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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6AM  CBS  June 18, 2018 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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walls, now it's 6:00. hundreds of children's -- children being held in cages. new video shows the moment a deadly earthquake shook japan . and the flooding threat facing climate change. it is monday, june 18 and i am michelle griego. >> let's look at the exclusive sales force.staris moay mornin> will get through it. we will actually have a pretty warm week ahead. yes, summer is starting this week. let's look at the tower camera. this is the view toward the west where you can see cloud coverage along the coastline. cloud coverage around the date
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area. here is a live look at the tower where it is misty. 50 six degrees in san francisco . 59 in concorde with mild conditions. 50s to start the day and it did not get to chile. several clouds dropping down to six at the oakland airport. some areas may have cloud coverage. we are waking to cloudy skies. five at 10 miles per hour with sustained wind and we have a warm-up coming up. and you can see the brake lights along southbound i 80.
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>> all lanes have cleared and that continues and will kely be there for anotherli -- i wou say through the rest of the morning commute. it does get very slow. right now in red, travel time from 238 down to the dumbarton bridge. this is south of 238 with folks making their way to hayward. it has cleared but there are still major slowdowns. 238 is backing up along the northbound stretch with folks trying to make their way to 880. if you want to use mission boulevard, that is getting busy but things will be moving a little quicker. 880 through oakland. in the green in both directions. 580 getting crowded but still moving at the limit. i can't say this -- the same
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for the maze where the backup is growing. that is traffic, back to you guys. the trump administration's policy is under fire across the u.s. and abroad. >> reporter: good morning. this has been heating up for several weeks and the department of homeland security says the u.s. government h separated at least the -- 2000 children from their parents at the border. they are demanding the trump administration change its policy. customs protecti showed these on pictures of a facility in mcallen, texas where children are in an old warehouse with foil sheets as blankets. they were barred from shooting pictures or video due to what was cited as privacy concerns.
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they compared it to a prison. the family separations are a result of the trump administration and forcing a zero tolerance policy. adults who illegally cross the border could be placed in jail away from their children. >> what the president is saying that is if the democrats are serious they will try to get immigration reform. >> they are trying to use the grief and the tears of these childr eo ffend buto ilextort a their liking in congress. >> reporter: president trump has tried to blame democrats for the policy. he just tweeted, why don't the democrats give usthabily to fix people are coming into the country illegally. there will be a meeting with
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republicans and this comes days before the house is expected to vote on immigration bills crafted by the republicans. >> what do lawmakers hope to achieve? >> they hope to achieve some sort of compromise that the president will support. the house is expected to vote on the immigration bills addressing daca which allows people brought to the u.s. illegally as children to stay in the country. president trump says he will not sign any bill that does not include funding for a border wall. and police are investigating a deadly border patrol chase near the border. an suv overturned as it was pursued by a boer patrol agent. >> reporter: the high-speed chase that led to this deadly crash reached speeds up 100 les this suv rolling over in big
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hills, texas, 50 miles from the border with mexico. >> from what we can tell, the vehicle rolled off the -- went off the rolled and caught gravel and tried to correct and then overturned. >> reporter: they were being pursued by the border patrol agents and a sherrif's deputy. most of the passengers were ejected and five were killed. >> they were asking for help. help me, help me, i .huit was chaotic. >> reporter: u.s. customs and border protection said that a border patrol agent pursued the truck because they believed it was part of a three vehicle smuggling event. early there -- earlier they stopped other vehicles and made arrests. after they try to pull this vehicle over, there was a chase . cbs news.
