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tv   KPIX 5 News at 600PM  CBS  July 24, 2018 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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for experienced officers. $10,000 for officers who had already gone through an academy. despite the generous incentives , it generated only a few hires and failed to fill the gap. >> the challenge of recruiting here is the cost of living, particularly here on the peninsula it is high even by barry area standards. >> he is in charge of recruitment and says palo alto is competing with other law enforcement agencies. >> we are just one of a dozen or more police departments in the county that are all hiring right now. >> city leaders of that salary increases will attract new recruits. the first hike went into effect this month and is 5% higher. in palo alto, the base salary is now $98,000, that is higher than san francisco, san jose, and san mateo, but still below mountain view and santa clara. >> i used to be an attorney, now i am a palo alto police officer. >> lieutenant ray schneider
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says the hiring struggle is not just in the departments, he says it is happening statewide. >> california is an expensive place to live. the bay area is part of that. and the economy is booming everywhere, and unemployment is low everywhere. we are not uniquely situated, we are just choosing to be proactive. >> the department is budgeted for 92 sworn officers. officers have left to retire, switch departments, or careers. live in palo alto, maria medina , kpix 5. the governor has proposed a plan to limit financial liability for power companies when very and causes a wildfire. today, he sent draft legislation that would allow judges to decide how much utilities should pay. neighbors who lost home in the north bay wildfires are worried about another disaster, this time it is from empty lots now overgrown with dry brush. t e c plan to fix that.
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>> reporter: you can see the problem over my shoulder, right here behind me. it comes down to more firefighters working more hours and possibly more fines. >> they are all a mess. >> reporter: a tour through the neighborhood is more like walking through an accident waiting to happen. >> all it takes is a cigarette, just a car, back fire or something coming along here then we will have a problem again. >>'s entire neighborhood burned in the tubs fire october 8. 10 months later he says the weeds on his street have gotten so bad that he is worried it will burn again, taking with it the home that he has worked so hard to rebuild. >> i fear it all the time. i cannot get over it. just on my mind constantly. >> reporter: he mowed his neighbors lot and filed complaints with the fire department on the others. faheity of santa rosa. lem assistant fire mitchell, paul
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lowenthal, says the complaints have more than doubled. >> a lot of those are out of town owners that neglect the properties. we work to address those, but we do have a significant volume of vacant parcels. those have produced regrowth. >> they were seated to save the hillside, but that could destroy any progress with fire season. that is why the hillside lots will be abated first. santa rosa's first round of abatement workorders goes out this week, and with the increased volume they may bring in additional contractors to call and cut and hopefully clear out some peace of mind. >> there is the concern. people want to feel safer. >> i do not want to worry about dry grass. i get nervous every time i see a fire truck coming by here. you just don't know. >> reporter: the way that abatements works, you get to inspections, then into notices that accompany that.
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ample time to get your property in order. if you have not, the fire department comes in and the contractors take care of it for you. the homeowner foots the bill and they have to pay for the man hours involved, and if you do not pay for that, then a lien is put on your property. the situation is so bad now that santa rosa fire says there is the possibility they will go to city council over the next couple of months and ask for that fine to be increased. >> a huge problem, and emily, your following the active fires? >> reporter: yeah. this is a real mess. it comes down to the government agencies that actually did the opt in public option of debris removal. right now they are saying that there are several lots that were damages that were their fault, but they are not responsible to pay for them. that is counter to what every city official and county official announced to these fire survivors months and months ago. as you can imagine, they are frustrated. essentially, the army corps of engineers and fema sent out a
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letter to more than 240 people in the area saying -- sorry we broke your driveway or something along those lines, but we don't have to pay for it. they were hoping, those government agencies, to be out of here and wash their hands of it within the next 30-60 days. the county and the city of santa rosa are saying no, not so fast. that county meeting was this morning and the city council meeting is going on right now. guys? >> emily turner, thanks so much. a growing number of people are not happy with how san francisco is tackling the homeless crisis. in our survey, only 15% of respondents said they approve of how the city is handling the homelessness situation. 56 percent disapprove. our poll focleanup programs. today, london breed proposed $729,000 in additional funding for the fix-it team. it is a multiagency unit that
