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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5PM  CBS  August 4, 2018 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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live from the cbs bay area studios this is kpix news. two people hurt , the search is on for the man who was able to get away. thanks for joining us. >> bart police say this man, sullivan espinoza attack two men with a box cutter on a richmond bound train last night. the suspect got off at the macarthur station and is still at large. is believed to be a transient in the oakland area. the station was shut down for about an hour last night during
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this investigation. the suspect did not know the victims. one has cuts to his arms and one to his face. police have recovered the box cutter that the suspect apparently dropped on the train. a series of violent incidents has some questioning whether bart is doing enough to keep the transit system safe. >> reporter: last night's attack happened a few hours after people gathered here at a makeshift memorial for neil wilson, the 18-year-old stabbed in the neck and killed on the platform just two weeks ago. bart police say the are stepping up a security. some writers say it is not enough. >> it seems like there is the same set of excuses going on with no measures being taken to make sure this never happens again. >> reporter: rusty staff is suing bart. he and others were attacked at the column station in april of last year. neil wilson's family announced this week they too are suing bart for the same reason. >> i hope the repetitiveness of the lawsuits and all of us
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keeping us in the public eye makes the change that needs to happen. >> reporter: the police chief says the violence isn't specific to the transit agency. instead the bay area as a whole. >> again safety is a top priority. >> reporter: bart says they are cracking down on toll evaders and installing more cameras an paying overtime to crease staffing by 15 to 20 officers each day. >> are over time officers will be focusing on the trains. >> reporter: rusty says it is not enough. and that bart is responsible for neil wilson's death. police knew the system was dangerous. >> if bart did not start making changes in the system unfortunately we were going to have deaths as a result. to some of this violence.
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>> reporter: two other people died due to violent attacks on bart at the end of july. one of the bay fair station, the other at pleasant hill. suspects and both of those cases have been arrested. katie nelson, kpix 5. you will need to give yourself extra time if you're going through oakland. jaclyn dunn on the weekend work that could sidetrack your trip. >> reporter: attention bart writers there will be repair work on the tracks this weekend, saturday and sunday. there will be no train service between west oakland station and the 19th street station. riders can catch an ac transit bus. they will be assisting with the transporting all of those riders between the two stations. this will add a good 10 to 15 minutes to your trip. plan accordingly. if you are trying to transfer
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service over to west oakland you will need to use the 19th street station to do so. all of that work should be wrapped up by sunday evening. opening in time for the monday morning commute. the federal deadline has passed to reunite separated border families. many children are still without their parents. bay area can grossman has been traveling to the border to find out more. >> reporter: 570 children removed from their parents after crossing the southern border remain in u.s. custody. still not back with their parents. government leaders say that's because most of the cases, the parents have been deported. >> how do we get the kids back to them? all of those things are because of this horrible policy that the president did. >> reporter: one congressman held a town hall to report on his recent border visits. a packed house and a lot of
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attendees are frustrated. >> very unjust and unfair, and un-american. >> it's the worst thing you can do to a mother or father. >> reporter: this woman got -- came here to get help with her case as she seeks legal status. with obama we used to have that kind of fear. now it is real. it's like a nightmare. >> reporter: a federal court delivered good news for undocumented immigrants brought here as children. a judge ordered the trump administration to fully restore daca. >> this is the pattern of this president. he breaks the law and then he lies about it. >> reporter: attendees were urged to channel their frustration into action. >> people need to vote. >> reporter: the congressman is hoping the midterm election will switch the democrats from my minority to majority.
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a new legal setback for the trump administration and its attempt to phase out daca. it's a program that shows undocumented immigrants brought to the u.s. yesterday a federal judge ordered the administration to restart daca in full. it requires the government to accept new applications. he's given the government until august 23 to appeal. full containment is a long way off for the fire in shasta county. low humidity and high winds are making firefighting efforts hard. the carr fire has burned and area the size of tucson arizona and destroyed more than 1000 homes. it's 41 percent contained. the fire that forced evacuations from yosemite valley is still growing. the ferguson fire has burned 126 square miles. west of the national park, firefighters are working to keep the flames away from to communities. containment is at only 36 percent.
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this week in the mendocino complex fires have triggered new evacuation orders. kim hutchinson shows us the ongoing bottle -- battle against multiple fires in california. >> reporter: no end in sight. this weekend it could get much worse. >> with northern wins it will try to expand the fire. >> reporter: firefighters battling 17 wildfires still burning across southern california. >> a lot of our focus is on the southern edge. >> reporter: possible 30 mile- per-hour wind gusts combined with bone dry conditions and high heat could flan -- fan the flames even further. officials are forced to issue a new round of evacuations. near the mendocino complex fires only voluntary evacuations had been in place.
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the threat is large. officials are saying to get out immediately. >> all of my belongings are there. i have my animals with me. >> reporter: red flag warning's are in effect for several parts of northern california. including redding. on saturday the governor toured the charred area. >> this fire was different than any other fire. the fire next year or next month will be different too. we have to learn as we go. >> reporter: near yosemite the three-week-old ferguson fire is also triggering new evacuation orders. crews are concerned. >> this is a long process. firefighters are working hard to continue building a box around it. powerful thunderstorms have left a wake of destruction along the east coast. hardest hit webster, massachusetts. crew spend the afternoon cleaning up the mess officials say one woman was injured.
