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tv   KPIX 5 Noon News  CBS  June 15, 2018 12:00pm-12:30pm PDT

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president trump's former campaign manager.. will soon be heading to jail! good afternoon, im kenny choi im michelle griego a bu the shocking ruling rocking washington d.c. president trump's former campaign manager will soon be heading to jail. good afternoon. >> a busy morning in washington
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d.c. president trump has been speaking out, and a judge has ordered his former campaign manager to jail.>> reporter: a federal judge ruled paul manafort violated his pretrial release and has sent him to jail until his trial. he was in court today to face charges of witness tampering. he pleaded not guilty. he had been out on bail on house arrest, but the government requested his bail be revoked, and the judge agreed. new charges were unsealed last week, charges brought by special counsel robert mueller accusing both paul manafort and his ukrainian associate of obstructing justice, including tampering with witnesses. those witnesses worked with paul manafort as he represented a pro russia political party in ukraine. they told the fbi they thought paul manafort was trying to get them to like about the nature of their work. the trial is set for september on charges including conspiracy and money laundering. earlier today, the president
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let loose about the russia investigation with an impromptu chat with reporters. >> do you want to hear?>> reporter: president trump laid it on the line on the north lawn of the white house. >> i think that james comey was unfair to the people of this country. i think what he did was a disgrace, and i think i did the country tremendous favor by firing him. >> reporter: the department says the department of justice report which showed the former fbi director did not act with political bias is proof of the establishment was out to get him. >> what you really say is you will see bias against me, and millions and tens of billions of my followers. that is really a disgrace. >> reporter: and he insisted the report exonerates him in the ongoing russia investigation. >> i did nothing wrong. there was no collusion. there was no obstruction. the ig report yesterday when a long way to show that. and i think that the investigation has been totally
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discredited. >> reporter: the president also said he had not spoken to paul manafort in a while, distancing himself from the former campaign manager. also today, the president deflected criticism about his administration policy of separating children from parents at the border. this as republicans put forth a plan to end this. the bill would provide 20 $5 billion for border security, including funds for the long promised border wall and a pathway to citizenship for docket recipients. it will also and the policy of dividing families who come here illegally. >> i hated. i hate the children being taken away. the democrats have to change their law. that is there law. >> attorney general jeff sessions made the decision in april to criminally prosecute people entering the country illegally, which forces the separation of children from parents. a search is on in san francisco for a suspect to brutally attacked a mother in niue valley. the woman was carrying her baby
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at the time. >> reporter: jessica said her friend left her home less than an hour before she got a phone call she never expected. her friend was in the hospital being treated for a serious head injury. >> we found out that since then she was assaulted, and she was hit in the head with a blunt object. we are not sure what, but very likely something like a hammer or pipe. >> reporter: in this recently obtained surveillance video around 6 pm on sunday, june 3, you can barely see a woman crossing 28th street on sanchez across the top of the screen. she walks out of frame, but the microphone on the camera picks up sounds of the woman screaming and her baby crying. jessica says her friend does not remember anything from the time she left her home to when she realized she was in the hospital and she could not give police any details of what happened, but her sister who
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lives in washington d.c. was able to offer something. >> she was on face time with her sister right before the attack and during the attack. and all of the sudden, it went black, and she heard my friend say he hit me. so we know from that that it was an attack. >> reporter: after emergency brain surgery to treat a major skull fracture, jessica says her friend is home and recovering well. best case scenario is that she will be back to work in a month, six weeks after the attack. >> she is in a lot of pain, as one would expect. her head is throbbing on and off. but they are so grateful for their friends and family. >> reporter: jessica hopes they can get more surveillance video for people who live in the area, maybe from cameras on their homes. anything to help them and the police continue to look for whomever did this. in union
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city this afternoon a search for the gunman who shot five people at a cemetery. it happened around 7 pm last night at the chapel of the chimes cemetery. about 100 ople were inside for a viewing when shots rang out. two victims are in critical condition. -- >> the funeral director told us to stay bee there was a shooting, and something related to gang activity. so we were on lockdown for at least an hour. >> investigators are still searching for the suspects and a mode of. a small fire at san jose city hall made for big problems for dozens of workers. the building had to be partially evacuated after someone sparked the fire inside a trashcan in one of the bathrooms. it was quickly put out, but the distraction last -- disruption lasted for over an hour. investigators say a homeless person may have been in the bathroom. always back open on interstate 680 after a crash caused a southbound shut down early this morning. chp says a car burst into flames after rear ending a big rig. it happened around 5 am
