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tv   KPIX 5 News at 600PM  CBS  June 8, 2018 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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burned down, several homes now gone. let's look at a map now that explains these findings. for the atlas fire that killed six people and destroyed 783 structures, cal fire is blaming a limb that fell on a pg&e line. ys they've referred their findings to the district at use in some of the fires it's a similar story for the nuns fire that merged with the patrick fire. three people were killed there. a tree hit a pg&e line and that's now getting the blame. it's the same thing with the pocket fire that destroyed six structures, still outstanding, though, the cal fire report on the deadliest fire, the tubbs fire. that's the one that burned into santa rosa. flames killed 22 people as the fire swept into the city destroying the coffey park and fountaingrove neighborhoods. the first of the fires broke out late in the evening of october 8th, powerful winds whipping through the north bay. late this afternoon now in sacramento cal fire says they referred their findings to the district attorney's offices because in some of the fires there is evidence of alleged
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violations of state law. >> what we saw was i mean record breaking wind event. we had some of the strongest gusts ever recorded in some of these areas. you can't prevent that. it's like trying to stop a hurricane. you can't prevent that. do we look at areas we refer to the district attorney's office? absolutely. again they'll determine where was the fault at? we've sent them to the district attorney because we feel there was a type of violation and yeah, absolutely, it could be clearance. it could be equipment failure. it could be the nonmaintenance of equipment. >> reporter: it's important to note cal fire says their job was to find the cause and let the county district attorneys decide how to proceed from there meaning whether to file criminal charges against pg&e or anyone else. also today cal fire is determining the cause of the redwood fire in mendocino and nine people were killed when
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flames swept through neighborhoods there. the investigation found tree limbs came down on pg&e lines in two separate places. for one family in mendocino county it was an unimaginable horror. the shepard family tried to outrun the firestorm but were trapped by the flames. 14-year-old ky died at the scene. i talked to ky's aunt just after he died. >> ky was just an amazing boy. i wish everyone could have seen that smile of his in person and known what a strong, brave, like wise soul that he was. 14 years was not enough. that's for sure. >> reporter: his sister 17- year-old cressa suffered severe burns and died three weeks later. their parents john and sarah have survived, but, of course, they have terrible injuries as well. you can imagine the reality that that family as well as so many other families are dealing with in the aftermath of these fires. of course, as news spreads throughout napa and sonoma counties as well as mendocino the companies about what cal fire says was the cause of
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these blazes, word is spreading quickly and a lot of the folks say they're not surprised. guys. >> thank you, emily. stay with us. we'll get back to you in just a minute, but first we want to bring in kpix5 reporter andria borba. andria is at pg&e headquarters in san francisco. andria? >> reporter: well, elizabeth, when the fires broke out, many people began immediately pointing fingers here at the utility giant. today's reports from cal fire, about 12 of these fires' ignition points being traced back to pg&e equipment is the first time those suspicions have been written down. a short time ago pg&e released this statement. "the loss of life, homes and business in these extraordinary wildfires is simply heart breaking and we remain focused on helping communities recover and rebuild. we look forward to the opportunity to carefully review the cal fire reports to understand the agency's perspectives. based on the information that we have so far, we continue to
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believe our overall programs met our state's high standards." now you'll notice that was a written statement. we have requested an on camera interview with pg&e representatives. they have declined those requests but did release a video statement of one of their representatives reading the statement i just read to you. we have decided not to air that statement because we were not allowed to ask any questions about that statement. live in san francisco, andria borba, kpix5. g and e has already taken >> today's cal fire report points out many problems with pg&e equipment, but pg&e has already taken steps to try to spread the blame. >> the utility has filed legal claims including with sonoma county and the city of santa rosa saying that if pg&e is found liable for the first, those governments may share some of the blame. let's get back to emily turner. you first reported exclusively yesterday on this newscast that sonoma county found they were not ready for a disaster of this magnitude certainly.
