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tv   KPIX 5 Noon News  CBS  June 29, 2018 12:00pm-12:29pm PDT

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studios, this is kpix 5 news. bail denied, this afternoon new information about the suspected maryland gunman and the plot to kill as many journalists as possible. good afternoon, i'm michelle griego. >> a didn't say a word
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during his bail hearing today. prosecutors say he barricaded an exit of the capital gazette before he opened fire inside the newsroom. reporter kenneth craig is in annapolis. >> during a news conference the police chief made a pretty chilling comment. he said the killer went inside the news building to quote kill as many people as possible. overnight, the police collected more evidence linking him to his plan. >> 38-year-old jarrod ramos appeared via closed circuit tv in a maryland court this morning. he's charged with five crowneds -- counts first degree murder. >> the fellow was there to kill as many people as he could kill. >> in court the escape thugh the back door and wamotargeted the capital because of a long standing feud. he sued the newspaper for defamation in 2012. the paper published a story about ramos pleading guilty to
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harassing a woman he went to high school with. the case was later dismissed. authorities say ramos also made threats against the capital in 2013 on social media, but the paper did not want to press charges. >> there was a fear that doing so would exacerbate an already flammable situation. >> just hours after the shooting, several capital staff members were seen working in a nearby garage. and today the capital published its regular morning paper. inside you can see the opinion page was intentionally left blank to honor the victims. it says today we are speechless. >> those victims include john mcnamara who was a sports reporter and the author of two books. he was working on a third about basketball. featureswriter wendi winters was a mother of four. her daughter says she believed in never acting or admitting her age. a go fund me page created by a fellow journalist already has
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raised more than $100,000 for funeral costs. >> ramos' threats against this newspaper on social media were well documented dating back to 2013, but with the exception of that post back in 2013, police just said they weren't aware of any of the other posts until last night. i'm kenneth craig reporting in annapolis, maryland, kpix 5. >> ramos is not cooperating with police. he damaged his fingertips so authorities had to use facial recognition technology to identify him. this just in, there may be a plea deal in the boast ship warehouse case. an attorney for one of the two defendants charged in the warehouse fire said he is close to an agreement with prosecutors. lawyer tony cerra said prosecutors have tentatively agreed to an eight year sentence. 30 people died in the 2016 fire. almeda rented the oakland warehouse and illegally converted it to a residence where he leased out space. we reached out ta.'s
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office and they said they have no comment on the report. new at noon, a fire at a popular restaurant in san francisco's financial district, it broke out around 10 this morning on jackson and samsung street. the cause of the fire is under investigation. officials say it appears to have started in the restaurant's kitchen. an overturn car is causing backups on interstate 880 and haywood at this hour. the car flipped over on to its roof just about an hour ago landing right next to the divider. it happened on the northbound side of 880 right near the a street exit. no word on the driver's condition but traffic has been backed up in the air. >> the fire danger is heating up all around the bay area taking a live look outside from our sales force tower cam. someissua red flag edmore than 13,000 acres since it broke out saturday northeast of
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clear lake oaks. it is now 56% contained. the fire damaged 22 structures, but it's no longer threatening any other buildings. still, some evacuations remain in effect. a battle over beach access could be a step closer to a solution. state lawmakers say they now have a plan that could allow the public to visit a beach where access has been cut off by a billionaire who bought the property around it. kpix 5 reporter katie nielsen explains. >> which is what the battle and possible supreme court showdown is all about. >> just look behind me. god gave this to everyone, not just the people with a billion dollars. >> billionaire tech investor bernard cosla closed he bought the property in 2008, but gave a rare interview to kpix last month. >> open beach access has never existed on that property ever. >> the fight over 13when the su rider foundation sued cosla saying he violated the coastal
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act by blocking access to the beach. >> but we need a coastal -- that works with property owners to follow the law. >> the battle over beach access could go all the way to the supreme court. lawmakers in sacramento added language to the budget passed earlier this week to set aside a million dollars to buy and maintain the road at martin's beach using eminent domain, which allows the government to buy land from private owners for public use. >> the boaters made the decision. they were very clear the people of california said all beaches are open to the public, should be open to the public, so everyone can enjoy. no one can buy a beach. >> if the state does force cosla to send the land, it will be up to the courts to decide how much that road is worth. near half moon bay, katie nielsen. >> senator hill says he wants to move forward with sias quick possible, but he says it coulde is back in washington today after a week long trip through
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latin america. last night in guatemala, he doubled down on the trump administration's zero tolerance immigration policy. reporter ed o'keefe has more. >> this exodus must end. it is a threat to the security of the united states. and just as we respect your borders and your sovereignty we insist that you respect ours. >> vice president pence delivering tough talk late thursday to the presidents of el salvador, honduras and guatemala. >> pence said. >> tell your people that coming to the united states illegally will only result in a hard journey and a halife. >> that warning of a harder life is a reality lilliana medina knows all too well. >> [ speaking in foreign language ] >> she didn't try fleeing to the united states, but her husband and 15-year-old son did.
