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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  July 9, 2018 7:00am-8:58am PDT

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your next local update is 7:26. >> and cbs this morning is coming up next. have a great and sunny day. good morning to our viewers in the west. it's monday july 9th, 2018 backup welcome to cbs ing. rescuers in northern thailand bring a second group of boys from a trapped soccer team out of the flooded cave. what it takes to navigate two miles underground to freedom and we look at health concerns for the boys. a monthmentle decision for president trump this tonight he will reveal his choice for the supreme court justice. jan crawford shows us the finalityis and the influence on the decision. the military is charging dozens of immigrants who were promised their service would lead to u.s. citizenship.
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we hear from one of the immigrants. plus mothers around the msed her y around serena daughter's first steps while getting ready for rinlden. and running with the bulls is a dangerous undertaking for anyone np. in you're series pushing the limits a blinded soldier takes on a new adventure in spain. but we begin this morning with a look at today's eye opener. your wormed in 90 seconds. firepower boys freed today from the flooded cave in thailand. bringing the total eight. officials say four base evacuated sunday are in good health but rescue teams are running out of time. deadly floods in japan. at least 100 are dead or missing. 2 million people under mandatory evacuation orders. president trump plans to announce his nominee to replace retiring supreme court justice anthony kennedy tonight.
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secretary of state mike pompeo addressed north korea's accusation that the u.s. is making gangster like demands. if knows requests were gangster like the world is a gangster. in california it has been non-stop for firefighters battling wildfires but the for the is not over. all that, a basketball game and mayhem. between the aau team and referees. all that matters. >> the lions are roaring again. england took care of business against sweden. croatia ending russia's surprising run. >> and russia dissolved into tears. >> on cbs this morning. >> travis making history the stunt performer recreated three of evil ka neefl's dangerous jumps. >> and history has been made once again. travis pistrana did what the
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icon who inspired this all couldn't do. he nailed the jump at caesar's palace. this morning's eye opener is presented by toyota. presented by toyota. let's go places. captioning funded by cbs . . welcome to cbs this morning the gang is all here. >> the gang is here zblienchts like the peaches and herb song. >> reunited and it feels so good. >> so good. >> all in eunicen. >> it's good to be back. it's great to go on vacation but great to come back. feels good. >> and here is the great news. as you wake up in the we was divers have pulled more boys from the flooded cave in northern thierld as the worlds watches. . video shows the first of four rescues taken from the scene by helicopter. rescuers are now done with the second stage of the dangerous mission to save a soccer team
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trapped two weeks. >> the first boy was the fifth to be rescued. four others brought out over the weekend. ben tracy is at the scene. >> >> reporter: good morning the second face was a success. rescuing four more of the boys. there are five now remain in the cave. they hope to rescue them tomorrow. inside the cave workers have been drilling holes in the rock so they can more easily navigate the dark cavern. the efforts are paying off. this video shows the first group moments after being rescued from the cave. within two minutes they were on helicopters and flown to a hospital where beds were lined up at the front door. so far thai officials say the rescue operation has gone better and faster than expected. a source tells abc news they have added five more people to
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the team of expert divers in hopes to rescue the remain boys and coach in a shorter period of time. here is how this dangerous rescue mission works. each of the boys wears a dive mask interning the murky water. they can barely see anything in front of them. they are led by a diver carrying their oxygen tank and guided by a rope. another follows from behind. the entire journey covers 2.5 miles through deep water and steep climbs. the biggest concern is a pinch point in the cave that is just 15 inches across. in that area the boys have to separate from the divers in order to fit through and reach a small patch of dry land before going back to the water. the thai government says each boy ranging from 11 to 16 years old and the coach was assessed and cleared by a doctor and the boys were made fully aware of the rescue plan agreeing to face whatever it took to get out of
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the cave. now officials say it could take 24 to 48 hours to rescue everyone in the cave. theoriesing time and theoriesing the weather. they want to make sure to get everybody out before any sort of heavy rains come and potentially flood that cave which would make the rescue more challenging. mora. >> ben, how do they decide which boys go out first? >> reporter: the local governor here acting as the head of the rescue mission, he says they are taking the strongest out first, that may seem counterintuitive. but the reasoning for that is likely they want the boys have the best chance of surviving getting through the rescue mission first. they want to give the divers the chance to go through this several times before getting to the boys perhaps weaker and would be more risky. mora. >> all the successful rescues have kept morale up. that's important. the rescue team members are
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taken to chiang rai hospitals. the boys were admitted yesterday are here. thailand's interior minister says they are strong and seep safe. anna warner is at the to want good morning. >> reporter: and what we have seen is the ambulances arriving bringing the latest boys in quick succession here to the hospital. we do not yet know anything about their medical condition. what we know is the first group of four boys, between the ages of 14 and 16, all of them are reported to be in stable condition. now over the next few days all of these boys will be receiving detailed medical checks. doctors will be looking out for immediate problems like dehide drags, malnutrition. also kept in isolation in case they have any viruses or diseases. you want to keep them separated. and they will will eventually see families. any arrived at the hospital yesterday after a 37-mile
