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tv   CBS Overnight News  CBS  June 26, 2018 3:12am-4:00am PDT

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paula reed. >> whether it's different things like trade, we are taking care of a lot of problems that should have been taken care of over a numbavn to be patient. but the company's shift administration tariff's on european steel and aluminum. import duties of 25% have been
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added on a range of products, including the harleys. the eu tariffs will result in an additional cost of $2,200 per motorcycle exported from the u.s. to the eu. and mid continental steel and wire in popular bluff, missouri, the largest nail manufacturer in the u.s. just laid off dozens of workers. operations general manager chris pratt said that the company lost business from increased steel costs. >> the impositions of the tariffs have put our operations in a crisis mode. >> reporter: the white house press secretary sarah sanders blames the eu for the lost american jobs. >> they have engaged repeatedly in unfair trade practices and the president is saying enough is enough. >> reporter: but republican governor scott walker of wisconsin where harley-davidson is head quartered said the goal should be no fair i have s -- should be no tariffs on anyone. and paul ryan, also of wisconsin
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said that the government should be trying open new markets for manufacturers and not raising barriers. jeff? >> paula thanks. jerry brown, governor of california, declared a statute of emergency because of a fire that burned through 13 square miles since saturday. any word on when had the fire may be contained? >> hard to say, jeff. behind me, take a look, you see one of the ten homes that burned to the ground. for these folks there's nothing left. as the afternoon has gone on, we have seen a number of hot spots. new fires flaring and going up. thick black smoke and fires burning along ridges. this fire, has a containment of zero, which means a fire burning out of control. homes are still evacuated with to timetable to return. winds are calmer and temperatures are cooler today, that gave firefighters a needed break and a chance to build fire lines and brush clearing around
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homes to contain the fire. but they need to work quickly. the forecast is about to change. temperatures hotter and winds stronger, more potential for this place to light up again. mark thank you. overseas, saudi arabia is getting ready for a big lifestyle change. women got the greenlight to drive for the first time over the weekend. we report on the long and bumpy road to equality. >> it's been 28 years since saudi a raban women first demanded the right to drive. and at the stroke of midnight, the second testify leg-- the se legal, they hit the gas. >> i don't know how to express my feelings. >> the new crowned prince is shaking up this ultra conservative kingdom with reforms. there's a high tech women driving only school. where we took a spin with newly
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licensed selma. >> you seem confident behind the wheel. >> and even this clscholar is saying his two wives are considering getting their license. >> maybe, maybe, but my daughters they will. they will. >> reporter: it's not a problem for you? >> no. >> reporter: saudi women are pushing the limits. like hannah who is a fan of extreme sports and agreed to show us drift driving. >> it's like i'm in control of where you want to go. >> reporter: her family prefers that she not show herself on camera and still needs a male relatives permission to travel overseas and get married. change is real, bullet full legal equality is a long way off. in recent weeks the saudi government has arrested several women's rights campaigners that have called for greater
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you can count on geico saving folks money. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. pressure, what pressure? the players on the... two people were killed when a small plane crashed in detroit, remark ably a teenager survived, thanks to another's
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bravery are. >> in the middle of the screen, you can see 17-year-old peyton boaz roll out of the wreckage after the plane he was in hit trees, then the ground and caught fire. >> the plane is down, fully engulfed. >> greg b oaz flew the plane, hs son peyton survived. kordell owens leaves near the crash site and tried to rescue everyone on board. >> he gave me the ax and i started chopping the door. they said, it about to go up. and i said, get away from me. i am going to save this guy. and i kept chopping and i got the door open and he got out. >> the final destination of the plane was detroit, and the pilot was given clearance to land, but reported a landing gear malfunction, shortly boaz told the tower, he was low or out ofe plisn fire, the pilot is
