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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6AM  CBS  July 11, 2018 6:00am-6:58am PDT

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becomes san francisco's first black female mayor. president trump kicks off his european travels with a nato summitory. in just hours, london breed becomes san francisco's first black female mayor. >> president trump kicks off his european travels with a nato summit this morning but it's the end of the trip that's raising some concerns. >> for that last hug, that last kiss, that last i love you -- oh. i wish i had it. >> the family of a bay area woman shot and killed in mexico city is speaking out as the search is on for the gunman. >> good morning, it is wednesday, july 11th. i'm michelle griego. >> good morning. i'm kenny choi. it is 6:00. the morning rush is on. here's jaclyn. >> it's that time of morning where everyoto leave
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the house d weee the roads fill up. but not too bad overall. highway er 30 minutes from 80 to 101. richmond/san rafael bridge not a problem. speeds are in the green in both directions. heading along the eastshore freeway, westbound 80 at gilman, you can see traffic still moving. we had earlier reports of looked like one lane possibly blocked with some debris. but it's not slowing anyone down. and over at the bay bridge toll plaza, you will be in good company. that's where we're seeing the big delays this morning and hey, it's not too bad. 25 minutes heading into san francisco. and it's very foggy over at the golden gate bridge. neda, i think karl is back. >> "karl the fog" is back around the san francisco bay but not in antioch. check out this view. our photographer is out there
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with this gorgeous shot of sunrise. it was at 5:57. that's where there's clear conditions of course through antioch. a lot of the inland locations you will be facing that sun again, that heat from the sunshine. but that's just gorgeous. here's another view of that sunrise from our sutro camera so all this below it, that would be cloud coverage. across the south bay through livermore, it is nice and clear. half moon bay your visibility is down to three. a little drizzle in some locations with low clouds. sand rose visibility 7 -- santa rosa visibility 7 miles. cloud coverage is moving to lit fairfield. but for now, it's looking like it's leaving the east bay alone. oakland, berkeley, that's where you have clouds but beyond that, it doesn't look to be too impactful because of the southwest wind direction.
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not as breezy the past few mornings. we'll talk more coming up. not long from now, london breed will be sworn nas the next mayor of san francisco. anne makovec joins us live from san francisco city hall where the ceremony takes place. it's a big day. >> reporter: yeah, it is the dawn of a new era in san francisco, you might say. and the stage is set here behind me. you can see the rows of white chairs and they have big screens so everybody can catch the action. it happens on the steps of city hall here starting at 11 a.m. up to 1,000 people are expected. and the future mayor tweeted last night: breed will become the city's first black female mayor. she grew up puho raised by her grandmother. prior to her election as mayor, she was president of
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the board of supervisors and was acting mayor for a brief period after the late mayor ed lee died in december. as to how she won this election, here's what she has to say. >> um, i think you might have to ask the voters. um, but, i think, um, part of it is i just -- i am who i am. um, and, i don't deviate much from that. i care about the city. i care about solving these challenges. >> reporter: so the invocation this morning will be given by amos brown. lieutenant governor gavin newsom will deliver the oath of office. she is going to hold office hours for two hours after the inauguration so people can line up if you want to meet with her in person and you're within that two-hour time frame. she is going to be getting acquainted with her new office. this entire inauguration ceremony is going to be streamed live on the city's website, that is and we'll get that link for
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you up on our website, for now live in san francisco, anne makevoc, kpix 5. president trump kicks off a high stakes trip around europe today. first stop, the nato summit. these are live pictures right now from brussels, belgium, where world leaders are gathered. but as laura podesta reports, it is president trump's final stop a summit with vladimir putin that is raising concerns. >> reporter: president trump met with nato's secretary- general this morning in brussels. >> i think the secretary- general likes trump. he may be the only one but that's okay with me. >> reporter: he thanked the president for pushing other countries to increase their defense spend. the two-day summit is the first major gathering of western countries since the g7 in canada where president trump clashed with the other leaders. while leaving the white house
