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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5PM  KPIX  June 24, 2018 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix5 news. safety and p now at 5:00 explosive fire spreading quickly in lake county. cal fire is tell is us there is ab immediate threat to life, safety and -- an immediate threat to life, safety and property. thanks for joining us. i'm juliette goodrich. >> i'm brian hackney, the entire area of spring valley under a mandatory evacuation affecting about 2,500 people. a live look from chopper 5 showing flames burning out of control if you can see them through the smoke on a ridge this afternoon. it's at 3,000 acres now. the fire has destroyed at least a dozen building and is threatening 600 more. kpix5's katie nielsen is tracking the fire and joins us
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live from lake county with an update. katie? >> reporter: brian, right now as you can see, if you look back behind me, we have 100- foot tall flames burning across the top of this ridge line off of new long valley road. right now this fire is 0% contained because the winds are blowing erratically through spring valley. this is the first big fire of the season and it's really putting these crews to the test. fire crews are using every possible tool they have to attack this fire both from the air with helicopters and tankers and on the ground with bulldozers and hand crews. >> we have mutual aid from all over northern california here and additional resources ordered and en route, everything from the bay area to the oregon border to the central valley. >> reporter: the fire started at only 450 acres last night, but offshore winds quickly spread the fire through the
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valley overnight burning 10 homes and two outbuildings. >> our real priority here with our air and ground assets is to protect the structures and then get line construction in around this fire. >> reporter: the weather is challenging the 250 firefighters working on the front lines. high winds and low humidity create perfect firestorm conditions. >> we have some areas that are grassy where we can use bulldozers. we have some areas that are really steep and rocky where we're using hand crews and we have areas with intermixed homes where you're using engines. >> reporter: as the sun sets tonight, crews hope to get ahead of this fire. >> we were hoping this red flag warning comes to a close this evening that, that brings on a more tradition -- evening, that that brings on a more traditional weather pattern for us and slows the progression of the fire. >> reporter: i'm sure you can hear some of the aerial helicopters flying over us as we speak. what you're looking at right here is the fire running along the ridge line.
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if there is good news about this, it is the fact that fire burns more slowly as it moves downhill because heat tends to rise. so what the firefighters are expecting right now is that this fire will just continue to move across this ridge line. they have expanded the evacuations all the way out to highway 20. that latest informationis on our website. we expect another update from cal fire tonight at 6:00. also at 6:00 from kpix5 hear from some of the evacuees about what they're seeing and hearing as they leave their homes. live in spring valley, katie nielsen, kpix5. it's all happening as we have near record highs in the bay area over the weekend, although today things have cooled considerably. concord 73 degrees is 27 degrees shy of where it was at this time last night. that is a big turnaround in a single day and just in time because it could have been much worse for firefighters. numbers now are mostly in the
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70s. as we look toward the city, low clouds on the way are cooling things down but also kicking winds up to 30 miles an hour. at half moon bay it was breezy at napa up in the north bay with 35-mile an hour gusts and we do have red flag warnings that are still posted for the north and east bay hills. they will be expiring tonight. in terms of our prospects for more hot weather, we'll cover them in the forecast in a few minutes. our other top story, san francisco's 48th annual pride parade, more than 100,000 people crowded the parade route today. we have team coverage on the scene along market street and the party at civic center and beyond. we begin with kpix5's kiet do. >> reporter: coming to you live from the corner of polk and turk and just beyond this bit of traffic here people are still trying to get in at this late hour. i got to tell you, i have a confession on make. i've lived in the bay area all my life. -- to make. i've lived in the bay area all my life. this is my first time coming to pride, just never got around to
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it and the first observation i had it man, i am way overdressed. -- is man, i am way overaddressed. the pride celebration you could say is the -- overdressed. the pride celebration you could say is the mother of all celebrations. ryan murphy devotes his vacation time every year coming from australia. >> it's a feeling you can't describe and what makes it so special is the whole city is in on the game. it's awesome. >> reporter: 1 million people are expected to attend some kind of event during pride week. given our country's political climate you do you has taken on renewed urgency. >> it means being me and not being ashamed of who i am. >> reporter: kathy vaden feels proud that other lgbt friends are proud. >> for them to feel comfortable in their skin even for a day is special to me and them as well. >> reporter: brian sheen has been selling pride merchandise at this same corner the past 18 years. >> i think it's showing the