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stuck in the plane. >> the transportation board and federal aviation officials are on the ground investigating the crash. family members say the group was headed to greg's daughter's cheerleading competition, his son, pay 51 is in critical condition. investigators are trying to determine why the plane was low on gas after just refuelling in arkansas, jeff. >> what a story. up next, a must r-- a mystery i california, when shot a father to death when he was camping with his had kids. i'm so frustrated. i just want to find a used car wifa
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police in southern california are searching for whoever killed a father on a family camping trip. tristan beaudette was in a tent in a state park in calabasas, with his two and four-year-old daughters when he was shot. >> friends and familiar bid farewell today to the pennsylvania teenager shot last week while running from police. >> in maine today, a presidential visit as 42 dropped in on 41. george hw bush posted a photo with bill clinton on twitter and sported a fresh pair of clinton sock
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we are here tonight with dean reynolds and a lesson in kindness. a flight attendant last week asked an urgent question, did anybody on board know sign language. >> i pressed the button and she said, we have a passenger that is blind and deaf, and she was like, do you know how to finger spell? i was like, yeah, i totally know how to finger spell. >> she began a conversation next to tim cook. >> they felt he may need something and they were not sure how to communicate. >> clara began to learn signing a year ago, took cook's hand and letter by letter, unlocked his wishes for water, arrival time information and much more. >> he was just like, lonely and wanted to talk. >> which is what the two did for an hour or more. >> i was just kind of thinking
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like, wow, this is cool, i hope i do not spell anything wrong. >> seated nearby, passenger lynn et scribner thought it was cool too, she took this photo and wrote an act of kindness on facebook, saying it's a beautiful reminder that there's still, good, good people who are willing to look out for each other. that post has been shared more than 600,000 times. >> doing something like that is just what anyone would have done. it weird had that i'm getting so much attention for doing something that i would not have thought twice about doing. >> it's not weir it's good. cbs news, chicago. >> that is the overnight news for this tuesday. for had some of you the news -- for some of you the news conditions. from los angeles, i'm jeff gl n on -- i'm jeff glor.
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this is the cbs overnight news of. >> welcome to the overnight news, for a century, you could find few things that were more made in america than a harley-davidson motorcycle. prized around the world for it's unique look and the harley rumble. well, thanks to new tariffs brought about by president trump's trade war with the rest of the world, a lot of harleys will be soon made overseas. paula reed has that. >> whether it so many different of a lotf problems that taking . leade forheen care of over ths conflict over trade and in a tweet, -- urged harley-davidson to be patient. but the company's shift overseas
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is a consequence of the tariffs on european steel and aluminum, in response, the eu applied import duties of 25%, on a range of products, including harleys. the company said that the eu tariffs will result in an additional cost of $2,200 per motorcycle exported from the u.s. to the eu. and mid continental steel and wire in popular bluff, missouri, the largest nail manufacturer in the u.s., just laid off dozens of workers. operations general manager chris pratt said that the company lost business from increased steel costs. >> the imposition of the tariffs on june 1st on the raw materials has but our operations in to crisis mode. >> the white house press ary sa eu for the lost american jobs. >> they have engaged unfairly in
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traud practice -- trade practices. sarah sanders was told by the owner of the red hen restaurant to leave. that unleashed another presidential tweet storm. >> the calls for harassment and push for any trump supporter to avoid the public is unacceptable. >> sarah sanders denounced threats made against her and other trump officials today, as members of both parties criticized the virginia's restaurant to kick her out. >> i was shocked that somebody would refuse service to anyone in america. >> the president's tactics and behavior should never be emulated. >> sanders was at the red hen restaurant at lexington, virginia on friday night when the owner approached and asked the white house press secretary to leave. the owner avoided reporters and the restaurant was closed as scheduled, but she said that she
