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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5PM  CBS  June 28, 2018 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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mayor's irresponsible decision." he was comfortable with that statement he says because it included the words some of. >> this is a spin statement. this is what every public affairs officer does. >> reporter: a week later attorney general jeff sessions' language was noticeably different. >> i.c.e. failed to make 800 arrests that would have been made if the mayor had not made her statement. those are 800 wanted criminals that are now at large in that community. >> reporter: that made you uncomfortable. >> completely false, yes. that made me extremely uncomfortable. >> reporter: when reporters asked him to clarify the discrepancy, schwab says he was instructed by his superiors in washington to simply refer to the original statement he drafted without disputing sessions' version of events. >> after they failed to correct it, it's a flat out lie. they know it's a lie. it was just shocking to me that no one wanted to fix that. >> reporter: troubled by what he saw as public deception, schwab turned in his resignation. >> i could not fathom staying at an organization that was okay with lying to the american
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public. i hate that. in 17 years in the military, at the department of defense as a civilian and nasa and now at homeland security i have never been asked to lie. i have never been asked to perpetuate a lie, which is the same as lying. >> reporter: when we talked to schwab on wednesday, some three months after he quit, we were interrupted by a surprise. the men identified themselves as agents from the department of homeland security inspector general's office. >> no. we can't speak with. te why ar here? >> i can't speak with you about that, but if you give me your name and number, i can have our -- >> reporter: do you often come to people's home? >> yeah. it's part of my job. is th about the incident? >> are you going to call me? >> reporter: we're in his home, so i have every right to ask. >> we're talking to him. this is confidential, okay? do you want to talk to me? >> i'll talk to you. >> when can we talk? >> as soon as i contact my lawyer. >> you'll call me. >> reporter: do you have a card i can get from you? >> yeah. >> reporter: what was that
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about? >> they just said that they wanted to talk to me about the leak with the oakland mayor. they would like to have an interview with me about the oakland mayor's leak. >> reporter: were you surprised to see them? >> completely shocked, unexpected. >> reporter: did you ever contact the oakland mayor's office? >> no. i never met her before. i never contacted. >> reporter: you never e- mailed? >> i never e-mailed. i would never tell her. i would never tell anyone. they were very serious. he was very stern with me and it was concerning. >> reporter: you think that was an intimidation technique? >> absolutely, absolutely. why three months later are we doing this? this is intimidation and this is why people won't come out and speak against the government. >> cbs news correspondent jamie yuccas joins us now. this is so weird. you guys are there doing the interview and homeland security shows up. coincidental? did you reach out to i.c.e.? what did they tell you? >> we did reach out to i.c.e. and they disagree with schwab's
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claims that he was ordered to lie but do believe the oakland mayor's warnings helped target evade arrest. a group of bipartisan senators did call on the inspector general to investigate schwab's resignation and when we talked to the department of justice today, they said that would open up someone to come talk in his home. >> you're in his home with cameras rolling. it must have been just as much of a shock to see you. coincidence? >> what was interesting is when we first heard the knock at the door, i assumed amazon delivery, ups. i don't know. he had his family in his home. they wanted to come watch the interview and there were to support him. the family initially went down the stairs and all of a sudden the knocks got louder as they were approaching the stairs. the family members open up the door and start having a conversation. they say security is what i hear. i look at my producer with me and he said, "i think they said homeland security." that's when james you could tell felt really uncomfortable.
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he took the microphone off. he goes down the stairs. he has a little conversation before i go down the stairs and he starts saying what is this about? what is this about? they won't answer him. eventually they say it's about the oakland mayor. that's when i start trying to talk to them, but it was very confusing to everyone as to why they were there. we don't know if they knew if we were in the house or not. it was pretty wide open that he was going to start doing some media interviews. so we don't know if they were coming to talk to him about that, if it was about the open investigation or what the case may be. >> bottom line, he says i.c.e., homeland security, told him to lie. >> that's how he feels. he feels that once the department of justice and jeff sessions came out and said that specific phrase and then they never corrected it about the 800 criminals who are now on the street that they couldn't get, he said that that was not factually correct. they kept asking him to perpetuate that. he did not feel comfortable with that and it was the language and that's why he left. >> jamie, thank you for being
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here on set, appreciate it. >> more on jamie's reporting coming up on the cbs evening news. thanks. as for mayor schaaf, she described the knock on schwab's door as the sound of tyranny. >> the idea that the trump administration is continuing to intimidate and vilify good public servants, someone who has stood up for the simple idea that government should not lie, just offends everything i believe about government and democracy. but she >> the mayor says that no one from the justice department has come knocking on her door just yet, but she is "preparing for the worst." the decades long search for a bay area killer came to a violent end in the south bay today. police say they were closing in on the suspect in the 1974 beating death of a young woman inside the stanford chapel when he fatally shot himself at his san jose apartment. kpix5 reporter kiet do is there now.
