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tv   KPIX 5 News at 600PM  CBS  June 27, 2018 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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>> there were structures threatened just to the west. we have winds and no structures were damaged. as far as we know, no one has been injured or displaced. >> reporter: at least four fires were started here within minutes of each other and that is why investigators say they are suspicious. the good news is no one was her. these fires are under control but investigators say some in- home -- some homeless encampments were burned. breaking news in oakland, there has been a shooting inside of a mini marquette 89th and macarthur. at least one person was hit and witnesses ran away from the scene when police got there. a major hit to california u.n.'s, a new supreme courtruling means a big loss of money in political muscle. more than 1 million telephone workers belong to public employee unions. >> the high court ruled they have a first amendment right to
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refuse to pay dues. the decision written by justice samuel alito says unions in public sector may no longer extract dues from nonconsenting employees. we have a look at the potential consequences and how the state is immediately taking action. >> reporter: about 1.4 million employees belong to a union and today's decision means they can choose whether to pay for those unions. the state is doing what it can to keep the unions strong. the average california teacher makes about $50,000 a year and pays about $1000 in annual union dues two today's decision means that the teachers can opt out of the union, save the $1000 and still get all of the benefits that the union negotiates, such as vacation days and holidays. in a dissent, justice kagan predicted employees and those that love the union can realize
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that they can get the same benefits, even if they let their membership expire. as more and more stop paying dues, those left must take up the financial slack and they begin to feel like soccer so they too with the union. >> we are very disappointed. it wasn't unexpected but it's definitely a blow. >> reporter: ahead of the teacher union here says they will continue to be confident. >> we have very high union membership. the state recognizes the benefits and power to being a strong voice for our students to their union. >> reporter: there is reason to be concerned. when wisconsin pass a law in 2011 making union dues optional, membership vomited from 50 percent in 2011 to 19 percent in 2017. >> what has happened is the unions have been given, for almost 50 years, the right to force all of the -- all of us
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to pay them. >> reporter: she sued the california teachers association demanding that dues be optional. the suit went all the way to the supreme court. justice scalia's death and in the case in 2016. >> i have been called a left- winger, the spawn of satan. teachers have been in this abusive relationship for 50 years. >> reporter: she feels vindicated. >> i am ecstatic. for the first time a long time, i have a lot of hope. >> the state legislature has not taking this lying down. they attest about 40 changes to public employment law the state budget. those changes include a requirement that to opt out of union dues, the person has to go directly to the union instead of the employer. and employee orientation must be completely private so other groups cannot address public employees during that orientation. those changes to take effect
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immediately because governor brown signed the state budget today, something he didn't need to do until july 2. between the federal decision and all of these new state laws, trying to counteract it, there's a lot of scrambling to do for unions. melissa k kpix 5. we continue our team coverage from san francisco city hall with a closer look this is having on state and local politics. >> reporter: there is a reason that the governor signed those bills, trying to tighten up for those opting out. one of them is the unions are one of the biggest power sources in the state. a lot of that goes to democrat up in sacramento and here at city halls across the bay area. let's take a look. whether it is teachers for gavin newsom for governor or firefighters helping candidates for state treasurer, public
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employee unions are some of the biggest players in the state of california. look at the numbers. between 2012 and 2017 the california teachers association gave $90 million to various candidates and causes. the california nurses association gave $8 million. the service employees international union gave $7 million. critics say that with money comes power. >> they probably of the biggest source of donations to the democratic party. >> reporter: unions lay big and local politics is will. for example, the firefighter union's political action committee spent over $800,000 to help elect london breed as the mayor of san francisco. >> the support i got from local 798 had everything to do with why i won in the first place. >> now that she will also be their will she put them first? she says no. >> anyone that would do that is not responsible and doesn't