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believes sanders works for an inhuman and unethical aed min - -- administration. pam bondi was heckled at a theater on friday. >> shame on you! shame on you! >> homeland security kirjsten nielsen had to leave a restaurant in d.c. as protesters were demonstrating. and they rallied outside her home. >> reporter: anger and confrontation is not new in american politics. they seemed to peak in the 2016 campaign when mr. trump taunted opponents and encouraged tralli. back then, prominent democrats urged rerestraint. >> no, our motto is when they go low, we go high. sgroo over t sgroo. >> over the weekend, maxine
3:34 am
waters urged fellow democrats to keep us up. >> if you see anybody from that cabinet in a restaurant, in a department store, at a gasoline station, you get out and you create a crowd. and you push back on them. >> reporter: other democrats disagree. >> i did not find that helpful. and i think a lot of people want to maintain that focus on pocket book issues. >> reporter: the president, drew attention to all of it today on twitter by singling congresswoman waters saying she called for people to harm the president's supporters and trump tweeted in part, be careful what you wish for. on capitol hill, there's no word if or when the house will vote on a sweeping immigration reform bill. the vote has been delayed since last week. meanwhile, president trump has a new idea tocris just sen them ck. as illegal immigrants are arrested, president trump wants
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them taken back over the border. there's more sad stories of separations. >> reporter: these five migrant parents have not seen their children since being caught illegally crossing the border. some for as many as 40 days. what is the hardest part for you? he said his 5-year-old crying out, calling for him. the group was released from detention yesterday after criminal charges were dismissed. the most recent evidence of customs and border protections' new policy to not overturn illegal crossers for prosecution, now they want their children back. more than 20 separated children are here in the tent city in texas. we were allowed to tour without cameras, the video distributed he aglim tir lives here. the supervisor which has a government contract to run the tent sit she-- the senhelter sa
3:36 am
was a dumb editiodecision. >> mark weber is with the department of health and human services that oversees the facility. >> has the policy put an undue burden on hhs and these other facilities, these other shelters your staff even? >> this program is set up to manage influx and this program has demonstrated once again, it can do that. >> saudi arabia has taken another step in to the 21st century, allowing women to drive cars. we have the story. >> reporter: it's been 28 years since saudi arabian women demanded the right to drive. at the stroke of midnight, the second it was legal on friday night, they finally hit the gas. >> i don't know how to express my feelings. i'm speechless to be honest. >> reporter: their new crowned prince is shaking up these ultra
3:37 am
conservative islamic kingdom with reforms. there's a high tech females only driving school on the campus of this university, where we took a spin with newly licensed selma. >> you seem confident behind the wheel. >> yes. >> even this man, an islamic scholar said his two wives are considering getting their license. >> maybe, maybe, but my daughters, they will. >> reporter: it not a frob for you? >> no. >> reporter: saudi women are pushing the limits. like hannah who is a fan of extreme sports and agreed to show us her drift driving. >> it's like, i'm in control of where i want to go. >> reporter: but her family prefers that she not show her face on camera. and like all saudi women, she still needs a male relative's permission to travel overseas or get married. get married. change
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. ♪ this is "the cbs overnight news." any major fourth of july travel plans? aaa is expecting a record 3.8 million americans will travel by air over the holiday. that is an increase of almost 8% over last year and bigger crowds, mean longer lines at the airport. well, what airport, orlando international is using new facial recognition technology to speed international travelers through customs. chris vancleave has the story. >> these passengers from sctlan flyers to be welcomed to the u.s. by the new facial recognition system in the airport. they are the first to commit to processing all visitors with the technology. when they arrive, this system compares their face to their passport in consecutives.
