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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  August 1, 2018 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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time is 4-- good morning, everyone, it is wednesday, august 1. you might not know what that is but that is the bay bridge. >> good morning i am michelle griego. >> it is 4:30 am, i am anne makovec . >> it is the first of the month. >> hopefully a great day. as we saw from the live shot, fog is out there and the bridges covered in fog. all around us we will notice some smoke in the sky, the heat will be on and unfortunately, you are not protected by the fog coverage around the bay and the coast. by the end of this week, the temperatures will go from the 90s down to the 80s for many communities by the time that friday and the weekend roll around. relief in sight with cooler air and by the water that is where the cool air is, jaclyn? we'rcident
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along 680 in the northbound direction. orleans currently blocked at hofstetter road. chp is holding up traffic and we are seeing slowdowns in the southbound direction. just a heads up for people going through the area. traffic is backed up to mckie road. go into the san mateo bridge, things appear to be normal, both directions in the green from hayward over to foster city. back to you. in fire watch, a towering wall of flames, another home is destroyed in lake county and thousands more in danger. firefighters are gaining ground and evacuation orders have been lifted for kelseyville, finley and the big valley and sharia -- ranch.
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>> you have about 30 feet that you can backup. >> katie nielson reports. >> reporter: a trying day for weary firefighters as they try to protect homes off hendricks road near scotts valley. >> you are doing an awesome job. >> reporter: ob lowery sto shoulder to shoulder with firefighters as they watch 30 foot flames barrel towards him down the hillside pick >> it is my home, i have to try and save it. >> reporter: with hoses ready, firefighters were able to save it, as crew has test crews nearby put out embers that started across hendricks road. >> there was erratic behavior, spot fire, fire pushing over ridges and into canyons. >> reporter: firefighters say when the afternoon winds picked up they did everything they could to fight the flames, for the first time since sunday, some homes were lost. >> you can see from the road whether it was barns or homes there were structures involved. >> reporter: katie nielson,
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kpix 5. this is what crews are phasing from the air, this is released from the defense department, the two fires cover 125 square miles, an area the size of san francisco and oakland combined, the river fire is 12% contained and the ranch fire is 10% contained. some people living nearby refused to leave their homes including lake court firefighter, dan kane, he is using his 24 hours off to defend his 75 acre walnut farm near kelseyville nearly 1 mile from where the river fire is burning. >> it could get to the point that those that chose not to leave my need help leaving and may not be able to get to them. >> which is to protect our land, it is what we have and how we make our living and it is worth defending, we will go down with it if we have to. >> kane spent the day filling his 4000 gallon water tender
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running hoses from the property to wells. 90 miles north of new fire, the he'll fire, is burning 165 acres, just east of covello. evacuations are in order for mendocino pass road in the black butte ranch community. in chester county, the carr fire fire is the sixth most destructive in california history. this is a birds eye view from an aircraft with 1300 buildings having been destroyed, more destruction than the nuns fire in sonoma county last year. it has scorched 113,000 acres, containment is at 30%. we are now learning that thousands were evacuated by accident, cal fire added shasta lake to the evacuation order on friday, summit city at shasta lake was meant to be included instead. meanwhile, yosemite valley will not reopen as planned.
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the ferguson fire is keeping popular parts of the parks close to sunday, it was pushed back from opening on friday due to poor air quality. two summer camps near yosemite have closed made season. kim 21 got and camp may then had to have many kids go home. everything changing at the last minute for those kids and that is the least of the problem. >> you just do not want to be in that smoke, it is bad for the lungs. it will be smoking again near the fire zones also run parts of the bay area. some of the smoke is moving a bit towards the north bay and east bay. this is the mendocino complex fire and riverine ranch fires, afternoon highs will be in the 90s, 96 degrees for that area near lake port. gusty winds around 22 miles per hour with the temperature at
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75. checking out the humidity, it is low, 18%. further north with the eel fire is burning near cavallo, it is a lot calmer and humidity is up, firefighters have that going for them. early-morning conditions are, and cool. 98 degrees and another sunny and hot day in the forecast. checking out the fires from california from the south to the north, firefighters have a tough battle and the forecast includes temperatures 95-105 yet again including places like redding, california in the triple digits. dry and smoky. looking at the current air quality conditions, right now where the mendocino county fire is burning, unhealthy range, very unhealthy where you see the purple by the carr fire. definitely near the california oregon border, you don't want to be outdoors there. a lot of this will work towards the bay area. for now we are protected by cloud coverage.
