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tv   KPIX 5 News Sat Morn Edition  CBS  June 30, 2018 6:00am-6:59am PDT

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forced people to flee their homes in concord is still not fully contained.. f0 wh s believe the . a fast moving grass fire that forced people to flee their home in concord is still not fully contained. when firefighters believe the flames will finally be out. >> plus, a major development. the men charged in the deadly ghost ship fire, reach deals. >> it's just about 6:00 on this saturday, june 30th. good morning. >> we'll get started this morning with a check of your forecast. we do have a red flag warning in effect until 11:00 tonight. that is for mastery the north bay but we are going to see hot temperaturespr
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areawi napa, sonoma, lake county, we're looking at gusty winds, low humidity, and that all means extreme fire danger. our highs, triple digits again. discovery bay, you're topping out at 102, clearlake, 101. it's definitely going to be a warm one. yesterday, we saw that fire near clayton. here's a micro climate forecast for you, 101, sunny and hot there, but changes are coming. tomorrow, we'll start to see a cool down close to the coast tomorrow first, and then by tomorrow night, we'll start to cool temperatures inland. 94 in clayton though that does mark the beginning of changes. as you can see, clear skies across the bay today. we're looking at temperatures mild out the door this
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morning. i'll have the full forecast coming up in just a bit. we'll talk about that cool down and just how hot it will get around the bay. evacuees are now allowed back into their homes as crews near containment of a grass fire in concord. the fire began yesterday afternoon. it then spread to the areas of montecito roads and crystal ridge drive threatening homes. between 2 and 300 people were told to evacuate but were allowed back around 10:30 last night. carol ann says firefighters gave her and her husband just five minutes to grab what they could and get out. the momentos included photos of the the couple's only child who died at the age of two. >> that was my main priority to get his videos, his tapes. reporter: the fire is now 85% contained. there are no reports of significant damage to homes or dis
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although two firefighters suffered minor burns. investigators believe the fire was started by a pick up that was spewing sparks out of an exhaust pipe. >> firefighters are making progress on the pawny fire. twenty-two buildings have burned. crews say the fire is no longer threatening any other buildings. a major development in the ghostship warehouse fire. 36 people died there in 2016. now, the two men charged in their deaths are about to strike a plea deal with prosecutors. >> a source close to the case tells me ghostship defendants plan to plead no contest to the involuntary manslaughter charges next tuesday. heso prosecutors could have time to first share the agreement with all 36 victims families out of respect for them.
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the judge ordered all parties to not talk to the media until tuesday. >> we are forbidden to talk until tuesday. i'm sorry. >> we're going be back on july 3rd at 2:00. we can't give any statements right now >it was previously reported a plea deal would be for both defendants to serve eight years. i'm told that agreement has changed due to last minute negotiations. at this time, we don't know how many years the defendants have agreed to serve. >> over all, the families are pleased that they're being held liable, they're going to spend time in jail. >> mary alexander represents 12 victims families. she says the families trust the prosecutors and would be satisfied with the plea deal. >> to have them go to jail and not have to go through a trial is something that i think is important to them. >> one ofvicts best friends says he doesn't want a plea deal. he wants the two to go to prison for a long time. >> i don't think justice is
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being served at all. >> apparently the judge packaged the deal, both defendants had to take the deal or there would be no deal. new information this morning about the man accused of a brutal murder 44 years ago on the stanford university campus. the sheriff's department says it was ready to arrest stefan crawford on thursday but crawford killed himself with a shotgun before officers could take him into custody. police found the book called the ultimate evil, that talked about serial killers and a suicide note from 2016. as for the motive -- >> we'll never know the reason. i believe maybe a crime of opportunity. he was in the church, she was in the church. he was locking it up, and she was maybe thon remaining. we'll never know why. >> 19 year old arlis perry was praying in
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the church when she was killed. investigators say they are confident that this case is closed. in san francisco, police are asking for the public's help finding a hit and run driver who injured a cab driver and a family from canada he was driving. police released this video showing a champagne honda civic. this is the car suspected of crashing into the petty cab driven by kevin manning. he is hospitalized with serious injuries. >> i see my father, i see my best friend, somebody who's been there for me my whole life laying in bed in a hospital room just, no words for that. >> all four members of the canadian family were released from the hospital. san francisco police want to hear from anyone thousand people gathered in annapolis maryland yesterday to honor five