3:41 am
customs and border protection believes it will speed up the lines. >> one of the issues is trying to ensure security at the same time as processing people and that seems to do it. >> we can board without presenting your boring pass. >> and at the departure gate, travelers will not have to show their boreding pass, bought their face will be the ticket to board. the images will be saved for no more than 14 days. congress required customs to create a system using bioity metrics to track visitors exiting the country, we first saw it in action in september in boston. when customs started a 13 city pilot program. it's proven to be 99% accurate and verify a passenger in two seconds. >> we believe we can build a simplified process to go from the curb to the gate of the plane and when you return from
3:42 am
the plane to the car. >> they are interested in bio metric identifiers, but privacied a very indicates are worried about security. >> as we with consolidate bio metric data in to big data bases and we use it more and more, the data bases will be targets and the rusk of breeches increase -- the risk of breeches increase greatly. >> they have been asked for these systems to be halted until security issues are addressed. >> you know your picture is being taken, you are standing in front of a camera, there's nothing subversive about this, and we are only comparing you against your photo, the photo you gave the government for your travel. it's as simple as that. >> customs also announced that they would begin testing facial recognition for global entry
3:43 am
use users. >> it's been standing room only in a tiny sandwich shop in new orleans, ever since they were named the best new restaurant of 2017. we have a taste of the goods, at turkey and the wolf. >> turkey and the wolf has received accolades from publications like bonapetite, it's high praise for a joint that is only open for lunch. in the new orleans neighborhood known as the irish channel, hungry locals and tourists alike, both young and old, flock to the tiny building that houses turkey and the wolf. are they shocked when they see what it is? >> it's polarizes, some people are excited and some aren't. at the end of the day, if you leave feeling good, we did our job and you can have that at any restaurant. >> reporter: the options are limited, a handful of sunday
3:44 am
wit -- a fannhandful of sandwiches and other things. >> they have posted all over facebook about this amazing collard green sandwich, like, endlessly posting about it and i said, i have to have that. >> the menu is simple. each dish crafted from scratch by the restaurant's owner mason and his had staff. >> it's been called stoner food, what do you like to call it? >> gas station food. but it reminds you, that because something is a casual version of food, doesn't make it-s will to enjoy as a -- it doesn't make it less to enjoy as a diner. >> much of it is based on his childhood, like the bologne sandwich, but you probably did not have one like this. the bread is specially baked, using a friend's recipe. with we are liberal with our application. there's a healthy spreading of
3:45 am
duke's mayo. duke's puts apple cider vinegar in there, and the recipe of another friend. we call it shreddece, we think it's clever. and then bologne and house made cheese and topped with chips. >> one big handful. >> and his take on a pressed sandwich. >> if you are going topick us up and eat it, first move, you have to make it so you can fit it in your mouth. so, t us >> can i eatthis? >> get in reaction from everyone. >> is this what you wanted to do your whole life? >> no. no. i, you know, i always wanted to be a professional roller blader. and -- >> is that a real answer. >> funny you laugh sir is, it's
3:46 am
a very real answer. >> instead, he decided to go to college and then he followed a friend to new orleans. >> i thought i wanted to be something like -- you know, it turns out of the service entin orleans can pull you in. >> he worked up to chef. >> i just wanted to have more fun and i wanted fun to be more of a guarantee. >> i got this. to hang on the wall. >> he opened up a little sandwich shop for him and his friends to work in. >> what's the first day that you thought, oh, wow, we might be in for something more than we day after the bon apetite thing came out, i was like, oh, this is going to change things. >> they named turkey and the wolf the best new restaurant in america for 2017.
3:47 am
editors julia cramer and andrew n nolt omp n made the pick. >> you were walking in thinking she'd laugh her head off? >> yes, i was scared and nervous. and what made it okay was we both agreed. >> we had to thirks okay, what was the -- we had to think, okay, what was the best time that we had, what was the most delicious food we ate in a restaurant. and aforesa-- and it was an eas choice. thin wil sve 40 people three times, it's a different thing when all the people walk in on a saturday. >> he uses social media to promote the restaurants he believes also deserve attention and to poke fun at himself. >> and you say things like, come eat some over rated food. you have a sign on the exit here that says, this place sucks.
3:48 am
there's a sign on the door that says people hate us on yelp. >> yeah, these are all facts. we try to keep a sense of humor about it. >> cheers, guys, group cheers here. we know so many things have gone our way and we have just got to be realistic. and we don't want people to think that we knew it was going to happen, because there's no way to plan for this. you guys are my favorite guys. >> the cbs overnight news will be right back.
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silicone valley is known for eccentric homes. . but the newest standard is the chicken coupe. >> they want to interact with you, they are fun and fun to watch. yeah, so i think it's a stress release. >> scott's chickens make thengzs right at home. >> are you going to come in the house? >> the software engineer believes he has found the perfect antidote to computers and code. and he believes he is not alone. >> there's 10,000 coops. >> companies are hatching lines for do it yourselfers to build backyard coops, but in the million dollar backyards in
3:52 am
silicone valley, the coops and the chickens are something to crow about. >> she is one of my favorite breeds. i built this coope for them. >> this is not your average chicken coope. >> no, it's not. it's right off of my kitchen and i wanted something beautiful. >> laura's custom built chuck enkoops have antique stained glass windows and details that are added by a master carpenter. >> do you think they are happ r happier? >> no, i don't think they care, to be honest. >> she breeds rare breeds. that sell far above the $15 price tag. the growing community of backyard farmers the investment in heritage birds pays off in a status symbol of sorts, colorful eggs.