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focuses on concerns like graffiti, broken streetlights, and unpainted curbs. >> during the campaign, all i heard from people all over the city is -- cleanup the city. cleanup the city. well, i'm not going to clean up the city by myself. all of you are an important part of helping us to clean up this beautiful city. >> the mayor's proposed amendments are being proposed at this evening's board of supervisors meeting. tonight, oakland moves closer to closing an eviction loophole that is putting renters at risk of being kicked out of their homes. susie's time will exposes that loophole in an undercover investigation. she is live at oakland city hall. >> reporter: last-ditch effort to get this on the ballot. it will live or die tonight in this meeting. what they are voting on is what has become known as the duplex loophole. that means that in oakland you can buy a duplex or a triplex
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and if you move into one of those units you can legally take everyone living in their out without any explanation. our undercover investigation showed realtors coaching people on how to profit off of this loophole. for the past week, inside oakland city hall it has been attendance -- >> my landlord also tried to take advantage to raise rent and get me out of my house. >> versus landlords -- >> i should not be kicked out by your stupid policy. >> tensions are high. each of the 78 people feel like they are right when it comes to housing in oakland. right now, tenants living in duplexes and triplex is can be evicted without justcae. a ot measwould ange that, giving them the same protection as those living in larger apartment buildings. it was introduced by councilmembers. >> we want to make sure they have an opportunity to vote on something that gives more protections that the rest of
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the renters already have. >> the restrictions on evictions go away -- >> an investigation exposed realtors coasting investors on how to profit from the law. they walked us through duplexes and triplex is and told us how to legally kick everyone living there out. often times, the tenants were within earshot. >> i do not want to leave. >> morgan love is one of those attendance, she lives in a triplex, her landlord is selling it, and she is scared that she will be forced out. >> it is a low-key, continuous anxiety that i have that someone is going to buy this house. >> i think that what for many ways for me is the most disturbing part is that they do not see anything wrong with it. >> she says our undercover video of realtors coaching us on the business of eviction shows why the law needs to change. >> people see this as a business model, at the height of the affordability crisis.
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it is kind of reminisces of war profiteering. >> you cannot stop people from buying a house. when people to buy a house, one of the most important rights that they have is to be able to live in it. that is exactly what people are doing. >> wayne roland says that claims of rampant owner move in and evictions in oakland are overblown. >> you have enough records to show that the number of these evictions is really low. they have the information, and they can provided to the public. and the public should know. >> reporter: getting a clear picture of the issue is challenging. in response to our records request for every notice to vacate for the last two years, we received 127 records for just two months last spring. most were for failure to pay rent, or illegal activity. 17 more terminations of tenancy without explanation, so there is no way to know if the cause was a new owner move in.
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>> we do not know specifically -- >> michelle byrd could not provide answers either. >> we would have to have someone who was assigned to track it, and monitor it, and our capacity is not at that level at this . -- point in time. >> you worry about the city council putting this on the ballot without those numbers? >> i believe that there will be more due diligence done. >> some on the city council argue that the lack of data makes any decision on whether to close this duplex loophole premature.>>i wish we had a lit time to make it more nuanced. >> they say the time to act is now. >> we have already seen so many renters being pushed out through different means. i want to do whatever we can to stop that. >> reporter: tonight's vote is exed toextremclose. it really could go either way, because it has been so politically charged, opponents have been very careful not to
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be too outspoken against, and there are a lot of items being discussed tonight. it is a packed meeting. they could be here until 2 am. we're live in oakland, kpix 5. bart officials reacted to questions about security is riders demand action to put safety first. a perk of working in tech, free food. any legislation could make cafeterias a thing of the past in san francisco. still ahead, a new feature for foodies that could mean trouble for restaurants. the new yelp feature, putting hygiene scores front and center. ♪ a california beach, so hard to reach, we had to kayak to it. >> people will die if they don't know what they're doing. >> after a decades long push for a walking path -- >> you have to allow the public to enjoy the beach. >> the coastal commission is considering a settlement. >> the public's rights of access are really not going to be
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kpix 5 weather is sponsored by mancini sleep world, enjoy huge savings during the triple bonus mattress sale. breaking news now, chopper 5 over half moon bay where an awol soldier has been arrested. this live picture shows the humvee that 34-year-old spencer slate is accused of stealing. a spokesperson says he drove off of fort hunter liggett this morning. our sister station says that he had just been demoted. the suspect was taken into custody not long ago along highway 92 and half moon bay. we are just learning that authorities found a suspect who triggered an amber alert today. the teenage girl that he allegedly took is still missing. digital billboards like this one on 280 have been spreading the word.
