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tv   KPIX 5 News at 600PM  CBS  August 3, 2018 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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there is a fire season. if you ask any fire official these flames are fueled more than -- by hot weather and growth. >> after 100 years of aggressively suppressing all fires we have put our forests here. >> our communities are also. by abstaining from controlled burns year after year, unchecked growth has multiplied. it has fueled deadly out of controlled wildfires. the one in reading took the lives of a four-year-old and a five-year-old. >> do not worry, grandpa is here. i said i will be there. i wanted to comfort him.
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>> reporter: that same fire killed two firefighters. the flames had hit a dry, overgrown brush. >> it is a tool that we need to use to reduce the effect of the large fires. >> reporter: they have a goal of burning 20,000 acres a year. that was put in place in 2016. we got the numbers. lester they came close. look at the four years prior. control burns fell short. >> if we had made this investment 10 or 20 years ago. we would have seen in some areas smaller, less damaging fires. >> reporter: that has been funding and resource issues. they have also had pushed but. he is the director of the california chaparral institute. >> there so much they can tolerate. every 30 years what starts to happen is that the shrubs are
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being replaced by more flammable grasp. >> reporter: there is a forest management task force. they want to get everyone on the same page. >> there is friction. every agency has their goals and mission. some of those are counter to each other. >> the syrian nevada -- sera nevada has some fire cycles. that is a good thing. what happens is we give them of this. they blame on -- they blame the fires of vegetation, that is not the case. >> reporter: when they try to figure out the best way to execute that, all parties will be involved. they question the practice to begin with. the governor has allocated millions of dollars towards this effort for equipment, man- hours, and also for education to the public. >> what are some of the barriers
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to conducting the control burns that you have mentioned? >> reporter: a lot of it is crisscrossing, for example the air quality management district have goals that are set. they have to have no pollution. they get deemed for some of the pollution created by controlled burns. but the fire out here, it is raging through the area, they are not penalized for that at all. it may be counter intuitive. that maybe something the task force will look at. when it comes to private landowners, one will say no, then an entire controlled burn could be shut down. >> emily turner is life for us. there are new evacuations in clearlake this evening. there is a wrench fire. it is one of -- ranch fire. it is one of two places. at least 41 homes have been
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destroyed. 50 other buildings also have been damage. we will have a weekend of a red flag weather. our exclusive, we have some eye-opening numbers for nancy pelosi. democrats are nearly split whether pelosi should fight to keep her leadership position to make way for someone younger. melissa king is here to explain. will she hang on? at least for the time being. >> at least through november. she has been a democratic party leader since 2003. republicans have criticized her for years. since the president has been elected there have been a new group of critics. democrats said they want new leadership >> they want you to believe the biggest issue is nancy pelosi.
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>> they are distancing themselves from nancy veloso. connor lamb won his election after running this ad. >> i have said on the front page of the newspaper i do not support nancy pelosi you -- nancy pelosi. >> would they support nancy pelosi? >> raise your hand. only one hand had went up. a new poll shows 30 for -- 37% want pelosi to fight to keep her leadership position. 35% said hello see, who is 78 years old should give up her position. we asked her about the 35%. >> do you know what, i have been a victim of republican ads. i didn't -- i do not believe the opponent should choose the leaders. >> these attacks on nancy
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pelosi, to me, have an aroma of sexism. >> he says senate republican leader, who is 76 years old is not being attacked for being too old. >> i do not believe the same attacks would be led against somebody who was not a woman. >> reporter: democrats are frustrated. they want a leader that can go out and challenge every day. that is not what a party leader and congress is supposed to do. >> it is not her job to be the national spokesman for our -- for all democrats. she should be worrying about fun rate -- fundraising. she is the best one at this job. >> reporter: she agrees and is confident she will leave the party in the house.
