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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5AM  CBS  July 4, 2018 5:00am-5:59am PDT

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and i'm kenny choi. let's take a look outside... xx let's get a look at weather and good morning. it's wednesday, the 4th of july. michelle griego. >> i'm kenny choi. let's take a live look outside. take a look at the conditions this morning. as we take a look at the golden gate bridge, looking nice, clear conditions out there right now. that could change of course and a look at traffic on 880 looking very light on this holiday. >> yeah. >> "holiday light." not too many people. >> they're sleeping! >> yeah. they're enjoying this holiday. >> they're up watching us. >> a lot of people have the day off. it's going to be cool a little cool and cloudy actually to start off though.
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kleer conditions. "salesforce tower" towards the east showing we don't have clouds disrupting us so it's great news. we'll get a look at the clouds hovering at the coast. san jose keeping clear. temperatures in san jose 58, 56 in san francisco. livermore at 55. temperatures normal for this hour. this afternoon temperatures below normal. satellite/radar overall the typical summertime conditions. but we get that marine layer coming on in. the breeze from the coast is pick unfortunately. a southwest direction coming through downtown san francisco and oakland and yes certainly through fairfield and antioch. the usual places where the breeze comes in where we get that onshore flow they are feeling it. 4 degrees below average in oakland and san francisco, concord 10 below average. these are the afternoon highs. i want to show what you to expect for this 4th of july. along the coast we'll have cloud coverage. temperatures in the mid-50s around 9 p.m. san francisco area if you are
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watching the show, 56 degrees. cloudy, gusts around 18 miles per hour. you will need a jacket. inland though look at that. it's looking clear. still breezy, gusts around 15 to 20 miles per hour. but 63 degrees for you guys for inland spots like concord, san jose. it will stay clear for the shows. jaclyn, are the roads clear? right now clear and quiet along highway 37. this is right near lakeville highway and you can see traffic doing fine. we are in the green in both directions. this will likely be the case for many of you out there if you have to work today your commute will be pretty light. a lot of folks have today off. so that is the good news there. we are tracking some road closures due to the road. then we have 128. that remains closed between markley cove and road 87 as well as berryessa.
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80 things are in order there. we have about a 14-minute ride westbound from 4 to the maze. activity on the shoulder is eastbound 80. so really not slowing any commuters down. hat's a check of your traffic; over to you. a 4th of july free for all. some danville residents are breaking the rules to secure coveted spots for today's parade. now city leaders are speaking out about it. kpix 5's jessica flores is live there now. jessica. reporter: michelle, that parade starts at 9 a.m. but people started putting out their chairs at 10 a.m. yesterday. they weren't supposed to put them out until 6 p.m. they have all the street where that parade will be going on. the city is saying that painting is also a problem because they have to power
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wash the chalk marks and use special equipment to keep water ou the storm drai >> we have state and federal storm water guidelines that we have to follow. that means we can't let any of that water that we use to power wash go down the storm drains. you're into the thousands of dollars to clean a 1.5-mile stretch of lead to has chalk on it and then that doesn't take into account the tape because people were putting down tape, as well. >> reporter: so for years, people put down tape and chalk to mark their spots. that's not a good idea. i want to show you what we are seeing. we are seeing chairs on the street. this is downtown through danville hart street but what we aren't seeing is chalk and ta. we do see somef this -- tych
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er. the paras at 9 a.m. pected. thwill be 300 participants. this is going to be a big show. if you want a fun family event, this is the place to be downtown danville. the streets around hart street will be closed. but there is some municipal parking nearby. live in danville, i'm jessica flores, kpix 5. down in the south bay city official in san jose have come up with a new plan to crack down on illegal fireworks. kpix 5's anne makovec is live in san jose this morning. it appears to be working. reporter: yeah. they have gotten 600 reports illegal fireworks, all sorts of fireworks illegal here in san jose as is the case in many bay a lot of people ignore that law. so now there is a new tool for law enforcement and firefighters to try to put is the city is hoping for some