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>> reporter: yeah. the emergency operations center of sonoma county kind of did a self-audit about what happened the night these fires started and came up with several findings in their after action report, as it's called, about what happened. let me read off some of the big bullet points. the first is that the eoc or the emergency operations center lacked solid situational awareness information and process because of the speed and dynamic nature of the fires. secondly, previous disasters had not prepared the eoc staff or the county for this incident and although many eoc staff had been trained and/or participated in exercises, the scope of the disaster required the use of additional untrained staff and then finally another finding, the eoc facility cannot adequately support the staff in major or extended duration incidents, essentially the new normal. now if they were to rebuild an entirely new eoc, that would come at the tune of $20 million, but i know it's easy
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to jump on pg&e and throw all of the blame on them but not so fast. this is actually really important in talking to some of my contacts here within the local fire districts. there may be other elements, namely, the local counties in a sense of trees because what is pg&e allowed to trim around their lines? well, there are different rules for the state, for the county, for the cities, all three municipalities and governments that are involved in areas where pg&e has easements. so the question there will be not only what liability do these municipalities have in the matter, but also what was pg&e allowed to actually do to maintain the safety of their own lines? guys. >> interesting to see how it all works out. thank you. right after the fire pg&e issued a filing with the security and exchange commission noting it has $800 million on land to pay wildfire claims. some estimates put the damage at $8 billion. the utility is already facing
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dozens of lawsuits. new at 6:00 we know that the bay area real estate market is crazy. one new sales price is setting a new record for wild. a san francisco home located in pac heights just sold for 9.6 million, 1.6 million over asking price. kpix5 reporter julie watts explains why the overbidding trend may come down to bragging rights. julie? >> allen, bay area home prices are seven times the national average. the average price here is now 1.6 million, but this house in san francisco sold for 1.6 million over the asking price. the property tax alone is nearly double the median household income and more than what most families make in an entire year. the median household incomeâ and far more than what ake in a year it's a san francisco dream house in the pac heights neighborhood, five beds, six baths, amazing closets and a wine cellar originally listed for under $8 million. it sold for 9. 6 million in
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just nine days. is that a surprising number to you? >> no. actually in san francisco the average house now sells for 13% over asking. >> reporter: patrick carlisle of paragon real estate said over 80% of san francisco homes this year sold for over asking and while 1. sick million over asking is a -- 1.6 million over asking is a staggering dollar amount, 20% over isn't that impressive. the highest amount this year was 76% over asking for this fixer-upper in ingleside and more than 100 homes have gone a why? >> i honestly believe it's egregious underpricing. >> reporter: carlisle said obviously a hot housing market, low inventory and a realtor's ability to market and stage are factors, but he said the trend of overbidding has a lot to do with realtors purposely underpricing. >> and they do that because they want to create that bidding frenzy.
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>> reporter: and bragging rights. >> and bragging rights. >> reporter: now the listing agent for this home tells us she purposely didn't underprice and doesn't recommend that to her clients as a strategy. still there's no debate the overbidding trend is leading to some staggering numbers. will it ever stop? >> oh, it will stop. >> reporter: the chief market analyst notes housing market up cycles typically last five to seven years. we're now in the seventh year of this up cycle. while he says it's impossible to predict when the cycle will turn, he says there's one thing the end of every up cycle has in common. >> what is called irrational exuberance, this belief that it's never going to end. an oil price embargo in the 70's. >> reporter: he says downturns are generally caused by national events, an oil price embargo in the '70s, savings and loan crisis in the '80s, but a shift doesn't necessarily mean a crash. it could mean simply stability or a small decline. >> thank you. tragedy in the culinary world, renowned tv chef anthony bourdain has died.
