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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6AM  CBS  June 13, 2018 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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plus: inrnal email impano0, an investigation into a deadly bay area fire early this morning. >> plus, internal emails reveal the impact oakland mayor libby schaaf's warning had on i.c.e. raids. >> and president trump is back in the u.s. and calling the summit with north korea a resounding success. >> good morning, everyone. it is wednesday, june 13th. i'm michelle griego. >> good morning. i'm kenny choi. it is 6:00. let's kick off the hour with traffic first with jaclyn. we are off to a very busy start this morning. drivers are dealing with delays in the south bay and east bay. this is an accident we have been tracking on 101 near oakland road. this is a live look north of
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the crash. you can see traffic doesn't look so bad. it's getting there that will be the hard part. we are seeing speeds dip below 10 miles per hour northbound 101 right at oakland road. they cleared it to the center divide so the car isn't blocking lanes but causing delays just about 45 minutes between hellyer to san antonio. to the bay bridge toll plaza, hope you like this shade of red. we are seeing slowdowns continue to build heading into san francisco just about 25 minutes connecting to 101. that backup is stretching towards the foot of the maze. the eastshore freeway still in the green. but 880 and 580 speeds into the yellow. neda has the forecast. good morning. love starting the day off like this. sunrise over the east bay. glaring over the bay and the bay bridge. but a gorgeous start, sunrise officially about 14 minutes ago. nettyth haze so something ra r
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to keep in mind over the golden gate bridge through marin. you may see that kind of low clouds and fog forming in those locations but visibility map showing things in the clear. 59 in concord. afternoon highs warm again. morecoming up. an investigation of a deadly fire in walnut creek this morning. it started at a home on mandarin lane about 1:00. jessica flores reports. >> reporter: good morning, michelle. the fire is out now. and now this turns to the investigation. what caused the fire? we know an elderly man was found inside dead. take a look at this scene. you can see some furniture outside that they pulled out. it's all burned and right now,
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fire total loss. contra costa county showed heavy smoke and flames out of all windows. trucks and engines put out the flames using water and foam. two elderly parents lived with their adult son in the home. the fire consumed the home and killed the elderly father inside before the fire trucks arrived. two others escaped. >> an elderly adult man and elderly female were already outside the home and taken to the hospital. >> reporter: the mother and adult son had smoke inhalation and lacerations. it's unclear right now if the home had smoke detectors but, of course, that's one thing investigators will be trying to determine. they are still walking around
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inside and trying to piece together what started this fire. reporting live in walnut creek, i'm jessica flores, kpix 5. a woman is rushed to the hospital after a hit-and-run crash in san jose. now the search is on for the driver. jackie ward has more from the newsroom. this happened less than four hours ago so investigators are trying to figure out what happened. a witness says that san jose police officers and firefighters responded to the call of a woman down at the intersection of mckee road and capitol avenue after being hit by a car. she was found 20 feet outside the crosswalk where it is believed she was just walking moments before. a witness says the driver of the car that supposedly hit her took off and was driving a boxy suv or minivan. the woman was treated on scene and brought to a nearby trauma center. we don't know her condition at the moment. in the newsroom, jackie ward, kpix 5. public warnings from oakland mayor libby schaaf may not have had an effect on immigration raids earlier this year. anne makovec has more. reporter: this is some vindication for oakland mayor
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libby schaaf. she had been publicly lampooned by several high level federal officials including the president after she warned the community that i.c.e. raids were coming. now a former i.c.e. spokesman says it had no impact on the outcome. the february sweep netted 232 arrests in northern california. james schwab told woulbe surprised to up 0. nowhere close to the 860 potential arrests the justice department said schaaf jeopardized with her warning. schwab resigned in march over what he claimed were misleading statements by the administration and i.c.e. just released the same statement that it did then reading in part: it was back -- the same statement yesterday that read in part: t. while we disagree with mr. schwab on this issue, we appreciate his service and wish him well." it was back in february when mayor schaaf released a statement saying she had gotten word that ice raids were imminent. she was right. the four day operation began that er back in february mayor schaaf released a statement
