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tv   CBS Overnight News  CBS  June 28, 2018 3:12am-4:00am PDT

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so called "stash house" that's the deputy chief raul ortiz. >> they were waiting on a smuggler to pick them up. >> we stopped the smuggler earlier and able to get four aliens out of that vehicle and after interviewing them they
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identified this as a "stash house." >> were you able to get the smuggler. >> yes. >> it was clear there were food made with lot of flies, every inch of tile had someone sitting on it when agents busted through. >> quite often someone may have a cellphone because conditions are so bad they'll call 911 that's how we uncover some of these stash houses. >> you know what is going to happen. >> deported to mexico. >> this women paid $8,000 to a smuggler to get her here and has been here for 15 days. >> is this your first time coming illegally. >> no my second time. >> you've tried once >> elma has three kids she left in mexico because she couldn't get a job. nearly everyone else said they were from central america. border patrol are raiding these stash houses every other day
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that smuggler who tipped off officials gave them the garage door opener and told them what they'd find inside. >> wow david begnaud thanks. an ohio man accused of plowing into protesters last summer is charged today with federal hate crimes, already fating state charges for hitting and killing heather hire who was part of a counter demonstration who was protesting statue of robert e lee statue. last week's fatal police shooting of antwon rose, who was killed 13 minutes after running from an officer who was charged today with federal homicide. >> allegheny district attorney
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didn't mince his words. >> it's a reckless act and no justification for it. >> rose went unarmed, did not pose a threat when he fled from the car. >> rose shows his hands, turns, and runs, he's not in possession of a weapon. >> the criminal complaint says offers michael rosfeld was inconsistent why he fired, first saying he seen a gun, then didn't seen a gun and in a third statement said he wasn't certain. >> if everybody stayed calm and in the car none of this would have happened. >> rosfeld's attorney doesn't see rose's death as a murderer case. >> i think the law is clear that he had a right to shoot. >> antwon's mother was visually emotional so her attorney spoke for her. >> he was in the wrong place wrong time and in no way
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justified his murder. >> antwon rose was shot three times, the fatal wound to his back. offe officer on bail on house arrest and the driver of the drive by was also charged today. >> thank you. coming up next, enormous effort to rescue a soccer team lost in a flooded cave.
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make the most of a few minutes with ky natural feeling with aloe vera the fate of a dozen youth soccer players and coach in thailand has captivated people around the world. millions are following the desperate search of a cave that flooded with a team inside. here's ben tracy. >> reporter: it's a race against time in thailand to save the young members of a missing soccer team. they range in age from 11 to 16 and entered the cave five days ago after play ag soccer match near by. their bikes, backpacks and boots were found at the cave's entrance. the complex is an extensive network of chambers linked bypassage ways that often flood in heavy rains and is not safe to go inside.
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rescuers found some of the boy's foundings in the cave, the assumption they off b rising flood water and could still be inside. tonight british cave divers join the efforts. >> if they do find the children the next big problem is how do they get them out. >> the cave extends six miles and the water level rises six inches per hour. navy divers can't get through the narrow passages. distraut parents are holding vigil and hoping for a miracle as time seems to be running out. >> today rescuers found a vertical shaft they believe leads to the cave and drop in food and water, and navy is sending a team of divers from japan to find them. >> that hope still remains,
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county. since saturday burned more than 13,000 acres. more than 2500 firefighters are trying to contain it. a dramatic rescue was captured on cellphone video in taiwan, a four-year-old climbed out of an apartment and got his head stuck in metal grill of the balcony five floors up and dangled until a rescue ladder was brought in and the child was freed. joe jackson the driving force behind the jackson five died today of cancer. ♪ >> in the 1960s jackson began managing his children's music careers, most success was michael who said his father was physically and emotionally abusive but ultimately forgave him. joe jackson was 89 years old. up next the team that was
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it is no secret former president george w. h. bush loves to wear distinctive socks, at his wife's funeral in april the book designed literacy. where does he get them. we visited his sources. >> reporter: on long island john crohn in is building a sock business with his dad. >> i don't care who you are, there's a sock for you. >> the 22-year-old with down syndrome handles all sorts of sock. >> this is a new design. >> you drew this.