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journey by helicopters and ambulances that's the same for the boys coming in tonight here at the cave site but we will keep you updated on the conditions. >> thank you. joining us from london is toby hamnett he is legal advise adviser to have the cave rescue council. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> what's the most important thing for the divers right now. >> the rescuer is always subject to a moving assessment to ensure that whatever happens is the safest possible environment not only for the children but also for the rescue team who are all volunteers from around the world. >> tobiy, the distance between the mouth of the cave and where the boys are trapped is over 2.5 miles. scribe how perilous that is. >> in any cave environment it can be difficult. but in a cave such as this which is flooded to the roof in large
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parts, the visibility is poor not only because it's in the dark but also the storm water of the monsoon would have churned up lots of mud on the way. and the cave itself has constrictens on route which cause difficulties. >> toby, this is a challenge even for the most experienced divers. explain to us what it must be like to try to teach a young boy some of whom don't know how to swim how to go threw the perilous journey. >> difficult. no two ways about it. but the divers at the front and cutting edge of the rescue are of a sure of themselves and able to project capability and confidence very clearly. in order to ensure this trust between the rescue team and the divers themselves. >> all right, toby, the world is watching. everyone is watching hoping and praying at the same time but so far so good. thank you for joining us this morning. >> no problems thank you very much. >> and some of the parents have
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sent letters to kids inside. one says know that mommy is waiting for you in front of the cave. i miss you please don't feel bad. another mom says dad and momma waiting to arrange the birthday party. please get out soon. mommy knows you can do it. imagine that. the best letter goes to the coach from the parents. please don't blame yourself for this. we want you to rest assured every parent is not upset and angry. and everybody understands and supports you. that must mean a lot. >> and he apologized from inside. you know, you read the letters and you imagine a small boy being under water and you look at the cave and the way it goes, how they can read and have the patience and restraint to make it out. >> one story is that coach. he apparently studied at a buddhist temple. he is a calm guy guy. >> we all sneed a little meditation until this is taken care of. >> true. >> we will bring you news on the rescue as it breaks and ahead -- ahead talk to cave diving
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experts about the dangerous operation. meanwhile, president trump will announce the next nominee to the supreme court tonight at the white house. mr. trump said yesterday he is still looking at a group of finalists. >> let's say it's the four people. but they're excellent. everyone you can't go wrong. but i'm getting close to a final decision. >> sources tell cbs news the four contenders are federal appeals courts amy barrett, thomas hardiman. jan crawford is at the supreme court, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, john. in the group we have seen the contenders rice and fall and rice and fall again. from the beginning one of those names has been at or here the top. and that's brett kavanaugh. he has the boxes checked. the elite legal credentials the president wants. yale college, law school. he clerked for justice kennedy. and he is seen as a real intellectual heavyweight on the supreme court. but he is very experienced and
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that weirdly is enough is a knock. he inwritten more than 300 opinions. worked for ken starr. mitch mcconnell has flagged his confirmation may take longer because he mass a record. that's kept him from ceiling the deal and left an opening for some of the other contenders. like judge thomas hardiman. the president likes his personal story bringing diversity to the court. he is the first justice outds the ivy league. he went to notre dame. georgetown law school. he helped pay for college by driving a taxi. he is an interesting choice from pennsylvania. the other two, kind ever now we think maybe a fallen off the left raymond kethledge and amy coney barrett. kethledge may drift to the left and is unproven which some nominees have done. and nonjudge barrett, the president is very ee namerred
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with her personal story. the first conservative woman on the supreme court. but he thinks she would be the pick next time. 46 years old. plenty of time he thinks to get another pick thap that's where we are right now. >> all right. jan crawford at the supreme court. a little more than 14 hours until we get a decision. krns will bring you a special report when president trump announces his nominee for the supreme court this evening. here is our anchor from washington. can you see it at 6 pac time here on cbs. the trump administration says talks with north korea to get rid of nuclear weapon are on track. secretary of state mike pompeo reported progress durng his trip toening pyongyang but the regime issued a statement saying the u.s. was making gangster demands. pompeo dismissed that as bluester. >> if the requests were gangster like the world is a gangster. because there wasedition beu.n.
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>> pompeo is making an unannounced triev to afghanistan meeting with the country's president and u.s. embassy officials. a new development in the case of the poison attacks in sout end british police laufrmd a murder investigation. a woman died. her friend remains in critical condition. charlie taggette sent this reporter report from amesbury. >> populace widened the roped off area. but around the corner wrp dawn sturjess collapsed a week ago. but what began as international espionage has turned into a murder investigation. lat night dawn sturjess 44-year-old mother of 3 finally gave into the novak her parent remains critically ill. it's the same toxin used innenen the attack on sergei skripal and his daughter. they managed to recover after
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months in the hospital. police say sturjess and rouly picked up a contaminated item likely used in the initial attack, a syringe or vial. and police are scouring locations they visited including a park in salisbury where jenny mcal. en came with her daughter. >> the news came late that the park was closed off. my daughter was playing there the following day when the couple had been in the park. it was a bit scarey really having to wash clothes and shoes. >> reporter: with the source of the poison not yet found. police still advise worried residents not to pick up foreign objects. >> do we go into town? do we avoid town? do we just stay at home and hide >> reporter: >> reporter: the british government accused russia of using its streets and parks as a dumping ground for poison. >> we know back in march thachs the russians. it was an inhumane act by the russian state. but for this particular incident we need to learn more and let the police do their work.
