throughout her life. >> the foundational base of my success, of my well-being, my wholeness, my everything is knowing who i am. and where i come from. when i walk into the room, just as cool as you please, and i'm only the woman, the only person of color, these are the moments i call upon the ancestors to surround me, sustain me, to strengthen me. >> she discussed the importance of embracing black history. the exhibit is open through june 2019. i'm getting my ticket. that museum is always sold out. it's tough to get in. >> ever more so with exhibits like these. >> well done. coming up in our series "pay attention," we step outside to
7:49 am
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7:53 am
in our series "pay attention" we explore ways to sharpen our focus and recapture our attention from distracting technology. this morning, we follow our mother's advice. who said, why don't you go play outside. americans spend an average of 93% of their time indoors or inside a car. that means just 12 hours a week is spent outside. there's mounting evidence that spending time in nature is good for your body and your brain.
7:54 am
that led us to explore a popular activity prescribed by japanese physicians for years. it's a practice known as forest bathing. >> notice what sounds are around us. notice the scents that are in the air. notice the air as it moves around your body. >> over the river -- >> what colors do you see? >> and through the woods. >> what textures. >> nestled in the vibrant forest of new york's state park. >> i will invite you to wander. >> we join a small group of first-time forest bathers. >> i heard the river so clearly. >> it's the practicing of immersing yourself in nature by engaging the five senses. >> i like the opportunity to be alone. i like that it was completely silent. >> this is not a hike.
7:55 am
there ndeisiniostoroan l. this is about discovery and awareness. >> i would ask that you hold the intention that whatever you see in front of you, you are seeing that for the very first time. >> anna belle o'neill is like any other 20-year-old. >> slow down. use our child-like curiosity to explore. >> posting to social media. but she also carved out time to break free from those digital distractions. >> right on the stone? >> right there. >> it's why she trained to become a certified forest therapy guide. >> technology has taken over. we're so disconnected with it. i think forest therapy brings people here, it brings people together. it brings people to the present moment.i try to be out walking day. >> a doctor who wrote a book about nature's affect on the brain says we are wired to seek out information which can feed and addictive cycle with
7:56 am
technology. how do we use nature to stop the cycle? >> well, part of the issue with nature is that the lack of nature is causing part of that. when we are exposed to nature, there's this awe affect that happens. literally going from feeling closed to feeling open and connected, to feeling like we belong. dopamine gets released. our immune system is improved. the stress response is decreased. >> all of the wiring that has been working against you when you feel stress can work for you if you find yourself in nature? >> that's right. >> in fact, nearly 15 years and millions of dollars of research, much in japan, reveals spending time in nature can reduce inflammation, depression and anger. while improving cardiovascular health and concentration. >> it gives us a second to take a breath. the minute you do that, you open
7:57 am
up the brain centers to be able to concentrate more on what you do need to do. >> there seems to be resetting of our attention span in natural spaces. >> this pediatrician says children especially need access to nature to develop properly. >> sometimes i get concerned that the more that interaction is with a screen and less with actual people and places, the less opportunity kids have to develop the emotional and social skills that it takes to get through life. >> it's why she actually prescribes nature to help parents who can't seem to pry their children or themselves away from their cellphones. >> there are studies showing there are specific health benefits to a forest. if it can't happen in the forest and it happens on the corner of your street, that's still important. >> because whether you are a digital native kid on a nature walk holding a bug for the first time or a grown man playing king
7:58 am
of the mountain, your body and brain will soak up the benefit. what do you want people to get out of foresting? >> i guess i want people to get more grounded and remember what it was like to be 7 again. doing something just because it's calling you or you feel like doing it. >> like stretching out at a full reach in hopes of discovering crawfish under a rock. studies show natural chemicals released by plants have a positive affect on our stress level and immune response. it's cumulative. the benefits from a weekend in the woods will last at least a week. there's also evidence that pictures of nature have a similar affect. >> i have known you for a long time. we have been on the campaign trail many moons ago. i have never seen you leaning over a rock. what was that shot? >> there were crawfish under the rock. >> they are good for your mental health as well. >> if you are peckish, good for
7:59 am
you as well. >> double trouble. mr. rogers captured the imagination of children for more than three decades. ahead, one of his neighbors, the actor who played officer clemens, tells us about the man who never stopped encouraging him. you are watching "cbc this morning." "cbs this morning." by the time that we got up there,
8:00 am
his room was filled with smoke. the wind had blown and drifted the snow up agains the side of my house blocking the exhaust from my furnace. without the kidde smoke alarm my son would not be here today. had it not been for that carbon monoxide detector, they would come to school and not have their teacher there. i grabbed my fire extinguisher and put out the fire. get these essential products at your local retailer tod.