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capital gazette newspaper workers who were killed by a gunman. the man suspected in the mass shooting has a history of lawsuits against reporters, lawyers, and even judges. kenneth craig has more on the suspect as well as last night's vigil. >> there were outpourings of love and support in annapolis friday evening honoring the five victims of the capital gazette shooting. >> free press, that's what keeps us free. >> reporter wendi winters daughter greeted mourners at a vigil. >> this is far too soon to lose my mother. she was a fantastic woman, a great mother, and an amazing reporter. >> the man charged with ending those five lives is being held without bond. 38 year old jarrod ramos is on suicide watch. a woman captured ramos' arrest thursday on her cellphone. prosecutors say he had not only planned the ambush, he
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turned the news room into a trap. >> the rear door was barricaded. mr. ramos then, as i told the judge, entered the front door and worked his way through the office where he was shooting victims as he walked through the office. >> the capital gazette's office is off limits but that did not prevent journalistings from doing their jobs. as promised, the staff put out a friday edition of if paper. >> i don't know how they did it, but i'm proud to see they did that. my heart goes out to the families and everybody at that paper because it's going to be a changed place forever now. >> the capital's opinion page simply read today we are speechless and was left blank in memory of their fallen colleagues. court documents show that ramos sued the capital gazette for
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defamation in2012 and lost. he was upset over an article the paper ran about his conviction in a harassment case. a gun buy back event is happening. police are teaming up with a group dedicated to violence prevention. today's event will be held from 8:00 until noon on howard street. a fire at a restaurant in san francisco's financial district, chopper 5 flew over yesterday. you can see smoke coming from a chimney as firefighters battle the fire on the roof. officials leave it started in the restaurant's -- believe it started in the restaurant's kitchen. >> what can happen is based on if they've gotten proper construction done in place, what will happen is the area and go from floor to floor
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to floor. >> firefighters say there was a previous fire t then they have updated their construction. no injuries were reported. a university parking enforcement officer was stabbed to death on the campus of cal polypomona. police called last night about a person acting erratically. students were sent an alert to stay away from two buildings on campus, and that's when that person attacked the campus officer. police arrived and opened fire on that suspect. >> still ahead, a dining dilemma, new high end restaurants with a shortage of workers. >> plus, investing -- blow the lid off of a fireworks black market situation.
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voters will decide whether to keep daylight saving time. the issue will appear on the november ballot... if vo measure, . california voters will decide whether to keep daylight saving time. the issue will appear on the november ballot. if voters approve the measure, lawmakers will decide how california's time will be set. workers in several bay area cities will get a raise tomorrow. minimum wage will jump to $15 an hour. in belmont, the minimum wage will jump $2 to 12.50. care givers at a santa rosa hospital who helped victims of the wildfires say they need help saving their jobs. >> [ crowd chanting ] >> yesterday, workers at santa rosa memorial hospital prtepllayoff
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more than 50 employees. a majority of them are nursing assistants who feed and bathe patients. many say they worked around the clock caring for patients during the october wildfires. >> i got evacuated in the morning, same morning we got a text saying to come over and help. i left what i was doing, i came to the hospital to help these patients. >> the hospital says it wants to work with the union to readjust shifts that could reduce the need for layoffs. still, the ceo says the hospital needs to operate in the most cost effective way possible. santa rosa memorial is sonoma county's designated trauma center. there's also a staffing struggle at sfo. the airports brand new high end restaurants are struggling with a shortage of servers. the airport is now pulling
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all the stops to land new hires. >> this is not a normal airport kitchen. normally airport kitchens are much smaller. >> at the lounge in sfo's international terminal, they're roasting rosemary and dicing duck for a vietnamese dish. >> people used to think airport food meant bad food. >> and now they don't have to think that way anymore. >> it's a new twist on airport food that's taking off. this summer, sfo will see an influx of star chefs and dining options but keeping servers on staff is proving difficult. jessica says she's got servers traveling two to three hours a day in traffic. >> some people can stick that out for a while but after a while, its not feasible, so we do have a hard time keeping staff. >> some new restaurants are offering incentives like a $500 signing bonus or a $50 gift card just for interviewing. >> $500 is significant, but
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here in the bay area, it doesn't go that far, so it's still a, i think, an uphill climb. >> michael used to run california's labor department. he says with unemployment as low as it is, workers can be choosier. >> last month, the unemployment rate was 1.2%. >> he says the unemployment numbers like every bay area story are tied to the cost of living here. most people who might be looking for minimum wage jobs have left. jennifer says it's all about finding the right employee. many of her cooks are in culinary school or servers are high school students who recently graduated. >> when you're here in san francisco, you're on the low income level at $120,000, it's hard.
