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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  June 14, 2018 7:00am-9:00am PDT

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them today in the breeze! >> thank you for watching. "cbs this morning" is next. your next local update is 7:26. good morning to our viewers in the west. it is thursday, june 14, 2018. welcome to "cbs this morning." a tornado touches down in northeastern pennsylvania overnight. a shopping center is shredded and several people are hurt. we're on the scene where a gas leak is creating a new danger. >> president trump responds to critics who say he's ignoring north korea's human rights record by praising kim jong-un as a tough guy. plus, why did the kermit nation's leader bring his own toilet to the summit? >> congressman scalice will play ball tonight one year after he was shot during practice.
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he'll talk to nancy cordes. >> the company that makes america's best-selling e-cigarette is accused of marketing directly to teenagers. only on "cbs this morning" a top executive at juul responds. and country music superstar dierks bentley shows jan crawford how he found inspiration for his new album in the mountains of colorado. >> we begin this morning with a look at today's eye opener, your world in 90 seconds. >> strong storms left a path of destruction, smashing windows, collapsing buildings and downing trees. >> violent weather in pennsylvania. >> significant damage. vehicles were thrown, vehicles dismembered, significant impact to both roadways and buildings. >> wildfires are spreading fast in the west. >> thousands have already been evacuated. >> got to go after these fires the moment you see them. >> president trump, standing by his glowing praise for his summit partner kim jong-un. >> he's done some really bad things. >> yes, but so have a lot of other people done some really
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bad things. >> cbs news has learned that secretary sarah sanders told friends she plans on leaving the administration at the end of the year. >> michael cohen parted ways with his legal team. >> this could pave the way for cohen to cooperate with federal investigators. >> he's not cooperating, nor do we care, because president has done nothing wrong. >> birthday wishes for president trump. the commander in chief turns 72 today. >> happy birthday, president trump. >> all that. >> collision. pushing and shoving. here we go. >> and all that matters. >> house majority whip steve scalice returned to the baseball diamond one year after being shot during a congressional baseball practice. how's he looking out there, be honest. >> he's great. >> actually better than he was before. >> on "cbs this morning." >> a federal judge has aproved one of the biggest corporate mergers in american history. >> at&t can buy time warner with no conditions. >> the new company will be called at&t warner. not time warner.
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they're getting rid of time. not the word time. the actual measurement of a passing event. that's how powerful this company will be. >> this morning's eye opener is presented by toyota. let's go places. >> welcome to "cbs this morning." at&t used to stand for american telephone and telegraph. now we don't have telephones or telegraphs anymore. >> or time. all right. >> we start today with a tornado that caused severe damage in northeastern pennsylvania last night. the storm that ripped through the scranton area was so powerful, it overturned cars, ripped up trees and sent debris frying through the air. >> at least six people were hurt here. a gas leak is now threatening area this morning. emergency crews are warning people to stay away. don dahler is at a shopping center in wilkes-barre township that was town apart by this storm. don, good morning. >> reporter: good morning.
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i don't know if you can hear it, but there's a loud hissing sound coming from over here. authorities aren't sure if that's escaping compressed air or a natural gas leak so they're keeping us far away from the scene. even from this far away, you can clearly see that an army of bulldozers couldn't have done as good a job of destruction. we have roofs thrown down on the parking lot. and across the street at that car dealership, you see cars flipped over, lots of damage there. a little further on, there's a u-haul building. a u-haul truck has been tossed on top of another one. the national weather service is sending some experts here to see whether it was a tornado in fact that touched down here. the folks that saw this storm have very little doubt. township officials say the destruction stretches for about a mile. thousands of people lost power when winds up to 50 miles an hour whipped around debris and brought down trees and power lines. no homes fortunately were destroyed. the storm shattered windows and
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scattered debris across the parking lot. the area is still considered an active emergency because of that gas leak, that propane gas leak inside one of these stores. an employee at this restaurant saw chairs fly through the windows. the winds were so strong they tossed cars and u-haul trucks lifted to slam into nearby buildings. emergency officials say everyone was fortunate this happened overnight because if this happened during the height of the business day, undoubtedly, they would have had many, many more injuries, norah. >> that's an excellent point, don, thank you. gusty winds and extreme drought are fueling wildfires in the west. flames are burning across seven states this morning. the national weather service issued red flag warnings for parts of arizona, colorado, nevada, utah, and wyoming. in colorado, more than 3,000 homes are evacuated this morning. the largest and most threatening
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fire has burned more than 27,000 acres in the san juan national forest, that's north of durango. a wildfire in wyoming's medicine bow national forest west of cheyenne doubled in size in just over 24 hours. forcing out nearly 400 families out of their homes. and in utah, a fast-moving brushfire destroyed eight homes in moab yesterday. president trump is avoiding discussion of kim jong-un's human rights record and praising the north korean dictator's negotiating skills. he commended him for being a tough guy. and secretary of state mike pompeo told reporters in south korea that questions about verifying north korean's removal of nuclear weapons were, quote, insulting and ridiculous and, frankly, ludicrous. weijia jiang is at the white
