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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11PM  CBS  June 27, 2018 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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a driver plows fires... sparked one by one in san jose. tonight-- investigator now at 11, a cluster of fires sparked one by one in san jose, and tonight, investigators are saying an arsonist might be on the lose. >> at least three of those fires broke out along coyote creek, another near the golf
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course. >> there were structures threatened. >> reporter: chopper 5 captured the fires, as firefighters arrived to the first vegetation fire just after 4:00 p.m. another fire began, not too far away. >> since then, we've had at least two more fires pop up along the creek. >> reporter: in total, firefighters battles at least four fires in the area. the golf course turned on the sprinklers to keep the flames away, as the fire came dangerously close to a mobile home park. >> we got lines on iqukly. >> reporter: because of the timing of the fires, they are being called suspicious. but that's not all. >> the wind's blowing the opposite direction, towards the expressway. >> reporter: the reason the fires are suspicious, thfire should have been spreading south, instead, they were going north. >> so if you had embers in the
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air, you would have fires in that direction, not here. >> reporter: the area is where dozens of homeless set up camp. >> i'm sure there were some homeless encampments that were burn. >> reporter: bruce who lives not too far away says this is far from the first time he's seen fires in this particular area. >> every summer, we get them. an explosive wildfire northeast of clear lake oaks is growing. the pawnee fear has now charred more than 13,000 acres, but firefighters are making some progress with containment at 35%. andrea borba has new a high tech tool helping crews stay a step ahead of the flames. >> reporter: it's 3 did technology, with -- 3-d technology, and real-time data to monitor where a fire could
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move. >> i'll be damned! i have a lot of stuff to be thankful for. >> reporter: as victims are getting a first look at what's left, cal fire is using a tool to stop the forward march of flames. it's 3-d technology, the topography of a region is projected on a sand stable, and using -- table, and using real- time, they can get an accurate idea where the flames are moving. from there, crews and equipment can be put in place to save property and lives. that will be especially important to this weekend, as fire weather returns. >> this weekend, friday night, into saturday, we're going to be back fl di, the ibilit for fire growth is there and new start, so remain vigilant, and be ready to leave at a moment's notice. >> reporter: the pawnee fear has devoured 22 structures
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and600 are more at risk. for rodney harper, there's just ash and ruins to return to. >> i'm going to fight a little harder, i'm old, and done, but not done yet. only way did, it's forward up or in the dirt. >> reporter: the spring valley and old lawn valley neighborhoods are open. allowing some folks to go back home after serve worrisome nights -- several worrisome night away. a massive fireworks bust in the east bay ahead of the 4th of july holiday. oakland police recovered for more than 3000-pound of fireworks. the valley more than $50,000 -- the value more than $50,000. a hayward man was taken into custody. in south bay, law enforcement agencies have a plan to crack down on the illegal fireworks. the city of san jose has launched an anti fireworks ad campaign, encouraging people to upload photos and videos of
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their neighbor's behaving badly on the city's website. >> with more people reporting and a system that's improved for reporting it does have a deterrent effect. if we can deter everybody from using fireworks, we don't have to worry about enforcing. >> this year, morgan hill is handing out triple fines between the first week of july and the weekend of new year's eve. the first violation is $300, the second is 600, and third $1500. the five people are hurt after a car crashes into a pedicab in san francisco. tonight, the search is on for that vehicle driver. joe vazquez joins us live with details. >> reporter: we're learning more information. this is actually a chain reaction crash, a car smashed into one of the pedicabs that was in this bike lane. another pedicab was right in front of it. a family of canadian tourists from vancouver was hurt, as was
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run of the pedicab drivers. rush hour on the embarcadero around 4:15, a pedicab was peddling along near pier 29 when a car smashed into them. the driver of that car did not stop to help. >> the vehicle was seen traveling towards the bay bridge, the light colored sedan, possibly tan or cold. not sure -- gold, but this is a hit-and-run collision. >> reporter: all four family members were hurt, a father, mother and 5 and 8-year-old children. the injuries are not life threatening. >> the driver, the extremities are okay so he's not paralyzed but in coma, fractured skull, the community is crippled. we're all in shock. >> tell me what was going on you say it wasn't just one, but