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>> reporter: the murder of a british citizen ups the ante with russia. but this morning the kremlin called the investigation a british problem. and that any suggestion of russian involvement is quite absurd. for cbs this morning, charlie dageta amends bury england. the trump administration will appeal to a federal judge todayfare more time to reunite young immigrants with their parent parents. a court ruling ordered the government to reunite 102 children under the age of 5 with families by tomorrow. in all there are more than 3,000 immigrant children in custody. our reporter is on the bored in el paso, texas amid the growing tensions. maria, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, the federal government has been doing dna testing to verify family connections but they can't do that fast enough which is why they are asking for the extension. and we have seen a number of
7:17 am
reunifications, a handful over the last few weeks. but people are in el paso and around the country are growing more frustrated over the situatioovernment inaction. >> what are you doing to get the babies back. >> we know where you live, too. >> a crowded louisville chased and at senate majority leader mitch mcconnell over the weekend who became the latest target of protesters outrage as the government struggles to reunite children with their parents. in one example reported by the associated press, a 1-year-old haurnden boy appeared before an immigration judge in phoenix friday. he was granted a voluntary depart yur order sending him back to honduras. >> a child appearing in court without a m is the lead lawye in the challenge to the zero tolerance policy. he says the government will likely reunite less than half
7:18 am
the children by tomorrow's deadline. >> they started the reunification process far too late and only when the court forced them to do it. and they're also using an extremely inefficient process. >> reporter: this is one of the busiest border crossing in country while discussions play out in federal court. people in el paso feel stuck in the middle. >> someone has to develop intestinal for the attitude and do what's right irrespective of political leans. >> the mayor calls the separations of families inhumane and say it's the result of decades of congressional inaction. >> when you don't treat the root problem is continues to fesster. i think it will continue to fesster. >> the government has until jum 26th to reunite the rest of the older children. what we understand right now is the department of justice said they are eager and ready to plead their case and explain dg trning in s to the federal
7:19 am
san diego. they said they have worked tirelessly to reunify families preponderate aclu says they need stricter instructions and better oversight. >> great reporting there from el paso. once again, you hear from local officials. this is a failure of the federal government to address this issue. it's been building for years. congress has been out to lunch. >> the mayor raised a lot of good points. somebody has to have intestinal for the attitude and do the right thing. it's a he is big mess. >> some foreign born soldiers say they were promised u.s. citizenship and now it's taken away. ahead why the pentagon says it sunded the program for recruits good morning. we have a little of cloud cover by the coastline, but nothing too bad. west winds are also picking up today. other than that, we are hot and humid because of that ridge to
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the east of us. our temp above average, mid-9 for fairfield and concord, low to mid-70s around the water and temperatures are warm through the end of week. >> announcer: this national weather report sponsored by blue buffalo. you love your pets like family so feed them like family, with blue. like family, so feed them like family, with blue.
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life, lived victor's way. chase. make more of what's yours. building in san francisco is gone this morning.. after police moved in... and cleared out the anti-ice protesters. several people wer good morning, i'm michelle griego. the encampment outside the ice building in san francisco is gone this morning after police cleared out the protesters. several people were arrested. vta service will resume today, running slower through the repaired area after a crash yesterday. and in alameda county, all lanes of 580 are back open this morning after a wildfire shut down the freeway in both directions for hours, burning about 600 acres. traffic and weather after the break.
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good morning. we are in the red heading along the east shore freeway. this is in the westbound direction, typically pretty crowded. we have a couple problems, so that's about 30 minutes from highway 4 to the maze. we have a crash no longer blocking lanes, westbound 80 atthian, speeds below 20 miles an hour there. it's a slow ride, 30 minutes from the maze into san francisco. neda? hello, mostly clear skies for you except right by the pacific ocean. that's where you may notice the clouds out there. san josi, beautiful sunny skies and temperatures will be on the rise. 61 san josi, 56 in san francisco with 87 for the high today in san josi, warming up across the east bay. temperatures will be in the low to mid-70s and warm through the weekend.
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♪ > spectacular? a 2-0 win over sweden putting england in the world cup semifinals for the first time in 28 years. that's just beautiful. some england fans took their victory celebration a bit too far. while these people in london ransacked an ikea store, you know ikea is swedish.
7:31 am
they jumped up and down on beds and sent furniture flying. staff tried to contain them. meanwhile, the coast on out of the tournament. >> croatia goes to the world cup semifinal! >> russia lost a penalty shootout to croatia in their quarterfinal match. croatia will play england on wednesday. the first semifinal is tomorrow between france and belgium. >> you know, it's really exciting. i keep thinking about james cordon when england won one game and look at them now. and they said if they won in time, he would pay for them to go to the finals. a nice thing for them to think about and look forward to.
7:32 am
>> it's captivating the world. >> it really is. rescuers in western japan are digging through mud and debris this morning after torrential rains released horrifying flooding and landslides over the weekend. many were left without clean water and electricity. over 100 people have been killed. dozens more are still missing. prime minister shinzo abe canceled a trip overseas to oversee the response. prosecutors updated the indictment last week, alleging the former hollywood mogul committed a sex crime on a third woman in 2006. if convicted, harvey weinstein could face life in prison. a lawyer for weinstein says he will plead not guilty. the cdc says 212 people have been infected with an intestinal pa parasite after reportedly eating
7:33 am
vegetable trays. seven people have been affected. del monte recalled them last month. eight boys out of twelve have been rescued so far this morning. a daring mission is being repeated this morning. ben tracy is near the cave site north of chiang rai, thailand. ben, what can you tell us now? >> reporter: good morning. so all the boys that have been rescued are at the hospital in chiang rai where they will be monitored by doctors. that will take its course over the next several days. divers and crews have been working around the clock with operations to save them. they have replaced the air tanks around the underground route. tomorrow they will attempt
7:34 am