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house. >> reporter: the president picked pompeo to lead the negotiations with north korea which are expected to start up again in a week. the grueling task and a lack of specifics has drawn fierce criticism. while the white house says the two sides have already settled on some terms that are not yet in writing. with the president back at the white house, secretary of state mike pompeo remains in asia. >> we're going to get complete denuclearization. only then will there be relief from the sanctions. >> reporter: briefing american allies on the outcome of the singapore summit. >> united states, republic of korea and japan remain committed to achieving the complete denuclearization of north korea. >> reporter: pompeo's remarks differed from the joint statement between the president and kim jong-un, which did not include the language verifiable and irreversible. nor did it mention north korea's human rights records. >> he's still done some really bad thingings. >> yes, but so have a lot of other people done some bad
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things. >> reporter: in an interview with fox news, president trump defended his new foe turned friend. >> you know, he is a killer. he's executing people and -- >> he's a tough guy. hey, when you take over a country, tough country, tough people, and you take it over from your father, if you can do that, at 27 years old, you -- i mean, that's 1 in 10,000 that could do that. >> reporter: and also expressed confidence that verification would be part of the process. >> i believe that chairman kim wants to get it done. >> reporter: but the president faced criticism for declaring there is no longer a nuclear threat from north korea. >> what planet is the president on? saying it doesn't make it so. north korea still has nuclear weapons. >> reporter: pompeo believes the north will take steps toward major disarmament by the end of president trump's first term. the secretary of state says teams of experts and scientists will be prepared to start
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dismantling weapons soon after a deal is struck. but what remains to be seen is whether those inspectors will include an international coalition or be american led, gayle. >> all right, still a lot of questions. thank you so much. president trump's lawyer rudy giuliani is fighting back against reports that mr. trump's former fixer, that's michael coh cohen, may cooperate with special counsel mueller. cohen is getting ready to hire new lawyers in the federal investigation of his business deals. that's sparking speculation he may be ready to provide evidence about the president. paula reid is at the white house. paula, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. cbs news has learned that michael cohen has not entered into any plea deal despite the speculation prompted by the changes to his legal team. i've been told by sources that he does expect to be charged but he's going to wait to see what charges are filed before deciding whether or not to cooperate against the president.
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>> he's not cooperating, nor do we care, because the president did nothing wrong. >> reporter: president trump's lawyer rudy giuliani insisted wednesday night that michael cohen is not turning his back against thepresident. >> if he coerates, there's nothing he can coopera about with regard to president trump. >> reporter: the president insisted his former fixer won't flip, tweeting in april, most people will flip, sorry, i didn't see michael doing that, despite the horrible witch hunt and the dishonest media. cohen is currently under federal investigation for his business deali dealings, including the $130,000 payment to adult film star stormy daniels to keep quiet about an alleged affair with president trump. daniel's attorney michael avenatti continues to express confidence in a particular outcome. >> michael cohen's going to be indicted. he's going to attempt to flip on the president. >> i'll do anything to protect mr. trump. >> reporter: cohen's loyalty is being put to the test as investigators continue to comb through the evidence seized from his home, hotel room and office in a dramatic fbi raid back in
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april. sources familiar with that evidence say cohen is likely to eventually face charges related to campaign finance violation and bank fraud. but if he get as a pardon on federal charges, he could still be charged on a state level. just last week, president trump pushed back. >> there's nothing to pardon. it's far too early to be thinking about it. >> reporter: law enforcement sources say cohen is not expected to be arrested any time soon. but of course as a member of the president's inner circle for so long, he would be incredibly valuable witness for federal investigators examining any connections between russia and the 2016 trump campaign, norah. >> all right, paula, thank you so much. white house press secretary sarah sand sers disputing a cbs news report she has told friends she plans to leave the administration at the end of the year. she's been at the white house since the start of this administration and has become a close confidant of president
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tru trump. >> sources also tell cbs news principal deputy white hse nsidering an exit as well.s sanders tweeted last night, does cbs know something i don't about my plans and my future. i was at my daughter's year-end kindergarten event and they ran a story about my plans to leave the white house without even talking to me. i love my job and am honored to work for the president. cbs news reached out to sanders and shah before publishing its report. both declined to comment. >> sources tell cbs news that government watchdog report coming out later today will describe fired fbi director james comey as insubordinate in the hillary clinton e-mail investigation. the office of inspector general spent 18 months reviewing how the justice department handled the investigation into the 2016 presidential campaign. it also accuses former attorney general loretta lynch of weak leadership. the long awaited report is
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expected to fill more than 500 pages. >> a former penn state fraternity brother is the first to plead guilty to charges related to the hazing death of 19-year-old timothy piazza. ryan burke admitted to nine charges yesterday, including hazing and unlawful acts involving liquor. 25 other fraternity members still face charges. jericka duncan is here with what led to the guilty plea. >> reporter: burke was accused of giving a bottle of vodka to piazza during a hazing ritual in february of 2017. piazza died two days later from injury sustained after several dangerous falls and excessive drinking. now burke admits he was partly to blame. >> tragedy, he is anxious to make amends. >> reporter: outside a county courthouse, ryan burke's attorney phillip masorti details the decision to plead guilty.
