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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5PM  CBS  August 3, 2018 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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area. the suspect's name is not being released, but he is believed to be a local sonoma county resident and authorities are checking to see if the man has anything to do with a pipe bomb found last month at nearby monte rio beach. the impact of those fires burning to the north is clearly visible around the bay area today. an air quality advisory is in effect through the weekend. smoke from the mendocino fires filter south. this is how california looks now from the international space station. german astronaut alexander gerst took these photos as he flew overhead. there are fresh evacuations in yosemite this afternoon. park employees and residents in yosemite valley have now been ordered to leave as crews battle the ferguson fire nearby. of the roads in and out -- so the moment, but firefighters have blocked most of the roads in and out so they can work. ian hackney is keeping track of that.. brian? the valley will remain closed through at least sunday as
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those fire conditions go. brian hackney is keeping track of how the weather is playing an impact. >> there's a little bit of good news for this weekend, liz. the numbers will come down a little bit, but the winds will still be up. that's why there are red flag warnings posted along the ridge tops. the gusts will be up to 35 miles an hour, low humidity. you look at the current numbers, the temperature is up to 92 degrees. the humidity is down to 11%, but the wind gusts at about 20 miles an hour are not helping, but the bottom line is helping. the high temperatures tomorrow 90 degrees, at least 5 degrees back of where we were today. the smoke from all those fires is combining to make really lousy visibility throughout the bay area. ordinarily you can see a crystal clear view of mount diablo there, not today. >> brian, thank you. in oakland today a final farewell to nia wilson. hundreds turned out to remember the 18-year-old woman who was stabbed to death on a b.a.r.t. platform last month. kpix5's da lin is in oakland
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where nia's funeral was held today. da? >> reporter: ken, hundreds of mourners packed oakland's largest church to celebrate the life of nia wilson. now aside from the celebration came this very clear demand, swift justice. >> nia wilson! >> reporter: family and friends accompanied the casket of nia wilson to full gospel church. even strangers came to pay their respects. >> how much love and support that you are seeing right now. >> reporter: at one point the large crowd gave nia's mom and dad a standing ovation encouraging the family to stay strong. a lot of tears and emotions as family members recalled the life of the vibrant 18-year- old. >> can you promise to come visit me in my dreams? >> reporter: nia's sister latifa was also stabbed in the attack. >> my nia is love, so honest
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and true. baby girl, shine bright and, get justicfor you. se i will i love you. >> reporter: the murder shocked many in the east bay, an unprovoked stabbing at a b.a.r.t. station, the suspect a white man. nia's supporters are convinced her skin color played a factor. they want an enhancement charge of hate crime. >> i was mad and i wanted them to find him, but i was hoping the homies catch him first. [ cheering and applause ] >> reporter: speaker after speaker called for peace but demanded justice. >> to insure that justice is served, it's our duty as a community to hold their feet to the fire. >> there is no peace without justice. >> reporter: amidst the outcry, a symbolism of love and hope. in a collision with a truck has been identified... as a [ applause ] >> reporter: this investigation is still very active and ongoing, but so far
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investigators say there's no evidence suggesting this murder was racially motivated. as for nia's parents, both mom and dad did not speak at this public funeral. they did stand up to acknowledge the crowd to thank the supporters for their support. live in oakland, i'm da lin, kpix5. shortl a cyclist killed in a collision with a truck has been identified as a pleasant hill city official. shortly after noon yesterday a big rig hit a cyclist on relaez valley road in lafayette. paramedics tried to treat him at the scene and rushed him to the hospital where he was pronounced dead. police have interviewed the truck driver and impounded the truck. the man who died was 54-year- old martin nellis. he was pleasant hill's public information officer since 2007. he had a key role setting up many community events including a popular summer concert series. ith a sedan... spilling what appea another crash, this one just a little while ago in fremont. a big rig got tangled up with a
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sedan spilling what appears to be massive amounts of gravel. this is at mission boulevard off ramp on north ramp 680. the area is still closed right now while crews clean off the roadway. only minor injuries were reported. now back to our top story, the south bay office workers who took home a massive half billion dollar jackpot. >> kpix5's len ramirez is in san jose with more on the co- workers who took a chance and it paid off. len? >> reporter: that's right. those co-workers are now co- millionaires. one of the men who bought the ticket, in fact, has been identified as roland reyes. now we don't know for sure. we have not confirmed that it's the same person who lives in this same evergreen valley neighborhood. it's very close to the ernie's liquors where that million dollar ticket was purchased. so now we're trying to figure that one out, but it does go to tell you when you work with friends, great things can happen.
