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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  June 25, 2018 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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morning, after a really warm weekend. >> very nice. >> we are all coming off of the pride parade. and the weather was perfect for it i will have to say, it felt pretty good. a little breeze to help keep things cool. >> we reach 106 on saturday in some locations. it is not going to be like that this week. we are dealing with a little bit of onshore breeze. that means low cloud coverage right along the coast, i'll show you that in our visibility map. temperatures slightly coolly today and are warm air is not going to return until friday, saturday so it will take a few days. the next few days will be very difficult for the san francisco bay area with morning cloud coverage and then sunny in the afternoons.
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we are tracking a crash. this is right along westbound 80 as you are approaching san quentin. emergency crews are on the scene and at least one lane blocked. it looks like some debris in both of those lanes from that crash so do expect delays. just to get across the bridge if you are making your way westbound. speed has dropped below 25 miles per hour. hopefully they can get that cleared shortly. we will take you to the bay bridge plaza where we are seeing crowds prize -- crowds. a massive oil fire burning out of control has quintupled in size now it is threatening several of -- several homes. at least 12 structures have been destroyed and roughly 600 are threatened by the blaze in and around the community of spring valley. here are more of the latest numbers from the fire lines, the burn area has now ballooned
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to 7700 acres, up from 1500 yesterday. containment is still at 0% and thousands of people have now been ordered to leave their homes. evacuation shelter has been established at lower lake high school on lake street, joe vasquez spoke with some evacuees. >> it has been a very difficult 24 hours not to know if your animals are okay or your house is okay or your neighbors are okay.>> this vantage point is quite familiar to lake county residents, escaping fires in recent years. >> i have been evacuated six times in the last five years, this is nothing new, but this is the closest one. this one here is my backyard. >> evacuation zone expanded, about 25 people -- about white -- about 2500 people have now
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left their homes. some of wayne mckinnon's younger relatives stayed behind to help firefighters help protect their houses. >> what do you have with you? >> what little i got. the rest is in the house. >> officials immediately ordered a mandatory evacuation from the spring valley lakes subdivision, one by one homes in spring valley lakes erupted in flames.>> this house is one of the 10 homes that burned down to the ground in the area and you can see one of the vehicles it burned with such intent -- such intense heat that the metal just melted right into the ground. the fire started on pawnee road. it is expanding along the east. gusting winds and downed power lines are not helping the fight. calfire attacks the fire by air, hundreds of firefighters
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on the ground, still, the size of the pawnee fire is five times the size of what it was. it is going to be a long battle and the resilient residents are once again pulling together to help each other in a time of need. >> the community comes together and i guess it is a political statement, but this is what we need to be all the time, not just when there is natural disaster. >> joe vasquez, kpix five. strike teams from east bay deployed yesterday, calfire is urging people who live in the spring valley area to cut their water usage immediately so it can be conserved for that firefighting effort. we are going to keep a close eye on this fire. go to our website for updates. fire season is well underway so it is a good reminder it is dry out there, hot and the winds don't help much. >> i just checked that location
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and it is giving them a break, the weather is lower, so that is not too bad, humidity levels are up as they tend to be early in the morning so at least that helps their chance to kind of get a good line around the fire. here is a look at the red flag warning. the sierra nevada locations, that's where gusts are pretty strong so most of that clear lake county areas, it doesn't look like gusts are going to be as intense. humidity throughout the day between five to 13%. right now, humidity level is 60- 70% so there is a bit more moisture in the air anytime we get those windows, that does help out as far as humidity is concerned, it is bringing some moisture from the ocean. that will help the firefighters get a chance to get a hold of things. we are looking at wind up oakland, 14. a lot of these hills, fairfield and antioch, gusty conditions right now. 30 mile-per-hour winds through
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delta. cloud coverage is also being pushed in and that of course is good news for firefighters as well. we are going to see a bit more moisture out there. a little bit of drizzle is possible along the coastline. visibility is down, 2.5 miles, that is where it is expected to continue to drop throughout the morning hours and santa rosa, seven mile visibility for you guys, the rest of our locations seem to be doing alright as far as fog is concerned. visibility is looking just fine. temperature wise, 63 in san jose. 87 in san francisco. oakland here at 60 degrees. for drivers, there is a wind advisory posted for the antioch bridge, just a heads up if you are planning on making your way through that area. right w we are going to take you over to the bridge where it doesn't look too busy or slow, in fact we can count the cars out there, there is one coming
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through the toll plaza right now. an accident westbound 580 as you are approaching san quentin and you can see those flashlights, emergency crews are on the line -- on the scene. we are seeing speeds dip below 25 miles per hour as you approach that our -- that crash. do be careful as you make your way through their. other than that we are tracking ace pretty smooth ride for drivers along the freeway but once you get to the maze, look at that backup, no metering lights are definitely seeing the crowds this morning. chopper five had a great view of san francisco's pride parade, the floats and festivities were seen heading down market street yesterday. organize estimate there were about 50,000 people parading and many, many more lining the route dn't when the got to cic center, tens of thousands of people converged to dance and celebrate diversity. we talked to many who traveled from other cities to take part in san francisco's pride weekend, one man came all the way om australia.