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coastal clouds coming to around the bay, that will keep the smoke from settling in the area. you can notice the haze but it is staying higher. 53 degrees right now in san francisco. that is where the cool air is and the cloudy conditions. jaclyn? >> thank you. we will go back to the accident around 680 at hofstetter. chp just opens the far right lane and are diverting traffic off at hofstetter putting up a detour, this will take a bit of your time this morning if you are headed through that stretch. you can see the slowdowns begin near mckie and then you are on the brakes all the way towards hofstetter. give yourself extra time. we will go over to 205 where our super commuters are dealing with a lot of slowdowns. the westbound work should be
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wrapped up but we are in the red towards 580, just under a 30 minute ride. an additional westbound 580 going towards the pleasanton interchange. at the bay bridge toll plaza, a bit of a backup, but we are still in the green going into san francisco. back to you. in oakland, state and federal agents have broken up what was essentially a flea market for criminals. they have been watching a pair of houses near 89th street and b street for the past 18 months, a surveillance camera from a light pole captured 20+ drug deals daily, guns were also changing hands. one man is facing federal drug charges and authorities expect to make more arrests's soon. in northern mexico, an aeromexico jetliner crashed and everyone survived, it went down
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in a field shortly after takeoff from durango. there were 103 people on the plane, the governor of mexico's, durango state, said 49 people were hospitalized, the pilot and one other person are in serious condition. the plane took off in stormy weather and winds could've been a factor. it was an brazilian made aircraft that remain intact after the crash but burst into flames after everyone got off. the trump administration is targeting tough auto pollution standards with a new argument, that fuel efficient cars are dangerous for drivers. the feds argue that heavier vehicles are safer than lighter winds. kpix 5's len ramirez has reaction . >> reporter: under president donald trump's proposal, the oak , era rules requiring cars to continue get better gas mileage would be dropped for safety reason, the -- reasons, the
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trump administration says that putting americans in smaller and lighter cars encourages them to drive more and puts them at risk for greater collisions than if they were driving bigger cars like suvs. >> to smaller cars get driven more? >> certainly in the bay area, i would say yes, our needs are community. >> reporter: carol mahoney traded it in an suv -- treated an suv for a smaller car. >> smaller cars at the lifeline of the valley. >> reporter: the proposal will be leaked next week but it has been getting hammered by environmental groups as it leaked out. >> i am not sure what trump is trying to do, that california is trying to reduce air pollution. >> reporter: tom flanagan with the bay area air district says the proposal would undo years of progress in reducing air pollution, although the bay cali f, aialhabeen improved due vehicle standards and he says this could do harm to human
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health years into the future. >> transportation is the number one source of air pollution. we have to figure out how to reduce emissions from transportation and rolling back standards will not help. >> reporter: len ramirez, kpix 5. the time now is 4:41 am, an outline is put down for killing goats in the bay area, but environmentalist 's are pushing for a new approach. -- environmentalist's are pushing for a new approach.