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he was 61 years old. bourdain was found dead in a french hotel room from an apparent suicide. he was in france working on an upcoming he sold of his award winning cnn -- episode of his award winning cnn series parts unknown. these shots were taken four days ago as he shot at a restaurant. bourdain did a number of shows here in the bay area, but there was one food joint in particular he always made sure to visit, a place he called his happy zone. no/family kpix5's susie steimle is live in san francisco at swan oyster depot. susie? >> reporter: liz, it's no secret that anthony bourdain loved san francisco. in fact, he's been quoted saying if you don't love san francisco, there's something hopelessly wrong with you. as you said, swan oyster depot was his go to and if you spent just a couple minutes with the owners here, you'll realize that admiration is, of course, mutual. imono and his family have t swan o >> you know, he'd come in here without cameras. he would sit down and go oh, my
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god, -- people would sit down and go oh, my god, that's anthony bourdain over there. >> reporter: seafood has been served up at swan oyster depot for 106 years. the late anthony bourdain was a regular here joking fans criticized him for coming here on every bay area shoot. >> every show you've ever done in san francisco you come to swan oyster depot. >> yes, that's correct. true love cannot be denied. >> reporter: kevin said when he heard the news this morning, he -- >> couldn't believe it. yeah. it's just a shock, you know. you imagined him coming in here. when was the next time he was going to come in? you know, he just energized so many people. >> reporter: bourdain's praise for this place be higher. >> swan oyster depot, the touchstone in my worldwide wanderings, a happy zone. if i read about myself dying at this counter, i'd say to myself that was one lucky guy. >> guys, how about something to drink? >> reporter: it's an institution, one that regulars
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don't mind waiting in wrap around lines around the block for. it's unpretentious, straightforward and doesn't appear to have changed over the years, much like bourdain himself. >> he was real. >> he was very real. >> reporter: fans remember bourdain for his kay dense and candor. he -- cadence and candor. he had the ability to swing by a city and understand the story line in one day. he certainly understood san francisco. >> according to many locals the whole city is being leached out by an invasion of tech people, tech money. it's the triumph of the nerds. >> reporter: kevin is sad he won't be back. >> you imagine somebody coming in like that for life, horrible loss. >> reporter: a lot of people came here today asking to have anthony bourdain's favorite dish, but true to form he didn't have one. the owner said he walked in every day and would just have them recommend something and he ate whatever they said was best. it's clear that he will be missed. live in san francisco, susie steimle, kpix5.
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>> special man. a bay area woman charged with falsely accusing men of abuse so she could rob their homes, how police say she targeted her victims. >> a frantic rush to count ballots, now an unprecedented flood of last minute votes is shaking up the race for san francisco mayor. >> call them the pepperoni pups, a hungry mama steals a slice of pizza and leads to an incredible rescue on the peninsula.
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police say she would find men on a korean dating website.. falsely a woman is behind bars in santa clara county accused of a dating scam. police say she would find men on a korean dating website, falsely accuse them of abuse and then rob their homes. oommate. and 44-year-old sunmee kim claimed that her fiance attacked her in january. turns out it was a false story. the man was only her roommate and while police were questioning that man, she allegedly robbed him clearing out the house and taking off. police say she's done the same thing to other men throughout the state. she was wanted for similar crimes in los angeles and orange counties. she was arrested in palo alto yesterday. police say kim is known to go by other names and there may be more victims. the san francisco mayor's race has now gotten even tighter. the latest results show mark leno with a lead of just 144 votes over supervisor london
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breed and tens of thousands of ballots have not been counted yet. kpix5 political reporter melissa caen on why so many ballots have still not been processed. melissa? >> reporter: that's right. there are still 65,000 ballots that still have to be counted. this election which started out as a low voter turnout election but an unprecedented amount of election day activity changed all that. elections] i've been here for sixteen years, and this is the first election where i've seen such disparity of election day turnout in comparison to the turnout pr flood of san francisco's director of elections says he's never seen anything like it. >> i've been here for 16 years and this is the first election where i've seen such disparity of election day turnout in comparison to the turnout prior to election day. >> reporter: the flood of ballots on election day was one for the books. the last two nonpresidential primaries were june, 2010 and june, 2014. in 2010 20,000 ballots were dropped off on election day.
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in 2014, 22,000 and this year 40,000. in 2014 there were 5,000 ballots dropped off on election day and this year, 16,000. >> it really was in the afternoon. all of a sudden there was a sudden burst of activity and participation for this election which i didn't expect. >> reporter: nate ballard is a political strategist who says one explanation is rank choice voting. >> everybody is trying to be the nice guy who gets the second and third votes of their competitor. >> reporter: if everyone is being nice, it's harder to tell the candidates apart. so some people took longer to decide and since rank choice voting isn't going anywhere, late votes by mail could be the new normal. >> the idea was that vote by mail was going to decide races earlier on election night, but actually what may be happening is it's going to prolong the period of time when we don't know who the next mayor is. >> reporter: technically the department has until july 5th
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to issue that final statement of the vote, but the director says it's not going to take that long. he hopes to have counted the remaining 50,000 or so vote by mail ballots by monday and then on tuesday to start with those 15,000 or so remaining provisional ballots. live at san francisco city hall, melissa caen, kpix5. in the race for u.s. senate kevin deleon has a lot of ground to make up including in his own home turf. the democratic state senator has represented los angeles more than a decade but lost his own district to dianne feinstein. the preliminary results show deleon received 34% to feinstein's 44% in district 24. deleon secured a spot in the november runoff with just11% of the vote statewide. it's pretty unanimous, brian. our weather is the winner. >> yes. the votes are in and things are looking pretty good. we do have a late fog contender
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tonight and tomorrow morning a sign of a low pressure trough approaching from the northwest. it will cool us down and the marine layer, always a sign the coastline will be cool this weekend. still santa rosa managed 85 degrees today and cool in san francisco at 64, livermore 83, but even inland the numbers will be coming down as we look live from the top of the sales force tower looking south, concord right now still at 81, livermore 72 and that 82 in santa rosa even though here we are after 6:00 at night, santa rosa won't get anywhere near 82 tomorrow all day. the forecast shows only low 70s in some warm spots inland, mid- 60s around the bay. at the coast we'll be about 60 degrees. here's what's happening. low pressure is on the way from the pacific northwest. that means rain for seattle and rain for parts of oregon. by the time that trough drags everything through the bay area we just get a robust breeze, winds gusting up to 40 miles at the airport at this hour.
