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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11PM  CBS  June 30, 2018 2:07am-2:37am PDT

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>> he left the stop sign. he pushed on his gas and he came right towards us. >> reporter: mckenna was in the driver's seat of her parked car. the impact shut to the car door on her legs. the driver of the car kept going. >> my foot was only twisted around. >> what was going through my mind was i was going to lose my leg. >> reporter: instead, she lost her legs. >> they were both gone. >> when i woke up, i left because i made it. >> reporter: while she was in surgery, her mother, sylvia was on a mission. >> something struck inside of me like a lioness. i had to get to the scene and find out what happened to my baby. >> reporter: she was searching the streets for the blue bmw that hit mckenna and she said that night she found it in a neighbor's driveway, scraped and damaged. >> paint and blood was on the
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car. >> reporter: oakland police towed the car and tested it for dna but for three years, there were no arrests and she her next to nothing from investigators until we started asking questions. >> why has it taken three years to arrest someone when she says she knows that the car that hit her belongs to her neighbor? >> three years is a very long time. this case is still an open and active case. >> reporter: less than 24 hours after our interview, oakland police told us they arrested a person of interest. he was later released for lack of evidence while dna tests are pending. >> this is one of the easiest cases in oakland right now. you know who did it. you know where he stays. we have evidence that his car touched my car. >> reporter: without dna testing, the evidence is not enough. >> her concern is that opd dropped the ball in the case. >> we hear the concerns. we want this person off of the street. we want this person arrested. >> reporter: we went to the
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home of the man who mckenna says owns the bmw. he refused to answer our questions. the man mckenna believes did it still freely leaves the country to see his daughter. >> he gets to see his child and his child gets to smile at him. i have to look at my children and they look at me and feel pity. >> reporter: mckenna says she is still looking to the future. she hopes one day to buy advanced prosthetics that are not so painful and allow her to keep up with her children. they are expensive and even with a donation from safeway where she used to work, she is tens of thousands of dollars short of the $50,000 price tag. once again, she is left waiting. >> i want them to convict this guy. >> one would hope that the young man would turn himself in. make it right for her so she can move on. >> reporter: kristin ayres,
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kpix 5. a fast-moving grass fire in a concorde is still not fully contained. >> the flames sent up a thick cloud of smoke that could be seen for miles away. the for lahm fire broke out -- the for alarm fire broke out this afternoon. kpix 5's maria medina tells us what firefighters think sparked the flames. >> reporter: firefighters believe an exhaust pipe is what started this fire nearly 300 acres burned. it is now 85% contained. people only had minutes to get out including the woman who lives behind me. she was nearly brought to tears when talking about those frantic moments. >> thxt tng knewsaw flames and they were on our property. i could see the flames coming. >> reporter: carolyn elmore told firefighters gave her five minutes to grab a she couldn't get out. >> i grabbed the top three things that were sentimental to me. >> reporter: one of those three things is something that can
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never be replaced. >> we had a little boy nico who passed away. that was my main priority, was to get all of his videos and tapes. i will get emotional now. thank god we have it all. >> reporter: this crossfire began just before 4 pm burning along montecito road threatening homes and spreading toward crystal ranch drive. >> there was a wall of smoke. >> reporter: an estimated 200 to 300 people were told they had to evacuate. >> they looked fearful. a lot of them were crying. >> reporter: the pickup truck fire investigators believe started the fire may never be found. >> he was having some trouble. >> we were able to stay. we never left even though the fire is right in our backyard. >> reporter: firefighters stopped the flames before it got to any homes. in the five minutes, carolyn was forced to grab what was
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most important and her home was released concern. >> when you lose a child, it puts everything into perspective. >> reporter: homeowners had recently cut the brush around their homes and that is what helped save their homes. firefighters plan to be here all night until the fire is fully contained. maria medina, kpix 5. trent and wilson walker was on the front lines of that fire earlier today and shows us how close the flames got to those homes. >> reporter: here is where that fire burned in this open space out here along the edge of the neighborhood. how close is that to the homes? the houses are right over here. you can see where the retardant was dropped. what was it like when cal fire showed up to the rescue here? have a look and listen. >> two firefighters suffered minor burns battling the fire. right now, all roads have been reopened.