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enforcement help from the community. fire officials say more people are now using the city's online fireworks reporting website. for the first time ever, it lets people upload photos and videos of their neighbors behaving badly. >> so if they are simply setting off what's normally called consumer grade fireworks, that would involve a citation. if they are setting off things like commercial grade fireworks, that could involve jail or prison time. >> reporter: the first fine for illegal fireworks in san jose is $500 going up to $1,000 for the third offense. now, when you upload a photo, video report to this website, they don't actually send an officer immediately. a lot of this is used for mapping tools so they can figure out where to spend their resources. anne makevoc, kpix 5. we have already seen an explosive start to the fire
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season and fireworks are a big concern in communities devast by thne country wildfires. kpix 5's joe vazquez shows us the 4th of july crackdown. reporter: sales are red- hot. >> june bugs. >> reporter: at the tnt fireworks stand in petaluma. >> these are the really cool ones. >> reporter: they call them "safe and sane" fireworks that don't blow up or shoot up in the air. they are allowed in petaluma and some other towns in sonoma county. but in the rest of the county, all fireworks including these israel legal. -- are illegal. that includes santa rosa which just 10 months ago saw neighborhoods hit by fires. folks are extra sensitive this 4th of july. >> we are seeing a significant increase in complaints associated with anything that could potentially lead to fire here locally. >> reporter: santa rosa will deploy fireworks patrol teams, cops an firefighters looking for people who might be
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breaking the law, setting fires. there could even be arrests. >> is it illegal use? did it lead to a fire or injuries? all those will be factors in determining what sort of enforcement action is going to be taken. >> reporter: back in petaluma, folks we talked to said they are being very conscientious. >> i have a bucket and put them in the water after. >> reporter: to make sure you have the fire out? >> yeah. >> used properly, they are perfectly safe. >> reporter: sometimes we hear about fireworks causing grass fires and that's what they are worried about. >> right. >> reporter: right now. >> i understand that completely. but again, you know, if you are not stupid with the fireworks -- because that's where the fires start is stupid people. >> reporter: you have a stupid screen for the people who buy? >> zero tolerance for illegal fireworks and really tell the people, you know, just use -- have a bucket, have a hose, you know, make sure the people are far enough away where they are not going to get burned by them and again, they are very safe if used properly. >> reporter: in petaluma, joe
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vazquez, kpix 5. a massive fire is ranging in northern california. the county fire is blanketing the area with smoke. it's so thick it's seen from space. jackie ward has more. there are new evacuations? >> reporter: still intense up there. more than 2100 fire personnel are working aggressively around the clock to build containment lines around the county fire. butter rain on the northern end of the fire is steep and inaccessible in some places. the county fire has burned more than 72,000 acres now and containment has jumped to 15%. it broke out east of lake berryessa on saturday and cal fire just ordered new evacuations for an area west of highway 16, south of old county road 40, and north of county road 53. july 4th is typically one of the best and t times of the year to visit lake berryessa. this stretch of highway 128 usually has a steady stream of cars going there. but no boats have left the
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marina this week. they hope firefighters will get a handle on it so boaters can get back on the water soon. >> we look forward to this week all year. we train for it. so to not have people here, they are missing a great time with their family. we try to get families out on the water to enjoy the time. >> reporter: cal fire crews are fighting fire with fire right now. they are forming what's called a black line, a line of fires they are setting themselves ahead of the county fire. they are also bulldozing fire breaks into the hillsides and backing those up with aerial drops of fire retardant. so far firefighters have not allowed the county fire to destroyed a single structure. but more than 1,000 buildings are still threatened. time now 5:10. rescue teams in thailand are still working to get a soccer team out of a flooded cave. the options they are now considering.
