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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5AM  CBS  June 14, 2018 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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i'm michelle griego. >> good morning. i'm kenny choi. let's head outside for a live look. looking at some of the traffic on 880 typical stuff at this hour right now. and from our "salesforce tower" camera, looking south, a little bit cloudy to start this morning. can't really see at&t park but it is there in that shot. >> somewhere. >> they have been away. >> of course, it's a little cloudy this morning which is a real change. you may like it because it's going to feel cooler out there today. so let's take you on a few little shots from our "salesforce tower" camera. this one looking east over the bay the clouds are out there. this one looking towards the north a little hazier and then towards the west also noticing clouds along the ocean. clear from this view the
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transamerica pyramid showing clearer conditions, you can see coit tower. 50s in the area right now. yesterday we woke up to the 60s inland. today 50s for everyone except for santa rosa, cooler in the 40s. half moon bay visibility just dropped another mile. oakland airport check your flights. this may be impacted closer to the sunrise time visibility decreases and we'll see more fog forming throughout a lot of the bay so anywhere near the water you go, and some of the valleys, you may see that. the marine layer is all being kicked in from the west winds which we are certainly feeling this morning. notice that breeze starting yesterday afternoon and overnight and at sfo it's picking up more at 13 miles per hour. 12 through downtown san francisco. but it's east of livermore that's also getting gusty there. san ramon 19-mile-per-hour sustained winds but the gusts in that area are higher and they are pretty strong right through the delta as well so that marine layer is expected to move east of fairfield this
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morning. and that's a look at what's going on now. we'll talk more about the temperatures coming up. >> okay. thank you, neda. we'll expect to see a few more brake lights on your ride if you are heading out the door and your ride has you headed along 580. we are getting reports of some metal debris in the two right lanes westbound 580 right near hacienda. so that could slow some folks down. so far we are seeing the usual crowds, about 28 minutes between 205 and 680. there are your "diamonds and rubies" for your thursday morning commute. okay. we'll take it over to 238 heading through castro valley. not a problem. speeds at the limit in both directions. over at the bay bridge toll plaza, or heading towards the bay bridge toll plaza, at the maze, you can see that backup hasn't quite reached the foot of the maze yet. we don't have any metering lights but it's getting crowded crowded. but it's in the green 11 minutes into san francisco. the san francisco mayor's race is over.
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london breed is declaring victory this morning. kpix 5's anne makovec is live at city hall with more and it only took more than a week. >> reporter: yeah. that has been -- it's been a crazy period since election day on june 5th. but yeah, san francisco does appear to have a new mayor. london breed is going to be speaking this morning at her old elementary school, rosa parks elementary school at 10 a.m. it took 8 days and 18-hour days of ballot counting to finally get a new mayor. yesterday, board of supervisors president and san francisco native london breed took to the steps of city hall to declare she is soon to be mayor of san francisco, becoming the first black woman ever in that post. >> it means a lot to so many young people growing up in the city, and i'm really honored and proud of this accomplishment. and it's because of so many that are here today. >> reporter: earlier yesterday, candidate mark leno, who has trailed breed by more than 1,000 votes since
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the middle of last week, conceded. but in the basement of city e a working to count the remaining votes. the director of the department of elections says it is still mathematically possible for leno to come back but leno's campaign has been following the trends and says that is highly unlikely. so it appears as if london breed will eventually be sworn in. but no date or time is set for that. this morning's announcement is just more of a confirmation and speaking to the city that she presumes she will be mayor over. then she has to appoint somebody to her supervisor seat. so lots of action yet to happen here at san francisco city hall. back to you. >> thank you. protests are planned in several bay area cities as part of a national day of action against family border separations. back in may, attorney general jeff sessions announced that illegal immigrants would face criminal charges for trying to cross the border. children can't be held in adult detention centers, so they are being removed from
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their parents. senators feinstein and harris are pushing their fellow lawmakers to pass a bill that would prevent families from being forcibly separated. >> there was a man that just committed suicide after his child was ripped from his arms. and this administration is -- is -- is clearly, um, not sympathetic to the trauma that is caused to a child and a parent when those families are forcibly separated. >> protests are planned at 6:00 tonight in san jose, hayward and el cerrito. secretary of state mike pompeo is meeting with u.s. allies in asia this morning. he is trying to convince them to go along with president trump's deal with north korea. reporter laura podesta has the details. >> reporter: secretary of state mike pompeo met with foreign leaders from japan and south korea assuring them that north korea would not receive a break from trade restrictions until it was clear the country was giving