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a fire broke out in the heat of the afternoon. as we saw live from chopper 5, it raced across that hillside in no time at all. the fire danger could be even worse tomorrow. >> the wind will increase tomorrow. relative humidity will still be very low. that temperatures will still be very high but the wind will be twice as fast as it was today. in the northbay hills, gusting upwards of 35 miles per hour if not stronger . portions of napa, sonoma, lake county and mendocino county are under a red flag warning from right now until this time tomorrow for extreme fire danger. tomorrow will be a hot day. the second triple digit saturday in a row. as we look toward clayton, they are very close to the fire zone. 101 tomorrow. july 4 preview won't be like this. firefighters in lake county
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are making progress battling the pioneer fire -- pawnee fire. it is now 55% contained. 22 structures have burned but the fire is no longer threatening any other buildings. a major development in the ghost ship warehouse fire. 36 people died in the december 2016 inferno. now, kpix 5's donna lynne reports the two men charged in their debts are about to strike a plea deal. >> reporter: ghost ship master tenant derek ellman and codefendant max harris plan to plead no contest to the involuntary manslaughter charge is next tuesday. the judge postponed the court hearing and the announcement of the plea deal so prosecutors can have time to first share the agreement with all 36 victims' families out of respect for them. a judge ordered all parties to not talk to the media until tuesday. >> we are forbidden to talk until tuesday. i am sorry.
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>> we will be back on july 3 at 2 pm. >> reporter: it was previously reported a pre-deal would provoke the defense to be sentenced to eight years. i am told by the source that agreement has changed due to last-minute negotiations. at this time, we don't know how many years the defendants have agreed to serve. >> overall, the families are pleased they are being held criminally liable. >> reporter: mary alexander represents 12 of the victims' families. she said the families trust the prosecutors and would be satisfied with the plea deal. >> to have them go to jail and not have to go through a trial is something that i think is important to them. >> reporter: one victim's best friend says he does not want a plea deal, he wants the man to go to prison for a long time. >> i don't think justice is being served at all. >> reporter: apparently the judge brokered this package deal. both defendants have to take this deal or there would be no
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deal. in oakland, kpix 5. some new insights into the mind of an accused murderer. the disturbing things investigators found in the home of a bay area cold case suspect. investigators blow the lid off of a massive illegal fireworks business, taking seven tons of serious fire danger off the streets. a new company is making sailing more affordable and access killing on the stanford campus. 72-year-old stephen crawford
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shot himself at his san jose apartment new information about the man accused in a brutal cold case killing on the stanford campus. stephen crawford shot himself at his san jose apartment yesterday as investigators were preparing to serve a search warrant. they found some noteworthy items inside his home. >> number one, in a box in a closet with some other important papers was a copy of a book called the ultimate evil. that looks like it talks about serial killers and why it was there. the other item was a suicide note. it was rambling. it was very short. it appeared to be very hastily written. it was stated in 2016. >> the suicide note did not detail what happened that night in 1974 when arliss perry was sexually assaulted and murdered inside stanford university's chapel. investigators say they may never know the motive but based
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on dna evidence linking crawford to the crime scene, they are certain that case is finally closed. university parking enforcement officer was stabbed to death today on the campus of cal poly pomona. los angeles county fire received a call from cal poly police just before 5 pm about a person acting erratically. students were sent an alert to stay away from two buildings on campus and that is when the suspect attacked the parking officer. when police arrived, they opened fire and killed the suspect. more than 1000 people turned out for a vigil tonight in maryland to honor the five people gunned down at a newspaper office yesterday. many carried candles as the crowd streamed through downtown annapolis. the suspect reportedly carried a long list of grievances, filing lawsuits against reporters, lawyers, and even judges. reporter kenneth craig has an update him and annapolis tonight. >> reporter: there were outpourings of love and support