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>> let's get a check of our weather. hot, the forecast is hot. >> yes, hot, once again, hot, and dry, and because of that we do have a red flag warning in effect for the north bay today. napa, sonoma, lake counties. winds gusting upwards of 35 miles per hour. low humidity around 10 to 20%. this does mean extreme fire danger and we will keep a close eye on conditions throughout the day. blue skies over much of the bay to start the day off. temperatures are mild in the upper 50s to low to mid-60s to start the day pretty much everywhere. we are going to see one more hot day with high pressure firmly in place and this ridge, as you can see, creating a northerly flow. that's what keeps us dry and clear. this is going to shift as that area of high pressure moves inland over the next couple of days. here we are, sunday, you start to see the marine layer building. this will help usher in some cooling along the coast first by
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tomorrow morning. tomorrow evening, as we deepen this marine layer more, we will see some of that cooling move inland. by monday, we're looking at a pretty significant drop in temperatures. for right now, we are mild and clear to start your saturday. one more hot day before that cool air arrives and cooler by the coast sunday morning, cooler inland by sunday evening. today, however, high temperatures will remain above average for this time of year. we're going to look at temperatures with some triple digit heat for some of the warmest spots inland, and we're looking at temperatures in the 70s around the bay, some upper 90s to triple digits in the north bay. here's a look at what to expect as you head out and about around town. fillmore jazz festival in the upper 70s this weekend, sunny for the first half of the weekend, and then we start to cool off as you head into sunday.
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marin county fair, 96 degrees, triple digits for the alameda county fair. stern grove festival, this is sunday, notice how much we drop temperatures into the 60s. triple digits today, and then cooling into the 90s for the warmest spots inland tomorrow, 80s by monday, and then expect a little coastal cloud cover, cooler conditions for 4th of july. along the coast, we may have issues with seeing fireworks because we are going to see that marine layer. >> thanks >>new details are out of northern california, police have identified two suspects accused off killing a van full of show dogs. three weeks ago, the van was swiped from an in and out parking lot. more than a dozen show dogs were inside. they were on the way to compete in the bay area. fortunately, the van was found the next morning a few miles away with the 14 dogs all inside. police say these are the suspects, both of them
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from redding. officers arrested benjamin larson who is currently on role. police say billy patterson is still missing. and take a look, seven young pelicans have been released back into the wild at a beach. it's still unclear what caused the birds to get sick but they believe it may have something to do with the fish they eat. orning.. of a . >> guess what, two of the hottest teams in baseball here in the bay area m taing about the a's and the giants. hielf a night in the the desert.
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morning.. of a pickup truck... barreling through a walmart in texas. . morning. i've got baseball for you up top. want to see how the giants followed up a 7-3 home stand, like this. austin slater, man, did he do damage at arizona last night. found some real estate in the second. this one brings home buster posey. at the time, the dodgers were losing so the d a chance to gain ground.
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seventh inning, tie game, no problem. slater again was clutch and the giants win. they're just a game behind the second place dodgers and four and a half behind front running arizona. . >> a's fans and their canines against visiting cleveland. the a's won again, that's five in a row. they just finished a 8-2 road trip. lowery is hot. a's have won 11 of the last 13. a season high record of 45 and 38. final friday night, 3-1. >> this out of the nba on free agent weekend, warriors want to lock in steve curry for a while. he's in the last stages of finalizing an extension of his contract that will make him one of the highest paid coaches in the nba. just finished the fourths year
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of a five year $25 million deal. i'll just let your imagination run wild as the untold riches he will be due when the ink dries after he signs. that's enough, have a great saturday, and i'll see you around. iver plo e stor . >> new video this morning of a pickup truck barreling through a walmart in texas. the driver plowed through the store aisles before turning around at the cereal aisle and speeding away. police later arrested the 19 year old behind the wheel. they say an argument with a female acquaintance may have sparked the bizarre rampage. and depending on the type of person you are, you either might want to put this on your bucket list or your never going to do that list. this nearly 700-foot long bridge is in china. it is the largest glass bridge in the world. the bridge juts out more than 200 feet from the cliff's edge. officials insist it is quite safe.