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authorities say this is the victim -- 16-year-old isabel epps. she was kidnapped around 2 pm in hayward, she is still missing. in custody now is antonio regular, he was stopped in pittsburgh a while ago, if you have any information, call police immediately. art writers remember the victim of a stabbing at the 18th station. she died at the macarthur art platform sunday night. a memorial continues to grow. among the candles and flowers is a sign, calling for justice. police say this is the suspect, john lee cowell, he was arrested yesterday thanks to a tip from another part writer. he is due in court tomorrow. in the meantime, bart is facing tough questions about it security. >> our system overall is safe. our officers are out there. just because you do not see them does not mean they are not on the trains or walking the stations and platforms. >> her death is the third
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within one week. >> last night, the memorial moved from macarthur to downtown. about 1000 people were part of the march. there were tense moments, someone threw in an 80 firework at officers. six were hurt, two people were arrested, but they have since been released. new at six, a couple san francisco supervisors are targeting a perk enjoyed by thousands enjoyed in the city. companies that provide free food to their employees. mary lee explains why . mary? >> reporter: well, restaurant owners say there is no way that they could even begin to compete with free food. that is why san francisco supervisors are stepping in. >> it is lunchtime here at perennial in soma, but he would not know it. the seats are empty. this is the restaurant owner and he says it is extremely so close to big companies that have their own on-site free
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employee cafeterias. >> i think it has never been harder to run a restaurant in the city than right now. >> reporter: other restaurant owners in the area agree. >> we see thousands of employees in a two block radius but don't go out to lunch and do not come out and support our restaurants every day. and, that is because they do not have to. >> you cannot compete with free. free food is wonderful, and it is great for those companies that can afford it, but it is not do anything to extend the community around it. >> san francisco supervisors introduced new legislation prohibiting in-house cafeterias in a new office buildings and tech campuses. they say that the city does have the legal right to do this , it is through a zoning amendment using certain planning and public health codes. >> this is the beginning of the conversation. we think it is the appropriate conversation to have now. we absolutely have that authorization. >> jonathan berger works at a startup company that gives their employees and allowance to god and eat in local
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restaurants every day. he also worked at a large tech company with a cafeteria of free food. >> the workers in that cafi, i think and it -- benefit tremendously from having those jobs. there are a lot of ways to think about the issue. it is complex. >> this would only apply to new companies, it would not affect existing ones with big cafeterias like twitter, google, and levi. reporting live, mary lee, kpix 5. environmental groups are continuing their fight to access a pristine beach in santa barbara county. it is a story we have highlighted here on kpix 5. coastal advocates say that they have asked a court to invalidate a settlement between the wealthy beach community of hollister ranch and the state coastal commission. the current settlement, strictly limits access to the three-quarter mile stretch of beach to tours and people who can access it by water.