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>> there are too few words to describe a loss so great. this young man understands that. mr. burke decided to step forward at his earliest opportunity to acknowledge and accept his responsibility. >> reporter: prosecutors say surveillance footage shows fraternity brothers gave piazza at least 18 drinks in about 82 minutes. piazza suffered deadly injuries after falling and hitting his head repeatedly. the brothers waited 12 hours to call 911. they poured beer on piazza and slapped him while he was passed out. in march we spoke to his parents. >> they knew that our son was in bad shape and he could likely die. they let him die. they killed our son. >> reporter: the piazza family attorney said in a statement the parents of piazza are pleased to see the first beta brother accept responsibility for his actions and encourage others who also contributed to tim's death
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to follow in his foot steps. burke decided to submit an open plea, meaning he pleaded guilty without knowing his possible sentence. and for the first time, we could hear from burke during his sentencing hearing on july 31st. burke faces fines to up to a year in jail for each of the four counts in hazing. >> we've talked to the piazzas before. i met with them. and when i heard this news last night, i thought finally someone is beginning to accept responsibility for what happened. >> every time we hear this story, think about the parents. as you know, they were here at the table. the fact they are speaking up about something so painful will ultimately lead to change because they want people to know they don't want this to happen to anybody else, as painful as this is for them. you look at the pictures of their son, it's heartbreaking to see. >> the way it leads to changes, somebody about to do something stupid stops, because this is where this can lead after seeing how awful this is. >> that's right. the federal reserve says the resilient economy is one reason
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why its raising a key interest rate for the second time this year. the central bank increased the short-term rate a quarter point yesterday to a range of 1.75% to 2%. the fed also predicts four rate hikings this year after an earlier forecast of three. cbs business news analyst jill schlesinger is here to explain what it means for you. i read the chair saying this is a sign of the u.s. economy is in great shape but it also means increased interest rates when it comes to your mortgage. >> it's not going to be a direct impact for every single loan. it's short-term loans most directly impacted. auto loans. let's say we took a $25,000 auto loan. it may only amount to a few bucks every month. or if you look at a credit card bill, maybe you've got a $10,000 balance you're carrying, same thing, maybe 20 bucks. but these are incremental. it's been going on now since december 2015, these rising rates. i should also note 30-year fixed rate mortgages are not tied to
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this rate directly. but those rates also have been drifting higher. it's tough for those first-time homebuyers who are trying to get into the market. >> the other thing the fed worries about which is inflation which can also take some money out of your wallet. is that part of the concern? >> it is. one of the things the officials did was they gave us some projections about both inflation and economic growth. and the fed is basically saying that growth is going to be upgraded this year. they think we're going to have 2.8% growth and just compare that with the last five six years where it's been more like 2% to 2.25%. as a result, they see inflation ticking up. to a little over 2%. slightly higher than they would like but they're willing to keep it there. this is not great news for actual workers out there. because we haven't seen huge wage gains. so with inflation rising, with interest rates up, it will put pressure on some homes. hopefully we will get those wage gains. that is the likeliest outcome by the end of the year.
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>> thank you, jill. always good to see you. you got the cream colored memo. comcast is challenging dition ni for control of some of hollywoo hollywood's biggest studios. comcast offered $65 billion in cash yesterday for a large portion of 21st century fox. that's almost 20% more than disney's $52.5 billion bid. assets up for grabs include fox's film and tv studios, hit franchises like "the simpsons." and a large stake in the hulu streaming service. the offer was made one day after a federal judge approved the merger of at&t and time warner. so now it looks like disney, your move, bob eying iger, let' what happens. e-cigarette addiction is a huge problem for teens. >> this is an epidemic. i've never seen anything like this. i've never seen a tobacco
7:19 am
related product spread across the country as fast among young people as this product. >> wow. in an interview you'll see only on cbs this morning, an executive from the top-selling e-cigarettemaker juul respond
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a missouri governor's political scandal leaves a condemned man in limbo. >> jim axelrod shows us the latest twist in a controversial
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case. >> the case of a convicted killer on death row here in missouri was getting a second look. that is until the governor here resigned and the second look was canceled. so what happens to marcellus williams now? that story coming up on "cbs this morning." >> this portion of "cbs this morning" sponsored by kohl's. or google home - and get kohl's cash. give him the fitbit ionic - and you'll get $50 kohl's cash! plus shop other great gifts storewide! the more you spend the more you save! kohl's. ...perfectly seasoning our ohillshire farm smoked sausage. so by simply adding the right ingredients... can end each day crafting a perfectly delicious dinner.
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a little surprise goes a long way.
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coming up, three things you should know. your local news is next. mayor of san francisco. she will be the first african- to hold the post. good morning, it's 7:26. i'm michelle griego. london breed is set to be the new mayor of san francisco. she will be the first black woman to hold the post. breed took the lead over mark leno with more than 2100 votes. today in sacramento, lawmakers are set to approve a new california budget plan to benefit effort helping the homeless. the big 11 california cities will each get $150 million if the deal goes through. stay with us; weather and traffic in just a moment.