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north of sheridan road. other vehicles were involved, and at least one person was injured. he crash caused a major backup you can see it stretch for miles. all lanes were back open by around 8 o'clock. that crash happened shortly after another accident on the major bay area interstate. a big rig crash overturned on westbound interstate 580 just east of eden canyon road. initially that crash closed all lanes of the freeway. vandals damage more than a dozen cars in napa county this morning. take a look at this. it appears that someone just went to car after car smashing the side windows. they targeted more than 20 of them in american canyon early this morning. so far police say no arrests, but they d for
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fingerprint processing. police are asking everyone in the area to check home surveillance systems. this morning the navy agreed to retest part of the hunters point naval shipyard. the cleanup of radioactive material may have put thousands of families at risk of exposure to toxic chemicals. two employees have come forward admitting to falsifying soil samples. the navy and epa have both said that partial -- that parcel letter a is safe. but nancy pelosi said following the massive potential data falsification by contractor tetra tech, it is imperative that residents have access to trustworthy data to prove there is no risk posed to the health and safety of residents, workers and visitors at the new shipyard community. the navy is calling for independent contractors to gather new radiological data. the plan allows 60 days for . thveatioare er coas. dangerous derailment. plus,
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a sure sign that summer is right around the corner. what is new this year up one of the biggest local fairs. look at this. we have stubborn cloud cover out there, and it is cooler. we are starting a cooldown. i will have your full weekend forecast, including what to expect on father's day, coming up.
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drone strike. afghan and pakistani officials made the announcement today. authoritie the leader of the pakistani taliban is dead, killed by a u.s. drone strike. afghan and pakistani officials made the announcement today. authorities believe he ordered the 2012 assassination of schoolgirl activists molalla. she survived -- malala. in 2014 the taliban attacked a school,
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killing more than 130 children. he was reportedly killed along with two other militants and a driver when their car was hit in the eastern afghanistan province. six people hospitalized after a roller coaster fell off the rails in florida. two riders fell more than 30 feet.>> reporter: screams from eyewitnesses and victims can be heard. onlookers watched riders of this derailed roller coaster plead for help. people can be seen rushing to the aid of writers, some helplessly dangling from the cars. >> there was 10 writers on this chain of three cars, two of which fell out of the front car to the ground from approximately 34 feet. the other two were dangling from the front car.
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>> reporter: two of the victims were transported as trauma alerts, possibly indicating the severity of their injuries. others were loaded into ambulances and rushed to local hospitals. tookofrunng. >> everybody started screaming and we went over there and saw the car dangling. >> reporter: the sandblaster has been a fixture on the daytona beach boardwalk since 2013. but a report by the taino beach news journal revealed the ride was sidelined last year after the state inspector discovered more than a dozen safety violations. despite those reported violations, it is not yet clear if they played any part in the derailment. >> it was chaotic, as you can imagine. the writers were very frightened, and the firefighters were doing a great job of trying to make sure that everyone stayed calm. >> reporter: investigators will be reviewing those maintenance records as lookg several other factors out here as they tried to determine the exact cause of the derailment.
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we reached out to the operator of the roller coaster, but did not immediately hear back. talkshow host oprah winfrey decided -- just signed atv deal with apple. she will work on new original programming with for apple as they work to compete with netflix and amazon. insiders believe she will have an on-screen role as a host and interviewer. in the last year, apple has made deals for more than a dozen shows with big names like reese witherspoon, steven spielberg, octavia spencer and kevin durant. an annual right of summer is getting underway, the alameda county fair opens today.>> reporter: downtown pleasanton today truly becomes the wild west. there is a cattle drive, and that is followed by 150 heads of cattle. you can see them there behind
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the horses. they are going through main street. there are about 20,000 people watching on the sidelines. this kicks off the alameda county fair, which opens today. typically, these cattle rome the surrounding hills of pleasanton. this is the second year for the cattle drive, a nod to the area history were cattle was raised on the land where city buildings and homes now this. >> this was a cattle community way back historically. we definitely want to be creative and innovative, but always show the tradition of our roots. that is really where the cattle drive came from. >> reporter: the alameda county fair lasts until july 8. my favorite fair food, the funnel cake. >> yummy.
