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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5AM  CBS  June 15, 2018 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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i'm michelle griego. and i'm kenny choi. let's see how it looks outside... let's get a look at weather and traffic. here's neda iranpour it's friday, june 15th. i'm michelle griego. >> i'm kenny choi. let's head out to see how it looks on this friday morning as we get a live look at some of the traffic. 580/680 interchange, dublin, typical stuff. it is crowded out there. jaclyn will give you more details on what's happening on the roads. and a live look at the transamerica pyramid. a little foggy to start this morning. >> we have some clouds out there. yes, but nothing too crazy. it should be fine. visibility is doing all right at this hour. we are seeing cooler conditions. so temperatures are dropping so yes, you may want to bundle up a little bit. here's a look now at san jose. i want to show you this because our photographer jim was out there says it's pretty breezy out there right now. so noticing some of the
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sustained winds are strong but gusts are even stronger. southeast winds in san jose 15 miles per hour. this southeast direction is the sign of an offshore wind so not necessarily the questions that do tend to increase our humidity levels. so anytime you see it coming in from the east, there's a chance it could be drying things out a little bit so of course that always is a concern. offshore winds tends to lead to dry conditions. that leads to fire danger. most of the bay area dealing with west wind except for the south bay. mountain view and san jose. southeast direction. usually in the morning you have calm conditions there. so that's a change. here's a look at the west winds blowing through fairfield and antioch. that we see in the past couple mornings. we'll continue to get cooling because of that. i'll talk about your afternoon
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temperatures in a few minutes. we have a traffic alert. big rig with all lanes blocked at eden canyon road definitely going to impact your ride so if you are getting ready to head out, give yourself some extra time. you will need to use an alternate route until they can get a lane open because of an overturned big rig. you can see traffic starting to bunch up at the dublin- pleasanton interchange. as you approach the scene, it's a solid red. we are seeing slowdowns in the eastbound opposite commute direction coming in, in yellow . athe backup is stretching clear past 680 there close to tassajara. so you will again need to give yourself some extra time if you want to use 680 and then take that to stoneridge or if you want to head over to crow canyon and then reconnect with 580. but you're looking at about 35
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minutes just to get through that stretch and an additional 26 minutes between 205 and 680. gunfire at a bay area funeral service leaving five people wounded at chapel of the chimes on the hayward- union city border around 7 p.m. last night. jessica flores reports from union city. >> reporter: good morning, michelle. this is a tragic night last night. it happened around 7 p.m. we are in front of chapel of the chimes here and this is where there was a funeral service under way. now, the shooting happened in front of the main mortuary and that forced mourners to go into lockdown as police looked for a suspect. now, it all happened around 7 p.m. it happened just as the funeral service was under way and several witnesses called 911 reporting the gunfire. police responded to find three people with gunshots wounds. those victims were taken to the hospital. then a short time later they found another victim who was away from the scene. that victim also had been shot
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and was taken to the hospital. police say the local hospital called them reporting a fifth victim who had self- transported to the hospital after the shooting. now, police are trying to figure out who opened fire at the cemetery. we spoke to one woman who says it all happened during her mother's funeral. >> the funeral director told us to stay inside because there was a shooting. and something really -- activities. so we were, um, we were on lockdown for at least an hour. >> he. >> reporter: right now, police don't have a motive. they are still searching for a suspect or suspects who are behind this shooting. and right now, those victims, two are in critical condition. and three at the last check were in stable condition. live here in union city, i'm jessica flores, kpix 5. the debate over separating illegal immigrants from their children is leading to some action now on capitol hill. and anne makovec joins us with