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area... in pleasant hill, the fireworks show is at college park high school.... viking drive will be es between n good morning. we have some road closures throughout the day around the bay area. in pleasant hill the fireworks
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show is at will be closed at about 9 p.m. and then re-open by 11. we have a list of 4th of july events and fireworks shows. just head to our website, the senate intelligence committee has concluded that russia interfered in the 2016 presidential election and they did it to help donald trump win. yesterday, the bipartisan committee released a report on its 16-month investigation. senators say they came to the same conclusion as the u.s. intelligence community that russia deliberately helped the president and the operation was ordered by president vladimir putin. for the last year and a half and republicans on the house intelligence committee have disputed the findings from u.s. intelligence organizations. president trump is scheduled to meet with president putin in finland in two weeks. officials released this --
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this is actually live pictures from thailand right now. the entire country captivated by the situation as a soccer we'll has been trapped in a cave in lafor two weeks. the boys and the coach still in the cave. australia media says rescue efforts will start tomorrow. laura podesta has details on the conditions and the latest efforts to get them out. reporter: the 12 young soccer players and their coach are seen in these new videos smiling and even laughing despite being trapped in a cave for 12 days now. most are huddled together wearing foil thermal blankets. the boys introduced themselves and say they are in good health and a navy seal can be seen treating minor cuts on their legs and feet with ointment. others are sleeping. south side the cave, the families of the boys hope for the best as they watch the videos.
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>> it's like he has been given a new life, a phone line is being installed so the soccer players, ages 11 to 16, can finally talk with their parents. a naseal commander says a team of 7 including a doctor is staying in the cave to determine which boys are strong enough to swim out of the flooded cavern. but experts say the training will take time. >> there are 13 individuals there who will all react differently all requiring a different level of training. >> reporter: today the governor said the boys practiced wearing diving equipment but he doesn't believe they have attempted any practice dives. the other option is to wait until water levels drop. heavy rains are in the forecast. monsoon season lasts until october. laura podesta, cbs news, new york. >> it's so encouraging to know that they are okay in there. but we hope they get out soon.
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>> they have the best of the best trying to rescue them including navy seals, divers, so hopefully it happens sooner rather than later. >> yeah. this captivated the world. 5:17. we'll check the roads. let me guess. maybe "holiday light"? >> "holiday light." you're right, michelle. right now, we are tracking speeds in the green for drivers heading along 101. so if you do have to work today, the good news is, you won't be dealing with the normal slowdowns that we usually see for this time of the morning. ignore the sensors on the southbound direction. those are not slow right now. here's a look at your ride through san jose. 101 right near north first street. you can see everyone on their best driving behavior this morning. you shouldn't have any trouble up and down the peninsula. this is 101 near hillsdale. so through san mateo, no problems. san mateo bridge, off to a great start. we are in the green in both directions, 13 minutes between 880 and 101. here's a live look just south
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of 238 heading out of san lorenzo. southbound direction on the right side of your screen there. no delays making your way down towards the dumbarton bridge. bay bridge toll plaza, look at that! no backup. no delays. oh!! how nice. hat's a c heck of your traffic; over to you. all i notice is the flags that are flying, flapping around there. we do have a little bit of a breeze right along the coast but other than that partly cloudy conditions this morning. it's pretty calm even in the weather department. here's a look at "salesforce tower" camera looking towards the north. and, of course, we are seeing just a few dark clouds there as we wait for the official sunrise time. satellite-radar showing some of you waking up to clear conditions in the south bay. parts of the east bay, as well. and the sunrise happening this morning at 5:53. sunset tonight 8:35. it looks like right around sunset is when clouds roll back into the bay. you can see the layer of cloud coverage at the east. that's typical of course. we have had that for the past few mornings. and here's what's going on
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with our temperatures. 56 in san francisco. livermore 55. oakland 59. concord 58. air quality today moderate range, very similar to yesterday. it looks like the smoke from the fires is blowing east and north because we are getting an overall wind directions. this afternoon 60s at the beaches, mid-70s in palo alto. 75 santa clara. so staying in the 60s and 70s around the bay area. the only 80s are in the north in clearlake and lakeport. 65 sausalito. tonight chilly so bring a jacket if you are going to stay up late to watch the shows. this low to the north will bring in the cloud coverage. that's why today is the coolest cloudiest day of the week and here's how it's timing out. your futurecast showing clouds at the bay but most of you across the east bay will be
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waking up to sunshine and then this afternoon, sunny skies. now, here we are at 8 p.m. right there near the golden gate bridge, pier 39, the fireworks shows, that's where we are going to start to see those clouds roll through. it times out just in time for the fireworks shows by 9:30 looking like downtown san francisco will be coated in that low-lying cloud coverage. the fog will take effect and it will last through the early- morning hours. inland the shows should be under clear skies. it will be cool. so 60 degrees at 7 p.m. today. 56 at 9 p.m. today for san francisco. a lot of the country under this ridge of high pressure and moving west. so then the desert southwest will have excessive heat and red flag warnings. for us, our warming trend begins starting tomorrow so today the last day of cool air, because the next several days we are looking at a lot of heat so you may want to go to the beaches. we have a beach hazard statement in effect starting
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late today through saturday. today staying cool below average. tomorrow we start to rise into the upper 80s. 90s all the way through tuesday of next week. we'll be right back after the break.
