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tv   CBS Evening News with Jeff Glor  CBS  July 19, 2018 5:30pm-6:00pm PDT

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more, the local news is coming up in 30 minutes. captioning sponsored by cbs >> glor: on the "cbs evening news" this thursday, the president invites putin to washington, as the head of u.s. intelligence warns of the russian cyber threat. and a cbs news investigation exposes how opioid addicts are being preyed on for profit. but first, the headlines in 60 seconds. homes and buildings, causing catastrophic damage. >> oh, my god. there just went a house. >> director of national the intelligence dan co >> the director of national intelligence, dan coats... >> ...said he had no idea what happened during that two-hour meeting between president trump and vladimir putin. >> the extraordinary comments came as trump invited putin to the white house for a second meeting. >> dan coats responded to that news. >> that is going to be special. ( laughter ) >> joe biden says he will make a
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decision by january. tough opponent? >> i dream, i dream about biden. joe biden ran three times, and president obama took him out of the garbage heap. >> mark zuckerberg is backtracking after controversial comments. >> there is a set of people who deny that the holocaust happened. >> yes. >> i don't believe that our platform should take that down. >> san francisco is letting illegal immigrants vote in a school board election this november. >> we are modeling what we know is right. >> you shouldn't be here, and now you want to tell us how to run the schools? i don't think so. >> i looked over and i saw this fin. >> two young swimmers are recovering from shark attacks in new york. >> a fisherman caught an eight- foot shark, 50 yards from where one of the children was hurt. >> our suffering has meaning. >> the very emotional night at the espys. >> hundreds of survivors of larry nassar's sexual abuse were given the arthur ashee courage award. >> to all of the survivors out there, you are not alone. >> glor: good evening, i'm jeff glor. and this is our western edition. we are going begin tonight with
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>> espies through iowa today, torrance, the national weather service is now saying they caused catastrophic damage near des moines. demarco morgan is here with the latest. >> reporter: oh, my god. >> oh, my god. >> two funnel clouds ripped through neighborhoods in iowa late today. hovering over these homes. honey, get inside. >> a storm system moving east across central iowa took forecasters by surprise and left a trail of destruction in its wake, toppling cars and tearing the roofs off buildings, off the marshal county courthouse and reports of catastrophic damage, including vehicles reported missing, vehicles overturned and trees down. >> some homes are damaged and others fully destroyed. the national weather service says several tornadoes were confirmed. demarco morgan, cbs news, new york. >> glor: president trump and russian president vladimir putin, sent an invitation for
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another it's for another summit, this time in washington in the fall. the administration is still dealing with the fallout from the first. in our interview at the white house, the president revealed a little of what happened behind closed doors in helsinki this week. his top intelligence advisor says he wasn't told about the details, or the plans for the fall. here is jeff pegues. >> reporter: three days after the private meeting between president trump and vladimir putin, director of national intelligence dan coats acknowledged that he still doesn't know what was agreed to, and thinks the president shouldn't have met him alone. >> well, you are right, i don't know what happened in that meeting. i think as time goes by, and the president has already mentioned some things that happened in that meeting, i think we will learn more. but that is the president's prerogative. if he had asked me how that ought to be conducted, i would have suggested a different way. >> reporter: coats has been sounding the alarm about the ongoing cyberthreat from russia. >> they are the ones that are
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trying to undermine our basic values, and divide us with our allies. they are the ones that are trying to wreak havoc over our election process. we need to call them out on that. it is critical that we do so. >> reporter: on monday, the president seemed to accept putin's denial that russia interfered in the 2016 election. >> my people came to me, dan coats came to me, and some others. they said they think it's russia. i have president putin, he just said it's not russia. >> reporter: but in an interview yesterday with jeff glor, president trump acknowledged putin was behind the 2016 meddling, and said he backed his intelligence community. >> glor: coats says the threat is ongoing. do you agree with that? >> it better not be. it better not be. >> glor: have you talked to coats since you got back? >> yeah, i have, sure. >> glor: what did he say? >> just talked, generally speaking. he agrees with the statement you made, and i go along with him. >> reporter: just as coats was
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being interviewed today, the white house announced another meeting this fall between president trump and putin, this time in washington. >> the white house has announced on twitter that vladimir putin is coming to the white house in the fall. >> okay... ( laughter ) that's going to be special. >> reporter: coats calls russia "the most aggressive cyber adversary the u.s. is currently facing." and he said today that there is a plus-side to the internet, but he added, the dark side is that financial institution, critical infrastructure and industries are under attack. jeff. >> glor: jeff pegues, thanks very much. we want to talk more about this potential second summit now. our chief white house correspondent major garrett is at the white house. major, what do we know? >> reporter: that there is an effort under way to have vladimir putin come here in september or october. and that vastly complicates what the administration has been trying to accomplish since it
