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tv   KPIX 5 News at 600PM  CBS  August 1, 2018 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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espionage. you may remember that thick black smoke billowing from the building presumed to be burning documents. all eyes are on chinese intelligence after a staffer for senator feinstein turned out to be a chinese spy. citing an unnamed source, the column revealed chinese spy was feinstein's driver who served as a gopher in the bay area office. he even attended chinese consulate functions for the senator. feinstein was reportedly mortified when the fbi told her she'd been infiltrated. investigators concluded the driver hadn't leaked anything of substance, and feinstein forced him to retire. he's not surprised. >> think about what she had
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access to. one, she had access to the chinese community here in san francisco. great amount of political influence. two, correct me if i'm wrong, she still has very close ties to the intelligence committees in washington, d.c. >> reporter: in addition to traditional political spell and diplomatic secrets, bay area spies are often focused on r and d, technology, and trade secrets. >> they also have an interest in, you know, the economy here. how to get political influence here. what's being developed down in silicon valley that has dual- use technology. all of that is tied to the abay area. >> reporter: like in many areas, when it comes to counter intelligence, the area is a trends setter. >> as the bay area goes, so does the nation when it comes to technology. so why not when it comes to spying? >> reporter: the politicians who have access to confidential
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information are trained. when you have a driver in your car day in and day out for 20 years, there's opportunity for the driver to sort of understand when she's speaking in code. you were loo >> what are we hearing from senator feinstein herself? >> reporter: feinstein's said they wouldn't comment, but they added none other california staffers have ever had security clearance. for its part, the fbi says it has no comment. >> thank you. so you guys are finally looking for her or you got the wrong address? >> a man turning the tables on law enforcement. kpix 5's emily turner is live demanding to know why two officers showed up on his property twice this morning. kpix live with more on that confrontation. emily? >> reporter: immigration is simply a touchy subject
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anywhere these days, especially in the bay areahe in nortbay e immigrant community makes up a huge part of the work face, you can see the tension. >> is there a reason for you guys to come here? >> reporter: that's all jose and his brother wanted to know this morning when twice, unmarked cars pulled into his narrow driveway with men in bullet proof vests. >> i don't know what's going on here, but these officers are trying to come to our house unmarked. i tried to talk them the first time. they were just ignoring me. my brother tried to do the same thing. they ignored him. >> reporter: this is video of the second time the men arrived, all before 8:00 o'clock this morning. jose's brother confronts them trying to get them to explain themselves. >> did you find what you're looking for or you got the wrong address? >> we have the right house. >> what are you looking for again? i want to know. >> you have a picture of the
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guy? >> reporter: they never say who they're looking for or why. they were notified this morning that homeland security would be in the area. one of the men in the video mentions u.s. immigration. >> all american citizens live here. there's no illegal aliens or anything like that. >> that's what we're here to find out, that's all. >> reporter: they have plenty of signs warding people off their private property. he says his brother finally moved his car letting the men out, but both of them say they're still in the dark about why they came in the first place. >> they wouldn't even answer us. they wouldn't even talk to us. what's really going on here? >> reporter: we did reach out to ice this afternoon to ask them why they were here and what it was all about. they asked us to send them the video, but it is against our policy to hand that kind of video over to anyone, whether it's a government agency or just joe shmo. we have not heard back from them. hopefully when they see the story and air the video, we'll get an answer out of them. a federal appeals court
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ruled a trump executive order withholding federal funds from sanctuary cities is unconstitutional. san francisco and santa clara county sued and today the 9th circuit court ruled in their favor. back with a new plan to divide the state. instead of seceding, activists want to create an autonomous native nation. it calls for an east/west divide. the western land goes back to the native americans. the group now has until october to get enough signatures to put their measure on the 2021 ballot. the california supreme court recently blocked another plan to divide california into three separate states. battling destructive wild fires throughout california. getting much-needed help for their air attack. the senate approved a bill by