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belong in office. >> reporter: in heavily democratic california the unions often come in first. >> that's where we have pensions that are bankrupt in the city california. that's why we have so many regulations that require multiple people to do the same job that one person can do in the private vector. >> reporter: to which democratic activists say --. >> it should always be the voters that get to decide. i think the local businesses get to call too many of the shots. >> the point is to make sure that workers are getting their wages in the health benefits and things that they need in order to have a decent living. >> reporter: as a result of that, oftentimes public employees, whether they are police, fire or number of other groups, wind up with healthy benefits, including sizable pensions. but whether or not they are able to keep that is what you depend on whether they can keep the power. that means they over to have to
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get out there and keep people in the unions, and keep that money coming in. in san francisco, phil mcteer, kpix 5. big loss for the coffers of the democrats, according to a tweet from president trump. justice anthony kennedy has announced his retirement. he was nominated in 1987 by president reagan and confirmed the next year. he has long been considered the pivotal swing vote on the bench. his retirement now gives president trump the chance to give a second appointment to the court. he's a california native. in list and 30 minutes we are going to take a closer look at his legal legacy in the golden st we are following a developing story infant -- in san francisco, five people hurt in a bicycle taxi along the embarcadero. a five-year-old and eight-year- old were hurt in the crash. we are looking to get a better description of the vehicle that
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took off. the fourth of july is next week and bay area law enforcement has been cracking down on illegal fireworks. police recovered more than 3000 pounds of fireworks at this storage facility in san leandro. the value was more than $50,000. the fireworks came from china and a hayward man is under arrest. over the years san jose has tried and tried and tried again to track down on illegal fireworks. we have more on why city officials say this years plan my finally work. >> reporter: the city has added a new feature that allows upload photos and videos of people behaving badly on july 4 , cinco de mayo, vietnamese new year's and all of that. they are trying to get the word out with these billboards plastered all over the city. they are asking, set up with fireworks. without your phone and do something about it. they are the people illegally setting off fireworks in san jose. all of cell phones are
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recording your every move and they could be her downfall. san jose is launching another the white anti-fireworks campaign in vietnamese, spanish and english with the tagline, snack -- with the tagline, snap, and report. >> with more people reporting in a system that is improving for reporting, it does have a deterring effect. if we can deter everyone from using fireworks, we don't have to worry about enforcing. >> reporter: the city battle against fireworks has a work in progress. last year san jose spent $50,000 on a public outreach campaign reminding citizens of fireworks are illegal, with the tagline, respect neighbors, veterans and pets. it did not work. this is time-lapse footage shot last year. what's more, dozens of people
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say they were wrongfully issued $500 citations. it turns out the website for complaints and mailed out the citations without further investigation. the city drop those charges and went back to the drawing board. >> we do something that's not perfect; we evaluate how to make assist them better. we make what we think our improvements. if it didn't work well, how can we fix the problem and improve it? we keep going through that process. >> reporter: this year the individuals in photos and videos must be identifiable in some way. also, the more information you have of the perpetrators like name, addresses, the better. you don't have to give your own personal information but it can be done amount of -- >> it can be done anonymously but we prefer they give their information so we can follow up. >> reporter: what's really important, it shouldn't put themselves at risk by getting
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teachers or videos. you will greatly increase your chances of catching an investigator's attention and getting a conviction by providing more information to the city. the first fine for illegal fireworks in san jose is $500. we're live in downtown san jose , seattle -- kiet do, kp x5. >> the third violation is $1500. we had seen snakes on a plane on the big screen but here is a snake and a rental car. we did a search to find out about this boa constrictor. a new weapon in the firefight in lake county, things and -- lake county using sand. hi!
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are you two getting along? oh, yeah, yeah. [ hiss ] [ gasps ] [ birds chirping] ♪ no matter what you are they're a perfect match. the new ipad and xfinity stream app. hey guys, i'm home! surprise! i got a puppy.
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add an ipad to select packages for just $5 a month for 24 months. upgrade online now. car! take a look - the alameda county sherriff's office tweeted this pictur forget snakes on a plane. someone found a snake and a rental car at a bay area airport. someone left their boa constrictor in a rental car at oakland international airport. animal services picked it up and is looking for the owner. the question in the north bay right now, do you protect the birds or prevent brush fires.