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saying that i.c.e. raids immi e was right! that four-day operation the sama ov herarning w nationwi. >> i can tell you that i know a lot more about what makes my community safe than a congress member from iowa. >> reporter: she is referring to an iowa congressman who introduced a bill called the mayor libby schaaf act of 2018 that would imprison officials who make similar warnings and the white house has called for schaaf to be criminally investigated for obstructing justice. no charges yet. >> thank you. president trump returns to the white house today after his summit with north korean leader kim jong-un. president trump wasted no time operations the agreement: experience." aides say the statement the two leaders signed in singapore will serve as a framework for a more comprehensive agreement. secretary of state igned to work aides say the statement that
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the two leaders signed in singapore will be a framework for a more comprehensive agreement. secretary of state mike pompeo has been assigned to work out the details. he will lead the u.s. negotiators in the next round of talks with pyongyang. >> if the north korea is serious, there are some concrete steps they can take within the next few weeks. they could transfer nuclear warheads out of the country to a third country. they can transfer weapons grade nuclear materials, highly enriched plutonium or uranium. >> the president will invite kim to the white house and plans to visit pyongyang in the future. the former deputy director of the fbi andrew mccabe is suing the department of justice for the release of documents related to his firing. mccabe was fired in march by attorney general jeff sessions just two days before his retirement. he released a statement then speaking against his firing. he called it a discrediting of the mueller investigation. this morning, there's still no winner in the san
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francisco mayor's race but the latest number show london breed is increasing her lead to about 1800 votes. and we did learn that breed's office made inquiries about how a recount process would work but didn't request one. the elections office says that a campaign or voter must request a recount for it to happen. and if it's done by hand, it would cost more than a million dollars for the city. the elections office is still counting the ballots but hopes to have everything done by friday. the case of a bay area boy shot and killed by a deputy is back in the spotlight. the u.s. supreme court could decide as soon as tomorrow whether to hear sonoma county's appeal of a ruling it allows the deputy to be sued for excessive force. back in 2013, 13-year-old andy lopez was killed in santa rosa after sonoma county deputy eric dal house mistook the gufoa real weapon. investigators ruled it was
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justified. the shooting sparked protests in the bay area but gelhaus was not charged and returned to work. new details about a who died at zuckerberg sf general hospital. accordintothe rors33olisidenti la verne criner. it appears she was on an involuarur the psychiatric ward. this case follows of death of 75-year-old ruby lee andersen found in the stairwell of a power plant building on the hospital grounds. right now in los angeles, evacuations are being lifted as crews contain a brush tire in the hollywood hills. -- a brush fire in the hollywood hills. it didn't burn homes but two firefighters were treated one for heat exhation and the other for a minor burn. at its peak, 250 firefighters and several aircraft fought the flames. firefighters are still dousing some hot spots. >> very complex heavy brush, these areas have not been burned for many, many years. we are fortunate now we don't have erratic wind and weather
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conditions. >> so far, the fire is 25% contained. time now 6:09. the new stem cell treatment to help children with a life- threatening heart condition. >> plus, in our tech report facebook's new tool to let users ban bad businesses from advertising. >> and we are tracking delays at the richmond/san rafael and also an accident on the dumbarton bridge and, of course, a backup over at the bay bridge toll plaza. we'll be taking l thome s up t little haze but we are sitting pretty under sunny skies for most of us. and that is a sign owarm weathe i'll talk about your afternoon conditions coming up.
