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tv   CBS Weekend News  CBS  June 10, 2018 5:30pm-6:00pm PDT

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>> if somebody would scratch their belly, they'd be fine. >> that's it at 5:00. we'll be back here at 6:00 for an hour of news. >> have a good night! >> quijano: ready to meet face to face. ie stage is set for a historic summit in singapore. the major players arrived today. first kim jung-un, then president trump. can two nations with no diplomatic relations and two unpredictable leaders work out a denuclearization deal? l sn tonight, the escalating trump-trudeau trade tensions. >> trudeau should have known better. >> quijano: a deadly explosion destroys homes in cleveland. a new outbreak of salmonella is blamed on pre-cut melon. and another masterpiece in clay eor rafael nadal. his 11th french open title. 11th title good evening, i'm elaine eijano.
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they have exchanged insults and oreats from opposite sides of dee world, but tonight president trump and kim jung-un are both in singapore at separate hotels less than half a mile apart. within hours, these unlikely bargaining partners will meet acce to face bringing very tifferent agendas to the table. their nations have no diplomatic relations. onn in their positions, a sitting u.s. president and a north korean supreme leader have never met. tlittle more than two weeks ago it appeared the summit was not going to happen. "cbs evening news" anchor jeff glor is leading our coverage in singapore. jeff. ol glor: elaine, president trump told reporters on the tarmac last night that he was feeling "very good" about this upcoming meeting. these two men leaders of countries for nearly 70 years of animosity and diplomatic tension between them are expected to onet face to face on tuesday morning. tlittle more than 36 hours before the scheduled meeting, president trump was greeted at
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singapore's paya lebar air base by dignitaries in singapore. hours earlier an air china 747 carrying kim jung-un landed at singapore's commercial airport. it is only the fourth time out of north korea for kim since he took power. his farthest trip since he took over in 2011. his motorcade flanked at times by a jogging security team, snaked through the streets. delivering kim to singapore's e'ime minister, who said the young leader's upcoming meeting with president trump affects the security of the region and the world. the trump administration's goal, get pyongyang to shut down its nuclear program, which it says is capable of striking the united states and decimating the korean peninsula. >> we have to get denuclearization. >> glor: on saturday speaking from the g-7, president trump usid he will use his instincts when he becomes the first sitting president to meet a north korean leader. >> this is a leader who really is an unknown personality. people don't know much about him.
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i think that he is going to surprise on the upside. i am going in with a very positive attitude and i think we will come out fine. but i have said it many times, who knows. who knows. may not. may not work out. it's a good chance it won't work tut. there's probably an even better chance that it will take a period of time, it will be a process. >> quijano: jeff, this meeting could have happened anywhere in the world. why was singapore chosen to play host? >> glor: well in part because singapore has solid relationships with both sountries and with china, by the way. singapore's long been neutral. the foreign minister hear said inise here to serve tea and coffee, not to inject ourselves into negotiations. that said, singapore is not a meek nation, it is an economic powerhouse with the infrastructure and moxie to pull off a meeting like this one. e.s prime minister told the press today the summit is expected to cost them around $20 million.
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they have that money, they said it is the cost they are "willing to pay as our contribution to an international endeavor." elaine. >> quijano: "cbs evening news" anchor jeff glor in singapore, thank you. how did the u.s. and north korea come from what seemed to be the ko brink of war just months ago to u joint appearance on the world stage? ben tracy takes us through the twists and turns on the bumpy road to singapore. >> reporter: his endless string of missile launches earned kim jng-un one of president trump's umst memorable and derisive nicknames. >> rocketman is on a suicide mission for himself. >> reporter: north korea pulled p punches, calling the president "old," "senile," and "mentally deranged." but the rhetorical fire and fury stopped in january, when kim jung-un offered to send north korean athletes to the february csympics in south korea.