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>> i drew this one. >> his mark isproud, knew down syndrome didn't mean it would limit as others said it would. >> he came to me and said dad i want to go into business with you. >> so 18 months ago john's crazy socks was dorn and $2.2 million in revenue they're doing well with 16 to 35 jobs held down by differently-abled workers, they're also doing good. >> they're excited to be here. they have great skills and a great spirit. >> certain socks are linked to certain charities, each pair generates a donation, $100,000 and counting. while youtube and social media have helped rththe >> whosfrom. that's frombu the pre w sned americ
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>> on world down syndrome day he wore john's super heroks and sent a tweet of him wearing it, thanking his friend. >> that was good for business when the 44th president wore a pair of the socks to pay tribute to barbara bush's campaign made him happy. >> we learned the more we do for others the better. >> while they see money in warming feet are about to corner the market on warming hearts along the way. >> let's not push christmas. >> from huntington, new york. >> that's the overnight news for this thursday for others the newsnues others check in with cbs this morning. from the broadcast center in new
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york city, >> announcer: this is "cbs overnight news." welcome to the overnight news, the stream court's current term ended with a flury of legal decisions and one major announcement that will shape the court for decades to come, associate justice anthony kennedy announced he's retiring. he's one of the conservative voice bus but sometimes conside swing vote for years. >> the president was formally notified in a, after 30 years on the court justice kennedy would retire. >> andll a new justice of the united states supreme court, that will begin immediately.
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>> a key swing vote, the 81 years old retirement gives the president a chance to turn the court solidly to the right for a generation. democrats warn of a fight. >> people from all across america should realize that their rights and opportunities are threatened. >> but firmly in control of the senate republican said new justice will be on the court by october. >> we will vote to confirm justice kennedy's successor this fall. >> the bitter divide was in stark contrast. to the gentlemenly justice who sometimes crossed ideological lines. >> i'm announcing my intention to nominate circuit judge justice kennedy. >> nominated by ronald reagan kennedy confirmed you know am mousily. and sided on key social issues earning him the reputation as a swing vote.
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>> i hate that term. it has this visual image of the spatial girations. the cases swing, i don't. [ laughter ] >> his defining legacy will be gay rights. he wrote all of the major decisions striking down laws banning homosexuality and legalizing same sex marriage nationwide. writing that same sex couples were seeking equal dignity in the eyes of the law. far more often was with conservatives, he wrote a sharp it dissent in the decision upholding obamacare. while he refused to overturn roe v. wade he allowed restrictions on abortion rights. >> there were surprising upsets on tuesday aegs political primaries but none compared to the 28-year-old leftist political novice ousted the
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fourth highest ranking democrat in the house. nancy cordes has the story. >> reporter: some of the shock may have worn off but 28-year-old alexandria oscasio-cortez like the rest of her part party is still trying to make sense from her come from nowhere win. >> we spoke to communities that had felt they were dismissed. she knocked off 10 time joe crowley. sanders she considd herself a democratic socialist. >> the g.o.p. tax cut could have paid for tuition-free college for everyone in the country for two years. >> democratics support medicare
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for all. >> i support health care for all. >> and her proposal to eliminate immigration and customs enforcement agency. >> reform ice, yes it needs reformed. >> republicans revelled in the upset. >> i think the democrats are going hard left. >> they said it showed the socialist is ascendent in the party. >> are they right about that. >> no they are ascendent in that district perhaps but i don't accept any characterization of our party presented by the republicans. >> on capitol hill the house of representatives gave a resounding thumb's down to latest g.o.p. over hall. meanwhile a judge in california is giving trump administration 30 days to reunite all of the separated my grant families more than 2,000 kids are still away from their parents. david begnaud begins our coverage.
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>> it's a i preliminary injunction by u.s. district judge which says the future is blocked from fairying out future separations and says parents can't be deported before being reunited with their thirn and the judge writes my grant children are not being accounts for as the same efficiency and accuracy as property. >> we don't want any children separated from parents any longer than necessary by law. >> alex azar told congress government will not hold children. >> if the bench warrant remains in detention unfortunately under rules set by congress and the court can't be reunified. >> azar is referring to the flores agreement that says immigrant children can't be held in detention more than 20 days.
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hhs says there's currently 2,047 still accept operaseparated fro parents six less from last week. >> we had been consistency over 4200 apprehensions a week. >> we went to see border pat are troll chief who runs the busy section of the border, he said last week, the number of apprehensions dropd. >> preliminary what's that say to you? >> that it works. having a consequence to illegal entry works. >> hundreds of those my grant children separated from families are being held thousands of miles away in new york city. we have a look inside one detention center. >> when we first see leo he's all smiles. but that smile disappears when he is asked if he is sad about being away from his mother. attorney who represents the
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boy's mother says the two were separated 48 hours after arriving at the border. >> she had no idea where he was over three weeks. >> what is his mother's status. >> she's been deported back to gall mall gut malla. >> he is one of 43 separated there. at night had he go home to foster families. this young girl named jessica said she arrived in the u.s. with her ten-year-old brother and was crying because she wanted to spek to her mother. [ speaking foreign language ]. employees were heard kblani complaining there's not enough phone for the children to just when you thought you were done painting... discover paint bleed under your tape...