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earlier this month somewhere in mexico as they travel towards the u.s. her husband died. now she waits for her son to be sent back from mexico to this halfway house for migrants. >> people who cross the border told us that it would be easier to get into the u.s. with a child she said. now she wishes her husband and son had never left. >> here at casa del -- they'll house 2500 people here this year. in this room right now there's a young family with a 5-year- old boy fleeing violence. they're trying to sort out what they'll do next. >> father mauro runs the shelter. if he could speak with american officials he would tell them. >> invest less money on border control and building a wall and use it instead on economic development. and medina says guatemala's government should be doing more to help the nation's poor indigenous people like her. the president should provide jobs and help poor people so
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they don't need to flee, she said. medina doesn't know when her son will return, but she vows to wait until he arrives. ed o'keefe, cbs news, guatemala city. the embattled head of the e. p. a. is in the bay area. scott pruitt is visiting the agency's headquarters in downtown san francisco. yesterday pruitt officially designated a federal superfund cleanup site in santa barbara county. the site, a former toxic waste dump, covers more than 250 acres near santa marina. >> this has been a persistent of emphasis for me. >> pruitt who's been criticized by environmentalists was accompanied by the new director of the epa's southwest region, mike stoker. stoker is a former santa barbara county supervisor. >> other bay area headlines, a police cruiser crashed this morning in san francisco's financial district. the crews are rammed into a nissan leaf at the intersection
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of samsung and pine. both officers in the cruiser and the driver of the leaf were taken to the hospital as a precaution. in livermore, a crash involving a big rig tractor- trailer tied up traffic on westbound 580. it happened just after 8:00 near the north livermore avenue offramp. the chp closed several lanes for nearly an hour, no serious injuries reported. san francisco police released this video of a car believed to be involved in a hit and run crash wednesday along the embarcadero. the honda civic right there plowed into a petty cab operator. his daughter says he's in a coma. the crash also injured a family from canada. >> san francisco's minimum wage is going up to $15 on sunday. right now it's $14 an hour. the increase makes san francisco and emeryville the city's with the highest minimum wages in the bay area. it is closing time at toys"r"us. the chain of toy stores officially goes out of business today, though some stores
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packed it in early. kpix 5 reporter jessica flores on the emotional farewell. >> we're here at the concord toys"r"us, and customers keep coming here today hoping that it's open for one last day, only to find out it's closed by this announcement. an unofficial poster board sign. >> a trip to toys"r"us, a happy feeling generatis know all too well, but today that trip has a new feeling, summed up by antonio. >> no more toys"r"us. how do you feel about that? >> sad. >> the toy store giant shutting down all remaining stores after announcing bankruptcy last year. in the east bay, many customers rolled up hoping to get one last stroll through the aisles. >> these online sales, it's just probably taken a big hit on these companies, so you know, it's just too bad. i remember toys"r"us from when i was a little kid. >> charles lazarus opened his first store in 1948 selling children's furniture, then he made a move to toys helping raise decades ki i don't want to grow .