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the warming trend starts sunday with mild weather, but tomorrow the numbers inland touch, 10 degrees over today's readings. the futurecast shows the marine layer thickening. the trough comes through, blows out the low clouds. we'll clear it up by tomorrow night and begin to warm up a little on sunday, more on monday. the low clouds move in tonight, cooler tomorrow, but the big warm-up begins on monday. we'll get three warm days out of it. the forecast highs show that we'll be below average in concord tomorrow at 74 degrees, same for san jose at 73, oakland 67, down in the south bay mid-70s. at the shoreline the beach manages about 60 degrees. in the east bay we'll look at low to mid-70s, plenty of sun in the north bay after low clouds tomorrow morning. it will be a great day to start out with. no sun in the sky till the 4th of july we used to say. that's not true. we'll have plenty of sun monday, tuesday, wednesday.
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actually we said that down in san diego. i don't know why i'm mentioning that now. monday, tuesday and wednesday we've got mid-90s. by next weekend we'll cool it off a little bit, but it is summertime. that means summer camp. allen? it's a day on the football field some young athletes will never forget. >> the once in a lifetime chance to run drills with the 49ers. >> reporter: i'm dennis o'donnell live in cleveland in what could be the final watch party for the rivalry between the golden state warriors and the cleveland cavaliers, the story when we come back.
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welcome back, everybody, to cleveland. it's a watch party for the cleveland cavaliers and the golden state warriors. they know the score. cavs lose and they go home. it's over. warriors nba champions. now steve kerr's motto for his coaching tenure has been strength in numbers and that will be on display tonight. vern glenn moments ago inside the q. >> reporter: of course, it's electric inside of quicken loans arena. come on, it's almost game time. it's almost go time and the slogan for the warriors this year has been strength in numbers. it has been for many, many years and the strength certainly came on a plane with about 150 employees. ready to get after it. me down they were spirited on the ground in cleveland thwere on the plane. [ cheering and applause ] >> reporter: 150 double150
6:26 pm
dubs employees -- 150 dubs employees flown in. >> this experience has been unreal. >> reporter: that's the warriors director of broadcasting. he's the longest tenured employee at 30 years. >> the fourth time around people are kind of saying i don't know if i'm going to go this time, already been there, done that, but when you get the e-mail, you click on the link and you sign up anyway because you don't know how many times you're going to get to do this. >> reporter: last time we saw coach cameron quick his alameda team just lost the state basketball champion to t right now, vern. >> reporter: ownership has been this generous to its employees for the last four years at great cost. a chartered plane alone costs $50,000. >> this is just a small way i think for the organization to
6:27 pm
say thanks for everybody who is such an essential part of the success of this team. >> we're coming to bring it back. >> let's go. one more, baby, one more. >> reporter: let's see if those spirits are still high by the end of the game. dennis? >> reporter: vern, i would like to be you on that airplane going home tonight if the warriors win this game tonight. by the way, if golden state wins or cleveland comes back and they win four straight, neither team according to lebron james will go to the white house, but donald trump, the president, isn't exactly sitting around waiting for an rsvp. >> i didn't invite them. i didn't invite lebron james and i didn't invite steph curry. we're not going to invite either team. you know, my attitude, they want to be here, it's the greatest place on earth, i'm here. if they don't want to be here, i don't want them. >> reporter: honestly the
6:28 pm
teams going to the white house is kind of played out anyway, right? much to do about nothing, but anyway turn around and show the crowd, alex. this is a great scene. theyit's really a great -- it's really a great thing to see, the cleveland fans trying to keep hope alive, but it's not looking good so far in the 1st quarter. reporting just outside the q, dennis o'donnell, kpix5, back to you. >> thanks, dennis. a championship is a championship. that's what we want. >> that's right. in our next half hour an oakland neighborhood disgusted by what was caught on camera. a truck dumps huge pile of construction waste right in the middle of the street, what the city is doing about this dump and run. >> bay area students rally around an afghan teenager who fled terrorism, how they raised thousands to help free him from i.c.e. detention. >> it's a tale of one slice of
6:29 pm
pizza and six homeless puppies, how a hungry stray's nose for pepperoni led to an adorable rescue.