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senator feinstein to transfer seven c-130 planes to the state. we got these pictures. they'll have to be converted into air tankers before they can join in the fire fight. right now, there are more than a dozen active wild fires burning across the state. the majority of them in northern california. it's been a tough fight for the crews and the dangers certainly not over yet. >> it's been an unpredictable fire season, and it's only going to get worse. >> it's not only going to get worse this year, the governor was talking about the years to come and let's take a look at his forecast for that. >> we're in for a really rough ride. it's going to get expensive, it's going to get dangerous, and we have to apply all our creativity to make it the best on what is going to be an increasingly bad situation. >> there's no reason to think that trend won't continue. >> that was the assessment of
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jerry brown and other officials today after being briefed on the on going wild fires at the state's emergency center just outside of sacramento. just look at the numbers. in the first sixth months of this year, over 296,000 acres have burned in the state. that's more than twice the yearly average for the previous five years. and this year, there's a new and dangerous twist. >> these fires are different. they're burning longer, more intensely, and they're burning in ways we can't predict. >> the governor said that climate change with its hotter, drier weather is a big factor. he said another factor is at play as well -- uv and mother nature. >> california was not designed for 40 million people. >> and more and more of us are building closer and closer to the fire lines, which brings in another sad truth. >> if you're building in these
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areas, many will burn down at some point. people are doing everything they can, but nature is very powerful. and we're not on the side of nature, we're fighting nature. >> the governor says they have enough money to fight the fires, but then there's the recovery and questions about rebuilding. this is what congresswoman nancy pelosi had to say about possible federal help. >> there's an emergency designation that brings in funds to fight the fires, and then the next stage will be to help in recovery. but until we have the disaster designation, we won't be able to have all of the assistance we need. >> the governor said he'd been on the phone with officials from washington and the trump administration and that talks were going well. so we can expect some help on the way. why the clean up here is drawing mixed reviews. >> thanks. it used to be a homeless camp. now, it looks more like a park. why the clean up is drawing mixed reviews. >> formed to find a new school.
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families sent scrambling after plans for a new charter school fell apart. >> remembering the man who made the catch. a tribute for 9ers legend dwight clark.
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tax that would have cost apple millions. the tax called for a 425-dollar fee per employee. it would hav a proposed business tax that would have cost apple millions. the tax called for a $425 fee
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per employee. it would have applied to companies with at least 5000 workers. helped to generate $10 million to relieve traffic congestion with apple paying the bulk of that. city council voted to delay that measure until at least 2020. in a push to clean up homeless camps and trash is getting mixed reviews. homeless advocates are upset, neighbors say caltrans isn't doing enough. how they're going to get an earful this evening. >> reporter: caltrans is inside taking a lot of heat from neighbors who are complaining they're not doing enough. i'm told the director of the local distri it's embarrassing when you drive around out of town guests having to explain why there's so much garbage and trash on the freeway, and he agreed. these protesters are here to very loudly remind elected officials homeless people can't
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be fenced out and forgotten. >> it's one of the richest cities in the entire world. we want this city to house their people, not displace its people. >> reporter: caltrans has struggled to keep up with the relentless river of garbage that flows along the freeways. neighbors say this one at highway 87 has not been cleaned up in more than a year. they say they can't keep up. the homeless crisis has stretched their workers and budgets thin. >> i'm embarrassed as well. it's completely unacceptable, and caltrans is out there and we're going to do something about it. we don't have the resources to keep up with all the trash that's coming. >> reporter: the largest of the encampments was nicknamed googleville. it had dozens of homeless and was a magnet for violent crime. it looks like a city park now. $10million for the massive clean up and a new 7-foot tall black iron fence to make sure
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it stays that way. margarita perez lives next store and has seen the worst of it. you don't need to go far to see where the homeless go when they're pushed out. there are encampments right on the sidewalk. do you think it's going to work? do you think a fence will really keep everybody out? >> i think it will be worse, i think. >> reporter: nearly $29 million in state funding for state homeless programs. >> the fence is not the answer. there has to be a place for people to go. >> reporter: and so, this is new. caltrans, i just learned this. they're opening up their own property along the freeways for transitional housing. these are like halfway houses. they're going to try a bunch of different things. they're going to have counseling services. these are tough times and they have to try new things. they're going to open up the transitional housing this
