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tv   CBS Evening News with Jeff Glor  KPIX  July 6, 2018 5:30pm-6:00pm PDT

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♪ ♪ captioning sponsored by cbs >> golodryga: on the "cbs evening news" for this friday, the danger grows for those thai children trapped in a cave. why a rescue may have to be attempted soon, ready or not. the u.s. and china go head to head over new tariffs, and dat's causing anxiety down on the farm. but first, the headlines in 60 seconds. >> new urgency in the effort to rescue 12 boys trapped in a cave in thailand. a former thai navy seal passed out and drowned. oxygen levels inside the cave are dropping, and they are quickly running of options. >> i'm manuel bojorquez. we're flying over south florida, where a toxic algae bloom is threatening the wildlife and the economy. >> vice president mike pence at the immigration and customs enforcement headquarters.
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>> we will never abolish ice. >> secretary of state mike pompeo back in north korea today. im trying to lock down a time line for kim jong-un to dismantle his nuclear arsenal. >> a woman setting off fireworks and pointing them at people on a brooklyn street. >> it's crazy. it's stupid. >> southern california is preparing for unprecedented temperatures. >> triple-digit heat. n inhis is going to go down in the record books. >> golodryga: and the search for one very special car, "on the road." >> this is a needle in a haystack. >> well, i've seen magical things happen on facebook. >> golodryga: good evening. jeff glor is off tonight. i'm bianna golodryga. and this is our western edition. it couldn't get much worse for the 12 thai children and their soccer coach. as they begin a third week trapped in a flooded cave, oxygen is running out and monsoon rains are coming. that may force divers to attempt a rescue before the children are
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ready. rescue operations have already cost one diver his life. ben tracy is on the scene. >> reporter: thai officials say it's still too risky to attempt to rescue the 12 boys and their soccer coach trapped inside the cave. but late friday, the governor of chiang rai said that if heavy rains hit the area this weekend, they may be forced to act. the risk of a rescue attempt was made painfully clear friday when former thai navy seal saman gunan passed out underwater while delivering air tanks inside the cavern and died. hisomber procession carried his rdy through the streets of chiang rai to the airport. gunan was a professional diver; these boys, ages 11 to 16, can barely swim. they are also weak from being stranded in the cave and are ngill learning to use the diving equipment required to potentially swim out. and now, there's a new concern: oxygen is running out due all the rescue personnel breathing
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inside the cave, down to an alarming 15%. this thai seal commander said, "we originally thought the boys could stay safe inside the cave for quite some time, but circumstances have changed. we have limited time." so, just over here is the entrance to the cave, and all day long they are bringing things in and out. right now, it appears they're actually trying to move in these frge submersible water pumps in order to pump more water out of the flooded cavern. crews are rushing to install a three-mile-long oxygen tube and are pumping out as much water as possible before monsoon rains forecasted this weekend threaten to raise the water level again, making a rescue nearly impossible. help from all over the world has arrived here at the entrance to this cave. and now, billionaire elon musk says that he's going to send x gineers from spacex and tuecialists in boring tunnels here to thailand to see if they can be any assistance. bianna? t golodryga: it is a race against time. ben tracy, thank you.