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two pedi cabs? >> a group right, which we do, two expert riders giving the family a ride back, and this canadian dad way there with the rider's head in his hand. >> reporter: that was paul a friend of the injured driver, who said the injured driver is roughly 70 years old, but more fit than all all the others, and all pulling for his quick recovery. police are still looking for the hit-and-run driver. oakland police investigperson dead and three others injured. chopper 5 over the scene as police walked off the area. it happened just before 6:00 p.m. outside a mini market on
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mcarthur boulevard. after speculation, the feds said they will not bill a detention facility at the concord weapons station. homeland security made sure they are not planning to build a filth anywhere. a special concord city council meeting was held on the issue. it was called following a leaked draft memo. >> to pass a resolution that clearly states -- you will not support or allow a concentration camp. >> the city doesn't colonel the federal land in question, but activists want the concorde leaders to take a stronger stance. a blow to organized labor. delivered by the u.s. supreme court, union workers can refuse to pay their dues but get benefits. we look at the potential consequences of that ruling. >> there will be a decline in
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dues paying union members. >> reporter: there's concern that the rule means public unions will suffer. for example, the average california teacher makes about $50,000 a year. and pays about a thousand dollars in annual union dues. in the decision, it means the teaches can opt out, save the thousand dollars, but get the benefits that the union negotiates, the head of the san francisco teacher union, is he she is confident teachers will be union members. >> we have high union membership very high, they recognize the benefits and being a strong voice through the union. >> reporter: but there is reason to be concerned. when wisconsin passed a law in 2011, making the dues optional,
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membership plummeted. to stop wmakers ve already changed the rules. >> they have passed multiple fixes. >> reporter: a former california teacher in orange county. she has also sued the california teacher association demanding that dues be optional. and she's not surprised the rules have changed. anyone who wants to stop paying dues now has to inform the union directly. she said her union will not make that difficult. >> we will not have -- >> reporter: thanks to the legislature, unions will get employee contact information, private meetings, and the chance to write rebuttalling on any mass communication about the union from the employer. >> these folks they put into office use the legislative process to work end runs around the united states supreme court and to rob people from their constitutional t.ri
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>> earlier today, we spoke to former white house chief of staff leon panetta. he says the ruling will make it tougher for those public sector unions to be able to do their jobs. >> i am concerned about at a time when people particularly working people, need to have the representation of those who will fight for their benefits and for their wages and for good working conditions. that we may have as a result of this decision damaged the strength of unions to be able to do that. >> in california, about 1.4 million government employees belong to an union. the ruling goes into effect immediately. coming up, passengers on a jetblue flight to los angeles got quite the scare. tonight, why dozens of police officers rampaged the flight. homes for less than 500 grand. and it's in the bay area.
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we'll tell you where the hottest housing market is right now. drama on bart. over a man eating a burrito. what's that about? that's next.
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justice anthony kennedy has announced his retirement. the 81-year-old was nominated to the high court by president reagan in 19-87.. anthony kennedy has announced his retirement. the 81-year-old was nominated to the high court by president reagan. his return now gives president trump the chance to make a second appointment to the court. >> and i'm very honored he chose to do it during my term in office because he felt confident in me to make the right choice and carry on his great legacy. that's why he did it.
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>> president trump now has a chance to have conservative control of the court. they will vote on a none nome my in the fall. passengers on -- jetblue flight. it was about to take off for l.a. when an equipment failure and a false alarm triggered the police response. kris van cleave has the passengers reaction. >> reporter: this was the doctor mat i can scene at the jfk -- dramatic scene at jfk geworkers surrounded flight 1623 after air traffic control lost contact with the pilots. >> we saw the flashing lights. >> reporter: police entered cabin and ordered passengers to put their hands in the air. >> it's like -- they were
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pointing -- everyone texting their families and we are on the ground. >> reporter: jetblue says the airbus plane experienced a radio issue impacting the crew's ability to communicate and a false alarm was sent to j the tower. while communication was reestablished. authorities responded out of caution. in an america, the plane's transponder can be used to signal the tour, faa officials say the flaws alarm was triggered by the pilots mistakenly entered the code for hijack, 7500, instead of 7600. >> as a pilot, i would have explained to them exactly what happened and if it was my mistake, i apologize, say folks, i screwed up. we're only human. >> reporter: application found no security issue -- police found no security issue.