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♪ ♪ ♪ i feel most times we're high and low ♪ ♪ high and low ♪ if i had my way, never let you go ♪ ♪ never let you go enhance your moments. san pellegrino. tastefully italian. im you're watching kpix5 news. our top story at 6:30, shocking new video of a dump and run, images that camorra an ongoing problem on the street -- that capture an ongoing problem on the street of oakland. this happened on east 17th street near 23rd avenue and neighbors there are fed up for two reasons.
6:32 pm
first, the illegal dumpers have no shame and second, the city can't keep up. kpix5's da lin has our story. >> reporter: broad daylight, 1:00 in the afternoon this white pickup truck pulled up. seconds later the truck bed lifted up and drove off leaving a large pile of cement blocks on east 17th street near 24th avenue. n go mmunity advoca the driver and passenger didn't seem to care. a lot of people were there. >> i couldn't believe it, especially when he sped off. i was shocked. >> he dumped the cement, so me and my friend got up trying to chase him because i at least wanted the license plate. we were chasing him and they laughed at us. >> reporter: adam and tom larson's surveillance camera captured the illegal dumping in front of their house. >> it was just really disheartening to see somebody treat oakland like that. >> reporter: they tell me via face time they called public works when they had returned from work last night, but
6:33 pm
public works told them it was closed and to call back. so they tweeted the video to the oakland mayor. the mayor sent public works workers out there, but they only pushed the blocks into one pile. they returned today and again didn't have the right equipment to remove them. >> it's because it's in the flatlands. if it was up in piedmont, up in the hills, this would be gone. >> reporter: community advocate ken houston came out to take pictures and collect samples. he's been working with the d.a.'s office to prosecute illegal dumpers like these guys. >> no healthy fear respect for our community. for the guy to drive off laughing, there's no fear. >> reporter: the witnesses couldn't get the license plate. the contractors either covered up or removed the front plate. >> to the folks that did this, really please find your conscience. this is very disgusting. >> reporter: public works plans to remove this tomorrow morning. if you recognize the truck, the city of oakland would love to
6:34 pm
hear from you. in oakland, i'm da lin, kpix5 e getting some of the credit. an afghan teen seeking asylum in the united states is a free man tonight. bay area high school students and activists are getting some of the credit. >> we are the people! >> the mighty mighty people. 17-year-old named hamid. he's >> they raised money and secured a $25,000 bond for a 17- year-old named hamid. he spent the last six months at an adult detention center in bakersfield. hamid turned himself in at the u.s./mexico border claiming he and his family were threatened by the taliban. >> violence against his family, his brother and father were killed in afghanistan and he also received death threats himself. >> since we're like the same age as him, we really support him and this is why we're continuing with his case. >> hamid's case has garnered support from big names including senator kamala
6:35 pm
harris. next his case will be heard in federal immigration court in san francisco. an 8-year-old girl was killed in a car crash overnight after a driver allegedly fell asleep at the wheel on northbound 680 and sunol. the driver admitted nodding off when he slammed into the back of another car. the child died later at the hospital. her parents had minor injuries. president trump is in canada now for the g7 summit. the meetings come at a time of high tension over trade disputes with u.s. allies. cbs reporter weigia jiang has the story from quebec. >> reporter: a quick prompt from canadian prime minister justin trudeau produced an all smil phoof les. eahe welcomed president trump to the summit with a warm handshake, but just hours before at the white house the president was not so friendly. ca nited st >> we are not going to live with the deals the way they are. the european union treats us
6:36 pm
very unfairly, canada, very unfairly. >> reporter: american allies are fuming over new u.s. tariffs on steel and aluminum imports and over the president saying those tariffs will strengthen national security. trudeau has called the claim insulting and laughable. discussions on climate change. the white ho schedule is today he and president trump had a one on one meeting and made a joke about their differences. >> justin has agreed to cut all tariffs and all trade barriers between canada and the united states. so i'm very happy about that. >> i'd say nafta is in good shape. >> he's my friend. >> reporter: french president emmanuel macron also sat down with president trump and he said the results were positive. >> i felt a willingness from all the sides to find agreements and have a win/win approach. >> reporter: macron has made clear if talks don't lead to compromise, the other six leaders would be willing to sign a common communique by the end of the summit without the u.s., but president trump's focus may be divided. this morning he suggested russia should be allowed back
