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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5PM  CBS  August 2, 2018 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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apples alone, ron frederick started to buy the stock when he moved into the neighborhood 30 years ago, to him the company has been a good neighbor . >> they pay dividends that we use to pay our taxes, to travel, it's like we do not even need to look for other investment. >> reporter: did apple make you a millionaire? >> many times over, like many people. >> reporter: other apple neighbors are not as happy, those that live near apple park had seen home values skyrocket but living has downsides here as there are years of construction traffic and uber traffic that have taken a toll on the quality of life. >> many people are leading and being priced out, many are leaving just due to increased traffic. more and more people are finding this city unlivable but i still think we are a wonderful city.
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>> reporter: that apple had text was defeated cnight, some city members are talking about a hyper loop transit system in the future that they hope and pray apple would be part of. reporting live in cupertino, len ramirez, kpix 5. those living in an east bay community had a cry for help after their rents were raised nearly 60%. people living in the bayshore commons mobile home park want the city of san leandro to step in. kpix 5's devin fehely explains why the chances for relief are pretty slim . >> reporter: this was not how or where john bush expected to spend his golden years pick series -- stressful. a series of rent increases in the modest mobile home community where he lives. >> i grew up in san leandro, i am fighting this. >> reporter: he and his supporters hope the fight will
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bring attention to all of those that have been burned by the red-hot rental markets. >> this is a crime, this will change our state forever. people are coming in here as investors and basically, it is like the new gold rush, they are just pushing people out. >> reporter: a spokesperson for the owner of the company, harmony communities, says much of the rent increases came under the previous owner. there would've been a settlement that would have forgiven $6000 that he still owes. >> if i live frugally i am about $200 over budget. >> reporter: bush says the rent increases are unfair and hopes the city will adopt rent- controlled ordinances. >> the city does not have a mobile home rental ordinance. >> the community is gathering together in oakland tonight to
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demand justice for the bart stabbing victim. we go live to where a rally is set to begin in 30 minutes. >> reporter: i am right in front of oakland city hall, there is the plaza and around 5:30 pm the event will begin, an event organized by young people, an open mic session that is youth speak, adults listen. they say the event will honor the names and legacies of black lives lost to violence and injustice. it will honor 18-year-old mia wilson who was murdered on the bart train 1.5 weeks ago as she was disembarking the train. john the cow will is in jail accused -- john lee powell is in jail accused of the killing. he will be here for the event speaking to these young people and listening. we will bring you the event later on at 6 pm. joe vasquez, kpix 5.
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hope when pleasanton say a man died after a stun gun was used on him during an arrest. this happened yesterday when a man was acting erratically. he was breaking bottles of alcohol and slamming his shopping cart on the ground. they found him on his street a short distance away and there was trouble as they tried to put him into handcuffs. >> the officers engaged in a struggle with him, an altercation lasting several minutes. during the altercation mr. bauer bit one of the officers. both of the officers deployed electronic control devices. >> police say the suspect, 38- year-old, jacob bauer, of easanton, started to have breathing problems as he was put into an ambulance and later died at the hospital. the cornell will work to determine the cause of death.
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detectives found more than they bargained for when they tracked a stolen property case to a home in marin. kpix 5 stalin tells us a search of this home revealed powerful drugs and an unlicensed daycare . >> reporter: the investigation into a series of thefts from supermarkets and drugstores worth about $17,000 in san rafael, the detectives to a suspect at this daycare where they found stolen items inside this home. they also found meth pipes and the lethal drug, fentanyl in the suspects car outside. >> the daycare had nothing to do with my son. the suspected fentanyl was in his car, there are no drugs in the home. >> reporter: the suspects mother, betsy, asked that her face was not shown. her son was arrested yesterday, 27-year-old, hank mulholland in
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the mill valley home the operated as cozy kid care. >> he was staying here transitioning for a few weeks. >> reporter: her son moved back after a recent eviction. this is his room, during the arrest san rafael police learned that betsy was running a daycare without a city permit. >> i did not know what i needed a mill valley license, i am a small daycare. >> reporter: up to six children per day, she has operated the daycare for 30 years and shows me her state license. she has now applied for a city license. she says the kids were not in any danger. >> i do not know if there were drugs in the room or in the home . >> reporter: the son remains in county jail, betsy will not bail him out, saying that he needs to reflect and get clean. in san rafael, i am da lin, kpix 5. an unusual phenomenon , a fire world produced tornado
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like winds in redding. he first showed you the scene last week of a rotating column of fire -- we first showed you this scene last week of the rotating fire column. the fire created winds that damaged trees and homes. the weather service believes the winds were in excess of 143 miles per hour. this is equivalent to an ef3 tornado. weather conditions are set to get worse starting tomorrow on the fire lines. brian hackney is here with that. it is august and things get hot, it will get hot along the fire lines is the latest conditions are forecast in the mid-90s. wins are gusting to 20 miles per hour -- winds are gusting to 20 miles per hour. the temperatures coming up and winds going up as well especially at higher elevations. there are now red flag warnings
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at the ridge tops for the mendocino complex area. this is where gusty winds will approach 30 miles per hour with humidity down to 20-30%. the combo is not good news. we will have the complete forecast in a few minutes. keeping the air clean, a battle brewing with the new trump administration. 19 states, including california, say they will go to court to stop white house plans to rollback fuel efficiency standards. the government says removing that burden on companies will make new cars more affordable. california lawmakers argue this will cost us in clean air. >> the proposed rule if adopted from the federal government, will make cars less fuel efficient and allow them to spew more harmful pollution, who pays for this reckless action by the trump administration? we do. >> xavier becerra says changing this rule will cost american
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jobs. they plan to hold public hearings on the proposal. the family of a missing college student the grip and oakland is holding onto hope that she is still alive. molly tibbetts disappeared more than two weeks ago in iowa where she goes to school. foul play is suspected and reported nikki battiste says that her family is trying a new tactic to find her. >> reporter: the family of 20- year-old molly tibbetts believes that the missing college student has been kidnapped. >> we are pleading with you to release her. >> reporter: reward money is being offered to her captors or anyone else with information on her whereabouts. >> we have raised $172,000 that will be paid to you as soon as molly is safely home. >> we are providing this fund to provide financial incentive for someone that is otherwise reluctant to come forward.