another rescue mission. the four boys who were rescued first, those boys on sunday were rushed to a local hospitalrai. the interior minister said those boys are well and safe but they will need routine checks. there are already 18 divers assigned to this complex operation. the changing conditions inside have increased the urgency of this situation to get these boys out. now, the entire journey covers about 2.5 miles. they go through deep water, steep climbs. the biggest concern is a pinch point in the cave that is just 15 inches across. now, in that area the boys have to separate from the divers that are guiding them in order to fit through and reach a small patch of dry land before they go back down into the water. now, the other issue here, of course, is the weather. we have seen on and off heavy rains here. what they're trying to do is get all these boys out before monsoon rains return, potentially flooding that cave and making this rescue effort
7:35 am
much more difficult. nora? >> a great deal of urgency. ben tracy in thailand, thank you. ed sorenson is a potential diver to go to thailand if needed. he serves on the international underwater cave rescue & recovery coordinator. he joins us from florida's blue springs state park. ed, thanks for joining us. what are the risks and the dangers to the boys and the divers? >> well, there is just so many risks in a rescue operation such as this one. obviously the zero vis is one of the biggest. the extreme high flow. in this particular case, the flow seems to be dropping down li bit. should help t but the narrow restrictions are going to be one of the biggest ones. stress is one thing that they
7:36 am
really need to keep in mind. these boys aren't used to being in the water. they don't even know how to swim. they haven't had scuba apparatus on, and then to have to get separated from the rescuer and then get stuck through a small hole, it's going to be stressful for them. >> what are you focusing on? as a layperson, we're just saying, please, hurry, get them out as quickly as they can. when you hear an operation is underway, what are you focusing on and saying, oh, this is going well, or, houston, we have a problem here? >> some people don't understand that just being in over your head is extremely stressful to some people. we don't even let people start cave training until at least 18 years of age, and there's a reason for that. these kids are so young. plus they're supposed to have a good comfort level in the water before they can start. these kids don't even know how to swim. they haven't even been open water scuba training, so they've
7:37 am
just got every obstacle against them. they're beating all the odds so far and it's just fantastic they've had such a great outcome so far. >> ed, if you had to teach me quickly, and i had one of these boys to have to get through these five hours, what would you tell me to have some kind of chance in this? >> well, i can't do that because that would speculate of what they're doing. basically, i would tell those boys they just need to listen to everything the rescuers say and just be strong and get through this. >> all right. ed sorenson, thank you so much for your expertise. some immigrants who joined the military with the hope of becoming a u.s. citizen say they're being discharged instead. ahead we get to the bottom of cr the out.o a . and if you're on the go, apply to our cbsdcast app on yo wherever you like to download
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immigration lawyers say the pentagon has been discharging recruits who were promised a path to citizenship. they were part of a group called military ak asessions vital to the national interest. david begnaud is there with more. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, john. you're about to meet a woman who came legally to attend college and then signed up to earn hern. she's before serving for two years waiting for a background check to be complete and she just found out she failed it and now she expects the military to kick her out. but she still showed up for work
7:43 am
at camp bullis this morning at 6:00 a.m. this morning. >> the dedication and service that they do, i thought it was extraordinary because it's a volunteer force. so i want to be part of that. >> reporter: private first class alina kaliuzhna doesn't know when she'll get her discharge orders. she's been unable cleared background check. >> i kind of got screwed a little bit. >> you feel screwed. >> sorry. >> kaliuzhna enlisted under a military recruit program called mav mavni. it offers noncitizens a path to citizen ship if they have critical language and medical skills necessary. president bush started it. president obama opened it up to
7:44 am
nt a that brought on tougher screenings. immigration attorney margaret stock a former army lieutenant colonel who helped create mavni said not enough resources were provided resulting in a ten-year backlog. >> the background vetting they've ordered is much, much stricter than any vetting that is done for a u.s. citizen getting a job at the white house. >> we should limit the number of people we accept. >> reporter: andy harris is a m. con mang and former navy medical officer. he said the military should be looking to recruit americans first. >> aisle not opposed to looking for critical needs for the military, but, again, i fully agree with the enhanced background checks because these are people who have not been vetted through the normal program. >> a
7:45 am
such as espionage. >> she was flagged because of answers during her security review. her screener believed her and to protect classified information has been compromised. >> you've committed your life to a bigger purpose, and anybody who's willing to do that deserves respect and be treated as a human, not as a piece of paper. >> reporter: alae nasas her screeners believe someone else in the ukraine wasfinancially a her a risk to the u.s. she believes if she's deported from the u.s., she'll be treated as a traitor. >> i feel her pain, though, there. >> absolutely. up next, look at this
7:46 am
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if you have signs of ketoacidosis... ...which is serious and may lead to death. ask your doctor about the pill that starts with "f"... ...and visit for savings. if you can't afford your medication, astrazeneca may be able to help. welcome back to "cbs this morning." here's a look at some of this morning's headlines from around the globe. the hill reports the pentagon identified the service member killed in an apparent insider attack in afghanistan. corporal joseph maciel was attacked by an afghanistan soldi soldier. it's the first time in this brigade a soldier has been killed. they are investigating.
7:51 am
the resolution says mother's milk is healthiest for children and the country should strive to limit the marketing of breast milk sub sstitutesubstitutes. diplomats threatened with trade measures if they refused to drop the resolution. a spokesperson for the department of health and human services denies this discussion was related to the resolution. they also denied reports for considering it as anti-breast feeding. the final resolution preserved the most of the original wording. and our partners at the bbc report that prince fill philip the queen are going to miss
7:52 am
bri prince louie's baptism today. the 11-week-old will be baptized in a private ceremony. now you'll get all this speculation of why are they missing it, what's going on over there? >> my guess is she just sent a gift. rescue workers in thailand are hoping to pull six trapped boys out of the caves this morning. new information. i have the latest from the scene plus a look at the medical issues both boys and their coach face after more than two weeks underground in these caves. it's just a gray dot. there are multiples on the table: one is cash, three are fha, one is va. so what can you do? she's saying a whole lotta people want to buy this house. but you got this! rocket mortgage by quicken loans makes the complex simple. understand the details and get approved in as few as 8 minutes by america's largest mortgage lender.
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r-v encampment in berkeley to get out. about 50 r-v's and campers are at the "his" lordship's restaurant parking lot at the berkeley marina. 7:56, i'm kenny choi. today is the deadline for an rv encampment in berkeley to get out ofthe parking lot at the berkeley marina. the county fire is 70% contained this morning, consuming more than 90,000 acres since it broke out june 30th. and police in east bay are trying to identify this suspect, accused of indecent exposure. updates on traffic and weather after the break.