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friday and will fan it out to other locations across the bay area and the state in the months to come. to delay its opening just weeks before class starts. kpix 5's len rami a last-minute change is forcing a new charter school to delay its opening weeks before classes start. why some parents see this as part of a larger plot against charter schools. >> reporter: just two weeks before classes were supposed to start, 5th grader gomez and his mom found out they're not going to open this year. >> it got changed, so i'm stressed out i'm going to a new school. >> reporter: he doesn't even know where. >> i actually had to fill out registration forms for three different schools because we didn't know what was going to happen. >> reporter: dozens of families committed to promise academy with a technology focus and were notified the school would have to delay its opening for at least a year after a dispute with the school district over
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the school's location. the charter wanted to be in one of the district's six downtown campuses because of its partnership with the museum of innovation. allen middle school is five miles south of downtown. the district only offered one school that is the farthest distance possible away from our families who are mostly low- income families of color. >> right now, there are no facilities available in the downtown area that would accommodate their student base. >> reporter: any location would have to have separate restroom and locker facilities for elementary and middle-school students. >> they're looking for k-8. it was offered, they declined it. >> reporter: they question if it's part of a backlash against charter schools. >> we have four charter schools right now. they're nervous about losing more students, but we're turning it and saying we want
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our kids to go to a high- performing school. >> reporter: they remain committed to giving the students the best education possible. promise academy will continue to work toward providing a downtown campus next year to give parents a choice. in san jose, kpix 5. since you're down in san jose, how about we stay there where the sky is as blue as a swimmer's lips. numbers are plenty mild around the shoreline and plenty warm inland. concord got to 91. livermore, 88, san jose 82. in san francisco, 60 degrees. while it is clear down at the surface and air quality is not bad for tomorrow, there's some smoke but it's aloft, so it has not worked its way toward the surface. never theless, where they are fighting these major fires in the northern half of the state,
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the weather continues in the 90s or triple digitshelp to fir will the next couple of days be. not really. as high pressure continues to spin in the dress effort southwest and low pressure brings a few showers to seattle, the high will remain in place. it will be breezy, near seasonal on thursday. forecast highs for tomorrow, 80s inland. 82 in san jose. in the extended forecast, we're going to go with the usual light and early morning low clouds clearing in the afternoon. the enamelers will cool as we get into the evening. they will cool before they warm up again next mid-week. not much of a break, just that much. we'll have more in about 20 min its. san francisco today to remember lark. >> thanks. political leaders packed grace cathedral to remember 49er legend dwight clark.
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>> it remembered his inspirational battle with als and his time on the gridiron. >> it's not a small church. we got a crowd of almost 500 just jammed in there. nice turn out. wide receiver dwight clark, age 61, gone far too soon. it drew two former mayors, a senator, an nfl commissioner, a grammy award-winning super star, and star-studded football heros. >> will you speak at my funeral? my first reaction was just to smack him as hard as i could. but when i looked into his eyes, i realized that he was serious. >> joe montana on his teammate, dwight clark today. we lost the iconic 49er receiver most famous for the catch in the championship game nearly two months ago from als. but all the memories of clark
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came back at grace cathedral with a virtual who's who of attendees. >> just the grandure of the catch made it sweeter and the unity it brought to your community even greater. >> it even included nfl commissioner roger goodell. one key moment was the gathering of teammates and coaches at the altar. those with him during his career at the 49ers. >> it was powerful for me and a proud moment that i had the opportunity to share not just the field but, you know, some life experiences with dwight. >> instead of signing your name for 5 seconds, he'd sign the play, and it would take 7-8 minutes. it's like what are you doing? you're drawing the play every time you sign an autograph? he said i love this stuff. i love the people.
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>> i would say uncle white. he will always be my light. >> former 49er owner delivered the eulogy. >> don't cry because it's over. smile because it happened. >> the original goal post from the catch sits on mr. lombardo's ranch in montana. what's also at that spot? clark's ashes. we have two sports guys bookending this set right here. i know dennis was there to witness the catch. change, left spot, spread right option. >> you just told everybody how old i am. >> you were a baby. you were a baby when it happened. >> that play was not designed to go to him, to dwight clark. >> that's exactly right.
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in fact, some people believe if he didn't make that catch, we would not have had the team of the decade. they would not have beaten dallas and gotten to the super bowl. a lot of praise. >> but this is the way this newscast should be put together every night. >> just like this. we have an update on johnny's injured arm. the news is not good. and the last time this year, 13 games under 500 were the oakland as. what a difference a year makes, next.