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some nesting visitors are complicating firefighting work. >> reporter: this is a field behind some homes, a pretty sight, the graph swaying in the breeze. it's also a recipe for disaster if it catches fire. tall and dry is lots of fuel for flames that's why the army corps of engineers set to cut his grass down until five weeks ago when it found migratory birds nesting here. immediately, the mowers shut down. >> you are literally wiping out entire families. >> a couple of birds decided to next year, the burrowing owl and redwinged blackbird. the army corps installed a culvert to drain water toward t welcoming environment for migrating birds. this is my neighbors are so concerned. look at all the houses that backup that open field.
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the back of the houses have grills on them. maybe people sit out and have a cigarette, anything over those walls could that this on fire in an instant. >> i don't want to see the birds displaced. hole believe they are coming up with a solution to mitigate the fire danger and find a place for the birds. >> reporter: the army corps is working on a solution. it's going to see if there's a different kind of grass it can plant that doesn't dry out in the summer, good for the homes and good for the birds. >> i am glad to hear that they are working on it and not just saying, that's the way it goes. >> reporter: the army corps is going to notify neighbors about this this week. it looks like fire writers finally caught a break battling that pawnee fire northeast of clearlake oaks which has scorched nearly 14,000 acres. >> emily turner says they are
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using a new weapon. >> reporter: they are luckily staying ahead of the flames. firefighters were able to make major gains which is good news for many evacuees. about 300 people left their homes under evacuation orders as of 4:00, the lake county sheriff's office is allowing some people to go back home to spring valley, new long valley and long valley neighborhoods. people were relieved to make it back this afternoon after spending several nights away from their home. others never left and are glad the threat is no longer on their doors. >> it's quiet. it was difficult getting around. i had friends i needed to check on that are diabetic. we all came together at night and scrounged up what we could for dinners and got by. >> reporter: the double eagle ranch area is still under
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investigation and cal fire says people should remain vigilant and ready to leave if they need too -- need to. when it comes to predicting weather conditions, cal fire has tool. it's utilizing new 3-d technology made by him table. it's a simulation on a table. it looks like something from a movie. cal fire can project the typography onto's sand on the tables that firefighters can create 3-d models of the fire. that helps them know what areas are most at risk. they can run projections using real-time weather data and see how various scenarios would play a. it helps them position their ruse and their gear appropriately. this is the first time the technology is being used in a
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real fire. they are comparing it to what happens in the real world. cal fire says so far it has been pretty spot on. flames have already destroyed 22 structures in that fire with 600 more still at risk. containment now stands at 25 percent. emily turner kpix 5. as things heat up we have to keep a watch on the fire danger as well. >> as well as this fire spreading and flaring up, the winds are going to change and we are going to get hotter, 100 degrees on saturday. we were below-average today, highs in the 70s, napa 70 and fremont 71, san francisco 58. compare that to the average, livermore a high of 78,'s x degrees cooler than average with a morning low of 54. the record for this date in livermore, 110 degrees. we won't even get that hot this
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weekend. u 101 or 102 this weekend. lake county with the fires are burning, and the sacramento valley, a fire weather watch saturday and sunday when the winds will change and at 35 miles an hour. as the temperature increases, the humidity could be down to eagle digits this weekend. chilly and breezy today. this ridge of high pressure which is currently north of hawaii will be north of us within about 48 hours. with that heading here, the winds are going to change. we have an offshore wind which is all we need to gain about 25 degrees. we are cloudy tonight with drizzle up the coast. lows in the 50s, san francisco 54, vallejo 55, settles a 55. a little bit warmer tomorrow, a good chance you may not even notice the difference. san rafael 77, san jose 77, a few low 80s, napa, concord, liver more than fairfield, milder in san francisco, six to
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8 degrees. the big changes friday, much warmer. it will be even hotter coming up on saturday. areas near the bay approaching d getting high from your water, canada since huge -- cannabis infused water.