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back in this country, millions in the west are dealing with the dangers of extreme heat and rapidly spreading wildfires. take a look at this. some of the record highs today in southern california-- 103 degrees in downtown los angeles, 107 in long beach, 112 in burbank, 115 in woodland hills. nearly 40 large fires are burning in 11 western states. ine person died in a fire today near the california-oregon border. in parts of northern california, colorado and utah, residents have been ordered to evacuate. carter evans has more. >> reporter: southern california is baking like it's never baked before. te it's literally unbearable. you cannot be outside when it's that hot. >> reporter: records are falling as temperatures soar well into de triple digits, up 25 degrees above normal. the national weather service has issued warnings for dangerous exd extreme heat and critical ghre danger. firefighters remain on edge as reports came in throughout the
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day of pop-up fires fanned by hot, dry winds, including this one near san diego. at least one large home was destroyed; several other structures have burned and conditions are only expected to worsen. s northern california near the oregon border, officials say a fast-moving wildfire there has now claimed a life, but they offer no other details. at least a dozen homes have been destroyed. the dry, erratic winds have plagued the west for weeks. now, it's the oppressive heat, which caused thousands to flock to one of the only places they could find refuge: the beach. it was supposed to be in the mid-90s today here at the beach, as well. nortunately, that did not happen. the sea breeze is keeping things relatively cool here. for everyone else, the heat wave is expected to continue through saturday. bianna? >> golodryga: carter evans, thank you. the first atlantic hurricane of the season is heading toward the caribbean. beryl is expected to gain
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strength in the hours ahead, then weaken late sunday or way. ovnight,he fir shots were fired in what may turn into an all-out trade war with china. the u.s. placed a 25% tax on $34 billion worth of goods imported from china, including auto parts and medical devices. china hit back with tariffs on u.s.-made products, including beef, pork, soybeans and cars. one state that could be caught in the squeeze is wisconsin. the u.s. chamber of commerce warns the tariffs could slice $1 billion off wisconsin's exports-- most notably, cheese. gre's dean reynolds. >> hi, girls. epors go. >> reporter: stacy limberg's family owns a small dairy farm with 75 cows and a lot of anxiety. >> we don't make a lot of money. and we're not really making any t ney at this point in time. e reporter: while a glut of milk in the u.s. has driven down u.s. dairy prices for the last few years, president trump's tariff tiff may make matters even worse by forcing foreign lstomers to look for cheaper dairy products from other
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sources. stacy supports the president, but worries about what a trade war would mean. >> everything is very uncertain at this point. >> reporter: her farm in plymouth, wisconsin, sends all its milk to sartori company, makers of a variety of cheeses. this was milk just a few hours ago? >> yes. >> reporter: 12% of what sartori makes is exported, with canada and mexico its main foreign markets. but mexico's new 25% tariff on american cheese in retaliation for the american tariffs on steel and aluminum imports, means sartori cheese is suddenly more expensive there. sartori president jeff schwager: >> mexico has already signed a free trade agreement with the european union, so europe can export cheese there with no tariff, no duty. so, if this is going to go on long-term, the customers down there will look for an alternative product without the
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tariffs on it. nb reporter: other wisconsin exports like cranberries or apples could be adversely affected, and schwager says once those markets are lost... >> it's going to take us a long time to get that shelf space back at the grocery store. >> reporter: hard cheese for dairy farmers like stacy limberg. dean reynolds, cbs news, plymouth, wisconsin. >> golodryga: just some of the effects of a trade war. well, trade tensions are not hurting the u.s. job market so far. the labor department reported today that the economy created 213,000 jobs last month. the unemployment rate rose two- tenths of a point to 4% as more americans entered the workforce. secretary of state mike pompeo is in north korea to follow up on kim jong-un's pledge to denuclearize the peninsula. since the trump-kim summit last month, there have been reports the north is continuing to expand some of its nuclear and missile facilities. the trump administration asked a federal judge today for more time to reunite immigrant
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families separated at the border. there was no immediate decision. the administration says 19 children under the age of five have yet to be reunified. the court-imposed deadline is tuesday. fewer than 3,000 older children remain separated. the deadline to reunify them is july 26. also today, vice president mike pence visited the headquarters of immigration and customs enforcement. noting that some democrats have called for ice to be abolished, pence said that president trump will never allow it. for more than a decade, the u.s. has offered immigrants who join the military fast track to citizenship. but now, some immigrant recruits and reservists say they've been abruptly discharged without being give a clear reason why. wnricka duncan spoke to one of them. >> the feeling was just like getting kicked out of your own home. i was so shocked. and there were so many tears in my eyes that my hands couldn't move fast enough to wipe them. >> reporter: this pakistani man is describing his reaction to
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being kicked out of the u.s. military. he doesn't want his identity shown in fear of reprisal if he has to return to his home country. he says on june 11 his recruiter called him to say the 22-year- hd will be discharged. that despite the fact that he says he passed a military isckground check. h i hope this is a mistake, and mistakes happen. >> reporter: in 2016, he u.listed in the u.s. army with hopes of becoming a legal u.s. thtizen through a program known as "mavni," which stands for "military accessions vital to the national interest." the program began in 2008 as a way to find people with special medical and language skills. in return, foreign-born recruits were promised a path to citizenship. last year, the department of defense suspended the program and announced new changes for current foreign recruits, which included increased background checks. reportedly, several foreign-born reservists and recruits have been discharged without any real explanation.