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we have microclimates here in the bay area. 64 degrees for a high in san francisco, 96 in concorde. that is 32 degrees, you would have to go up 31 more degrees to get to death valley today. 127 for a high in death valley. that makes it 96 in concorde and not that bad. san jose 83. fremont 79 degrees. i think i may have found the perfect spot if you like it not hot or not cold, good evening to you in san mateo. running clouds and afternoon sunshine tomorrow, 78, and 76 gorgeous degrees coming up on thursday. kpix 5, a proud sponsor of the san francisco marathon. unseasonably chilly sunday morning, 63 degrees. otut jbl is up toou115. a big ridge of high pressure sitting right over the desert southwest. pedestal promoting a light onshore flow for us. just enough of a flow that it
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is preventing the heat from making it here. low clouds and fog, just like normal, they will be back tonight. overnight lows 50s and 60s. 61 in mountain view. tomorrow will be the warmest day inland. we will not even hit 100 degrees. mid to upper 90s around concorde and pleasant hill. 92 in napa. 80 in fremont, 85 in san jose. look at the beach, 63 in pacifica. only 69 in san francisco. we will cooldown each day through the weekend. tomorrow is the warmest day, but we stay above 90 through next week. near the bay, cooling to the 60s. the beach may not even hit 60 degrees. misplaced passports and a night in detention. one bay area families trip abroad turns into a nightmare. why they blame the airline. coming up in sports, more bad news to share as the giants delay the return of their injured players, and the
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athletics are rolling, but they lose their opening day starter for the rest of this year and possibly a good chunk of next season. we will be right back. ♪
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tonight... but they won't have evan longoria... instead, he'll continue his rehab in sacramento and hopefully be activated this weekend the giants are in seattle, but they will not have evan longoria, instead he will rehab in sacramento and hopefully be activated by this weekend. will not return anytime soon, you will continue to rest his injured shoulder, and then make several rehab starts before coming back. derek holland will take his spot in the rotation, and start in seattle tomorrow. to the a's, kendall greenman who was the opening day starter will undergo tommy john surgery and miss the remainder of the season. he was sent down to aaa nashville after going 1-5, with an e.r.a. over seven. cespedes is back on the disabled list just days after being activated. he returned to the mets lineup friday night and hit a home run, but he is sidelined again
6:24 pm
with a heel injury and could need season-ending surgery. he has played only 38 games this season. donald penn will not be on the field with the rest of the raiders when they begin training camp friday. he is still recovering from foot surgeries. moe hurst will not mind staying in for two weeks. he tweeted still need to find housing in oakland. why is it so expensive? >> welcome to the bay area, we all feel your pain. in the nba, the cavs assigned kevin love to a four- year contract extension worth $120 million. he was a third wheel when the team had james and kyra irving, he will now be the face of the franchise as they begin life without james again. >> lebron congratulated his former teammate and let him know that dinner is on him next time. >> he replied that if it is in malibu they can split the check. >> for the eight time all-star,
6:25 pm
he was once the most dominant big guy in the league, but at least he is able to laugh about all the moving around. >> you know, i started with the magic. i was with the magic for eight years, i traveled to lala land. i learned with rockets. then i went and learned how to fly with some hawks, got stung by the hornets. just a joke. but, through all of that -- it has taught me how to be a wizard. >> good to have that humor. the realities of the nba and having to move to different teams. >> do not unpack. >> maybe do not buy a house quite yet. >> exactly. there you go. all right, thank you. coming up in the next half an hour, lawyers for brock
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turner say he did not get a fair trial. what they are saying today about the victim. plus, what has turner been doing for the last year? we learn more about his life as a registered sex offender in ohio. video of the shootout at a california trader joe's. the bullet that killed an employee came from an officer's gun. and, the new yelp feature putting health scores front and center. this isn't just any long-distance relationship.
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as you enter the golden gate park, your beginning the second half of a full marathon course. make sure that you are staying focused, and despite enjoying the cool weather, tackle the hills strong so that you can get to the finish. see you all on the 29th. cheer on your favorite runners by posting a message on social, using #by a freeze cheer.