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up its nuclear arsenal. >> we are going to get complete denuclearization. only then will be will relief from the sanctions. >> reporter: there was no discussion in the meeting about the president's decision to suspend coordinated u.s. and south korea military drills. >> i believe that this is an issue to be further consulted -- 's president and foreign minister in beijing before returning the >> reporter: pompeo also addressed skepticism about president trump's recent tweet, everybody can now feel much safer than the day i took office. there is no longer a nuclear threat from north korea. >> a sitting american president sat down with the leader of the democratic people's republic of korea and had a blunt conversation about the changes that would need to be undertaken in order for north korea to rejoin the community of nations. when he talked about the reduction in threat that followed from that, it was with eyes wide open. >> reporter: pompeo said the u.s. hopes to achieve major nuclear disarmament of north korea by the end of president
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trump's first term in office. laura podesta, cbs news, new york. >> pompeo will meet with china's president and foreign minister in beijing before returning to the u.s. president trump's personal attorney is looking for a new legal team as the criminal investigation against him moves forward. prosecutors and defense attorneys are poring over 3.7 million files seized during an fbi raid of michael cohen's home, office and hotel room back in april. the raid revealed that investigators were zeroing in on cohen's financial dealings that includes a payment to adult film star stormy daniels on president trump's behalf before the election. on the late show, daniels' attorney said that he believes that this ends with criminal charges. >> there's no question in my mind that he is going to be indicted and there's no question in my mind that he is going to try to flip on the president. i think that michael cohen is in a very, very bad spot and i think the president is in a very, very bad spot. >> according to cnn, cohen plans to hire a new legal team with experience in the
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southern district of new york, which is handling this probe. california lawmakers today are expected to vote on a state budget plan. >> kpix 5's jackie ward joins us now to explain how efforts to curb homelessness could benefit. reporter: it could be potentially really good news. while the legislature still has to approve this today, it's giving the mayors of the biggest cities in california hope. if the legislature votes in favor of this state budget, the big 11 mayors will each get a piece of $150 million to focus strictly on homelessness. they can apply for $250 million worth of competitive grants. half of alameda county's homeless population is in oakland. oakland may get $9 million. >> we expect this money probably to not be available until the ind of the calendar year and then the grant applications may take an even longer amount of time because this will be a whole new department at the state level to address homelessness. >> reporter: now, $9 million may not seem like a lot of
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money to address such a large problem but schaaf says it will go a long way in prevention, intervention and long-term solutions for homelessness. she specifically mentioned using this money to possibly help people catch up on back rent or give medical intervention on the street level. by law, the legislature has to adopt a new budget by june 15th, then governor brown has 12 days after that to sign it. as ecigarettes grow in popularity, so does the controversy. makers of the products are accused of marketing it to teens. one such company, juul in san francisco, insists its products are made for adult smokers. >> it is devastating to us that kids are using this product. this is a product for adult smokers. we don't want any kids using the product. we have a number of efforts under way and we need to do more. >> educators in marin county are among the to warn parents of such products. more of the interview with the juul executive can be seen on
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"cbs this morning" which starts at 7 a.m. 5:09. the weather may have helped trigger a powerful earthquake in napa in 2014. details on the new research. juul. >> and a powerful storm turns a shopping center into a disaster center. >> and here at home we are talking about more cloud coverage out there but the marine layer is back along with the west winds. see what this means for your temperatures coming up. >> we are seeing big delays for drivers heading along 205. will it slow you down? find out coming up. investigators say a colorado wildfire... in an area known for
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humans. the investigation into t investigators say a colorado wildfire in an area known for its ski resource was likely caused by humans. the investigation into the exact cause could take weeks. the fire has forced the evacuation of more than 1300 homes. has be cause s say lightn the ffalo began tuesday near silverthorne in central colorado. it is now 20% contained. national weather service experts will be in wilkes-