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a personalized financial strategy can give you confidence to take the next step. hi guys! aw yeah! see how access to j.p. morgan investment expertise can help you. chase. make more of what's yours. housing and homeless programs. the budget will include funds t team"... the san jose city council approved a budget plan with a new emphasis on affordable housing and homeless programs. it will include funds for a
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housing catalyst team to market potential housing sites. the "san jose mercury news" reports that $3 million will go toward curbing homelessness and $150,000 toward a pilot program to provide emergency housing and services to domestic violence victims. your rides on bart may soon sound different. the transit agency says it is in the process of silencing that screech. they are putting new shapes on the trains to curb the noise. an engineer says more than half of the conversion jobs are done and bart expects to finish more than 90% by the end of the year. >> we know it well. >> that's cool. >> definitely. they are making a lot of neat improvements with bart and a lot of the mass transit. right now, you may want to use bart at least consider it because 880 is completely
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getting backed up along that southbound direction. no accidents so far that we have seen come in but this is as you make your way out of san lorenzo down into hayward. you can see 880 is starting to jam up. we have 15 minutes down to the dumbarton bridge with a crash eastbound a car hit the wall and went over into the marshland. it's not blocking lanes. slowdowns across the san mateo bridge with travel times still in the green. into the yellow at any time. over at the richmond/san rafael bridge slow and go. heading over to 101. check this out. i know you like this view. here's a look at that sun over the bay. isn't that pretty? we are noticing a gorgeous sunrise with clear conditions and a little bit of that fog forming right through the marin headlands seeing that just kind of working its way through the valleys.
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and we are going to see a little more of that fog right around the coastline. i'll show you that on the visibility map. temperatures not too bad in san francisco right now. 54. san jose up to 57. santa rosa 52. here's a look at the visibility it dropped now at half moon bay. down to four miles. sajoa little bit of a haze going on there the oakland airport noticing low clouds and fog forming around the bay so nd these west winds are now starting to push a little bit of the marine layer inland not impacting most of you. definitely far out in the east bay. you see any of that. you will see a lot of sunshine. west-southwest wind in san francisco now at 7, oakland 7 so it's still not too strong in fairfield up to 16-mile-per- hour sustained winds. a cooldown is on its way but not until 4 or 5:00 this afternoon. 20-mile-per-hour wind gusts expected and then they will start to stay strong throughout the night and then again thursday, friday into the weekend so that's all
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because of a trough to the north. so when that gets closer to us, that will change our temperatures. until then, though, we are hot. look at this. well above average for places like san jose, 85 in sunnyvale, 82 in fremont and the east bay that heat is on. mid-90s there for antioch and brentwood. check out temperatures around the bay low 70s for san francisco and sausalito. 80 in oakland. it's going to feel warm and low 90s for wine country. so now you can see that cooldown, friday, saturday into sunday on father's day should be comfortable as temperatures dip into the 70s and low 80s for those inland spots. kenny? in our healthwatch, doctors in los angeles are using stem cells to try to strenthen the hearts of children born with a life- threatening condition. as chris martinez reports, doctors believe that this groundbreaking trial could help these patients lead much longer live. >> you breathe a sigh of relief. >> reporter: eva was 20 weeks into her pregnancy when doctored diagnosed her baby
6:18 am
with hypoplastic left heart syndrome, commonly called hlhs. >> she has a half heart. her left ventricle release doesn't exist. >> it's devastating. you look for anything that's going to give you hope. >> sweet girl. >> reporter: children with hlhs typically have three surgery that is allow the developed side of their heart to pump blood to the body. but by early adulthood, the heart starts to fail. so doctors at children's hospital los angeles are trying something new. collecting the baby's cord blood at birth to gather stem cells. when the child undergoes her second hlhs surgery -- >> we are going to inject stem cells into the right ventricle. >> reporter: the doctor believes injecting the stem cells directly into the heart will help stimulate muscle growth making it stronger. >> the hope is that this will delay or even prevent heart failure in the subset of patients. >> reporter: researchers say so far they are seeing positive results in children who receive the injections as part of a clinical trial.
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>> sleepy girl. >> reporter: eva is hopeful it will make a difference. >> i want to give her every possible chance that i can. stronger heart and a longer life. chris martinez, cbs news, laguna niguel, california. >> families taking part in the trial are given free storage for their children's stem cells from birth until they are used in the surgery. facebook users can now warn their friends about businesses that advertise on the social network. the new feature allows you to click the ad and leave feedback about your experience with those businesses. the company says it will alert companies about a high volume of negative reviews. if the feedback doesn't improve, facebook may limit that company's ads. instagram is introducing shoppable stories which means brands can now tag their stories with some of their products. users can click the suitcase tag and learn more about the item. it will include a link to the website of the brand to i b a historical night in our sportscast. you can only see it on this station. and the giants pitcher went from self-protection to a double play. but was it enough? that's coming up.