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you are watching kpix 5 news. our top story at 6:30, a twist in the brock turner sexual assault case. a lawyer for the stanford student argues his conviction should be tossed out, in part because turner kept his clothes on. the argument is part of a longshot legal strategy to overturn the jury's verdict. >>'s lawyer challenged the evidence. any warning, he used graphic terms. >> reporter: rock turner's lawyer walked out of the court after trying to convince a three-judge appeals panel to overturn the conviction. attorney -- the attorney argued that the record lacks sufficient evidence to support the
6:30 pm
convictions in the case. he said turner had no intend to rape the woman outside the frat party, citing how he was found to be violently thrusting, but fully clothed went to exchange students broke of the encounter. the attorney said that he was engaging in what was called sexual intercourse, a version of safe sex. he said that they made unreasonable inferences which led to his conviction. he also said that emily doe was ambulatory when they left the party together, and that the jury had to speculate that she was incapacitated at the time of the assault, about half an hour later. uc hastings law professors say that questioning the actions is a risky tactic. ey ve reasons for ci convict. >> reporter: they argued to uphold, saying that the circumstances made it abundantly clear what he intended. he also rebutted the arguments regarding emily doe's condition,
6:31 pm
saying that there was ample evidence that she was intoxicated to the point of being unconscious. >> because of the high burden of proof on appeal, because the person is no longer presumed innocent or guilty, they have already been found guilty. it is very difficult to convict a court of appeals that a jury conviction has been unreasonable. >> the case drew attention and resulted in the removal from the bench of judge erin her ski. the cases in the hands of the appeals court. their rolling is -- really is expected in the next 90 days. he is leading a relatively quiet life with his parents outside of dayton, ohio. according to public records, his employer is a landscaping company. he is classified as a tier 3 sex offender, the most serious kind. he is required to register with police in ohio four times per year and the photograph and provide updated information about his whereabouts. reporter will garvey from the
6:32 pm
cbs affiliate in dayton says he keeps a low profile. >> reporter: he has stayed low on the radar. he has not made much news around here. as far as we can tell through public records, he is employed. but, he does not make much noise around here. >> turner is now 22. he turns 23 next week. and other headlines, the searcher -- the search is on for the gunman who opened fire in the mission district. one victim died at the scene around 3 am near 16th and mission streets. no word on the other victim's condition, or a possible motive. bound highway 24 in orinda this morning. those were the sounds of an explosive scene on westbound highway 24 this morning. those were the sounds of ammo going off from inside a burning patrol car. we are still awaiting word on how that vehicle caught fire in the first place. lanes were closed until that patrol car was towed away. nobody was hurt. police body cam video shows
6:33 pm
the terrifying gun battle between police and an armed suspect outside of a trader joe's on saturday. [ gunfire ] >> he crashed into a pole outside a trader joe's. he was wanted after being suspected of killing his grandmother. he ran inside the store and continue to shoot at police. dozens of customers and employees were held hostage for hours. one store employee was caught in the crossfire, she died after being hit by an officer's bullet. >> it was a through and through wind through her left arm that moved into her body. as chief of police, i am sorry for the loss. >> the suspect was hit in his left arm, he was later taken into custody. midterms are less than four months away and concerns about russian interference are growing. as kpix 5 two
6:34 pm
days, leaders of australia and the us have met in palo alto, one issue facing both countries -- potential russian interference with elections. >> country before russia -- >> today, the president tweeted that he is concerned that russia will fight hard to have an impact on the upcoming election. >> australia also has a big election coming up and just days ago a spokesperson for facebook said they are taking a number of steps to protect and preserve the integrity of upcoming elections in australia, and in other nations. >> we discussed foreign interference, the cyber challenges that we face. >> minister pain and i signed a memorandum of understanding. >> today, we defend the cooperation so that we are able to jointly develop the tools and software that we need to both protect and defend against cyber threats. >> reporter: it is not just russia, last month a former diplomat told a senate committee
6:35 pm
that china is now copying russian tactics, and that currently china is running a disinformation campaign in australia. melissa caen, kpix 5. new at six, help inspection reports certainly are not secret, but finding them can be a hassle. yelp wants to make that part of your restaurant selection . kpix 5's kept oh has more. >> yelp has worked on this for the last five years. they're ready to launch at nationwide, and it is called health scores. you can find it right here. >> to hear yelp describe it, there is a valuable of restaurant inspection data out there, and they are helping users to digest it all. >> some restaurants were not thrilled with it. if you have a good record, you probably would not mind the extra transparency, but if you don't, you can understand that you might not. >> yelp processes data feeds from county agencies. when the agencies do not provide a feed, robots fanout