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>> it's a feeling you can't describe and what makes it so special is the whole city is in on it. >> it was so much fun out there. yeah, the pride celebration it didn't end downtown. >> betty yu reports from the castro district where some partygoers the big weekend. >> the energy was high, the smiles, big. the costumes, over the top in the castro district. >> i kept the bling toned down just as much as i could, you know, it is sunday. >> the sisters of perpetual indulgence described as a worldwide order of drag queens nuns, she traveled from dc to castro for pride. >> it is like the game mecca of the united states. if you go back through history, it is. this is where every gay man gravitated to back in the 70s. it is beautiful, the smiles,
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the people are beautiful. every street has rainbow flags. >> and at every corner, people were decked out in rainbow spirit.>> it is so much fun, it is so much love and everybody is out you're having fun. >> festive, joyful, a lot of energy. >> people danced their hearts out out of windows and nearly every bar in the neighborhood saw winds out the door and down the block. for most businesses, pride weekend is the biggest of the year. sf pd is also prepared with cops on almost every block. >> it is really crowded. but overall, it's a good time, it is a good vibe, there's a lot of people out here, it is a great turnout. >> in the castro, betty yu, kpix five. twin peaks huddle is closed for the next two months, today kicks off a $40 million project
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to update the tracks. strength in the tunnel and repair drainage systems. more than 80,000 people use the twin peaks tunnel on a typical weekday. this week, the house is expected to take up a new immigration bill at the trump administration tries to reunite families separated under the president's zero-tolerance policy. the house bill will provide $25 billion for a border wall, it would and family separations, cut back on illegal immigration and provide a pathway to citizenship for dreamers. the president however continues to push a hard line on twitter, yesterday he suggested that anyone suspected of crossing the border illegally should be immediately deported without a hearing. the feds say they know the location of all children separated from their parents under the zero-tolerance policy. but, we report how long it will take to reunite them all is still anyone's guess. >> hundreds of protesters in texas chan
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the gates sunday morning. the city is in a desolate part of the border about 40 miles outside of el paso. >> in a release by the department of health and human services, the agency says they have a process to ensure the family members of the location of their children and have regular communication after separation. but, federal public defenders and el paso say in a number of zero-tolerance criminal cases their clients have not been told where their children are. >> so when the president says the stories of grief are over exaggerated at the border, how do you contend with that? >> i would say mister president, come to el paso and say art phony and fope t knwher- year-old child is. >> saturday a delegation of both republic -- republican and democratic houses are accompanying teenagers. >> what really kind of caught
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your eye? >> just the fact that you look around, we are in the middle of the desert and you've got a tent city here, i think it is in many ways a monument to the failure of the federal government. >> they also say separated children are able to communicate with their parent or guardian, cbs confirms those calls are limited to twice a week, 10 minutes apiece. >> the federal government says they know exactly where the separated children are and the agencies are talking to each other. but they also say what slows down the process is confirming that someone who wants to talk to one of these children is an actual parent or legal guardian. cbs news, el paso texas. more than 2000 children are still being detained in u.s. facilities, customs and border productions says more than 500 others have been reunited with their parents. time is 4:42 am eddie wildfire has forced evacuations
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near yosemite. there