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u.s. army officials issued a statement to cbs news, saying, vnny recruits, including those recruited through the mavni eeogram, who receives an unfavorable security screening is deemed unsuitable for military service and is administratively discharged." nsm porter is with the iraq and afghanistan veterans of america. >> what exactly is happening? hao is getting deported? why are there active duty service members caught up in this? a lot of questions and not enough answers so far. >> golodryga: as for the pakistani recruit, he forwarded cbs news part of what he said was from his military record. it states he has such a deep, long-standing loyalty to the u.s. since 2008, more than 10,000 people have been enlisted in the mavni program. and bianna, since 2001, through other, similar programs, more than 109,000 people have gotten citizenship, u.s. citizenship, .y joining the united states military.
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>> g >> golodryga: many who are planning to boat or swim many of america's lakes and rivers this weekend have to check not only the weather forecast, but also the water forecast. rain, heat and pollutants are causing an outbreak of toxic algae. exposure can cause a sore throat, nausea and other health issues. lawmakers in florida want the governor to declare a state of emergency over lake okeechobee's toxic algae problem. orteel bojorquez is there. >> reporter: chris wittman has been fishing southwest florida his entire life, but the once postcard-perfect summer waters are becoming fouled by slimy and toxic green algae. >> it's not looking good for the future. i mean, i've canceled my trips
5:45 pm
the last few weeks. because of this issue, i'm not on the water as much as i once was. >> reporter: it's a recurring nightmare, but this year's early bloom could signal one of the worst summers yet. the problem starts here: lake okeechobee, the aquatic lifeblood of south florida. yfter heavy rains, the army corps of engineers released millions of gallons to relieve pressure on the lake's old earthen dam. itt the water is chock full of chemicals and nutrients, much of it run-off from commercial agriculture and sprawling development. when that mix bakes in the summer sun, the algae population explodes. biologist john cassani has been collecting samples, and warning about the health hazards. >> the toxins that the silent bacteria produce are incredibly potent. they affect liver function. alere are neurotoxins that they produce. so, it's a suite of really toxic stuff that can kill wildlife and really impact people's health. f reporter: if you get close enough, you can see this isn't
5:46 pm
gst a film. it is a thick, gooey substance. and once it starts to cover up a waterway like this, it deprives it of oxygen, essentially sucking the life out of it. wildlife like manatees can choke to death, but underwater the atire marine ecosystem is at risk. so, too, are waterside hsinesses. captain chris wittman says he's lost $20,000 on canceled trips already this summer. ot this is going to take a lot im work and a lot of time to fix it, but it is fixable. these are man-made issues, and man can fix them. >> reporter: the federal government and the state have approved a $1.6 billion plan to clean and store some of the lakh water, but it still has not been funded. even the private sector is stepping in, offering a $10 million reward to whoever comes up with the best plan to fix the problem here, because the algae has already been spotted in as much as 90% of lake okeechobee. bianna? >> golodryga: they clearly have their work cut out for them. manuel bojorquez, thank you.
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a golodryga: cheyenne and lucas kopeschka got hitched without a hitch last weekend. that is, until they sat down for their wedding video. >> ( screaming ) >> golodryga: that was close. the wisconsin couple is fine, just a few scrapes. but we couldn't help but notice that as the tree fell, lucas held on to his beer; cheyenne was on her own. lucas may have some explaining to do. an historic steamboat was destroyed by fire today in the 190-foot s.s. "st. claire," first launched in 1910, was docked and undergoing repairsen. no one was hurt. for more than 80 years, the "st. claire" ferried passengers to the boblo amusement park in canada until it closed in the
5:51 pm
1990s. in britain today, authorities stepped up their search for how two people were poisoned by a nerve agent delevoped by the soviet union. the man and woman are in critical condition. novichok is the poison that sickened an ex-russian spy and his daughter in the united kingdom in march. steve hartman is next, with a nationwide search for a memory. hartman's searches for a memory. prevagen is the number one selling brain-health supplement in drug stores nationwide. prevagen. the name to remember. the wonderful thing about polident is the fact that it's very, very tough on bacteria, yet it's very gentle on the denture itself. polident's 4 in 1 cleaning system consists of 4 powerful ingredients that work together to deep clean your denture in hard to reach places.