7:57 am
7:58 am
good morning, we are tracking delays in the south bay along northbound 280. 280 is crossing this location, where 880 and 17 meet. you can see the traffic is just trying to get onto 280. that crash is in the northbound direction just past 17, speeds below 15 miles an hour there. give yourself some time, 35 minutes from 101 up to 85. we're slow on southbound 280 sneed, and traffic is backed up to daily city. may want to use 101 there. neda? looks pretty out there this morning. also you'll notice the heat, another hot one in store today. around the coast it will be cool, few clouds around there. 55 in san francisco, 57 in oakland, 70 already in concord.
7:59 am
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8:00 am
try my spicy chicken club combo today. good morning to our viewers in the west. it's monday july 9th, 2018 welcome back to cbs this morning. rescuers have taken at least four more people out of thailand, the news is looking good today. we'll talk to a doctor trained to treat patients who have gone through similar situations about the issues these young boys may face. plus president trump chooses a supreme court nominee. but first, here's today's eye opener at 8:00. rescuers are now halfway
8:01 am
through saving 12 soccer players. they have rescued four more of these boys. >> from what we have seen tonight, is those ambulances arriving bringing the latest boys in quick succession to the hospital. we have seen it rise and fall and rise and fall again, and one of those judges is at the cop and that's brett kavana kavanagh. >> a case of international espionage has turned into a murder investigation. we have seen a number of reunificatio reunifications, a handful over the last few weeks, but people across the country are growing more frustrated with what they say is government in action. his cat decided there was way too much going on, way too much talking.
8:02 am
>> leave it to the cat to steal the show, they always do. >> that cat was on a mission, didn't seem to care that his owner was in the middle of an interview. >> he had other plans. >> i'm norah o'donnell with john dickerson and gayle king. there is some breaking news this morning, a second round of rescue operations in thailand is over this morning avenue recovering more people from a flooded cave. rescuers have been trying to save a youth sock ersoccer team their coach since jewuly 23. >> the local governor says there are concerns about more rain and flooding. ben tracey is in thailand with the urgent push to rescue the boys. >> reporter: it was surprisingly dry here today so rescuers were seizing the moment to get as many of the boys out of the cave
8:03 am
as they can before rains return here and the water floods the cave. the second face of this rescue operation is over for the day. four more boys were taken out of the cave on stretchers. they are still pumping water out to make sure that the rescue is as safe as possible. now if the cave were to flood more, the remaining boys could be stuck on a piece of land that is only about 100 square feet. that concern is part of what prompted this risky rescue operation to begin. now to giet out of this cave, oe diver is following with a rope. the journey out of the cave is said to take up to eight hours. one of the most difficult points is a pinch point that's just 15 inches across. that is where these boys have to
8:04 am
separate from the divers just to fit through. officials are telling us that it could take another 24 to 48 hours to finish this entire process, to get everybody out of the cave, but they're clearly ahead of schedule, and that is a good sign. >> it is, ben tracey, it's great, great, great news and we are all waiting and hoping and praying it continues. thanks a lot. the rescued boys are getting a full medical examination at the hospital in thailand. this doctor is trained to conduct exams in similar circumstances. back at the table you let's talk about the lack of sunlight for over two weeks. what does that do to you when you haven't seen sunlight. >> let's talk about sensory depravati depravation, that essentially makes your brain act unusual. your heart, your blood vessels, there are changes that occur, and without specific areas of the brain that are -- you can't
8:05 am
really have a sense of who you are, but also others around you. >> they're 11 to 16 years old. the brain is still developing, executive dpunfunction is up in air, explain how that would affect children of this age. >> kids of this age are very resilient, between the ages of 10 and 16. they have a lot of blood in their heart and blood vessels so they're able to with stand stress. part of this reserve is actually in their fat stores. because what they have are lots of brown fat and this is metabolically active fact. this is exactly what they need to stay alive. so we would understand that. different from white fat which is not metabolically are in the hospital and they're being kept separate in their family because they're way reasonable doubt abo worried about infection.
8:06 am
>> they're worried about a ba bacteria that's comes from the droppings of bats, the problem is the incubation can be up to three weeks. a quarantine time would where insufficient. the psychological effects are really more severe at this point. so infection would be less. >> it wouldn't you want to be with your parents immediately and getting to hug you. >> this is so critical, i think that children need to be hugged, love is so important, support, they have to understand that their parents are here for them. certainly the divers are there and they have been an incredible and immense support of love and comfort as well. but it's that reunion with parents and family that are so cree. >> the kids on the other hand are sending notes back to their parents saying don't worry about me, i'm fine, everything is okay. i can't help but think how terrified they must be and the
8:07 am
psychological effects this could have on them. >> fear of the unknown, it's dark, we talked about sensory depravation, the brain is trying to stay active keeping itself alert. without that input, your brain really suffers, while some kids can get through better than others, it's really collectively, they have to bond together. so stimulating themselves, talking, meditating, telling stories, this is key to getting to any kind of severe, prolonged situations. >> you must be very encouraged as a doctor by what you're seeing so far? >> very encouraged. it's a credit to their strength, their conditioning. and also their mental condition. >> you just told us so much new information that was really helpful. thank you so much. we're going to learn who president trump wants for the
8:08 am
supreme court later today, we'll see the names that make up president trump's short
8:09 am
8:10 am
president trump says you can't go wrong with his final four supreme court candidates. the president will announce his
8:11 am
nominee tonight. sources tell nbc news, contenders are sprkupreme court judges are amy coney barrett, brett kavanagh and john hardim n hardiman, hardiman and kethledge may be easier to confirm. the executive vice president of the federalist society, a conservative lawyer's group, he's currently on leave. he advices president trump on judicial ncandidates and he helped create the list for the president. good morning. >> good morning. >> when was the last time you talked to the president and has he made a decision? >> i spoke to him yesterday, he had not yet made a decision, indicated that he wanted to make a decision tonight, or last night or this morning. so that's what we're waiting for and i'm sure he' announce this evening of course and maybe there will be a bit of a heads up.