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geyser! [echo]stal! [echo] crystal! [echo] geyser! [echo] crystal geyser. always bottled at the mountain source. naturally. history was made yesterday at the warriors championship parade. somebody was able to do something that has never been done, taking the microphone away from ken bastida. >> hey ! . >> how are you doing? >> i look good! >> that was "swaggy p." now that the parade is over, the team's attention will turn to free agency where general manager bob myers two days ago said that kevin durant could name his price in the upcoming contract negotiations. but things got a little awkward yesterday.
6:24 am
>> and then i heard you tell kevin durant he can have whatever contract he wants next year. >> that was just for the media. he can't have anything like that at all. >> last year told steph he could have any contract he wants, too. >> well, yeah. that was different. he's been here for the run -- the wait and four days. he earned it. >> oh!! >> a little awkward there. fans arriving in style in miami. bottom of the third, giants leading 1-0 but then sterling castro base hit. derek scores to tie the game at one. next batter turned out a one two pitch that brings home a pair. giants lose the second straight to the last place marlins. san francisco dropped one game below .500. a's against the astros. you talk about location mistake? boom! there it is. carlos correa hit into the oakland zoo.
6:25 am
and that tied the game at one. now 4-2 houston in the fifth. evan hit the hardest double i have seen this year, a laser shot. the astros won 6-3 a's at least still one game over .500. but congratulations to the golden state warriors! we can turn the page, focus on the local nine and the upcoming football season. i'm dennis o'donnell. see you tonight. from fifa: the world cup is coming to the u-s. the organization just sele mexico, and ca new this morning, a big announcement from fifa. the world cup is coming to the united states again. the organization just selected a bid from the u.s., mexico and canada to host the world cup in 2026. fans here in the bay area are hoping that means that levi's stadium might host some games during that tournament. the news comes a day before the 2018 world cup kicks off in russia tomorrow.
6:26 am
the last time the u.s. hosted the tournament was back in 1994 and mexico was 1986. canada has never hosted before. by the way, the u.s. team did not qualify for this year's tournament. the first time since 1986. by the way, president trump also tweeted about fifa's announcement saying that the u.s. together with mexico and canada just got the world cup. congratulations! a great deal of hard work. it is 6:26. it may seem like a farfetched idea. but soon voters will decide on a new plan to split up california. >> plus new revelations about a murder mystery thought to be tied to the golden state killer.
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go home safer, then i'll drive it every day of the week. together, we're building a better california. up in flames.
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>> when our crews arrived, they found heavy fire from the first and second floors. >> a fire turns deadly at a bay area home. >> plus the search for a hit- and-run driver in san jose. >> i felt it was my duty to share the information. >> new documents reveal the federal government's attempts to mislead the public about the impact of a warning about bay area i.c.e. raids. but first, this morning, an investigation into a deadly fire in walnut creek. it is wednesday, june 13th. i'm kenny choi. >> and i'm michelle griego. that fire broke out at a home on mandarin lane just before 1 a.m. kpix 5's jessica flores is live on the scene. jessica. >> reporter: good morning. that fear is out. it broke out at 12:45 a.m. the fire is out. fire crews were here working on the fire for hours. now investigators are walking around trying to figure out the cause of the fire but you
6:31 am
can see, they have removed burned furniture. they found one man dead inside the home. the home is a total loss. contra costa fire arrived to find smoke and flames shooting out of the windows. 7 engines and several trucks responded to the scene. they worked to put out the flames with water and foam. now, fire officials say elderly parents lived with their adult son in the home. the elderly woman and her adult son already escaped the fire by the time firefighters arrived, the elderly man was found dead on the second floor of the home. >> by the time we were able to make entry and get inside the area, you know, unfortunately, he did succumb to his injuries due to the fire and the smoke. >> reporter: the victim's wife and adult son had smoke inhalation and lacerations. it's unclear if the home had
6:32 am
any smoke detectors. he cause is under investigation. right now, there are fire investigators inside this home. they do believe at the moment that it started on the first floor but that's still under investigation. live in walnut creek, i'm jessica flores, kpix 5. this morning, police are searching for a hit-and-run driver in san jose. let's get right to kpix 5's jackie ward for the latest. reporter: this happened around 2:20 this morning. so investigators are still examining the evidence trying to piece together what happened. a witness tells us that san jose police officers and firefighters responded to the call of a woman down at the intersection of mckee road and capitol avenue after being hit by a car. she was found about 20 feet outside the crosswalk where it is believed she was walking just moments before. a witness says the driver of the car that supposedly hit her took off and was driving a boxy suv or minivan. the woman was treated on scene and then brought to a nearby trauma center. her condition has not been made public yet. in the newsroom, jackie ward, kpix 5. -- the morning rush is about to start...