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got back from helsinki, which is to say, the president has a strong attitude about russian meddling in the 2016 election and ongoing efforts to infiltrate the 2018 midterms. think about this, jeff, putin's arrival here in washington, if it comes about, would happen right in the teeth of that midterm election. so whatever the white house says about its upset or disagreement with that infiltration mechanisms undertaken by the russians will certainly be complicated by the fanfare of a summit here between president trump and president putin. >> glor: all right, major, so also, the white house had to walk back another statement from the president's press conference with putin. here is what he said monday about putin' offer to allow the special counsel's team to go to moscow for interviews with the 12 russians he indicted last week. >> what he did is an incredible offer. he offered to have the people working on the case, come and work with their investigators, with respect to the 12 people. i think that's an incredible offer, okay? >> glor: so major, then, today
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sarah sanders said it was a proposal made in sincerity by president putin, but president trump disagrees with it. talk about the impact of this now. >> reporter: well, jeff, this continues something that we reported first monday night when we were still in helsinki-- a concerted effort to get president trump to reverse or nullify words he spoke in helsinki, or impressions he left behind. and he distinctly left behind the impression that he was willing to have russian security services cooperate with the united states, possibly come to america to question americans about alleged crimes there. that was what vladimir putin said would have to happen before there would be any cooperation with the special counsel's office. well, to put it mildly, the u.s. intelligence community was deeply disturbed about the implications of that. it took three days, but the white house, after being prevailed upon, has reversed itself and now made it clear that's not going to happen. >> glor: major garrett, thank you very president said he was hoping for
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a rematch with hillary clinton in 2020. she says she is not running. so who would the president like to see? we talked about that in our white house interview. let me ask you about 2020. who do you think your democratic opponent will be? joe biden says will make a decision by january. tough opponent? >> i dream, i dream about biden. that is a dream. look, joe biden ran three times. he never got more than 1%, and president obama took him out of the garbage heap, and everybody was shocked that he did. i would love to have it be biden. i think i would like to have any one of those people that we're talking about. you know, there is probably a group of seven or eight right now. i would like to run against any one of them. but biden, never by himself, could never do anything. president obama took him, made him vice president, and he was fine. but you go back and look at how he succeeded in running, when he ran two or three times. i don't think he ever broke one. he was at the one or less level, 1% or less level.
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>> glor: you say people want you to run. do you want to run? ay yeah, i do. i love it. i'm having fun. ve glor: we reached out to joe biden's office today to ask him about the president's comments. we did not get a response. an outbreak of wildfires has prompted oregon's governor to declare a state of emergency. one of the largest fires has burned thousands of acres of wheat fields. ce man was killed trying to protect his neighbor's field. we move now to a cbs news investigation tonight. there are believed to be more than 600,000 opioid addicts in this country. tonight, we look into a scheme that is preying on many of them just for profit. it involves naltrexone, a drug that curbs cravings. the f.d.a. did approve it in some forms, but not as a surgical implant. that has not stopped auestionable recruiters from paying addicts hundreds of dollars to have the surgery, and urctors are billing insurance companies tens of thousands of dollars, as we discovered.
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>> he said "from the very, very first time i used heroin, the very first time," he said, "i was hooked." >> glor: in march 2016, debbie berry of ashland, missouri got a text from her 22-year-old son brennen that no mother wants to receive. >> he texted me, and said that "i have a drug problem, momma. i am in trouble." >> glor: desperate to help her son, berry got him into treatment in california. one day he called her from a doctor's office to tell her he had found something to help. >> he said, i'm going to get an implant put in. i'm here with them and they have done a pre-certification that the-- your insurance will pay for it. >> glor: it was a naltrexone implant, a small pellet inserted near a patient's abdomen. it releases medication that blocks the brain's opiate receptors. so if brennen used heroin, he would not be able to feel the effects. >> he was so adamant about how much it would help him. >> glor: did you know he was getting paid for it? >> i absolutely did not know he was getting paid for it. >> glor: a cbs news
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investigation has found vulnerable addicts like brennen berry are being paid hundreds, sometimes thousands of dollars in cash to get this 30-minute outpatient procedure. >> you don't give a drug addict cash money! >> glor: industry insiders tell us doctors can make up to $30,000 for each simple surgery. and the money is so good, some doctors hire marketers. and some of those marketers hoploy recruiters, who lure patients with cash. we found a recruiter calling himself "carter" on craigslist. >> hey, i'm looking for carter. >> glor: we arranged to meet him at a hollywood grocery store, posing as a potential patient. he told us the implant had saved his life. >> i had a heroin addiction, about four years ago, and i was on and off, but i'm a little over a year clean now, because of this implant. >> glor: and as long as insurance would cover it, he would pay us cash too to get one. >> i will pay you $750 for that. >> $750? >> $750.
