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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11PM  CBS  June 29, 2018 1:37am-2:12am PDT

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investigators finally know who killed arlis perry... while she prayed at the stanford chapel. tonight-- now at 11:00. 44 years later the investigators finally know who killed arlis prairie while she prayed. tonight how it came to a violent end. good evening. kpix5 betty yu joins us now, the killer will never go
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to trial? >> that is right. 72-year-old crawford apparently knew his time on the run was almost up. when the detectives showed up at his door today he had no intention of being taken alive. >> it was clear to me that whoever had done this was an insider. it was not an outside wacky. >> reporter: long time mercury news columnist has been following the case since 1974. when the 19-year-old was found dead inside of church. strangled. stabbed in the head with an ice pick and sexually assaulted with alter candles. >> he was a person of interest since the beginning. >> reporter: it rd who first r body to the police. he told the investigators he personally locked up the chapel the night before. >> it has been frustrating throughout the years that we could never get enough evidence
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to charge the suspect. >> reporter: investigators continued to submit dna evidence to the crime lab over the years. finally, they got a hit. >> he knew he was a person of interest. he knew that we were continuing the investigation actively right now. our detectives have talked to him recently. >> the deputies say they were about to serve a search warrant at crawford's san jose apartment this morning when he pulled a gun and shot himself. >> it leaves a suspicion. if someone is innocent they want to confront the cops and have their day in court. >> reporter: perry's father did not live to see his daughter's murder solved. he died three months ago. her mother is 88 and living in north dakota. the christian told the mercury news, quote, i know there is someone far greater that will punish this person. >> reporter: tonight, no word on exactly what the investigators found inside crawford's apartment. they had to postpone their search while they process the
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suicide scene. the sheriff plans to release more details tomorrow. betty yu, kpix5. a brush fire shutdown interstate 780 for hours tonight. flames broke out near columbus parkway and state recreational area. the crews will be out all night mopping up the hot spots. you can see cars driving right through the thick smoke today. the fire broke out around 7:00. the crews finally got it contained after 9:00. all westbound lanes have now reopened. one eastbound lane is still closed, however, the fire burned about 10 acres but it could have been much worse. >> there was not a lot of wind. i was surprised. once it was in the eucalyptus grows it got going. >> at this find is not clear how the fire got started. tonight, people living along highway 4 may hear gunfire but don't worry it is just a test. new gunfire sensors are set up between pittsburgh and antioch.
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since november of 2015 there have been 136 shootings along freeways in contra costa county. the sensors will alert the police when shootings are detected. it will work with the cameras and the license plate readers already mounted on highway 4. >> when shot spotter detects shots fired up on the freeway shot spotter actually moves the zoom cameras in the direction of the gunfire so that we basically have eyes on the freeway at the time of the shooting. >> the tests are happening until 4:00 tomorrow morning. they will shutdown portions of highway 4 a few minutes at a time to test and calibrate the sensors. they want to finish installing shots spotter devices on highway four and interstate 80 stretching to richmond by august. tonight, cbs news reports that the man accused of shooting 5 people at a newspaper office in maryland sued that paper years ago.