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world actually that being gay is normal. being gay is good for people and people just enjoy being who they are and being proud who they are. >> being a gay man, to be able to celebrate who you are in public is very important. >> reporter: this is a live look at my google traffic map here. good luck getting home after all this. check out the traffic right here as people are trying to leave. it is bumper to bumper. last i checked it will take me at least an hour and a half to get home to san jose. the pride celebration is going on at least another hour or so till about 6:00 tonight. if you're heading out after a long day today, be safe and drive safely and see you next year. live in san francisco, kiet do, kpix5. >> see you next year. right now the party has moved to the castro and that is where betty yu is. hi, betty. >> reporter: hi, juliette. the crowd in the castro here is
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ready to party and the businesses, the restaurants and the bars are also ready to take in a huge flood of partiers tonight. now we have seen people decked out from head to toe in rainbows and colorful gear all day long here and the castro really attracts a very diverse crowd. i've seen young and old, lgbtq and straight and people and groups from all over the city, the bay area, the state and the country. of course, the castro was the epicenter for gay pride activism in the '60s and '70s. so the history also brings a lot of people here tonight to this vibrant neighborhood which on this day is even more so. just moments ago i spoke to some very excited people. take a listen. >> this is like my first time at pride ever in my life. i'm 22 and i'm like this is like one of the coolest things i've ever done. >> this is my first pride here. so i'm having a great time. >> reporter: what have you noticed so far? >> everyone is super fun, very
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colorful and just really great to be here. >> reporter: also among the crowd, a very strong police presence. i spoke to an sfpd officer not too long ago and she says that they have every possible officer working this evening. so far there have been thankfully no major incidents to report, just a lot of happy people with smiles on their faces ready to dance and have a good time tonight. live in san francisco, betty yu, kpix5. >> thank you, betty. in its near 50 year history pride has marked a lot of firsts. >> kpix5's john ramos looks at how the parade has evolved while keeping its identity. >> reporter: perhaps it's fitting that san francisco's pride parade always begins with a roar. this gathering isn't meant to be quiet, but for something that began as an expression of defiance 48 years ago it's managed to keep its sense of
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humor. >> i mean it's just fun. you know, you come in here and it's like everyone is getting together and having fun. i love it. >> reporter: that's not to say there aren't strong messages here. in past years protesters have focused on gay rights issues, but this year immigration took center stage, but then politics has always marched alongside pride at this parade. >> everything is political, who you marry, who you love, who you sleep with. >> reporter: but whatever the issue of the day, this parade is important simply because it happens. they said 1 million people could show up and for the first time that included tremiah johnson from mississippi. what were you expecting when you came out here today? >> a lot of naked people, a lot. >> reporter: well, there was some of that, but there was also history. the san francisco lesbian gay freedom band celebrated its 40th anniversary at the parade. as an original member, ken ward remembers it well. >> the sound of the band and
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screaming and cheering was echoing off all the buildings. >> reporter: it put music to the struggle? >> yeah. it was the first time it had ever been a band in the parade. >> reporter: 1978 was also the year the so-called briggs initiative banning gay people from working in public schools was defeated at the ballot box and signaled a change of heart by the voters. >> once people knew that we weren't scary or threatening, they were on our side. >> reporter: but there was also something brand-new. for the first time kpix5 live streamed the entire show start to finish on its online platforms and for all its history and innovation the pride parade has become as much of a tourist attraction as the golden gate bridge. >> i think it was the highlight of our trip to come out here and see this. >> reporter: why is that? >> just a chance that people can be themselves. >> reporter: in san francisco, john ramos, kpix5. coming up immigrant families no longer being separated, but president trump said today he is not softening up on the issue.
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>> two pastors at glide memorial church, the dispute that got them to be reassigned. >> reporter: the chicken coops in silicon valley can be some practical as chicken wire and a few sheets of plywood or as sophisticated and elegant as the budget will allow. the one thing they have in common, they're the latest passion project for hi-tech engineers looking to unplug and connect with the natural world, that story coming up tomorrow on cbs this morning.