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we are tracking a motorcycle accident. no longer blocking lanes but
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certainly causing slowdowns for drivers heading across the san mateo bridge. it did have one lane blocked. we are in the red. you can expect about a 45- minute ride just to cross the span there from 880 to 101. once you get over there, 101 a bit slow through san mateo. we are also tracking a crash two cars involved, southbound 280 right as you approach 380. it's on the shoulder but traffic is backing up. speeds drop to 30 miles an hour. hat's a check of your traffic; over to you. well, we are noticing clouds hanging around san francisco and oakland and the east bay. we got a little push in of the marine layer. you can see it here from our "salesforce tower" camera. temperature-wise, we are in the 50s this morning. temperatures cooler today and through the weekend and hot next week. get ready for pixar pier!... prepare to be awed...
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...prepare to be moved... prepare to make a mad dash... because with the incredicoaster... ...pixar pal-a-round... ...and a bunch of your favorite pixar characters... it's going to be pretty incredible. pixar pi, openjune 23rd. only at disney california adventure park. check out this
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brave little lady who was caught climbing a minnesota skyscraper. last night at 3:30 a.m., the rah koob made it to the roof. >> the raccoon made it. i love how desperate people are for an uplifting story nowadays. a raccoon is climbing something taller than usual. life is beautiful again. guys, he's a raccoon. i don't care what he climbs up. as soon as he's back on the ground, people are going to call
7:31 am
animal control. >> that's so true. more good news about the raccoon. it has been set friel in the wild after being trapped on top of a building in st. paul, minnesota. it was taken to private property yesterday. wildlife officials gave her a little nudge and she scampered away. i apologized to john dickerson. i said it had to be a boy because girls would never do that. >> i didn't know they did a check on the gender. >> they didn't know until they got her and flipped her over. there are some difrmss there, and she's a girl. so apologies to you. >> i'll accept the apologies. >> i said, john, you know that's a boy, that's such a boy thing. she's all good. >> she's aldl good. here are three things you should know.
7:32 am
security is tight for the world cup. 3.2 million people are expected to tune in for the tournament. the u.s. will not be playing for first time since 1986. and you can place bets on the world cup in new jersey today. legal sports bedding will go live there after years of court battles. governor phil murphy will place the first bet at monmouth park raszing track. new jersey is the second state after delaware to legalize sports betting after the ruling. and happy birthday to president trump. if you see him today, say happy. why? he turns 72. mr. trump is the oldest president to be elected to a first term in u.s. history. singapore's prime minister surprised him with a birthdaycake on monday before the summit. there's a photo of him.
7:33 am
>> i wonder what others and melania got him at the white house. the fate of a missouri prisoner on death row is in doubt. the judge had delayed the execution of marcellus williams last summer. he was convicted of murder for the 1999 killing of felicia gayle. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. he impaneled a special board to examine the facts of the case and make a recommendation. but then greitens was out. >> thinking about that day, it was crazy. >> marcellus williams jr. prepared for his father's execution last august. >> me and may father actually said our good-byes that you said
7:34 am
good-bye to your dad. >> mm-hmm. >> hours before the execution, former governor eric greitens granted senior a temporary sta., he's on death row for killing felicia gayle. barry scheck. >> the skin cells on the handle of the knife used in this murder are not from him. >> reporter: when greitens issued a pardon in june -- >> why do you think? >> maybe he never cared. >> reporter: while in office greitens asked a special
7:35 am
five-person board to review the case. now that he's gone, that board has been canceled. new missouri governor. >> we'll discuss it at the time. >> we've been following the case for a year. >> reporter: activist alison bre bre brettschneider -- >> you're not a lawyer or politician. what do you care? >> i'm a person the world needs more of. >> reporter: he maintains he's not guilty. her clothing and her husband's computer was found in his car. they say they'll continue to defend the judgment of the jury and those who carefully reviewed
7:36 am
his case over 16 years. williams has been convicted of burglary, assault, and attempted murder. >> it wasn't my father. >> reporter: in a statement to cbs news, felicia gayle's family said while we unsz understand williams' case, we would ask all of those on all sides to recognize for the family, this is not policy. it is pain. >> a lot of questions there. thank you very much. only on "cbs this morning," best-selling e-cigarette maker joule responds to concerns about its growing pop lartd among
7:37 am
teenagers. and we inviets you to subscribe to our "cbs this morning" podcast. it's available on apple's itunes and podcast apps. you're watching "cbs this morning." we'll be right back. ♪ (music plays throughout) ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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a new report shows flavors used in many e-cigarette brands may be more harmful than first thought. boston university researchers found they're directly toxic to blood vessels and possibly linked to cardiovascular disease. boy. the most popular is juul. it dominate nearly 60% of the market, but the company has been criticized for the device's popularity with teenagers. only on "cbs this morning" anna werner has a response. good morning. >> good morning. juul said its e-cigarette is designed to help current smokers switch to something safer and healthier. the company showed us in its own recent survey showed 64% of smokers who switched to the product dropped cigarettes completely. but the product is also popular with teens. something juul said it never
7:42 am
intended. >> juul is a product for adult smokers, and they have adopted it. >> reporter: juul's ashley gould says its adults like those featured in the company's current marketing campaign who are the product's market target. >> since i changed to juul, i've changed. my daughter's happy. i'm happy. >> reporter: they're mature smokers who say they've switched from cigarettes to e-cigarettes. aimed to eliminate the smell and social stigma of cigarettes and be healthier. >> this technology has the possibility to enable them to continue to have nicotine in the way it's delivered in a cigarette without the combustion and thereby with the promise of not having to die from it. >> reporter: and juul has taken off. it commands over 60% of the e-cigarette market. >> what do you think explains it? >> honestly, i think a smoker finds a product like juul that works for them, and go and tell other smokers. >> reporter: something else is
7:43 am
driving juul's popularity, too. it's something kids want. placing photos juuling, with hash tags like #doitforjuul. >> awe call this an epidemic? >> absolutely an epidemic. never seen a tobacco-related product spread across this country as fast among young people as this product. >> reporter: a whole new generation who could end up addicted to nicotine for life. this teen started juuling in his late teens after using other e-cigarettes and tells us now he can't quit. >> it's impossible. the more i use, the more i need to use, the harder to stop and
7:44 am
quit. >> reporter: also pointing to juul's early social media marketing they say echoed prior big tobacco campaigns with youthful images and bright colors. the company insistence it never targeted kids and was caught unprepared. >> the company small and the product took off very fast and we had to scale everything in the company extremely quickly and still, frankly, working on it today. >> reporter: at a certain point people say now you're not that anymore. isn't there more you could do? once addicted, most are addicted for life? >> more we need to do. >> reporter: juul is spending $30 million on youth prevention programs and working with social media platforms to remove images of teens using the product. when we talked to the company they told us, look, we had no idea that this cass going to take off with kids and don't understand why it did. >> that's their job.