6:37 pm
into the group. vladimir putin was kicked out in 2014 for annexing crimea. >> they should let russia come back in because we should have russia at the negotiating table. >> reporter: and the president said he is still prepping for his summit with kim jong un even during his trip to canada. >> i have work. i have about 15 boxes of work. i have a lot of work that's on the plane. >> reporter: president trump got here to the g7 late and he's taking off early departing tomorrow morning for singapore. so he'll miss key talks about climate change. the white house says the change in schedule is so he can get settled in and have meetings before sitting down with kim jong un. weigia jiang, cbs news, quebec city. t and a busine new charges against a former trump campaign chairman, paul manafort and a business associate were indicted today for obstruction of justice
6:38 pm
saying manafort tried to sway the testimony of two potential witnesses. he's on trial for his foreign lobbying work. the feds have seized records as part of a probe into the trump administration. james woman, former security director for the senate -- james wolf, former security director for the senate intelligence committee left court today after facing charges he lied to the fbi about his contacts with the press. the new york times reports the doj secretly seized years of phone records from one of its reporters. the times said allie watkins had a three year relationship with wolf prior to her job at the paper but denies he gave her any classified information. >> it's a very important leaker, so it's very interesting. i'm getting information on it now, happened last night. it could be a terrific thing. >> the trump administration announced last august that it was going to aggressively hunt down people who have been leaking to the press. boxing great's lawy meanwhile president trump says he's considering a pardon
6:39 pm
for muhammad ali, but the late boxing great's lawyers say there's nothing to pardon. ali was convicted in 1976 for dodging the draft for the vietnam war. he cited religious beliefs. ali's lawyers released a statement saying the pardon was unnecessary because the u.s. supreme court overturned the conviction in 1971. a dermatologist suspended for rapping and dancing during plastic surgery, her patients say she botched their operations, how she's defending the viral videos. >> and a change of command in the coastguard, meet the woman blazing a trail for safety on the high seas. (sound of car door opening) (car door closes) (sound of engine starting) ♪ ♪ hey, want thedone.est internet? and now, xfinity mobile's included. you could get up to five lines. you could save 400 bucks or more a year,
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(sound of footsteps) (sound of car door opening) (car door closes) (sound of engine starting) ♪ ♪ after it told everyone it stopped giving companies access. ut off third this evening facebook is under fire for sharing users' data after it told everyone it stopped giving companies access. facebook said it cut off third- party app developers in 2015, but a new report in the wall street journal found the company cut special deals with some companies to let them continue to access data on
6:42 pm
users' friends. the social network acknowledged it gave some companies extensions but said they have since expired. facebook has faced increased scrutiny of its data sharing practices since the cambridge analytica scandal. a dermatologist who gained viral fame for dancing and rapping during surgeries has had her medical license suspended. "cut it" as she operates on a patient. more than 20 videos like dr. windell davis boutte can be seen dancing to the hip-hop song cut it as she operates on a patient. more than 20 videos like this were posted to the atlanta area doctors youtube channel for promotional purposes. the patient in the video plans to sue joining at least nine other patients who have filed lawsuits claiming the doctor's negligence led to botched procedures. the doctor argues all the patients in those videos gave consent and said, " as a surgeon, i'm supposed to be able to multi-task." a stray dog steals some
6:43 pm
pepperoni, how the pizza theft led to a whole litter of newborn pups. >> wow. so that's what happens with pepperoni pizza. i'll keep that in mind. as we have fog moving into the bay area and the prospects for changes this weekend and early next week, it's all coming up in the weather forecast when we come back. called "homeless"..