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drop a match during their run to a world cup title in 2014... four years later, they found themsevles in a much different spot - needing a win just to this is crazy, germany didn't drop a match in 2014, four years later, they have found themselves in a much different spot, needing a justadvance. they predicted heads would roll with the loss. they haven't had a first-round loss fdr took the oval office.
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south korea's team made them pay . they win and germany's top- selling newspaper called the biggest disgrace in german world cup history. mexico which looked so impressive laid an egg against sweden. mexico down 2-0 and ends up kicking it into his own goal. sweden wins the group and they will place with surveillance. mexico has to dry those tears. thanks to germany's loss, they move on to face brazil. baseball, the giants won cold air third straight. gorkys hernandez hit his 10th homerun of the year. he brought home the eventual winning run. what is difference a year makes. he didn't bring in a single home run last season and has already surpassed his rbi --. >> last year and now this.
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i tried to help him out. >> don't stop. >> i will be happy at the end of the season. to [ laughter ] nba free agency begins on sunday but magic johnson isn't losing any sleep waiting to jump in and make a splash. do you know how many finals i had been in? do you think i'm worried about this? left back i have played against larry bird and the finals. i have been in nine finals. i am magic johnson. i am still the same dude. left >> look on the bright side, he can always go fishing if they don't close the deal. >> goodnight! that's a huge fish! >> our catch of the day goes to
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mary who pulled in her first ever trout while fishing on the wicked river in oregon. and even more impressive catch goes to allen martin. mary is his wife. >> at least she practices catch and release with the fish and not me. >> that was a great line. send ashore fishing pictures and the story that goes with them. you are my idol. you found a woman who loves to fish. >> she went wants. what see if she goes again. >> did you catch anything? >> i think i upolf. very cute! coming up in our next half hour, a supreme court shakeup to talk about. justice anthony kennedy is retiring in the hunt for his replacement is on. whatsapp steak? the case of the mistaken
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identity of a bay area restaurant losing business over a controversy that started 3000 miles away. a former bartender defeats one of the country's top democrats and sending shock waves through the party.
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shipped --
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it's a decision with major implications...
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fo spoke our top story at 6: 30, a decision with major implications for the future of the supreme court and the nation. justice anthony kennedy has announced his retirement. the 81-year-old has spent three decades on the court. >> kennedy held the swing vote and -- in many decisions. >> reporter: he sided with liberals in declaring gay marriage legal and sided with the conservatives over the travel ban. justice anthony kennedy met with president trump at the white house before announcing his retirement from the supreme court. >> he is a man i have known for a long time and i have read acted for a long time. he has been a great justice of the supreme court. >> reporter: kennedy submitted
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his decision in a letter, expressing the profound gratitude for the opportunity to serve on the highest court for over 30 years. he earned a reputation as the swing vote. >> i hate that term! it has this visual image of these spatial gyrations . two the cases swing. i don't. >> reporter: kennedy, a moderate conservative was seen as a consensus pick when president reagan nominated him in 1987. >> popular with those of all political persuasions. >> reporter: he sided with the conservatives when it comes to obamacare and the travel ban. he wrote the majority opinion in the case that legalized same- sex marriage in 2014 and last year he administered the oath to president trump's first supreme court pick, neil gorsuch.
6:32 pm
president trump says he will nominate kennedy's successor from a list of 25 names already under consideration. justice kennedy also weighed in on some pivotal decisions affecting californians direct the. he sided with liberals on insect marriage back in 2015 but -- same sex marriage back in 2015 but took a more conservative stance on pregnancy centers in the travel ban. he decided against the unions today. the senate majority leaders say lawmakers will vote on the nomine to replace kennedy in the fall. -- nominee to replace kennedy in the fall. >> he was born in sacramento in 1936 and went to stanford university for a degree in political science after going to harvard law school. he opened a private practice in san francisco from 19 81 to 1963. he then moved back to sacramento. while there he became a professor at the university of the pacific before he was confirmed to the ninth circuit court of appeals.