7:45 am
when you market a product highly addictive knowing the use of tobacco use is a longtime problem it's your responsibility. >> our objective, to a responsible player in this market. i will take the criticism we should have known. take that criticism, but we know now, we're working very hard and we are committed. >> reporter: so this is what a juul looks like and a lot of parents are not aware that this is what it looks like. sort of mimics a usb drive in ways. one other area the company gets criticism, flavors. mango, berry medley in diggs ad to tobacco flavored. you don't need flavors for adults. company disagree. lots of adults use or products say they like it. that's a pod. >> the pod, sticks in here, the actual flavor. >> one pod has as much nicotine as a pack of cigarettes. puff on it all day long don't
7:46 am
have to go to the corn to smoke a cigarette and so i use more. >> no better, do better. now that they know, see what they do. >> what they're saying. >> creme brew lulee, appealing others. >> what they say. and men having plastic surgery. look at that picture. plus house republican steve scalise returns to baseball one year after being shot of the baseball field. his teammates say he's ready to play ball. >> how's he looking out there, be honest. >> looks great. actually, he's better than he was before. so -- he's got the same range, pretty much, yeah. >> that's great. ahead, on the field with representative scalise with an update on his recovery,
7:47 am
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welcome back to "cbs this morning." here's a look at some of this morning's headlines from around the globe. the "los angeles times" says police are investigating reports that marvel comic's founder stan slee a victim of elder abuse. the co-founder of spider-man, "black panther" and other characters is 95 years old. the investigation was revealed in a restraining order against memorabilia dealer kia morgan, lee's business manager and personal adviser. morgan is accused of taking advantage of lee's impaired judgment, taking control of his life, preventing family and associates from contacting him. our seattle affiliate says poli are looking for a gunman who fired at cars yesterday on a busy highway near tacoma international airport. four cars hit, no one hurt. highway 509 and one of c tachs runways closed during the investigation. everything open now.
7:52 am
gunman still at large. "usa today" says more men are getting plastic surgery as the stigma for facelifts lifts. according to the american society of plastic procedures, the procedures performed on men rose 29% over the last 17 years. the most popular procedures were nose jobs, lip surgery, eyelid surgery, breast reduction, and hair transplants. >> don't you touch that pretty face, john. >> oh. thank you, gayle. >> you leave it alone! >> ahead only on cbs "this morning," we'll get a sneak peek inside yosemite's most popular sequoia grove. we'll be right back. yosemite's most popular sequoia grove. we'll be right back. i wanted to be clear. i wanted it to last. so i kept on fighting. i found something that worked. and keeps on working. now? they see me. see me. see if cosentyx could make a difference for you- cosentyx is proven to help people with moderate to severe plaque psoriasis... ...find clear skin that can last.
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7:56 am
they would come to school and not have their teacher there. i grabbed my fire extinguisher and put out the fire. get these essential products at your local retailer today. morning in oakland... regarding the deadly ghost ship warehouse fire. attorn is are trying to get i'm kenny choi. a hearing is scheduled this morning in oakland regarding the deadly ghost ship warehouse fire. attorney for defendants max harris are trying get to the trial postponed so that their fire experts can complete their investigation. prosecutors and attorneys of derick almena oppose the delay. 36 people were killed in the fire in december 2016. the san jose earthquakes will offer a stadium experience this year for fans of world cup soccer. all matches will be shown on the big board at avaya stadium. admission and parking are free
7:57 am
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good morning. time now 7:57. and delays along 680 in both directions, due to a crash. we're tracking a crash heading northbound 680 right near ignacio valley. you can see that speeds dip below 10 miles an hour. this crash involves some of the sand barrels. quite a bit of sand all over the road in all the lanes so they are waiting for crews to clean it up. about 23 minutes from crow canyon up towards 242. clouds over the "salesforce tower" and this is the view looking north. transamerica pyramid is right there but we have the marine layer that's thick this morning. and check out how far east it's now moving across the bay over to oakland. but we have seen it worse. now here's a look over the bay
7:59 am
bridge. and yes, you can see the clouds in full effect. cooler this weekend and hot next week.