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good morning, everybody. got a little baseball for you. giants business. it's a good one. johnny cueto will be back on
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the mound thursday against the cardinals. jeff samardzija saturday. last night, they just fell completely apart. took scissors and cut them all off! that's what the rockies did. already up 3-0 in the 5th. there goes arenado back away and gone. scored 90 runs in 100 games against this team. they won by a final of 8-1. meantime, back in the bay area, mark mcguire honored before the game the padres bench coach. san diego 2-0 in the sixth. jed lowrie took care of that. a bases-clearing three-run double. a's win in front 3-2. and you know what? three batters later, mark canha was at the plate and bam! that one isn't coming back. 11th homer of the year factored in the a's 6-2 win. they have won serve of the last eight. reuben foster suspended two games by the league for an
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arrest on a weapons charge, which foster pleano contest to. and a misdemeanor marijuana arrest that has since been dismissed. foster wasn't suspended for his domestic violence arrest after the charges were dropped last month. let's segue to the golden state warriors. the kids in sacramento with summer league last night. they worked the ball around and set up first round pick evans knocked to down, scored 13 points in his summer league debut. "dubs" won 71-54. the warriors re-signed looney to a one-year deal. he showed up big in the post- season, starting five post- season games. that's sports at this lure. have a good 4th of july. i'll see you later. hundreds of empty chairs are lining downtown danville. well tell you why coming right up.
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>> reporter: and we are hearing the sound of fireworks exploding inthe sky all over the bay area these days and nights. the problem is that most of them are illegal. a new tool for reporting your neighbors, coming up next. ♪ ooh, baby, do you know what that's worth? ♪
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still flat. here. try this. and... ♪ ooh, heaven -- nailed it. ship warehouse fire... why some of the victims' families say they'll never get justice... and the wildfire raging in napa and two men sentenced in connection with the deadly ghost ship warehouse fire in oakland. why some of the victims' families say they will never get justice. >> the wildfire raging in napa and yolo counties forces new evacuations. >> and we're talking about a somewhat cool 4th of july holiday. i'll have your fireworks forecast, plus let you know about the upcoming warming trend. >> a bird's-eye view of the
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bay bridge. this is on the oakland side. we typically see the metering lights on around this time of morning. are they on? is there a backup? we'll find out coming up. good morning, everyone. it is wednesday, july 4th. i'm michelle griego. >> good morning, i'm kenny choi. in just a few hours, san jose's big 4th of july celebration gets under way. the rose, white and blue parade starts at lincoln high school at 10 a.m. the city says public shows are the way to go because officials promise to crack down on illegal fireworks today. anne makovec is live in san jose this morning with the city's new tactic. reporter: fireworks of all sorts are illegal here in san jose as we see in many bay area cities. but as we see all around the area as well, a lot of people are simply ignoring that law. i had trouble sleeping last night because of it. you might have had the same issues. so the city here is hoping for some enforcement from the
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community and more people are using the city's online fireworks reporting website because for the first time ever this summer, it lets them upload photos and videos of their neighbors behaving badly. they have gotten 600 reports with pictures or videos so far and fire officials say, with fire conditions as dangers are as they are now, it is more important than ever to obey the law. >> the hotter it is, the drier it is, the windier it is, the faster any fire is going to spread. so we constantly are encouraging people to take care of their activities during fire season we don't have fires starting. fireworks are just one more way that fires can start. >> reporter: the first fine for illegal fireworks in san jose is $500, going up to $1,000 for the third offense. so the city's tool is called snap, click and report. you can find it on the city of san jose's website.
