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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5AM  CBS  June 29, 2018 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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and i'm anne makovec in for kenny choi. good morning, everyone. it is friday, june 29th. i'm michelle griego. >> and i'm anne makovec. kenny has the morning off. it is the final friday of june! taking a live look outside this morning, on the left-hand side of your screen, that is a view of the city from pier 7 looking gorgeous this morning. and on the right, the golden gate bridge, not very many vehicles to speak of at this hour. but yeah, the holiday rush is going to be on today. and so it the heat. >> mm-hm. >> the heat is going to be on. it's a clear morning which is nice but also a sign that we are going to get a lot of sunshine and that's going to heat things up a lot so let's show you some of our views all across san francisco. this is our "salesforce tower" camera looking towards the west. and you can see a little light haze right there over the ocean. that's the pacific ocean beyond sutro tower.
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beful gorgeous views this morning. this is the sutro camera, as well. nice sparkling lights this morning. 61 in concord already. normally you're in the 50s. you are going to be warming up soon. 56 in oakland. livermore 54. san francisco feeling good at 54. so right now is a chance to really go outside if you can and do any kind of outdoor jogging, things like that that you want to do because it's going to be uncomfortable later on this afternoon. west wind we have been having all week long but it's light through most of san francisco southwest wind direction. napa was coming in from the north. overall the wind direction has not officially changed to bring on the dry offshore winds but that's expected to happen especially later on this afternoon. rnnight through tomorrow
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gusty conditday be >> a nehot spot for folks making their way through the south bay. northbound 101 that connector ramp to northbound 280 a report of an accident. it doesn't appear to be slowing anything down. but you may see some flashing lights if you are heading in that direction. here's a live look at 280. this is right near saratoga avenue. will we have "friday light"? a lot of folks will be hitting the roads today for the getaway holiday traffic. so keep that in mind if you are going to be out there. it will likely be a little busier than usual. this morning, the suspect
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in the shooting death of a five people at a maryland newsroom is charged with five counts of murder. he may have had a grudge against the newspaper. reporter: this is the front page of today's "capital gazette." the morning after a gunman opened fire inside its newsroom killing five people and injuring others. >> first victim's name is wendi winters. second victim is rebecca smith. third victim is robert hiaasen. fourth victim is gerald fischman. and the fifth victim is john mcnamara. we're deeply saddened that we had to make those notifications and we're deeply saddened that a person had to take this into his own hands and this is the result. >> several shots have been fired, um, possible shotgun, at least 10 shots heard. >> reporter: 38-year-old jarrod ramos has been charged with five counts of first- degree murder. officers say he used a shotgun
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and was carrying smoke grenades when he was apprehended. police arrived at the scene within a minute the first emergency call. >> they just went straight in. when he heard them coming, he threw his weapon down and less lives were lost than i think could have been lost. >> reporter: the gazelle reported that ramos had a long- standing grudge against the newspaper. he brought a defamation suit against it in 2012 but a judge dismissed the case. sources say officers used facial recognition software to identify ramos because he had damaged his fingers to prevent quick identification. authorities were seen searching his apartment last night. angelica alvarez, cbs news, annapolis, maryland. >> two people were also treated at the hospital with minor injuries. neither was shot. those injuries are believed to have been caused by flying glass. and both of the people involved in the defamation suit are no longer with the paper. a decades old cold case murder investigation has come to a violent end in the south bay. investigators say 72-year-old