3:53 am
>> technology can pay the bills, but chickens doesn't feed your soul. chickens are a way to feed the soul. >> he is a top engineer. >> it's stressful at work in intense situations. >> he balances the intensity by tending chickens. >> make sure that they are laying, it's the right temporary. the flow of air through the coop. >> for many in silicone valley, the chickens are no longer farm angle mals, they are pampered -- farm animals, they are pampered pets. when had she comes home from work, they are at the book door. >> really they want food, they are happy to see us. you can interpret it. >> reporter: the birds get a break from eating bugs with treats like melons and salmon. caring for the chickens is a family affair. >> justin and i will come home after an evening at work and pullup the chairs and sit here and watch the chickens go crazy.
3:54 am
>> hillbilly tv. >> reporter: what do you call it? >> hillbilly television. >> reporter: silicon valley is not alone in discovering the charm of the chickens and the challenges. how much does it cost per egg? >> we don't ask that question. you are probably not saving a lot of money by having backyard chickens. >> reporter: around the country, animal wellfair groups are busy taking in birds that are more trouble than their eggs are worth. as much as the backyard farmers of silicone valley lavish love on their heritage breeds, this tech hub is constantly looking for next big thing, creating buzz. >> i tell people that chickens are the gateway drug to bee-keeping. >> reporter: are you saying, that backyard chickens, that's >> exactly. >> reporter: better not let the chick knows hear it. as every start up knows, get in
3:55 am
when you humble yourself under the mighty hand of god, in due time he will exalt you. hi, i'm joel osteen. i'm excited about being with you every week. i hope you'll tune in. you'll be inspired, you'll be encouraged. i'm looking forward to seeing you right here. you are fully loaded and completely equipped for the race that's been designed for you.
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a woman known online as -- has all apologizes. she called the police on a girl selling water on the street. permit patty wants everyone to know she was just stressed out at the time and didn't mean any harm. we report. >> the young girl was selling water because she wanted to go on a first ever trip to disney land. that mother said she is not sure if race was a factor, but the woman who reported it, that woman was filled with hate for calling the police on such a young girl. >> so, i was selling water right here. >> reporter: she was selling water bottles on the sidewalk for 15 minutes when allison confronted her. >> she asked me where, where is my permit.
3:58 am
and i didn't know what a permit was. >> this woman don't want to let a little girl sell waters. >> she immediately called for her mother. >> the whole world going to see you boo. >> repeatly, i lost my job and we were -- recently i lost my job and we were planning a trip to disney land before that happened and that sidelined me a bit and my daughter wanted to help. >> it's the latest instance of black people being on reported to officials for harmless things. permit patty has drawn comparisons to a lady calling the police on people having a barbecue in a park. and another lady called the police on a women napping on campus. >> illegally selling water without a permit.
3:59 am
>> she said she acted because rodgers and her mother were screaming and after watching the video, she feels horrible. and heart-wrenched and said, i completely regret that i handled that so poorly. it was completely stress-related and i should have never confronted her had. that was a mistake, a complete mistake. austin denies screaming and said that the situation never should have escalated to calling the police. >> let kids be kids. if they are not hurting anybody, who cares. austin's daughters said is she does plan to keep on selling water. as for the trip to disney land, musician an jonathan brennan has paid for rodgers and three of they are family members to go whenever they would like to. >> that's the overnight news for tuesday. check back later for the morning news and cbs this morning. from the broadcast center in new york city.
4:00 am
captioning funded by cbs it's tuesday, june 26th, 2018. this is the "cbs morning news". >> they want to protect illegals coming into the country much more so than they want to protect you. >> rallying cry. immigration is the hot topic as president trump stumps for candidates in key primary contests today. i have not called for the harm of anybody. this president has lied again. >> congresswoman maxine waters firing back against the president over a call to protest cabinet members. and we are seeing a familiar


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