8:00 am
good morning to our viewers in the west. it's thursday, june 14th, 2018. welcome back to "cbs this morning." ahead, steve is scalise reveals what it it's like to play baseball again a year after being shot during practice. plus derks bentley leaves nashville to make his new album. here's the eye opener at 8:00. >> the tornado in northeastern pennsylvania overturned cars, ripped up trees and sent debris flying through the air. >> an army of bulldozers couldn't have done as good a job
8:01 am
as destruction. >> president trump picked pompeo to lead the negotiations which are expected to start up again in a week. >> michael cohen has not entered a plea deal. i have been told does expect to be charge. >> february 2017, he died from injuries sustained after several dangerous falls and excessive drinking. berk admits he was partly to blame. >> this is not great news for workers because we haven't seen huge wage gains. >> the craion company is
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8:25 am
plumber for the city of san francisco has died, after a bizarre on-the-job accident. she was struck yesterday by a car, that had slipped off a tow good morning, it's 8:25. i'm kenny choi. a woman who worked as a plumber for the city of san francisco has died after a bizarre on the job accident. she was struck yesterday by a car that had slipped off a tow truck. today oakland's rules and legislation committee will consider a ballot measure that would tax transportation network company trips. the 50 cents per pickup charge would include ride hailing services like lyft and uber. stay with us; a look at traffic and weather in just a moment.
8:26 am
♪ ♪ hi! leaving a career to follow a calling takes courage. a personalized financial strategy can give you confidence to take the next step. hi guys! aw yeah! see how access to j.p. morgan investment expertise can help you. chase. make more of what's yours.
8:27 am
slow for the thursday morning right through cotati and this point. here's a live look at 101, right near highway 116. that's where the backup stretches to at this point due to an earlier crash in that southbound direction of 101 just past railroad so you can see the crash blocking at least one lane. speeds dip below 15 miles per hour. heading across the richmond/san rafael bridge, it's going to be slow. a little under 20 minutes making your way between marina bay parkway and over to sir francis drake. over at e y brid toll plaza, not bad light backups. out of the red back in the
8:28 am
yellow 15 minutes into san francisco. oakland 880 the nimitz freeway in the red in the northbound direction. let's check in with neda now on the forecast. well, jaclyn, i saw the flags blowing in the bay bridge camera view and, yes, it is flag day. we have a west wind so you'll see those flags blowing in the wind. here's a look at our view over the bay bridge. this is "salesforce tower" camera looking towards the east and it's kind of gray and gloomy out there. a sign of the thicker marine layer that's in full effect this morning at least for locations right around the water. 53 degrees in san francisco. 50s and 60s. staying cool because of the coastal breeze. drizzle at the coast. here's a look at the high temperatures today: cooler than yesterday. hot next week.
8:29 am
8:30 am
♪ you know your love ♪ your love keeps lifting me welcome back to "cbs this morning" on this flag day. that's central park. >> beautiful. >> you recognize first the beautiful flag. right now it's time to show you some of this morning's headlines. "business insider" reports leaked audiotapes show the ceo of whole foods saying he's not afraid to be fired by his new bosses at amazon. amazon's jeff bezos bought whole foods ten months ago. john mackey, its ceo apparently spoke out during an internal company-wide meeting on tuesday "that gives me a position of strength to speak truth to power and i've done it many times." mackey reportedly added that amazon has backed off and been
8:31 am
very respectful. he didn't go into detail about the nature of the disagreements. "the washington post" looks at a studyhat says antarcti antarctica's ice loss tripled in a decade. an international team of experts found more than 200 billion tons of ant arcic ice are pouring into the ocean every year. experts say that amount has increased at an alarming rate and if it continues, low-lying cities and towns could have less time to prepare for rising ocean levels. "newsweek" says a new study suggests religious people live an average of four years longer. ohio state university scientists read more than a thousand owe bit areas nationwide. one possible reason volunteering and belonging to social organizations, known to extend lives and abstaining from unhealthy behavior like excessive alcohol and drug use could also explain the boost in lengthivity. "deadline hollywood" reports on stormy daniels attorney and
8:32 am
white house director, they appeared together with stephen colbert. >> welcome back to the show. you've both been on here once before. my first question is what, what, what is this, and my follow-up is why is this? >> avenatti and scaramucci are being called the new washington "it" couple, reportedly being shopped around as possible co-hosts of a tv show, scaramucci's nickname is the mooch. avenatti said he'd never do a show with a guy whose first name is "the." i feel like the four horsemen are in the stable getting on their horses at this moment. they have a tv . >>hedo both carry a show by themselves to be honest with you. the two together could be interesting. i would love to see michael avenatti. he's going to do something. i don't know what it is.