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>> reporter: she finish while jogging in brooklyn, iowa, july 18. she was living there this summer with her boyfriend who had a message to her captors. >> if they are listening i would like them to know, imagine this was you, do the right thing. let her go. >> reporter: a nonprofit group called crime stoppers is helping her family. >> if you are afraid to come forward, we guarantee the information you give us will go to law enforcement. >> reporter: dozens of local, state, and federal agents are participating in this investigation. tibbetts was believed to be wearing a fit that when she disappeared, they are hoping that data from that will track her down. nikki battiste, cbs news, new york. the brave 16-year-old girl that escaped her captors with the help of one heroic northern california postal worker. a fiery scene caught on camera in someone's living room when an electric scooter suddenly exploded.
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he has trouble walking but this bay area police officer is on his feet for hours each day, cracking down on crimes in a personal way. you could save energy
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by living off the grid. completely. or... just set the washing machine to cold. do your thing. with energy upgrade california.
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teenage girl.. after she was kidnapped and sold to a sex trafficker. reporter alisa becerra is in sacramento with the s a california postal worker is being credited with saving a teenage girl after she was kidnapped and sold to a sex trafficker, reporter alissa becerra is in sacramento with this story. >> i was kidnapped and held captive and abused and stuff. >> reporter: 16-year-old crystal said she might not be standing here today if it were not for the heroics of postal carrier, yvonne. >> it was an adrenaline rush.
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i felt like i was being saved. >> reporter: in fact, she was saved by a postal carrier, her story could've been ripped from the pages of a crime novel, the terror in this story is very real, unfortunately. crystal's mother stacy says her daughter was lured to sacramento by someone she thought was a friend. she found herself trapped in a world of drugs and sex trafficking. in this oak park neighborhood crystal sought an opportunity to escape, she was in the car with captors when she heard them discussing a crime. she jumped out of the car, grabbed one of their phones and ran for her life. >> i heard crying when i came out of the vehicle, i approached her and asked if she was afraid, she did not want to talk. >> reporter: she was able to call her mother with his help even though she was terrified that the captors would find her. >> she was frantic, i could hardly talk to her, i told her she had to reach out for safety. she gave the phone to ivan and he kicked into gear and said he would stay with my daughter.
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>> reporter: he stayed with her until sheriff's deputies arrived. >> that area she was found is notoriously high crime with lots of drugs, prostitution, and gangs. him staying there with her provided comfort, safety, and security. >> what he did was wonderful, he stepped up where many people would've just continued driving down the road. he made a huge positive impact in her life. >> reporter: she is happy that he was there to help. >> she is a wonderful future ahead of her, she is doing so well. i am happy, really happy. >> that was alissa becerra reporting. tsa is revisiting the idea of eliminating security checkpoints at some of irrts. the gont age looking at screenings at 150 smaller airports where jets carry fewer than 60 passengers.
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travelers would have to pass through checkpoints when they arrived at larger airports, the idea was floated about two years ago and was dismissed. >> i think it is stunning that it was even seriously considered. >> tsa says there has been no decision on the plan, the agency was just looking at it as they do every year when considering potential cost savings. top u.s. intelligence officials are warning about interference from russia as midterm elections approach. the director of national intelligence and the fbi, among others, say so far they are not seeing any attacks on infrastructure like voting machines. instead, they are focusing on manipulating social media with the apparent goal of selling divisions in the american electorate. >> it is pervasive and ongoing with the intent to achieve their intent to drive a wedge
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and undermine democratic values. >> we need to take this threat seriously and tackle and respond with fierce determination and focus. >> the government and private sector are working together to try and stop the nefarious act city. earlier in the week facebook found and removed 32 pages of fake accounts devoted to divisive social issues. a colorado family learned a painful lesson about leaving food inside their car, the smell of those snacks attracted a curious cub who then wound up trapped inside. a deputy rigged a rope to open the door and after the little bear bolted, this was the mess left behind. a totally shredded interior. scary video from china when a scooter explodes inside a home. a man's quick reaction saved family members. he spotted smoke coming from the scooter and then tried to disconnect it, it was too late,
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which is seconds to spare, the man and his family escapes just before the explosion. the burning batteries are highly toxic and those that inhale the smoke and suffocate in mere seconds. a san francisco traffic officer is going the extra mile to crackdown on disabled parking cheaters. >> this officer is taking the job personally because he is one of the many people that depend on these spots to be available. kpix 5 morning anchor, kenny choi, spent the day with him walking the streets. >> 17 dispatch. >> reporter: seasoned shoppers in this not -- a lot, know that prime parking spots are being watched closely pick >> put the gentleman down is clear. >> reporter: he is quick, frank, and courteous. >> thank you gentleman. officer chris michelle could've taken a desk job decades ago.