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and proposed a summit with president moon jae-in. m ♪ but first in march, kim jung-un paid a visit to president xi jinping of china. the north's main ally and trading partner. this was the north korean's dictator's first meeting with r other head of state, and first trip out of north korea as its leader. then the historic north and south summit one month later where kim jung-un showed off a previously well hidden personality, even inviting president moon to make a brief visit into the north. ( applause ) eae 34 year old suddenly looked less like an international pariah and more like a savvy politician, offering to dismantle his nuclear program and officially end the korean kr. and now the ultimate prize, a sit down with the president of the united states. >> kim jung-un is actually getting something very significant simply by doing the
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meeting. >> reporter: paul haenle was a member of the national security council during the bush and obama administrations. are you impressed by what he's accomplished in a short period of time? >> one has to admit he has played a relatively weak hand very cleverly. >> reporter: and now it all comes down to the negotiation here in singapore. president trump seems to be sedging his bets a bit saying hat he may not reach a deal with kim jung-un to give up his nuclear weapons or that if he does, it could become a process that takes some time. elaine. >> quijano: ben tracy, thank you. cbs news will have updates from singapore throughout the summit. jeff glor will join "cbs this morning" first thing tomorrow and he will anchor the "cbs evening news" from singapore monday and tuesday. president trump attended another summit this weekend with g-7 leaders in canada. rr. trump arrived late, left early, and on his way to singapore, withdrew from a joint
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statement with u.s. allies on trade. rnrol barnett has more on the escalating trump-trudeau trade tensions. >> he really kind of stabbed us in the back. >> reporter: in explaining why the u.s. rejected the g-7 communique it initially agreed to, president trump's economic advisor larry kudlow said canadian prime minister justin inudeau "betrayed" the administration at a saturday news conference. >> because canadians, we're polite, we're reasonable, but we also will not be pushed around. >> reporter: speaking out after president trump left the summit early, trudeau said canada will respond to u.s. tariffs. >> but it would be with absolute certainty and firmness that we move forward with retaliatory measures on july 1st. >> what's not in good faith is len you leave there and you fly at of there and the host, canadian prime minister starts taking whacks at you, pot shots at you on the eve of this korean summit. >> reporter: aboard air force one, president trump accused cuudeau of making false statements while calling him
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"very dishonest and weak." it is a remarkable public rebuke of a long time u.s. ally. punctuating a rocky summit which ndund president trump facing off with traditionally close counterparts. >> i would rather see russia in the g-8 as opposed to the g-7. >> reporter: a divide underscored by the president suggestion russia be readmitted to the elite group despite its annexation of crimea. >> i think it would be an asset to have russia back in. >> reporter: today republican senator lindsey graham bristled at that suggestion. >> expanding the g-7 to the g-8 now would be a mistake. there's no way i would legitimize him. at reporter: so the weekend ends with president trump voicing optimism about relations between north korea and russia while openly criticizing an ally. asked about the president's language towards canada, mr. trump's trade advisor peter navarro said, "there is a special place in hell for any foreign leader that engages in bad faith diplomacy with the president." elaine.
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>> quijano: all right, errol barnett, thank you. the pentagon has released the name of the special operations soldier killed in an attack in somalia. staff sergeant alexander conrad of chandler, arizona was 26 years old. his unit was attacked on friday by al-shabaab militants. ntur other u.s. service units were wounded. the u.s. military now has about 500 troops in somalia working with local forces in the fight against the terror group. a massive explosion rocked a neighborhood in cleveland today. at least one person was killed. one home was destroyed. neighboring homes caught fire and had windows blown out. the cause of the blast is under investigation. people in the area said they leelled gas. an immigration battle is brewing in washington state over a federal immigration policy being used to deter illegal border crossings. immigration officials confirm more than 650 migrant children
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have been separated from their parents after entering the u.s. here's mireya villarreal. >> the people united, will never be divided! >> reporter: at a rally outside a federal detention center in eattle. >> cruelty to children. >> reporter: washington's governor jay inslee is fighting to stop an immigration policy heat he says unfairly removes children from their parents who reoss the board illegally. some who are seeking asylum. >> they are being taken from their mothers and young women from their fathers is framerican. >> reporter: the new immigration policy is meant to act as a deterrent for people attempting to come into the country illegally. department of homeland security secretary kristjen nielsen. >> that is why they are separated, they are breaking the law. the u.s. says if you break the law, you are going to jail and lae separated from your family. >> reporter: how many of your parents got deported? ti this elementary school in
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tijuana, mexico, twins jolette and marco hernandez may look like every other student, but they struggled to fit in. >> they said we are going to be able to go back last year. because the original plan was for us to stay here three months and then go back. >> reporter: the twins are u.s. citizens, two out of an estimated 54,000 american children living in mexico. their situation has become a byproduct of the immigration debate. families being deported or forced to leave because they are afraid of being separated. ten year old julian barosa and his mom margaret are both american, but his dad is a mexican citizen. why put yourself through all of ouis? >> well, just to be with his dad hnd to have our families together. >> reporter: it is a difficult utoice, but one families are willing to make if it means staying together. mireya villarreal, cbs news, tijuana, mexico. >> quijano: federal health officials are tracking a new salmonella outbreak blamed on pre-cut melon.