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>> glor: "carter" is far from the only one recruiting patients for cash. >> i found a way to not sell drugs and make twice as much oney. >> glor: "john," a former marketer and heroin user who is now sober, agreed to shed light on this expanding illegal practice, if we disguised his identity. >> i would find anybody who was vulnerable and i went up to him. i said, hey, you know, this imally helped me out. this is how i got sober," even if i wasn't sober when i was saying this. >> glor: not only did john recruit patients to get implants, he got them himself. >> the first one, i was paid $750. the second one, i was paid $1,500. i was paid $2,000 for the third implant, and i got the third implant while i already had the second implant. >> glor: john says two of those implants were put in by a beverly hills doctor named randy rosen-- the same doctor who did brennen berry's implant surgery. >> his name is dr. rosen. dr. randy rosen. >> glor: that recruiter from craigslist had also told us about him.
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>> excuse me, dr. rosen? >> glor: rosen declined our request for an interview, so we tried to catch up with him outside his office. >> we've been wanting to talk to you about why patients are being paid to get surgeries. >> glor: through his attorney, dr. rosen told us he has nothing to do with that craigslist ad, and he has no idea who carter is. >> this is private property. you are not allowed to come in here. >> glor: he also told us all patients must sign this form stating they have not been paid to get the implants. as for brennen berry, three months after getting his, he overdosed after taking heroin mixed with fentanyl. >> i came home and found him. i'm in his bedroom. and he was gone when i got here. >> glor: you saw him struggle with this. >> you wake up every day and you have to fight every day not to use or not to drink. they say it's one day at a time, but it is every second of every day. and he did, he fought it. >> glor: after he died, debbie berry learned her son was paid $1,000 to get the implant.
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>> you don't pay somebody to have surgery. you don't prey on vulnerable people who are trying their hardest to stay alive and have a real life again. >> glor: dr. rosen's clinic billed debbie berry's insurance $59,000 for the surgery. the plan was willing to pay only a small fraction of that. rosen's attorney did not tell us whether the doctor hires marketers. coming up next on the "cbs evening news" tonight, why a major spike in the price of imported cars could be coming. and later, the failure at a fertility clinic. teme women who were told their embryos were safe have now learned the awful truth. safe have now learned the awful truth. nooooo... noooooo... nooooo... quick, the quicker picker upper! bounty picks up messes quicker
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and helps keep acid down for hours. digestive advantage probiotics have a strong natural protein shell. so while other brands may have billions of probiotics many can struggle in stomach acid. ours survive 100 times better. let our strength help you stay strong. trump to hit the brakeon his plan to slap new tariffs up to 25% mp rts. there were protests on capitol hill today as the commerce department held a public hearing. the tarie rote american jobs, but as jericka
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duncan reports, some predict they will do the opposite. >> the word tariff is nothing more than a tax. >> reporter: at this honda dealership in new york, general manager brian benstock says these days, he is warning customers and employees, price hikes could be coming. >> what we are telling our customer is to buy now, now is a good time. prices will potentially go up. it'll put some fear in the market, and fear is not a good thing. >> reporter: the proposed 25% tariff on imported cars and auto parts from europe and elsewhere could give buyers sticker shock. consumers could be shelling out nearly $7,000 more per vehicle. the honda civic could cost an extra $1,100. the ford escape, up nearly $1,600, and the audi q5 could run nearly $6,000 more. and it's not just those shopping for cars-- the entire auto sector could take a hit. according to an industry study, the impact of tariffs could have the opposite affect of helping the u.s. car and parts industry.
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a 25% tariff on automotive and parts imports could lead up to $2 million fewer u.s. vehicle sales, and could cost nearly 120,000 auto dealership jobs. >> 20% of the u.s. economy is based on automobile business, whether that be insurance company, advertising, banking. every industry is impacted when we sell less cars. >> reporter: cbs news business analyst jill schlesinger: >> when we put tariffs on top of an already accelerating inflation rate, it starts to put pressure on the consumer. that is what the economists are worried about. >> reporter: last year, 44% of car sales in the united states were from imported cars. jeff, the commerce department could take up to another six months to decide whether or not to impose these new tariffs on foreign cars and auto parts. >> glor: jericka duncan, thank you very much. still ahead here tonight, they thought he was dead, until a drone spotted him on one of the world's tallest mountains.