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>> extra strawberries. >> i will take that. here is a look at your fair forecast. temperatures this weekend for the fair will be nice, mid-70s. could not ask for better weather . not too hot or too cold. sunny skies. also the north beach festival is happening this weekend. 64 degrees expected for saturday and sunday. partly cloudy skies across san francisco. here is a look at at alcatraz right there, the clouds have been moving in and out of the view throughout the morning. stubborn coastal clouds. temperatures staying cool because of the westwind coming in. 54 degrees here, livermore 74, concord 74. a lot cooler inland. look at satellite radar, it shows the marine layer. south of the golden gate bridge
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it is staying stubborn right there along the coastline. and the winds are in full effect, right now 20 miles per hour sustained. gusty conditions across half moon bay, ocean beach and through downtown san francisco. that will keep us cool. the reason we are getting the strong winds is because of this low right here that will actually dip a little bit further south towards northern california. it is not expected to bring rain, but it is spring temperatures down. we are starting the cooling trend it now. 66 for the afternoon high in oakland. 80 fairfield. here is a look at lake tahoe, look how beautiful it is. the winds will get pretty breezy there. a lake wind advisory starts at 2 pm today. wind gusts 35 miles per hour. sunset happening tonight at 8:33 pm. check out the seven-day forecast, for father's day it will cool, cloudy and
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temperatures in the upper 70s, low 60s around the bay. warming up next week into the 90s. >> sounds good to me. thank you. >> happy father's day. next, we have this cutie joining us. today we are discussing a common problem with cats.
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their furry friends. today's topic - is a tough one to address... diarrehea in cats. dr. jill chase joins us every friday we check in with our pet expert to tackle issues that pay owners may face with their furry friends. the topic today is a tough one to address. hopefully you're not eating lunch right now. it is diarrhea and cats. doctor jill is joining us now. >> we had a viewer right in saying their kitty has had diarrhea for a couple months right now. they want to know what to do about that. it has many causes. it provided a graphic that will show that. basically, what we do as veterinarians, you want to contact your veterinarian, and we take a detailed history when we hear that an animal has diarrhea. fhabe going . what the stools look like, how often they happen.
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if there is any history of them potentially eating something. did the a -- did the owner change the food. and after that we do diagnostic testing, including a fecal sample. that can be negative even when parasites are present, so that does not necessarily mean no parasites. my owners know i will say that forever. we can oftentimes have to run the samples a couple times to know they are truly negative. if the sample still come back negative, then we go ahead and run other specialized fecal testing. we would want to do blood work to make sure it is not a metabolic situation like kidney or liver disease or thyroid disease. from their, we want to do intestinal x-rays to look for foreign bodies. that is still negative, then we do an ultrasound and oftentimes will have to do intestinal >> lot of testing. all at ce if we don't need to. we will things in and out, and then treatment is dependent on
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what the problem is. >> thank you so much. and thank you samantha. she did very well. if you have a question about your pets health, email us and we will have doctor jill give us the answers every friday right here at noon. we will be right back.
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coming up at five. a landlord in court today...
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we have beautiful yellow summertime peaches. it is a taste of summer. they will be here for a while. enjoy them because after the summer they are gone. when i see peaches like this, domestic peaches in the market with this color and size, i can't get enough. these are the freestone peaches, which means they free easy from the pit. kling pitches -- peaches -- kling pitches -- peaches kling to the pit. when you bring them home, store them on the counter. when they get nice and soft, the aroma is wonderful. that is when you enjoy them. make sure to have napkins because the juice will be there. yellow peaches in the market. a beautiful thing. i am are fresh grocer. always remember to eat fresh and stay healthy. coming up at 5, a landlord
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in court today accused of shooting a tenant in the east bay. guess whaty is not just casual friday, but it is national flip-flop day. it has been celebrated every year since 2007 on the third friday in june. the go ahead and slip into your favorite pair and have a great day. have a good weekend.
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♪ here is my handle and here is my spout. ♪ ♪ when i get all steamed up then i shout! ♪ ♪ tip me over ♪ ♪ and pour me out. ♪ it only takes a moment to make a moment. cheers, pinkies out. take time to be a dad today.
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♪ >> ridge: [ laughs ] >> brooke: look at how cute! >> ridge: we've taken some great pictures. look at that. >> brooke: [ giggles ] yeah. it's fun being a grandma again. or a step-grandma. i'm not sure what steffy's gonna want kelly calling me. >> ridge: i'm so happy you went over there. now, can i take that as a sign that we'll all support this beautiful new family?


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