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rest of this season and most of next season.. he has three years remaining on the six year, 130 million dollar deal he signed tommy johns surgery on his elbow. he'll miss the rest to have season and most of next season. he still has three years remaining on his six-year deal signed back in 2016. day in a green jersey against
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former kpix intern wondering, do i still have a future in television? 's. lucroy with 4 rbi.. aea isn't ou that's a double. did get the scored from third. 3-0 as. three for four with four runs batted in. five strike outs, just one earned run. 8th inning, don't do the crime if you can't do the time. frankly branna three runs batted in. as win 8-3, sweep the three- game set in oakland, and sweep the season series 7 games to 0. mariners are now tied for a spot he wildcard...pretty houston beat seattle today, which means the as and ms are now tied for a spot in the wild card. pretty amazing considering oakland was 8th back in june. jimmy garagolo's stock is higher than apple in the last few months. he's gone from tom brady's back up to a national super star.
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>> ah! a 137 >> oh, my god! >> not only are the 49ers a trendy pick to contend for the super bowl, he signed a $137 million contract in february. i had a chance to see firsthand what lifestyles of the rich and famous are all about. >> what's it like to be jimmy garofolo right now? >> >> it's fun. we're grinding right now. we're putting in 13-hour days. break you down and build you up before the season. it's a grind but it's going good. >> i have an 82-year-old friend who loves the 49ers. long-time season ticketholder. she said make sure you say hello to the italian stallion for me. >> the rockies in philadelphia. show old grainy film from the
6:27 pm
>> the italian stallion. this is not him. on monday, some raiders revealed that john grupe likes to show old grainy film from the 1970s during team meetings. frankly, my dear, grupe doesn't care what anybody thinks. >> we're not running an ap-64 operation here. there are some things that happened in 1964 that were pretty dam good. if you don't think so, go ahead and have a nice day. >> what more do you need? >> that's a sports cast right there. >> exactly. heading a soccer ball is a ve.. that completes the picture. coming up in our next half hour, hitting a soccer ball is a dangerous move. the science behind a new study that says it's evenre dangerous for women. how these two.. ende >> the oily and fruity mess that caused a traffic jam in the north bay. - >> it's a dog. it's a duck. it's both. how these two ended up being best friends.
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field: in f our top story at 6:30, it might be one of the most dangerous moves on the soccer field. in fact, in some leagues, you are not even allowed to head the ball. finds - women researchers say the practice
6:31 pm
could have an impact on the brain. but now, a new study finds women are more at risk. kpix mary lee explains. >> play. trap it on the ground with your feet. >> reporter: clara plays for her high school soccer team. she knows just how dangerous heading the soccer ball can be. she's seen girls knocked out with concussions after heading the ball in a game. >> i don't think it's worth a concussion. soccer is my life, and i'd never want anything to prevent me from being able to play. and a header's just not worth it for me. >> reporter: a new study just published in the society of north america's radiology reported soccer's signature move heading the ball can cause a detectable impact on players' brains and women players are more sensitive to the impact than men. the researchers found female amateur soccer players who frequently head balls show more white matter brain matter
6:32 pm
alterations than men. the director of north bay soccer camp says his younger kids are not even allowed to do headers at all because of the risk of head injuries. >> headers are the skill that we focus the most on when it comes to safety. u.s. soccer mandated a rule where kids under 13 years of age cannot head the ball, and so all the leagues take it very serious. >> reporter: luis wants every kid on the field to love the game and to stay safe playing it. albert einstein college of medicine in new york. >> the lead author of the study is a neuroscientist at the albert einstein college in new york. of pears.. and hot asphalt this afternoon. a nasty crash in the north bay caused an unusual spill of pears and hot asphalt this afternoon.