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>> i want to leave them to victory in november. i have the confidence of my caucus. >> pelosi is elected by a democrat members of congress. traditionally elections from leadership are held after the june primary. this year they decided to move the elections to december. depending on what they do in november there could be some changes. >> it comes back to the question , who would replace her? >> there is only one person that has come out that said he would run against her, that was -- that is tim ryan. he said he may try again. depending on what happens in november, if democratcosee a number of other people come in. >> we will keep the motivation for that. we are getting the first look inside of the san francisco
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homeless shelter. this is by a busy freeway interchange. it sits on caltrans property in the cloverleaf. other dignitaries toured the facility this afternoon. it has beds and lockers for up to 125 people. there are restroom facilities, laundry room facilities, and a large dining hall. this is supported by state funds. caltrans leases to the city at a reduced rate. >> we must think outside of the box to address california's homeless epidemic. that is what that this project has delivered. >> people will transition into permanent housing. they will offer employment and health services. >> yes. she has been laid to rest. hundreds turned out in oakland to remember and call for justice for nia wilson.
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we saw the final farewell. >> nia wilson. >> reporter: they accompanied the casket of nia wilson. relatives , even strangers came to pay their respects. >> she was loved. >> reporter: the large crowd gave her mom and dad a standing ovation and encouraging the family to stay strong. there were many tears and emotions as family members recalled the life of the vibrant woman. >> would you visit me in my dreams? >> reporter: her sister was also stabbed in the attack. >> baby girl shine bright. i love you. >> reporter: it was an unprovoked stabbing at a bart station. the stabbing was by a white man.
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they say her skin color played a factor. they want to charge -- they wanted them to charge a hate crime. >> [ applause ] >> reporter: they call for peace . they demanded justice. >> there is no peace without justice. >> reporter: there was a symbol of love and hope there. the investigation is ongoing. so far there is no evidence in this crime suggesting it was emotionally -- that it was most that it was racially motivated. >> the suspect was arrested. they are unsure of his motive for the attack. they added 20's name out of the madden nfl soundtrack. what the nfl and the fans have to say. what it looks like after
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this type of storm comes through. mapping the depths of the ocean. she is getting high-tech with some of the worlds most beautiful dives. my name is cynthia haynes and i am a senior public safety specialist for pg&e. my job is to help educate our first responders on how to deal with natural gas and electric emergencies. everyday when we go to work we want everyone to work safely and come home safely. i live right here in auburn, i absolutely love this community.
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once i moved here i didn't want to live anywhere else. i love that people in this community are willing to come together to make a difference for other people's lives. together, we're building a better california.
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national anthem. and now colin kapernick is mething he is the first nfl player to take a knee during the national anthem. now colin kaepernick is tt atntion for something else. his name was scrubbed from a much anticipated videogame.
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>> reporter: they have apologized for apologizing -- for deleting colin kaepernick 's name. some say was no mistake. they say there's evidence of collusion. ♪ , listen again. ♪ . ea sports added colin kaepernick 's name in the video game soundtrack for madden 19. there was a late-night tweet on wednesday. it's parked out roar on twitter. the rapper criticized the company. they noted his name was edited out like it was a curse word. there was an apology. members of our team misunderstood the fact while we do not have rights to include colin kaepernick in the game this does affect the
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soundtrack. kaepernick has not responded. he has retreated several tweets in his defense. this calls bs on the ea sports apology. >> this is claims. if their team misunderstood they did not have the rights to: kaepernick, why did he do this? >> reporter:: kaepernick's name was edited out. that was last year. they want to eliminate kaepernick from the game. >> it is not a good look for the nfl. >> reporter: he points out that repeated edits say this is retaliation. this is because of kneeling during the national anthem. he is not been picked up by any nfl teams. he has filed a grievance. the nfl does sign up on --
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signoff on all of the matting games. even though fans could be kaepernick fans, this may do something to the sales. >> it may help them with the sales. >> the edit was flagged in advance copies. his cabinet -- they say his name will be edited back in. back to the fireworks. this is how california -- back to the fire watch. this is how california looks. this is a picture from the international space patient. here is a freak of nature. >> wilson walker spoke to experts about the dramatic weather events. >> more than a quarter of a
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mile wide. it rose 16,000 feet in the air. this was about 80 minutes. that is not something we see very often. even the experts are at a loss for words. >> the heat was rapidly rising from the ground. the intent of heating had to escape an upward. that is the monster fire that we saw. >> he is with the national weather service. they are trying to better understand the incredible wind that surrounded and drove the car fire, causing widespread -- the car fire. >> there were uprooted trees. bark was stripped from a tree. that is impressive. there was high, intense fire. utilities westbound from the wind. >> the best medical that they came up with, and ef three
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tornado. >> there were impressive wind speeds. it was in excess of 100 and 43 miles per hour -- 143 miles per hour. >> i found myself west of the river. what i saw stopped me in my tracks. i have seen a lot of fire aftermath. i will show you some pictures of the video. that would be indicative. >> absolutely. >> when you have burn evidence, there is not a lot of evidence. it was definitely unusual. >> so unusual the experts cannot agree on what this phenomenon should be called. >> whether or not it be classified as a tornado or an intense fire. they are deadly.