6:33 am
with drivers hitting the roads heading to wor time now is 6:32. as we take a live look outside, golden gate bridge, some of the traffic coming into the city of san francisco. and on the left, "salesforce tower" camera looking west. you can see the ocean there. clear conditions and it's going to be another warm one today. neda. >> yes, it sure will. it's going to be hot inland. that's where you will be feeling the heat. the 90s will be back. we have a slight west wind a little bit of a haze for some of the coastline this morning. but that's about it. we are still going to have plenty of sunshine all across the bay area today. here's a live look over the bay and you can see coit tower right there. it's hazy. there are areas of fog forming this morning but your headlines include another warm one out there and that west wind will contribute to minimal cooling. it's not going to be too significant probably won't feel it but this afternoon it will pick up and then we'll see those temperatures drop. by tomorrow, friday into the weekend, those temperatures
6:34 am
will be cooler. here's a look right now as the sun is glaring over the bay bridge and bay right now. temperatures in san francisco 53. 50s and 60s in the area now. the fog is at the coast, half moon bay down to four mile visibility. oakland airport may have to check in on those flights, five-mile visibility there. i'll talk more about the heat- up this afternoon and when we'll start to see temperatures dipping coming up. jaclyn? >> sounds good. thank you. right now, we are tracking the usual crowds heading out of antioch, westbound 4. we are seeing the slowdowns as you make your way through pittsburg and then once you get closer to the port chicago highway, things start to clear up and you're back in the green approaching 680. but it's about 25 minutes just getting towards 680 there. this is highway 4 near rt chicago highway. traffic looks amazingly light. but just a piece of it. it's very slow. 680 heading into walnut creek. this is right near tslioving so
6:35 am
we are in the yellow towards highway 24 where we have had a number of problems especially in the eastbound opposite commute direction. we had that earlier car fire that was right near fish ranch road and now we are tracking this new rollover crash and so it has one lane blocked. do expect delays over towards 680. hat's a check of your traffic; over to you. november's ballot will include a plan that would divide california into three states. the secretary of state's office says that the cal 3 initiative has enough ballot signatures to qualify for the ballot. silicon valley venture capitalist tim draper is behithe idea. itwouldide the statinto northern california, rncalian eachteulhavemost californians oppose it. even if voters approved it, it would still needonhill, the hou will reportedly vote next week
6:36 am
on two immigration bills. republicans say one of the bills will be a strongly conservative measure without a path to citizenship for people who were brought to the u.s. illegally as children. the other would offer citizenship for those people as well as strong border security language. federal immigration raids may not have been hampered by public warnings from oakland's mayor libby schaaf. here's kpix 5's anne makovec with findings. >> reporter: this is after oakland mayor libby schaaf took a lot of heat really became a lightning rod for the debate over sanctuary cities. several high level federal officials including the president were calling her out after she warned the community that i.c.e. raids were coming. now a former ice spokesman says her warning had no impact on the operation's outcome, the february sweep netting 232 arrests in central and northern california. >> here's my message to mayor schaaf. how dare you? how dare you needlessly endanger the lives of our law enforcement officers to promote a radical open borders agenda? >> reporter: attorney general jeff sessions said that in sacramento after oakland's
6:37 am
mayor gave the tip in february. now, a former ice spokesman says her warning had no impact on the operation's outcome. the february sweet netted 232 arrests in northern and central california. but james schwab told the "bay area news group" agents said they would be surprised to pick up 200. that's nowhere close to the 860 potential arrests the justice department said schaaf jeopardized. schwab resigned in march over what he claimed were misleading statements by the administration. schaaf consistently stood by her warning. >> i want this country to have the conversation that is needed about the immigration system. the fact is that communities that are seeing increases in their immigrant populations actually are becoming safer. but this system is not working. it's ripping families apart. and it's endangering our
6:38 am
economy. >> reporter: i.c.e. just released the same statement it did after that controversial raid. it goes on to wish their former spokesman well. the white house has repeatedly called for schaaf to be criminally investigated for obstructing justice. no charges yet. more than half of bart's use of force incidents last year involved black men according to a new report the "mercury news" saying they used force hundreds of times in 2017. the confrontations involved 173 black men and 50 black women. the report comes in the wake of a bart police shooting earlier this year. shaleem tindle was shot outside the west oakland station. it's not clear if he had a gun as reported by police.