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the crash is under investigation by several agencies including border patrol in the texas department of public safety. new video shows the moment that a deadly earthquake shook japan. you can see items on this desk fall to the ground. the 6.1 magnitude earthquake struck in osaka. the quake set off building fires, toppled concrete walls and cracked roads and water pipes. dozens of flights in and out of osaka were grounded and train service was suspended across a wide area . real estate prices across the bay area are some of the highest in the country, but those homes could literally soon be under water according to a report released today. katie nielsen is live in san mateo to explain what this means . >> we are here near a waterfront office complex. according to the union of concerned scientists, this area
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could soon be under water. this map shows predictions for areas at risk for flooding by 2020 -- 2045. this is what it could look like i the end of the century. the scientists say that 20,000 homes could be a risk which is a total real estate value of $15 billion. the report is based on current figures which show the sea levels could rise almost 200 feet within the next 30-40 years. santa clara county, marin county and also alameda could be impacted. kpix 5. and in san jose they are wrapping up a one alarm fire . the fire was contained to one home that started before 2:00 this morning. we are told
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nobody was injured. the cause of the fire is under investigation. >> [ crowd chanting ]. five suspects arrested at a violent protest last year could learn their fate in court today. there were counter protesters that showed up to her right wing rally. their case is expected to be announced today. e > there scondu po bliciesll.gynecologist askin
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lawmakers to vee they want to look at what health facilities are doing when they receive complaints of xut s. complaints span 25 years. handle with care. the groundbreaking program treating people traumatized by the nation's opioid crisis. plus a warning for people about crypto currencies like bitcoin. we have a gloomy start to the work week but temperatures will be on the rise. i will explain. and into walnut creek, getting sluggish but nothing like a long 880. i am not sure how long it will take you to get through that stretch and alternate routes.
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strong rent control laws. an initiative from tenants rights activists gathered en voters will decide on a new initiative that could clear the way for cities and counties to pass strong rent control laws. an initiative gathered enough signatures to qualify for the november ballot. if revealed, cities and counties would pass new ordinances wiout restrictions. a range of issues from homelessness to fare evasion. a budget for the 2019 fiscal year .6 llion be us to increase security and reduce encampments at the stations. $300,000 will be used to hire two more bart police dispatchers . it allocates mo p
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innovators. they will also have gates and other equipment to prevent fair evasion. -- fair evasion. i am sure a lot of people in their cars are wishing they had taken bart . this is the bay shore freeway which is typical and starting to get slow as you approach the berkeley curve. the westbound direction adding time. 18 minutes over to the main >> -- the maze. you will start tapping the brakes with drive times to san francisco in the red at a little over 20 minutes . as you y along 880 we are tracking problems with a crascomingin on
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the seventh street on-ramp. a big rake reported to have flipped onto its side blocking one of the lanes. as you head further south, you are okay through oakwood, but into hayward, it is slow. that is a check of the traffic. neda . thank you so much. these are the conditions over the bay bridge where it is gray and we are dealing with cloud coverage. this is coming in from the coast with sunset happening at 5:30 4 pm. sunrise at 5:-- 5:34. look at the marine laalong the coastline. oakland airport with six mile visibility. petaluma down to seven. the rest of you should be okay with
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medium to high clouds across the north bay. of northern californ. this is getting thicker and thicker and moving further east through the delta. the west wind is not too strong this morning but they are coming in from the onshore influence. it is pushing that marine layer. when the five mph out of the south/southwest. oakland at 10 in antioch at 11. gusty through places like antioch. if it looks a little drizzly and icky, temperaturewise weight are mild. tash we are mild. -- temperaturewise we are mild. afternoon highs in the 70s and low 80s. 2-3 degrees below average today. ord. comfortable inlet . mid to upper 60s and over all
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we are seeing a low to the race -- the east of us and a ridge of high pressure to the west. you will noticed when increases. by 9:00-10:00, temperatures closer and closer to the low. overall temperatures on the rise because the rich will hover over our state through the week. 90s by tomorrow and by the end of the week upper 90s. and warning crypto currency investors. virtual money's problems incurred tash involved unstable prices and the deential for manipulation. rale ththe e currency could one day slow the internet to a crawl. and healthwatch this morning, the opioid crisis is taking a toll on children across the country.