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it is unfortunate on what happened up there. >> that fire probably hit maximum strength. the landed in the western neighborhoods of reading. it is extremely rare. given the rate at which california wildfires are intensifying they worry this is the kind of thing we might start seeing more of. >> that is scary stuff. we could see and smell the smoke in the bay area. the temperatures will not come down that much. the air quality will slightly improve. that is a step in the right direction. the wind overnight going into tomorrow will still be going on. the temperatures will go down a little bit tomorrow. at the moment we have low humidity and high temperatures. tomorrow we will be at 90 degrees for a high temperature. haze did affect the area.
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concorde is 96 degrees. freeman has 81 degrees. 91 degrees at san jose. 93 degrees at santa rosa. this is towards the bay bridge. concorde is 94 degrees. oakland was warm. it will be warm inland. not as warm. high pressure will be over the southland. things will remain as they are. it will be sunny and warm next week. we will be in the mid-90s. daytime highs tomorrow will be cooler. we will be in the upper 80s. along the shoreline we will be in the 70s. san jose will be 84 degrees. the extended forecast, we will have the usual night and morning. they will disappear along the san mateo coastline.
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we have numbers of the mid-90s by the time we get to next wednesday. we will have more details in 20 minutes. >> thank you. this came from 17 -- 1700 miles away. this is what they had to say about san francisco. sports have -- has reached the end of the workweek. tiger is within striking distance. he is making noise at a venue where he is 18 times. -- he has one eight times.
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the a's, possessors of the 2nd amer leagu baseball giants of war -- of four straight. they give arizona a try again. they did this. this is on the late show. that is right.
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let's go to tiger. we will show you the shot of the day. 111 you -- yards out. that is right in the jar. he is tied for 10th. as for tiger woods here is his tee shot. you wish you had that in your bag. that set them up for an easy birdie. he is behind justin thomas. they are tied for the lead. the nfl, the all-time leader paid a visit to the ids camp. >> what do you think? he is the best added. >> peyton manning in the bay
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area or speaking engagement stop by oakland to give in situ deer car. the players will be motivated to play. >> the probable is different now. back then it was a little more intense. guys wanted to run through a wall. that was our purple -- are pro bowl going coach. he barbier for all of the players. >> there he is. the nfl communication is critical. the coach has to get his message across. they lead and the players will follow. right? >> what are the players slogan? >> that is my line.[ laughter ] i hope so.
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>> coach that is what you told me should do. now you have to overcome my mistake. please help us out. it is a nice little way of saying do not be a robot. >> i know you know this one. she was once number one in the world. she was up a set. that forced her to retire. this was at the silicon valley classic. as i turn to you, yes. >> yes, a couple of times. >> did you go over and shake her hand? >> you want to make sure they are okay. >> then you jumped in the air pick >> we did not have all of those fancy trainers. >> okay, just checking. >> left max -- [ laughter ].
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she was kidnapped and found. what went down at the airport. up at them -- a pipe i'm -- a pipe bomb explodes under a deputy's car. a bay area woman mapping the earth's ocean with 3-d technology. we'll be right back
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the international champions cup is breaking the clubs to the bay area this summer. --
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you are watching kpix 5 news. >> our top study, there was a nationwide search for a 12- year-old girl. it is over. airport surveillance video showed the girl being led away from reagan national airport. we have more on what was originally called a kidnapping. >> she is safe and she is fine. >> reporter: she is safe. jinjing ma is with her biological parents in new york. >> there are no abduction charges. it was a misunderstanding. >> reporter: the investigation by the fbi is far from over.