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they say each piece of glass weighs four and a half tons which is not reassuring and can hold the weight of up to two cars. well, coming up in the next half hour, keep your cats indoors. we're getting a warning after neighbors in marin county say they have seen a spike in coyote attacks. >> it's the latest blow on america's recent trade war, canada announces new tariffs on all sorts of products headed to the u.s. maybe you could save energy by
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weaving your own shoes... out of flax. or simply adjust your thermostat. do your thing, with energy upgrade california.
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welcome back. it's just about 6-30.. good morning, i'm devin fehely. i'm julie watts. starte . welcome back. it's just about 6:30. good morning. >> we'll get started this morning with a check of your forecast. >> we do have a red flag warning in effect once again, this time for the north bay. this red flag warning in effect until 11:00 tonight. we're talking hot temperatures, dry conditions, and gusty winds upwards of 35 miles per hour. highs today, triple digits inland, discovery bay looking at 102, clearlake 101. micro climate forecast, this is clayton where we saw the fires yesterday, 101 your high temperature forecasted today. we do see a cooling trend. temperatures will drop. we'll see more along
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the coast tomorrow. inland still going to be hot. mid-90s tomorrow. in clayton. here's a look outside, a beautiful view of the coast where we do have clear skies thanks to that warm, dry north flow. temperatures are on the mild side as you head out the door this morning. mid-60s right now for concord. upper 50s for oakland, san francisco, and santa rosa to start your saturday. looking for something to do, fillmore jazz festival, temperatures in the upper 70s, sunny but a big transition as you head into tomorrow from one music festival to another. the stern grove festival sunday, much cooler, 63. full forecast coming up in just a bit, devin back to you. a legal permanent resident of the u.s. is now back with his family after almost three weeks after he was detained by federal immigration agents. jose luis garcia was
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released after a judge dropped his case saying he never should have been picked up in the first place. garcia was watering his lawn outside his home earlier this month when agents hand cuff and detained him. >> being away from my family for 19 days is killing me little by little. it's just not right. it's just not right. i'm not a criminal. reporter: in a statement shortly after garcia was detained, i.c.e. cited garcia's past criminal convictions. his daughter says it was a misdemeanor domestic violence case from 18 years ago and her father completed his sentence of probation and anger management classes. garcia has been living in the u.s. for over 50 years. activists plan rallies across the u.s. to protest the separation of children from their families at the border. some of those
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families have since been reunited. bay area locations include the city hall among other locations. bullpen nd their children also staged a sit- in, outside an immigration detention center in pleasant hill. ed "moms take some women and their children also staged a sit in outside an immigration detention center in pleasant hill. a group called moms take action for immigrant families organized yesterday's protest. they say two adolescent girls who were separated from their parents at the u.s./mexico border are being held at the pleasant hill facility. >> we are doing something specifically for the girls, not in a marching dostreet sort of way, but in a real, concpresident trump is moving fast on a supreme court nomination to replace retiring justice anthony kennedy. he told reporters on air force one he's narrowed his choices to five people including two women. he's planning announcement in a week from
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monday. phil asked former, san francisco mayor if there's anything lawmakers can do to stop this. >> not really at the moment. you can only in this world of politics in this democracy, it's winner take all so you really do need to have the majority to be able to do anything, and at 51-49 in the senate, we are on the losing end at the moment. >> how close is this? >> this political situation is really new. since judge bourque left and his replacement was justice kennedy. >> more on that tomorrow morning with melissa at 6:00 on kpix5. americas trade wars are u. in response to t trump
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administration's tariffs on steel and aluminum. products include consumer items along with steel and aluminum. former president obama was in the area campaigning for congressional candidates. mr. obama chatted with a small group. tickets went for $237,000. the message in marin county, watch your cat. the coyote population has exploded and they say cats are not safe. to m>> and then the search for 13 year old cat ended. a neighbor found her collar in
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the yard. >> i wonder where was she, what was she thinking, you know, was she in pain. >> bernadette has lived in the area for more than two decades. she tells me the coyote population has exploded in that time. you can see many coyotes in marin counties own trail cameras. that change has taken its toll on the outdoor cat population they say. >> cats are disappearing, we're finding bloody carcasses of cats on lawns. coyotes are being spotted not only at night but during the day near schools, parks, neighborhoods. >> bernadette found her cat that way, and posts on next door show she's one of many. it's a trend that hasn't gone unnoticed z by professionals. >> in the last few years, we've noticed a -- 50/50 canine to feline to more 70% felines.