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>> reporter: san jose police officers and deputies have been here all day long. it looks like they're just starting to break down the scene. this is arguably the most infamous murder case in the south bay and it look like it's finally coming to a close. scott harhold, the famous long time columnist for the san jose mercury news, has been following the arlis perry murder case for four decades. he tracked down these photos of the security guard steve crawford from an old year book and also found him on facebook. the security guard was always at the top of his his. you suspected all along -- list. you suspected all along it was the security guard. >> that probably overdramatizes my knowledge, but he was certainly my chief suspect. >> reporter: sheriff's deputies were serving a search warrant this morning at the apartment. when they approached the door, the lone tenant inside pulled a gun and committed suicide with a single gunshot. harhole said who else could it be but the old stanford church guard? >> he also -- security guard?
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>> old also lives at that address. >> reporter: back in 1974 arlis perry got into a fight with her new husband and came to the church at night to pray. the next day her body was found inside the church. she was killed with a single stab to the head with an ice pick. she was nude from the waist down and was sexually assaulted with a long handle. >> the way her jeans were laid out -- long candle. >> the way her jeans were laid out, the way the candle was used, i think none of this was an accident. i think it was somebody trying to make a statement. >> reporter: on hindsight crawford raised suspicions when he told police not to search the church because he had already locked up for the night and crawford found the body the next morning and told police it looked like a locked side door was forced open from the inside. >> it was pretty clear to me that whoever had done this was an insider. it wasn't an outside whacko. >> reporter: investigators did recover some bodily fluids presumably from the attacker at the crime scene.
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thanks to modern day testing, retesting of that old evidence led to today's events. we'll get a full update at 5:30 and bring you the latest at 6 p.m. live in south san jose, kiet do, kpix5. our top national story tonight, a gunman opened fire at a newspaper office in maryland killing at least five people and we're learning this was a targeted attack on the capital gazette. workers rushed out with their hands up as police surrounded a building in annapolis that holds the capital gazette newspaper. the suspect reportedly used a shotgun during his attack this afternoon. authorities say that they were on the scene within a minute and took him into custody fast. >> we did recover what we thought may have been an explosive device that has been taken care of. we have members of the bomb squad on the scene. we don't anticipate having any more explosive devices. >> an official says the
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suspect, a white male in his 20s, tried to hide his identity by damaging his own fingerprints, but they used facial recognition technology instead. president trump was briefed on the maryland shooting. he tweeted, "my thoughts and prayers are with the victims and their families. thank you to all the first responders who are currently on the scene." new surveillance video of the car involved in a hit and run crash with a bike taxi in san francisco, it shows the driver swerving through traffic just before the collision. kpix5's simon perez give is us a look. >> reporter: this is the car police say hit the pedicab driver yesterday afternoon. it's a champagne honda civic with four doors. it's heading south on the embarcadero in the left lane and swerves into the right lane and hits the pedestrian i cab. this is the aftermath, a mom, dad and two kids visiting from canada were taken to the hospital and have been released, but pedicab driver kevin manning is in much worse shape. he's got a broken leg and has a
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breathing tube after surgery to relieve pressure on his brain his friends say. >> in an industry that has operated in san francisco for over 35 years, i believe, this is the first accident of this nature. so we are all pretty shaken up. >> reporter: at nearly 70 years old manning's cycling prowess impresses his colleagues. some call him an ox. so pedaling other people around seemed a perfect job but not his main job. >> our side hustle and as an engineering inventor, kevin was trying to survive while he got his invention off the ground. he manufactured a bike pump that is inside a wheel hub and as the wheel turns as you're pedaling, the pump self- inflates the tire. >> reporter: manning is a father and grandfather and worked for six years at cabrio taxi pedicabs. >> judging by what the circumstances of the accident were, i don't think that we could have done anything different. >> reporter: but the pedicab community says there is something to be done now,
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figure out who did this. the san francisco police department released that video and hopes that someone will see it and help them catch the driver of that car. we've got that video on our website plus some other screen grabs with close-ups of the vehicle. as i said, the police hope someone out there knows who that is. in the newsroom i'm simon perez, kpix5. a strange story of a man who tried to help a friend. he ended up in the solano county jail after trying to get someone out of jail. the suspect got angry because he couldn't bail his friend out, so he opened fire on the jail. surveillance video shows bullets going through a roll-up door on the left side of your screen. the suspect dominik culver led deputies on a chase that ended in a crash. police arrested him when he tried to run away from the wreck. some good news from the fires in lake county, the
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pawnee fire now 40% kahned and its growth has slowed way -- contained and its growth has slowed way down covering 200 additional acres since yesterday. however, 600 more homes are threatened and with more red flag warning conditions on the way for the weekend firefighters want to get as much containment as soon as possible. our chief meteorologist paul deanno is here with more on that. tomorrow night is when the wind will pick up and the warmer, drier air will move in. that's also when a red flag warning will go into effect tomorrow night through saturday night. it's napa county, eastern sonoma county, a good chunk of lake and mendocino county. the winds will pick up gusting in the mountains to 30 to 40 miles per hour dropping the relative humidity. let's look at futurecast, which is not calling for a windy day tomorrow. as we roll through the day, 10, 15 miles per hour, watch the surge of wind saturday morning, 20 to 25 miles per hour likely getting stronger saturday. it's also going to be heat because the source of our air will come from the north. that's an offshore wind.