8:12 am
he's had these names for a while, you helped him craft them, he's talked about it during the campaign, what's he weighing now and why is anything still up in the air? >> well, he spent a pretty significant amount of time over the weekend asking questions, talking to people, thinking about this further. this is a really big decision for him. as you may remember, he spent a good part of his campaign talking about this issue, this was a big reason why people voted for him. he wants to get it right, like neil gorsuch. >> what does getting it right mean? this has been on his mind for a while, so what's still puzzling him? >> there are three things that he looks at. one is being extraordinarily well qualified and that's looking at the record. but also he wants someone who's going to be courageous, independent and fair. and a lot of that has to do with talking to people, who know these nominees, talking to people who have known them for years, getting a sense of how they have dealt with difficult
8:13 am
issues in their career. you really have to get to know somebody and that requires not only an interview, but thinking about what happened in that interview andal to lot people i profession and elsewhere. >> let's go through sma hardimap somewhat enamored with his biography, he's not from the ivy leagues, he paid for college by being a taxi driver. he was one of the runners up with neil gorsuch in the past. what are some of his strengths? >> first of all, he's been both an appeals judge and a trial judge for many years. he has many judicial decisions, he's demonstrated interpreting laws according to their text and their original meeting. he's very compelling as you mentioned, coming from a modest background and having worked his way through college, so i think he's someone who would appeal to many people in our country.vanaa
8:14 am
judge, worked for george w. bush, some have suggested that he has too long of a paper trail toe confirmed, your take on that? >> well, look, judge kavanagh's really one of the most distinguished jurists in the country, he's written over 300 opinions, he looks a lot like neil gorsuch in the sense that he cares before deeply about respecting and enforcing limits on government power. i think he's someone who, again, is very much like the gorsuch model, which the president's been focusing on. >> you helped him put the list together, who's your favorite? >> all the people the president is looking at are great. >> okay. >> it's very exciting. >> all right, thank you. enter leonard leo, thanks very much. cbs news will bring you a special report when president trump announces his nominee for the supreme court this evening. you can see it at 6:00 pacific time right here on cbs.
8:15 am
serena williams is doing great on the court, but she's opening up about her struggles reveals her mon. reaction to crossing a major milestone this her daughter's life. thanks for watching, we'll be right back. clean food that looks this good. delivered to your desk. now delivering to home or office. panera. food as it should be. with the right steps, hasn't left my side. panera. 80% of recurrent ischemic strokes could be prevented. a bayer aspirin regimen is one step to help prevent another stroke. so, i'm doing all i can to stay in his life. be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen.
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8:19 am
serena williams could advance to the quarterfinals at wimbledon today. she won her 17th straight singles match at the all england club on friday. today shemom, russia's everybody gin ya rodina eer ompeting for her eighth months after giving berth. good morning. good news for all moms and
8:20 am
athletes. >> it's like going to spin class. williams' ranking plummeted from top player in the world to number 453 after she went on maternity leave. she climbed back to 181 and has a long way to go. she opens up about her challenges and pregnancy that left her bedridden for six weeks and her tough decision to stop nursing her daughter after six months. instead of shaming her for missing a big moment women rallied for her showing empathy. six months is a long time. i didn't nurse for six months. the fact that she felt she did a disservice as a mother, she had to explain to her infant why she stopped doing says a lot about the connection. >> i missed kirby's first steps.
8:21 am
i was anchoring the news. she took s. dn't see ill rightneal time but i still saw it.oesn'th. i'm gd mothers are rallying around her. you're going to miss some stuff, and it's okay. and the wta is going to talk about how they approach these rules. some say it's unfair that your ranking was where it was prior to having a baby and yet you come back and play against someone who's had all this time to practice. >> fun to watch. i can't wait for her to win. >> me too. a chance to watch daenchs reptiles from a safe hike turned into a turfying ordeal for this man and his son. ahead, how they got stramted on a zip line over a lake filled with alligators.
8:22 am
8:23 am
cellphone video captured a
8:24 am
scary moment for a father and son who got trapped on a zip line over an alligator lake. their line stopped short of the tower. they reportedly dangled there for about 20 minutes until staff r otuckad them anthe employees are trained to handle the situation. no one was ever in danger. >> oh, yeah. that happens sometimes on a zip line. our series "pushing the limbs" takes us to the running of the bulls in pamplona, spain. >> reporter: every year these people are chased down the streets by 1,000-pound bulls. we mat a man with a story like none other. "pushing the limits" ahead on "cbs this morning."
8:25 am
statements begin today in san a popular weille roundup. th t theive ingrediese andusesompa dangers: the encampment outside the ice building in san francisco is gone this morning.. after police moved in... and cleared out the anti-ice protesters. several people were arrested. a deadly wildfire burning along the oregon border is growing. the klamathon fire is up to 35- thousand acres. and it's 25- percent contained. traffic and weather... in just a moment.
8:26 am
8:27 am
good morning, 8:27. we are tracking slowdowns for drivers trying to get to walnut creek or further south. southbound 680, we have an accident approaching highway e even slower passing down towards 580. this is your 580 ride through oakland, and you may want to use this route.