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>> they are experiencing violent crime or abuse. >> anin west virginia they are making sure the children are not forgotten. >> how does it feel when you get angry inside?>> reporter: a nine-year-old working through the trauma he is experiencing after his parents were arrested for drug crimes. with permission, we joined his week the session at his west virginia elementary school. it's part of a program called, handle with care. it requires law enforcement to notify school districts when they encounter a child at a crime scene. >> this child may need extra care today, please handle with care. r>>r: ortes ep it waat a neighborhoo riddled by violent crime and drugs. the creator says the notices are a signal the child is going through a hard time and may need extra support. >> if they don't have their
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homework, you give them extra time and maybe some one-on-one time. if they fall asleep in class, let them go to the nurse to sleep >> reporter: it is ground zero for the opioid . epidemic with the highest rate of drug overdose in the nation. patrolman josh mcmaster says he often writes 3-4 handle with care notices per night. the program is replicated across west virginia and several other states. now lawmakers are working to implement it nationwide. >> isn't this a lot for a teacher, school our principal tour take on? >> they don't have to wonder if something is wrong with the kid that day. >> the third-grader is more emotionally stable in and out of school. he says he feels better too. his long road ahead is perhaps a little easier thanks to some
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compassion and three words, handle with care. kenneth greg, cbs news, charleston, west virginia the program would authorize $10 million in federal funding to authorize states to be in training to handle their own -- to have their own handle with care programs. like the song by the who says, meet the new boss, same as the old boss. and the a's catcher yesterday got wet. why? we will show you. crystal geyser alpine spring water starts here, passes through here, and is bottled right here. at the mountain source. naturally. crystal geyser is the only major u.s spring water bottled at the mountain source.
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how far does crystal geyser alpine spring water travel from its source to the bottle? less than a mile and a half. crystal geyser. always bottled at the mountain source. naturally. we are going to hit you with a golf major up top. not enough. no one would know. a tough par course. here he is at 18 for a record 62 and he misses it. waiting around for everyone to finish in case he was in the playoffs. and then at 16 he stopped the landing for a birdie. in fact, he stepped in for the
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second set -- second consecutive championship. baseball kareem abdul-jabbar in a dodger cap. brandon felt the two run ba he avoided a sweep. the a's and angels at the bottom of the 11th. jonathan with a walkoff number, his fifth career walk off it. two out of the three and he finished the homestand at five and five. that is sports at this hour. i hope everyone has a terrific weekend. as for me, i will see you later. that sounds good. a fantastic plate of the day and big-league baseball. and infielder in the minors trying
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to get that one through the gap. -- a infielder trying to get that through the gap. a nice play sprinting toward the warning track and feeling the dirt. hamilton showing off why he is one of the fastest players in the game. he reached a top speed of 31 seconds. hamilton holding on barely for the plate of the day. it -- play of the day. and a search for an arsonist. and thousands of bay area homes could soon literally be underwater. and it is the new symbol of 21st-century san francisco. >> the buildings with simplicity and clarity are the ones people remember. >> reporter: and breathtaking
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views thanks to the salesforce tower cameras. >> and the tallest buildings west of the mississippi. >> expect more coverage from kpix news .
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and we say no more. >> no more >> children kept in steel cages. bipartisan backlash against the trump admi. nistration's policy with several immigrant families. anybody who sets fires, it is deplorable. >> suspicious bay area fires and a search for an arsonist. >> underwater by 2045. thousands of bay area homes at risk because of rising sea levels. first, trouble with the trump administration's policy. it is monday, june 18, good morning, i'm kenny choi. and i am michelle griego. and there is more on the debate underway. jessica. >> reporter: children are taken from the parents and stuck in shelters along the due sky --
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u.s./mexico border. it's part of the zero tolerance policy on illegal immigration. democratic lawmakers are demanding a change in policy. customs and border protection released these photos in mcallen texas. children can be seen in steel cages. the media was able to tour the facility but barred from shooting pictures or video due to what customs officials cited as privacy concerns. democratic lawmakers toured the facility and compared it to a prison. it was started in april under the zero tolerance policy. adults who cross the border illegally could be placed in jail away from their children. the policy is meant to be a deterrent. >> he doesn't care enough about human beings and all he cares about is trying to get a wall,
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no matter what it costs. >> reporter: the president is blaming democrats for the policy and also tweeting this morning. he tweeted that the people of germany are turning against their leadership and there is a tenuous coalition. crime is up in germany. millions of people have strongly and violently change their culture. he also tweeted, we don't want what is happening with immigration in europe to happen with us. the president meets with house republicans on tuesday and this comes just days before the house is expected to vote on a pair of immigration bills posted by republicans. i am jessica flores, kpix 5. suspects wanted in a shooting early this morning. a man shot before 4:00 a.m. in the 2200 block of lanai avenue. his injuries are considered life-threatening. no motive or information on