8:33 am
>> he is doing a tv show just by appearing on other tv shows. >> he's a rock star interesting to see his next chapter. >> absolutely. britain's royal couple is put to the wife. prince harry's wife meghan joined queen elizabeth for her first royal engagement without her husband. the queen and the former actress rode the royal train to the city of chester in northwest england for a busy day of events. roxana saberi is there. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, the crowds behind me gave meghan markle and queen elizabeth a warm welcome as they made their way to the local town hall a few steps from here where they had lunch. they arrived earlier on royal train at a local station. it is understood the two traveled together overnight, less than a month on the new job, meghan is still getting the hang of royal protocol. leaving the station there appeared to be confusion over who should get in the car first. from then on things went more smoothly.
8:34 am
meghan oversaw the official opening of her first bridge and first theater, something the queen has done countly times over the years. this is meghan's first official engagement without prince harry. she did have the queen by her side giving her the royal feel of approval and showing once again the duchess of sussex is welcomed to the family. gayle? >> she's already very popular. thank you, roxana saberi, reporting from chester, england. this morning we look at columbia, south carolina, in our continuing series "american voices" to see how national issues are playing out on the local level. under the watch of mayor steve benjamin columbia became the first city in the u.s. to outlook bump stock attachments last year. he committed south carolina's capital to 100% clean energy by 2036. the democratic mayor also worked to improve relations between police and local communities by launching the justice for all initiative. he is a president of the nonpartisan u.s. conference of
8:35 am
mayors and mayor benjamin, he says we can call him steve at the table. hello steve. i'm going to call you benjamin. good to have you here. >> exciting to be here, thank you. >> you said the mayors are committed the tone is to appear to the better angels of us. i remember that's from lincoln's getsburg address, i remember from middle school. why do you think we need to appear to the better angels of us, that was back in the 1800s. this is 2018. >> we live in the greatest democratic nation in the history of the world. >> i hear a but. >> no but. no, we need to make sure that remains so. we can only do that by making sure we continue to work together. america's mayors are driving this american experiment. cities and metropolitan economies account for 85% of the population, 90% of all jobs, 91.2% of all american gdp, $20 trillion is created in cities and metropolitan economies. new innovations as who to how we deal with public health issues
8:36 am
and preparing for 5g and advent of the new innovative technologies, happening in cities. >> you said you were specifically concerned about the tone in the country. >> absolutely. because we can't move forward if we're not working together. if we can't have a dialogue around what are facts or how we ensure my family thrives and your family also survives. i remain convinced in south carolina if you take a legal pad and i write down the ten most important things to me and my family and ask someone who shares a completely different demographic what the ten most important things, of the eight things on the list that we all agree on, we should work together on those eight things, in an era of mutual respect and of the two we'll work the democratic process and fight through that. >> jim and deb fallows wrote a book, there was a simple test. if you didn't talk about national politics, it was a healthy local community. to the extent people were obsessed with national politics
8:37 am
in washington, that meant it was not so healthy there. do you think that? >> fallows are an inspiration. that type of a deep dive into american cities and towns does, yes, reveal the fact that we love each other, we love working together, that you get into some of these communities and the heart of the appalachiappalachi heartland and find immigrant communities working with families who have been there for generations, as long as you're dealing with it at a local level. regardless of what's happening in washington, washington people are talking over each other, yelling at each other, affecting state capitals. on the local level locally leaders are working together every single day to continue this wonderful american experiment. we've got to push that out and our focus at the conference of mayors if i may say for the next two years bipartisan focus on building american infrastructure, on focusing on building innovation in economy and inclusive cities. >> do you have to do more on infrastructure because the federal government doesn't do its job? >> the reality is we're building
8:38 am
the vast majority of infrastructure now. 80% of all of our infrainstrusie is built by city. the reality is depending on who you're talking to, out of 2 trillion or $5.2 trillion is needed in american infrastructure. we have terracotta pipes in the ground 200 years old in cities and towns across america. if we're going to compete with our friends in europe and asia and even some developing countries in other parts of the world we have to make sure we start investing in american inf infrastructu infrastructure. it would be wonderful to have a partner in washington, d.c., but america's cities are committed to leading in spite of that. >> the president has withdrawn from the paris climate axwreemt and mayor bloomberg talked about how cities can do a lot in terms of cleaner energy. >> i'm thankful yor bloomberg for his leadership across this country, across climate mayors i partnered with the sierra club and mayors kevin
8:39 am
faulkner, frances suarez and salt lake, bipartisan leadership to commit to cleaner renewable energy by 2036. how do we stop the earth from warming 1.5 degrees celsius to where it was before the industrial revolution people's eyes glaze over. mayor can talk to someone and say okay your child is offering with asthma. let me show you what we can do to help deal with that. if we put solar panels on your roof we can cut your bill by $200 and income volatility that's affecting families we can have a real conversation with people in columbia we made this commitment and working with our local partners to make sure we focus on clean renewable energy. >> for a city to ban attachment to the bump stocks. >> bump stocks and trigger cranks, most people didn't know what they were before las vegas. we all know what they are now and common sense policymakers
8:40 am
republican and democrat ought to act to ban them across the country. >> thank you very much. ahead, jan crawford talks with a big name from nashville who went rocky mountain high with his new album. >> telluride, colorado, is more than a thousand miles and a world away from nashville, tennessee, and for country star dierks bentley that was the point. coming up on "cbs this morning," dierks shows us how he found inspiration in these mountains.