6:36 pm
online to scrape the data off of government websites and compile it together. the result on the mobile out is a condensed report, often with just scores and dates, but the desktop site has more info, like the details about the violations. yelp says when customers see a low score, they do not call the restaurant, they do not click to get directions, and they certainly do not look at the menu. >> we see that consumers use it. they patronize businesses with bad health scores less. >> i just want to make sure that i get updated information. >> reporter: she welcomes the effort from yelp, but santa clara's counties on app not only has the most current and up-to-date scores, it also has the actual reports from all the nitty-gritty details. this one talked about cockroaches and all the lifecycles found inside the restaurant, but there can be discrepancies with the yelp health scores, for example -- at emperor of india, yelp has old data from january saying they have a score of 72, but a check of the county website
6:37 pm
shows the score drops down to 52, and that more problems have caused them to shut down, currently there is no score. >> i'm not sure how often they scrape that data, and how current it is. we advise the public to go to our website. >> yelp says it takes two weeks to scrape the data off of government sites. >> if a city wants to post their scores more timely, they can establish a relationship directly with yelp and send us a feed of that information. >> they say by the end of the score -- year they will cover 750,000 restaurants. >> when consumers have access to data like this, two things happen -- restaurants get cleaner, and less consumers get sick. trying to get a comment about that health rating, but the owner was not available. accused of sleeping three hours a day for three years at her desk job. how a california dmv worker managed to get away with it. an international flight
6:38 pm
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at ross. yes for less. state employees behaving badly... including sleeping and on the job. r a scathing new audit reveals employees behaving badly including sleeping and shopping on the job. >> reporter: the sacramento community is fired up over a lengthy 60 page state audit exposing the state agencies for abusing the system. one of the most egregious happening at the dmv, with a key data operator. investigating -- she slept at least three hours a day from 2014 until 2017, costing the state more than $40,000. >> i think they should go through and revamp the whole system. >> reporter: another investigation found an assistant chief used to employees to build a tiki room in 2016 while they were on
6:41 pm
duty. the assistant chief venues that building to host personal parties. >> was there a danger there? absolutely. not saying that they knew what the construction should be like, but it was unauthorized and not inspected. >> the audit reveals worse, to maintenance workers were found line about working full shifts, which cost state taxpayers more than $111,000 over four years. the findings in the audit are not the least bit surprising for this couple. >> we have known quite a few people that worked with the state. >> on saturdays, they would take turns with a punch card, and she would go in, or if somebody was assigned to punch people in so that they could get overtime, nobody showed up. howard jarvis says that the state needs a more rigorous system to bust problem employees, instead of trying to pass additional tax initiatives. >> reports like this continue to show voters, especially in the run-up to the november elections that their dollars are not being spent well.
6:42 pm
>> reporter: no one lost their job and all seven cases. the california state auditor's office received about 1500 inquiries over the past year, but was only able to investigate about 463, stating they did not have enough information. a santa clara family is telling its travel or story. they were deported after their passports were lost after the flight. last friday they went on a business trip and he last saw the passports before departing. the family realized those documents were lost on the plane, just after they stepped off. darrell went back to find them, but united would not let him back on, and airline employees cannot find the passports. >> i told them, just let me in and i will find them. i know where we sat do feel lik inconsiderate, indifferent, unprofessional. they really did not care that
6:43 pm
we were in a foreign country without our passports. >> the family was held in a french immigration facility overnight before being sent home the next morning. darrell says his daughter was traumatized by the ordeal . united airlines declined our request for an on camera interview, but did send us this statement. french law does not allow passengers to return to the aircraft after leaving an international flight, however, we are reaching out to our customer to better understand what happened. united has not received a complaint from darrell yet. an incredible look at the drifting smoke, creating dangerously high pollution levels in yosemite there are about 30 million people in southern california, arizona and nevada that would beg for this. the chilly, marine air, that is not southern california, but is here. find out how wide the temperature spread will be tomorrow. coming up.