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suspects. on the right we have sfo. check your flights with the fog this morning. on the left, a shot of the salesforce tower camera looking south. efinitely cloudy this morning. styeight?>oh> i am just used to it. this morning, actually visibility is fine. there is good news there and hopefully that won't impact you. yes, we are looking at medium to high-level cloud coverage and disability wise, drivers are looking good and it is clear on the road. look at this view of golden gate bridge. what we are seeing is the morning rain lever -- layer is in effect. there is a light west wind and will warm up. today
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temperatures will be warmer than yesterday and still below average. on the rise by the end of the week. by next weekend, plenty of sunshine with temperatures in the 90s. today we wake to the 50s and drizzly conditions. i do want to show you a live view with clearing going on. jaclyn . okay, let's take it to the roadways and a couple of hotspots. this is north bay at 101 with usual slowdowns making your way southbound. in the red as far as the drive times go. a little further south along 37, as you make your way from 80 over to 101, slow going and a 45 minute ride. no reports of accidents or stalls, just very busy out there. all of the roadways are crowded this morning. we have had a number of accidents. please be careful. this is the bridge in the yellow as you make your way from richmond parkway over to saint francis drake. about a 10
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minute ride and not too bad. and the bridge ride showing no major delays with a few slowdowns approaching the toll plaza. nothing to write home about. that is your traffic, back over to you. thank you. take a look at the shaking during a powerful and deadly earthquake in osaka, japan. this happened while people were on their way to work. the japan meteorological society says that it measured a magnitude 6.1 with three people dead including a nine-year-old girl. buildings damaged and there is flooding and cracked roads. the sea levels are rising which could impact tens of thousands of homes at risk. and there is a new warming from scientists. katie>>teunof
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concerned scientists says the area where i am standing near a waterfront office complex could be underwater within the next 40 years or so. the scientists say that 20,000 bay area homes could be at risk due to global warning and -- warming and rising sea levels. take a look at the maps showing the predictions for potential flooding by 2045 with marin, santa clara and san mateo counties seeing the biggest impact. fast forward another 50 years and you can see more areas that could be underwater. now, all of this data is based on federal numbers that say sea levels could rise up to two feet within the next 40 years. that is all due to global warming. live in san mateo, ka, kpix 5. searching for an arsonist this morning that said 10 fires over the weekend. the first fire was at kern and the railroad pass at 11:45
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saturday night. the fires continued north and then west across the santa rosa trail. >> given the volume of tires, one after the other, along what is essentially a walking path over the of an hour and a hatythis is arson. currently it is small fires and we don't want this to continue. small fires can turn to something much bigger. officials are trying to identify the firebug. there were no injuries and the crews knock down the flames before they damaged homes. grass fires in alameda county. at last check they burn 60 acres and are now 90% contained. crews responded to grass fires near ruby fire -- ruby hill yesterday. they briefly -- briefly shut down highway 84. unfortunately it burned away from homes. there were no reports of injuries and the cause of the fire is under investigation. five undocumented immigrants
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are dead after a chase at the texas border. they were in a chevy suburban pursuit by border patrol agents and a sherrif is deputy. five of them were killed. >> they were asking for help. help me, help me, i hurt. it was chaotic. >> reporter: authorities believe that many of the passengers were in the country illegally. u.s. customs and border patrol says that a border patrol agent pursued the truck believing it was part of a three vehicle smuggling event. in new jersey, gun fire erupted at an all knights festival in trenton. one is dead and 22 are injured. just after 3:00 a.m., festivalgoers ran when rival gang members started shooting at each other. >> it is sad. it is just sad. it is sad that it was such a
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way to bring everybody together and it is ruins. police shot and killed one suspect. a 33-year-old and another suspect amir armstrong is in custody. a third bona fide suspect is in custody. they also invested a carjacking to determine if it is connected to the shooting. it was canceled in the wake of the shooting. a special counsel is examining another meeting be between a trump campaign advisor and russia. >> the washington post report that he was offering allegedly damaging information on hillary clinton. stone says the information was rejected. really giuliani says the president was not involved.>> the president at doesn't know -- the president doesn't know a darn thing about collusion. >> rudy giuliani is calling for
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a thorough investigation into the russia probe. he pointed to the report which was released last week. >> the report from senior officials at the 2016 election. it was revealed that an fbi agent sent and -- sent a text that he was removed from the russia probe shortly after the messages surfaced. he will testify before the judiciary committee. and solving other cold cases using technology to nap the golden state killer. he was arrested after prosecutors use dna and a genealogical website to identify him. now private investigators are calling on people to help with other unsolved cases by sending
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their genetic material to the public database. they believe it would make it easier to find criminals who have eluded police. it is 6:40 this morning and volcanic damage in hawaii is adding up. >> plus thomas markel speaks out for the first time since missing his daughter's wedding. and which age group is the worst at tipping these days? in the market opened up 10 minutes ago. you can see the dow is down about 243 points. we will be right back.