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yesterday, the president wasted no time complaining that member nations pay too little on defense spending. >> nato has not treated us fairly but i think we'll work something out. >> reporter: so far this year, only five of 29 nato countries including the u.s. spent 2% of their gross domestic product on defense. the nato standard. there is concern about the last leg of the president's trip both abroad and at home. >> i have putin. frankly, putin may be the easiest of them all. who would think? >> what would be really disastrous to have a negative nato meeting and then do something with putin that, um, further destabilizes the relationship. >> reporter: president trump and russian president vladimir putin meet in helsinki, finland, next week. laura podesta, cbs news, new york. >> president trump wouldn't say if putin is a friend or foe. instead, calling him, quote, a
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competitor. talks between the u.s. and north korea appear to be on the rocks now. the north's state media released photos showing the leader visiting construction sites when he was scheduled to meet with u.s. secretary of state mike pompeo. the photos come after several tense exchanges between north korea and pompeo following his visit. he was expected to further discuss details of the denuclearization agreement signed by kim jong-un and president trump last month. developing now, investigators are searching for the gunman who killed a san francisco woman in mexico city. tatyana died early saturday. she was leaving a taco restaurant in a wealthy neighborhood when she was struck by what appeared to be a stray bullet. the city prosecutor's office says the gunmen were targeting a bouncer. that man was hurt but survived. the attackers escaped. >> when you get home today, kiss your loved ones. kiss them and tell them all that you love them and do it
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every day, do it every day. it's so important. this is just shocking and totally unexpected. >> ahead on "cbs this morning," we'll have more from the family and her sister an explosion in wisconsin happened in sun prairie a suburb of madison, wisconsin. one firefighter is dead, a second firefighter and police officer have been injured. police say that some neighbors were also injured. the explosion happened after a contractor struck a natural gas line. right now, the area still remains blocked off on the fire watch, firefighters are close to putting out two grass fires in santa clara county. this was the scene yesterday on your left a 100-acre fire in south san jose, the curie fire 75% contained. on your right near morgan hill a grass fire burned about 40
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acres just south of the mushroom farm along hale avenue. several cars and outbuildings have burned. four horses also died in the fire which is about 65% contained. some new questions about a music festival planned for the east bay this weekend. more than 100 acts are slated to perform but as kpix 5's jackie ward tells us, there are questions about the organizers' past. >> reporter: it's a bizarre situation. some musicians are so skeptical of this festival they have decided to pull out of the event. their reason? alleged financial disagreements. but the organizers told us on twitter that those artists had a miscommunication with booking agents. the festival is supposed to be this weekend at the contra costa event park in antioch. this morning, its website still says everything is all set to go and one of the headliners, the rapper mars, a bay area native, says he is ready to perform in front of his home crowd. >> i have been told everything is going to plan and everything will be exactly what they said it was going to
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be. >> reporter: we have tried speaking to the organizer but he turned down our request and questions about his past are revealed. according to a rental agreement provided by the park, the organizer is sammy habib who goes by another name. back in february, he and his brother were arrested for involvement with a fraudulent home rental scheme. the brothers used counterfeit documents to rent at least five homes in fremont. the concert is supposed to be right around the corner but still, there hasn't been any setup at the county's former fairgrounds. in the newsroom, jackie ward, kpix 5. time now 6:10. skyrocketing rents, the new bay area norm. but now one city is taking it to new heights with prices possibly becoming the highest in the world. >> plus, bart riders beware. the service cuts that will soon impact your early-morning commute. >> and we're tracking some south bay problems that could impact your ride. we have a couple of lanes shut down along 680 and a new crash
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on 87. i'll have the details coming up. >> and today looks different than yesterday morning. we do have a lot more cloud coverage out there, a sign that cooler weather is on the way. i'll let you know how much cooler today.