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an amazon delivery man is being praised for following some unique instructions on a novelty doormat. it shows him at a texas home with a doormat that says, please hide packages from husband. he then places the packages behind a chair. she bought the doormat a few weeks earlier as a joke. >> we've had people put it underneath the mat before but never actually try to hide it, so that was a first. >> the couple met their hero and
8:02 am
praised him kind. he said he thought the message on the mat was serious and he enjoys delivering subway project has reached another milestone. concrete pouring is currently underway between powell an good morning, it's 8:25. i'm michelle griego. the central subway project has reached another milestone. concrete pouring is currently under way between powell and stockton in the chinatown neighborhood in san francisco. concrete pouring will continue until the end of next year. some palo alto residents may be forced to sacrifice their homes for caltrain construction. city staff is considering buying the home to move tracks from traffic. stay with us; a look at traffic and weather in just a moment. newest trends on's for a fraction of what you'd pay at department stores, ♪ you gotta go to ross
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you g g if you want to save big on dresses for every occasion, you gotta go to ross. good morning. time now 8:27. and we are tracking a new crash slowing things down for drivers making their way along highway 13 near joaquin mueller road and speeds drop around 17 miles an hour so give yourself extra time. 580 is an alternate getting slow as well as 880 heading through oakland. this is near the coliseum. you can see traffic getting a little sluggish in that northbound direction. we are in the yellow now as you make your way from 238 on up towards the maze. 26 minutes. here's a live look at your ride along 580. this is right near high street in that westbound direction as you make your way up towards highway 24 there. definitely getting slow. over at the bay bridge toll plaza, looking a-okay. look at all the space between all those vehicles. that's what we like to see for your "friday light"
8:05 am
conditions. hat's a check of your traffic; over to you. can't complain when we see skies like this, barely any clouds just a little at the coast but other than that, nothing but sunshine. that means your temperatures will be warming up pretty good here. look at this view over the bay and san francisco. there's coit tower. you can alcatraz. we have had that marine layer pretty much every morning so it's nice to see these views. san francisco 56 right now. 59 in san jose. 62 in concord. temperatures are already on the rise. and our wind speeds are calm. maybe you could save energy by
8:06 am
weaving your own shoes... out of flax. or simply adjust your thermostat. do your thing, with energy upgrade california.
8:07 am
♪ summertime, summertime, summertime ♪ right now it's time to show you some of this morning's headlines. "new york times" reports the trump administration is scaling back the way the government determines health and safety risks of commercial kep cal chemicals. the epa was required to evaluate toxic chemicals like dry cleaning solvents and paint strippers. in many cases, the administration decided to excludwa isaws like the clean air act already cover those areas.
8:08 am
>> if you are buying a home, act fast. the average time on the market is 64 days. in 2010, houses languished for 137 days. a strong job market and low inventory of homes are fueling demand. "the washington post" reports scientists say they now know why the leaning tower of pisa has withstood centuries of earthquakes, millions of tourists and two world wars. it was constructed on unexpectedly soft soil and it began to lean even before it was finished. engineers determined the soft soil combined with the tower's height and thick marble walls mean it doesn't shake as much as the ground below during earthquakes. they say it will probably last for thousands of years. esent ump wily singapore tomorrow morning leaving the g-7 summit in quebec early for his meeting with kim
8:09 am
jong-un. the president said yesterday if the meeting goes well he'd consider inviting kim to the u.s. but he repeated he would be willing to walk out if the talks don't make progress. bianna golodryga is here with the challenges, the stake, and the delicate diplomatic dance. good morning. >> good morning. we are just four days away. as with so much of this presidency, donald trump is building up his highly anticipated meeting with kim jong-un as must-see tv, teasing us with what will no doubt be the world's most used meet and greet. and the stakes, well, they couldn't be higher. >> given the 25 years of failed negotiations, i think the president has made a bold move, saying i'll meet him and hopefully we'll move forward. >> reporter: ambassador joseph detrani is guardedly optimistic about the north korea summit. between 2003 and 2006, he was the u.s. special eoy for six-party talks with north korea. >> i think north korea wants a normal relationship with the united states. kim jong-un has made it clear
8:10 am
with his new year's address in 2018. his focus is on the economy. >> reporter: given how much effort, how much money, how much investment he's made into this nuclear program, it begs the question why give it up? >> we have to be realistic. hopefully this is what will transpyre at the summit is that kim jong-un articulates clearly that he has made the strategic decision to give up his nuclear weapons and missile delivery systems in exchange for security assurances, economic development assistance, and a normal relationship with the united states. >> reporter: president trump's only advisers reportedly worry about how prepared he will be going into the meeting. >> i don't think you can prepare very much. it's about attitude. it's about willingness to get things done. but i think i've been preparing for the summit for a long time. >> i think they might have good chemistry. >> reporter: sue mi terry, the korea chair at the center for strategic and international
8:11 am
