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tv   KPIX 5 Noon News  CBS  June 12, 2018 12:00pm-12:30pm PDT

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the scrum there. but steph is going to walk the parade he looks like. he is not getting back on the bus. he is having too much fun walking this thing, he is going to keep on walking.
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>> dennis and chris, i don't know if you can hear me anymore, but this is really something out here. we got several thousands of people, maybe hundreds of thousands of people out here screaming at the top of their lungs for steph curry. yeah, police are trying to make room to accommodate him. a gag he will of -- gaggle of photographers and shooter from all over the world, it's amazing, he goes right into the crowd and he just -- he says hello. >> i just hope that curry doesn't step on somebodi' foot and turn his ankle.
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>> oh, yeah. i didn't think about that. >> he has all year to recover on that one, right? >> i'm more concerned about his golf game, ken. i know that tomorrow he is going to be teeing it off somewhere, maybe pebble beach. but he is a scratch golfer. he probably can't wait until this parade is over. >> you know, i don't know how much of that you guys got. it was incredible and he is still going. he is literally going down the entire parade route, high- fiving people with the larry owe brian trophy. i never seen that before, dennis. >> i don't think -- i seen steph jump out of a bus, he got back on. i think it was year one. but, as anne said earlier, the players wanted a connection with the fans, the fans wanted a connection with the players and their best player, argue
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believely the most popular is giving it to them. you heard the chanting of mvp in the heart of a lot of people. he is the mvp, he is the team. he has his followers, too, there is room for both of these guys, what do you think? >> that is a great point. we were talking earlier about the fans opinions of their favorite players. we heard some for durant, some for draymond, some for curry, one person for living stop. and that's the tricky thing that steve kerr has to deal with. he has two enormously tall lented players in kevin durant and steph curry. two mvp's and you gotta find a balance. and it's not easy i think there were some issues this year with kd and mixing in, curry acknowledged i, by the way, there was never any conflict
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between steph curry and cl. but, he said clay is very vulnerable. but, said one of the clay's great qualities, they had to come to a little meeting of the minds at times. david west after the championship in the locker rooms said some very cryptic things about you guys don't know what we had to endure, what we had to go through this year. and the head coach steve kerr played down those comments. this is a trying year for this baseball team. i say it was steve kerr's best job as a head coach. we are starting to see, so fun to watch steph just kind of step off the bus, run-down broadway, get the fans going. there are still more buss to come here. you see them pausing and waiting here, we have the coaching staff here.
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we got kevin did you ran and -- duran, and again, like you said, that really does speak to this deep bench the number of all stars on this team. every time they get excited and start celebrating one player, another amazing player comes on up. and i have to say i sort of question, a lot of fans did question the format. the difference in this parade and how it would be different from previous parade. these are things that they are going to remember about a parade. it is going to be you will remember steph curry topping off the bunch with a champagne bottle spraying the crowd and taking off high-fiving everybody. >> cook is with did you ran, they grew up in the same city, great friends and i still can't believe, i still remember when i heard did you ran was coming
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to the warriors, there is no chance. that has created real division between the warriors and the rest of the league and a lot of people don't like the warriors forgetting kevin durant. but do you know what, that's the way it is. if you can get kd and figure out economically how to make the numbers work and they did, more power too them. >> fans with say deal with it. lakeside drive talking to the fans out there, hopefully they are at the end of the parade, are they starting to see buses? >> no, everyone keeps asking me, where are they? where are they. they are waiting, they are watching for them and so far it's been empty on the parade route at least. let me step outside you can kind of see what everyone is waiting for. every time we see, hey look, it's michelle, that is our own
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michelle going by in a golf cart. you should be cheering for her. but, yeah, we have bouncy beach ball going around the crowd. a lot of people are trying to protect themselves from the heat. have some foplmsrying themselv off. in this spot we are directly in the sun. a little bit of a breeze off of lake merit. are you guys hanging in there with all this heat? >> yeah, we are hanging in. >> is it getting boring? >> kind of. >> we are hoping they are getting here soon. they are stopping to stop and say hello to everyone on the parade route. the format is different. how are you doing, what are you waiting for? >> for them to come out. >> different format means it's a little bit slow going. so we are here at 17th and ment n'ifcather theret cefirefi
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a couple people had heat related issues. one man did have to get taken away, it looked s over heating so they have their water bottles ready to go. it is getting warm, high today in oakland 80 degrees. right here in the sun feels warmer, all people crowding around it feels warmer. so the people selling pop sick 'ems are the popular ones today for sure. sending it back to you guys. >> home flee they get a -- hopefully they get a chance seeing players. there have been been amazing pictures of the players hopping off the bus. we are going to take a little break and we will be right back with our championship parade coverage right here on kpix 5.