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more on this new proposal. >> reporter: this could be considered generally a compromise between democrats and republicans. but it does have a lot of flashpoints. it would end that controversial policy of separating families as they enter the united states. but it would also put a lot of money toward the wall that don't people want. house republicans have unveiled a draft bill on immigration after weeks of back stage talks. this proposal includes $25 billion for border security including funds for the wall. and a pathway to citizenship for daca recipients. the draft bill also ends that policy of separating children from their parents at the border. >> i have always believed that immigration is an area where america should find common bipartisan ground. after all, immigration is the whole history of america. >> my goal has always been to have a lasting solution, not just some temporary patch. >> reporter: there will be
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some changes made to this proposal before any vote. a white house aide says president trump supports the idea of officials working toward consensus on the issues. a vote on the bill is expected to take place next week. at this point, it is unclear if that would have enough votes to pass. president trump's long- time former lawyer wants to stop the attorney for stormy daniels from speaking to reporters. michael cohen is under investigation for his business dealings including the $130,000 payment made to the porn star to keep quiet about an alleged affair with donald trump. he asked for a gag order against her lawyer who has given more than 100 tv interviews since march. sources says cbs news that cohen will probably face charges related to campaign finance violations and bank fraud former fbi director james comey is responding to the justice department's scathing report that his agency's handling of the hillary
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clinton email investigation had issues. the report concludes that comey was insubordinate in how he handled the probe. it also found he was not politically motivated. president trump fired comey last year. the report says comey was wrong to announce he was re- opening the investigation when more clinton emails were discovered 11 days before the election. comey tweeted that the conclusions in the report are reasonable although he disagrees with some of them. house minority leader nancy pelosi is addressing the hunters point clean-up saying thousands were exposed to radioactive detail. jackie ward reports. >> reporter: it's good news for the people who live in that area. they are thinking about retesting it and sometime later this morning, we hope to learn the details of what that retesting will entail. this time around, the california department of public health will be overseeing things. so congresswoman pelosi released a statement saying: . pelosi says, the radiological retesting will include trench excavations, surface scans, and soil sampling .. as well as building scans. tetra tech - the company that originally tested this area - has said that it will pay for
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re . but pelosi says the navy will pay for it. the federal government has already spent 1-billion dollars on this site. from congresswoman pelosi's san francisco office, jackie ward, kpix 5. bus service at san francisco's new transbay transit terminal pelosi says while the navy and epa have both said parcel a is save, the people of bayview- hunters point have been hurt and retesting will be done. the original clean-up of the area may have exposed thousands to radioactive material. many of them claim their level conditions have led them to be seriously ill. at a meeting held at the san francisco supervisors last month, the district's representative malia cohen said her constituents deserve more respect. >> it feels as if the navy is constantly sweeping something under the rug and that that is very disingenuous and quite frankly it's infuriating! it's not fair! >> reporter: parcel g will also be examined once more. pelosi says the radiological retesting will include trench excavations, surface scans and
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soil sampling as well as building scans. so tetra tech, the company that originally was in charge of this whole clean-up process, said that they are willing to pay for retesting but nancy pelosi says that the navy will end up paying for it. the federal government has already spent $1 billion on this site. from outside congresswoman pelosi's office in san francisco, jackie ward, kpix 5. bus service at san francisco's new transbay transit terminal begins this weekend. it is a milestone for the massive new transportation hub in the soma neighborhood. the first buses to stop at the terminal will be on the five fulton line. the $6 billion project was to be a hub for buses and trains, although train service is still years away. work has been flagged with delays and muni has had some difficulty finding enough contractors. time now 5:09. a roller coaster flies off the rails. two riders were tossed more than 30 feet to the ground. >> san francisco police explaining why an officer
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opened fire on a suspect with bystanders feet away. >> and we're watching our temperatures slowly dive. they are dropping into the weekend. >> and a busy start out on the roads. we are tracking not one, not two, but three separate accidents all involving big rigs and one has all lanes blocked on 580 coming up.