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steven blake crawled attacked and killed a 19-year-old girl back in 1974. arliss perry was found dead inside the stanford memorial church. she had been strangled, stabbed and sexually assaulted. detectives say it was crawford who first reported the body to police while as a security guard but they had trouble getting evidence over the years. finally they got a hit. >> he knew he was a person of interest. he knew that we were continuing the investigation actively right now because our detective had talked to him recently. >> deputies say they were about to serve a search warrant at his san jose apartment yesterday morning when he shot himself. no word on exactly what investigators found inside crawford's apartment. they had to postpone their search while they processed the suicide scene. the sheriff plans to release more details today. jahi mcmath was declared brain-dead in 2013. the oakland girl has been
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finally taken off life support. jessica flores live in oakland. jessica. reporter: anne that legal and medical battle started right here at oakland at children's hospital. this is where jahi mcmath was declared brain-dead in 2013. her body was then taken to new jersey and she received care there. despite doctors saying that she was legally dead, her mother believed that she was alive and actually got permission to take jahi to new jersey and get treatment there. and that's where she was declared dead. jahi's mother said she died after internal bleeding from an operation. in 2013, jahi was declared brain-dead after having complications in surgery to remove her tonsils here in oakland. her mother believed jahi was still alive and moved her to new jersey because the state allows keeping someone on life support for religious reasons. her mother said she saw signs of life in her daughter. she released video of her
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daughter moving her fingers and toes four years ago. >> so i said okay, move your thumb if you can hear me. she moved her thumb again. so she knows the difference between left and right. she knows her fingers. if i say move your leg, that's something she can do with no issue. >> now, the family filed a lawsuit against children's hospital for medical malpractice. a court hearing to determine whether jahi was dead or alive was set for next year. now, obviously, that won't happen. but the body will be flown here to oakland and her family says scientists will study jahi's brain. reporting live in oakland, i'm jessica flores, kpix 5. san francisco's minimum wage will increase this weekend. it starts on sunday, july 1st. employees working in the city must be paid $15 an hour. that includes part-time and temporary workers. right now, the minimum wage is $14. the increase makes san
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francisco and emeryville the highest minimum wages in the bay area. california now the first state in the country to pass new consumer privacy laws about how tech companies can use personal data. kpix 5's katie nielsen is here to explain what it means. reporter: michelle, this really is a huge change. the new law allows consumers to know what information is being collected and with whom that data is shared. governor brown signed the bill late yesterday just hours before the deadline to pull a similar privacy bill from the november ballot. that ballot measure would have had stricter penalties and was facing significant pushback from tech giants like amazon, google and twitter. >> privacy is a huge issue. technology has come up with new ways with these funny phones that we have to count our steps to see our location, to look at our heart rate and all of those things that they can use to sell. >> reporter: the new law also makes it easier for consumers to opt out of data collection and makes it more difficult to
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share or sell data about anyone under the age of 16 years old. the bill doesn't go into effect until january of 2020. >> why did lawmakers want to pass the bill instead of letting the ballot measure go before voters? >> reporter: it comes down to the opposition from the tech companies many of which are based here in silicon valley. legislators said the ballot measure was too rigid and didn't allow for the changes that they needed to make as technology advances. time now 5:09. new surveillance video shows the car involved in a hit-and- run crash with a bike taxi in san francisco. police now looking for the driver. >> and drivers get ready for the summer of paving. how a bay area city is going full speed ahead to fix up the roads. >> and get ready for a hot one. today, tomorrow, sunday, i'll also talk about the fire dangers that will start tonight. >> and we are tracking "friday light" conditions on the golden gate bridge.
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things are looking good. but some changes are coming this weekend. i'll have the details coming up.
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governor jerry brown signed a bill that puts daylight saving on the nov turning back the clock could be a thing of the past.