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barre pennsylvania this morning to assess damage from a powerful storm. as laura podesta reports, local officials believe a tornado swept through the area. reporter: the storefront in this northeast pennsylvania shopping mall is unrecognizable after a powerful storm rips through the area late last night. cars and trucks were flipped over. debris crushed other vehicles. >> i saw a u-haul on top of another u-haul. >> this is the u-haul building. over there it's cleared out now but huge chunks of concrete. i have never seen anything like this. >> reporter: cars from this nissan dealership were thrown into other parking lots. they say it was one of the worst weather events to ever hit the area. >> we are extremely fortunate and thank god this happened at 9:30, not at 6:30. if this occurred during business hours, we would antown bubble is all that remains of
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a home, a church and a business, this rubble. the national weather service will be in the area today to officially determine whether or not a tornado was to blame for the damage. laura podesta, cbs news, new york. six people are recovering from minor injuries in the area. it appears weather may have played a role in the 2014 napa earthquake. that's according to researchers studying the west napa fault system. they discovered a correlation between earthquakes and warmer weather. researchers saw the crust had expanded every summer since 2006 putting stress on the west napa fault. they say that helped trigger the quake. >> you may see unusual images on buildings in san francisco these days. these images on the ferry building are part of a projection campaign to promote the new cbs show, strange angel. here's another one on coit tower. look at that. that looks cool. the show is based on the real life story of jack paar sons a
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1930s rocket scientist who tried to get a man to the moon. it premieres today on cbs all access. all right, jaclyn. how are the roads? >> they are slow right now in some areas. they are looking good in some areas. we'll begin at 205. it's barely moving westbound. we haven't seen any reports of any accidents. there was some overnight roadwork where they had many lanes shut down but looks like that has already wrapped up.alt
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for an alternate. from 205 to 680, 32 minutes. along 680 we are tracking delays northbound. looks like caltrans has some lanes closed due to some overnight roadwork. we are seeing those slowdowns, speeds below the limit there. southbound direction in the green northbound no delays. over at the maze, looking fantastic. we don't see any backup just yet. definitely getting a little crowded but not too bad. and, in fact, the bay bridge toll plaza this has been fluctuating all morning long. now we are seeing just a bit of a backup in some of the cash lanes. >> it's a gray start to the day. this day usually over the bay we can see the start of daylight but that's not the
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case this morning because of the clouds. yup, it's obstructing our view across the bay. and the bay bridge. visibility, half moon bay, it's down to three miles. oakland airport down to nine. so these numbers look to be doing just fine. they are not too bad. not noticing visibility impacting drivers. but what you will maybe have to do is use that windshield wipers. west winds are kicking in and pushing in the marine layer even as far as concord so it looks like you're slowly starting to see more cloud coverage out there this morning. moderate winds. but in the east, it's breezy. yellows and reds, a sign of gusty conditions. it's breezy through the delta.
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so you can see the clouds right here over the bay and this view and temperature-wise in san francisco we are at 53 degrees. 55 in livermore. oakland 56. of course it feels a little damp out there if you are anywhere near the water. afternoon highs won't be as warm as yesterday because of that onshore breeze. that's what always brings us that cooler ocean air and that's what we'll feel today. inland areas you're still going to be in the 80s. should be in the upper 70s. concord just about 4 degrees above average where yesterday you hit 96. today 86. 82 for san jose. so 10-degree drop for inland locations. it should be comfortable today. upper 70s, low 80s, not bad. 78 in frt. 74oakld. 84 in vallejo. 89 in fairfield. out in the east bay, antioch, brentwood, that's where it will be in the upper 80s, maybe low 90s for some of you. so the farther away you are of course from the water, the warmer it feels. we are feeling slightly cooler today because of this low bringing in those west winds. you can see that here on those
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wind streamlines. i want to talk about the tropical storm bud near baja bringing down rain up to 8 inches of rain for parts of mexico and look where it's going towards arizona, new mexico, colorado and utah. we may be impacted by it in the form of nudging the low that's to the north of us up further north. so we are not necessarily going to get rain from this system because of what bud is doing. so as that moisture moves north it's going to keep this north of us. we don't expect rain. you may see some showers to the north and east of us. that means possibly mendocino county on sunday, monday. and then maybe even the sierra. that's where we could get some rain. but what we'll feel is a drop in those temperatures. that's your forecast. good morning, everybody. uncle vern here. i am locked in. i got moving pictures. i got action. and i only have a minute.