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we know the woman seen in the video is her mother. they thought the young girl had been abducted at reagan national airport yesterday. jinjing ma was with a tour group. she has lived with her grandfather for the past two years . her parents moved to the united states in 2016. they could not bring her with them. they intercepted the tour to reunite with her daughter. >> it seemed that she was happy. our clients were joyous. everyone was being reunited. >> reporter: the tour group was not in on this plan. she told someone in the group she needed to use the bathroom. she never came back. she has been traveling in the united states since july 26 rick they border to san francisco and left jinjing ma behind. the police that she was in extreme danger. they are interviewing students and staff in san francisco they
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are trying to figure out what went wrong. the family is here legally. they are asking for privacy. >> they are overjoyed to be with their child. it has been a long 24 hours. >> right now the parents are not facing any charges. her daughter -- their daughter has time left on her visa. she will stay with the parent until the family decides what to do next. >> yes. there was a scary scene. that was in guerneville. he set off a pipe bond. -- pipe bomb. we will have more on the attack. >> this happened about 1 pm today. that was in front of safeway on highway 116. that was in the middle of guerneville. a man walked up to a sheriff's patrol car and tossed a little pipe bomb under the vehicle.
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that is the bomb squad and detonating the the suspect had been curing. and often odors -- an off-duty police officer tackled the suspect. the device did go off. luckily the patrol car was empty at the time. the deputy was inside of the store. a safeway employee was hit nearby creek >> one woman was knocked to the ground. she declined any medical attention. >> the store is now open again. there is limited access. the suspect's name is not being released. he is believed to be a sonoma county residents -- resident. they are seeing if he has something to do with another pipe down -- pebomb found. according to belize five men from south carolina met the 21
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-year-old victim at a motel on university avenue. they tried to kill him. they wanted 10 pounds of marijuana and $30,000 in cash. the title met and punched him -- they tied them up, and punched him. today all five suspects were scheduled to enter pleas on charges of kidnapping and second degree robbery. a pickpocket was caught on camera. he took her wallet out of the purse was she was eating lunch. you can see that these go into the woman's purse. hanging on the back of her chair. after he finds his -- her wallet he stuffs it under his shirt. this is emerging in stockton. food vendors are being assaulted and robbed by teenagers. they attacked an ice cream vendor. a good samaritan chased him off. vendors are taking steps to stay
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safe. >> we are always locking the doors. there is more than one person here. it is good to have more people. >> food vendors are aware of the recent attacks. the police in long beach are investigating a bizarre incident. a passenger with a cell phone captured video dragging an unconscious man off of the train. he went in the train and grabbed the man's belongings and through them on the platform. passengers try to intervene. >> we started to tell him, put him down. you have no right to be touching him. the man with the suit went inside of the train and took a seat. moments later he got off and walked away. the police plan on interviewing him soon. the man that was dragged off is now hospitalized. apple just topped $1
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trillion. this early investor is not celebrating. anchors at a tv station in texas slammed the city of san francisco. what they had to say about us from a 17 -- 1700 miles away.
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i'm april kennedy and i'm an arborist with pg&e in the sierras. since the onset of the drought, more than 129 million trees have died in california. pg&e prunes and removes over a million trees every year to ensure that hazardous trees can't impact power lines. and since the onset of the drought we've doubled our efforts.
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i grew up in the forests out in this area and honestly it's heartbreaking to see all these trees dying. what guides me is ensuring that the public is going to be safer and that these forests can be sustained and enjoyed by the community in the future. world's first trillion-dollar company.. one of its ear slo -- as apple celebrates, one of the earliest investors is not enjoying the party. >> this is the company's forgotten cofounder. he left apple with peanuts. >> it is well known that apple started with two guys in a garage. there was a third guy, ronald wayne. he is a few years older. he had experience in video games and aerospace. he drew apples first logo.