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pittsburg tomorrow 93 degrees, 101 coming up on saturday. we'll talk about how long the heat lasts coming up. a plan to let the grass grow over these 18 holes rejected by the judge, the golf course stuck in legal limbo. >> it was stocked up for fire season, trashed, the salvation army kitchen hit by vandals. >> a win for mexico is a win for californians, the world cup challenge that could end in free beer.
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along sir francis drake boulevard will not be sold and turned into open space... at least for the time being. a reprieve for some marin county golf course. the geronimo golf course will not be sold and turned into open space at least right now, not for the time being. the 18 hole course was spared across 157 acres and now a judge says the county cannot
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buy the land. as kpix5's wilson walker shows us, people who like to play are clearly relieved. >> it was a good week for us. it gives us something, something positive. >> reporter: always a nice day when you can get out on the golf course, but for those who love to play san geronimo, this was a particularly fine day. >> yesterday we had a favorable ruling from judge hankenson. so we're all encouraged by that, all of us golf fans, and our upcoming generations. >> reporter: art tyson and his granddaughter ridley among the golfers thrilled to hear a judge has for now blocked marin county's effort to purchase this land. >> the declining business of golf and rising property values, there was a good chance somebody would buy this with the ambition to do something that wasn't a golf course there and didn't include public access. >> reporter: the county is considering something more along the lines of open space here, but in a stroke of irony the judge blocks the county's
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purchase sighting state environmental law meaning this round may go on for quite some time. >> i just think that to take it away to create more open space, which we have an abundance of already, is so short sighted and so exclusive. >> there's just no reason to close this golf course. it's such a beautiful place. >> at this point we're at a very early stage. our doors are really open to talk to folks and listen. >> reporter: so the county will take a look at that ruling and another look at to see how they want to -- look to see how they want to proceed, but the bottom line is this, a pretty determined group of golfers working to save this course. wilson walker, kpix5. police in san rafael looking for the ransacked a salvation army mobile kitchen that served thousands of meals during the
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wine country wildfires. it was all stocked up for this fire season when the thieves broke in overnight tuesday stealing kitchen equipment and dry goods. to donate replacement supplies you can contact the salvation army service center in san rafael. a panel on the peninsula says police should carry a drug that can prevent overdoses from opioids. a civil grand jury in san mateo county recommends all law enforcement carry narcan. they call it a low cost measure that can save lives and protect officers from accidental exposure. elected officials now have 60 days to respond to the grand jury's investigative report. a bay area boy who lost a leg after a tree fell on him will receive more than $40 million in a settlement. in 2012 a rotten 70-foot tree fell on a 12-year-old that was asleep in a tent at san mateo county memorial park. doctors had to amputate his right leg to save his life. the boy sued san mateo county
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and pg&e for negligence. now he will receive a total of more than $47 million. new details about a mysterious deadly shooting in a southern california park, at least five other shootings happened in the area within the last two years. the update comes almost a week after tristan beaudette was shot and killed. he was inside his tent camping with his 2 and 4-year-old daughters. investigators confirm there have been four other shootings in that area, one happening in 2016, two others in 2017 and one just four days before beaudette was killed. the victim of the 2016 case says he reported it to california state parks, but the agency never followed up with an official report. >> obviously this latest incident is just such a tragedy. >> i mean if that guy had known, if there had been a warning. >> he probably wouldn't have booked the camp site for his family. >> investigators won't say if they're close to finding the gunman. coming up at 6:00 tonight
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big soda's stunning power play, lawmakers cave with a special deal to ban future taxes on sugary drinks and you won't believe how the beverage industry pulled it off.