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governor brown signed a bill that puts daylight saving on the november ballot. san jose assemblyman chu wrote the measure calling the by annual changing of the clocks outdated. his ultimate goal is for california to switch to year round daylight saving. >> it's a biological inconvenience and it's going to inconvenience everybody to remember. it doesn't really save anybody anytime anymore. >> if voters approve the measure, lawmakers will decide how california's time would be set. congress would also have to sign off. san francisco police have released new video in the effort to find a hit-and-run driver who put a pedicab driver in a coma. joe vazquez spoke exclusively with that driver's daughter. reporter: >> just happy he is alive. >> reporter: still, the woman says her father, 66-year-old kevin manning, is not doing well. he had a severe head injury when a hit-and-run driver hit his pedicab along the
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southbound lanes of the embarcadero. >> i see my father. i see my best friend, um, somebody who has been there for me my whole life, laying in bed in a hospital room just -- no words for that. >> reporter: police want you to take a look at this video of the car believed to be involved in the hit-and-run. it's a champagne colored honda civic. around 4:30 p.m., police say the car swerved into the right lane and knocked kevin's pedicab into another pedicab in front of him. both pedicabs were carrying a canadian family of four. two parents and two small children ages 5 and 8. the family was hospitalized but have all since been released. kevin got the worst of it. >> as an engineering inventor, kevin was trying to survive while he got his invention off the ground. >> reporter: his invention is a bike pump inside a wheel hub that self inflates your bicycle tire while pedaling. kevin manning is also a father and grandfather. his daughter says he is still in a coma and it could be days
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before doctors know the extent of his injuries. his frs e raising money because it will be a long recovery. meanwhile police hope somebody will recognize this car and help them arrest the driver. >> it would really help to find the person who did this hit-and-run to my father. this is something where somebody is a coward and didn't look. whatever it is, they left the scene of a -- real people, with real families. >> reporter: if you recognize that suspect vehicle, you're asked to call the san francisco police department. joe vazquez, kpix 5. oakland leaders are warning drivers about what they are calling the summer of paving. city officials want to repave more miles this summer than they have in recent years. first up, east 16th street and 37th avenue. this campaign will fix 25 miles of the 800 miles of oakland roads. crews are able to ramp up their work thanks to funding from measure kk and the state's gas tax.
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>> the common thread that oaklanders have from the north hills to east oakland is they are frustrated in the condition of their roads. >> the goal is to have the work done before the winter months. >> it's 5:15. jaclyn has a warning if you are hitting the golden gate bridge this weekend. that's right. starting sunday, july 1st, the tolerates are going up 25 cents. so you will need to pay more. fastrak goes up to $7. and pay by plate $8 is the new total carpoolers, $5. that starts july 1st, sunday. right now, traffic is flowing freely in both directions across the span as you head north. this is 101 at spencer very quiet conditions out on the roads. not too many people out there just yet. and 101 right near 580 your ride looking good heading through the north bay.
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your ride shouldn't be in trouble along 37. the richmond/san rafael bridge is problem-free. "friday light" conditions with the exception of the eastshore freeway. definitely seeing the crowds develop there. this is 80 at mcbryde. no problems to report. we did have some overnight roadwork. caltrans may have some ramp closures but it looks like all lanes have reopened both east- and westbound direction. over at the toll plaza, very light conditions. we'll take that as well in the green 11 minutes into san francisco. no metering lights just yet. hat's a check of your traffic; over to you. sounds like a happy friday. thanks so much, jaclyn. it's glowing on the top of the hill and it's going to be a nice morning very calm and nice sunny skies in the next couple of hours with a changing wind direction making things dry
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and hot. we won't feel much moisture so it's about to get hot through sunday and yes fire danger will be high. so the morning that we want to let everyone know about, we don't want any more fires to spread of course. it is calm for now. we are getting a west wind but it's not too breezy. look at san jose this morning. you are waking up to clear conditions. temperatures there 58 degrees already. a little warmer than normal to wake up to. 54 in san francisco and livermore. 61 in concord this morning. so let's check in on those winds. haven't noticed winds from the north yet.tiift heast. by tomorrow that's definitely not going to be the case. visibility is clear in most locations except for half moon bay. usual spots where you get the fog.