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calfire fought the flames from the air with fire retardant as more crews tackled it from the firefighters say a discarded cigarette sparked a four acre brush reheesca fought ground. firefighters were able to get it contained before damaged any structures. to the east, another new wildfire is prompting evacuations near yosemite. right now, the flag fire in two wanting county is 75% contained, about 150 acres have burned. yesterday helicopters scooped up water from the reservoir and dumped it on the flames. firefighters -- wildfires are also burning near red bluff. right now, it is 50% contained, firefighters have managed to stop its fod ss separate blaze, the lien fire has triggered mandatory
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evacuations. summer is officially underway and while the santa cruz beach boardwalk has always been a popular place for young kids to hang out, this year it is a popular place for teenagers to work. the boardwalk's youngest employees to date.>> the santa cruz boardwalk is the oldest seaside amusement park in california continuously throwing beachgoers since 1907, but this summer it is hiring some of its youngest workers ever.>> it is pretty cool getting money at this age. >> anisa, who works a game booth is just 14 years old. >> what i want to do with my money, i don't know, i just want to save it up for school close i guess, anything i need. so i can like provide for myself. >> are pay rates start between 11 and $50 an hour. >> they say it is good money and good work experience for
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young teens but there are some restrictions 14 and 15-year- olds may not work past 9 pm and all minors must have work permits from their schools. >> are 14-year-olds really ready to work? >> absolutely, they are so motivated and so excited to get out here and learn how to be in the workforce. >> the boardwalk has been hiring 15 years -- 15-year-olds for about five-year-olds. this year, the low in employment freight is making it more difficult to hire seasonal workers so the program was expanded, it now house about 1514-year-old hires, part of a workforce of about 1700. >> we have about 200 or 300 more employees to hire. >> they seem to be getting around is a lot of teen applicants coming through. >> having social interaction is really important in the job. >> one of them is 15-year-old megan tracy who let us peek into the job interview, which she nailed and got on the spot.
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>> a lot of places don't hire until 16 but for myself i'm starting to get my drivers license and a car and i need to start saving up for that. >> it is good getting a job young. make money.>> didn't we all start when we were really young? >> the second i could get a job, you wanted that extra money to buy whatever you felt like. a little bit of independence, close. exactly.>> we are going to talk about your forecast this morning, little bit of cloud coverage out there. you may run into some low fog as well. this would be our morning marine layer, nice thickness this morning, especially if you arear places saa uz, that's whe noticing a little bit thicker cloud coverage and visibility is going to be continuing to drop. it is down to three miles. oakland airport is looking okay
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for now. hopefully it stays that way if you have any early morning flights. in the north bay there are a few areas where you may run into that low laying fog. west winds are kicking in and that is bringing a little bit cooler temperatures today. temperatures are going to feel cooler than yesterday. six in san francisco, not too breezy yet. oakland, 14. areas we are noticing that wind picking up, through the delta and those typical locations. concord, antioch, fairfield, that is all very typical locations that do get that westwind. that onshore breeze coming through. temperature wise for now a little bit warmer than normal for the morning but the afternoon willow be a little bit cooler than normal. livermore, 69. 63 in san jose. afternoon highs, this is where we should be, usually in the upper 60s. low 74 oakwood. we will be about four degrees below average. concord, you will be down into the low 80s so it looks like a lot of inland spots you will also be impacted by that cooler coastal air.