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in sonoma county. it's the second time in recent months that property owners trapped and killed animals tied to livestock deaths. kpix 5 reporter mary lee...on what some say is a better approach. sot jamie burkart (lives between glen ellen and santa rosa) dismount line was put doe cond m property owners have trapped and killed animals tied to livestock deaths, kpix 5 reporter, mary lee on what could be a better rate port or -- approach. >> i have two pigs and two goats and i woke up in my goat was gone. >> reporter: jamie moved to san francisco 2.5 years ago and
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knows about the mountain lion that ate his goat. >> at the time it was 6.5 feet head to tail and 110 pounds, now he has 150. he is a big kitty. >> reporter: what did you think when you saw that? >> i was amazed, i cannot believe something that big was working around. >> reporter: jamie works to tag, track, and save the lien, other livestock owners in the area are instead choosing to kill mountain lions that killed their animals. last week amount line was put down after killing a goat in kenwood. it is the second state sanctioned mountain lane killing in as many months in sonoma valley. >> there are kids -- things they could do besides resort to killing. wildlife ecologists, quinton martin, is part of the
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community conservation project where he says it is important to educate livestock owners, telling them how to protect their animals so that they may coexist with mountain lions. >> we can see it makes sense to kill a mountain lion in these circumstances. the removal will just result in another one coming in because they are prone to killing unprotected livestock it will keep on happening. >> reporter: still, some sonoma county residents think that they need to do what it takes to protect their animals. >> i believe they have a right to protect their livestock and use a tranquilizer rather than a bullet. >> reporter: here are some tips to protect your animals and livestock. the best thing to do is lock them up every night in predator proof enclosure is because mountain lions can jump a 12 foot fence. keep the enclosures away from vegetation or water like creeks and drainage systems.
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in sonoma county, mary lee, kpix 5. a lemur is back at home after received it took it had a change of heart, isaac the lemur was stolen from the santa ana zoo and was later dropped off in a box at a hotel in newport beach, there was a note saying it was taken last night, please bring to police. >> it is disappointing to think that someone would do that but we were glad to know he was okay. >> isaacs caretaker says the lemur is doing well, police are looking for the thief. >> he is cute but what do you feed a lemur? >> the thief probably question that. you might love madagascar but you don't need your own name or . >> that is the thing, finding nemo cause many issues with everyone getting clown fish and they are hard to take care of as well.
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>> let us talk about your forecast this morning, we are waking up to cloudyr the hair. this is a live look at the golden gate bridge. visibility is low, this is also where you could notice moisture on the road throughout san francisco. we saw that this morning. 53 in san francisco, livermore in the 50s, oakland 55, concord at 65 and san jose 62. visibility wise, it is low, half moon bay it has dropped to 2.5 miles and low at 3 miles in petaluma. the cloud coverage has not gone too far to the east. it will probably happen right before sunrise, concorde, livermore, clear for now and then you will notice that we will run into cloud coverage throughout san francisco, protecting us from much of the smoke from the fire. that is good news, the early- morning marine they are sticking around every morning
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for the next few days and keeping the haze away. west winds at 8 miles per hour. fairfield at 22, antioch 9 miles per hour, concord 13. the southwest wind is pushing some of the smoke to the north and east. air quality looks like this, moderate for the north bay, moderate for the east bay. good conditions elsewhere, the south bay, you will not notice that, temperature -wise, places like san jose, pretty normal, right there at 82. concord 89. you will see those numbers slowly decline. san francisco and oakland were below average taking a look at other neighborhoods, redwood city 79, fremont 76. these numbers are getting cooler, in the 80s for most communities, especially in the end. 90s could appear, livermore, fairfield, and where the fires are burning, temperatures are still hot. 100 and eight days of no rain for san jose, that continues
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the long dry stretch. here's what happens, monsoonal moisture across the desert southwest, this ridge of high pressure is moving a bit, it was a little more over california now over arizona and nevada so temperatures are dropping slightly in the low is pushing it over. that will contribute to slight cooling and not noticeable, especially in the fire zones. monsoonal moisture is expected to return for the sierras. we saw that yesterday. lightning strikes near mammoth lake as well and by thursday afternoon it looks like most of this will let up, there was flash flood watches and warnings throughout southern california. here's what is happening, from the 90s to the 80s we go as early as tomorrow, through the weekend feeling comfortable in the upper 80s for most communities. that is below average conditions for many inland conditions. temperature throughout the beach anbain the 50s
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and 60s. >> sounds like a san francisco summer. we're tracking a problem in the south bay and we go to 680, the northbound direction, an accident has all but one lane blocked in the northbound direction near hofstetter and you can see that traffic is really starting to slow and is backed up to mickey at this point. they are diverting traffic at hofstetter and allowing cars to get back on using the on ramp. you will need to get off the freeway. san mateo bridge, reports of a car that broke down at the high rise, we could see some delays. right now still in the green, tracking an easy time of 13 minutes. i-80, near highway 4 in hercules, looking okay in the westbound direction. we are having reports of aggression eastbound direction near university, it is on that shoulder not blocking any lanes, if you were going over towards the bay bridge toll plaza we are seeing the crowds develop earlier and it is starting to stretch backwards,
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that is a check of your traffic, back to you. it is 4:50 am, a big crowd welcomes a rising star in the democratic hardy to the bay area, the message that people lined up around the block to hear.