6:33 pm
today his colleagues in sacramento talked about his dedication to teaching. he has been a day school -- at the school for more than three decades while also serving on the supreme court. >> i am hoping he will do more teaching her. it's my dream we can find a way to bring in here often. >> even when he hangs up his rope next month, he will teach in australia for the study abroad program this summer. after a lot of heated debate we get the word that the fence on to building a massive new immigrant detention center in these paper there was talk the federal government was considering adding the facility to concord naval weapons station. nearly 50,000 immigrants one hail there. this afternoon east bay congressman mark to sony a said the department of homeland security will not move forward. the announcement was made while the city council held a special meeting following a leaked
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draft of a memo that raise the possibility of adding a migrant solidity in the east bay. the house of representatives failed to pass a vote on comprehensive immigration. the legislation would have provided a path to citizenship for daca recipients and $25 million for border security. meanwhile, the trump administration has to comply with the federal judge's order to reignite -- reunite thousands of immigrant children and their families. all families must be united within 30 days. children under five years old must be back with their parents within two weeks. a stunning upset in a congressional primary could have major implications for the democratic party. former bartender alexandria ocasio-cortez beach house democratic caucus chair crowley leslie. crowley was considered a potential successor to minority leader nancy pelosi.
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alexandria ocasio-cortez couldn't believe she bleated the 10 term incumbent. she explained how she pulled off the upset. >> talking to neighbors and organizing and taking the stand that is a viable position. >> president trump gloated about the crowley defeat saying wow! big trump hater, congressman joe crowley who many expected was going to take nancy pelosi's place just lost his primary election. in other words, he is out. that's a big one that nobody saw happening. perhaps he should have been nicer and more respectful to his president. a bay area restaurant is losing business over a controversy that started in virginia. white house press secretary sarah huckabee sanders was refused service last week at the red hen in lexington. that created the problem of mistaken identity for one napa restaurant, the red hen bar and grill which has been serving
6:36 pm
napa locals for 35 years. they were slammed by angry messages and phony bad yelp reviews from trump supporters. >> i heard the news report. it was the same name. i thought, no big deal. we are 3000 miles away. then we started getting phone call after phone call after phone call. to most of the complaints are coming from people out of state who have confused the name or think it's part of a chain. it is not. business is down because of the bad reviews. terrified passengers put their hands up when officers stormed a jetblue airplane but it was all a big mistake. he created a family of superstars, the polarizing patriarch of the jackson family.
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this time, in discovery bay. authorities say: the 60-year-ol spoke for the second time this month a bay area woman has been mauled by her own dog, this time in discovery bay. the 60-year-old was attacked at
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her home near gold creek. the dog was shot and killed as it ran toward deputies. the woman was airlifted to a trauma center with severe injuries. two weeks ago a 29-year-old woman in fairfield was attacked by her dog in the backyard. neighbors believe she was breeding the dogs and selling them. china is asking the was for help in rescuing a use soccer team in china. flooding is making it impossible to reach them. they have asked for u.s. survivor detection equipment to pinpoint places where the boys may be trapped. they are between 11 years old and six in years. they got into trouble when the coach took them into the cave after a match. dramatic moment on a jetblue flight. police thought it was a hijacking and it was all a false alarm. it happened at jfk airport in new york. emergency crews surrounded year
6:40 pm
left which was about to take a. the faa says it's harder when air traffic control lost contact with the pilots. the faa says that's when the pilots made a big mistake. they signaled a cold that they were being hijacked. that was instead of the code that means radio failure. >> as a pilot, i would've explained exactly what happened and if it was my mistake, i apologize. i say, folks, i screwed up. we are only human. we all make mistakes. >> the plane did eventually get to los angeles after he four hour delay. joe jackson, the patriarch of one of the most famous families in entertainment has died after losing his battle with cancer. >> ♪ >> that's michael jackson. joe jackson mandisa careers of the jackson five and the solo careers of michael jackson and janet jackson. he had a tumultuous
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relationship however with several of his children accusing him of physical and emotional abuse. it tastes like a beer but gives you a special kind of buzz, cannabis laced water. inside these creations. the san francisco bay area is the driest spot in the country this time of year. it doesn't mean that our weather can't get exciting. the temperatures are going to swing all over this coming week.