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that's at the coast. other than that not too cloudy in the morning. there is a ridge of high pressure, it's big and impacts all the west coast of dry winds and increasing fire danger and then also temperatures rising. so temperatures will be about 6 degrees above average for san francisco. 8 degrees above average there. temperatures in the 60s at the coast. usually in the upper 50s for the beaches. 87 sunnyvale today. 88 campbell. 92 morgan hill. looking at a lot of the east bay temperatures mid-90s for most of you. 94 in concord. 92 in walnut creek. danville 91. pleasanton 93. livermore 93. it's going to feel warm. head over to the bay or the beaches to get cooling.
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72 in sausalito. 73 in san francisco. but again, these temperatures are well above average to the north wine country in the low 90s. lakeport, clearlake mid-90s today so it will be hot and dry. through sunday with the peak the effects of the ridge on saturday. as it gets offshore there will be stronger winds late tonight into tomorrow. temperatures up to 105 possible by tomorrow. gusts 40 miles per hour so this red flag warning starts at 11 p.m. tonight and ends at 11 p.m. tomorrow. humidity down to 10% extremely dry and no relief on sunday. it will be hot. monday, tuesday into your 4th of july holiday, we go back to that onshore breeze, the coastal cooler air and morning marine layer so our regular summer pattern will return on the 4th of july. that's your forecast. hey, good morning, everybody! you awake? i am!
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go have a cup of coffee. i'll join you in a little bit for less than two minutes in sports that you will be talking about for the rest of the day! or i'll put you to sleep.
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hey, good morning, everybody. got a little baseball up top
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for you to chew on. guess who just won eight straight games on the road for the first time since 2002? i'm going to show you. the oakland a's are not fooling around! at the tigers, 3rd inning, khris davis, the last of five straight singles. boy, the a's love playing against the tigers. sean minaya got them out of the 6th. held them to 2 runs in six innings. the a's won 4-2 to complete a four-game sweep. they are raging! steve kerr, bruce bochy, two guys that are kind of a big deal. giants in an 8-7 lead evaporates against colorado as dyson is taken the distance. rockies win to avoid being swept in the four games
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series. giants finished this first part of the home stand 7-3. they go to arizona for the weekend. that is sports at this hour. everybody have a great one and i'll see you later. the play of the day this friday morning is from the world of golf. first round of the u.s. senior open in colorado springs. sam sousa with the tee shot on the fourth hole a 175-yard par three. he nails it! sousa gets the hole in one. that would be his lone bright spot of the day as he would shoot 18-over par on the round but that hole in one earns him the play of the day. it's a controversial case of an oakland team declared brain-dead five years ago. now her family says she died in new jersey. of the most sweeping p.
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internet privacy reform acts in the country. we'll explain what's changing just ahead. you could generate your own energy,
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at home. or to save energy, unplug unused appliances. do your thing, with energy upgrade california.
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but the fire danger is heating up. the deal at the state capitol... that many call questionable - at best. akers are now firefighters are getting the upper hand on that destructive wildfire in lake county but the danger is heating up. >> the deal at the state capital that many call questionable at best. why lawmakers are siding with soda companies. >> we have a red flag warning to talk about. i'll talk about the hot, dry conditions in your forecast. >> a motorcycle accident and we'll have details coming up. good morning, everyone. it is friday, june 29th.