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good morning. happy thursday. time now 5:23. not too happy out on the roads at least along this stretch. this is 205 heading through tracy approaching 580. and we are seeing a big backup just to go from i-5 to 205 and 580 where that joins. that's 38 minutes. give yourself some extra time.
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then it continues to be slowhea we are tracking a car fire now. we'll continue to track that and more coming up after sports. good morning, everybody. i got the bay area big leaguers first and foremost. and the sun just was not shining in south florida. not for the giants. oh, sure, they were relaxed with the marlins in the beginning of the game. tied in the ninth. with a runner at third, all miami needed was a solid flyball deep enough to score the game winner. the giants lost their third straight at the marlins, 5-4 the final. in oakland last night visiting houston took away any hope. the world champ got two home runs and five rbi for the second straight day from evan gattis. 13-5 astros over the a's. golf major going on even as i speak on long island, new york. boy, has tiger woods changed since he last played here in
5:25 am
2004. look at him. he finished 17th, 14 years ago. by the way this picture from fellow pro jason day. >> i texted him the other day. i sent him a picture of him at this event in 2004 and it looked like mc hammer pants on and i'm like, hey, man, look at these pants. it's terrible. he had plates on him and everything. that was like the old school stuff. and he didn't text me back. so -- but most of the time he texts back. he's all right. >> tiger woods goes off close to 11:00 this morning. rounds will be going on all morning and afternoon. that is sports at this hour. have a good one. i'll see you around. play of the day, in baseball, rockies taking on the phillies. >> a little floater out toward right field. gonzalez coming on makes the diving grab. >> charging and sliding for the grab, the rockies' carlos gonzalez with a nice catch.
5:26 am
silences the crowd in the city of brotherly love. nice athletic play. colorado goes on to beat the phillies, 7-2. hundreds of millions of dollars are being dedicated to try to end homelessness in california. we'll tell you which bay area city is getting a chunk of that and how it plans on spending it. >> and as the sun rises over san francisco city hall it is certainly a new day. coming up, we'll tell you how the perceived mayor-elect plans to spend it. make ross your destination for savings. if you're looking for an incredible selection of the
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they'd tell you to go to ross. because there's so much to choose from. listen to your pets. so they don't want you to thspend more than you have to. if you want to save big on pet accessories, you gotta go to ross. a freak accident involving a car being loaded onto a tow truck... the investigation... a bay area worker is dead after a freak accident involving a car being loaded onto a tow truck. the investigation under way. and the trade war heating
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up between the u.s. and canada. how it could affect american consumers. >> early-morning cloud cover in tbay area today and west winds so it's going to be cooler. i'll talk about your temperatures coming up. and the thursday morning commute is getting slower out there. the metering lights are on over at the bay bridge toll plaza. how far does the backup stretch in how long is it taking drivers to get through? find out coming up. good morning, everyone. it is thursday, june 14th. i'm michelle griego. >> good morning. i'm kenny choi. supervisor london breed will be the new mayor of san francisco. kpix 5's anne makovec is live at city hall with new details on this race. anne. reporter: yeah. finally an air of certainty here at san francisco city hall and mayor-elect london breed is going to speak this morning at her old elementary school, not fafrhere hlittle more about some of her first plans for the city. but it was a real road to get
5:31 am
here, a week and two days after election day. ballot counting going on for 18 hours a day, finally a winner emerged yesterday. board of supervisors president and san francisco native london breed declared that she is soon to be mayor of san francisco becoming the first black woman ever in that post. >> i am prepared to make sure that i do everything i can to work together to bring the board of supervisors together, to bring everyone together for the purposes of solving our most challenging problems. we won't get there without making sure that we're all working together. >> reporter: earlier yesterday, former state senator mark leno conceded. he had been trailing breed by almost 2,000 votes. the ce goes basement of city hall. the director of the department of elections still possible for leno to come back mathematically but his campaign has been watching
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trends and it's highly unlikely. so if all goes as expected, the board of supervisors president breed will be sworn in as mayor on july 10th. live in san francisco, anne makevoc, kpix 5. this is exciting. a live look at great america's new thrill ride in santa clara. the rail blazer opens to the public today. it is the first single rail steel coaster on the west coast and it is not for the faint of heart. >> adrenaline junkies will be treated to speeds up to 52 miles an hour and a 90-degree drop. sounds fun. the ride opens to the public at california's great adventure at 10 a.m. >> i want to go. >> oh, that's exciting. i love the live look of it happening now before it actually opens. you get a sneak peek. >> there are many roller coasters at great america, trust me, i went. i took a tour of all the roller coaster. >> are you an expert? >> i love roller coasters. it looks n. >> 52iles an hour?