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and we'll have it on live in san jose, anne makevoc, kpix 5. danville's popular 4th of july parade kicks off in just a few hours and some residents are already set up front and center. jessica flores is following this 4th of july free for all. we already see a lot of chairs behind you. reporter: that's right. there are hundreds of chairs here lining hart avenue for the 4th of july parade near danville. take a look. you can see there's some kids chairs and american flag chairs and everyone has their whole setup here. but this setup comes with some issues. they weren't supposed to set up until 6 p.m. yesterday. but people started setting up their chairs at 10 a.m. take a look at this video yesterday. the city spent a week asking people not to put chairs up. the city also says chalk and tape can't be used. but we're seeing plenty of that. the city says cleaning up is a problem because they have to power wash the chalk marks and
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have to use specialize the equipment to keep water out of the storm drains. >> that would be great if everybody went along with the game plan. but a lot of times there's just a few people that want to get ahead of the game. >> so someone starts early? >> that's right. >> then it starts an arms race? >> that's right. >> reporter: now, the city says if your stuff was removed because you brought it out too early, you can get it at the maintenance yard of the city. i want to show you the chalking issues. i'm going to call out steve and over here robin. they put out their chairs and chalk. you're not supposed to do the chalk. so robin, maybe you want to clean that up and help the city out. but about 100 groups are going to be out here. the parade lasts for three hours. it all starts at 9 a.m. and if you are planning oncoming out here, again, you obviously can't park along the street. and all the streets along hart avenue will be closed. there will be some parking nearby and some street parking
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nearby but again, if you are going to come out, come out early because it will be hard to find parking. in danville, jessica flores, kpix 5. thank you. in san francisco, we are hoping for clear skies by the time the fireworks start tonight. keyword is "hoping." saying your prayers and your "hail mary" prayers because it's not looking good for tonight. clear now. of course the show is scheduled for 9:30. hopefully it stays clear. >> yeah. >> but in the east bay they may have a little bit of luck. san jose the fireworks, east bay, concord, it will be clear. danville, as well. so tonight, around the water, this is normal, we do get cloud coverage. it's always that marine layer that comes through the golden gate bridge, hang around the bay, right over pier 39. so that's how it's timing out. right now looking towards the north you can see a layer of clouds over a lot of marines the north bay, that's where we are seeing some clouds and
5:35 am
it's all because we are getting that typical onshore breeze. it's happening again as it has been the past several mornings. we get the winds coming in from the south-southwest direction and that pushes in the coastal clouds. that's what we'll see tonight. then our weather pattern changes tomorrow. warming trend starts. so for today, it's the coolest cloudiest day of the week as we have been talking about all week long. you can see a few clouds at the golden gate bridge and most likely it will be back again around 7, 8 p.m. tonight. 56 degrees in san francisco right now. livermore 55. 58 in concord. so just be prepared for that. if it doesn't happen, you'll be pleasantly surprised. but either way it will be a gorgeous show. can't go wrong when you're by the bay watching fireworks with or without clouds. temperatures will be about 4 degrees below average this afternoon. san jose about 6 degrees below average. concord about 10 degrees below average. so looking at the forecast, coastal cloud coverage tonight at 9 p.m. so this would be your fireworks show forecast.