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in annapolis friday evening, honoring the five victims of the capital gazette shooting. >> a free press, that is what keeps us free. >> reporter: reporter wendy winters daughter greeted reporters at a vigil. >> this is far too soon to lose my mother. she was a fantastic woman and an amazing reporter. >> reporter: the men charged with ending the lives is being held without bond. jarrod ramos is on suicide watch. a woman captured ramos's arrest thursday on her cell phone. prosecutors say he had a long simmering grudge against the capital and not only planned the ambush, he turned the newsroom into a trap. >> the rear door was barricaded. ramos entered into the front door and worked his way through the office where he was shooting victims as he walked through. >> reporter: the capital gazette's office is off limits
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but that did not prevent journalists doing their jobs. as promised, the staff put out a friday edition of the paper. former colleague david emanuel called that incredible. >> i don't know how they did it but i am proud to see that they did that. heart goes out to all of the families and everybody at that paper because it will be a changed place forever now. >> reporter: the capitals opinion page read today we are speechless and was left blank in memory of their fallen colleagues. kenneth craig, in annapolis, kpix 5. ramos sued the capital gazette newspaper for defamation back in 20he lthse. he was upset over an article the paper ran about his conviction in a harassment case. president donald trump is moving fast on a supreme court nomination to replace retiring justice anthony kennedy. he told reporters on air force one that he has narrowed his choices to five people including two women.
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he is planning an announcement a week from monday. former president obama in the bay area today fundraising for democratic congressional candidates. chopper 5 was over a home this afternoon as mr. obama and house minority leader nancy pelosi chatted with a small group of party donors. the meet and greet did not come cheap. tickets went for as much as $237,000. just-in-time for the fourth of july, a huge fireworks bust in the central valley. seven tons of illegal fireworks were seized my house in stockton in one of the largest busts the state has seen in years. the hall includes mortars, roman candles, and other illegal explosives estimated to be worth $100,000. police say stephen clark was selling the fireworks on craigslist. he is jailed tonight on more than $2 million bail. the newly approved california state budget is going to help two beloved beaches in the san mateo county. state senator jerry hill fought
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to include funding to open tanita's creek beach to the public for the first time and possibly for -- force the sale of land, giving the public permanent access to nearby martin speech. tech billionaire been a coach lot owns the land surrounding martin speech and has refused to reopen the access road. >> god gave us these beautiful beaches so that everyone can enjoy them. not just a billionaire. >> we need a coastal commission that works with property owners to follow the law. first, there was rideshare. then we got bike share. tonight, people can now sign up for a boat share. kpix 5's betty yu introduces us to sale time. >> reporter: being picture- perfect views. aboard a brand- new 41 foot sailing yacht does
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not have to cost a fortune. a company named sail time is getting more people on the water through the sharing economy. >> with sail, you get all of the benefits of being a boat owner without the responsibility. you can by the experience. >> reporter: this boat features three cabins and a spacious galley and cockpit. it costs $350,000 not including taxes, docking, maintenance, and insurance costs. a sail time membership costs anywhere between $500 and $1200 a month . any extra expenses are covered. members range from tech workers to family was to retirees. -- to families to retirees. >> it is a great way to get into boating. -- into boating. >> you can slap down a very small percentage and you are out on the bay.
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>> reporter: sail time is the largest boat membership company in the world and it has seen tremendous growth in the bay area where it currently has six yachts shared by 45 members. it is happening at a time when spending on recreational boating in the u.s. has hit a 10 year high. you don't have to be an expert to join sail time . membership comes with private sailing lessons on the boat. even a beginner like me can learn to schipper the boat within a few weeks time. >> the more i am on the water, the more i learn. >> reporter: sail time jerry mcginnis learned how to take the boat out by himself. members get seven guaranteed times to sale per month including weekends. >> i think we are bringing sailing back into people's lives. being able to teach the next generation how to enjoy boating will be great for the environment and great for families. sailing is a smart sport. in san francisco, betty yu, kpix 5.