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fun. >>depeon the streets you're on. should be a good time. the weather should be cooperating if you are going to check out that roller coaster. this morning, it's a little cloudy in santa clara. it looked clear. but right around the water, here's a look at those clouds that are looming overhead. and yes, it's kind of making for a gray dreary start to the day. this is our "salesforce tower" camera looking towards the east so that's the bay bridge you see kind of faintly in the distance there. here's a look at the view south and definitely cloudy conditions. and then the view north also cloudy conditions. so that's what we're dealing with this morning right around san francisco and looking up towards the "salesforce tower." you can see where those clouds are kind of hanging right around 1,000 feet up. it's low cloud coverage as well especially along lot coast. 40s and 50s in the area. checking in on where the
5:34 am
clouds are working around, half moon bay 4-mile visibility. sfo fine. low cloud ceiling not impacting visibility but check your flights. across the north bay clear. doesn't look like that marine layer is working its way towards that location. but the overall picture here definitely shows it's getting thicker and thicker through the morning hours and as we get closer to sunrise it will start to reduce visibility a bit more. so of course we'll be on top of that. yes, keep that in mind if you are heading out on the roads. reduced visibility definitely can impact your commute. so beware of that. we are tracking some problems if you are making your way through san jose. 101 just getting slow in that northbound direction, which is on the left side of your screen. we are inenfaravemes going. a h alon87 at almaden expressway. and we don't have too many details just yet but we'll keep a close eye on that. in e antime, let's take it over to the maze where we have
5:35 am
been keeping an eye on the morning commute. the metering lights turn on at 5:21. and that backup has been not reached the maze yet so that's good news. your ride along the eastshore freeway still looking good. your 580 approach no problems. but you will be in for those delays until you get past those metering lights. then it's a smooth ride heading into san francisco. your approach to the lower deck of the bay bridge still in the green. hat's a check of your traffic; over to you. a freak accident involving a tow truck killed a san francisco city worker. it happened at 28th near diamond street in the city's diamond heights neighborhood at around 2 p.m. yesterday. police say a black sedan somehow slid off of the back of this tow truck and careened towards three public utilities commission employees. two workers jumped out of the way in time. the third worker, 35-year-old liliana preciado, was struck and killed. she joined the sfpuc in 2012 as an apprentice plumber and rose to the ranks of utility
5:36 am
plumber. she leaves behind a 2-year-old daughter. >> it's unclear exactly where the individuals were placed and when the vehicle was rolling back. but in any case, you can see behind me they were in the path of the vehicle when it slid off the back of the bed. >> and puck released a statement saying: . lilliana was a dedicated public servant who proudly served as one of only a few female plumbers on our team." the tow truck is registered to irvine auto towing dba, pride towing and recovery. according to the d-m-v, registration on the vehicle expired on may 31st. >> the tow truck is registered to irvine auto towing did. b dba pride towing and recovery. registration on the vehicle expired may 31st. today the justice department's watchdog will release a report criticizing the way that senior fbi officials handled the investigation into hillary clinton's private email server. the massive report is expected to label former director james comey of the fbi as