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should be slapped with a "tech tax." mountain view builders will decide if google and others should he slapped with a tech tax. city officials blamed tech countries to contributing to skyhigh housing costs and traffic. if it's approved it will cost companies between nine dollars and 100 $90 for only dose $149 per employee. >> we don't think it's going to affect the decision about where
6:45 pm
they are located. they are already planning to expand elsewhere because it's hard for them to find places for their employees to live in travel and work here in mountain view. >> critics worry that the tax could hurt smaller businesses but the mayor says they chose a model with low rates for that reason. a bay area bruno rodriguez switching things up i offering sparkling water with a special ingredient, marijuana. wilson walker has the story. >> it's infused and you will taste the hops. you won't taste cannabis but it's in there. [ laughter ] >> reporter: he has been at this brewery some the beginning but he's about to roll out something he has never tried before. >> it's not here. it's a flavored hop water. >> is a psychoactive give water feeling more like a hit off a
6:46 pm
joint. he needed some different expertise to do that. >> this would be like in alcohol still. >> reporter: 20 minutes away in santa rosa, dennis hunter is on the cutting edge of cannabis chemistry. >> we ended up with a very pure and clean distillate legal here. >> reporter: they will give it the desired dosage here. >> it's like an ipa but we want people to be able to have the great sensation of cannabis. >> i have to ask, is heineken cool with this. >> they are from amsterdam. let's just start there. >> reporter: they won't be able to legally sell five five. >> -- high-five. it will be sold in dispensaries, what is a unique product that is uniquely sonoma county.
6:47 pm
>> we are learning more and it's moving the industry forward. >> there is a term we call the sonoma aroma. it used to be all about the cows. times are changing. beer lovers have spoken, for the second year in a row a beer from michigan, bells ale has been voted the best commercial beer. it beat out the bay area -- the bay area. a scrapyard in arizona has turned into a bike share graveyard. look at this, a mountain of line bikes discovered in the city of glendale. the bikes were beyond repair and are now in the process of being recycled. new photos -- new photos of mars show the red planet turning blue. this shows a turquoise colored sand dune. the areas and actually blew.
6:48 pm
it was enhanced to make the patch stand out more. it's actually gray. >> it's not blue, it's gray. i'm confused. how many different colors are we going to use? >> the smurfs love it. here's a look out side. let's talk about the weather. welcome to summer in san francisco. we have low cloud cover, i west wind blowing at 20 miles an hour, only 56 in the city. that marine influence has pushed inland, 74 in concord, 67 degrees in santa rosa. we will have an extra bite in the air at the giants game tonight, first pitch just a few minutes away. we all cool down to the 50s and in san francisco you are only going to cool down another one or 2 degrees. let's talk the next couple of days because changes are coming,
6:49 pm
warmer or hotter changes, morgan hill 82 today, gaining a few degrees tomorrow and then gaining 11 degrees on friday. you will likely hit the century mark if not hotter on saturday. things are changing because we have the chest is in the atmosphere. we always look at the eastern pacific to see where our areas of low pressure are and high pressure. we have a counterclockwise flow over the ocean which is keeping things cold this time of year. that's why it's below average in this area. the ridge of high pressure is going to move in our direction. if it settles to the south, it will enhance the onshore low. it looks like it's going to settle a little bit northwest of us which is what you give us a north wind which is going to be, it sounds counterintuitive because it could be chilly but for us that's an offshore wind cutting off the ocean influence which is when we get warm to hot as we will on friday.