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this morning.. diane king hall is at the new york stock exchange with your c-b-s moneywatch report. wall str poin trade war fears are sparking wall street just a little bit. at wall street with your cbs money watch report. wall street futures are pointing lower after fears of a global trade war.
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president trump said he was pushing ahead with tariffs on $50 billion worth of chinese imports. china will hit back on imports at 25% on u.s. products. and stocks lost grand -- ground . the dow fell 85 points and the nasdaq lost 14. facebook is cracking down on advertising ey are restricting ads toth . adults only beginning june 21. advertisers will be forced to restrict to users over 18. they have banned firearm and ammunition sales on their site since 2014. a new survey shows millennials are the worst at tipping. those between the ages of 18 and 37 are less likely to tip. in fact, 10% of people in the range range -- the age range
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often tip nothing at all. for more you can head to cvs money i am diane hall. health officials with a new classification for video game addiction. >> gaming disorder is a new mental health condition listed today and the diagnosis will be on the 11th edition classification of diseases. critics argue it is not worthy of being listed on the icd. a game changer in summer plans. according to aaa, 47% of respondents say they would consider changing plans for summer road trips if gas reaches $3.50. we are well above that mark in the bay area where drivers are paying $3.83 for a gallon of regula san francisco. in
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it is r 374 perk -- $3.74 per gallon in other parts. so, everyone is just going to stay home. >> it is painful at the pump. >> and there is pain on the roadways right now on this monday. right now we are tracking slowdowns for drivers making their way through the oakland area. we will look at the right along 20 four. it doesn't look so bad. as you transition, that is where there is a new crash at 980 and 27th. it is a rollover crash. then a semi is on its side on 880 partially blocking the on ramp. this is the 580 approach and that doesn't look so bad as you make your way wns on eastshore freeway.
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out of hercules to the maze is 26 minutes and then you can see the metering lights are on and it's a 30 minute ride into san francisco. the san mateo bridge is still in the yellow. a great white shark roche -- washed up on shore at beer cannon beach yesterday morning. the shark, which was about five years old had several fresh wounds from feeding on seal islands. they performed a necropsy to determined how it was killed. it has been a month since the kilauea volcano erupted and lava is spreading over the island. look at this video and the lava covers nine miles. it has destroyed 467 homes and lava is thrown -- flowing into the ocean creating lays. -- which is a combination --
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laze which is a combination of lava and hayes . -- haze. we are not all waking up to gray skies. there is clearing in the cloud coverage and you can see a sliver of blue sky right there. just a few clouds and not as thick as what it looks like over san francisco right now. definitely notice in the distance the coverage by clouds. at angel island it is nonexistent. we will see the cloud coverage across the south and east bay. by lunch time the sun should be out for most of us. across the north bay some futurecast model showing the clouds staying stubborn through
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the day. temperatures warmer than yesbut below average by 2-3 degrees for what we should be this tetime rdof y 77 will be the afternoon high. comfortable in cupertino in the 70s and 80s. not bad for a lot of spots. temperatures around the bay are a little cooler in the mid to upper 70s. it could require a sweater for some folks. up north, that's where the warmer air will be. 86 at places like ukiah. you can see the counterclockwise motion and the highs to the west of us. they will get closer together and when they do the wind speed will pick up. there is a chance for precipitation to the north in places like clearlake where there could be light shower activity across the sierra and a chance for afternoon shower activity. in the next few days,
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just sunshine and warmer weather on the way. thursday morning is the start of summer and it will feel like that with temperatures in the 90s inland and 70s around the bay. that's a look at your forecast. we are hearing from meghan markle's father for the first time since she married prince harry last month. he appeared on a british tv station to discuss his regret at missing the royal wedding. >> he looked very handsome and my daughter looked beautiful. i was jealous and i wish i had been there and i wish it had been me. at the same time, he was there and i thank him for that. >> reporter: days before the royal wedding, meghan markle announced he would not attend due to health problems. he said he was sad he missed the ceremony and he was grateful to prince charles for stepping into walk her down the aisle. and backlash across the country over the trump administration's zero-tolerance policy on illegal immigration.