5:37 am
insubordinate for his actions during the lead-up to the presidential election. president trump fired comey in may of 2017. a new budget plan could be approved today in california's state legislature. >> here's jackie ward to explain how the spending plan could help efforts to reduce homelessness. reporter: it's not a done deal quite yet. mayors from some of the biggest cities across california like mayor libby schaaf are eager to get this money. mayor schaaf says the big 11 mayors, which includes san francisco and san jose, will each get a piece of $150 million that's specifically set aside for cities to address homelessness. this is all part of the nearly $140 billion general fund budget that the state legislature will vote on today. for the city of oakland, which has the biggest homeless population in all of alameda county, there are already plans in the works for this money. >> my immediate desire to take people off of the sidewalk and
5:38 am
into shelter, safety and with services. that's my most immediate need. but i'm always thinking about prevention and permanent solutions. >> reporter: oakland's "tuff shed" program may benefit from the money. it's been able to provide a solution for people to get off the streets but mayor schaaf recognizes that the sheds are a temporary fix. she called them a triage and an emergency intervention. in november, california voters will decide whether to approve a $4 billion-dollar housing bond. mayor schaaf hopes a lot of that funding could be spent on permanent supportive housing. michelle? >> jackie, thank you. interest rates are going up for the second time this year. the federal reserve lifted its benchmark rate by a quarter of a percent to between 1.75% and 2%. the higher rates could be a problem for people and companies with a lot of debt and that's because banks will likely raise interest rates on credit cards, auto loans, small business loans, and home mortgages. many retirees could benefit since returns on things like
5:39 am
bonds and savings accounts will rise. beyond the tough talk of trade between canada and the u.s., what's at stake for consumers? cbs news business analyst jill schlesinger joins us now with a breakdown of a trade deficit that could be looming. jill? >> reporter: here's the thing. a trade deficit occurs when a nation imports more than it exports. so let's look at last year. the u.s. imported $2.9 trillion worth of goods and services. it exported $2.3 trillion or so. it amounted to a total trade deficit of $566 billion. now, think of this. because we consume a lot more goods than we export services, that's why the u.s. will often carry a deficit. one note, i know we have been in a war of words with canada, but last year, we actually had a trade surplus with our neighbors to the north. >> so jill, how does that trade deficit affect the economy? not necessarily a bad thing. >> reporter: right. i mean, this is an interesting
5:40 am
comment that economists have said, you know, commerce secretary wilbur ross has said that trade deficits weaken our economy. but you know what? in general, deficits don't mean the u.s. loses. it does into the mean that a surplus means that we're a winner, either. think of it this way. imports basically don't have an effect on the broadest measure of the economy. gdp. in fact, most economists say trade boosts the overall economy by lowering prices and increasing productivity. now, you want to show off at your family's barbecue this weekend? i have a handy trade deficit q & a. just go to >> thank you. good advice this morning. jill schlesinger from new york city. thank you. 5:40 right now. help is on the way for some california students defrauded by a for-profit college.