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i'm michelle griego. >> and i'm anne makovec in for kenny choi. the oakland teenager pronounced brain-dead almost five years ago has been taken off life support. kpix 5's jessica flores reports from children's hospital in oakland. reporter: well, it was a controversial case that grabbed national attention and all started here at oakland at children's hospital. this is where jahi mcmath then 13 years old was declared brain-dead. she was moved to new jersey and she died there. her mother announced that this week. her mother said she died from internal bleeding from an operation. now, in 2013, jahi was declared brain-dead after complications from surgery to remove her tonsils. her mother believed jahi was ners because of the s whicw epfe ort for said she saw
5:31 am
signs of life in her daughter. she released video of her daughter moving her fingers and toes four years ago. >> very good. oh. i'm so proud of you, boo! >> reporter: the family filed a lawsuit against children's hospital for medical malpractice. a court hearing to determine whether jahi was dead or alive was scheduled for next year. now, the family says they plan to fly jahi's body here to oakland and they say scientists will study her brain. reporting live in oakland, i'm jessica flores, kpix 5. the fire danger is heating up in lake county as firefighters there battle a devastating wildfire. the pawnee fire has burned more than 13,000 acres since it started last saturday northeast of clearlksit iw 50% the fire destroyed 22 structures. now cal fire says no other buildings are threatened but some evacuations still in
5:32 am
effect. firefighters are working to build and reinforce control lines ahead of this weekend's red flag conditions. that's what neda has been looking at. a lot of concerns when it comes to fire dangers all over northern california. >> the firefighters are all there battling a couple of those fires. we don't want new ones. that could happen this weekend so the warning is out, red flag warning starts tonight. so let's show you the conditions for the pawnee fire right now. wind gusts are starting to get stronger in this early-morning hour about 13 miles per hour. temperatures 66. it's the coolest time of the day and the time of the day when we have the highest humidity. so 54%. but these numbers are really expected to drop down into possibly single digits later on today and through saturday. so the futurecast showing those wind speeds throughout the day, it will be fairly strong but tonight is really when it gets intense. gusty winds through tomorrow up to 40 miles an hour. saturday is the biggest concern but starting at 11
5:33 am
p.m. tonight when the red flag warning takes effect including lake county where the pawnee fire is burning. it includes tehama county where another fire is burning. temperatures in the 100s inland. it will be dry and gusty winds. avoid lawn work on saturday. some of the equipment can spark fires and no fireworks. hot spoton the roads along southbound 680 right near andrade. we have a car and a motorcycle that got into it. you can see those delays
5:34 am
starting to build in that southbound direction. speeds in the yellow just under 40 miles per hour. so it looks like it has at least one lane blocked. emergency crews heading to the scene. expect slowdowns to continue. southbound 880 as you approach 84, we have an earlier crash that still out there on the shoulder and traffic is definitely starting to slow down a bit as you approach the dumbarton bridge. here's a live look and you can see that -- this is 880 from the other side okay in the green along that stretch. earlier reports of the crash near the maze. no metering lights and no major backups heading into san francisco. it is the first consumer privacy law passed in the country and now people in california will have more of a say over how their personal data is used by tech companies. katie nielsen explains what's
5:35 am
changing. reporter: this truly is groundbreaking legislation. the new law will overhaul how companies can use personal data collected from users and also how that data is shared. the biggest changes tech companies have to tell users what data they are collecting, why they're collecting it and who they are sharing it with. also consumers can now opt out of that data collection and sharing, plus there are new requirements for protecting data from hackers. a billionaire real estate developer pushed to get an internet privacy law on the november ballot but compromised with lawmakers and tech industry giants including amazon and twitter. >> i'll take certainty over uncertainty. at the end of the day we had heard that google alone had committed $40 million to fighting this. >> reporter: governor brown signed the bill into law late yesterday with unanimous support from the house and the senate. that new law takes effect in 2020. >> why now? the tech companies have been collecting this type of data for years. >> reporter: they have. we have known about the data collection but i don't think
5:36 am
many people understood the extent of it until the cambridge analytica scandal revealed just how much facebook data has shared. up until now there haven't been very many laws on the books protecting consumers. >> thank you. lawmakers say big soda companies forced them to drop soda taxes. voters in san francisco, oakland and berkeley have already approved soda taxes with the simple majority. other california cities were planning similar measures but then the companies got enough signatures for a statewide initiative that would require a two-thirds vote for any local taxes and they were threatening to put it on the november ballot. >> this was a tactic of political extortion. they got the signatures on something that they thought voa ballot measure on one topic to force us to vote on a measure that