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the recalled melon from a caito foods facility in indianapolis has been distributed to major itailers in eight states in the midwest and the south. at least 60 people have been sickened. more than 30 have gone to the hospital. no one has died. the annual puerto rican day parade drew a huge crowd as usual along new york's fifth avenue today, but this year tere were special tributes and remembrances for the victims of hurricane maria, including those who are still struggling to recover nine months after the storm. cbs news correspondent david begnaud who has provided extensive coverage of the crisis was among the honorees leading the parade. in paris today rafael nadal displayed another masterpiece in clay, winning his 11th french open title. nadal defeated dominic team of mistria, the only player who has beaten nadal on clay in recent years. nadal, currently the top man in tennis, has won 17 grand slam
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is the fact that it's very, very tough on bacteria, yet it's very gentle on the denture itself. polident consists of 4 powerful ingredients that work together to deep clean your denture in hard to reach places. >> quijano: the better business bureau is out with a new warning about sweepstakes, lottery, and eeize schemes. experts say scammers are using ever-changing methods to steal your money, and seniors are the most frequent targets. here's anna werner. >> they said congratulations, mr. walker, you have just won a jamaican sweepstakes. >> reporter: allen walker had just moved to st. louis in 2015 when the call came in on his cellphone telling him he had won $94,000. it would be delivered soon and dl he had to do was send them a fee for taxes. >> they kept on telling me "oh, he took the wrong route, he'd be there soon. just wait."
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>> reporter: walker sent them two checks totaling $55,000. all his savings. they didn't show up with the fine. then he got repeated calls to send money to different people. and that is when he realized it was a scam. >> when i really feel kind of sipty inside and ridiculous that i got, you know, beefed like that. >> reporter: steve baker is the lead investigator for the better business bureau. >> most of the people cold calling you are from either jamaica or costa rica. >> reporter: baker says nearly 3,000 people reported sweepstakes and lottery scams to the b.b.b. scam tracker in 2017. that same year the f.t.c. and f.b.i. combined received more than 145,000 complaints about the scams. losses topped over $100 million. the b.b.b. study says scammers rsntact their victims to get their personal information every way they can-- through cold calling, text messages, saternet popups, the mail, and social media like facebook. >> the fact that they are really
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migrating to social media means it is a huge new audience being introduced to these. >> reporter: facebook told us in a statement these scams violate our policies. we have a dedicated team and automated systems to help detect and block these kinds of scams. baker encourages relatives and friends of older consumers to clp them avoid becoming fraud victims by educating them. >> if you think you have won a lottery sweepstakes and somebody wants money for taxes or for irird party or any other reason, they're crooks, do not send money. >> reporter: anna werner, cbs news, new york. >> quijano: still ahead, wesearchers say it could be a breakthrough in the battle against opioid addiction. a possible nonaddictive pain medication. addiction. addiction. a possible nonaddictive pain medication. treat mucus buildup early with #1 doctor recommended mucinex 12 hour. the bi-layer tablet immediately releases to thin and loosen excess mucus
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with less of the sugar you don't. i'll take that. [cheers] 30 grams of protein and 1 gram of sugar. new ensure max protein. in two great flavors. >> quijano: about 116 americans die every day from opioid abuse. in response to the crisis, scientists across the country and around the world are trying to develop nonaddictive pain killers. as kenneth craig reports, rtsearchers in massachusetts say ngey're making progress. >> not many people know they are tdicts until they start using. >> reporter: mark loccisano felt a gratification from painkillers frth his first pill, prescribed by a doctor for a sports injury. it was the beginning of an opioid addiction that consumed his 20s and nearly cost him his life. >> i ended up wrapping my work truck around a telephone pole one night on the way home from work and that wasn't even enough ror me to say clean. >> reporter: mark is now in
5:52 pm
treatment at st. christopher's inn, run by a ministry of the fran atent in garrison, new york. he is part of a staggering pamber of americans swept up in the nation's opioid epidemic. but now these three harvard trained scientists believe dey've developed a breakthrough, a nonaddictive orinkiller 50 times more powerful than morphine but it's nonaddictive. s we were told the same thing about the pain killers current on the market, that they were nonaddictive, that there was no ensk for dependency and look were we are now. >> the onus is really on all of us to make sure that the scientific rigor is maintained. >> reporter: the team at blue therapeutics believe the answer lies in their molecule blue-181. it works by clinging to a different receptor in the central nervous system than opioids. eliminating the narcotic high, abuse and dependence risks. >> it targets receptors in the spinal chord where you are able to reduce the perception of pain without targeting areas of the
5:53 pm
brain which lead to you know, noe addiction side effects. >> reporter: dr. robert griffin specializes in pain management. >> it takes a long time to really know all the long-term effects and really to prove that oomething has no risk of addiction over time. >> reporter: do you see this, your concept as part of the solution to combating the opioid epidemic? >> absolutely. i think the opioid epidemic, the main driver of it is the fact nhat a lot of us are in pain. and if we don't give effective pain killers, we are never going to solve the problem. >> reporter: blue therapeutics tys it could be five years or so before the drug makes it through clinical trials to see if they confirm its claims. kenneth craig, cbs news, cambridge, massachusetts. >> quijano: up next, how a horse hmed "justify" made history. >> immortal, triple crown winner! >> immortal, triple crown winner!