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5:42 am
forecast in just a few minutes. some relief is on the way for
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>> this is the rail blazer at great america. it's opening today at 10 a.m. it takes you through 106 feet and plunges you face down at 90-degree angle then twists around turns at 52 miles an hour. no big deal, right? it looks intense! but an exciting day for great america and fans of roller coasters. and the weather looks clear over there. i'll have your full forecast coming up. and for those thrill seekers, we'll talk more about the roller coaster. >> what a rush. some relief is on the way for california students who are scammed by a for profit college. attorney general xavier becerra will announce debt relief for former students at corinthian college which closed amid allegations of deceptive marketing and fraudulent graduation rates. this year education secretary betsy devos scuttled the obama administration's plan to give
5:44 am
complete debt forgiveness to corinthian students. that decision is being challenged in court. gamers are taking over downtown l.a. this week for this year's largest videogame conference. e3. >> that is the electronic entertainment expo. e3. reporter danielle nottingham shows us one game in particular is transforming the future of videogames. >> reporter: in the world of gaming there's no escaping the power of fortnight. >> you remember a couple of years ago, pokemon go, this phenomenon where people were playing. same like that. >> reporter: he showed us how players get addicted to the hunger games style format. >> jump out of the plane. >> reporter: that drops 100 players on an island who battle each other until one is left standing. after a year on the market it has 125 million players around the world. >> the key is that it's free. i think that free mode is something you will see other
5:45 am
people imitate. >> it's captivating everyone. >> did it live up to the hype? >> so far yes. i can see myself playing it all the time. >> it's fun to see how you end up with 100 people. >> oh, my god. >> reporter: and fans who can't get enough. >> how did you like fortnight? >> i play it five times a week. >> reporter: trying not to be left in the shadow, rival cities are creating their own versions. >> activision and others have battle royale modes the type of game that fortnight is. >> reporter: industry experts say that proves that multi- player social gaming is the way of the future. danielle nottingham, cbs news. >> look at the fingers moving. >> pacman is my favorite. >> and nintendo's mario brothers. >> yes. >> gaming is a $40 billion
5:46 am
industry. that's bigger than the movie industry in north america and the music or sports industries. >> wow. if that's not for you, let's talk about world cup soccer. live action. you can't make it to russia for this year's world cup? you can get the city and experience here in san jose. the earthquakes will open avaya stadium for soccer fans. all matches will be shown on the venue's big board. and get this. admission and parking are free. but fans need to rsvp on the quake's website. the 2018 world cup action against today with russia playing saudi arabia in the first match at 8 a.m. pacific time. the u.s. team did not qualify this year. >> the world's most popular sport. >> it's fun to watch soccer players with big fans. >> they get intense and crazy. >> hold on, is renaldo still in it? >> i believe he is.
5:47 am
>> okay. >> then i'm in. >> the best looking dude in soccer according to many, many fans. >> he is a good player. >> yeah. >> there's that, too. >> watch him for his skills. okay. >> right. well, let's take it to traffic and move on. right now, we are tracking some slowdowns if you are making your way along northbound 101 and northbound 87. we have a couple of problems to report. first, this is actually along southbound 101 right at 880 but we are really just seeing delays northbound. it's not blocking any lanes. but certainly out there you will see some flashing lights as you can see right here. you can see those emergency crews right under that overpass there. so just a heads up for drivers heading in that direction as you make your way along 87. here's that earlier crash we were telling you about. this is right near almaden expressway. it is blocking one lane. but again, opposite commute direction so we are seeing the slowdowns heading northbound 44 miles per hour. that's your cruising speed. a new crash along 242.
5:48 am
and we're definitely starting to see at ba on highway tpo chicago highway. right here it looks okay but as soon as you get past this, that is where it's going to get slow for folks trying to make their way on to 242 and it continues to be heavy towathrough pleasant hill and concord. do expect delays. we'll continue to monitor that. over at the maze, looking fantastic. metering lights are on. is everyone going to work today? i don't know. maybe they are going to be heading to great america. hat's a check of your traffic; over to you. >> great break for some folks to go to great america. here's a view of san francisco. the transamerica pyramid is somewhere there. right here in the middle of your screen, we are definitely noticing a cloudier start to the day. a lot cloudier than the past few days with all that heat and that sunshine. so making for a different type of view as we kick off this thursday. sunrise happening at 5:47. we won't quite see that om here's a ve like at san jose
5:49 am