6:33 pm
it happened on lakeville highway. officials say two trucks collided, one carrying a load of pairs and the other hot asphalt mixture. >> a land rover was struck and sustained major damage. >> it took crews a couple hours to clean up that mess. lakeview highway reopened about 4:00 o'clock. a brazen car break in in broad daylight and it's all caught on camera. >> reporter: police say they're noticing a trend in this too. they say a lot of the victims are tourists who leave their backpacks, suitcases, and valuables in their car but in plain sight. look at the newly released surveillance video of some of these brazen car break ins. in this video, you can see a man look inside a car, looks
6:34 pm
inside another vehicle, punches in the window, and steals something. investigators say these break ins happen fast. >> you have laptop computers, you have gym bags, and you also have suitcases. that's when the suspects break into the cars. it only takes a couple seconds to break in the car, grab the stuff, and escape. >> reporter: investigators have caught a few suspects in this investigation. in one recent theft, the suspects stole $150,000 worth of jewelry. officers issued an arrest warrant. these crimes are crimes of opportunity, things that can be easily grabbed out of vehicles. they say if you have electronics, your cell phone, your car charger, your purse, either keep them with you or tuck them away out of sight. this morning. in san fis it t ho man thmornin neighborhood near greenwhich and powell. the man was sleeping on an
6:35 pm
entrance ramp to an underground parking garage. the driver stayed at the scene. london reed signed the city's biggest budget yet. $11.1billion. the two-year spending plan will address some of the city's biggest issues including homelessness, cleaning up city streets, and safety. >> the daily conditions on our streets are unacceptable. i'm committed to cleaning up our city. i want people in san francisco when they walk out the door to feel the difference when they step outside. this will take a focused, sustained effort, and we're making the investments to make this happen. >> the budget will include $12 million for rehousing programs that are meant to keep people from becoming homeless. amazon has to pay 23 california counties $1.5 million. , sonoma, and alameda... after mislabeling plastic bide the counties sued the company
6:36 pm
for misleading customers. the plastics labeled compostable did not meet state standards. coming up, a tech giant caving to demands. the changes google is making to their search function in china. >> it's like a bond movie with a royal heist that ended in an escape by speedboat. oh! oh! ♪ ozempic®! ♪ (vo) people with type 2 diabetes are excited about the potential of once-weekly ozempic®. in a study with ozempic®, a majority of adults loweeiand reached an a1c of less than seven and maintained it. oh! under seven? (vo) and you may lose weight. in the same one-year study, adults lost on average up to 12 pounds. oh! up to 12 pounds? (vo) a two-year study showed that ozempic® does not increase
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♪ oh! oh! oh! ozempic®! ♪ (vo) ask your healthcare provider if ozempic® is right for you. tesla shares surge as much as hours trading... and it comes after the electric car company released it's largest quarterly loss in history... losing more than 700 tesla shares surge and it comes after the electic car company released its largest quarterly loss in history, losing more than $700 million in the second quarter. slower rate. on a confernce call elon musk said t investors reacting to news that tesla is burning through cash at a slower rate on a conference call, elon musk said the company is on track to deliver 6000 model 3s per month by late august. apple is almost worth $1 trillion. the stock sits at the share price of more than $201 right
6:39 pm
now. the price needs to go up $6 to hit the record market cap. amazon is second in the race to become the first publicly traded u.s. company worth $1 trillion. but apple has a significant lead. wells fargo will pay $2 billion in fines for issuing mortgage loans with incorrect income information. the justice department says this activity contributed to the financial crisis a decade ago. de wells fargo is not admitting liability as part of the settlement. the fine companies as the san francisco based bank deals with the fake account scandal and other controversies. wells fargo remains focused on the important role as one of the nation's leading providers of mortgage financing. google is preparing to relaunch its search engine in china, but it won't be the same google we use here. they shut down the original search engine because of the
6:40 pm
limits on free speech. this new version will censor sites banned in china. google does not comment on speculation about future plans. social media proving to be highly addictive. facebook introducing a new feature to help users dial back. the feature tells people when to stop scrolling. users can sign up for an alert. another new addition allows people to mute notifications. he's the superman of swimming. and his name is literally clark kent. he's the kid that smashed the record set by olympian michael phelps. >> how dog and duck managed to become highly unusual friends. >> we've got a blanket of fog that's over the city that sets the stage for tonight. that means we've got cooler weather on the way. we'll have all the details in will just a few minutes. you could save energy
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by living off the grid. completely. you could generate your own energy, at home. maybe you could save energy by weaving your own shoes... out of flax. or... just set the washing machine to cold. do your thing, with energy upgrade california. with priceless crown jewels... in a daring raid that featured a speedboat escape. the bandits made off thieves in sweden made off
6:44 pm
with priceless crown jewels. they made off with two crowns and a golden orb. they date back to the 17th century. a witness saw two people running to a boat and saw them hop in and speed away. at least 65 americans were on board a mexican plane that crash landed shortly after take off yesterday. ger recorded video of the impact incredibly, no one died. it's not clear if weather was a factor. a passenger recorded video of the impact and cbs reporter chris martinez has the video. >> reporter: recording during take off when aero mexico flight 2431 suddenly slammed back down on the runway. the cell phone video went black, but screams and prayers could be heard from terrified passengers. with the plane in flames, passengers scrambled to get
6:45 pm
away. somehow, all 103 passengers and crew survived, although officials say most suffered minor injuries. two people including the pilot were in critical but stable condition. >> people were screaming and i was praying. i was praying to nombre jesus. jesus saved or lives. >> reporter: this woman explains how she escaped the wreckage. i was lucky enough to turn around and there was a hole somewhere. i unbuckled my son's seat belt and we got out that way and we jumped. local officials say a gust of wind brought down the 190 jet that was headed to mexico city from the northern state of durango. investigators are on the screen trying to figure out exactly what happened. ada just a young swimmer is having some real super hero success.