6:50 pm
low clouds and coastal drizzle tomorrow morning, the pendulum swung to the cool side this weekend will swing back to the hot weather on friday. it will stay there for three days and then swing back to the milder and cooler weather starting monday. it's going to be a warm weekend. close to average tomorrow, if you degrees below average in santa clara, san jose 77, palo alto, 79, milder at the beach but still cool at half moon bay at 62 degrees. a beautiful afternoon once a morning clouds are gone, concord 82, fairfield 85, martinez upper 70s, low 70s with afternoon sunshine here and sausalito in the upper 60s. santa rosa in the 80s. the warm spot continues to be lake county with a big fire is burning. they will have extreme fire danger through the weekend with the offshore winds. the warmest weather is friday, saturday and sunday. monday we reacquire the onshore breeze and that's when we cool down then we are average by
6:51 pm
tuesday. celebrating diversity in drama, how an award winner rated place for they are reactors for many different cultures to shine on stage.
6:52 pm
6:53 pm
6:54 pm
as sharon chin reports, this week has been a it is a hot topic, how to create more diversity in the performing arts. >> this week jefferson award winner has been a game changer for more than 20 years. >> i love that and. that's awesome. >> reporter: in the play "street car named desire" most of the actors are of color. >> i wanted actors to have the ability to get into these meaningful roles. this is the stuff we want to do and that we live for. >> reporter: in 1994, she founded the african-american shakespeare company. it's a san francisco-based nonprofit which aims to give people of color their chance in the spotlight. make it lets everyone know that we are capable and more than capable. >> reporter: the artistic directors says sherry celebrate
6:55 pm
the bay area's cultural diversity. >> what impressed me immediately was her heart, is tons of what this company means to her. >> reporter: she has reduced american classics like cinderella as well. sherry is like wonder woman. before storing in her purse ructions, this actor -- productions, this actor got turned down for roles being told there were no black characters for him to play. >> giving an opportunity for people of color to come and show the talent that they have, i love that dedication. >> reporter: she manages a company of x the artist -- many artist's.
6:56 pm
or nonprofit offers free matinees and teaches reading in the summer for kids. >> it makes me proud that i am leaving a legacy behind. >> reporter: from creating a theater company where actors can shine, this week's jefferson award goes to sherry. one of the things she enjoys most is knowing that audiences are enjoying shakes year for the first time because the african-american your company is doing the performances. richard the third will be in san francisco next month. you can nominate your local hero for a jefferson award online at /hero. >> you must have really loved shakespeare. >> what makes you think that. i've never heard that before. for the latest, go to our website at >> and join us at 10:00 on cable
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and back here at 11 oh,. -- 11:00.
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announcer: it's time to play "family feud"! give it up for steve harvey! [captioning made possible by fremantle media] [cheering and applause] steve: how are you? thank you, folks. i appreciate that. i appreciate it, folks. well, welcome to "family feud," everybody. i'm your man, steve harvey. [cheering and applause] got another good one for you today, folks. returning for their third day, from columbia, maryland, it's the champs, it's the walker family. [cheering and applause] and from orange county, california, it's the telles [cering and applause] everybody's here trying to win theirself a lot of cash, and somebody might drive out of here
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in a brand-new car. [cheering and applause] give me wayne, give me robyn. let's go. ["family feud" theme plays] whoo. top 6 answers on the board. we asked 100 single men, what would you do if you found a pregnancy test in your girlfriend's purse? wayne: i'd ask her who it was. whose was it? steve: whose is it? robyn: i would ask, what happened? steve: what happened? wayne: what do you want to do? family: play, play. wayne: we're gonna play. steve: they're gonna play. let's go. [cheering and applause] all right, todd, 100 single men. what would you do if you found a pregnancy test in your girlfriend's purse? todd: well, since i have 4 kids,


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