5:37 am
would prevent any future local taxes on soda around the state of california for the next 12 years. >> governor brown signed the bill yesterday while calling the soda industry's proposed ballot initiative an abomination. tesla has an update for people who reserved a model 3. diane king hall joins us from the new york stock exchange with that story and the rest of this morning's money watch. >> reporter: stocks up yesterday. dow up 98. nasdaq up 58. tesla sending emails to everyone in north america who reserved a model 3 saying their electric sedans are ready to order. it didn't give a delivery date but customers can now choose between three models. a united nations agency is green lighting standards for tracking airline emissions from international flights. the standards approved yesterday are intended to help determine how much airlines need to reduce the growth of greenhouse gas emissions from planes. meanwhile, if you are hitting the road for the 4th of july holiday get ready for
5:38 am
a pinch at the pump. motorists across the country will spend on average almost $3 a gallon. those are the highest pump prices since 2014. and get ready for a sale at h & m. the fashion chain has $4 billion in unsold clothes. they want to get rid of it. they will use a variety of strategies to reduce the pile- up including sales. >> i might have to go bright after work, then. you say sale, i'm there! so we are hearing starbucks has a pretty sweet deal today. what are the details on that? >> reporter: so the coffee giant is offering a special buy one, get one free happy hour promotion to snag the deal go to starbucks after 3:30 p.m. to participate you have to sign up for starbucks's rewards and choose from any frappucino on the menu. >> so it has to be a frappucino? >> it has to be. but hey, we're not going to complain. it is summer. >> you're right. it's true. we'll take a vanilla latte.
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doesn't matter. have a great weekend, diane king hall. time now 5:38. a new procedure could revolution identify cataract surgery. >> plus, you may have heard some gunfire night on a bay area freeway overnight. don't worry, it could save your life. it's time for the 'lowest prices of the season' with savings on the new sleep number 360 smart bed. it sur every move and automatically adjusts on both sides to keep you effortlessly comfortable. and snoring.... does your bed do that? for a limited time, save up to $500 plus free home delivery on sleep number 360 smart beds. ends june 30th.
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good morning. happy friday. there's the moon! clear skies are helping us see the moon. we'll see the sunrise this morning. in healthwatch a new device is changing the way doctors perform cataract surgery. nikki battiste reports. >> reporter: helen loves the theater but shows started w happening on the stage. >> look straight at me, please. >> reporter: she needed surgery for cataracts a
5:42 am
clouding of the lens of the eye which can affect vision. most are related to aging. >> just using this hand-held device -- >> reporter: her doctor with new york eye and ear infirmary of mount sinai used this new hand-held device to treated her right eye. >> generally we break it up with ultrasound or laser energy and both of those deliver energy into the eye. this can do the same thing without the energy. >> reporter: and no energy to the eye means less swelling and inflammation. >> it's like a cinching devices. it looks around the lens, you close it and it breaks it in half. >> reporter: the doctor says the new technology allows patients to recover faster. >> finally. >> reporter: helen had some discomfort right after the procedure. but she says she could see perfectly within a day. >> we went to the theater, i saw everything on the stage. the facial expression of the
5:43 am
actors, everything. >> reporter: she is driving without glasses and looking intord to traveling this summer and seeing all the sights clearly. nikki battiste, cbs news, new york. >> cataracts are common in older adults. by age 75, half of all americans have them. the u.s. supreme court is casting doubt on a berkeley law on cell phone warnings. two years ago, berkeley passed an ordinance that requires cell phone retailers to post notices about the potential hazards from radiation. the ninth circuit court of appeals upheld the law calling it a permissible regulation of free speech but yesterday, the supreme court vacated that ruling and sent it back to the lower court for further consideration. the high court said it made that move in light of a separate ruling earlier this week. it invalidated a california law requiring that pregnant women be notified about abortion as an option. gunfire along highway 4 in contra costa county overnight that the chp says is for your
5:44 am
own safety. new gunfire sensors are set up between pittsburg and antioch. since november of 2015, there have been 136 shootings on freeways in contra costa county. these sensors will alert police when shootings are detected and this system will work with the surveillance cameras and license plate readers already mound on highway 4. >> when shotspotter detects shots fired up on the freeway, shotspotter actually moves the cameras in the direction of the gunfire so we basically have eyes on the freeway at the time of the shooting. >> the tests wrapped up at 4 a.m. this morning. officers shut down portions of highway 4 a few minutes at a time to test and calibrate the gunfire sensors. officials hope to finish installing shotspotter devices on highway 4 and i-80 stretching to richmond by august. well, it is 5744 right now. let's check weather and traffic at 5:44.