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star is facing rape and kidnapping charges. kellen winslow junior was arrested in san diego county yest new this morning a former nfl star is facing rape and kidnapping charges. kehl lynn winslow, jr., was arrested in san diego county at his home. there are nine charges. this is his second arrest just this month. police arrested him last week also in san diego county on separate burglary charges. newly released video shows how a routine stop turned into a police shooting in a matter of seconds in san francisco. [ shooting ] >> it all started when two sfpd officers stopped some suspects on grant avenue last saturday to talk to four men with open containers on the
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street. after they exchanged words, one of the men identified as oliver barcenas took off. the video shows the officer chasing him with his gun drawn as you can see right here through a narrow sidewalk before firing. several people attended a community meeting about the shooting last night. >> i would have hoped there would have been of some awareness of there are other people and were they also in danger? it's -- it's just shocking to me. to see this. >> the shooting of barcenas who was shot once before by sfpd back in 2012under investigation by indistrict torc enas is reco fm woundsmultip charges including > coter il in florida and threw some their seats. here's reporter laura podesta. >> reporter: witnesses say they heard a loud boom when a
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roller coaster derailed in daytona beach last night. two people were ejected and fell 34 feet to the ground. they were injured but both survived. fellow visitors at the park ran underneath the dangling cars to help those still trapped in their seats. >> we all ran in and trying to help her. >> reporter: a tourist grabbed heavy duty straps typically used to hold down cargo from his truck to keep the ride from falling any further. >> two were dangling from the front car. there was an additional four passengers in the middle car. ey on the track. he rear car. some were stuck for 30 minutes. they were taken to the hospital. >> the riders were frightened and the firefighters were doing a great job of trying to make sure that everyone stayed calm so the rescue could go
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off successfully. dder to groundrews used >> whoa! >> reporter: throer coaster calthnd blaster. it's a three-car sit-down ride that operates on a winding steel track. investigators are still working to figure out what caused the derailment. in february of last year, the ride was temporarily shut down after inspectors found more than a dozen problems. laura podesta, cbs news, new york. >> the extent of the injuries have not yet been released but media on scene said all patients were alert as they were being loaded into ambulances. time now 5:16. let's check traffic. we know that there's a situation in the east bay on 580. >> this is involving a big rig that overturned along westbound 580. so here's 580 at the dublin- pleasanton interchange with headlights moving westbound. past that you will be on the
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brakes. all lanes blocked westbound 580 approaching eden canyon road. now, there was quite a bit of debris from this accident that flew towards the bart tracks. cruises were heading out to assess the situation. no bart delays. use an alternate route this morning if you are planning on using mass transit. keep checking in with bart. he stay on 580 to san ramon to dublin canyon to eden canyon road. this will cost you some time. it is slowing you down. the usual slowdowns out of
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tracy. we'll monitor this but this is not looking bad. we're also tracking another big rig accident. let's check the forecast. check out our skies as we await sunrise. some of you waking up to clear skies, some to low clouds and fog. the marine layer is working its way around the bay. but right over the bay bridge you see right here clear conditions and over downtown san francisco, as well. just along the coast is where i'm seeing temperature-wise in san francisco 54. san jose you're at 56. santa rosa 51. everyone in the 50s this morning. that's normal for this time of morning. satellite-radar definitely showing we are seeing a marine layer right here along the coast across the north bay. half moon bay visibility is down to three miles. high clouds in oakland and concord. a break in cloud coverage in some spots. so it should burn off by 10 a.m. except for south of the golden
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gate bridge right around half moon bay where that marine layer probably will be pretty stubborn through the afternoon. west winds now in redwood city and sfo barely anything but still coming in pretty good in san jose. that's a southeast wind direction. that's the kind of wind that tends to dry things up. so it is breezy there across some of the south bay. lake tahoe a gorgeous view. i want to show you this because it's pretty and also because it's going to be windy there. there's a lake wind advisory and red flag warning, two- to three-foot waves at tahoe today, 2 to 9 p.m. so if you are planning to go there perhaps for father's day weekend, keep that in mind. paddle boards, small boats, could capsize with winds like that. 77 in san rafael for your afternoon high today. vallejo 75. 68 in oakland and 65 for san francisco. san mateo county fair happening this weekend. it will be sunny and mild for
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that. 70 degrees, not bad. perfect fair weather. it's already the north beach festival time. always a good time. remember going to that last year. weather will be just right, 64 degrees. so fairly cool which means it won't get too hot and icky out there. should be comfortable. last year was very hot for this festival. here's the extended forecast. cooling down through monday, hot tuesday through thursday. coming up in sports, both bay area teams take a hit on the injury front on the hot corner and the giants just can't to seem to get everyone healthy at the same time as they now lose evan longoria to injuries. how long he will be out? it is all coming up.