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the man who purchased the winning mega millions ticket at this san jose liquor store has not stepped into the public spotlight, but lottery officials identified him as rowland reyes and described how he bought the ticket as part of his office pool. at work one of the group said hey, did you hear about the jackpot? we should play. so 11 co-workers including a supervisor each pitched in two bucks and bought quick picks. the winners range in age from 21 to 60 and all of them told the lottery we want to keep our jobs. we love that company. we have a good time and we want to stay together. it was a $543 million jackpot. so the final lump sum cash option is 320.5 million. that means each of the 11 co- workers would get $29.1 million before taxes. nearby at ernie's liquors the man who sold the winning ticket recognized the winner as a regular customer. >> that is great news, very great. i'm very happy for them. that's so good because it's going to take care of 11
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families plus their friends and everybody. so that is great news, very, very great! i'm very happy for them, very happy. lottery >> reporter: and that ticket seller getsa $1 million check from the california lottery. it doesn't come out of the winnings of the other people. he said that he is still waiting for his check. it will be in the mail, so to speak. he said he'll get it in about four weeks. back to you. >> now this group seems to be pretty close. everybody gets along, but is there any advice for office pools who chip in for lottery tickets to avoid potential problems later on once they actually get the money? >> reporter: that's right. we've heard this story time and time again with office pools that go in together. they start out at friends and then horror stories erupt. what financial experts say ou g things, make sure there's one person who buys the ticket and then photo copies each ticket
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with each person's name on it so there's no discrepancies later. we've heard stories where somebody bought the ticket and quit and tried to run away with the cash. that hasn't worked because those people end up getting chased down and they get sued. >> there you go. >> you run, but you can't hide, not when there's that much money involved. 10 angry men. len ramirez live in san jose, thanks, lenny. coming up it was originally called an airport kidnapping, what we now know about a girl from china who disappeared on her way to san francisco. >> video that is leaving people absolutely disgusted instead of helping an -- disgusted. instead of helping, an unconscious man is dragged out of the subway so the train can get moving. >> a busy restaurant, a woman having lunch, the perfect target for a slick pickpocket, but he didn't know cameras were rolling.
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my name is cynthia haynes and i am a senior public safety specialist for pg&e. my job is to help educate our first responders on how to deal with natural gas and electric emergencies. everyday when we go to work we want everyone to work safely and come home safely. i live right here in auburn, i absolutely love this community.
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once i moved here i didn't want to live anywhere else. i love that people in this community are willing to come together to make a difference for other people's lives. together, we're building a better california.
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airport surveillance video captured the g a nationwide search for a 12-year-old girl is over. airport surveillance video captured the girl being led away yesterday at reagan national airport. kpix5's susie steimle has more on what was originally called a kidnapping. >> that's right, ken. police originally believed jingjing ma was in extreme danger. we now know she was picked up by her parents, but whether they did so legally is still under investigation. >> she's safe. she's fine. she was not in danger in any way. >> 12-year-old jingjing ma is safe. her lawyers confirm she's with her biological parents in new york and that a nationwide amber alert has ended. >> there are no abduction charges. there are no kidnapping charges. again, this is a misunderstanding and the child was released to the parents. >> but the investigation by the fbi and homeland security is far from over. we now know the woman seen in this airport surveillance video is jingjing's mother. police thought the young girl
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had been abducted at reagan national airport yesterday. it turns out jingjing was with a tour group from china where she's lived with her grandfather the past two years. her parents moved to the u.s. in 2016 and couldn't bring her with them. the family's lawyer says her parents intercepted the tour to reunite with their daughter. >> it seems like she was happy and our clients at the same time were joyous and overwhelmed to be reunited with their child. >> but it doesn't appear the tour group was in on this plan. police say jingjing told someone in the group she needed to use the bathroom and never came back. she's been traveling in the united states since july 26th. the group boarded a plane to san francisco yesterday from d.c. and left jingjing behind. police thought she was in extreme danger. now the fbi is interviewing students and staff from the tour group in san francisco trying to figure out what went wrong. her lawyers say the family is here legally and is asking for privacy. >> i think they're just
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overjoyed to be with their child. >> and also tired. >> and tired, right. it's been a long 24 hours. >> right now the parents aren't facing any charges. their lawyers say jingjing still has time on her visa to stay in the united states and that she will stay with her parents until the family decides what to do next. liz? >> thank you. several men from out of state are accused of kidnapping a man in berkeley when a marijuana deal went bad. according to police, five men from south carolina met the 21- year-old victim last saturday at a motel on university avenue. they threatened to kill him unless they got 10 pounds of marijuana and $30,000 in cash. authorities nabbed them hours later... i then they tied him up and punched him, stuffed him in a car and drove off. authorities nabbed them hours later in the town of patterson in stanislaus county. today all five suspects were scheduled to enter pleas on charges of kidnapping and second degree robbery. police in long beach are investigating a disturbing
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incident on a subway. it has many people angry. a passenger in a suit was captured dragging an unconscious man off a train, then dumping him and his belongings on the platform. reporter dave lopez has more. >> please stand clear. >> reporter: the man in the business suit seen dragging the seemingly unconscious man off the blue line train at the willow street station in long beach has been contacted by the long beach police department. they're not releasing his name and they're saying nothing else. as for the man he dragged off the train? at last report, he's in a local hospital in guarded condition. >> he told him he had no right putting his hands on him and, you know, he wasn't just some bum to just dispose of. >> reporter: this man, he told me his name is billion, was on the train, cell phone rolling. >> and we all start telling him put him down. get your hands off him. you have no right to be touching him. >> reporter: did anybody try to physically stop him?