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>> glor: there is a development tonight in the recent failure at university hospitals fertility center in cleveland. at least one woman who was told her embryos were safe has now learned they were destroyed. up to 4,000 eggs and embryos were lost when a storage tank failed. remarkable drone footage captures the moment a missing climber was spotted alive, 26,000 feet up on broad peak in the himalayas. rick allen was presumed dead after falling from an ice cliff. the drone discovery lead to his rescue. adrian cronauer has died. he was best known for his radio catch phrase, made famous by robin williams: >> good morning vietnam! >> glor: during the vietnam war, cronauer was in the air force and a disk jockey for the armed forces network in saigon. cronauer said williams' oscar- nominated portrayal of him was "greatly exaggerated," but he still enjoyed it. adrian cronauer was 79 years
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old. up next, officers come to the aid of a brother in distress. of a brother in distress. >> this portion of the cbs of a brother in distress. evening news is sponsored by
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help take control by talking to your doctor. ask about vraylar. vraylar is approved for the acute treatment of manic or mixed episodes of bipolar i disorder in adults. clinical studies showed that vraylar reduced overall manic symptoms. vraylar should not be used in elderly patients with dementia due to increased risk of death or stroke. call your doctor about fever, stiff muscles, or confusion, which may mean a life-threatening reaction, or uncontrollable muscle movements, which may be permanent. side effects may not appear for several weeks. high cholesterol and weight gain; high blood sugar, which can lead to coma or death; decreased white blood cells, which can be fatal; dizziness upon standing; falls; seizures; impaired judgment; heat sensitivity; and trouble swallowing may occur. you're more than just your bipolar i. ask about vraylar. >> glor: a police department in the suburbs of chicago put out a
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1078-- it means an officer needs emergency assistance. dean reynolds tells us, the response was overwhelming. >> reporter: chris kudla has to be strong and in peak condition. he has to, because he is a policeman, and because he's fighting stage-four kidney cancer. >> i was officially diagnosed november 25, 2017. the day before my birthday. >> reporter: just eight months after he joined the riverside, illinois, police force, whose chief is tom weitzel. >> from the first day he came in and met with me and told me about his diagnosis, he told me, chief, i'm not stopping working. >> reporter: and he hasn't. through all the doctors appointments and twice-a-month chemotherapy, he stayed on the beat. you must really love police work. >> yes. >> reporter: i mean, and you are es, c >> reporter: but because of his short time with the riverside force, he'd earned far fewer sick days than he would need to manage his treatments and keep his job.
5:58 pm
>> my chief's reaction, kind of right off the bat was, all right, let's see what we can do to help you out. >> reporter: what his fellow cops decided to do was donate their sick days to chris. how many sick days has he acquired this way? >> yes, he's acquired up to six months so far. it's not just going to be police. it is going to be public works, fire, rec department, village administration. if they want to donate, they could. >> everybody without hesitation stepped up to help out. >> reporter: it's pretty extraordinary generosity. >> absolutely. >> reporter: his prognosis is grim, but his attitude is great. >> sometimes, when you start to lose faith in humanity, and you think that, you know, the world's going down the wrong path and there ain't no coming back, you know, something like this happens. >> reporter: and what happened here is really something. dean reynolds cbs news, riverside, illinois. >> glor: been a busy week. those are my favorite stories. that is the "cbs evening news" tonight. i'm jeff glor. good night. we'll see you tomorrow. captioning sponsored by cbs captioned by
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a sophisticated operation.. hidden in ♪ kpix 5 news begins with a big time gambling bust. businesses with a secret back room. a sophisticated operation, hidden in plain sight. inside heavily secured businesses and behind fake walls san jose police takedown in illegal gambling ring with locations across the city. this time something different. >> reporter: this has become an annual event here in san jose. sometime in the spring or summer, pretty much for the past couple of years san jose police announced a huge gambling bust. this year is no different. except that it looks like the crooks are evolving, trying to stay one step ahead. from the outside look like
6:00 pm
ethical businesses. a pc repair shop, a hair and nail salon, but look closely and it does not add up. the salon is heavily fortified, and inside there is not a workstation to be found. just a small waiting room with the door that leads to a more secure back room. they say in back rooms like this san jose police seized 64 illegal gambling machines, and about $350,000 worth of cash and arrested about half a dozen people. this is the state of illegal gambling in san jose, more sophisticated, and harder to catch than ever before. >> gangs and organized crime groups are -- they like this business because it is extremely lucrative. >> after getting tips from the public, the judge issued short -- search warrants for seven locations including this pc repair shop in east san jose. they say there was a false wall with a computer merchandise that hid a full-blown gambling operation. the crooks also installed kill switches on the computers. gaey also found several people


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