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>> that's why keeping cats inside at all times is the only way to keep your cats safe. there are others who think some population control needs to be put into place. >> we're human beings, we're part of the eco system, should coyotes dominate? i don't think so, i don't think so. >> the marin humane society does track the coyote population but we didn't hear back about what the current numbers are nor what the numbers have been in the past. as you can imagine, this is a very hot button issue here and it is a story we will be doing for certain on another day. take - is is at the i . >> a new painting in santa rosa splashing a street the colors of the rainbow. take a look. this is outside of santa rosa's beer and coffee brew house. the 1200 square foot painting is the latest flag decorating the
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lgbtq friendly joint. an unusual rescue in santa cruz county. a brave deputy helped free a skunk who got stuck in a cup. check it out. take a look at this video. you can see the skunk wobbling around the street while a deputy cautiously tries to get the head out of the skunk while keeping away. health officials have pinpointed the cause of a nationwide e coli outbreak. they say contaminated irrigation systems may have spread the people got ck in 36 here in california, and 5 were killed. earlier this week, the feds said the outbreak is officially over. toys r us has closed for good. yesterday was the final day of business for the retailer, though some stores
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closed earlier. some customers came by hoping for a final bargain. the chain employed about 30,000 employees. well, efforts to rescue a dozen boys from a flooded cave in thailand have hit another road block. at least three rescuers have been injured by temporary electrical lines set up to run pumps and lights at the scene. the pumps were there to remove water that has been preventing rescuers from entering the cave. a volcanic eruption stranded z thousands of travelers. more than 300 flights were canceled. that's because volcanic ash can make it hard for pilots to see and also damage flight controls. changing winds have allowed the airport to reopen. the volcano has been
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active for several months >>ahead, coming up, on the coast, two major developments in the fight for public access to bay area beaches. >> and celebrating diversity and drama, how our jefferson award winner created a place for bay area actors from many cultures to shine on stage.
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seven to just in time for 4 july, seven tons of illegal fireworks were taken from a house in stockton and one of the largest bus seen -- busts seen. estimated to be worth about $100,000 police say stephen clark was selling them on craigslist and he is in jail
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tonight on to million dollar bail. in sonoma county there is a debate if fireworks should be permitted anymore. they are currently legal in four cities in sonoma, intended for personal use. some are calling for a stop to all firework sales and use in the county after the fires last year. the area remains honorable . >> this community has been through a lot and we already have significant fires this early in the season highlighting the severity of the potential source of ignition's. the newly improved california state budget will help beloved beaches in san mateo county and it is martin's beach. state and local officials have been locked in a battle with the land over access to
6:43 am
those beaches and this newly approved money could change that . >> god gave us these beautiful beaches so that everyone can enjoy the and not just a billionaire. >> reporter: the state senator jerry hill wants to open the beach to the public for the first time and possibly force the sale of land through eminent domain at martin's beach . >> you can buy the land around it, but you cannot deny access to the beat and block the road. you have to allow the public to enjoy the beach. >> reporter: the rights of the public versus private is the heart of the legal battle over the beach which may soon be heading to the u.s. supreme court. this billionaire who owns the land told kpix 5 list that the coastal commission should not dictate how he uses land that
6:44 am
he owns. >> we need what works with property owners to follow the law. >> reporter: the state budget sets aside $5 million near the speech into a county park. an additional 1 million is used for forcing the sale of martin's beach. it should increase the ability to enjoy the beaches. >> we exist to jump on opportunities like this and open up land for public to enjoy . >> the supreme court is expected to sign if it will take the case. it is going to be really hot . your forecast in one word is hot. >> we are talking triple digits . we will probably see clear skies and hot temperatures inland and in the north bay
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where we have the red flag warnings until late this evening with winds at 35 miles- per-hour and humidity only 20%. starting off this saturday it is beautiful with clear skies around the bay and concord mile 64 with 61 in san jose and upper 50s elsewhere across the bay. this is the reason we see these warmer temperatures with the flow shifting inland beginning tomorrow and then it will help to cool down temperatures. the futurecast shows that here even more so into sunday night moving further inland this will begin our cooling trend on monday and through the week i do anticipate the clouds for the fourth of july and it is
6:46 am
clear and mild to start saturday before the cool air arrives. it will be cooler near the water and then starting to cool sunday evening into the holiday week. taking a look at high temperatures today, we are looking at triple digits in livermore and near the coast it will be near 70 degrees and 80s around many locations today. we are talking upper 90s for the north bay where we do have the red flag warning in effect for today and if you are looking for something to do, take a look at the transition between music festivals. the fillmore jazz festival saturday and sunday. fast forward to tomorrow, it is the stern grove festival on sunday at 63. this shows you how much of a change we will see and this