8:28 am
this is near high street, 21 minutes from 238 to 980, but 880 in the red this morning. east shore freeway ride is starting to show improvement, 27 minutes from highway 4 to the maze. neda? starting off very pretty, not a bad way to kick off the workweek. sunny skies for most locations, just some cloud cover at the coastline. this is a sign of warmer weather to come, already 70 in concord and cooler near the water. west northwest winds at sfo 16, breezy through the delta. afternoon highs today, fairfield 93, 94 concord, 70s around the bay. this ridge of high pressure will bring the heat and thunderstorm activity. we'll get a little gg well and temperatures will stay
8:29 am
similar tomorrow, remaining hot inland. we'll cool off by the end of the week.
8:30 am
welcome back to "cbs this morning." right now it's time to show you some of this morning's headlines. "the wall street journal" reports the miss america organization is split by the debate over the swimsuit competition. last month miss america said it would eliminate the competition. since then nearly half of the board has quit or been forced to reside. gretchen carlson, the chairwoman of the organization said women will no longer be judged on their appearance. some former directors and state pageant heads said they felt pressured by carlson.
8:31 am
the organization denies ever presenting a choice between im>answs busssi "id ineerns mem time hop got hit by a data breach affecting 21 million users. the company says phone numbers, names, and email addresses were taken in the breach. time hop said the breach started in december but only became aware of problemhi " ts plans tc straws globally by 2020 in order to be more environmentally ed isl use recyclable strawless ali as billion plastic straws per year from stores. our par stnersksrbuc at cne on a nightmare wasp species that has a giant stinger. the newdy discovered species
8:32 am
lives in the amazongi dua purp. it injects venom and lays researchers have never seen anything like it. and the sans luy tribune says flames destroyed a home of a couple. they returned to the property and guess what? miraculously found laura's scorched ring. he dropped to his knees and asked laura to marry him again as a santa barbara bush rah firefighter caught the whole thing on camera. >> they'd only been married for eight months. this is all they found besides the guitar of her going to last
8:33 am
>> we've been through the fire. >> phoenix rising from it. this morning in "pushed to theunne taking part in the pamplona running of the bulls in spain. it dates back more than 700 years when bulls were reared for fighting and ran through the city to reach the bullring. tounszpeople will jump in their path as a show of bravery. now retired, u.s. captain ivan castro took on a new mission. he survived a deadly mission while fighting in iraq. we've been following his story. we saw him in 2016 as part of prince harry's invictus games. he's redefining what it means to come back after injury. >> reporter: we were among those who go running with the bulls early this morning in the
8:34 am
traditional red, and white uniform. ivan castro is unlike any person to run down this street before. a 1,000-pound enemy charging the front line. writer errest hemingway once compared pamplona's running of the bulls to a battlefield, which means for the first time since 2006 major ivan castro former u.s. special forces went back to a war zone. >> it's like -- it is like a mission, and it is a battlefield for me. you know, i don't know when this thing is coming. i've got to rely on the eyes of others. >> reporter: relying on the eyes of others
8:35 am
kill. the blast caused ivan to lose complete vision in both eyes. >> not be able to deploy, not be able to jump out of planes no more the way i did before, i miss that. i miss that excite millimeter, that adrenaline, and i think that every year i need something to do to stay focused to train in order to feel alive, you know. >> reporter: so he trained for marathons at first, then ultra marathons. he journeyed to the south pole with prince harry, climbed mt. kilimanjaro and just finished a 4,000-mile pilgrimage across spain. he arrived just in time for pamplona's festival t week-long nonstop celebration of life and death. for some, it's a coming of age.
8:36 am
for others a tested tradition. for ivan, it's a second chance to outrun danger. >> you put one foot in front of the other and don't quit and eventually you'll cross the finish line, but i think the finish line here is not getting gored, you know? >> reporter: and with the opening of the gates, the battle begins. he was swallowed by the frenzy. but as others tumbled like bowling pins, ivan stood his ground. he's guided through the darkness by his friends colonel fred dummar and david kaiser. >> you can hear the bulls go by like just swipe by you and then likehe panic. panic and fear of people just running in fear, in total fear, and being blinding you just don't know what's coming.
8:37 am
is that bull light right behind me or he five feet? is he an inch? >> reporter: in the end he escaped from the half mile sprint uninjured. >> never, ever did i thought i was going to come run with the bulls. >> reporter: has this experience taught you something new about yourself? >> there's nothing impossible. >> reporter: a soldier battling back and grabbing life by the horns. the bull run will continue for the rest of the week, but ivan said he's done pushing his limits and luck for now. he hopes his next one will take him all the way to the north pole. for "cbs this morning," jonathan vigliotti, pamplona. >> that's such a great story. i met ivan castro twice. last time he show up to the inuvik item games and prince harry came over and hugged him and said, dude, why are you w r
8:38 am
wearing a pink shirt. ivan is blind ant wasn't wearing a pink shirt and they had a chuckle. he can do anything. >> you're not surprised to see him out there. >> i am not. he's awesome. io poverty some guy. and better the lives of young girls and women. ahead, grammy winner john legend getting up early to join us from los angeles on how the group
8:39 am
8:40 am
8:41 am
8:42 am
♪ can you say new york city that's jay z performing at the global citizens festival right here in central park. since 2012 global citizen has you night politicians and celebrities and everyday people. its goal is to end extreme poverty around the world by 2030. so i'll be heading this year's festival serve as one of the hosts. singer john legend will join us
8:43 am
in a moment. but first a closer look at this growing movement. >> reporter: over the past six years it's fwk a bucket list items of sorts for some of the most recognizable names in music. like beyonce, pearl jam, green day, and stevie wonder. >> everybody sing. ♪ take me higher take me higher, yeah, yeah ♪ >> reporter: the annual show in new york's central park brings together 60,000 fans on a humanitarian mission. >> the really change has been making life-saving vaccines availability to people living in extreme poverty.