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>> i have limitations but i can do most of the things that everyone else does. >> reporter: chris and his partner spend part of the day checking parking lots throughout san francisco, but he really loves walking the streets and making sure that spots like this are being used by those that really need it. >> it is not so much getting people for tickets, it is making sure the placards are being used legitimately. >> reporter: how often do you walk, how many hours are you on your feet? >> i am probably out walking 3- 4 hours. >> reporter: on your feet? >> on my feet. >> reporter: those hours mean regular visits to a chiropractor and extra stretching at the gym when the day is done. this is born with cerebral policy -- cerebral policy, it
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took away his ability to walk, but never his mind or attitude. >> i would rather try, if i am unable to do it then at least i have tried. >> reporter: that kind of effort is what the division needs with only one dozen officers monitoring these 700 parking spaces. >> come monday morning, chris is out there working. >> i represent these issues, and catch someone, they see that obviously, here i am, physically disabled. >> reporter: a hard earned paycheck, no excuses, and an everyday effort that we can all stand up for and appreciate. in san francisco, kenny choi, kpix 5 . it is thursday, that means that today we look all the way into what changes are coming for the weekend as we look all the way into the bay.
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alcatraz and beyond, the forecast is coming up. all new at 6 pm, a first for caltrans, how the transit agency is teaming up with cities to help fight the bay area homeless problem. oh!
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folks here in the city were happy to see blue skies, at least later in the afternoon. >> it did clear up, there was not a shark despite -- sharp spike in temperatures but temperatures are within 1 degree or two of where they were yesterday. as we look towards alcatraz, a pleasant august day with concord right now and oakland has 65, livermore 82. san jose 81. we go down to the low and mid- 50s with fog along the shoreline.
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sun up on friday at 6:15 am, the high will stay in place over the desert southwest. in parts of nevada almost touching winnemucca. a few storms boiling and clouds and fog later on tonight, a bit breezy, especially near the shoreline. hazy sunshine for just about everyone with temperatures coming up a little bit. they will dip as we go to the weekend. air quality suffers a little bit and there could be smoke in the bay area. we are downgrading this to moderate air-quality. for friday, high temperatures a bit warmer, 92 at concord, san jose 84, oakland 72. the south bay tomorrow will have 83 and plenty of sunshine. 84 for milpitas. the east they will get son we go to little more under the influence and the affect of some smoke. d2 in santa rosa, 86 at petaluma. stinson beach 68 and mill
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valley, 76. up where they are battling the blaze near clearlake, the numbers tomorrow are in the mid- 90s with winds picking up. there are red flag warnings posted tomorrow through saturday. ukiah at 95. the extended forecast and usual low clouds. things will be cooling down as we get into sunday in then. do not be lulled into a false sense of security, next thursday will make us near 100 degrees inland. we will have a brief break from the heat this weekend. speaking of brief breaks, we will be right back.
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tonight on the cbs evening news: we will have more on a toxic red tide stretching hundreds of miles in florida. [take vonumber:550b] new questions over why a the cbs evening news is coming up next. >> jeff glor is here with a preview. >> hello can and liz, we have more on the toxic red tide stretching hundreds of miles in florida. new questions about why a veteran was shot by police in colorado. and 50 years after the debut on this comic, helping it changed the country. coming up in just minutes. >> thank you are watching tonight at 5 pm. ahead at 6 pm, houses that just hit the market in palo alto, pricey, even by silicon valley standards, the monthly rent is more than what many people pay in an entire year. we will be back with this story and much more in 30 minutes.
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captioning sponsored by cbs captioning sponsored by cbs >> glor: on the "cbs evening news" this thursday, midterm meddling. the trump national security team's new warning. a colorado police officer fatally shoots an innocent homeowner, mistaking him for an intruder. and the worst outbreak of toxic red tide in more than a decade. but first the headlines in 60 seconds. >> this threat is not going away. >> reporter: extraordinary press briefing today. >> the nation's intel chiefs voicing concerns about russian interference in upcoming u.s. elections. >> our democracy itself is in the crosshairs. >> speaking publicly for the first time since he was accused of sexual misconduct, cbs c.e.o. les moonves addressed the
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earnings numbers but nhe


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