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we are going to see temperatures climbing tomorrow. we will hit the triple digits. 60s outside tonight. it is mild. livermore, 69. concorde, 72. the cool spot would be san francisco at 60. a mild night, especially in the mountains where we will stay around 70 degrees. it is clear and warm tonight but even warmer tomorrow night. one more hot day before some cooler air arrives on sunday. it will get there sunday morning. anywhere near the water or along the coastline, sunday morning is when the cooler air will push inland. all of our weather is dictated by this ridge of high pressure that was north of hawaii t days anoto west. it will park itself to our north. that is giving us a northwind. it gives us no ocean influence and we will warm up.
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we will see that several times throughout the summer. one of those times is what we get tomorrow. all day long will be sunny at the coast. watch the clouds building from the south. this typically signals the end of a warm snap. you will see it approaching the golden gate by sunday morning. this thing will not last very long. if you are a music fan, you can get two different kinds of climates in san francisco this weekend. fillmore jazz festival saturday, 78 degrees. the stern grow festival sunday, 63 degrees. much cooler in the san francisco coming up on sunday. tomorrow, 78 in the city. warm in concorde, 102 this time of year. napa, 98. san jose, 93. we begin to cool down on a sunday. we are back to normal on monday. maybe not the best news for july 4, likely the cloudiest and coolest day of the next
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seven. we are trending a little bit cooler with the onshore breeze bringing in some clouds by wednesday night. talk about a walk on the wild side. a new tourist attraction that is not for the faint of heart. new vide truck... bar here are tonight's guests on "the late show with stephe in texas. the driver plowed through the store aisles... damaging several displays some new video tonight have a pickup truck barreling through a walmart in texas. >> the driver plowed through the store aisles, damaging several displays before turning around at the cereal aisle and then speeding away. police later arrested the 19- year-old behind the wheel and say an argument with a female
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acquaintance may have sparked the bizarre rampage. depending on the type of person you are, you can either put this on your bucket list or your no waitlist. this nearly 700 foot long bridge in china is the largest last bridge in the world. officials insist it is quite safe. each piece of glass weighs 4.5 tons and can hold the weight of up to two cars. >> let's go! >> gravity always wins. telling me it is heavier does not help. it will fall. coming up, a couple of baseball big leaguers laying the smack down.
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mcdonald's new fresh beef quarter pounder is so good, garry's speechless. so here is gabrielle union. you know i can't resist all that 100% fresh beef juiciness. you're all i think about. ....the burger, garry. the new fresh beef quarter pounder burgers. reason... ...wanna see how the giants followed up a 7-3 homestand??? called up for the 4th time this baseball up top with good reason. you want to see how the giants followed up a7-3 homestand? they called up austin slater and man did he do damage. top of the 2nd, this one was good enough to bring home buster posey. meantime, the dodgers were losing. tonight is a huge chance to gain ground. slater again in the 7th. brandon carver was the go ahead run and the giants win it 2-1. they are one game behind the second-place dodgers and 4.5 behind arizona.
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i said it before and i will say it again. a's fans and canines. they won again against cleveland. that is five in a row. the a's padded the lead. they just finished an 8-2 road trip. the a's have won 11 of their last 13. the season-high seven games over a 500 record. that is 45-38. in the meantime, the warriors apparently want to lock in a steve kerr for a while. he reportedly is in the last stages of finalizing an extension of his contract that will make him one of the highest-paid coaches in the association. he just finished his fourth year of a five-year $25 million deal. >> just when you thought tiger woods was becoming a nonstory, his game reappeared. in the second round of the pga national outside of washington, d.c., on 18, watch this.
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why are we showing this? for this reason. another birdie. he had seven of them. he is tied for his lowest round of the season. he is four shots off the lead, headed to the weekend. i bet you cbs is happy about that. you can watch him this weekend on kpix 5. >> he dug down and santa rosa it painted with all
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the colors of the rainbow. this is at healdsburg avenue and "b" street.. right outside of santa rosa's br . tonight, this intersection in santa rosa is painted with all of the colors of the rainbow. this is at healdsburg avenue and e street right outside of the brewhouse. it took nine volunteers to paint the 1200 square foot space. the late show with stephen colbert is up next. thank you so much for watching. have a great night.