6:46 pm
10-year-old clark can he not just broke michael phelps record. he shaved a full second off the olympian's time from 1995 for the 100-meter butterfly. clark has been swimming competitively for only four years. >> after my first swim meet, i just felt that motivation to keep swimming. and at that age, i learned that michael phelps had a record, so i wanted to beat it. >> well, he did. clark says his goal is to make it to the olympics. earlier today, michael phelps gave a shout out. the du ecome inseparable. now to a surprising friendship between a dog and a duck. off to a harry start. yes, the duo have become inseparable. it got off to a hairy start. >> reporter: you've heard of dog's best friend, but probably never like this.
6:47 pm
this is brody, and he's waiting at the dock for his bff, a duck. >> she likes to go for a swim in the canal. she'll come down here and jump off. but when brody sees that, he gets a little nervous because she's leaving. he'll come over here and squat down and wait for her. it's adorable. >> i don't think i've ever seen bffs a dog and a duck. >> we weren't expecting it to work out so well, but it did. >> reporter: wherever the duck goes, brody isn't far behind. the same goes for the duck. the benson family has been watching this relationship grow, one that had a hairy beginning. in their backyard, tommy benson spotted a nest with eight duck eggs and no mother duck. >> the mother never came back. >> the eggs were cold. >> reporter: the family followed the guidelines from wildlife experts, and in 28 days the ducks hatched back in
6:48 pm
may. in the end, only one duckling survived. and that's where their dog came in. >> maybe he realized that something was wrong. he's very good-natured dog. >> now he's totally takennen on this momma-dog persona. >> reporter: the family has let the duck out into the wild. >> the other ducks aren't very accepting of her. she'll try to get in with them but they don't let her in. >> reporter: so she keeps coming back. certainly, not your ordinary duck tale, but this is no ordinary duck and no ordinary dog. >> actually, bwff. best water fowl friend. can you believe it is august? >> august 1st, and we have typical summertime weather. we open with a beautiful view of the bridge that opened sooner than the golden gate
6:49 pm
bridge. it's been standing proudly and boldly. concord, 89 degrees. oakland, 64. livermore, 84 degrees. san francisco, 60 degrees. the latest on the fires, it just continues. there's along the shoreline, but this is nowhere along the coast. temperatures are up, the humidity is down, high temperature for thursday will be 94 degrees. high temperatures and low humidity is a bad combo. overnight lows will be in the mid-50s with sun up on your thursday at 14 minutes after 6:00 o'clock. things remain the same. high pressure in the south would sometimes drive monsoonal moisture up toward northern california. it's only making it as far north as the southern sierra nevada. that's one of the more common causes of fires. not working its way into northern california, we have a continuation of the low clouds along the shoreline.