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operations... headquartered in the bay area. a new leadership for some wide ranging coastguard operations headquartered in the bay area, a change of command ceremony happened today on coastguard island alameda. vice admiral linda fagan will run the largest theater of operations, which is the entire pacific ocean. fagan previously oversaw a sector around new york and new england. now she has a project in mine -- mind for the north and south poles. >> we are as close as we ever have been as a nation for a new icebreaker to help us as a nation to assure we've got the presence and ability to assure our national sovereignty in both regions. >> fagan is taking over for another vice admiral. under his command the coastguard seized more than 1
6:47 pm
million pounds of cocaine the high seas. these little guys were once called homeless, but now you can call them pepperoni puppies. their story begins with a stolen slice of pizza. >> kpix5's len ramirez picks up the tale from there. wen tiand her puppies are cute, cuddly and energetic, but most of all these are lucky dogs. >> just this morning the entire family was made available for adoption. >> reporter: six weeks ago this mixed terrier family of strays was living out in the open at the end of bay road in east palo alto but apparently near starvation. their big break came when some nearby workers sat down to eat a pizza. >> what had happened is this starving little dog had jumped up on the table and literally stole a piece of pizza from them and took off running. >> reporter: one of the workers knew the dog must have been desperate, so he called the peninsula humane society which sent out officers to track down the pepperoni loving pooch. >> it took a little bit of time to find her and track her and
6:48 pm
she actually led us to her nest of six little puppies that were about 1 week old. >> reporter: she scooped up the mother and pups and put them into foster care where they've been nursed back into perfect health. >> this poor little thing could barely take care of herself and to be so hungry that she goes and steals a piece of pizza is pretty phenomenal, but the fact that she did that actually led to her rescue. >> reporter: their foster caregiver is a fan of the british royal family. so all the puppies have names like meg ann, kate, ashore -- meghan, kate, charlotte, william, harry and diane. >> the mother is called queen elizabeth, although some have called her lizzie. >> reporter: they are just a few of in the dogs available for adoption here -- few of the dogs available for adoption here at the peninsula humane society. they are spayed, neuter, given shots and then they wait. one of the pepperoni pups was adopted out just this morning, but there are five more, plus, of course, the fearless and
6:49 pm
noble queen. their new homes don't have to be a palace, just a place where they will be loved and cared for. in burlingame, len ramirez, kpix5. >> i love seeing those puppies look so healthy. >> what did you say? >> there's nothing cuter than a little puppy. >> they'll get adopted really soon. >> she's going to get a great home i hope. >> brian, what kind of pizza was that? >> a pupperoni. >> oh, boy. there are signs of changes in the offing. you can see them from looking high atop sutro, the sales force 1,070-foot feet, 61 floors of it with fog coming into the bay area. it will cool down everybody tomorrow off of today's highs. we got up to 85 degrees in santa rosa, san francisco 64 and oakland 68 and in concord 83 degrees. nothing like that tomorrow, though. as we look live south from the top of sales force, concord has
6:50 pm
81 at the moment, oakland 62, 72 at livermore and san francisco 59 degrees. here's how it looks tomorrow. instead of the 80s we'll be 70s inland. around the bay we'll be in the mid-60s and at the shoreline about 60 degrees and here's what's happening. a low pressure trough will dig a notch out of the high that kept us warm at least today. the low pressure comes down tonight and tomorrow. it will increase the low clouds and cool us off. futurecast shows the low clouds moving into the shoreline tonight, early tomorrow morning, maybe some drizzle along the shoreline tomorrow morning and by saturday evening it looks mostly clear. that will set the trend for the rest of the weekend of sunday we'll warm up a bit. by monday, tuesday and wednesday high pressure rebounds and we'll be in the 90s by the time we get to tuesday. first we have this to contend with, low clouds moving in tonight, cooler tomorrow, then gently going the other direction beginning on sunday. we'll be back in the 80s inland and eventually the 90s next
6:51 pm
week. still a great weekend for the ghirardelli square festival this weekend in san francisco, low 60s with afternoon sunshine, tomorrow more sunshine coming in on sunday. the livermore rodeo this weekend, sunny, warmer by the latter half of the weekend, hot air balloon classic in windsor, 75 degrees and finally the haight-ashbury street fair, temperatures in the mid-60s in that part of town. oakland is also taking on the kansas city royals tomorrow. if you're heading out to the game, first pitch 1:05, 68 degrees, a few clouds, a nice day for a ballgame. overnight lows tonight near 50 degrees, daytime highs tomorrow, though, cooler than today, san francisco just 63, ncord managing just 74 and san jose 73 and oakland 67. down in the south bay it will be nice, sunshine after low clouds, mid-70s. in the east bay 70s for the most part as well and in the north bay we'll begin with low clouds. we'll break out to sunshine later in the day. the beaches will be chilly, temperatures in the upper 50s
6:52 pm
and low 60s. even ukiah manages just 68 degrees tomorrow, about the same for lake port and clearlake. extended forecast, we'll look for low clouds and fog in the night and early morning hours overnight tonight and tomorrow, sunshine sunday. then the pressure is on monday, tuesday and wednesday. tuesday is the warmest day of the week next week. we'll be in the mid-90s inland before cooling down by the time we led to next weekend. -- head to next weekend. it looks like a nice weekend on tap. have a good one! coming up it wasn't your typical practice for the 49ers. players get the chance to catch a pass with some of their biggest young fans and make some unforgettable memories.