5:45 am
what are the roads like, "friday light" or -- >> highway 4 looks really good right now. problems could slow some drivers down. 680 southbound a motorcycle accident. we are seeing these delays. now, the first reports came in that this crash was right near andrade. it may be closer to vargas road. one lane is blocked. speeds dip below 15 miles per hour. the backup is stretching just beyond highway 84 at this point. but emergency crews on the scene hopefully can get that cleared. the drive times may pick up. here's 101 near north first street. lesouth of here we are seeing some delays. we had an earlier crash and
5:46 am
that was right along 101 just beyond -- excuse me, it's near alum rock. we had an earlier one closer to 280/680. looks like that's a problem spot this morning. please be careful. reports of a fire this is along 780 right where we had a fire yesterday. if you see smoke in the area, fire crews are aware and they are handling the situation. let's start with this gorgeous view. i a beautiful morning on lake tahoe. this may be a good place to go cool off in the waters. this is the view at homewood. right now is your chance to enjoy the outdoors because it's going to be warm uncomfortable later on. 61 in concord. oakland at 56. livermore 54. san francisco 54.
5:47 am
san jose 58. waking up to clear conditions even at sfo. so that's great news for travelers as you may be are getting away for this holiday weekend. a look at the headlines today. our wind direction is changing. dry and hot through sunday. fires can spread fast. fire danger starts today because you're going to start to feel that low humidity. it's going to begin here soon once our wind direction comes in from the north. that's going to be happening here today. here's a look from our "salesforce tower" view towards the east and you saw those clear conditions across the bay. 6-mile-per-hour winds in oakland now. still a little west wind in san francisco. but in hayward, you know, it's shifting to a northeast wind. a lot lighter through the delta, through fairfield, about 10-mile-per-hour sustained winds. sunrise this morning in the rs ahead of the official sunrise. so the heat is here. and that's contributing to those clear conditions out there that you're seeing. so we are not getting as much of that onshore breeze. we are not going to feel that which is why that marine layer is not back this morning.
5:48 am
it's a sign that we are going to have a warm day. sun is going to contribute to warming things up. temperatures will be above average today: tomorrow will be hotter. a lot of the south bay locations may be talking about 100 degrees for your saturday. 90s in the area today in the usual hot spots. wine country temperatures in the low 90s and look at this where the fire is burning, pawnee fire, temperatures in the mid-90s today. tomorrow in that location, 100 to 105 is what we are expecting all because this is going to get closer and you can see the wind streamlines right there showing us that
5:49 am
dry offshore wind that will definitely take effect starting tonight. here we are at 10:00 tonight. when you see that red that's a sign of north dry winds coming through and it will get gusty overnight. 25-mile-per-hour gusts through napa but those hills gusts up c'swhy that red ur. flag warning starts tonight. it will last through 11:00 tomorrow night. sno-cones and slushies will be great. temperatures in the triple digits there. sunny and hot for your weekend. any plans you have definitely want to have water with you and sunblock and all that good stuff. just keep in mind fire danger will be high on saturday. sunday slight cooling monday, tuesday, wednesday 4th of july looking like we are back to fecast co ur. neda, thank the harry potter play is coming to san francisco.