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rent is overpriced... but now, a financial advice site says it's the most expensive in the world. according to "walletwyse"... san francisco is highest among 540 me san francisco rented is overpriced but now financial website says it's the most expensive in the world. san francisco is the highest among 540 metro areas with an average rent of $3,500 a month. hamilton, bermuda, was in second at $3,400. but is that really accurate? a spokesman for the real estate blog network current told the "chronicle" that that figure is too high. there is a parking crunch
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at the new ebart station in antioch. parking spaces at the station fill up too early. kpix 5's jessica flores is out there right now. um, we're going to get to her in just a few minutes. she is going to talk about that bart station and some of the problems they are facing out there. but for now, we'll talk about the thousands of bart riders that will be impacted by construction that's going to happen on the under water transbay tube next year. that is starting in february of 2019. bart is going to start one hour later at 5 a.m. >> oh, no! >> i know. >> so pushing everybody to go to take mass transit. but then we are going to be starting later and everyone is -- you see the roads every morning. they're already packed at 4 a.m. we see backups. right now it looks good. so we'll keep our fingers here's a look highway 4 in
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antioch right near hillcrest. albad. let's take it y. webeen tracking problems lane on curtner avenue speeds down to 45 miles per hour. then we have been tracking this earlier problem. there was a fire earlier this morning, a grass fire. it still has some activity out there. fire crews have two lanes closed along northbound 680. we are not seeing a major backup but you may see some slowdowns through that stretch. northbound 101 doing its thing, the usual delays as you make your way between 680 and 880. reports of a fire, this is over in richmond, across from the chevron plant and we are getting reports that there's a fire -- a large fire in the area. there's major slowdowns. our sensors just lighting up the screen here with yellow along richmond parkway so you
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definitely are going to want to avoid that if you typically use that to get over to 580. it's going to be really slow. here's a live look at 80 near carlson. speeds still in the green making your way towards the bay bridge toll plaza. let's check in with neda now on the forecast. there's sunshine this morning. you have to go up high to see it through the clouds. you may run into morning drizzle, as well. definitely different than what we had yesterday at this time. it was nice and clear pretty much across the bay area. but this morning, it's still coastal clouds. so yes at the beaches, we are noticing a bit of a breeze. also cooler weather out there. so that's affecting a lot of us today this morning. temperatures are certainly feeling a lot cooler than this time yesterday. also our visibility is low. half moon bay just dropped down to one mile. so that's where you may have to use your windshield wipers just along the coastline and then through downtown san
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francisco it's getting misty out there. but the airport is doing okay. 10-mile visibility in those locations. santa rosa, petaluma, 7 to 9 miles. overall it's that early- morning marine layer that we get during the insouthwes wind coming through and that's what makes all the difference. the northwest winds don't bring in as much cloud coverage but definitely this morning, it's coming from the southwest pushing clouds in. fairfield 11-mile-per-hour winds. it's been breezier. look at the south bay in the clear. this is the area where you'll probably not be impacted by coastal cooling. 50s and 60s right now, 9 degrees cooler than yesterday at this time. hot in concord. this ridge of high pressure is not going anywhere. in fact, the low that was
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keeping it further south is now moving away allowing this to build getting stronger and so our temperatures across the south bay will be in the 90s for the east bay also low to mid-90s as opposed to mid- to upper 90s for you. you will see cooling for places like sausalito and berkeley. upper 60s today instead of the upper 70s like yesterday. so that's a bit of relief for now. tomorrow, friday, more high clouds and humidity will be on the rise. chance of afternoon thunderstorms across the sierra as well because of the monsoonal moisture to the south of us. and look at the weekend. it's going to be hot. facebook is trying to make the advertisements on your newsfeed more social now. the social networking site is introducing ads that allow users to try on everything from a pair of shades to a shade of makeup right on their smartphones by using augmented reality. cnet's scott stein says that makes facebook even more attractive to advertisers. >> also going to be taking photos and sharing that which means you're transmitting the ad yourself. >> michael kors was the first
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to test these ads. facebook says that sephora other coieng from fashion to furniture will roll out their own ads in the coming months. coming up in sports, the giants get a great performance from derek holland on the mound but once again have trouble providing run support. >> and the as' comeback magic is alive in houston in extra innings but the astros didn't give the closer his 24th save of the season. we'll be right back.