6:47 am
happens a bit more slowly for folks inland with temperatures in the upper 90s out to send the file this weekend and pleasanton will be 102. it is sunny and hot for folks in the east bay today with the cooling trend today and triple digit heat inland. tomorrow we are talking upper 90s on sunday. monday it is the transition day and we will see an increase in clouds with tuesday the marine layer coming in further inland. it is low 80s for the fourth of july. folks kind of like that weather on the fourth of july, but be g danger. back to you. it is a hot topic how to create more diversity in the
6:48 am
performing arts in this year jefferson awards winner has been a game changer for more than 20 years. >> i love that moment. >> reporter: in the play a streetcar named desire most of the actors are people of color. >> i just wanted them to get into these parts because this is what we want to do. >> reporter: she found that the african-american shakespeare company and it is the san francisco-based nonprofit giving people of color their chance in . >> it does everybody know that we are capable and we are more than capable. >> reporter: director says they celebrate the cultural diversity of the bay area. >> what impresseisny leads to. >> reporter: she started at
6:49 am
with shakespeare but she is also producing american classics like cinderella. she is like wonder woman. before starting in her productions, got rejected for other roles and was told that there were no black characters for him to play. >> it is giving the opportunity for people of color to come and show the talent but they have. >> reporter: today she manages the company of 60 artists. >> we have several in our history who have gone on to perform in washington, d.c. and on broadway. >> reporter: she gives classes at the boys and girls club offering free matinees to publ leaving a legacy behind. >> reporter: this week the jefferson award in the bay area goes to sherry young. sharon chin, kpix 5 .
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building a career for the next generation and how one startup is molding their future with the help of social media. for shraring selfies, kat videos today marks the ninth annual social media day. will social media may be great for sharing videos, it has also become a crucial tool for building brands and your career. someone who knows that better than most is this founder of the digital marketing company based right here in san francisco thank you so much for waking up early this morning. you dropped out of college at 19 and you are now 21. what was that moment when you made the decision to leave school and go start this company ? suspect for me, it was something that over time i was
6:51 am
thinking about where i saw myself and college at the time just wasn't a place that i saw myself needing to be. i was studying computer science and i did not see myself behind a computer coding. >> and you are also doing social media. >> absolutely. i grew up with social media. it was like how can i teach companies how to reach others on social media online. >> let's talk about social media . we have some graphics for you here. this year is the first year since the inception of social media that there has been a decline in usage. there was a 4% decline and it does indicate traditional usage tapering off. the only platforms that show the growth are snapchat and instagram thanks to your
6:52 am
generation, gen-z but the usage is second only to twitter. when it comes to social media, linkedin is not near the top and why choose it? >> it is such a new platform. when people are looking to get into the workspace they think about linkedin as a place to post the resume but not to create content or meet like- minded people within their field. we help companies that are interested and to help them to target and create content. >> so is the social aspect of linkedin relatively new? >> it is. people have very recently started to create content on the platform. if you are looking to create
6:53 am
content within the business world without success on youtube, always try out linkedin . >> if i want to reach people, who am i reaching? >> and lot of network professionals. you can target people based on what their job title is ceo, marketer, salesperson that you can start to connect with them and then as you start to put content, you can also start to sell to them. >> most tend to focus on consumers. you can start to figure out where you can start. we will try to figure out who the people are who they should be working -- reaching out to. >> so you are a person who
6:54 am
wants to be a social influence or maybe linkedin is not your place. >> it is coming up. especially for my audience. they are all on linkedin to find internships and job as they are graduating. it is the same audience that followed me from youtube. >> so you started at youtube and what should folks know if they want to test out this feature? >> really short clips is the biggest. about 1 to 2 nutes long.o it s the point. provide value to yo audience. people think that showing their life it is really cool and interesting to share and that might be the case, but it is also important to look at how
6:55 am
you can provide value to your audience that doesn't center around yourself. >> usually it is more business- related but i specifically make taking these videos on linkedin . >> thank you so much. i really appreciate it. we will be right back.
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ck here...tomo it is time for us to call in the morning.
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thank you for watching kpix 5 news this morning and we are back tomorrow at 6:00 a.m. . enjoy your saturday and try to stay cool.
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