5:50 am
>> i am a theater fan so i will go and see it. i love the series. harry potter and the cursed child will make its west he could debut in fall 2019 at the koran theater. it tells the story of harry struggling to manage work and fatherhood while his youngest son deals with the family legacy. right now, the show is in london and on broadway. it won 6 awards at this year's tony -- wait, he is a father now? >> he is a father. yeah. yeah. he grew up. so you don't like harry potter but you'll like this. it's a reason to root for mexico in the world cup because -- they are promising to give out free beer in california if advances to the quarterfinals something it hasn't done since 1986. it's hoping to break the street on monday against brazil. if that happens, bud light will spill the details on where to get your free beer. go, mexico! time now 5:50.
5:51 am
having trouble choosing a selfie? just cry or smile into the camera. ahead, the mask facebook is featuring. >> strange. and president turned novelist, the thriller bill clinton is promoting in san jose. we'll be right back. hi! are you two getting along? oh, yeah, yeah. [ hiss ] [ gasps ] [ birds chirping]
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facebook wants to create the perfect animated selfie for you.. and it plans to do that by evaluating your current emotional state. new in morning, facebook wants to create the perfect animated selfie for you and it plans to do that by evaluating your current emotional state. a new public patent reveals the social media giant is on the cusp of launching a feature that can detect your mood and choose an animated selfie based on your emotional state. it was filed in 2016 but made public yesterday. no word yet when facebook will roll out the feature. former president bill clinton just did something no other president has done before, and he made a stop in the bay area to talk about it. he wrote a book. about 2,000 people filed into the "s.a.p. center" in san jose one of clinton's stops on his book tour. author james patterson joined the 42nd president on stage. it is the first time any president has teamed up with a best-selling novelist to write
5:55 am
a work of fiction. >> so when i had the opportunity to write -- to spend a year with clinton and write a book with him, i jumped at it. >> this stuff was basically a combination of our observations as well as our experiences. >> the thriller entitled the president is missing is about the country's leader trying to stop a cyber attack against the u.s. the book topped the "new york times" best sellers list a few days ago. the golden state warriors have swept the cavs and now the state capital is courting king james. billboards are popping up across sacramento hoping to snag the rumored free agent. one has a crown and just says, hashtagking james. lebron has ties to the capital. he made his nba debut at arco arena in 2003 but analysts don't expect him to come to sacramento. the kings have the nba's longest play-off route and haven't made it in 12 seasons. it's 5:55. a new state law will require
5:56 am
massive changes to how tech companies can collect and use your personal data. details coming up. >> it was a controversial case of a teen declared brain-dead here in oakland. her family now says she was taken off life support in new jersey. i'll have the details coming right up.
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man accused of shooting up a newspaper office in maryland... why it appears there were warning signs... a pivotal hearing gets under to disturbing new information on the man accused of shooting up a newspaper office in maryland. there were warning signs. >> a pivotal hearing gets under way today in the battle over california's "right to die" law. >> who will replace justice kennedy? president trump is already meeting with lawmakers in the search for a new supreme court justice. good morning, it is friday, june 29th. i'm michelle griego. >> i'm anne makovec. kenny is off. we are just about onto a holiday weekend of sorts with
6:00 am
the 4th of july coming up and that's made it pretty good when it comes to our morning commute. >> it is. and we have the nice weather, but the problem is that whenever we have nice weather, you can see a lot of motorcycles on the road. not that that is a problem but we see a lot of motorcycle crashes. we are tracking an accident with a car and motorcycle southbound 680. chp just issued a traffic alert because this crash now blocking all lanes except for that far left lane. the number one lane and the hov lane are the only lanes open now for traffic to get by. you can see the backup is stretching well beyond 84 there vallecitos and your ride along southbound 680 struggling. so this crash is near vargas road and again, it's a motorcycle crash. sweeps dipping below 15 miles an hour. give yourself some extra time. it's going to be out there for a


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