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you wouldn't accept from any one else. why accept it from your allergy pills? flonase relieves your worst symptoms including nasal congestion, which most pills don't. flonase helps block 6 key inflammatory substances. most pills only block one. flonase. >> quijano: we're in the homestretch of tonight's broadcast and racing towards the finish line with the story of a champion athlete who reached the pinnacle of his sport this weekend. meg oliver tells us how justify earned his place in horse racing's stable of legends. >> he is just perfect and now he's just immortal! >> reporter: it was an aectrifying finish at the belmont stakes. >> justify has done it! >> reporter: justify defied the odds becoming only the 13th
5:57 pm
horse to capture the triple crown, a remarkable achievement wnnsidering he only started racing in february. >> it was a very good beginning for justify. >> reporter: always in the lead, the chestnut colt with the stunning stride barreled around toe track to the roar of more than 90,000 in the crowd. since 1932, 23 horses have won te first two legs of the triple crown, the kentucky derby, and the preakness, but fell short at the belmont. >> in 1973, racing legend secretariat captured the crown and set a world record at the belmont leaving his competitors he the dust. seattle slew and affirmed solid with sweeps in 1977 and 1978. but then there was a 37 year drought broken by american pharoah in 2015. racing fans didn't have to wait long for a repeat performance. three years later, american pharoah's trainer bop baffert brought justify to the track. >> it is a privilege to have a
5:58 pm
horse like this, i mean we're like the coach, but they're the athletes and the jockeys get it done. oc reporter: justify turned heads at the kentucky derby charging through with a win. victory followed at the preakness, and finally a mirytale ending at the belmont for jockey mike smith, at 52 he is the oldest jockey to win the triple crown. >> this puts an old man out there to sit still. ( laughs ) and stays out of the way and let a good horse be a good horse. >> reporter: before winning the triple crown, justify's breeding rights were originally negotiated for a steep $60 million. a justified price tag now expected to skyrocket for an undefeated champion. meg oliver, cbs news, new york. >> quijano: that's the "cbs weekend news" for this sunday. later on cbs, the 72 annual tony awards honoring broadway's best. for all of us at cbs news, thank you for joining us and good night. en..
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ay chase and crash. now at 6:00, new video shows the dramatic and fiery end to achase and crash. witnesses describe the effort to pull people to safety. good evening, i'm betty yu. >> i'm brian hackney. the chase happened in emeryville near the oakland border. bright orange flames wept out in the intersection. emeryville police said one person died in that crash and fire. earlier bystanders rushed in to help pull a man out. in the past few minutes police have been providing more details on what happened. >> the vehicle crashed behind me. the driver is now in critical
6:00 pm
condition. the passenger was killed in the accident. the victim from san francisco is being treated out of san francisco hospital. >> police say that victim was assaulted and forced into a trunk at eleven worth and -- levanworth and turk street. the woman was able to escape when the car was still in san francisco. the injured driver rescued by bystanders is now in critical condition and under arrest. new at 6:00, it's been more than a year since rising floodwaters devastated san jose neighborhoods. now city officials have a new plan to house displaced residents before the next disaster strikes. kpix 5 devin fehely has the story. >> reporter: inspired by last year's catastrophic flooding, the pilot program will help connect disaster victims with people willing to give them a place to stay in their


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