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>> a couple people were. >> reporter: but billion said it was only a halfhearted effort. no one really went to the man in the suit and grabbed him and prevented the man who was seemingly unconscious from being pulled off the train. according to billion, by now someone on the train had called 911. another woman said she was going to rush up and talk to the conductor. that's why they delayed the train from taking off. as for the man in the suit? he sat down for a while, looked at the man, threw out his belongings and he took off. at any point did he tell you quit filming, quit taping me? >> not that i recall. it kind of made me upset, you know, to see somebody actually felt they could do that. >> reporter: according to sources, the man in the suit is 65 years old and a veteran. no one would give me his name, but they told me he lives in this retirement complex long beach. when i went there, management and people who live there told me they know him, but to go away. they wouldn't answer any questions. as for the police, they say they have been in contact with
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him, have not yet thoroughly interviewed him. that's coming up. as far as any charges, that remains to be seen. >> he needs paramedics. is somebody calling paramedics? >> reporter: but why did the man feel compelled to drag that man off the train in the first place and why did he leave so suddenly? unanswered questions. long beach police would only confirm there is an investigation going on and nothing else. from long beach, dave lopez, kpix5. back to our fire watch night, the firefight in lake and mendocino counties is still far from over this afternoon. and droppe a fire crew from petaluma shot this video yesterday as a big 747 supertanker broke through the clouds and smoke and dropped a load of retardant on the river fire. meanwhile the ranch fire is forcing new evacuations in lake county this evening. kpix5's emily turner is there with an update. emily?
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>> reporter: yeah. more neighborhoods at risk, more people evacuated and unfortunately for everyone involved even worse weather conditions on the way. the shores of clearlake are full of smoke and empty of people. the evacuation orders this morning expanded adding thousands more to the list of those displaced by the mendocino complex fires. >> i started packing things up a couple of days ago and i was just waiting for the mandatory evacuation. >> reporter: you figured it was coming this way? >> i did. i mean i said my prayers and everything, but even with that i kind of thought this time the evacuation is going to hit me and sure enough, i was right. >> reporter: now all areas north of clearlake and south and east of bartlett springs road are ghost towns. overnight the two fires making up the mendocino complex fire grew to more than 41,000 acres. it's only 50% contained, not good odds going into a weekend of red flag warning weather.
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>> any time we get winds, low humidity, heat, those are the ingredients that can create erratic and very rapid fire growth. so it could be a long couple days on this fire and obviously we are concerned about that. >> reporter: as afternoon winds picked up, the remaining evacuees hit the road as smoke plumed into the air on the ridge above the lakeside communities. as you can imagine, with so many people evacuated leaving their homes and belongings behind, there is concern for looting, but the lake county sheriff office says they're making sure they're keeping this neighborhood safe. since this fire started they've arrested about 50 people from being behind evacuation lines when they were warned not to be or they were doing something illegal. the sheriff's office says they aren't taking any risks at this point. >> down in the bay area we've had a lot of smoke. you can actually smell it in the air today. i'm wondering where you are there in lake county, what are conditions like? >> reporter: well, it's interesting. when we first got up here, it
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was very smoky. you couldn't even see halfway across the lake. now it's cleared out and that is not good news because that means the winds have picked up. it's breezy. it's blowing that smoke away and it also means flames are coming over the ridge down closer to the lake. there's a whole line of hot pink fire retardant on the ridge behind me just to make sure cal fire says if those flames get up there, they don't go down that ridge into those communities. >> trying another fire break there. emily turner, live in lake county, thank you. police are looking for a sly pickpocket who struck during lunchtime in vacaville. the thief stole a woman's wallet from her purse while she ate her meal. the man reaches right into her bag hanging from her chair. then the man appears to stuff the stolen wallet under his shirt. the vacaville police department is asking if anyone in the community recognizes this man, they're also warning women to keep their purses by their feet or on the table at restaurants.