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before he attacked he went to great lengths to hide his identity. we go to annapolis tonight. >> reporter: the police chief gave us the final update. over 170 individuals were evacuated from the scene. a gunman opened fire at the gazelle. >> several shots were fired. a reporter said the gunman shot through the glass door at the news room. he tweeted there is nothing more terrifying than hearing multiple people get shot while you are under your desk and hear the gunman reload. this person was prepareed to shoot people. >> reporter: 5 people killed and two others were injured. >> the first victim's name is
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wendi winters, second victim, rebecca smith, the third victim is robert hiasaan, the 4th victim is g the 5 sgt. john mcnamara. >> he was taken into custody by officers. no gunfire exchanged between the officers and the suspect. >> reporter: cbs news the 38- year-old ramos being questioned in the shooting. >> the mrs. are not confirm -- the police are not confirming but the suspect damaged his fingerprints to prevent quick identification. they used facial recognition to dir theyare still determining the source. they are looking at 100 people in the building at the time as they go over the crime scene. >> reporter: the suspect is from maryland and he was living here in maryland. we know investigators were at
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his home tonight waiting for search warrant to enter. they said that he had some sort of vendetta against the newspaper. back to you. this is the front page of tomorrow's newspaper, pictures of the 5 employees who were killed line the top. the gazette tweeted "yes, we are putting out a paper tomorrow". >> they beefed up their presence at tv stations and newspapers including the "new york times" n los angeles the lapd sent officers to check in with security at the "la times" just as precautions. tonight, we learned that the oakland teenager pronounced brain dead five years ago has been taken off of life support. a family member says that the 17-year-old died. the 17-year-old was in a vegetative state when she went into cardiac arrest after
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tonsil surgery at oakland children's hospital. her family moved her to new jersey for long-term care after losing a court battle here. her body will be flown to oakland and her brain will be donateed to science. a new clue tonight -- donated to science. a new clue tonight for the person who put a pedi cab driver in a coma. >> reporter: that driver is still in critical condition after being struck by a hit and run vehicle. his daughter tells me she is focused on his recovery. >> just happy that he is alive. >> reporter: still, she says her father, 66-year-old kevin manning, is not doing well. sed injury when a hit and run driver smash into his pedi cab along the southbound lanes the embarcadero yesterday. >> i see my father, i see my best friend, somebody who has been there for me my whole
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life, laying in bed in a hospital room just -- no words for that. >> reporter: the police want you to take a look at the video of the car believed to be involved in the hit and run. champagne colored honda civic. yesterday, at 4:30 the car swerved into the right lane and knocked his pedi cab into another one in front of him. both were carrying a canadian family of 4. two parents and two small children. ages 5-8. the family was hospitalized but released. kevin got the worst of it. >> engineering inventor kevin was trying to survive while he got his invention off of the ground. >> reporter: his invention is a bike pump inside of a wheel hub that self-inflates your tire while you are peddling. kevin manning is a father and grandfather. his daughter says he is still in a coma and it could be a couple more days before the doctors know the extent of his injury. his friends are raising money c recovery. meanwhile the police are hoping
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someone will recognize this car and help them arrest the driver. >> it would really help to find the person who did this hit and run to my father. this is something where somebody is just a coward and did not look. whatever it is, they left the scene of a -- scene, people real people with families. >> reporter: if you recnoise recognize the vehicle you are asked to call the police. just a coincidence or something more? the feds timing during an interview with the bay area's ice spokesman. president turned novelist, tonight, the thriller that bill clinton is promoting in san jose. tired of daylight saving? now voters get a chance to decide if it stays or goes, that is next firs
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explaining his abrupt resignation in march. a bay area spokesman for ice is sharing his saturday of the story explaining his resignation in march. but his first tv interview was interrupted by a surprise visit from the feds. he was telling his story when homeland security agents came knocking at his door. >> reporter: tensions running high in february over a series of raids carried out by federal agents with immigration and customs enforcement or ice. with guidance of his superiors
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in washington, d.c. it fell to james schwab to communicate with the journalists. >> the day before it took place the oakland mayor surprised us and announced our operation. >> here is my message, how dare you. >> how dare you distort the reality. >> we arrested higher than our estimate. internally it was a success but publicly she let people go. >> that was not true? >> not true. >> reporter: he helped craft a statement to the media saying some of them were able to allude us, thanks to the mayor's irresponsible decision. he was comfortable with that statement. he says, because it included the words "some of" it is a spin statement. there is what every public affairs officer does. >> reporter: a week later attorney general jeff sessions language was different. >> ice failed to make 800
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arrests that would have been made if the mayor had not made her statement. those are 800 wanted criminals that are at large in that community. >> that made you uncomfortable. >> it made me extremely uncomfortable. >> reporter: when the reporters asked him to clarify it. he was instructed by his superiors in washington to refer to the original statement he drafted without disputing sessions version of events. >> after they failed to correct it, it is a flat out lie, they know it is a lie. it was shocking to me that no one wanted to fix that. >> reporter: troubled by what he saw as public deception. >> i could not phantom staying at a organization that was okay about lying to the american public. i hate that. in 17 years in the military, at the department of defense, as a civilian, at nasa and now homeland security i never have been asked to lie. i have never asked to