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after a decade in the big leagues, jed lowrie finally is an all-star. the 34-year-old second baseman calls this is icing on the cake. lowrie is second in the american league with 62 runs batted in this season. a's manager bob melvin didn't get a chance to see this crazy game end in houston after being ejected. oakland trailing 4-0 in the ninth.
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down by two, semien delivers a double to tie the game. in the 11, piscotty homers for the fourth straight game a's 5- 4. but the astros tie the game. then the ball in fair territory, the tag missed and throws it away allowing tucker to score the game winning run. a wild walk-off win for houston as they win 6-5. giants starter derek holland pitches against chicago leaving with the game scoreless but sam dyson throws one in the dirt. he try to get russell out at third. instead, the throw goes down the line allowing russell to score the game's first run and the cubs do go on to win 2-0. the president of france watching his country semifinals. scoreless in the 51st minute, france with the kick.
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france wins 1-0 advancing to the first world cup final since 2006. they will play the winner of wednesday's match between croatia and england. that's your morning sports. i'm andrea nakano. france your play of the day from world cup soccer. belgium with the corner kick in its match against france. hugo lloris (lor-ees) with the fine save... to help france reach the championship >> save! pushed it past the post! >> look at that quick reaction in the full stretch. the fine save to help france reach the championship match. a san francisco street gets a nim change. the new warriors way will yo e new ceer in ssn baof super
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plg in new nar. daafter a fire through a bay area business investigators reveal the cause. >> reporter: and within a matter of hours, san francisco will have a new mayor. coming up what she says is the key to her success.
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i care about the city and solving challenges. >> history in the making. a bay area city is about to havists first black female mayor. >> they want to set an example and let the world know you don't do this. >> a former apple employee behind bars accused of stealing trade secrets and attempting to leave the country. >> new video this morning of
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the rescued thailand boys on their road da july 11th. i'm kenny choi. >> i'm michelle griego. we want to take a live look outside and see what's going on. on the left you can see a shot of sfo. the sun is shining. there are some clouds, though, so i don't know if there are any delays going on at the airport. if you are heading out, call ahead. neda is shaking her head. >> no delays yet. >> you never know. >> there's delays. so that's what happens. we have delays all the time. it will be cool especially in san francisco. you can see the fog hovering over the golden gate bridge at the top through the marin headlands, may affecting visibility a little bit. look at the cool sky across the bay bridge right er
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san francisco. so a little bit of sun rays trying to shine through. 50s and 60s in the area. low visibility at the coast. you may see early-morning drizzle. santa rosa, petaluma, also visibility down a bit. but at the airports for now, 10-mile visibility so good news. the clouds are higher there. overall satellite/radar showing the clouds have been pushed in from the coastline. what we'll see is a lot of this burning off inland. for now, livermore, san jose, nice sunny skies, places like antioch, sunny. through 9 a.m. lingering cloud coverage through san francisco. and then along the coast, it could stick around through the afternoon hours. but the rest of us will have that sunshine. that's according to this futurecast model. temperature-wise, i'll let you know how it's going to affect you coming up. and you can expect delays along the eastshore freeway. why? because it always gets slow around this time. but we are tracking problems. that's going to slow some
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drivers down. here's a live look 80 at lman. 80 at university, chp has we had an earlie was in the road there. so they were assisting with that getting that cleared out of the way for you but you can see speeds are in the yellow now for drivers heading westbound just below the limit. it's about 23 minutes out of hercules over towards the toll plaza. you're going to want to avoid richmond parkway. right now a lot of slowdowns in both directions. there were reports of a fire in that area. so if you typically take richmond parkway over to 580, yeah, you'll want to avoid it. so 80 will be busier. in just a few hours there will be a new mayor of san francisco. anne makovec is live at city hall this morning with the latest. >> reporter: up to 1,000 people are expected at city hall for the inauguration.