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cloudy, gusty, by the bay. gusts around 18 miles per hour. inland areas places like concord and san jose, 63 degrees clear skies. and yes winds around inland locations could still be around 15 to 20 miles per hour. drivers are definitely keeping me on my toes this morning. and the challenge is to see where we find any delays. right now, we are in the green across the board. here's a live look. this is your 580 approach as you head on over towards the maze. typically this starts backing up around this time of morning and as you can see traffic is just fine in both directions. bay bridge toll plaza no metering lights. no backup. no delays. smooth sailing in both directions. no problems going into and out of san francisco. it may be a challenge this evening. bart starts at 8 a.m.
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as well as muni on longer trains and on sunday schedules. hat's a check of your traffic; over to you. nearly 80 million people in the u.s. are under a heat advisory or warning. at the east coast soaring temperatures and humidity will stay through the 4th of july. we have a report that there have already been deaths and hospitalizations due to the heat. reporter: dangerous heat across north america has contributed to the death of a woman in pennsylvania on saturday and possibly another two people in kansas city, missouri, over the past week. six more heat-related deaths were reported over the weekend in quebec. new yorkers waited a long time this year for sunshine and warmth. >> we asked for summer. >> reporter: but long stints in 100-degree weather can cause problems. >> some of the mistakes are people lie down which can actually make your symptoms worse. so what you need to do is go co frequently. >> reporter: in new jersey residents at inglemore rehab and care center were evacuated
5:38 am
on monday after the building's air-conditioning failed. all along the east coast, people working outdoors have to find frequent refuge indoors. >> it's going to be warm. we get used to it. you hydrate all day. >> the building is about 122, 123 right now fluctuating a little bit. the building is going to be cooler because it's a different color than the black roof but it all radiates heat when you are working. >> reporter: the heat and humidity continues over the 4th of july holiday. >> there is a little relief. it's still three days away but it's cooler from here on out as a major cold front comes through for the weekend. >> reporter: in washington, i'm natasha chen reporting. >> the wildfires in northern california are generating so much smoke it can be seen from space. jackie ward has the latest. reporter: in a few days, this fire has exploded across parts of northern california
5:39 am
and it's haalready burned more than 72,000 acres and containment is 15%. this started east of lake berryessa on saturday. cal fire just ordered new mandatory evacuations for an area west of highway 16, south of old county road 40 and north of county road 53. no permanent residents in napa county are part of the evacuation. but sheriff's deputies are still checking this area for campers. winemakers in yolo county are hoping the flames stay away from their vines, of course. but their second biggest concern is the smoke. this vineyard is only 2 miles away from the front lines of the county fire, and the heart of this year's batch is cloaked in a smoky haze. one winemaker says the quality of his harvest will all come down to timing. >> it's not a problem if it clears out. with long-term exposure the grapes absorb the smoke and that's a big problem that will ruin wine. >> reporter: until now, the
5:40 am
fire has burned mainly along the coastal range and in the mountains. but at the southeastern edge, the fire is barreling downhill. yesterday, cal fire crews caught a break as the winds calmed just enough for them to use fire to clear out the dry grass in a controlled burn. still, fire crews say that because of the winds and dry vegetation, this fire has potential to keep growing. the families of victims in the ghost ship warehouse fire are reacting to the sentences just handed down in the case. master tenant derick almena agreed to 9 years behind bars. event promoter max harris was sentenced to 6 years. both pled no contest yesterday. 36 people died when the unpermitted work-live space in oakland went up in flames in december 2016. with probation and time served, ison lessn two in e.
5:41 am
the families say it's not enough. >> we want fair justice. we don't feel that in our opinion, that was fair justice. >> in april, investigators removed the last pieces of evidence from the site. officials say the art community hopes to turn the space into a school or museum. none of that can happen until the wrongful death lawsuits are resolved. time now 5:41. more than 100 people go to the hospital every year with injuries from grill brushes. how it happens and how you can avoid it. pluswhy one major bay area airports will stop all flights for half-hour tonight. maybe you could save energy by
5:42 am
weaving your own shoes... out of flax. or simply adjust your thermostat. do your thing, with energy upgrade california.