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as smoke from the ferguson fire is blanketing the park. this is a timelapse video... people are packing up after being ordered out of yosemite as smoke is blanketing the park. we have video showing the smoke at sentinel dome. a similar scene at yosemite
6:47 pm
falls. the waterfall becomes invisible as smoke pours in, creating a thick haze. the pollution levels are now skyhigh from the smoke, look at the chart showing particulate matter in yosemite, twice as bad as beijing, one of the world's worst polluted cities. as a result, the park service announced that yosemite valley will be closed to visitors at noon tomorrow. officials say the closure is expected to last until sunday. eight major water projects in california have funding that is thanks to a $2.5 billion vote by the state. the funding will pay for dams and water storage projects from north of sacramento to the la area. kpix 5's john ramose explains how it will benefit two sites in the area. >> the list vaqueros reservoir was already the largest reservoir in the bay area. but, in 2012, the dam was raised to increase capacity by 16%, which helped nearby
6:48 pm
communities through the last drop. >> when we expanded in 2012, we knew that there would be a phase 2 expansion, and that is where we are at today. >> reporter: this morning, that expansion got the green light as the california water commission approved $459 million worth of proposition one funds to make list for karros a much bigger player in the bay area water scene. >> right now, we are at 160 feet, and that would expand it to 275, it would also add new pipelines and pump stations and facilities to move the water around to the region. >> reporter: it has always been a closed pipeline, but with this new 70% expansion project it will be tied into the bay area's water system and will store and supply water to customers from eb mud, and the south bay, and wildlife refuges. >> the decision today certainly makes list vaqueros reservoir expansion project a larger project presents as far as
6:49 pm
water supply and reliability. >> to expand the reservoir it will have to be drawn down until almost dry, that will take years to accomplish. then, the earthen dam will be raised by more than 50 feet, and then it will be refilled with water pumped from the delta. when finished, it will provide a high multi-supply for customers, more water for natural habitats, and an emergency water bank for the entire bay area. >> it is really important. it is going to be a great benefit to the region to have that extra storage capacity for providing water in those dry years. >> building it will take time. construction should begin in about 2022 with the entire project completion sometime around 2028. john ramose, kpix 5. water looks kind of inviting , inland highs have been in the 90s for the past couple of days, it will be warmer tomorrow. it is still 92 in concorde, 91
6:50 pm
in livermore. 62 in san francisco. santa rosa, you found the sweet spot, 78 degrees. oakland, 66. just 22 miles and separates mayor island and vacaville but tonight it was one degree per mile. one or two there, and 26 degrees over 22 miles, another example of our many bay area microclimates. mountain view 61, nampa and san francisco 60s. if you are headed to the beach, rip current risk is high for one more day. sneaker waves and breakers running as high as 11 feet. use caution, especially with the kids at the beach tomorrow. it is all not the oceanã-- all about the ocean. we will be in the mid to upper 90s, how about san jose? tomorrow will be 100 consecutive days without any measurable rainfall. mid april was the last time it rained in san jose.
6:51 pm
forget about rain, it is all about the heat for the desert southwest including all of southern california. many records were broken today. in death valley we will have an overnight low of 100 degrees overnight. because of the bridge, we keep the onshore flow. any flow that comes from the ocean, we do not get heat waves. that is what will happen. we are going to bake to our east and south, kind of status quo. we have stratus clouds piling into the bay. sunshine in the afternoon as we head towards thursday, more of the same. clouds near the water in the morning, sunshine in the afternoon. the forecast shows the rich moving but it is to our south. even on friday, they are still baking in southern california. 120 in phoenix, we still have the off shore flow. our temperatures will not get out hot. concorde, 11 degrees above average. campbell, 88. san mateo, 79. but, still low 60s at the beach. san ramon, your high -- 92. pittsburgh 95. vallejo, 87 degrees.
6:52 pm
alameda, berkeley and richmond right around 70. santa rosa, your high as 94. cloverdale, 100 degrees tomorrow. we will cool down a little bit thursday and friday, about two degrees each day. by the time we hit the weekend, not as hot inland, and still seasonably chilly at the water. highs they are only in the 50s and the 60s. thank you, paul. flying cars are more than just a dream. coming up, the company that helps to have a flying car on the market by next year. ♪
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the sports report is next on kpix 5. we have good news now to report on the amber alert we told you about earlier. police are confirming that they have located the 16-year-old girl who was allegedly abducted this afternoon. isabel epps was found at the pleasant hill bart station. the suspect in this case was taken into custody late this afternoon. he was stopped in pittsburgh. it is no longer something
6:56 pm
out of a sci-fi movie. >> members of congress are setting their sights on cars that apply. lawmakers on capitol hill held a hearing on the technology and found out just how close it is. uber plans to create a airborne right healing service by 2020. another company expects to have their cars on the market as soon as next year. >> i think this is an exciting opportunity for technology. another has an -- and a lot of hype around it for generations, but we are close. >> members of congress say they have major challenges to address before getting these off the ground. they are working on regulations. just major challenges. >> and the lack of roads -- >> just a little bit. >> i thought the transition was on jersey shore. oh, that was the situation. i just pulled that out of thin air. >> always on, ask for watching.
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