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consumed washington in recent days... but the white house isn't backing away from its crackdown the immigration issue has consumed washington in recent days, but the white house isn't backing away from its crackdown on illegal immigration. cbs' nikki batiste has the details. >> reporter: families are no longer being separated at the border, but president trump is
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making it clear that his stance on immigration hasn't softened. on sunday the president added even more fuel to the political fire saying noncitizens shouldn't have an automatic right to a hearing in the u.s. mr. trump tweeted, "we cannot allow all of these people to invade our country. when somebody comes in, we must immediately with no judges or court cases bring them back from where they came." in another tweet the president said the country should adopt a merit-based immigration system. >> look, remember, they are not coming here illegally. they are seeking asylum and protection. >> reporter: the administration's zero tolerance approach have made the american people divided. >> the american people made donald trump president and the republicans running the house and the senate to deal with the immigration issues. >> reporter: last week the president told republicans to forget about immigration reform
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until after midterm elections, but gop leaders spent the weekend putting together a new bill and they're hoping to bring it to a vote sometime this week. nikki batiste, cbs news. at least 60 campsites in malibu creek state park will be closed for several days after a father was shot and killed. he's identified as 35-year-old tristan bodett camping with his two toddler daughters when deputies say someone shot him before 5 a.m. friday morning. the victim was found with gunshot wounds in his tent. he died at the scene. nobody else was hurt. fellow campers say the area is usually a tranquil place. >> pretty secluded. everything is pretty spread out. it's pretty quiet. i wouldn't expect like something to happen. >> no word on the motive in the shooting. the campsites will remain closed through at least next thursday. two pastors delivered their last sermons today at glide memorial church resulting from a fallout with the methodist bishop. kpix5's devin fehely with the
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church's uncertain future. >> reporter: the normally joyous sunday service at san francisco's glide memorial was bittersweet as the congregation said good-bye to its two pastors who were abruptly reassigned this week in the midst of a brewing battle with the united methodist church. >> there's disapproval of glide's members on its board, some of the people who come in our doors and even of the christians who are here at glide sometimes for this bishop they're just not christian enough. >> reporter: glide is known throughout the bay area and beyond for its humanitarian mission helping societies poor and downtrodden, the homeless, the drug addicted, basically anyone hurting in need of help, but the bishop accuses glide of straying from the tenets of the christian faith saying the
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sundays are uplifting concerts lacking the fundamentals of christian worship. >> i really don't think they fully understand the significance of glide's presence in the neighborhood and how we are an expression of god's love. >> reporter: there are no immediate plans to replace the departing pastors as glide and the united methodist church find themselves increasingly at odds. >> i'm very sad to see our wonderful pastors leave. there's a big unknown that i don't know what's going to happen, but theone nice thing is i have felt a lot of support this entire week. >> reporter: in san francisco, devin fehely, kpix5. on to weather, boy, things changed in a hurry overnight as a southerly surge of low clouds and winds just whipped through the golden gate and cooled us down dramatically. it is still windy. in fact, from high atop the sales force tower not immune from being shaken by the wind, the camera is anyway, and we had gusts up to 30 miles an
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hour at half moon bay, 32 miles an hour at richmond and in napa gusts at 35 miles an hour. it's a windy sunday evening in the bay area. looking towards the bay bridge, concord has 73 degrees. numbers have cooled more than 20 degrees inland off triple digit highs yesterday. there's still a high fire danger and red flag warning through 8:00 tonight for the north bay. the winds are really whipping and that's not good news, but the humidities have come up and that's the better part of it. tomorrow the numbers will be in the mid-80s inland, 70 degrees around the bay and to the coast we get morning clouds. high atom the west coast high pressure finally eases up in the face of two lows, one spinning up in the gulf of alaska and we'll have mild and breezy conditions, cool at the shoreline tomorrow and numbers in the mid-80s, at least not the mid-100s which is much better than yesterday. futurecast shows low clouds filling in the bay area night
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and pulling back to the shore line the end of the day monday. so we're going back to the usual ebb and flow of low clouds along the shoreline and chilly close to the coast. near seasonal temperatures the rest of the week, might warm up toward next weekend. heading now to the bay area, we'll be looking at sunshine for new york and 84 degrees, in los angeles, partly cloudy and 74. overnight lows will be in the 50s for the bay area. these numbers are just very close to normal again after being about 25 degrees above normal yesterday. so south bay, upper 70s, a few low 80s, east bay low to mid- 80s. low clouds in the morning and then sun in the afternoon for the north bay and the readings tomorrow will be in the mid- 70s. extended forecast, you'll be looking for the numbers to finally take a tumble this week. i've been doing this since i started at ksby in san luis obispo when i was in my 20s, but in five minutes i'm going to do something on the air i've never done before after this.