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i'm a toys"r"us kid ♪ >> generations who did indeed grow and up today say good-bye to an old friend. >> it's something that i grew up with and to see it now empty, it's just sad and heartbreaking. >> in concord, jessica flores kpix 5. >> coming up, the oakland teen at the center of a debate over brain death is making headlines again five years after bay area doctors declared her dead. >> plus, a setback in the effort to rescue a boy's soccer team trapped in a flooded cave in thailand. >> coming up, you're probably feeling that heat already, but i'll talk about your full forecast and the fire dangers ahead this weekend. >> it's the new symbol of 21st search san francisco. >> buildings conceived with simplicity and clarity are the ones people remember. >> now we're bringing you these
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breathtaking views thanks to our sales force tower cams. >> four different cameras on top of the tallest building west of the mississippi river. >> capture the changing beauty of the bay area. expect original coverage from kpix news, expect more. at at&t, we believe in access. the opportunity for everyone to explore a digital world. connecting with the things that matter most. and because nothing keeps us more connected than the internet, we've created access from at&t. california households with at least one resident who receives snap or ssi benefits may qualify for home internet at a discounted rate of $10 a month.
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no commitment, deposit, or installation fee. visit to learn more. support. jahi mcmath had been declared brain dead by doctors at children's hospital oakland in 2013.. after suffering
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complications an oakland teenager who sparked debate about what it means to be brain dead has been taken off life support. >> jahi mcmath had been declared after suffering complications from surgery. her mother believes she was still alive so she took her to new jersey. state law allows families to keep loved ones on life support for religious reasons. the teen died last friday after being taken off of life support. the mcmath family has filed a lawsuit against children's hospital in oakland for medical malpractice. a court hearing to determine whether jahi was dead or alive was scheduled for next year. let's take a live look out at the big board right now and see how the the dow is doing. it is up about 201 points. time now for a check of our weat ybody,places like the north bay are about to get very, very breezy, even mount tam. get ready, those gusts are going to be coming in pretty strong. you may want to go to the beach. not only will it be windy but of course it will be hot.
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this is what we have been warning folks about all week long. the heat is officially alive thanks to a ridge of high pressure. temperatures in the mid-90s today for many inland spots. saturday will be the hottest day. you can see that here in the futurecast. the ridge of high pressure will be closer to california, and that also is bringing us more of that north wind. saturday will be the windiest day as well as we get those dry, offshore winds which of course increase our fire danger, and that's going to last through sunday. we'll continue to feel that heat. thingswill cool off next week. here's a look at that futurecast. you'll notice by midnight tonight, that's when winds are going to get pretty gusty through wine county. also through fairfield. it's coming in through the north. that's a sign of pretty strong wind gusts. it's going to last all day tomorrow. that's why that red flag warning is in effect starting tonight through is 1 p.m. saturday as well, and it includes places like napa and eastern sonoma county, sacramento valley, the sierra foothills, all these areas will be very dry and all the brush
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that's out there will start to dry up even more. that's why the weather service is warning folks to please avoid campfires if you can at all, on saturday especially. no tossing cigarette butts outside the window. that can lead to fires. avoid any lawn work this weekend as well, and then fireworks can lead to fires that will spread pretty quickly as well. your sunset tonight should be a gorgeous one, 8:35 p.m., sunrise tomorrow at 5:51. fillmore jazz festival is happening this weekend in san francisco. it will be sunny for that, temperatures in the upper 70s. the temperatures will cool off slightly for san francisco on sunday with a few clouds coming through. our weather pattern is going to last like this for the next couple days, and then go right back to that cooler coastal air starting early next week including your 4th of july holiday. not to worry. the heat will be on foa fe days, but then temperatures will drop on down in time for the 4th. that also means the marine layer will be back for those
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fireworks shows. efforts to rescue a dozen boys from a flooded cave in thailand have hit another roadblock. at least three rescuers have been injured by temporary electrical lines setting up power lights and pumps says at the scene. the pumps were intended to remove the water which was preventing rescuers from entering the cave. thailand's prime minister is promising he will not abandon the victims. >> say hello to shiloh, the service dog. aww, look at that, so cute. right on cue. coming up, dr. jill joins us with shiloh to tell us the things you should and shouldn't do when you see dogs like him in the community.