6:53 pm
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our devin fehely shows us... they play with plenty of heart. the 49ers held a training camp today for some young athletes who love football. >> our devin fehely shows us they played with plenty of heart. >> the love they have for the game is so genuine. >> reporter: with an infectious enthusiasm that made it tough to tell who was having more fun, d lineman ronald blair and some of his fellow 49ers led dozens of young athletes through a workout this morning. >> they're not worried about anything other than what was going on today and enjoying the moment and having fun.
6:56 pm
i respected and admired them so much today. >> reporter: the 49ers camp for the stars showcases young athletes with downs syndrome and is now in its 12th year. trevor luck has been there since year one and still enjoys every minute. >> quarterback drills. catching footballs in midair. >> reporter: the three hour camp was held in san jose's valley christian high school and current head coach kyle shanahan stopped by for a quick pep talk. >> they have a lot of confidence. they have so much fun. it's a really neat thing to see. >> reporter: before it was all over the 49ers posed for a team picture, one last memory of a day that neither will soon forget. >> i think i had almost a better time than they had. that's the kind of time i had. >> i enjoyed everything about the camp. >> reporter: in san jose, devin fehely, kpix5. >> love seeing that. >> that's awesome. live for the moment. we could all learn something from that, right? for news throughout the evening, the latest always >> join us for nightbeat at 10:00 on kbcw 44 cable 12 and
6:57 pm
here at 11:00. >> good night. brands you love, this season's newest trends for a fraction of what you'd pay at department stores, ♪ you gotta go to ross
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announcer: it's time to play "family feud." give it up for steve harvey. [captioning made possible by fremantle media] steve: how you doing? how you, everybody? appreciate y'all. thank you, folks. thank y'all. thank you. i appreciate it, folks. thank y'all very much. well, welcome to "family feud," everybody. i'm your man steve harvey. [cheering and applause] got another good one, folks. returning for their second day with a total of $20,000, from right here--atlanta, georgia-- it's the champs--it's the curney family... [cheering and applause] and from st. paul, minnesota, it's the ranallo family. [cheering and applause] everybody's here trying to win theirself a lot of cash, and
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somebody might drive out of here in a brand-new car. [cheering and applause] let's go meet the ranallo family. frank: steve. steve: frank, how you doing? frank: great. steve: what do you do, buddy? frank: i'm a cpa, steve. steve: oh, ok. good. frank: i know you like to do stand-up and, you know, do shows and whatnot... steve: yeah. frank: but i'm telling you, until you've done a tax return, that's the rush you need to get you through life. it is amazing. steve: no, it's not. frank: oh, i need this, steve. come on. i'm on national television. please say yes. steve: no. i mean, you can do it. i've done a lot of tax returns or had had them done. they ain't ever fun. [laughter] well, we're gonna have a good time. introduce everybody. frank: absolutely. this is my older sister april, my sister-in-law aimee, my baby brother tony, and my mom marybeth. [cheering and applause] steve: let's get it on. give me frank. give me darnell. me on, brother. steve: ok. i ain't see you, pimp. frank: i thought you'd like that. italian, baby. italian shoes. steve: yeah,


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