8:41 am
8:42 am
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8:44 am
one of country music's biggest stars released his ninth album. he went back to his roots and found inspiration far from nashville. jan crawford met and visited with dierks bentley in telluride, colorado. good morning, jan. >> they sing songs focused their own lives. today it's focused the south. there's pickup trucks and girls and good old boys, but there's country music all over this country, and once again dierks bentley is saying, listen to this. ♪ it was only a mountain
8:45 am
. >> reporter: this is not the typical look of today's country music. then, again, dierks bentley has never done things the typical way. >> it has to be authentic. it has to be. >> reporter: on his way to the top, bentley has had his share of both. in 2003 his first single hit, number one. he quickly went from playing honky tonk to arenas and trying to rep pli indicate that initial success, he lost his way. >>? 2006, 2007, 2008, we tried to play for 25,000 and we were playing 2,000. every arena, the review would say, bless his heart, he played like a sold out show, but nobody was there. >> reporter: bentley got off the nashville treadmill and went
8:46 am
back to where he was inspired. a guy from arizona who likes to raise a little hell. a man who also sings about love and loss, like this number one after the 2012 death of his father. ret what they don't know, my dad and me, we drove around in tennessee. she's still here now. he's gone ♪ >> reporter: today he's selling out arenas. a star who found the peak by chartdi i charting his own pagtd. >> it feels great. we made it. it's like the analogy of the mountain. there's always another one a little higher. >> reporter: with his latest record he's taking that analogy literally by going home to the west. he performed at the telluride blue grass festival. >> one of the best days of my life after walking off the stage was this is it. how do i bottle up this vibe and take it back to nashville.
8:47 am
i realized i couldn't do that. >> reporter: instead he brought his team here and performed. >> fiftd day up, we got coffee, took the gondola up to the mountain, watched the sunrise came out. came down inspiernd wrote 14 songs in four days. >> you said you consciously wanted to have some element of the west in it. >> yeah. >> why is that? >> being here makes you get away from the rat race of the potential country music, see things from a different perspective. >> reporter: bentley has learned to tune out the noise and has gone low tech. it's a flip phone. >> yes. >> can you check media? >> no. it's hard to be present. >> he not only wrote t"the mountain" in telluride, but he
8:48 am
recorded in another town. a world away from nashville in this studio in the clouds. >> i think that's the thing about the music. you can't quantify it and say exactly what you're trying to door but you can remove what you don't want to do. i don't want to be influenced by music row or nashville. >> why not? >> that's people chasing trends. >> reporter: what bentley created is a record by a man finally at peace with himself. he's perhaps taking a moment to look back down the mountain and reflect on where he's been. >> i don't want to change anything at all. >> you don't want to change. >> not one thing. >> no regrets? >> this is a good spot. there is a lot of gratitude and hope in this album, and bendly said that's partly inspired by stories his fans told him about mountains they're struggling with in their own lives.
8:49 am
he hopes in some way the music will kektd with people and encourage them to keep climbing. gayle? >> i love this guy. i love his music. he's a great guy, great life. i'm so glad you did a story with him, jan. >> i know. >> really. >> download that music. >> he's the best. putting it on my thing today. thank you, jan. a reminder -- also known as an ipad, iphone -- ipod. ipod. you can hear more on our streaming ipoded on itunes and apple's ipodcast. today todd fisher, son of debbie reynolds and brother of sister carrie fisher, my life with
8:50 am
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new mayor of san francisco. breed -- a city native raised by her grandmother in public will be the first good morning, it's 8:55. i'm kenny choi. london breed is going to be the next mayor of san francisco. the city native raised by her grandmother in public housing will be the first black woman to hold the post. today in sacramento, lawmakers are set to approve a general fund budget of nearly $140 billion. part of that will be set aside to address homelessness in major california cities. and a new thrill ride opens today at california's great america park in santa clara on this flag day. railblazer is being promoted as the west coast's first single rail steel coaster. we'll have weather and traffic and weather in just a moment.
8:56 am
8:57 am
good morning, time now 8:57. we are tracking a slow ride for drivers heading through the south bay. this is along 101. take a look at that northbound side on the left-hand side of your screen there. it's just under an hour making their way between llyer avue san antonio. an earlier accident right near great america no longer blocking those lanes but certainly causing major delays. we continue to see some slowdowns heading in the
8:58 am
southbound direction of 880 on the right side of your screen there between 238 and 237. just about a 45-minute ride. san mateo bridge finally out of the red. stuck in the yellow. 24 minutes across the span heading over to 101. but take a look at the bay bridge toll plaza. the first time we have seen it all morning where it's yellow, wide open space between all of those vehicles out there. there's some relief in sight. neda has the forecast. >> we are starting to see some sun in sight. not much in san francisco but looking west, a lot of the coastal clouds are still hanging around. you can see city hall though right there in the middle of your screen. san jose you are sitting pretty under sunshine. temperatures there actually warming up into the low 60s.
8:59 am
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