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good morning, everyone, temperatures in san francisco and oakland below average, get ready for a day in the 60s, right around the bay it will remain cool. for the south bay, mostly 80s. 83 cupertino, 81 sunnyvale, santa clara 82 as well. morgan hill in the 90s, antioch and brentwood upper 80s and low
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90s. temperatures are dropping by a few degrees, still closer and closer to comfortable conditions and normal conditions. for san francisco, 64. yesterday only 61. overall, cool and cloudy by the water. in wine country, low 80s. that is where the heat is in lakeport and mendocino still the upper 90s. san francisco will tax uber give the city a cut of net profit originating in san francisco. extras like airport fees and tips would be exempt. this will allow the company's to avoid a possible gross receipts tax that could occur on the 2020 ballot and could generate $30 million per year for transit projects. a woman considered a rising star in the democratic party sold out two fundraisers. alexandria oak also cortez made national -- alexandria oak osseo cortez made national news when she beat out her opponent
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in new york several weeks ago. many crowds showed up to see her speak. >> reporter: typically this is for a new cup of joe when you see a big line like this, this is not for food but a candidate who surprise win turned the democratic hardy on its ear. >> this is about justice, freedom, and economic dignity for all. >> reporter: alexandria cortez seah -- alexandria cortez. >> this is a movement, this is what she represents. >> reporter: winner of the sex -- wig the democratic party and trumping the highest ranking member in the house by 13 points. >> i had to wait my turn.
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>> reporter: alexandria oak osseo cortez has a dedicated following already. >> i support her because i am against bought politicians like the man that she defeated in her district, joe crowley, she defeated him with a grassroots organization. >> reporter: and received a rock star's welcome from the san francisco alliance and jane kim. >> [ applause ] >> reporter: in a room packed shoulder to shoulder in the mission where her message resonated. >> way too many americans make less than $30,000 per year. wary -- way too many. in the wealthiest society in the history of humanity, we can have good things. >> reporter: this was stopped two of two in san francisco for the 28-year-old candidate and self identified democratic socialist. >> reporter: in san francisco,
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kpix 5. hundreds of evacuees are being housed at a single shelter in walnut creek. >> this rescue foundation, or are, has received hundreds of pets from the wildfires, they are often quicker to flee than owners. >> they smell smoke much better, there is chaos and people running in and out, they hear sirens and it is mass overstimulation. >> the rescued pets come from evacuation -- evacuate sins throughout california and unclaimed animals will be put up for adoption. it is 4:57 am, facebook has uncovered dozens of fake accounts likely to influence the upcoming midterm elections. two fires destroying mendocino county, continued to threaten many buildings.
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in all of this ruination, some good news from fire crews.
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and i'm anne makovec, kenny is off this morning. let's start with a live look outside... good morning, it is wednesday, august 1, i am michelle griego . >> and i am anne makovec, kenny is off. this is a live look on the left hand side of your screen, it is a foggy morning along the coast, the right-hand side, 880 in oakland, has things moving smoothly at this hour. >> fog out there. >> many people are saying this is cloudy, what is up with the san francisco summer. it is keeping us protected from the smoke, at least it is nudging the smoke north, east, and south of us. air quality will not be too bad. this is another look at the view of the bay bridge. i want to show you the golden gate bridge. you can barely see that.
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a bit drizzly and foggy. typical


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