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perpetuate a lie. >> the men identified themselves as agents from department of homeland security inspector's office. >> you can not speak to you. >> why are you here? >> i can not speak to you. if you give me your name and number i can have -- >> do you often come to people's home? >> yes. part of my job. >> okay. >> you will call me? >> we are in his home. >> i am talking to him. it is confidential. do you want to talk to me? my will talk to you. >> when do you want to talk? >> as soon as i contact my lawyer. >> do you have a card i can take from you? >> no. >> what was that about? >> they just said they wanted to talk to me about the leak with the oakland mayor. they would like to have an interview with me about the oakland mayor's leak. >> were you surprised to see them? >> shocked. unexpected. >> did you ever contact the
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oakland mayor's office? >> no. i never met her before. i never contacted -- >> you did not e-mail or leak anything? >> never, never, i would never tell her or anyone. he was very stern with me and it was concerning. >> do you think it was an intimidation technique? >> absolutely. why three months later are we doing this in intimidation. this is why people will not come out and speak against the government. >> reporter: as for the oakland mayor she described the knock on his door as quote the sound of tyranny. >> the idea that the trump administration is continuing to intimidate and vilify good public servants, someone who has stood up to the simple idea that government should not lie just offends everything i believe about government and democracy. >> reporter: the mayor says no
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one from the justice department has come knocking on her door yet but she says she is preparing for the worst. cbs news reached out to ice. the agency disagrees with the msorred to lie but does believe that the oakland mayor's warning helped target the arrest and that even one criminal off of the street is a public safety risk. back in march a group of senators called on the inspector general to investigate his resignation. it will be up to voters to decide if california keeps changing the clocks. governor brown signed a bill that puts daylight saving on the november ballot. the measure was written called the changing ever the clocks outdated. his ultimate goal is for california to switch to year around daylight saving. >> it is a biological inconvenience and for everyone to remember. it does not save anybody any time anymore. >> if voters approve the
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measure lawmakers will decide how california's time would be set. congress would have to sign off. a new law aims to protect your online personal information, jerry brown signed the california consumer privacy act today. democratic state senator says personal information will no longer be collected and monetized under the bill. tech giants like google and amazon are against the law. former president, bill clinton, just did something no other president has done before. tonight he was in the bay area to talk about it. kpix5 is at the sap center in san jose. [cheers and applause] >> reporter: tonight he took the stage not just as a former president but as a fission author. >> he did the first draft and i >> reporter: about 2,000 people filed into the sap center in san jose. one of president bill clinton stops on his book tour. >> the two together making and
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writing that book was, you know, you wanted to know why. >> reporter: james patterson joined the president on stage. the first time any president teamed up with a bestselling novelist to write a work of fiction. >> when i had the opportunity to write a -- to spend a year with the president as i have had and write a book with him i jumped at it. >> reporter: the thriller titled "the president is missing" about the country's leader trying to top a cyberattack against the u.s. >> there is a very serious attack against the united states. >> this is about anything that is electric can be hacked. >> reporter: the pair talked about current events in the country including what seemed like a jab at the president. >> the president getting involved in fission and some presidents having no problem getting involved in fiction. >> this stuff was a combination
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of our experiences. >> reporter: security was tight here at the sap center. no security issues. clinton and patterson did not do interviews or book signings. at the sap center, kpix5. tonight, a destructive wildfire in lake county is 50% contained? the pawnee fire burned more than 13,000 acres since it started northeast of clear lake oaks, destroyed 22 structures, tonight, cal fire says crews made enough headway that now no other buildings are threatened. some evacuations still remain in effect. firefighters are trying to work fast to build and reinforce control lines. it is heating up. a red flag warning will be in effect starting material night through saturday in napa county and far eastern sonoma county. it means if a fire were to start it could potentially spread quickly. want to go now to our chief meteorologist with more details. paul? >> reporter: it is because of
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the wind and higher elevations. wind gusts of 30-40 miles an hour. an off shore wind. it will make us hot. fire danger, that is always high this time of the year in the specific locations in the north bay it is going to be extreme fire danger beginning this time tomorrow night and lasting 24 hours into saturday night. it is a mild night outside. fog free in san francisco. 59 degrees. san jose, 62, concord, 62, middle 50s tonight. oakland, your low, 56, fairfield, 58, livermore, mountain view in the 50s. these are your highs, not tomorrow, saturday, it will get hot, again. antioch, 102, middleton, sonny valley, 94 hot degrees. why the change? ridge of high pressure, simply changes location, way off to our west right now giving us a northwest flow coming from the ocean. that is like mother nature's air-conditioning, running at 55 degrees, the air above it. the fan is blowing towards us right now. not starting tomorrow.