6:39 am
this morning, a kidnapping suspect who died in a fiery car crash in emeryville is identified. police say 40-year-old daphne bailey and another suspect kidnapped and assaulted a woman earlier this day in san francisco. investigators say the kidnapping victim escaped out of the trunk of the car before the crash. a new development in the case against the suspected golden state killer. dna results show that joseph deangelo is not responsible for a double homicide that happened in simi valley in 1978. this is according to the vc star. 24-year-old roena wick was strangled and her 4-year-old son donny was suffocated. for decades craig coley was serving a life sentence for their murders. but in 2016, the case was reopened when leftover dna samples from the crime scene were found at a lab in hayward. coley's name was cleared. but deangelo's dna now available to test against dozens of cold cases, investigated hoped they would get a break but the murders
6:40 am
continue to remain unsolved. the golden state killer investigation renewed the statewide effort meanwhile to test backlogged rape kits and now 200 rape kits will be processed by july2019. each one usually takes three months but now $600,000 have been approved in funding to have them processed in less than a month and will go to hiring two more criminalists. a bill is pushing for streamlined testing. debris removal from the wine country wildfires is now officially complete. state and federal officials made that declaration on monday. more than 4500 parcels were signed up for the government sponsored clean-up program in sonoma, napa, mendocino and lake counties. the last of those parcels was cleared last week. pg&e has a new plan of attack against wildfires. it could leave some customers
6:41 am
in the dark. the utility sent out letters to 520,000 customers in high fire risk areas notifying them when temperatures reached triple digits. it may cut power to prevent wildfires. this comes days after a cal fire report blamed pg&e equipment for sparking some of the wine country wildfires. 6:41. buried by a landslide in big sur. how early a stretch of highway 1 will re-open. >> the world is watching a raccoon in st. paul. >> and what apple is doing to try to protect users' data. >> and the market just opened up about 10 minutes ago. let's get a quick look at the big board here. the dow is up 28. we'll get an update coming up.