6:50 pm
drizzle by the coast as well. near seasonal tomorrow. cooler right by the coast. warmer than average inland, but generally sunny until temperatures dip slightly heading into the weekend. for tomorrow, the numbers will be at 63 in san francisco, cooler than average in concord. 87 degrees. oakland, 70. down in the south bay, we have plenty of sunshine. temperatures in the mid-80s with morgan hill as warm as 90 degrees. over in the east bay, we'll start with sunshine and finish that way as well. mid to upper 80s for tomorrow with 88 for livermore. 81 valejo. in the north bay, you go to point reyes and it will be howling wind and low falling clouds. 86 for santa rosa and again by lake port, 94 degrees. at clear lake, 93. in the extended forecast, we'll go with the usual low clouds in the morning and sun in the
6:51 pm
afternoon. temperatures do dip as we get toward saturday and sunday. but tuesday and wednesday, we'll turn it around again and warm it back up into the mid- 90s. as for what's ahead in news, here's alan. when a perfectly good wheelchair was on its way to the dump, two friends decided to save it. how they've been collecting and giving away medical equipment for nearly 20 years now.
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equipment.. you know it can get very expensive. after seeing a perfe lchair going if you've ever needed medical equipment, you know it can get very expensive. >> after seeing a perfectly good wheelchair going to the landfill, two friends decided to rescue it and give it away for free. for nearly two decades, they've collected and recycled gently used medical equipment. they are this week's jefferson award winners. >> if it doesn't work, i'll bring it right back. >> reporter: he's looking for a wheelchair, but it's not for him. the caseworker is picking up gently used medical equipment for his low-income clients, and he's coming to morin medical equipment recyclers. the non-profit opens its doors to the public every wednesday at its donated storage facility. everything here is free to those who come asking. and donations are tax
6:55 pm
deductible. >> wheelchairs are expensive, canes are expensive, shower chairs are expensive. this is a really good resource. >> reporter: mmer was started by max daly and marilyn mcconel as a way to give back to the community. for max, inspiration came from a trip to the local dump. >> the truck in front of me had a nice wheelchair in the back of it. so when i got up to pay my $20, i asked the girl what happens to that wheelchair? and she said if it's in the truck, it goes in the dump. and i said you're kidding. >> reporter: marilyn's inspiration came from decades of working in healthcare. >> i think i can identify medical supplies better because i'm a nurse and i've used them. >> reporter: last year, mmer gave away nearly 20,000 items. things like crutches, walkers, and wheelchairs. it's also a huge benefit to residents like kathryn hendrix
6:56 pm
whose mom suffered a stroke. >> we're able to get all these wonderful items, which otherwise cost so much. >> a scooter? i'll see if i have one. >> reporter: for recycling gently used medical equipment, this week's jefferson award goes to max daily and marilyn mcconell. they are always looking for new or gently used donations but only on wednesdays. you can nominate your local hero for a jefferson award any time online at >> what a great idea. >> simple idea. if you've ever used a piece of medical equipment and you're done with it and you don't want to throw it away, why get rid of it? somebody needs it. >> join us at 10:00 o'clock. >> have a good night.
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announcer: it's time to play "family feud"! give it up for steve harvey! [cheering and applause] [captioning made possible by fremantle media] steve: thank you very much. appreciate y'all. thank y'all very much. i appreciate y'all. yeah, i do. thank you very much, folks. thank you, folks. well, welcome to "family feud," everybody. i'm your man--steve harvey. [cheering and applause] and we got a good one for you today, folks. returning for their second day, with a total of $20,000, from dallas, texas, it's the champs. it's the price family. [cheering and applause] and from baltimore, maryland, it's the harshman family. [cheering and applause] everybody's here trying to win theirself a lot of cash, and
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somebody might have a shot at drivin' out of here in a brand-new car. [cheering and applause] ok, let's go meet the harshman family. john, how you doing? john: i'm doing great, steve. steve: good. what do you do for a living? john: i'm an engineer at the johns hopkins university applied physics lab. [cheering and applause] woman: go, john! steve: well, that's good. all right, introduce everybody, john. john: this is my awesome wife linda, my awesome daughter lauren, my awesome daughter jenny, and my awesome daughter valerie. [cheering and applause] steve: now, listen, seem like a real nice family. i'm gonna meet you as the game goes on. these are the champs. they got $20,000. my job is simple. whatever family wins, i'm gonna get you to that circle and do my best to get you $20,000. john: yeah, baby! steve: how's that? john: yeah, baby. steve: come on, let's win some money. l


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