studies, says president trump could hit it off with kim jong-un. >> he's very gregarious, very different from his father, who was an introvert and kind of anti-social and a strange guy. >> reporter: and she says optics matter. >> i don't know what they'll do about the height difference because kim jong-un doesn't want to look in any way small, physically or just symbolically. >> reporter: in diplomacy, any gesture from a lingering handshake to who foots the bill can carry political significance. there had been some speculation as to whether or not the u.s. would be paying for his hotel room and accommodations for him and his entourage. do you find that controversy snshl. >> james clapper, who had dinner in north korea, north koreans are notorious for this. of course they're going to pick up the tab. i think singapore might pay for it. i think this is sort of ongoing negotiations in terms of who's paying for it. >> reporter: negotiators typically choreograph every detail from the entrance to the
8:12 am
greeting. but leaders do go off script and mistakes do happen. in 2005 at a meeting with the chinese, president george w. bush memorably tried to exit from a door that was locked. >> i think the photo-op is important for both leaders to be able to sort of go back and say they had a successful meeting. >> hopefully it will be the start of a new type of relationship, one that will lend itself to peace on the korean peninsula. >> reporter: how important is it they walk out of these meetings on the same page? >> i smile because we've had some agreements in the past when we negotiated with north korea and we thought we were saying something different. it's extremely important. those elements are of process. >> reporter: and trust, right? >> trust. it's veryunus between our respectivet. countes zero trust. >> so the symbolism does maer, but at the end of the day it's about the substance. if north korea wants a normal
8:13 am
relationship with the re than just giving up itsu.s.,s nukes. we'll be likely having to address issues like human rights abuses, illicit activities, and growing cyber threats. if the summit happens on june 12th, it could be a first step to normalization. we shall see. both experts said they thought it was somewhat of a setback that melania trump won't be accompanying him because that could have made the situation more approachable to have the first ladies there but not that significant. >> if. i like we're still talking about if. >> you never know. >> no foregone conclusions here. thank you. we will bring you extensive live vrge kovb coverage of the summit. jeff glor will be in singapore on monday. mr. rogers influenced generations of children, and through his show, rogers' neighborhood." in our
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8:18 am
one of those neighbors was officer clemons. remember him? well, francois clemons broke ground by becoming one of the first african-americans with a recurring role on a children's tv series. he says it was a transformational experience following a turbulent childhood. in our series "note to self," clemons writes words of encouragement to his younger self. >> my dear little butter cup, yeah, that's what we all used to call you, sweet little butter cup, one day if you stay focused, folks will know who you are, and they won't tease you about being sweet. but for a while, they will tease you about that and singing and wanting to play the piano and dancing and playing with jacks. you're going to have many experiences as a little black boy growing up, particularly
8:19 am
because you liked being with the girls, and so you find yourself constantly feeling like an outsider. for whatever reason, you don't want to do what the other boys are doing. you will discover that you are who you are and it cannot be prayed away. i know that you've only seen two or three shows on television that feature someone that looks like you. but believe it or not, you will make history. ♪ it's a beautiful day in this neighborhood a beautiful day for a neighbor ♪ you must get to pittsburgh. because something is gha to yo that you've been longing for all your life. >> yes, who's here? officer clemons, how are you? >> how are you doing, mr. rogers? >> you will meet this man.
8:20 am
something about him is going to draw you in a way nobody else ever drew you and pulled you. and he's going to love your singing. he's going to encourage you. >> would you sing something for us? >> sure. why not a song i was singing to myself as i was coming over here? >> i'd like to hear that. ♪ there's a boat that's leaving soon for new york come with me ♪ he'll change your name and call you officer clemons. >> hi, officer clemons. come in. >> hi, roger. how are you? >> and anoint you as a helper on his television program. >> hello? ♪ in bubble land, the temperature is perfection ♪ >> trolley through the neighborhood of make-believe.
8:21 am
>> mr. rogers' neighborhood. shh. growing up, you'll have a slightly different view of what police officers represent in your community. but your heart will open when fred explains the positive influence that you can have for young children. ♪ swing low, sweet chariot coming for to carry me home ♪ one day you will go on to college and continue to sing so that you can travel all around the world and touch the lives of many people. ♪ there are many ways to say i love you ♪ when you give yourself, butter beliin themss l have a tasteea they'll know that love does
8:22 am
exist. and that there's much more than all of us can do when we choose to do it together. ♪ i love you >> i'm so proud of you, francois. >> thank you, fred. >> francois can sing and he can write. >> believe in butter cup. i love that story. and the fact that he was known as butter cup. >> we published a book based on our "note to self" series, "inspiring words from inspiring people," is on sale now. it's published by simon & schuster, a division of cbs. and a reminder, you can hear more of "cbs this morning" on our podcast, on itunes and apple's podcast app. today we talk with two actors in the broadway play "harry potter kwrts and "the cursed child" ahead of this sunday's tony
8:23 am
awards. noma dumezwe noma dumezweni shares with us. you're watching "cbs this morning." harry and get ready for pixar pier!... prepare to be awed...