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welcome back to our live coverage of the golden state warriors parade of champions...
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. and welcome back to our live coverage of the golden state warriors parade of champions. can you see all those buses steaming along down broadway. and the players doing exactly what we were told they would do, interacting with the fans, the most exciting part of this so far. steph in curry and patrick mccar, have they climbed back on the bus now? we went down a few blocks there. >> where is larry, i was following larry and curry is right next to him. unconfirmed reports, getting away from ken that is the biggest shock to me. >> that is true. that is true. well do you know what, dennis, swag, i am a big swag fan as you know, he came by and when he saw our camera and saw the
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channel 5 he went out of his mind. he jumped off the bus. he ran up on our riser over here and did a little dance. and so i said hey, swagy what do you think of this crowd? he took my mic from me. poor vern can't get it out of my hand for 5 minutes. >> a shock. by the way, i should mention nick young, mcgee, no shirt on. fully at that timed up. -- tatted up. >> he grabbed the mic and took off with it. that guy is fast. i couldn't catch him. >> it was crazy. i don't think nick young, let's say he was feeling himself. >> i said how are you feeling? he said oh, man, that is all he could say. that says it all on a day like this. it does, certainly does. it certainly does.
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>> check in with some of our folks here that have been watching. >> you guys saw swaggyp, what do you think? amazing. >> reporter: he came over to you. you touched him. >> i touched him. >> came over. >> reporter: getting a little touchy, feely out here. >> we have the owner of the team. >> reporter: let's go talk to him. hi, joe, how are you? what a day, huh? >> this is as fun as it gets. >> reporter: did you expect a few people to come out, does it surprise you at all. >> i thought there would be a few people out here based on
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past experience. >> reporter: you have been uncon sensual, to have the players come out and meet with the fans, this little girl said i touched swaggyp. >> swaggy is unbelievable. did you see his outfit? these are great players, they understand that this means a lot to people. it's great for the community, for everything we've done. >> tell me about the chase center and how it's coming. >> it's coming great, i was there all day yesterday working on it. people will be amazed how great it is. sad to be leaving oakland in one sense, we'll have a new home and accessible and excited about it. >> reporter: you have the best fans in the world. the best, take a look around. >> reporter: take care. >> thank you. >> reporter: and ken, if that isn't enough, the other one over here, let's go over to peter. congratulations, man. let me ask you this as a
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hollywood guy, i feel the makings of a possible script here. well, i think it's right now a franchise. i hope you will have a lot of sequels and pick out a new address and have new heros. >> reporter: make all of that to have a film. >> that is what we are looking for. >> reporter: speaking ahead, you were there in cleveland, what were you're motions as the clock run-down 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, nba champions again. >> it was 1, 2, 3. i thought to myself how fortunate to have these fans, our fans at home cheering us and the team and culture that everybody built. steve kerr and all the players, it's amazing, like a miracle, it's a perfect script, perfect cast,. >> reporter: one more, how about the love that you guys are receiving on both sides of the street all day? >> it's fantastic. i never felt this kind of love, it's fantastic. >> reporter: enjoy it. boy, can't get much better than that.
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those are the guy that sign the checks. back to you guys in the studio. >> i always found it interesting, peter guber. one is a venture capitalist, the other movie producer. the deep is the favorite movie he produced. let's go back to the moment swaggy stole the microphone out of the anchor man's hands. >> hey, swaggy. i feel great, i look good, too. i look real good. >> reporter: what do you think -- >> what a moment, i love it. can we dip that mike in bronze? at least he gave it back. >> that was fantastic. they are having a blast out there. so fun watching them. you know like you said, the
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kids are really young. >> let's go to anne makevec. anne. >> reporter: just got really loud here. so, that is because draymond green is behind me. this is the final bus about to turn the corner here at the very beginning of the parade route. he has been dancing up there. he is actually wear ago t-shirt that appears to be trolling lebron james. a t-shirt that has a fist with three rings on it which of course he has, the warriors have, the third championship in four years, based off an internet meme. the rivalry continues even though draymond and his boys have taken lebron downtown already. and here we are downtown oakland where the parade continues. i think he is going to be hopping off his bus soon. that is what the fans really are looking for around here.
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i have seen several of them here in the crowd that are wearing green jerseys. this is the guy a lot of people have been waiting for. he has been saved for last at this point. continuing to dance. and this is the guy we talked earlier about somebody hiring a dj for their bus, this is the guy. that is that party bus here. so, it's a good time over there. i think you can be sure about that. in fact, he was spraying champagne on the crowd earlier. so he must have plenty i doubt he would be wasting it if he didn't. so i think the bus is well equipped. and the fans waiting for him to come down, of course i would be remiss not to mention kevin looney, yeah, gotta say gray month green is the guy that is going to bring it when he gets off of that bus. it is going to be hard. he is having a really good time. there is dancing going on top of that double decker bus which again appears to be the last one that we are go go see.