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as seen from outer space. you can see the bright orange magma changing paths as it enters the pacific. ken by the incredible images of kilauea volcano as seen from outer space. you can see the bright orange
6:45 am
magma changing paths as it enters the pacific ocean. they were taken by a satellite from space. more than 600 homes have been destroyed on the big island since the volcano began erupting last month. officials say it's showing no signs of letting up. a raccoon in minnesota is catching the nation's attention. this little guy or girl, we don't know which, but it scurried up a skyscraper and it reached the top! at sunset in st. paul on tuesday, he settled into his temporary home. a nook next to an office building window 20 floors above street level. the furry critter scaled the ubs building after being scared by building workers. before long, it was gaining celebrity beyond the twin cities online. it's trending on twitter. all right. nation's watching. hopefully that guy gets down. time now for a look at what's coming up on "cbs this
6:46 am
morning." john dickerson joins us now from new york. good morning. >> good morning. we're all over the raccoon news. hopefully an interview tomorrow. but for today we'll look at the military implications of the agreement with north korea. former vice chairman of the joint chiefs of staff admiral sandy winifield is in studio 57 with the potential risks of ending joint military exercises with south korea. plus, more than one-third of american adults may be unknowingly taking medications that can lead to depression. dr. tara narula is here with what you need to know about some common drugs. and we'll talk with the ceo of linkedin about why employers are having such a hard time filling the millions of u.s. job openings. all that plus the eye-opener, your world in 90 seconds. we'll see you at 7:00. >> thank you. cupertino-based apple has changed some of its app store rules. the changes are meant to limit
6:47 am
how developers use information about iphone owners' friends and other contacts. developers have been asking users for access to the phone contacts and using that information for marketing without those people's permission. a mega-merger has investors eyeing media stocks and another sign of rising inflation. >> joining us now with the details is kcbs radio's financial reporter jason brooks. >> reporter: good morning. several media and telecom stocks in focus now that a federal judge has green lighted at&t's $58 billion purchase of time warner. notably, sprint and t-mobile want to merge. shares of both companies are higher on that. but a jeffries analyst is cautioning that that deal faces much more significant antitrust concerns than the at&t deal because it involves a 3rd and 4th largest mobile carriers here in the united states. another signal that inflation is surging higher. the labor department's wholesale side inflation index
6:48 am
rose over 3% in may from a year earlier. strongest gain in over six years. and it's the latest piece of data likely backing up the federal reserve in its move later today expected to raise interest rates by another quarter point. the stock market moving slightly higher before that announcement comes down. let's go to the big board. the dow is up 20. nasdaq up 13. s&p up by 2 in the early going. back to you. >> thank you. drivers are really feeling the pain at the pump. according to aaa, people are paying almost $70 more a month for gas. that's compared to last summer. here are the latest prices in the bay area. stry analysts expect prices to rise through labor day. time is 5-- let's get a check of traffic with jaclyn. industry analysts expect prices to wow. >> oh, my. >> we don't like hearing that. >> i was just in arizona and
6:49 am
gas was so much cheaper. fill up anytime. then get back here and reality -- >> what's going on, on the roads? lots of stuff. right now we are tracking a new accident along 880. so here's a live look. this is 880 right at 101 heading through the south bay. traffic is still looking okay along this stretch. now that northbound side gets slow during that commute hour. we are starting to see the delays build in both directions but we have an accident right near stephenson so that's keeping your ride heavy making your way southbound. 54 minutes, whoo! from 238 to 237. 237 is getting slow, as well. north on 880 there's reports of an earlier car fire. it wasn't a car fire, it was just a car overheating and it's over on the side of the
6:50 am
road. this is northbound 880 just past tennyson. slow past that in the southbound direction. san mateo bridge delays in the red just under 30 minutes heading across the span. thank you very much. good morning to all of you. check out the skies over the golden gate bridge. a little haze going on right there through marin. but not too bad. visibility should be just fine. it is dropping though down along the coast south of the golden gate bridge. and temperature-wise in san francisco now 53 degrees. san jose at 57. santa rosa 52. it's got hot yesterday afternoon especially if you were in oakland for that warriors parade. oh, yeah, we felt that heat, that's for sure. concord definitely felt the heat in the upper 90s for those afternoon highs. and today will be another warm one out there. here's a look now at the fog forming right along the coastline. four-mile visibility for half moon bay. then oakland airport 5 miles. it will impact you a little bit in san jose with visibility dropping to 6 miles. a little haze. winds fine right now.
6:51 am
5 to 10-mile-per-hour winds along san francisco and the coast. but here's the futurecast. a pretty calm wind for the east bay and south bay. but this afternoon winds pick up. city-mile-per-hour gusts over along the beaches -- 25-mile- per-hour gusts over look the beaches and picking up in the north bay. it will be breezy through this evening. and that's going to contribute to cooler weather. so that might bring us a little bit of relief. unfortunately, for those inland folks, you're still going to be under that heat. we definitely are going to see temperatures above average yet again by about 11 degrees for concord, san jose well above average, as well. you should be in the upper site of but it looks like mid- to upper 80s for a lot of the south bay today. 90s for los gatos. 92 in morgan hill. 82 in fremont. east bay look at all that hot, hot air mid-90s there for antioch and brentwood. and then vallejo, benicia, a little bit cooler as those west winds come through the delta. temperatures will be in the upper 80s.