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>> golodryga: we end the week with steve hartman and a young man's quest to travel back in time, "on the road." >> whoa! >> reporter: even in texas, a horse only gets you so far, which is why, as we first reported last year, justin rozier started thinking about a car. specifically, he told his mom, jessica, he would love to have a car, any car, that his dad once owned. >> i mean, it could have been a 1974 dodge astro-- i don't even know if that's a car-- but it could have been anything, and he would have said yes. >> reporter: why? >> i know that he wishes his dad was here. >> reporter: in 2003, justin's dad, army first lieutenant jonathan rozier, died in iraq. justin was nine months old. today, he cherishes anything
5:56 pm
that used to belong to his dad, ghich is why he thought it would be so cool to have his car. >> like, just knowing that he had it, it's a whole lot different than just any other thing, really. >> reporter: unfortunately... >> yeah. t reporter: ...after john died, jessica had to sell the car, a '99 toyota celica convertible like this one. finding it again would be nearly impossible, but jessica said she had to at least try. this is a needle in a haystack. >> well, i've seen magical things happen on facebook. or reporter: so, she posted the old vin number with a note asking for help, and somehow that message made it all the way to pleasant grove, utah, where local residents not only found the car... >> we decided, you know, let's see if we can buy the car. >> reporter: this is kyle fox. cam not saying he's a saint, fot... >> i always wanted to do something like that, to serve. >> reporter: that butterfly stayed there for half an hour. >> i don't even know where i was
5:57 pm
with that. >> reporter: anyway, kyle got donations to purchase the car and then assembled a team of volunteer mechanics to fix it like new-- all of this unbeknownst to justin, until this very moment. kyle drove the car from utah to surprise justin for his 15th birthday. >> go see it! >> reporter: i can't tell you what this meant to justin. i mean, i really can't. he tried to explain it to me, but when he opened his mouth, no words fell out. >> it's a link to the past for him. it's a big thing for me, too. i never got to see him come home. so, that just one moment right there that was... i think i needed that. >> reporter: obviously, this was never about a car. no, this was about trying to push past what you can't forget, trying to remember what you never knew.
5:58 pm
and on this most american holiday weekend, it's about appreciating all the layers of sacrifice. >> i'm so glad we could do this for you. >> reporter: steve hartman, "on the road" in moore, texas. >> golodryga: a true miracle on wheels and a reminder of a father lost too soon. love that butterfly, as well. and that is the "cbs evening news" for this week. jeff glor will be back next week. jeff will be anchoring our live hoverage when the president istroduces his supreme court niminee monday evening at 9:00 eastern time. i'm bianna golodryga in new york. good night, and have a great weekend. captioning sponsored by cbs captioned by media access group at wgbh
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what could be one of the biggest projects ever in the heart of downtown. good evening, i'm elizabeth cook. kpix news begins with a tower that could transform oakland. what could be one of the biggest projects ever in the heart of downtown. good evening. i am elizabeth cook. >> i am alan martin. the demand for office space is skyrocketing. it has the tightest real estate market in the country and now there are plans for a mess in the development on the 19th street park station. it is bigger than the salesforce tower in terms of square footage. some and reports it is a sign of a building boom on the other side of the bay. >> oakland is right -- right for this type of development. >> he has written about looks about urban planning in the area. it has been proposed in downtown it could be just what
6:00 pm
the real estate doctor ordered. >> if you build it, will they come? i think given the growth in the bay area of jobs, i think that oakland is investing wisely to think that we should build a some commercial space. >> boy does oakland need it. a recent ranking of all the commercial real estate available in the country ranked oakland as number one for the least amount of vacant office space. ahead of san francisco, ahead of men -- midtown manhattan. >> the project will go here. it is difficult to get a feel for just how big it will be. let's get a birds eye view. it will take over the entire block from telegraph to broadway and from 21st to 22nd street. in all, it is projected to have 1.6 million square feet of office space. in fact, it is more office is based in a salesforce tower. >> you see a lot of parking spaces around oakland that are now being developed for housing. i think people are looking at saying we are this close to transit. transit is an issue. it is an ideal place to build and could be


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