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they are chairs and big screens so everybody can see everything. the inauguration ceremony starts at 11 a.m. on the steps of city hall. our future mayor, london breed, tweeted last night: breed will be the first black female mayor of city. she grew up in public housing in san francisco raised by her grandmother and she got a master's degree at usf. bright her election as mayor, she was president of the board of supervisors and was acting mayor for a brief period after the late mayor ed lee died in december. as to the keys to her success, here's what she told phil matier. >> i was just fortunate, um, in that i had teachers who supported me. i had a grandmother who was
6:34 am
very strict. >> do you think the london breed story could happen today in san francisco? >> i think it in now as we spea >> reporter: the inslowation will be given by amos brown and lieutenant governor gavin newsom will administer the oath of office. mayor breed will have office hours for two hours after the inauguration. so you can talk to her in person. live in san francisco, anne makevoc, kpix 5. this morning, president trump is in brussels for two days of meetings with nato leaders. let's take a look at some live pictures from brussels, belgium, where world leaders are gathered right now. on twitter, the president has chided european leaders for not spending more on their own defense. one leader is now delivering a warning to the u.s. >> the america -- after all
6:35 am
you don't have that many. and the europe spend more on your defense. >> so far this year, only five of 29 nato countries including the u.s. spent 2% of domestic product on defense. president said nato companies, specifically germany, are helping russia through energy deals. >> i have putin. frankly, putin may be the easiest of them all. >> president trump and russian president vladimir putin will meet in helsinki next week. the feds missed a deadline to reunite children and their parents separated at the border. a federal judge in california gave the justice department until midnight to make that happen for 102 children under the age of 5. less than half of those children were reunited. in some cases, it's because the parents have already been deported. an attorney representing the migrants said that the newly reunited families were being released from custody. >> they are not going to be held in detention. that's a decision the government has made not to detain the families with
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children under 5. we are going to be looking at a very different situation with kids 5 and older. >> the judge has ordered that all migrant children be returned to their actual parents by july 26th. right now a suspect is on the loose after a hit-and-run in san francisco. a driver struck pedicab operator kevin manning along san francisco's embarcadero last month. manning died from his injuries on monday. authorities are offering a reward for any information leading to an arrest. investigators in berkeley say a fire that destroyed a shed may have been started by an open flame left by a homeless person. monday night's fire was behind a former ace hardware store on university avenue. the fire damaged that store and an adjacent apartment building. investigators say that the open flame might have have come from a warming or cooking device. there are some new concerns about a music festival in the east bay this weekend and whether it's happening. kpix 5's jackie ward tells us the organizer is also facing
6:37 am
fraud charges. jackie. >> reporter: before it's even started, the xo music festival is getting sketchy reviews. typically music festivals like bottlerock and outside lands take weeks to set up. as of yesterday, there's been no activity at the event park in antioch that would indicate anything was happening in two days. details about the organizers' past are now coming to the surface. sammy habib, who goes by another name, was arrested for a fraudulent home rental scheme in february. one of the headliners the rapper mars was asked to comment on that. >> out here in the streets we are not supposed to comment on stuff like that, you know what i'm saying, so i would say some people have a past and some people are trying to make things better so i'm hoping this is going to be a big event for the community. >> the organizer denied our request for an interview. some of the musical acts have pulled out of the event citing financial disagreements. the organizers said those artists won't be performing
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because of a miscommunication with booking agents. tickets are still available online. vanilla ice and another one will be in antioch this weekend. in the newsroom, jackie ward, kpix 5. on the fire watch, in northern california, firefighters are gaining ground on two raging wildfires. on your left, the county fire in napa and yolo counties has burned more than 90,000 acres. it is now 83% contained. on your right, klamathon fire burning along the oregon border in siskiyou county exploding in size since last week. over 36,000 acres have burned now and it is now at 55% containment. 82 structures have been destroyed in that fire. this morning, some supervisors will join others to opposing a wildfire-related bill being considered by state lawmakers. assembly bil33 would let pg&e use state-issued bonds to pay for property damage, personal injury and firefighting costs. pg&e customers would then pay off the bonds with a charge on
6:39 am
their bills. cal fire pmt waresible la october's wildfires in northern california. time now is 6:39. after spending weeks trapped inside a flooded cave in thailand, new video of the boys soccer team on the road to recovery. >> plus, the apple engineer accused of stealing trade see credits. how he was arrested. >> let's check the big board now. the dow is down 137. coming up, we get an update from kcbs radio's financial reporter jason brooks. this is customizable streaming tv for your family,
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whatever size. it's saving money with flexible channel packs. live tv and the latest shows to stream. and all your streaming apps in one place... - even netflix.