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not a good week in miami for the giants. they lost 8 leads which led to three of four losses and yesterday, more troubling on the injury front as they lose their starting third baseman to injury. bruce bochy was probably glad to say good-bye to south beach after 16 innings yesterday. 4th inning evan longoria, left hand hit, diagnosed with a broken fifth metacarpal and
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will miss time and a couple of months maybe. 16th inning pablo sandoval with a two-run single for the lead. the giants win 6-3. ty blach pitches six scoreless innings in extras for the win avoiding a four-game sweep. top of the 6th inning, matt chapman airmails a throw over matt olson's head. the ball rolls for a while into foul territory which allows a speedy tony kemp to score all the way from first. two errors in one inning for chapman who later left with a hand injury as well as the a's lose 7-3. and winds up to 20 miles per hour in the hamptons creating big scores. tiger's day off to a horrible start and he never recovered. from behind the green he pitched from the rough. doesn't quite get over the ridge and rolls right back down. dustin johnson was playing with tiger and he didn't struggle as much. from the bunker the world's number one player a birdie. he shot a 1-under 69, good for a share of the lead.
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the giants return from the road trip back to california. they start a three-game set with the dodgers today. andrea nakano, kpix 5 sports. here's your play of the day from major league baseball . the red sox taking on the mariners. >> up the middle, takes bogart to the back throws the first double play. goodness gracious! >> athletic move by the red sox bogaerts with the quick dive and then the tag and then the throw from the knees to first. he has it! double play. boston goes on to beat the mariners, 2-1. some good news for the people who live in the bayview- hunters point area. that land will be retested by the federal government soon. we'll have the details next. >> reporter: police are still looking for the suspect or suspects who shot five people at this union city cemetery. we'll have the details coming right up.
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to the hospital... plus -- google's latest diversity report is out -- and it appears the tech giant isn't making much progress. weather ad libs a mix-up at a bay area swim club ends up with dozens sent to the hospital. >> google's latest diversity report is out and they are not making progress. >> and we're seeing our temperatures moving on down a little bit of a breeze also kicking up this morning. i'll talk more about the big father's day weekens.>>o major blocking all lanes one on 580, the other on 680. both having to do with big rigs. we'll have the details coming up. good morning. it is friday, june 15th. i'm michelle griego. >> good morning. i'm kenny choi. bullets fly during a funeral service. five people were hurt.
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it happened just after 7 p.m. last night at chapel of the chimes on the hayward union city border. kpix 5's jessica flores is live in union city this morning with the latest. reporter: that gunfire broke out in front of the main mortuarywent on lockdown while they searched for a suspect. this happened about 7 p.m. several mourners called 911 reporting gunfire. police responded to find three people with gunshot wounds and those victims were taken to the hospital. then a short time later police found another victim away from the scene also shot and transported that person to the hospital. police say the local hospital called them reporting a fifth victim who had self- transported to the hospital after the shooting. police are now just trying to figure out who opened fire at the cemetery. we spoke to one woman who says
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it all happened during her mother's funeral. >> the pastor was doing a message for my mom and that's when we heard gunshots outside. >> it's very shocking to me. i'm just fortunate that my guests were safe. >> reporter: no motive yet. police are searching for a suspect or suspects. it's unclear exactly how this shooting happened, whether it was a drive-by or somebody got out of a vehicle. we do know right now that two people are in critical condition in the hospital. the other three people are in stable condition. reporting live here in union city, i'm jessica flores, kpix 5. the navy says hunters point is safe but congresswoman nancy pelosi isn't taking their word for it. kpix 5's jackie ward is live with new details. reporter: this is really good news for the people who live in the bayview hunters point neighborhood of san francisco. after demanding something for years, it may finally be
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happening, retesting of possibly radioactive land near where they live. democratic leader and congresswoman nancy pelosi released a statement saying in part that, quote: avations, surface scans, and soil sampling .. as well as building scans. tetra tech - the company that originally tested this area - has said that it will pay for re-testing. but pelosi says the navy will pay for it. the federa ment has already spent 1-billion dollars on this . gresswoman pelosi's san francisco office, jackie ward, kpix 5. let's get a look at weather and traffic. here's neda iranpour >> reporter: so this morning a plan will be made public describing the retesting process that will happen in the future. the clean-up that already took place at the former naval base over the span of 12 years and cost the federal government $1 billion may have been all for nothing. tetra tech may have provided fake test results and people who live there say the environment has made them sick with life-threatening illnesses. the san francisco supervisors have a chance to hear from the navy directly last month and the supervisors showed little mercy. >> parcel a is safe. i would live there.