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a north wind takes over. that ridge is now closer and the north wind means less of a notion influence. it will get hot and it will be 96 degrees at the marin county fair on saturday. sunny and hot, the heat begins tomorrow. the peak of the heat will be saturday. morgan hill, lower 90s. palo alto, next i -- the beach still in the 60s. 82 in mill valley tomorrow, 72 for alameda. sonoma, 92 degrees, petaluma in the middle 90s. peak of the heat, saturday. we cool off, sunday afternoon, you will feel the rush of marine air moving in. it will drop you 10 degrees and continue the cool down next week. right now, july 4th, the chilliest and cloudiest day of the next week. i am hoping to tweak that forec wednesday. >> yes. >> i know, right? middle 80s is chilly. >> all right, paul, thank you. need a little magic in your
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life? an award-winning performance from the wizarding world of "harry potter" is coming to the bay area. here are tonight's guests on the "late show"
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"harry potter and the cursed child" will open at "the curran theater" in fall 2019. th the boy who lives. >> "harry potter and the cursed child" will open up in fall of 2019. the play picks up 19 years after the last book. it won six tony awards including best play. the five hour play is separated into two parts ever the fans see it as a matinee, evening combinn ts is a good one. i would love to go out with other people and see it and
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watch it. >> yes. >> yes. >> or go to the giants game. sports settling in here as much as i can bring it in less than 2 minutes. after that, feel free to do what these fans are doing games on the road for the first
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since 2002?? i'll show ya bob melvin suddenly thinking guess who won 8 straight games on the road for firs time since 2002. yes. i will show you. bob, you got yourself a winning
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ball club just before the all- star break. the 3rd inning, chris davis, up the middle. the last of 5 singles against t scored, put them up 3-2. bottom 6. bases loaded jam, got him. the a's are -- they are good. they can play the tigers every day. and a swing and a miss. >> striking out for the 20th save winning it 4-2. they take a 4-game sweep. give me steve kern, 6 world series titles. giants had the lead ce. the rockies came from behind in the 9th. bill rex r e ries againse ,
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game 6, 1986, considered one of, if not baseball's biggest blunder. the sox, they lost in 7 games, arkansas the play that happened last night in the college world series you can show that at the same cookout. arkansas just needed to catch this foul pop last night. you catch it national title. 3 guys around and they let it drop. what happened? they lost the game. then, strike 3 called. oregon state shockingly wins ey title. on 0. shout out to soft more first baseman, vaughn, named ev award. given to the best college
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player. he hit 423 jacks for the season. santa rosa pride. first ever from the bay area to get the award. we'll be rig
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>> dr. stanley: remember this: cannot change the laws of god. when he has visited you in some form of adversity and he brings yough that, that's like he has increased the strength of the foundation of your life and your faith in him. [music]
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our next newscast is tomorrow morning at 4-30. michelle griego and kenny choi will have all the news y your day. "the late show" is next. next newscast is tomorrow morning at 4:30. >> all of yoday.we wsee d t
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