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this is how xfinity makes life simple. easy. awesome. get started with xfinity internet and tv at a new low price, just $44.99 a month for 12 months. plus, ask about flexible channel packs. click, call or visit a store today. the boys are in the hospital...where they are being kept in isolatio new video of the 12 boys rescued from a cave in thailand. the boys are in the hospital now where they are being kept recover. preparations for a rescue took days. officials said that the boys, many of whom had never learned to swim, were given some anti- anxiety medication to keep them calm as they were
6:43 am
escorted out by scuba divers. >> in the future, we look back on this operation with a sense of great pride and we are humbled to have been part of it. returning the soccer team safely into the arms of their loved ones is the good news of the year. >> health officials say two boys and the coach have minor lung infections, but they are all expected to be out of the hospital within a week. the latest salvo is fired in the trade war between the u.s. and china. and google's parent company faces another hugeus now is kcb radio's financial reporter jason brooks. >> good morning. >> reporter: good morning. for the first three days of the trade war investors shrugged off the tariffs but now there are new 10% tariffs against $200 billion worth of chinese imports on a number of products including food, home
6:44 am
furnishings, clothing, and electronics. beijing promises it will retaliate against a likewise amount of u.s. goods. these new tariffs won't take effect for at least two more months but that is dimming some investor optimism over a quick settlement in the trade war. google is facing even bigger fines in europe. the "wall street journal" says that the eu's antitrust watchdog is going to charge goingle with abdominance of its android operating system topping $2.8 billion last year for favoring its own products and services in its search results. shares in google lower. market overall down on the tariffs. let's check it. a former apple employee -- is facing prison time..and a quarter million dollars in fines... if found guilty of stealing trade secrets. xiaolang zhang was a hardware engineer hired to a former apple employee is facing prison time and fines
6:45 am
if found guilty of stealing trade secrets. xiaolang zhang was a hardware engineer for apple hired to work on a secret autonomous car for the company. he is accused of stealing confidential data, circuit boards and a server. and according to court documents his biggest mistake was telling the tech giant that he would be quitting. the documents show, quote, zhang disclosed he intended to work for xmotors, a chinese startup company focused on electric automobiles and autonomous vehicle technology, end quote. >> if they see that you've bought an immediate ticket to high tail it out of the country, chances are they are going to say hello to you at the gate when you get there. >> there's talk that they are not even pursuing self-driving cars in the sense that people thought a couple years ago so this stuff he took, who knows even how relevant it. but that doesn't matter to apple. they want to set an example and say you don't do this. >> zhang was trying to leave the country. he was dered by a judge to
6:46 am
turn in his passport. about 5,000 apple employees are on the autonomous vehicle project or have access to the confidential data. time now for a look at what's coming up later on "cbs this morning." john dickerson has more. >> reporter: good morning. we have so many amazing details about that rescue yesterday. we'll talk with the u.s. mission commander who worked to help free the trapped thai youth soccer team and how the boys are recovering. >> plus president trump meets with nato allies. we'll look at that and what it means for the nearly 70-year- old alliance. >> and archeologists unearth bones and mysteries in a new section of the ancient roman city of pompeii. seth doane traveled there to see what tourists have yet to experience. all that plus the eye-opener, your world in 90 seconds. we'll see you at 7:00. >> thank you. a new bart station is
6:47 am
causing problems in contra costa county. parking spots are filling up fast. jessica flores reports. reporter: hey, good morning, kenny. well, the ebart station opened back in may and it was supposed to make it easier for commuters. but take a look behind me. it doesn't make it easy if you actually have to drive to this ebart station because the parking lot is full. it's been full for the last hour. and it's the same every weekday, full by 6 a.m. bart only built 1,000 spaces here even though they projected nearly 3,000 roundtrip passengers a day and for an agency that wants to get people out of their cars, they have an odd suggestion. bart is telling its customers that unless they have a ride to the new station, they should think about driving to the old station to antioch. but they say not all of the bart board of directors wants