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the plane returned to the gate for a while, and did get to l.a. after a delay. the faa is investigating. thailand, a race against time to since the members of a missing soccer team. they range in age from 11-16. they entered the cave five days ago after a soccer match. bikes, backpacks were found at the entrance. the cave floods during heavy rain, and rescuers believe the boys could have survived if they went deeper in the cave. >> if they find the children, the next big problem is how do they get them out? >> rescuers have found a vertical shaft they believe lead into the cave. they dropped food and water, hoping members of the team will be by. new tonight, the quest for
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an affordable bay area home is making vallejo one of the most affordable areas. >> betty yu shows us how high demand is. >> this came on the market this afternoon, a three bedroom, two bath. >> reporter: this home has been on the market for a few hours. and it won't sit here for long. according to caldwell banker realtor. >> it is a hot market, we have just over a month supply of inventory, meaning if nothing is listed after today, it would take a little over a month to deplete the supply. >> reporter: the 3 bed, two bath 1600 square foot home sit constituents on a corner -- sits on a corner lot. listed at $490,000. it's unheard of in the bay area when you consider the median
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home price in san francisco, it hit a record-breaking $1.6 million this spring. >> people want to buy a house, and -- this is the place they can afford. we have people coming over the bridge to buy. >> reporter: the town is hanging on to a spot on the hottest u.s. markets after claiming the number one spot last summer, it is sitting at number five. rankings are based on fewest days on the market and most views. linda has been closing properties in under ten days, and there are bidding cars, this home sold for $150,000 over asking. it was listed at 599,000. the ferry service to san francisco is also attracting commuters, who don't want to make the 30 plus mile drive.
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linda has found that buying here gives most people a chance to buy a starter home. >> i think at first, they feel like they have to move, like, oh, i have to move to valerio, and they get here, it's not so bad. betty yu. kpix5. one bay area bart passenger is calling another out for protect behavior. -- prohibited behavior. eating a burrito on the train. >> you don't get it? you don't get it? you must be stupid! >> the clip was posted to reddit. eating and drinking is prohibits and subject to a fine. bart has not commented on this
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incident. people online have dubbed the complainer burrito bob. san francisco bay elect read will be sworn in in just a matter of weeks, she will become the city's first african- american female mayor. breed won in a close race with former state senator mark leno. she replace the late mayor ed lee who died last december. all right. paul, your turn. hot weather? >> pen lump is swinging back and -- pendulum is swinging back and forth. out side, foggy, chilly. we will all begin our thursday in the low to mid-50s, free month, 54, a fire weather watch in effect for lake county,
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solano county. it will be the who wind dropping relative -- it will be the hot wind dropping the temperatures. critical fire danger is possible to our north and to the east. coming up on friday, that's the change, right now the fire danger was not that high. a ridge of high pressure to hawaii, which has its sight set on the bay area. our weather will change dramatically, we will keep the sunshine, but temperatures will be up to 25 degrees hotter by saturday. there's the ridge off saturday, now futurecast, predicting where the ridge by hawaii will be saturday afternoon off to the north and west, and the location is critical, in dutiesing a north -- in dutiesing a north within -- inducing a north wind. low cloud, coastal drizzle. cool tomorrow, pendulum back to the hot stuff friday, it won't swing back to the mild weather
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numb monday. san jose, 77, redwood city, 77, union city 72. afternoon sunshine. walnut creek, 11 tomorrow, antioch 55, chilly in daley city. petaluma, 82 cloverdale-- 88 tomorrow. triple digits again, stays hot on sunday, that's just ken clapping. ken, loves the hot weather. ken's favorite day on that 7- day forecast. >> i think i'll do saturday. >> tar, concrete! marijuana products getting more sophisticated by the day. we somehow you cannabis -- we show you cannabis infused water. company is rolling out a new drink.
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sparkling water infused with.... marijuana. lagunitas bay area brewing company is rolling out a brand new drink. >> sparkling water infused with out with high few hop, an ipa inspired sparkling water that has a dose of thc. >> it's hop infused, ipa
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inspired, you'll taste hops, and won't taste cannabis, but it's in there. >> it will be available next month in dispen presenceries in california -- dispensaries california. >> maybe that's what the local baseball teams are on! they are red hot. brandon crawford, bottom of the 9th , and the finish. when we come back. what about him?
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let's do it. ♪
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giants, and the are on pace to improve last year's disasterous campaign by almost 2 tonight marked the official halfway point for the season for the giants. bumgarner first strike out against the rocky kiss was his 1500th colorado bases loaded, but bum ends the threat with a strike cut. 0-0. crawford into the arcade, a walk-off solo shot, and giant win 1-0. the fourth straight
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victory. the other guys not too bad. a long season for gardenhire. wasn't around to see the end. a streak of 27 road games with a home run, matt olson should have had 28. the game winning rbi. a's win, 5's games over .500. college world series, one catch of the ball, and it's all over. oh,-oh. the game tieing base hit, and later, a two run home run for the lead and the win. so they force a decisive game 3
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tomorrow in omaha. nervous german soccer fans, bracing for the first departure since fdr was in the oval office. in the 92nd machine -- the defeat, biggest disgrace in german world cup series, the german newspaper called it. >> world cup mania. >> i'm a portugal fan. >> god bless you, everywhere. we'll be right back.
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tomorrow morning at 4-30. michelle griego and kenny choi will hav to start your late show with stephen colbert is e
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