and that's where things are looking clear. so parts of the south bay, you're under that sunshine and then temperatures are also going to rise today but not that much as yesterday. so 57 for new san jose. 53 in san francisco. 55 in livermore. concord 58. it's cool in santa rosa at 49. here's a look at where those low clouds are hovering. half moon bay of course you have been dealing with low visibility pretty much every morning as coastal clouds come through. sfo visibility fine. same with hayward. but you can see where the clouds are moving. right around the water. it looks like san jose, mountain view, the clouds are leaving you alone. most of the north bay also leaving you alone, as well. but some of the coastal ranges there across north bay that's where you will probably see some of that. here's a look at that satellite-radar. beinshed in. it may work its way through the delta this morning. that's where i'm seeing those winds really picking up. at sfo 13-mile-per-hour
5:50 am
sustained winds. yesterday it was an advisory at the airport. wind gusts picked up. 26-mile-per-hour sustained winds with gusts higher. 30, 35 through those areas that are shaded in yellow. the onshore breeze cools us down to the low 60s at the coast and 70s in mountain view and low 80s for the south bay. so that's going to be different than yesterday when temperatures were in the mid- 90s for many places. most in the east bay will be around the mid- to upper 80s today. at the coast cooler, upper 60s. 85 in kentfield. 28 in san rafael. and then napa, sonoma temperatures in the upper 80s, as well. this ridge of high pressure is now moving out further east. you see it right there. temperatures are slightly cooler for northern california because of this low. you can see those wind streamlines pretty clear right there. also checking in on baja, this is now tropical storm bud. look at the moisture is bringing up. it's going to bring rain for places like arizona, new mexico, colorado and utah. for us, it's not going to
5:51 am
necessarily impact us but we will sif your dad is in cooler cloudy conditions, you'll like sunday. 80 degrees for inland areas. mid-60s around the bay. temperatures though will be rising again into the 90s for next week. that's a look at your forecast. time now is 5:51. bay area researchers are developing a revolutionly treatment for young people with chronic migraines. hey, want the fastest internet? done. and now, xfinity mobile's included. you could get up to five lines. you could save 400 bucks or more a year, which you could spend on a funk-tastic music video. ♪ dance party boom. ♪ simple. easy. awesome. get started with xfinity internet, with three times the speed of at&t and directv, and tv for $35 each a month for a year when you buy both.
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5:54 am
good morning. if you are getting ready to hit the roads, it's going to be a slow ride on some of the routes. westbound 80 crowded. still in the green but the travel time is climbing near ashby, 17 minutes out of hercules over to the maze. we are seeing delays building on highway 4 and 580, a 30- minute commute. 101 tennant and cochran 12- minute ride. we are tracking new problems that are just coming in. we'll have more on that coming up in the 6:00 hour. this morning, a marvel
5:55 am
comics stan lee has a temporary restraining order yar elder abuse agt the 95ly seizet and olat ieaftehis wife died last year. morgan is also suspected of making a false police report by reporting a burglary in progress at lee's home when officials were conducting a welfare check. legal and insurance experts say that worker protections are at risk due to the trump administration's latest move against the affordable care act. this week attorney general jeff sessions announced that the department would no longer department parts of the aca in court. experts say there could jeopardize legal protections on pre-existing medical conditions for millions of people with employee health coverage especially workers in small businesses. ucsf is trying to get read of migraines for good. according to doctors, migraines are genetic affecting 10 to 15% of teenagers, especially girls.
5:56 am
but there are very few drugs approved to treat them. melatonin, the over-the- counter sleeping aid, part of a new therapy being tested at ucsf. and in a pilot study last year, teens taking melatonin every night had fewer migraines per month than those on placebos. >> well tolerated, not a lot of side effects. >> the doctor says that melatonin is meant to reduce the frequency of migraines. the ucsf benioff children's hospital is the only pediatric headache center on the west coast taking part in the study. the south bay city that's a hot spot for millennials. >> and making history at city hall. coming up, the presumed mayor- elect of san francisco and what she plans to do today.
5:57 am
5:58 am
5:59 am
over. this morning:
6:00 am
london bre whoo!! >> the race for san francisco mayor is over. this morning, london breed making history. >> plus, president trump's former attorney is under pressure to cooperate with the special counsel's own investigation. >> good morning, it is thursday, june 14th. i'm michelle griego. >> and i'm kenny choi. let's head outside. take a peek to start this morning. as we take a live look at some of the traffic coming in from sausalito into san francisco and a cool shot on the left. great america in santa clara a new ride. there they go! they are having fun. we want to head out there! >> after work. >> probably the roller coaster. >> 52 miles an hour. >> the rail blazer. that's a clue. >> 90-degree drop. >> i didn't know you were a roller coaster fan.


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