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>> you're watching "the wellness hour," the leader in medical news and information. i'm randy alvarez. today's topic, replacing missing teeth with dental implants. according to my first guest, no more dentures. and with us we have an expert on the topic. he is a prosthodontist -- dr. mark adams. dr. adams, welcome to the program. >> thanks for having me, randy. >> now, before we get into today's topic -- and i know you brought a lot of photos, and we'll get to as many as we can -- tell us a little bit about clearchoice. i guess you're kind of unique. you focus on just about one thing. so, who is the typical patient? >> we focus solely on dental implants, and our average patient is looking for help. they haven't seen a dentist in a very long time. they're a dental refugee. they're outside of the regular care. they're not part of the public
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that sees a dentist on a regular basis. they truly are dental refugees. they suffer from all kinds of problems -- gum disease, caries, missing teeth, removable teeth -- and they're looking for an answer. they're looking for a solution. these people had their baby teeth, then they got their adult teeth, and their adult teeth have failed them. through the power of implants, we're able to give them a third set of teeth. >> is that right? a third set? >> we can predictably, reliably provide that, and we can do it, randy, in just one day. >> you say things like, "we transform people's lives in one day." you believe that? >> i sense your skepticism. i don't believe it. i know it. and there's a difference between believing and knowing. because i see it every day. i'm forced to talk about titanium screws in teeth and all the stuff that dentists have to talk about. that's not what i do, randy. what we do, through the power, reliability, and predictability of dental implants, is we transform people's lives by
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unleashing human potential. think about it. the most simple thing that you can do is smile. and when that's taken away from you, when that's robbed, and you don't have that, it's devastating. when you give that smile back, you unleash human potential. >> good. now, at the top of the show, we said no more dentures. are you of the belief that nobody should be wearing a denture, a traditional denture? >> right now, we have the power to end dentures forever. we really do. now, that's not to say that there aren't people out there who have to have a denture for one reason or another. but i can tell you, through dental implants, we can eliminate dentures as a treatment option. >> so, this is the hottest trend in dentistry, replacing missing teeth with dental implants. is that right? >> it's hot because -- what's hot about it is the immediacy of it. we live in a society where people want to pull up to the window at mcdonald's, they want
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their coke and they want their burger and they want it right now. implants have been around for a long time. why weren't they ever hot? because it took a long time. today -- and you're not gonna believe this either, but today i can do in one day -- one day -- what it used to take me 18 months to do. in one day. >> is that right. >> and that is the clearchoice difference. >> and help me understand this. >> sure. >> so, how it's normally done when you want to get a dental implant, you go to one place that does the surgery. >> correct. >> you go to another place, the dentist, that puts the teeth on top, maybe another place that does the imaging. you have this -- you do everything right there. is that correct? >> yes. so, here's the concept. instead of the patient having to run around to various practitioners, we bring the oral surgeon, we bring the prosthodontist, we bring that together with the imaging so we can take the i-cat image. and -- and what's lacking in a lot of areas, we bring the master dental technician, the artist who actually builds these
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teeth -- >> to the lab right there, too? >> absolutely. so, we bring those four parts together -- technology, doctors, lab. it's a one stop for our patients. >> does it -- i mean, does it have to cost more to go to somebody that's a specialist like an oral surgeon, prosthodontist, all right there? >> it's important to lower the barriers to this care, because this care -- i mean, think about what we do, randy. we can replace missing teeth with a third set that looks, acts, and feels as close to natural teeth as you can get. it's a phenomenal story. >> but are there really a lot of people wearing dentures? >> [ laughs ] there's that skepticism again, right? i will tell you, there are literally tens of thousands of patients that are suffering from this disability -- >> missing teeth? >> missing teeth. and that's counting patients that have missing all of their teeth, or patients that are missing most of their teeth. literally tens of thousands. >> so, if it's so good, then why aren't all these millions of people that have dentures or are missing a lot of teeth, why aren't they all doing it? why aren't they all getting


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