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owners may be facing with their fu iends. today's topic addresses the do s u encounter a every friday we check in with our pet expert to tackle issues owners may be facing with their furry friends. today's topic addresses the do's and don'ts if you encounter a service who . chase ins a eautif dog and a lab from guide for th >> his job is to help a patient who is blind. i can't emph importance of having these service dogs in our society. i love to inform everybody and so i wanted to talk today about the do's and don'ts. some do things that are very important is i know everybody
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loves animals, you know wants to come up and talk to the animal. you must always and permission before you approach an owner who has one of these guide dogs or service dogs i should say. you also want to make sure if you have your dog with you that your dog is on a leash. you don't want your dog bounding up to say hello to this dog who is working. finally on the do's let children know about the fact that even though it is a dog, it's actually a working dog so we never want to touch that dog without asking permission. and don't's would be never ever feed a service dog, and never ever touch a service dog without permission, and then of course try not to distract the service dog because these guys itmakes the that they'trying akcare of ry precarious and dangerous situation. we want to avoid doing things like that. >> and they're very well trained, and you can tell they are service dogs. >> yeah, they usually have -- he has one of those blind -- you know, the thing that the owners hold, the harnesses, and
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usually a true service dog will have the correct vest or whatever to say what they are. >> all right, well, shiloh is a beauty. thanks so much, dr. jill. and if you have questions about your pet's health, e-mail us at pets @, and we'll have dr. jill give us answers every friday right here at noon. we'll be right back. >> in this week's edition of where's roberta, we take you to san antonio, texas. we're here at the alamo. we're going to talk about the big battle. we'll also taste some delicious tex-mex and tex nex. maybe you could save energy by
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weaving your own shoes... out of flax. or simply adjust your thermostat. do your thing, with energy upgrade california. today's tip of the day is
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going to be washington state cherries. i did a tip on bing cherries in june, middle of may from california. stocktonarea, the valley. these are from the northwest. they're a little bit bigger. and they're a little bit darker than the ones we're getting from california, and the season is much longer. what you want to do, when you buy them, look at that bag very careful. you want to make sure they're dark. they're big. free from any shriveling don't wash them before you store them. always wash them before you enjoy them. store them in the refrigerator right away. don't hold them at room temperature too long whatsoever, northwest bing cherries, crunchy, sweet, delicious, and great for us. i'm tony tantillo, your fresh grocer. when you put cherry in your hand, you have to eat it. it's too good. cat owners in marin county
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are concerned over coyotes. several cats in one area have recently gone missing or been killed. that story and more coming up at 5. all right, well, the sun is shining out there, but it is hot, so just be careful over the weekend. keep yourself hydrated and, hey, there's another look at shiloh. >> we'll leave you on a friday, have a great weekend.
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>> hope: tell me you aren't falling for sally. >> wyatt: a-and if i am? >> hope: after everything she's done? >> wyatt: after everything that's been done to her, you mean. >> hope: i just don't want to see you get hurt. >> wyatt: you know what, other women have hurt me, and i've gotten over it, haven't i? >> hope: well, this is just a fling, right? you don't actually have feelings for sally spectra. do you? >> thorne: you know, i got to hand it to you, liam. you look pretty good for someone who's got a newborn at home. >> brooke: yeah. it's true. no dark circles or anything. how are you doing that? >> liam: coffee. lo-- lots of coffee.


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