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i would have my family live there. >> it is not enough to say it is safe and that you would live there. quite frankly, you don't live there. >> reporter: two former tetra tech employees have already come forward admitting to falsifying soil samples from the parcels of land in question. yet the navy insists the area is safe and doheal threat. developers want to build new housing along the waterfront property there. for now, those projects have put on hold. from outside congresswoman pelosi's office in san francisco, jackie ward, kpix 5. 5:33. neda, i think we are ready for the weekend forecast. >> oh, yeah. the weekend, there's a lot going on. we have father's day on sunday. so hopefully everyone knows and remembers. >> thank you for that reminder. >> i hope my wife remembers. >> i'm sure she knows. we have been talking about it all week. and there are a lot of events this weekend as well and
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temperatures should be comfortable. right now it's cool and breezy. sunrise this morning at 5:47. so a few minutes from now. right now it's wanting to be seen for sure. a news beautiful glow over the bay bridge and here's a look at san jose and i want to take you here because it's a little breezy over in the south bay. gusts right now are pretty strong through parts of san jose. sustained winds coming in from the southeast at 15 miles per hour. usually south bay you wake up to calm conditions. that's not the case now. through downtown san francisco, 9-mile-per-hour winds. stronger along the water near the coastline and the delta, definitely fairfield, antioch and concord. visibility is low at half moon bay. a little drizzle going on here at the coast. it's getting through petaluma a little more as visibility drops down to 5 miles. that marine layer is back in full effect because of course the west winds are back.
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that onshore breeze contributing to cooler weather. we have an update for you on this traffic alert on westbound 580 after a big rig had all lanes blocked westbound 580 approaching eden canyon road. we are told now from chp that all lanes are open except one on that stretch so there is some relief in sight for drivers. but in the meantime, you're still going to be dealing with some major delays. those residual delays will likely stick around throughout much of the morning. our speeds are still showing black on our screen which is because it had all lanes closed. right now you can still use an alternate if you want to avoid some of the delays. but keep in mind a lot of people will be having that same idea you' lookinger an hour ride just to go from 680 over to 238. on 680, a new crash involving a big rig currently has all lanes blocked southbound 680
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at sheridan. and you can see that backup is quickly stretching beyond 84. if you need to use niles canyon road, please be careful out there. you can take that to mission boulevard and get back on over to 680. 42 minutes right now. we are seeing those delays build and build. dozens of swimmers in san jose are recovering this morning after dipping in a dangerous mix of pool chemicals. this was the scene at shadowbrook swim club in almaden valley yesterday afternoon. a maintenance worker accidentally mixed the wrong chemicals together producing chlorine gas. 35 people were taken to the hospital. many of the victims are now home. a south bay doctor is being reprimanded after she was caught on camera yanking, cussing and laughing at a patient. the video from el camino hospital in los gatos was shot by the father of the patients. the man collapsed during
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basketball practice on monday. bardwell says he has debilitating anxiety attacks and this was the worst one yet. the family claims they waited nearly four urs e en and when the doctor finally came to his bedside, she had a security guard with her. so bardwell's dad started recording on his cell phone. >> you sit up. >> i can't get up. >> you need to sit up and he won't -- >> you're yanking my arm. >> i'm sorry, sir. you were the least sick of all people who were here who were dying. you want us to wheel you to your house in the gurney? >> i have to ask you this. at any time, did you raise your voice, did you become aggressive? did you say anything to her that would frustrate her? >> no. i was completely calm the whole time. >> el camino said: contracted provider and has been removed from our e-r schedule." some lawmakers are taking action... as more undocumented immigrants are being separated from their children. here's k-p-i-x five s anne makovec... with the latest phase in the border battle.