6:52 am
72 for sausalito. 72 in san francisco. hot in st. helena, 97 there. this ridge of high pressure is going to start to weaken but for today, we have another hot day. watch this low. it will start to drop on down into northern california but we have hurricane bud that will weaken into a tropical storm and that's contributing to keeping that low a little bit north of the bay area. so that's why we're not expected to get rain from it but we'll have cooler conditions over the weekend, hot next week. of schedule. a landslide closed the road for more than a year... a section of highway 1 just south of big sur will re- open ahead of schedule. a landslide closed it for more than a year. caltrans originally estimated that it would re-open in september. crews now say that it will be opened by late july. they are building a new road on top of that landslide. an early-morning fire kills an elderly man living inside this home.
6:53 am
coming up we'll tell you what investigators say about the fire.
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6:56 am
good morning. i'm jessica flores in walnut creek. we are in front of the burned down home on mandarin lane where fire investigators are inside currently trying to determine what sparked the blaze that killed an elderly man who was living inside. the fire started at 12:45 a.m. here. contra costa fire arrived to find heavy smoke and flames from the windows. elderly parents lived with their adult son in the home. the fire already consumed the home and killed the elderly man by the time they arrived. that found thethe body was on
6:57 am
the second floor. the mother and son escaped before the firefighters arrived. they went to the hospital with smoke inhalation and lacerations. right now crews believe the fire started on the first floor. >> we just kind of wrapped up the overhaul stage of making sure there's no rekindle. so right now we are investigating, identifying specifically exactly where that fire started. >> reporter: unclear right now if the home had smoke detectors. fire investigators will be here for several hours this morning. reporting live in walnut creek, i'm jessica flores, kpix 5. it is 6:57. time for your "final 5." pg&e is issuing a wildfire safety alert warning people about a new policy and it could leave some customers in the dark. the utility sent out letters to 520,000 customers in high fire risk areas notifying them when temperatures reach triple digits it may cut power to
6:58 am
prevent wildfires from starting. san jose police looking for the driver in a hit-and- run this morning. it happened at mckee and capitol. a formeri.c.e.ere eet spokesman says oakland mayor libby schaaf's warning about impending california rates had no impact on the operation's outcome. this morning, there's still no winner in the san francisco mayor's race. but the latest numbers show that london breed is increasing her lead slightly to about 1800 votes. president trump returns to the white house today after his summit with north korean leader kim jong-un. aides say the statement the two leaders signed in singapore will serve as a framework for a more comprehensive agreement. secretary of state mike pompeo has been assigned to work out the details emergency crews are heading out to the scene of a crash we're tracking. this is southbound 880 near stevenson boulevard and this is the backup. we are in the red along
6:59 am
southbound 880. this is right near highway 84 and you can see it's about an hour commute for drivers between 238 and 237. expect delays. the crash is blocking one lane. 30-minute drive to the toll plaza. backed up at the maze especially on the 580 approach into san francisco. let's check in on san jose. look at the beautiful blue skies out there. there is a little bit of a haze in san jose bringing visibility down to about 6 miles but not too bad. it shouldn't impact your morning or your drive. here's a look over san francisco as well also in thing that haze over the water. temperatures 53 degrees, 59 in livermore. 62 already in concord. 50s and 60s in the area. winds will be gusty later on. hot temperatures inland. cooler over the weekend and hot next week. >> "cbs this morning" is next. your next local update is 7:26.
7:00 am
♪ it is wednesday, june 13th, 2018. welcome to "cbs this morning." president trump returns from the singapore summit facing questions on how exactly north korea will denuclearize and we'll talk with the former chairman of the joint chiefs of staff about the plan to end military exercises with south korea. the government loses on the fight to merge time warner and at&t. how this could raise your cable, cell phone, and internet bills.


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