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livermore, 83. mountain view, 75. 77 near redwood city. overall, still looking pretty comfortable it may feel a little bit cooler by the water. those are all because this low right here, that westwind coming through all associated with what's going on up north near canada. they are the ones getting the moisture, not us. it doesn't look like we will get moisture for a while. but we will see a very similar pattern of that marine layer and you can see it is pretty thick, some moisture in some area. we will have cloudy skies and by 10 o'clock, 11 o'cloc inland aspecially you will see that sunshine, later on it will all clear up. it may be back later tonight but not as intense. temperature wise throughout the week we are going to continue to stay slightly below average. inland areas in the 80s until friday or saturday. by the weekend, temperatures will be on their way up. an update for you on that earlier crash along westbound
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five chp has cleared those vehicles out of the lanes, they are still may be a little bit of debris in some of those lanes, but it looks like traffic is moving once again. here is a live look, a birds eye view of westbound 580 as you are heading across the bridge. you can see a few more cars than normal, they are a little bit closer together but we are still seeing speeds in the yellow while we wait for that to recover. they are definitely improving on our travel times back in the green. that is good news there. we will take you back over to the east shore freeway. a crash near columbus parkway, but not flowing anyone down. westbound, your ride is in the green near the toll plaza, but then you will be tapping those breaks. we've got that backed up, it is growing all the way past the over crossing. give yourselves that extra time, it does seem to be getting busier and busier every morning at an earlier hour. right now here is your 580
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approach, right now still looking good. we had two earlier crashes and it looks like one of those cars involved with both of those accidents and they are both cleared. we are really not seeing any slowdowns because of those accidents. that is check your traffic, i'll send it back over to you. time now is 4:52 am, police are looking for clues in the murder of a uc berkeley grad shot while camping with his two young daughters.
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i'm april kennedy and i'm an arborist with pg&e in the sierras. since the onset of the drought, more than 129 million trees have died in california. pg&e prunes and removes over a million trees every year to ensure that hazardous trees can't impact power lines. and sincofhe drought we've doubled our efforts. i grew up in the forests out in this area and honestly it's heartbreaking to see all these trees dying. what guides me is ensuring that the public is going to be safer and that these forests can be sustained and enjoyed by the community in the future. saudi arabia have reportedly applied taking a look at what we can expect for today. afternoon highs, 79, santa clara 83. a little bit cooler in fremont, 74 degrees. temperatures in the upper 70s for most of your places like
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pleasant hill. a lot warmer in antioch. mid 80s for you there and temperatures around the base staying cooler than average, san francisco's afternoon high expected to reach 63, 67 in oakland, richmond 69 degrees, further up north you go, the warmer it will be. clear lake, 80 degrees. we are tracking some major slowdowns for folks heading out of tracy for all of our supercomputer, westbound 205 backed up likely due to the overnight paving work that they have been doing. it looks like all lanes should be open, westbound 205 very slow approaching 280 and then your ride continues to be slow as you head on over to livermore. it is in the yellow of the 28 minute ride between 205 on over two 680. worthen 120,000 women in saudi arabia have applied for driver's licenses. the flood of requests come just one day after the country overturned a decades long ban preventing women from taking
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the wheel. >> it is an amazing feeling to finally be here, to be able to live this nt truly a historic moment. >> i'm speechless, i don't have anything to say but i am so excited. >> this video, the daughter of a saudi prince drives for the first time. they posted the video just minutes after the ban was lifted but there are still plenty of roadblocks to truly quality for -- for true equality. they can't open a bank account without the consent of a male relative. >> according to sf gate, a patron says she saw 20 employees walk out of the building in the middle of sunday brunch, that includes servers and kitchen staff. we called hs lordships during dinner hours and no one answered. it is unclear why workers walked out. the announced plans to close on
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july 1, that's when it's 50 year lease with the city is set to expire sparks -- a uc berkeley grad was shot and killed in front of his two young daughters, 35-year-old tristan beaduette was shot at malibu creek state park early friday morning, please say he was shot will inside of his tent with his two-year-old and four-year-old daughters. the two girls were not hurt. according to his linkedin page he had a phd in chemistry and lived in irvine. >> it is pretty spread out and quiet, i wouldn't expect something to happen. >> a manhunt is underway for the killer, police say so far no arrests have been made, no word on the motive in that shooting, campsites in the area will remain closed through thursday. it is 4:57 am, a fire in lake county is raging this morning, growing rapidly day by day and forcing evacuations. heads up, many writers, twin
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i'm michelle g live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix news. good morning everyone, it is monday, june 25, i am michelle griego, and -- >> i am anne makovec. a look outside on your monday morning, a look outside, looking at the changing colors looking at the rainbow pride thing. >> on the right-hand side, traffic is moving slowly at least at 5 am. did you know the pride side was created specifically for san francisco's pride brad -- pride parade? >> i didn't know that. >> yes, i learned that.>> you learn something new everyday. >> did you kn


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