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some lawmakers are taking action as more undocumented immigrants are being separated from their children. as kpix 5's anne makovec reports, she has the latest phase in the border battle. >> reporter: this latest proposal is a real catch-all. it offers a lot of solutions to some of the biggest immigration debates that we have seen during the entire trump presidency. but there are some compromises in there that many lawmakers will refuse to make. it's a draft bill by house republicans. they unveiled it after weeks of back stage talks on immigration. the proposal includes $25 billion for border security including the wall. and a pathway to citizenship for daca recipients. the 1.8 million people brought here illegally as children. it would end the policy of separating children from parents at the border. >> we need to make accommodations for families at our border. it's torture. it's traumatic to be doing this to families. and we demand an end to it.
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>> it's time we finally deliver a lawful system of immigration that serves the national interests that benefits the american people. >> reporter: the bill will see changes before a vote including the g addresparately a vote could come as soon as next week in the house. it would have an even tougher time passing in the senate where democrats are already balking at some of the ideas in the plan. in the meantime the trump administration continues to defend this policy of separating families at the boarder. >> yeah. even in some cases telling democrats it's their fault for basically encouraging some of these illegal immigrants to come here. but republican leaders are trying to distance themselves from that rhetoric and from the policy of detaining children which is creating bad press. efforts by mountain view- based google to hire minorities is falling short and president trump announces tariffs. iane king hall of "cbsmoneywatch" reports. >> reporter: good morning.
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the trump administration is officially slapping a 25% tariff on chinese products. it affects $50 billion of chinese imports. it escalates rising trade tensions between the u.s. and china. wall street is keeping an eye on the u.s.-chinese trade tensions. yesterday's stocks were mixed. dow down 25. nasdaq up 55. futures indicating a lower open today. the $85 billion merger between at&t and time warner is completed. just two days after a federal judge gave the green light, the justice department objected insisting it would hurt consumers but the government didn't request a delay on the merger. and google's fifth annual diversity report finds the tech giant is not making progress when it comes to hiring women and underrepresented minorities. the number of women rose by a tenth of a percent. the amount of asians grew by more than a percent to over 36% of google's workforce. the number of white workers declined slightly but remains the majority. >> father's day is coming up
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this sunday. what's the trend when it comes to spending this year? >> reporter: it's expected to hit a near record. the national retail federation says spending on father's day will hit $15.3 billion this year. more than 75% of americans plan to celebrate dad and on average will spend $133 a person. the top gifts are clothing, gift cards and consumer electronics and with that i want to wish you, kenny, a happen pay father's day. >> thank you so much. presents for dad, i love it. i know you have a husband and beautiful baby boy. any big plans for the weekend for your husband? >> i ask him. he said he just would like me to cook, which is fine. i can cook. i like to cook. although colleagues suggested i make a sandwich. that wouldn't be right. >> sure he will appreciate anything. iane king hall of "cbsmoneywatch," enjoy the father's day weekend. >> cereal is good, too. that's easy. >> is that your plan for your husband? >> might be. i don't know. nearly 4 out of 10 drivers in the u.s. have admitted to
5:42 am
falling asleep at the wheel. how one automaker is getting creative to hopefully reduce that number. >> plus, a giant cat is in need of a good home after being dropped off at a california shelter.