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forecast in just a few minutes. immigration office in san francisco. it's part of a national protestors spent another night camped out in front of the federal immigration office in san francisco. it's part of a national demonstration called, occupy i.c.e. protestors are speaking out against the trump administration's immigration
5:44 am
policies and agency's tact they say they won't leave until i.c.e. is abolished. i.c.e. fully respects the rights of all people to voice their opinions without interference. millions of americans will celebrate independence day with barbecues. but there's a hidden danger you should be on the lookout for today. meg oliver explains. reporter: thomas hatcher uses a wire brush to clean his grill but in 2015, he told us how a piece of the brush got stuck in his hamburger and then in his mouth. >> i was about halfway through it and i felt something really sharp and intense pay. >> reporter: the wire got into his tongue. he went to the hospital and got stitches. sheryl was also eating one when she swallowed this piece of wire brush that had to be removed by surgery. >> my stomach was bloated, extremely tender to the touch. >> reporter: research shows about 130 people go to the emergency room every year with these types of injuries.
5:45 am
>> there's a piece of wire that you're not going to be able to digest and that can cause some internal burn burn through parts of your stomach or your intestine. >> reporter: the mount sinai doctor says it can easily be st cloth, wipe it off before you turn on the grill. that's how it gets into the food is a hidden particle that latches onto the food. >> reporter: meg oliver, cbs news, new york. >> research shows that 1600 people visited the emergency room with wire bristle brush injuries between 2002 and 2014. san jose mineta international airport is closing the runway briefly tonight because of 4th of july fireworks. the city made the decision after the federal aviation administration threatened to cancel the fireworks display at discovery meadow. planes will not be able to take off or land from 9:30 to 10:00 tonight. the airport will still be
5:46 am
open. and we have a list of 4th of july events and fireworks shows. just head to our website, what's happening on the roads? >> not a lot. i was trying to pull up this camera right here. this is a lovely shot of i-80 near whitmore so folks heading up to the sierra today possibly to enjoy the 4th of july celebration up there always a fun place, but no traffic, no delays, at this point. we are tracking a new accident not far from here. the roads open now but when they upright the big rig they will have caltrans coming in and assisting with a full hard closure. that could delay folks eastbound towards the know
5:47 am
someone traveling in that direction. a lot of people not working today. 205 in the green. we typically see this in red and yellow throughout much of the morning. westbound direction an easy 20- minute commute towards 680. no delays out of antioch, westbound 4 looking okay. southbound direction, an easy commute. no problems on 880. san mateo bridge no problems. ha t's a check of your traffic; over to you. lake tahoe has a great fireworks show something worth going to see. here's a live look from homewood to show you how gorgeous it is up there. off in the distance, of course, you see all kinds of neat colors.