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♪ >> announcer: this is "cbs overnight news." united nations ambassador nikki haley continues her two day tour of india and met with the india prime minister and spoke about the close relationship between india and the united states. >> we are two of the oldest democracies that share the values of people, and freedom and opportunity. we see those opportunities between the u.s. and of ways, w it is countering terrorism, whether it's the fact we want to continue our democratic opportunities, whether it's the fact we're going to start to work together more strongly on the military aspect. >> we spoke to haley on sunday morning. >> if this administration has a star. >> welcome to the u.n.
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>> thank you so much your workplace. >> that's right this is where i live. >> it just mike be nikki haley. >> good morning. >> from her first day on the job as united nations ambassador. >> you're going to see a change in ss. >> 46-year-old haley laid down the law. >> for those who don't have our back we're taking names. >> this is where the real action happens and she took us on a rare visit to the floor of the united nations council and defended her top stance. >> some say there's a little bit too much swagger, you know that. >> i don't think it's swagger, i think it's passion. i'm very passionate about defending the united states. >> there are times we are compelled to do more than just talk. >> after gas attack in syria she held up pictures of young victims blaming russian backed forces. >> how many more children have
3:42 am
to die before russia cares? >> in late last year she pushed through tough international sanctions against north korea. >> he is begging for war. >> after they tested an intercontinental ballistic missile. sanctions that may have helped lead to recent promises to roll back north korea's nuclear program and to an upcoming summit. >> few months ago seemed this administration was prepared for war with north korea were you prepared for that. >> i think this administration is creating the tone with north korea to remind them what could happen if they threaten the united states no one wants war, the president doesn't want war, i don't want war, no one, but it's an option. >> when you spend time with haley you notice how often she prings president trump into the conversation she's unfailingly loyal to him. constantly stressing his
3:43 am
accomplishments. >> what do you say to people that say maybe he's done some things right but his are behavior is sometimes reprehensible. >> first he has his communication but you're not hear meg defend that. i will tell you if there's anything he communicates in a way i'm uncomfortable with i pick up the phone and call him. i don't need to be public about that, i think that's a private conversation that should happen when i feel it and one he's receptive when i do. >> one area haley is in lock step with president trump is on his charges at special counsel robert mueller's investigation has gone on too long. >> should the president shut it down? >> no, not at all. anything like this should play its part, go through the process but they need to do it quickly, for the good of the country this investigation needs to happen quickly. >> haley does sometimes put a softer focus on the president's
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pronouncements. >> these countries are not our friends, we think they're our friends. >> earlier this year he threatened to cut off aide to central american countries that don't do more to stop drug trafficking. >> they're laughing at us, so i'm not a believer in that. i want to stop the aide. >> welcome and thank you so much for coming. >> a few weeks later we travelled to honduras with her and she conferred with senior officials. witnessed a drug enforcement exercise. also made time to visit a u.s. funded after school program. >> if they get education and they get training than we know they're going to be productive. if they don't we'll be dealing with resentful children that are uneducated and angry. >> you sound like a liberal. >> i'm not a liberal i'm a conservative who understands prevention.
3:45 am
saves us a lot more money in the long run. >> in fact haley is a tea party conservative, against obamacare, and abortion and tough on illegal immigration as the daughter of seek immigrants of india who came to u.s. legally and settled in the small town of bamburg, south carolina. >> you've said we were always other. what was that like growing up and what kind of lessons did it teach you. >> i think you grow up in a small town and your father wears a turbin and mother wears a sari we looked different and treated different but we were grateful because our parents reminded us it's not about being different you're similar. >> after going to clinton university married a national guard officer, they have two children. she was an accountant working in
3:46 am
her family's gift and clothing business when in 2004 decided to run for the state legislature. >> you took on the longest serving member ever the state legislature a man who i recall referred to you as little lady and you won. >> you know ignorance is bliss. all i knew was there were too many lawyers at the state house and they needed an accountant and i needed to figure out how to get there. >> in 2010 beat the odds again by winning the governor's race with dirty campaign of racism and sexual inu independe inuend surface again. >> you had two people falsely say they had extra marital affairs with you, just recently, somebody very much slapped down trying to insinuate something with you and the president is
3:47 am
that just the price you pay for being young, attractive women in politics. >> what i noticed is if a wrome does well, is good at her job, for some reason people have trouble giving her credit for that. i will tell you i will stand up every time it happens and let people know it's not okay. >> this will be south carolina's decision. >> as south carolina governor haley gained national prominence after she pushed through a bill to remove the confederate flag from the state capital grounds in the wake of a racially motivated shooting that killed nine people in a black church. >> that flag, while an integral part of our past, does not represent the future of our great state. >> she was handily reelected but left to join the trump administration where she has shown it's a mistake to mess with nikki haley.