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inutes. good morning. check out the skies over san francisco. a little gray along the coastline. so most of the cloud coverage hovering around the ocean. you may see clouds inland but a lot of you waking up to clear skies and cooler weather. your full weekend forecast, father's day, it's all coming up. the period between memorial day and labor day is considered the deadliest time for drivers on the roads. as meg oliver reports, chevy engineers have developed a unique concept to address a major safety hazard. >> reporter: dashcam video highlights the dangers of
5:45 am
drowsy driving. >> just because you're tired, how much did you sleep? >> reporter: getting behind the wheel without enough sleep accounts for nearly 10% of crashes in the u.s. >> you're going to be fully loaded. >> reporter: to drive home the point, chevy developed this drowsy driving simulator suit. >> how much does this weigh? >> 23 pounds. >> reporter: weights are strapped around your ankles, wrists and chest. >> it's even hard to walk. >> i know. it's crazy. >> reporter: computer controlled goggles complete it. we tested the suit on a controlled track. >> we are going to 20 miles per hour and you're going to take my vision away for a second. >> every four seconds a flash of one second. >> reporter: this is the view from the driver's seat when the goggles go down. >> that was not good. >> you hit a pole that time. >> reporter: according to the national sleep foundation, 60% of adults admit to drowsy driving and 37% have fallen asleep at the wheel. >> if you are yawning a lot, that's a good sign. if you actually have -- can't remember the last couple
5:46 am
miles, the last couple exits, you definitely want to consider getting off the road. >> reporter: just this month, a driver in florida crashed into a tollbooth. one of the passengers flew through the windshield of car but survived. state troopers believe the driver was either asleep or fatigued at the time. >> the biggest thing you can do is get engaged. >> reporter: safety experts say at least 6 to 8 hours of sleep a night is the only way to keep you safe on the road. meg oliver, cbs news, new york. >> you have to be careful especially on this shift. we know how that is. >> yes. >> driving drowsy. okay. a cat found a home at a shelter in southern california. meet chubs. 29-pound himalayan was found on the street in pasadena downtown. he is staying at the office. he doesn't fiin keel. none thitato give m cox. en ty he will up for
5:47 am
pasadena humane society. >> he was well kept! >> that's for sure. what's wrong with fat cats? nothing wrong with that. >> cute. >> more to hug. >> i'm sure he will get adopted with all the pr. >> he is healthy. that's what matters. >> no high cholesterol, blood pressure. >> that cat weighs as much as my dog "lady bleah bleah." >> we got her under 30. >> we have a road diet on the roads right now. lanes reduced! this is 680 southbound direction another "sig alert" that has been in effect -- we have two sig alerts in effect right now. both crashes involving big rigs. this is southbound 680 approaching 84 from 580. it's a little over 20 minutes. and then it continues to be very slow because of this accident that we're tracking involving a big rig, a car, that car caught fire. and we have emergency crews on the scene. so right now, five lanes blocked. if you need to get around this mess, you can take niles
5:48 am
canyon but that's going to be a slower ride and very crowded. so please be careful and allow yourself extra time. we'll let you know when these lanes re-open. but you can see speeds dip below five miles an hour just approaching the scene. as you make your way along 580, we had an earlier accident. it looks like we still have one lane blocked along westbound 580 as you approach eden canyon road. the backup is no longer black. we're back in the red so that's good news. still over an hour commute just to go from 680 to 238. that's brutal! over at the bay bridge toll plaza, you would have no idea that any of that is going on. it's light. speeds are in the green heading into san francisco. hat's a check of your traffic; over to you. look at the sunrise as our "salesforce tower" camera faces towards the east. you can definitely see that sun coming up and look what's going on right in front of the sun. we have a little bit of wind pushing some of those clouds out there. kind of looks like smoke. but cloud coverage. sunrise this morning just a
5:49 am
minute ago is the official time, 5:47. sunset tonight at 8:33. it should be fairly clear for that one probably get a return of that marine layer tonight again. very similar to this morning's conditions. you can see a few clouds over san jose and windy southeast wind direction so drier wind coming through, 15 miles per hour sustained. half moon bay up to 9. san francisco 9. inland breezy. we have a marine layer this morning. visibility still low at half moon bay. at the airport, seems to be okay. seems like the cloud coverage is just high enough so it's
5:50 am
not lowering visibility. through petaluma down to four mile visibility. look at the view at lake tahoe with the sunrise. there's a lake wind advisory there, 2 to 9 p.m. today. wind gusts will be high throughout bay area and through those higher elevations. but the lakes two to three- foot waves possible there. so of course paddle boards, things like that could capsize. 68 degrees for the afternoon high in oakland. 75 in vallejo. 65 in san francisco. temperatures a few degrees cooler than yesterday. and should be nice for the alameda county fair this weekend in pleasanton. sunny mild conditions 75 degrees. also san mateo county fair is happening. 70 and sunny not bad. that's great fair weather. here's a look at what you can expect for inland areas. upper 70s this weekend for father's day. should be a little cloudy but that's not too bad. low 70s around the bay. and then upper 50s for the coast. slight warming monday up into forecastbywednesdaatooour n5:50. is
5:51 am
at a northern california parade. now the handler is facing dui charges. we show you coming up. >> and cattle missing from a bay area farm turn up dead. why investigators believe that someone killed the animals.