6:48 am
to invest in more parking. >> people should know that there is adequate parking if they drive farther west. pittsburg-bay point and north concord-martinez. >> reporter: now, bart says it's focused less on parking and more on transit village housing developments. still, there is a plan to add some 1600 parking spaces but that's still years away. and i do have some good news for viewers if they do want to head to this ebart station and actually find parking. by 7 a.m., there will be one parking space available. our news van. because we're leaving. in antioch, i'm jessica flores, kpix 5. >> it will be filled up quickly. >> there will be a line waiting for that spot! >> thank you. we are tracking bart right now and the good news is that everything is running on time. 56 trains in service. here's a look at the new bart station. this is difficult to see as we put a circle around it but
6:49 am
this is in antioch. highway 4 right near hillcrest, hi grandma, ruby! she lives out there. westbound 4 we are starting to see some slowdowns and it's about 25 minutes from loveridge towards 680. as you are heading southbound 680 into walnut creek, we are starting to see a few of those brake lights there making your way towards highway 24. it's about 7 minutes. not too bad. but 880 that's definitely seeing red in that southbound direction south of 238. a little under 25 minutes getting down towards the dumbarton bridge. but the san mateo bridge, "slow, stop, go" as you head over towards 101. there are reports of a fire that can be seen with smoke along 101 near ralston. so if you see that fire crews are aware of it they are heading out e south bay ere we are crno longe blocking lanes but certainly causing some slowdowns. hat's a check of your traffic; over to you. thank you very much,
6:50 am
jaclyn. good morning to all of you. so like clockwork, we talked about no delays at sfo 30 minutes ago? now we have delays weather- related. low cloud ceiling out there. you can see the cloud coverage here in the live camera but also you see a little bit of sunshine on the runway. we are going to see this cloud coverage burn off pretty soon. by 9 a.m., 10 a.m., especially inland, you should be under sunshine. right now, though, across the golden gate bridge, it will stay stubborn through parts of marin, as well. so yes, we have that fog. it's back this morning. here's a view of the bay bridge from our kpix 5 roof camera. it's gray and gloomy to start off this day, a lot different when we had all kinds of sunshine. 56 in livermore. temperatures feeling cooler right now compared to this yesterday as well. it's because of a southwest wind direction pushing in the coastal clouds pushing in a bit of the cooler air especially right around the bay so t noticeably lower. it's going to feel a little cooler around the water. inland though, not as much of
6:51 am
that coastal cooling. you don't get that ocean influence the way you do right around the water. so that's why you're going to be dealing with warmer weather today especially inland. this ridge of high pressure is still out there. it's still going to be strong. and yes, you can expect the 90s again. here's a look at the south bay. temperatures expected to hit 90. 93 morgan hill. 62 half moon bay. 68 pacifica. so another 30-degree difference between the coast and the east bay the south bay. temperatures in the mid-90s for antioch and brentwood. but san francisco upper 60s. yesterday san francisco hit the upper 70s. so it's going to be noticeably cooler at the coast. st. helena 96. triple digits for lakeport and clearlake. i want to show you the southern portions of the sierra just south of lake tahoe. thunderstorm chances are increasing. dry lightning associated with this, and wind gusts 40 to 50 miles per hour. so where's that coming from? that monsoonal moisture. that ridge of high pressure causing a lot utae air. thealit
6:52 am
storms, lightning strike to expand into parts of nevada and the sierra for today. and then again tomorrow. but look it gets a little closer to lake tahoe tomorrow. same on friday. there's a slim chance we could see some of that precipitation work its way into the hills of the bay area. but for now, all we're going to see will be an increase in high cloud coverage for your thursday, friday, from that monsoonal moisture. and then a humidity level. it's going to feel sticky for the next few days. saturday, sunday the heat gets intense. near triple digits on sunday. that's your forecast. coming up, it is the dawn of a brand-new era in the city of san francisco. a preview of the big inauguration planned for this morning next. janice, progressive can help you save over $650 on car insurance.