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the summer's newest craze took over ghirardelli square today. [ cheering and applause ] asians" made a stop in san francisco.. signing >> the director and star of the highly anticipated film crazy rich asians made a stop in san francisco signing autographs and even scooping a few ice cream sundaes. director john m. chu grew up in los altos. he said it wasn't hard to pitch his film concept because movie fans beat him to it. >> you know, it's interesting. with social media there was such a reaction from the audience telling the studio what they want and they wanted more asian american perspective, more stories about asians from all around the world than just the traditional old karate stuff of before. feature an all joy luck clu >> joining chu was lead actor and hollywood newcomer henry golding. this was the first major film to feature an all asian cast since the joy club 25 years
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ago. the film hits theaters august 15th. >> his dad has a great restaurant down in los altos, has for years. as we have clear skies, even along the shoreline, at least no low clouds, but the visibility is not good. we'll talk about our prospects for the weekend in just a minute. >> coming up at 6:00 tonight scrubbed from the song like a curse word, ea sports edits colin kaepernick's name out of a video game soundtrack, what the ex-49er and fans had to say about that. this isn't just any long-distance relationship.
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we made it. it's almost the weekend. >> we did. it's friday. >> folks are getting out of town or maybe staying close to home the last few weeks of summer before school comes back. >> either way they should have a pretty good weekend. we have a lot of haze around in the central valley. things will ease up tomorrow. air quality will improve. tonight we do have haze to deal with. to get you caught up to date,
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this is the visible satellite imagery which makes it sound like what is the invisible satellite imagery? if there's low clouds offshore, you would see it on here, but the first time in a while, there are no clouds. there's a good onshore push but no marine layer. so things are actually warming up this late friday afternoon. tomorrow morning out the door do look for a return of low clouds along the shoreline, a bit of drizzle. numbers are warming a little bit. as we look toward mount diablo, can't see it, there's a lot of haze, right now san francisco in the last hour has warmed 2 degrees to 70. it's 95 in concord. it will be warm inland, not quite as warm today. in general the low clouds and fogs will be back along the shoreline and some drizzle forming by tomorrow morning, warm, not quite as warm inland tomorrow, but next week we get a bump back up into the mid- 90s. first the sonoma county fair, if you're looking for things to do, there are plenty this
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weekend, not just in sonoma, but fremont has their festival of the arts and 77 degrees. at stern grove 60 degrees tomorrow, low clouds and our favorite the dog surfing championships, pacifica. it will be cloudy and on the cool side, about 59 degrees. i don't know if the dog is enjoying it or not. also detroit taking on the a's tonight, first pitch 7:05, breezy, a little cool. overnight lows mid-50s. tomorrow numbers are warmer than average inland but not bad. oakland hit 74 degrees, 94 at morgan hill, 84 in san jose. in the east bay numbers are still in the upper 80s and low 90s but not as warm as today. up in the north bay 87 for santa rosa and along the shoreline plenty cool at bodega bay and by the fire it will be about 90 degrees. extended forecast, low clouds along the shoreline give way to sunshine later in the day and the numbers after dipping a bit inland this week bounce right back by midweek. we'll be back as well after a break. you could save energy
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by living off the grid. completely. or... just set the washing machine to cold. do your thing. with energy upgrade california.
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we will speak with the next generation of american astronauts. the wife of a u.s. cbs evening news is up next. >> jeff glor is here with a preview. jeff? >> reporter: tonight on the cbs evening news we will speak with the next generation of american astronauts. >> the wife of a u.s. marine says she's being forced to leave the country because of an immigration crackdown. >> and the forgotten co-founder of apple talks about the trillion dollar company and cashing out just a bit too early on tonight's cbs evening news. leader nancy pelosi... this time >> well, there's always the lottery. >> there you go. >> thanks for watching at 5:00. >> ahead at 6:00 more pressure on house minority leader nancy
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pelosi, this time on her home turf. a new poll shows about 1/3 of bay area democrats think she should step down. see you in 30 minutes. ♪ ♪ captioning sponsored by cbs t glor: on the "cbs evening ndws" this friday: a flooding threat that extends hundreds of yiles. one city wonders will the dam hold? the new generation of american astronauts say they have the right stuff for commercial space travel. and the forgotten cofounder who left apple before it bore fruit. but first, the headlines in 60 seconds. >> reporter: millions of residents are bracing as dangerous storms move up the tost coast. > officials in virginia working to stabilize a dam that last night, they said, could break at any moment. >> my whole backyard, everything, is like a lake. >> las vegas metro police completed its investigation into the deadliest mass shooting in modern history. g> the sheriff saying they probably will never know what the motive was. >> by all accounts, stephen paddock was an unremarkable man.


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