8:44 am
>> reporter: the festival continues its global name reaching countries from germany to india with plans to continue expanding. and global citizen announced this morning it will bring its festival to south africa for the very first time. that i had a big announcement this morning. joj legend has performed at the festival. he's a long-time supporter and joins us bright and early from los angeles. he's so appreciative of that. this is such a bigging big deal partnering with the house of mandela and the global citizenship. we need nelson's words and legacy more than ever. >> yes, we do. we're celebrating mandela's 100th birthday this year and so we wanted to throw a concert in south africa to celebrate that and to focus on the goal of ending extreme poverty, and we believe we can do it and we've
8:45 am
made a lot of progress. a lot of organizations over the years have been working toward this goal, and global citizen is mobilizing folks and resources so that we can really focus on this goal of ending extreme poverty. and what better way to do that than celebrating mandela's birthday in south africa. >> i thought about what mandela said in 2005. overcoming poverty is not a thing of charity. it's justice. it's a fundamental right, a right to dignity and dekrenltd life. how do these concerts move toward helping to end povertity? >> we focus a lot of people's attention and energy on this erb and we raise a lot of money. i tension that's brought through the concert is really a big part of mobilizing money. this year we'll try to mobilize a billion dollar toward this goal. >> john, what's the message to the concert-goers other than the
8:46 am
wonderful and beautiful music about beingive in this global effort? >> it's really highlighting the idea that we're global citizens, that we're all in this together, that we should look at human beings who live across the world as our neighbors and brothers and sisters and we should do what we can to come together in extreme poverty and make life more liveable for people around the world. >> this is what's so great about you. you've been great from the very beginning. >> yes. the very first concert. >> no. i remember. as a little kid, i was reading nancy drew books. as a little kid, you were reading books about social justice and how to make this world a better place. what made you gravitate toward that subject in particular at a very young age? >> well, i was always inspired by dr. king, dr. gandhi, other people that sacrificed themselves to make the world better for other people. those are my heroes when i was a kid. and i also wanted the be a musician, but i always believed
8:47 am
if i were going to be auk saysful musician, we us going to use my platform to make the world better for other people. >> john, talk about the evolution of music. ain't going to play sun city was used to promote the idea of a partied in south africa and change minds about that. now you ooh going back to south africa. an anazing journey there in social justice and music. talk about how that's involved. >> i think musicians and artists have always had a role in speaking truth to power, telling the truth as we see it. mobilizing people, inspiring people, bringing people together, and i think we should continue that role as artists, continue to try to make a difference. and as we entertain, as we bring people together, preach a message of love and unity over division and hate. >> john, last time we did an interview with you, it was just baby luna. and i'll never forget the luna
8:48 am
song. ♪ somebody's got a stinky booty and she made a pooh-pooh ♪ you must have a miles song already because you're john legend. >> he gets the diaper song too. all you have to do is change the name. >> what is it like having two little ones in the household? >> we love it. we're having so much fun with both of them. luna's such a great big sister. she's been so loving toward miles and likes to take care of him with us. it feels so good to have our family living together. >> she's not l to say. >> people have been saying that but she's been so good to him. you can tell there are moments of jealousy. but she'll do something to get our attention but it's not usually a bad thing. it's usually more sing and
8:49 am
dancing. it's liking okay. >> there's a lot of love in the legend teag legend/teigen household. >> we knew you were good at the piano keys but also the burping. well done, john. >> thank you. a family is thanking the airlines for a beloved pet. crew members ud a oxygen mas to help a french bulldog in distress. you with year, i am sorry about that.
8:50 am
[music playing] (vo) progress is in the pursuit. audi will cover your first month's lease payment on select models during summer of audi sales event.
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two quick-thinking jetblue flight attendants sprang into action to help a passengerer struggling to breathe. they provided an oxygen mask to this french bulldog darcy. her tongue turned blue last
8:53 am
week. she returned to life in moments. you know as dog owners, you want to do anything to save your
8:54 am
8:55 am
building in san francisco is gone this morning.. after police moved in... and cleared out the protesters. good morning, 8:55. i'm michelle griego. the encampment outside the ice building in san francisco is gone this morning after police moved in and cleared out protesters. several people were arrested. there may be slight delays on vta in san josi this morning after a deadly crash on the tracks yesterday. crews worked overnight to make repairs. all lanes of i-580 are back open this morning after a wildfire shut down the freeway? both directions for hours yestdafi burned about 600 acres. we'll have a look at weather and traffic in a moment.
8:56 am
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and now, enjoy any medium iced coffee for $1.50. america runs on dunkin'. still flat. here. try this. and... ♪ ooh, heaven -- nailed it. good morning. expect delays trying to get into walnut creek. we have a number of accidents here and emergency crews still on the scene at southbound 680 just before 24. you can see the activity on the right side of the screen there, just cleared some of those lanes. three lanes were blocked. 43 minutes to get down to highway 24, close to a 40 minute delay.
8:58 am
give yourself time through there. we are slow southbound 680, backed up clear to the 242. 205 heading out of tracy has been a mess all morning long approaching 580. we have reports of more in the neda? it's another day of heat, especially inland. of course the cool air hovers around the beaches, and clouds as well. mostly clear skies over the bay area, and almost temperatures right now still in the 50s in san francisco and oakland, concord 75 degrees, already getting hot there. get ready for the mid-90s for many spots around the east bay. santa rosa 91, because of that ridge of high pressure over the desert southwest. we'll be getting hot and muggy because of that ridge. it's going to stay above
8:59 am
average all week long inland.
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