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how do you take two selfies with one phone? -what? -[ scoffs ] never mind. [ camera shutters click ] i'm anne makovec live in san francisco where it is a dawn of a new era.
6:56 am
a new mayor is going to be sworn in this morning. and you can see they are feverishly setting up here in front of san francisco city hall. 1,000 people will be here for the ceremony on the front steps starting at 11 a.m. the new mayor tweeted: london breed will become the city's first black female mayor. she grew up here in san francisco in public housing raised by her grandmother and got a master's degree at usf. prior to her election as mayor she was president of the board of supervisors and was acting mayor for a brief period after the late mayor ed lee died in december. today the invocation will be delivered by amos brown and lieutenant governor gavin newsom will administer the oath of office. and she is going to be holding
6:57 am
"office hours" right after the inauguration, giving people a chance to meet with her in person for two hours after today's ceremony. we are going to be -- they are going to be streaming it live at that will be on our website, anne makovec, kpix 5. 6:57. time for your "final 5." president trump kicking off a high stakes trip in europe. he is at the nato summit in brussels, belgium. right now, he is there and in recent days we know the president has chided european leaders for not spending more on their own defense. next week, president trump and russian president vladimir putin will meet in helsinki. the justice department missed last night's deadline refuseturning children under 5 n ow12 ys eroach inside their
6:58 am
hospital room after being rescued from a cave in thailand. they had been trapped grass fir santa clara county. one of them has burned about 100 acres on the edge of santa teresa county park in south san jose. and a grass fire north of morgan hill is linked to the deaths of four horses. that fire is about 65% contained. thousands of bart riders will be impacted by construction on the under water transbay tube next year. starting in february bart will start an hour later at 5 a.m. tomorrow the board of directors will talk about replacing that early-morning service with shuttle buses. bart says the montgomery train from pittsburg-bay point on the 7:28 millbrae train from north concoof service. 101 at ignacio, traffic starting to slow southbound. still in the green for the
6:59 am
drive times. >> good morning, check out our transamerica pyramid camera. yeah, you can't see much. that's because those clouds right there at the top of the pyramid also at the top of the "salesforce tower" camera but here's the headlines. we have morning low clouds, they will burn off especially inland. not much across a lot of the east bay and south bay. it will be hot. this would be surf line view of south ocean beach where the clouds are thick and the satellite/radar showing it starting to up a lot of ll the north bay. we'll have clouds in the next few hours. cooler than yesterday. it should be nice this afternoon. especially around the water. not as hot as yesterday. thank you for watching kpix 5 news this morning. your next local update is 7:26. >> we are a ottyhall e hag.lelond ee s francisco's next mayor. have a great day, everyone!
7:00 am
♪ good morning, to our viewers in the west. it's wednesday, july 11th, 2018. welcome to "cbs this morning." president trump kicks off a nato breakfast meeting by accusing our european allies of not paying their fair share. how this high-stakes summit could threaten america's most important alliance. doctors in thailand are treating the 12 boys and their soccer coach rescued from a cave. we'll talk with major charles hodges of the u.s. air force who shares new details about how a major equipment failure threatened the final rescue. a san francisco woman celebrating her first wedding anniversary in mexico is killed by a stray bullet. we'll take a look at why the state department issued a travel


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