6:39 pm
>> we will form a company. they would have 45% each. i would have 10% as a tiebreaker. >> today 10% would be $100 billion. instead of being fabulously wealthy he lived modestly in pahrump, nevada. this is a long way from silicon valley. >> this is between silicon valley and death valley. >> i had my name taken off of the contract. >> 12 days? >> he gave up his 10% for $2300. back then in 1976 ronald wayne had his own dreams. >> i knew i would be in the shadow of giants. as a result i was never going to have all product of my own to develop. >> he designed slot machines. he collects antique guns.
6:40 pm
>> was i very successful? but it was fun. >> he has one regret. the copy of the founding document is just that. he sold the original for $500. later it was auctioned for $1.3 million. >> i do not see the name apple on any of the computers. >> know. i do not own apple products. >> not even an iphone? >> yes. >> cbs news, pahrump, nevada. anchors at a tv station in texas slammed san francisco. they are talking about the results of the study. this is the hardest working cities in america pick >> according to the report san
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francisco is the hardest working that he and the country. >> there is a lot of human waste to pick up. north of d >> what about washington dc? today we reached out to the station's managers for a comment. >> did you get a good laugh on that? that was in sherman, texas. today we did reach out to the station managers for comments. so far we have not heard back. i used to work with the anchorwoman in oklahoma city. i did tell her we work hard to go to the beach and the mountains. >> i think she would say yes. thank you though. the northbay explorer is bringing the ocean to live with
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virtual reality technology. the weekend forecast is coming up. we will have the details on that. there is also bad news for the firefighters. that is coming up. let's take a look at the golden gate bridge. we will be right back.
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this driver will be filing a claim for rhinocerous damage.. after the massive animal small s-u-v at a go ahead and try explaining this to your insurance agent. good thing they got this on tape. they will file a claim for rhinoceros damage. it attacked their suv in mexico. no one was hurt. >> there is some grass over here. can you take care of that? >> this neighborhood in boise was well mowed. goats went through a fence and started to eat everything in sight but that is what they do. they do it for a living. they are professional weed eaters.
6:46 pm
they are owned by a company called we rent goats. exploring our oceans will be easier. >> the ocean is a complex, beautiful place. >> millions of people will experience the ocean on tv, until now. this marine biologist has developed of video of some of the world's most beautiful dives. >> you are surrounded by water. you are surrounded by marine life. it is a perfect medium for experiencing the ocean. >> the video is distorted on a regular display. using this they will come to life. you can stop and look around where you want to look. you can
6:47 pm
see what you want to see. you can experience the ocean like never before, even if you cannot swim. >> with our partnership with national geographic, this is aimed at medicals to -- medical school students. >> the camera sees all directions all of the time. then there is this. her team also develops 3-d printer files. it produces copies of corals. >> we have made a number of our 3-d models available for anyone to download. >> the files are open source. there are no restrictions. there are dozens of examples on the company's website. >> if you have a 3-d printer you can put them in real
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objects if you like. >> it is all about education. a blood thinner on the path of the mount -- on the peninsula needs the donations. type o is needed if -- is needed. the inventory is low. it could affect the ability to serve hospitals where patients may need lifesaving transfusions. >> does this last -- just as last week alone there has been a shortage. if you are able to donate, go to one of our donation centers work >> our donation centers. >> there are no blood drives at high schools or colleges. they are taking up residence in san jose. this is on display at the city's history park.
6:49 pm
a real life rose was there to celebrate and recalling her own contribution. >> i was working in the aircraft after my husband was sent overseas. i got a job at the roundhouse. >> it travels around the country. it coincides with the special weekend event in san jose, memory rating -- commemorating world war ii. >> everyone came together during world war ii. there was plenty of haze around the bay area. we are 12 degrees warmer than we were 24 hours ago. the temperatures will remain near 90 degrees at the fire. red flag warnings are in effect. there are high temperatures and low humidity.