6:52 am
childrsteel cages. s show and along the u.s./mexico border where children are separated. the policy is cruel -- called cruel. we will show you what it is like in the facility where hundreds of children are being held. saving money as the price of oil rises for airlines.
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says the u-s government has separated at least two-thousand children from parents at the border since april. democratic lawmakers are and i am jessica flores. at least 2000 children have been separated from their parents since april. summer demanding that the trump administration change the policy. customsand border protection
6:56 am
release these photos of the facility in mcallen, texas. children are in steel cages with foil sheets for blankets. they were barred from shooting pictures and video due to what customs officials cited as privacy concerns. those who toured the facility compared it to a prison. it was started in april under of the -- under the trump's administration zero-tolerance policy. >> what the president is saying is that if democrats are serious they will come together to close the loop holes. >> they are using the grief and the tears and the pain of these kids as mortar to build their wall. it is an effort to extort a bill to their liking in the congress. >> reporter: the president sent
6:57 am
out a string of tweets on emigration. he said crime is up due to emigration. crime had the lowest level since 1992. the president says, we don't want what is happening with immigration and europe to happen with us. the president meets with house republicans on tuesday just days before the house is expected to vote on emigration bills crafted by republicans. in the newsroom, jessica flores , kpix 5 . it is now time for your final five. an arsonist on the loose in santa rosa. 10 fires were started. they moved west along the santa rosa creek trail. there were no injuries and fire crews knocked down the flames before they entered homes. and a 6.1 magnitude earthquake struck in osaka, japan. the quake set off building fires and toppled
6:58 am
walls, cracked world's -- roads and water pipes. and bay area homes could be flooded by 2045 due to the rising sea level. marin, santa clara and san mateo counties could see the biggest impact. and a deadly border patrol chase in san antonio where at least five people were killed and several others were hurt when an suv overturned when it was pursued by a border patrol agent. in the special counsel is examining another meeting between a -- russia and the campaign. >> and a couple of crashes could slow you down as you make your way through oakland. the connector is doing a rollover crash. and another crash near the 27th
6:59 am
street off ramp. and westbound 80 at powell, there is an accident along the eastshore freeway where we have a 21 minute ride into san francisco. and a live look at sfo right now. you can see the runway and the planes and all of that stuff. a sign that things should be running smoothly. i say that now. over san jose it is starting to get thicker as far as the clouds are concerned. that is where the thick marine layer is. you can tell the visibility is low along the coastline. that's where you will notice for the next few hours as the tower camera looks west. concord 59 degrees. thank you neda . thank you for watching kpix 5 news this
7:00 am
morning. it is harder on monday morning, but you can do it. >> wake up. we are awake. >> have a good day. good morning to our viewers in the west. it's monday, june 18th, 2018. welcome to "cbs this morning." the trump administration faces new backlash over its zero tolerance policy. gayle is along the u.s./mexico border where families are being separated. >> we have an inside look at the facility here in mckellen, texas. only on c t"cbs this morning," we'll talk to the border patrol chief responsible for implementing the policy that separates children from their parents. >> president trump tcontinues t blame democrats for his administration's separation policy. this


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