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sonoma raceway. and dennis o'donnell is there with the highlights... " " nascar held its first road race of the year this afternoon at sonoma raceway and dennis o'donnell is there with the highlights. >> reporter: jeff gordon used to dominate this racetrack. in fact, he won four times beginning in the late 1990s, but since then no driver has had sustained success here until perhaps now. >> well, let's just go boogity boogity boogity. let's go racing in wine country, boys! >> reporter: los gatos native a.j. allmendinger hasn't had a top
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10 here since 2009. today he won the first stage, but early in the second stage allmendinger didn't shift properly and blew his engine. his day came to an extremely disappointing end. typically there are wrecks all over the track, but today this is as close as it came. bubba wallace spun out around turn 11. kevin harvick was leading with 37 to go. harvick chose to pit because he assumed second place driver martin truex, jr. was doing the same. it turns out truex's crew chief fooled harvick and the 78 car stayed out of the pits. seven laps later truex finally pits and he was able to track down harvick easily with 20 laps to go. truex had pressure tires and was able to pull out a massive lead thanks to zero caution flags. he takes the checkered flag for his second win in sonoma since 2013. the 2017 series champion picks
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up his 18th career win. where does this one rank today? >> i mean it's hard to rank wins. i mean they're all so special. i appreciate all of them because i know how hard they are to get. i went a lot of years without getting any and broke a long winless streak right here. i know what it feels like to be on the other side of it. >> allmendinger. >> oh, no. >> believe me, when it happened, i was in a lot of disbelief and shock. i wasn't ready for it and just let everybody down on this race team. >> reporter: coming up tonight on gameday the story of a local race car driver who had his best career finish here today. reporting from sonoma, dennis o'donnell, kpix5. >> dennis was going to do the entire sportscast from there, but technical problems prevented that and so, ladies and gentlemen, sports, weather together. to baseball, hunter pence's best days appear to be behind him hitting below .200 this
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season. the team was forced to take a double decker sight seeing bus to at&t because the team bus did not show up this morning. the bottom of the 6th san diego leading 1-0, but then hernandez connects for his ninth home run of the year tying the game 1-1. bottom of the 8th andrew mccutchen powers one down to right field, but there's the catch. it goes to extras. 11th inning, a single and a score to give the padres the lead, but the bottom of the 9th hunter pence turns the inning into an outing, up with the bases loaded goes opposite field and scores andrew mccutchen, buster posey to win. giants walk off with a 3-2 win and have now won five of their last six games. juliette, how am i doing? >> you're doing great, now to chicago. >> where hawk harrellson calls his final a's/white sox game.
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the a's' 25th straight road game with a home run sets a major league record. chicago loaded the bases, two outs, bottom of the 5th when there's trouble with a double, there one off the base of the wall making paul blackburn distinctly unhappy on the mound. all three runs scored to give the sox a 3-2 lead. 6th inning, blackburn out, liam hendriks in and the white sox continue to hit. sanchez gets a solo blast for the 7-2 lead and later in the inning it's sent to the paying customers this time, now 10-3 white sox. there were six runs batted in. a's split the four-game series with the south siders who used to be known as the chicago white stockings. for england and pan -- panama, it was just this side
5:27 pm
of a joke, the english captain scoring on a penalty in the 27th minute and on the replay, he scored again on a penalty in the first half stoppage time. juliette will a plan a half stoppage in a bit -- will explain a half stoppage in a bit. you know you are good when stuff like that happens. england wins 6-1, their largest ever margin of victory in the world cup. >> you have a future. be right back. >> finally. two, down, back up!
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cbs-sf-dot-com. thank you so much for joining us at 5:00! we'll see you back here at 6:00 for an hour of news. >> we'll leave you from high atop sales force tower looking toward the bay bridge and we'll see you in 30 minutes. >> quijano: the plan to reunite families. federal officials reveal how they will bring parents back bgether with their children, after being separated at the border. but it's unclear how long the process will take. >> free the children now! >> quijano: we have the crisis covered, from the border detention centers to the white house. also tonight, the search for htswers after an african- american man is killed by police in minneapolis. >> the whole damn system is guilty as hell! >> quijano: a new wave of wildfires forces families from faeir homes in california. and saudi women are finally in the driver's seat, as the


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