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whether to abolish daylight turning back the clock could become a thing of the past. california voters will decide whether to abolish daylight saving time in november. san jose councilman chu offered the bill. he called changing clocks outdated and actually unhealthy. the legislature will decide how the state's time should be set if the measure is approved. if you have little ones -- >> elementary school parent are applauding everywhere and they'll be voting in november. around here sunset 8:30, 9:00. it's going to be a good weekend to barbecue. >> if you like it warm, it's going to be a beautiful weekend outside. we have triple digit returning for a second straight saturday. your temperatures outside right now, we've got 80s, 70s and
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60s. what do you want? head up the road to sonoma, 86 degrees in santa rosa, 75 in livermore. despite where you are right now, we will all cool down within about 5 to 6 degrees of each other, concord tonight 57, mountain view 56, san francisco 55. i want to recap the red flag warning. i had a couple tweets saying doesn't this happen all the time? isn't fire danger always high? well, yes, it's always high. we're getting into a critical category on saturday because winds will increase and relative humidity will decrease, sonoma county, napa county, lake and mendocino county, it will be critical fire danger on saturday. clearer skies the next several nights. we'll have three days warm to hot with saturday the hottest, but the onshore flow and cooler weather returns in time for the july 4th holiday. here come the ridge. i showed it to you yesterday just north of hawaii. it's taking a trip across the eastern pacific ocean heading
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in direction. once it arrives watch what it does to the winds. the air conditioner is on now basically. the air conditioner gets turned off when the wind comes out of the north where it's like a hot fan blown to you because it's coming from the desert, not the chilly ocean, so less ocean influence is why it will be so warm or hot over the next three days. how hot? if you're heading to the alameda county fair, stop by the ice cream booths because in pleasanton it will be sunny and 102 degrees saturday. the fillmore jazz festival in san francisco temperatures will be in the mid- to upper 70s. the warm-up does begin tomorrow, 90s for santa rosa, napa, concord and livermore, 80s for fremont, san jose and mountain view and 70s for san francisco and oakland nearly 80 degrees. your extended forecast, the hottest day is saturday and the cooldown begins with the ocean breeze returning sunday afternoon and then starting monday right through the july
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4th holiday temperatures crawl back to average. hot stuff coming up this weekend. we'll be right back. we asked what's killing central valley orchards and why illegal pot farms are thriving in the desert. we found b.a.r.t. beggers living in fine cars and affordable housing cheats living in luxury. we learned this college professor are homeless and so are more than half of the children at one silicon valley school. original reporting now honored with the emmy for overall excellence. kpix5 news, expect more. hi! are you two getting along? oh, yeah, yeah. [ hiss ] [ gasps ] [ birds chirping]
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san francisco! the play "harry potter and the cursed c the wizarding world is coming to san francisco. the play harry potter and the cursed child will be at the grant theater in fall of 2019. this will be the west coast premier of the play. it tells the story of harry potter being an overworked dad and his son struggling with the weight of the family legacy. here's another reason to root for mexico in the world
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cup. bud light is promising to give out free beer in california. don't know all the details yet, but if mexico advances to the quarterfinals, something it hasn't done since 1986, it's hoping to break the streak on monday against brazil. if that happens, bud light will spill the details on where you will get your free beer. the cbs evening news is up next. >> jeff glor is here with a preview. jeff? >> reporter: up next we'll have new details on this afternoon's mass shooting in annapolis, maryland, what we know about the victims and how the suspect is refusing to identify himself to authorities including damaging his fingertips. >> also fault lines over the upcoming supreme court nominations, how the debate is shaping the rest of the summer in d.c. and beyond coming up in a few seconds on the cbs evening news. >> thanks so much for watching at 5:00! >> allen and juliette back in 30 minutes with more local news
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for you. ioningnsoreds >> glor: on the cbs evening news this thursday, at least five have been killed in a shooting at a local newspaper office in maryland. we have new details tonight from the scene, including on the shooting suspect who is not cooperating with authorities. plus the supreme battle shaping up over nominations for the highest court. but first the headlines in 60 seconds. >> reporter: at least five people dead after a shooting at an annapolis, maryland, newspaper. >> this guy was holding what looked like a big shotgun and moving across the "capital gazette" office like he was targeting people. >> reporter: police have one person in custody, a white male who is refusing to identify himself. >> we're going to pick ourselves one great supreme court justice. >> now we must dig in. >> we have some excellent people. >> reporter: are you concerned
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about roe vs. wade? >> i don't think we have a nominee yet.


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