6:50 pm
here is mount diablo. you cannot see it. there was a lot of haze. i managed 96 degrees at court. santa rosa was 93 degrees. san francisco was 71 degrees. this is how it looks, there is plenty of blue out there. you can see the haze on the horizon. it is very warm. 97 degrees in concorde. a more is 91 degrees. san jose is 89 degrees. high pressure is over the west coast. as a result it remains warm and lynn. it will not be as warm. it will be chilly on the coast. the numbers will come down a little bit. the next weeks they will go back up. they high pressure --.high pressure will expend next week. the numbers will be in the
6:51 pm
upper 90s next week. this is how it looks. we are expecting some clouds by the shoreline. it will be warm but not quite as warm inland for tomorrow. it will be sunny and warm next week. there's a lot going on. fremont festival of the arts will be 77 degrees. we always have these stern rope festivals. it will be 60 degrees. it does not get much better than this. mid-50s for tomorrow. 66 degrees in san francisco for tomorrow. oakland will be 74 degrees. there will be plenty of sunshine. the numbers will be in the mid- 80s. not as warm tomorrow as they were today. in the northbay we will be looking at the mid-80s. i the shoreline it will be cooler. for the extended forecast we do
6:52 pm
have some low clouds. next week warming -- a warming trend will bring temperatures to the mid-90s. >> thank you. they hit the jackpot. we are talking half $1 billion. what they plan on doing with that money. you know when you're at ross shopping for backpacks... ...and mom also gets a back-to-school bag? that's yes for less. ross has the brands you want for back to school. and it feels even better when you find them for less. at ross. yes for less.
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monitor their blood glucose every day. which means they have to stop. and stick their fingers. repeatedly. today, life-changing technology from abbott makes it possible to track glucose levels. without drawing a drop of blood, again and again. the most personal technology, is technology with the power to change your life. life. to the fullest.
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you know when you're at ross and you'rhello.... ...and then the price is like, helllooo! that's yes for less. find the latest trends and styles at prices that are a perfect fit. it feels even better when you find it for less. at ross. yes for less.
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kpix reporter len ramirez tried to track them down. office workers of the south bay win big. they one half $1 billion. >> we try to track them down. >> the man that purchased the mega millions ticket has not stepped into the public spotlight. they described how he bought the ticket. one of the people said did you hear about the jackpot, we should play. they each pitched into dollars. all of them, the lottery we want to keep our jobs. we love that company. we had a good time and we want to stay together. it was a $543 million. the cash option is 320 million -- $320 million.
6:56 pm
nearby at this store they recognized the winner. >> that is great news. >> he is god an office pool had one. >> it he is glad an office pool had one. >> it will take care of 11 families. i am very happy. >> all of the coworkers declined to be interviewed by the media. they work for a financial institution. they want to keep on working. reporting from san jose. >> they will hear from every second cousin, you name it. >> yes. >> join us at 10:00. we will be back here also at 11 pm. you could save energy
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by living off the grid. completely. or... just set the washing machine to cold. do your thing. with energy upgrade california.
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"family feud." give it up for steve harvey. [captioning made possible by fremantle media] steve: good. all right. thank y'all. i appreciate that. thank y'all very much. i appreciate you, folks. yeah, i do. thank it is time to play family few. >> i appreciate you folks. welcome to family feud everyone. i am your man, steve harvey. we have a good one today. returning for the second day from los angeles, california, it is the campbell ly from detroit, michigan
7:00 pm
everyone is trying to win some cash. someone could win a brand-new car. steve: is it allie? allie: yes, sir. steve: good. where you from, man? allie: we're from detroit, michigan! steve: detroit, baby. yeah. detroit has been over the years my favorite city to perform in. where you live in detroit? allie: i live in midtown detroit near wayne state university. my cousins all live just outside in a city called dearborn, michigan. steve: dearborn. all right. good. what do you do for a living? allie: i'm a doctor. steve: really? allie: yes, sir. steve: what type of doctor? allie: i'm an internal medicine doctor, and i'm a pediatrician. steve: oh, that's good. you do a lot. allie: yes, sir. steve: all right. introduce everybody. allie: all right. i got my cousin yusra. i got my cousin danya, my cousin kayla, and my brother joe. steve: let's go win some money. hey, let's get it on. give me pamela. give me allie.


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