3:48 am
>> we're joined now by the u.s. ambassador to the united nations. >> last month on "face the nation" response to latest gas attack in syria believed carried out by russian-backed forces she announced. >> you will see russian sanctions will be coming down on monday. >> at the last minute the white house decided to hold off. >> the president's new economic advisor larry kudlow came out and said you had some momentary confusion and you fired right back in a statement saying what did you say? >> with all due respect, i don't get confused. >> that was a pretty strong statement. why did you feel like you wanted to say that. >> that's just how i function. if there's something you go and make it right. but i think what's more important is the fact that larry's a friend of mine, he immediately called, he immediately apologized.
3:49 am
>> that combination of silk and steel has cut through to the public. a new quinnipiac university poll fineds her approval rating much higher than the president and scored 55% among democrats which has led to inescapable speculation. >> i seem to read i story once a day saying she is going to run for president or should run for president, are you going to run for president. >> i don't think about it. no one wants to believe this. people spend more time talking about my future. my job is to be the best u.n. ambassador i can possibly be and make sure people are proud of it. i don't think about the future. i don't have time between north korea, russia and syria the last thing i'm think being is what thing i'm think being is what i'
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re-align yourself with align probiotic. and try new align gummies with prebiotics and probiotics to help support digestive health. the ford motor company is moving full throttle into the 21st century and taking historic detroit building along for the ride. the automaker unveiled plans to transform a 105-year-old train station into its headquarters for driverless cars. we got a tour of the space.
3:53 am
>> detroit was built in an era there was a ton of money here. so buildings like this were built with granduer. >> over 105 year history the massive train station in detroit reflected the life and times of the city around it. >> this was the ticket booth. >> when the rail road was king it stood as a symbol of the city's prosperity but when the city economy collapsed it felt into bankruptcy. >> whenever they show a picture how bad detroit is, this is the place. >> this is the poster child. >> that always would drive me, i livede m hate that publicity and for this structure. >> his company is doing something with that just bought it to turn it into ford's new hub for autonomous and electric
3:54 am
research. >> we started to think of the future of transportation and autonomous driving it is clear that will happen in cities and therefore we have to get experience on city streets and city scapes where that will be invented. >> 2400 ford employees expect to the work here will do more than transform a building but to help revive an entire neighborhood corktown. >> your love for detroit is clear to me. it's important for you to be here in the city. >> it is. >> is it legacy project for you. >> yeah this is really for me a great home coming if you will. >> his ancestors include great grand forge henry ford the legendary founder of the company first settled here in the late 19th century. >> everybody when detroit hit
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a school lunch lady literally took her job home every day is now feeling the steve hartman found her story on the road. >> reporter: no matter what you order from school cafeteria worker deborah davis. >> i have chicken patty. chicken and rice. >> every meal comes guys sweetie pie. >> aunty deborah as she's known dolls out a heaping hospitality every hour. >> see y'all tomorrow. >> after serving food all day. >> i come out here. >> after lunch she drives her beat up '76 malibu all over san diego looking for hungry homeless people. >> hey bay. >> how are you. >> think she's okay. >> no she's not. >> she never met a homeless person who wasn't starving for her home cooking.
3:58 am
>> tell them come over here and eat. >> on this day served more than 50 meals all at her own expense. >> barbecue ribs. >> are you broke. >> no. >> i took that as a yes. >> you're spending money you don't have. >> yes but -- you don't understand the joy that i get from feeding people. >> tomorrow's spaghetti and meat balls okay. >> because deborah is so selfless recently the school district invited her down not auto shop and surprised her with friends and family and some better wheels to deliver those meals. this 2014 mazda 3 was refurbished by an auto body class in the district. >> i'm not used to a new car y'all. >> she was so flabbergasted
3:59 am
tedn't even know where tst >> what's it mean to you, the staff and kids all wanted you to have this. >> that i'm making a difference in their life, you know. >> i was looking for my reward in heaven and y'all gave me a little bit on earth. >> heaven on earth for a woman who always had room in her heart just now more trunk space. steve hartman on the road in san diego. >> and i got tinted windows. >> wow what a great story. that's the overnight news for this thursday for some the news continues others check back later, for the morning news and of course cbs this morning.
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captioning funded by cbs it's thursday, june 28th, 2018. this is the "cbs morning news." supreme court justice anthony kennedy announces he's retiring. now the showdown over picking his replacement. plus, inside an illegal immigrant stash house, what some people go through at the hands of smugglers. and new video has been released of a drive-by that apparently led to the deadly police shooting of antwon rose.


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