5:52 am
5:53 am
5:54 am
cloud coverage in the area. to the west it's over the coastline where there is a lot of clouds. and then as we look to the north, right over places like golden gate bridge, a sign of cooler weather today with clouds. >> we are tracking a couple of problems out on the roads including 580 and 680. a "sig alert" is in effect for both of those freeways, 680 with massive delays now only one lane of traffic open for drivers making their way near sheridan. we are also tracking residual delays from the earlier crash along 580. we'll continue to monitor this and e rest of your ride coming up in the 6:00 hour.
5:55 am
contra costa county residents can now text police for help. sheriff's officials say the text to 911 option is for people with hearing or speech impairments or for those unable to speak due to a dangerous situation. police say this service is slower and it's only available in english. whenever possible, police recommend victims call 911. santa clara county authorities are searching for a suspected cattle killer. the sheriff says nine cattle were found buried near henry coe state park outside morgan hill yesterday. deputies were at the scene investigating while a backhoe dug around the area. 60 cattle roam the land. 23 are missing. this may have started with a dispute over grazing rights between a cattle owner and property owner. whoever is responsible could face chargudanimand grand theft a man faces driving under
5:56 am
the influence charges in a parade. it happened a week ago during an event to kick off the colusa county fair. a horse got loose and trampled an 8-year-old boy who now has a broken leg. >> make sure that my grandmother was kind of safe and out of the way because i knew if the horse got loose it would run and it did. >> witnesses say the horse was finally caught well off the parade route. police say that armando martinez ruiz was supposed to be controlling that horse, was drunk at the time. police are searching for the suspect who shot five people at this union city cemetery last night. it all happened during funeral services. i'll have the very latest coming right up. >> plus a major ruling in the deadly ghost ship warehouse fire case. savings. if you're looking for an incredible selection of the brands you love, this season's newest trends for a fraction of what you'd pay at department stores, ♪ you gotta go to ross
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they'd tell you to go to ross. because there's so much to choose from. listen to your pets. they're your best friends, so they don't want you to spend more than you have to. if you want to save big on pet accessories, you gotta go to ross.
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as a funeral service got underway. plus: off the tracks.. a rolle now at 6:00, five people shot outside a bay area
6:00 am
cemetery as a funeral service got under way. >> plus, off the tracks. a roller coaster derails throwing riders to the ground. >> and no more tv interviews for stormy daniels' attorney if michael cohen gets his way. >> good morning, everyone. it is friday, june 15th. i'm michelle griego. >> good morning. i'm kenny choi. let's head outside see how things are looking. get a check of the conditions as we take a live look from our "salesforce tower" camera looking south foggy to start the day but it's going to be nice as we get that burn-off later on. >> it's going to burn off and we'll see that sunshine. a lot of people already are seeing it. but yes, a few coastal clouds is what we have this morning. it's cooler and dropping temperatures through the weekend. here's a look from the "salesforce tower" camera towards the north. can't see much.


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