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we know you guys have several different views of the parade as it continues throughout the rest of the route. throw it back to you in the studio. >> okay, an man {ad lib live chopper} >> you got some free agents to deal with this year so it's not all fun and games once the parade is over. i mean it's a mountain of work. >> i'm trying to block that out. it always is, you know, always a lot of work. i work with great people and we just try to keep it going, it's not easy but it's worth it. most of our people want to stay with us. so it makes it easier. >> mvp of the finals, seems to
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want to hang around, that is a mountain to climb. >> he is an important part of what we are doing, so, yeah. thankful he is on our team. let's just hope he can stay and i think he wants to and have a couple more of these parades. >> reporter: being a former athlete and also, you know, in this professional world of the nba does it ever get old? >> no, this never gets old. there are days like any job, you know, this is what you do it for. the parade is the most fun. parade day is the best. >> reporter: if you want folks in oakland to know about your mood in san francisco, what would it be? >> is 1 miles that is not that far. 11 miles. do you know what, come out and keep a great product on the floor. but we are -- we love our fans. come with us rello of them.
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>> at the beginning of the press conference bob meyers pointed out, remember kristen, he was player agent before he was a general manager. it was a big risk on lakers part to hire a player agent to become a general manager. and when he instantly proclaimed that the warriors will be nba champions within five years an meyers coulded at that because he grew up here. he knows the few tillity of the warriors organization -- few
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tillity of the warriors organization over an extended period of time. he runs the organization and he brought them three championships. >> the guy is a fortune teller. look where we are now. we saw steph in curry down there -- stephen curry, just a treat to watch that interaction. you wonder whether these parades are different for them because they've been here before. but watching their energy and watching that connection with the crowd, you know, you have to realize that it's such an accomplishment for them to get to the end of the season, to come out on top this way and to be able to hold that trophy up and high-five the fans, i have to imagine, it never gets old. >> it never gets old. >> back outside on lakeside drive for us live with the fans out there, how is it going, netta. >> reporter: we have a bunch of people doing cartwheels up and
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down the street. yelling back to back. back to back. back to back. back to back. you see right here the fire truck and people are yelling sweep moments ago. it's a sign that something is about to turn the corner. not sure exactly what that is. but of course everyone is starting to get very very amped up and excited. they have their phones out ready to go. hello firefighters. what's behind you? okay. now they are starting to yell. someone seeing something around the corner. oh, the anticipation of what's to come. oakland firefighters. you see the sign right there? >> warriors! >> reporter: there they go. oh, yeah. this is a good sign, guys. something is about to happen
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here. finally what everyone here has wee en waiting for hours in the sun and all of a sudden the party just got a little more wild. there you go. you see people up and down the sidewalks here in their blue and gold. we have people hanging out on their balconies with their flags. they don't get this hot anymore. now nobody is complaining. >> reporter: what has this day been like so far? >> never gets old. >> reporter: curry, signing autographs, interacting with the fans. and they are going crazy with every he makes. and there he goes.
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now he's working his way to the other side. steve, after winning titles as a player and now as a coach, how do the two kind of compare? >> we are still here. >> i'm still here. >> all 5'3". >> this is between us. >> i know. >> it's all great. coach, player, win a championship. come on, your jubilation is so much fun. >> reporter: we'll let you enjoy the moment. >> go bather someone else -- bother someone else. >> reporter: they are eating it
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up. liz in to this -- listen to this crowd, they are loving it. finally the moment they are waiting for a chance to see their players, they look at all these fans now. the balloons right there, of course, chants back to back and as everyone has been yelling sweep, sweep over and over again. got their brooms out. look at them dancing over there. you gave -- you came from new york? >> yes. >> reporter: how exciting is this. >> very exciting. very exciting. >> reporter: now the heat, we forgot about, right? >> oh, yeah, definitely. i was over there i still forgotten about it, i didn't know they existed. >> reporter: that mean the
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actual temperature heat. i know what you are thinking. we are talking about the temperature heat and just definitely we ignored the hot weather so far. >> yes. >> reporter: as soon as you see the players out. >> this is amazing. >> reporter: now everyone gets wild and the party goes crazy. what do we have here? a trolley coming through.
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you are watching live coverage of the parade of champions, we will take a quick commercial break and come back with more in a moment.
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warriors parade of champions...


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