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...prepare to be moved... prepare to make a mad dash...
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because with the incredicoaster... ...pixar pal-a-round... ...and a bunch of your favorite pixar characters... it's going to be pretty incredible. pixar pier, opening june 23rd. only at disney california adventure park. sir andrew lloyd weber ber the composer behind broadway plays like "cats." he will talk about the national achievement honor he is receiving at sunday's tony awards. >> oh, that's nice. that's it for us. be sure to tune in to cbs news tonight. let's look at the last week at all my favorite segments of the
8:27 am
show. have a good weekend. the number of people killed by volcanic eruptions is rising. >> they're trying to recover bodies. >> that's kilauea's most active fissure behind me. that is lighting up the night sky for miles. she was found in her new york apartment by her housekeeper. anthony bourdain died by suicide overnight. >> he built a solid career in traveling to restaurants. >> he has done nothing wrong. this has got to come to an end. >> the president declared he has the right to pardon himself. >> this definitely was not that agent's finest hour. >> during the backflip, his gun fell out and hit the ground. >> they said it was too harsh for a first olen offense.
8:28 am
>> how are you doing this morning? >> i'm doing great. i woke up without a bug bite on my head. i'm doing great. >> walking into this room, it's humbling, it's overwhelming, and in oprah's words, it's surreal. exactly eight hours before the national show. i keep wondering how my life has changed, how i've been blessed. it usually takes three to five days for one person to scale el capitan. alex broke the two-hour barrier. >> we could go up this evening. sho in t hours and they climbed el capitan in two hours.
8:29 am
>> i'm holding onto my desk and seeing if i can do the show in an hour and 57 minutes. the golden state warriors won game 2. >> the warriors win game 3 in cleveland. >> lebron will be a free agent this summer. there is a lot of talk already about where he'll play next year. >> there's that suit again. >> john, maybe a territorial statement for you. >> i'm going to treat that as a rhetorical question. ♪ i can treat you better than he can. >> i've always liked that john mendez song, but then i heard him play in person, and i thought, wow, he is so incredibly talented. i would love to do carpool karaoke but i think we would just sit mute in the car. >> no, we wouldn't. gayle and i can sing loud. >> we could have fun doing it. we could do that.
8:30 am
>> we wouldit the levels of the actual song. >> engineers from around the world would be called in. >> we could do that.
8:31 am
8:32 am
old girl is dead... after an accident, early this morning on interstate 680. good morning, it's 8:55, i'm michelle griego. an 8-year-old girl is dead after an accident early this morning on interstate 680. it happened south of calaveras road in sunol. two other people are hospitalized. the california highway patrol says drugs and alcohol do not appear to be factors in the crash. police are looking for a gunman in a deadly san francisco shooting. one person was fatally shot yesterday afternoon near cesar chavez street and treat avenue. two other people were hurt. the race for mayor in san francisco is getting even closer. the latest count shows mark leno leading london breed by 255 votes at last count. as many as 84,000 ballots remain uncounted. stay with us; weather and traffic in just a moment.
8:33 am
8:34 am
good morning. a traffic alert for drivers along highway 13. we are tracking this crash blocking at least one lane southbound near redwood road. traffic is backing up past joaquin miller at this point. give yourself some extra time. we are seeing speeds dip below
8:35 am
15 miles per hour. use 580 as an alternate. things are heavy westbound but eastbound good to go. 880 is another alternate. northbound definitely seeing delays, 26 minutes from 238 to the maze. hat's a check of your traffic; over to you. from the "salesforce tower" camera looking towards the east bay, it is pretty out there. pretty clear skies, that's for sure. we have not had that morning ewng mariayernewe h aavhad thit's a nice break starting off the day with sunshine. i do apologize, our vaca camera just went out for us. let me switch it up. "salesforce tower" camera looking at it. san francisco 56 degrees. 61 in livermore. oakland 57. concord at 66. we do have a bit of a west wind onshore breeze but it's minimal compared to what we have seen the past few mornings and that's why that marine layer is not pushed inland. this morning it was off the coast and it's gone now. 70s and 80s today, 90s next week. hey, want the fastest internet?
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