5:48 am
this is looking towards reno where a lot of the smoke from the fire has settled. reno is a valley from the higher elevations so the smoke likes to sit in the bowl basically. and that's what they are dealing with, smoke from the fires moving towards the east and north. so central valley dealing with it. for us we are seeing would be nice cloud coverage out there right along the pacific ocean not affecting visibility. half moon bay has lower visibility with a little drizzle. sunrise 5:53. sunset 8:35. here's the air quality. moderate range. so particular last matter in the upper 60s and low 50s today. so smoky skies right where the fires are but a lot of it again the wind direction is pushing it to the north and the east. sfo, it looks good right now. higher clouds, what's in it. thin ones, so that he looks like weather shounot be a
5:49 am
factor in flights coming in and out of town. temperatures in the 50s right now. your afternoon highs in the 60s to 80s. most temperatures below average. the only with 80s are up by clearlake and lakeport further up north where the pawnee fire s san francisco, though, the afternoon high will be 6 -- where the pawnee fire is. san francisco, though, the afternoon highs will be 60s. the low was in the gulf of alaska and it's closer to the pacific northwest but you see right ahead of it the cloud coverage. and that's what we'll see especially tonight. so that's how it all times out. your futurecast here this morning, we have clouds around the bay and coast. by 10 a.m. you may see it through the have of gray skies. now here we are tonight, 8 p.m. a lot of people will be gathering around downtown san
5:50 am
francisco and clouds will make an appearance. "karl the fog," i tweeted him and said, are you just kidding or is this real? he is probably going to try to steal the show and that's what he likes to do. so by 9 p.m., pier 39 will be covered in clouds and then beyond the bay towards places like oakland by 11 p.m. and then early tomorrow morning, a lot of us will be waking up to gray skies, as well. inland, the good news is the clouds can't reach that far. they are not going to do in a today. so looks like places like san jose, concord, danville, you should be in the clear for the fireworks shows. for san francisco, 60 degrees and foggy. by 9 p.m. down to 56. if you are going to enjoy the across the couna lot of heat. that heat is moving west. so in your seven-day forecast, you can see starting tomorrow, through the weekend, we have a warming trend. it's going to last well into xt and that's your forecast. time now 5:50. customers at california cannabis dispensaries are having a tough time finding what they need.
5:51 am
why it could be quite some time before that changes. >> and new reports that tesla may have cut corners in its rush to meet production goals. ♪
5:52 am
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how do you take two selfies with one phone? -what? -[ scoffs ] never mind. [ camera shutters click ]
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oomorning. if youare going to the beach, it will be warm towards the end of the week. beach tonight through saturday. large swells from hurricane fabio which is is off the coast of mexico but it will be impacting all of our local beaches. some are calling it a cannabis crisis. california more than dispensaries say marijuana dispensaries emptying. right now all products must be going through strict lab testing. at this pot shot in aptos there's a three- to four-week wait to get inventory back to normal. they lost up to $10,000 in profits. >> there's five or six labs in the state of california and all products are going through
5:55 am
those. t's a traffic traffic ja thsas of dollars in the industry. >> the "associated press" said the entire industry would lose nearly $400 million because of unsold product because of the new laws. the law started sunday. internal tesla documents show new model 3s are rolling out after skipping a critical brake test. according to business insiders, elon musk stopped the brake and roll test even though it's an industry standard. tesla says all its cars have quality every model 3 is tested on the track is verify braking. new video from solano county shows a rollover crash off eastbound i-80 in cordelia. the driver survived without a scratch. you can see this gray suv dodging two cars going airborne then rolling over to a stop landing right side up inside a waystation. chp officers saw it right from
5:56 am
the desk and ran outside to help. >> when i first talked to her, it was just, hey, let's try not to move around too much. i want you to -- don't move your neck. let's make sure you're okay. this was walk out completely unharmed. >> first responders are calling it a miracle. they said if the truck had been a few hundred feet ahead, the driver would have died the fire taking over parts of napa and yolo counties forces sheriff's deputies to enforce more evacuations. we'll explain the challenges fire crews are facing as they try to contain the county fire. >> plus, a night of fireworks fun turns deadly as a tree comes crashing down on a group of spectators.
5:57 am
5:58 am
5:59 am
illegal fireworks this fourth of july. ath of d now at 6:00 on high alert
6:00 am
for the holiday. the bay area crackdown on illegal fireworks this 4th of july. >> plus flames, smoke and a path of destruction. the progress being made against the massive wildfire burning in napa and yolo counties. >> gubernatorial candidates weigh in on how to enforce immigration laws. good morning, everyone. happy 4th of july. i'm michelle griego. >> good morning. i'm kenny choi. let's kick off the top of the hour with a live look outside. as we take a look from our "salesforce tower" camera looking out west, you can see sutro tower there. some clouds in the picture. and the bay area is definitely gearing up to celebrate independence day and neda is live at the weather center with a look at our forecast for the 4th of july. >> the accident like right now we have cloud coverage. -- it looks right now like we have cloud coverage. this afternoon will be sunny but the clouds will be back in full effect right


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