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thunderstorms have swamped the entire east coast. flood warnings remain in effect and parts of new jersey, connecticut and rhode island. protester causing chaos in portland, oregon. tensions boiled over as the two groups clashed. people threw rocks and bottles. police wearing body armor. forcing the crowd to disperse. it's not clear how many people were arrested. first lady melania trump is praising lebron james for his charity work less than a day after president trump bashed him on twitter. mr. trump tweeted lebron james was just interviewed by the dumbest man on television, don lemon. he made lebron look smart which an easto do. a spokesperson for the first lady said it looks like lebron james is working to do good
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things on behalf of our next generation. he donated millions of dollars for free tuition, uniforms and meals for students. president trump left for a rally in ohio this afternoon. there's a special election there on tuesday. the democrat is making a run for a longtime republican seat. still ahead, reigniting the passion for space travel. native is set to lead the u-s into the next era of space flight..
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(sot nm) * it's finally game time, the whistle's about to blow its that kind of excitement* this is nicole mann from petaluma. she's among 9 a bay area native is set to lead the spaceflight.
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this is nicole man from petaluma. she's among nine men and women for the first time who will use a commercial rocket to reach the international space station. david begnaud reports from houston. >> reporter: for the first time since 2011 we are on the brink of launching american astronauts un-american rockets from american soil. >> reporter: it was like a pep rally. children waving american flags. as nasa administrator jim bridenstine introduced the newest class. >> i present to you our commercial crew astronauts. >> reporter: nasa hopes by next year to blast nine of them to the international space station. aboard two spacecraft designed and built by boeing and space asked.
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astronauts nicole man christopher ferguson will ride on boeing's first test flight of the star liner. ferguson commanded the final space shuttle flight. the space x capsule is called the crew dragon. this will be the first time that astronauts space travel will be outsourced to a private industry. nasa hopes to reignite excitement for commercial space travel. >> we want to see the space enterprise be very successful. in essence making space more routine. >> we are inside of the boeing star liner. this is a markup. not exactly first-class seating . it gets the job done. nasa space shuttle had about 3500 switches and buttons in it.
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this one has 45. the astronaut should not have to push one button. everything is autonomous and controlled of the ground level. david begnaud, cbs news, the johnson space center, houston, texas. dogs took over a bay area beach today. >> the dog championship's return to pacific up. >> reporter: the beach at linda mar has gone to the dogs for the third annual surfing world championships. these dogs got their paws went to catch the waves and in some cases got drenched in the pacific ocean. >> it was cold. >> reporter: their first, second and third place winners in a number of categories. it is broken up into divisions. these canines are fierce competitors. they are also buddies. >> all the surf dogs get along really well.
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they know they are all surf dogs. they don't even trip on each other. >> reporter: skyler from santa cruz is the reigning champ. >> i took her out on some little waves and we started surfing. >> reporter: balances important on the board. her dislike of the water maybe the other key to her success. these dogs are all hoping to be crowned the top dog. they need help from their best friend. it's up to the humans. >> you can't -- they can pull the board out there or push themselves. >> reporter: it's not all about going the distance. the judges also look for the pooches style. in skyler's case, like owner like dog.
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>> she just performs out there. she does a great job. she loves surfing. she gets such great waves in santa cruz. she is a natural. >> reporter: this fun is all for a good cause. a portion of the dog surfing -- proceeds go to dog surfing. sports, news and dog surfing , andrea does it all. we have high pressure that is built in. the temperature comes up as a result. those temperatures will remain in the 90s near the fire over the next couple of days. red flag warning's are posted for the mendocino complex fires. the big concern are the winds. with gusts up to 35 miles per hour. the fire danger remains extreme. there's a few low clouds there but not in san jose. 91 at concord. in santa rosa it is warm. 95 degrees. it will not be that warm
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tomorrow for santa rosa. things dip in terms of numbers tomorrow. a warming trend will begin by the time we get to the beginning of the week. we will see temperatures up near 98 degrees inland by wednesday. low clouds near the coast tonight. warm but not quite as warm inland tomorrow. later next week it will get warmer. sonoma county fair in full swing. it will be warm to hot. free mark -- fremont's festival of the arts. 60 degrees. the a's are at 6:05 pm. 64 degrees. overnight lows in the mid 50s. daytime highs tomorrow close to where we have seen him lately. just a little bit cooler. 84 in san jose. plenty of sunshine, and in campbell 87 degrees.
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in milpitas, 85. in east bay the numbers will top out near 90 tomorrow. up in the northbay 87 degrees at santa rosa. eight degrees cooler. 85 at petaluma. up around the fires it will be from 90 to 95's -- 95 degrees. temperatures will be in the low 90s tomorrow. look at wednesday. near 100 degrees inland before cooling off. that's weather, now the emmy award-winning vern glenn for sports. we will get right to it. the latest on buster posey, hit in the catcher's mask by a foul tipped fast ball.
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desert... from his manager comments a
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short while ago... ...bruce bochy s baseball up top, since buster posey went down last night it's been the topic one for the giants. aside from the loss in the desert. for his manager, his comments shirt -- a short while ago. posey came out of the third inning saying i don't feel good. the catcher will continue to go through concussion protocol. he is feeling great. if he passes all tests he could play first base tomorrow in arizona. the giants getting started at downtown phoenix. the a's host the tigers the top of the hour. nfl and the 49ers signed richard sure him. they knew it was a wrist -- risk. sherman suffered an injury last november when he was still a member of the seahawks. he says it's about 85 percent recovered. you might expect stuff like this to happen at practice.
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in the video, rounds on the internet. >> i think that is one of the problems. practice, everyone is working on something. it is not a finished product. letting people reading your notes before you finish the article. >> that was peyton manning in napa for a speaking engagement. he gave insight to the raiders. manning says he knows players will be motivated to play for head coach john gruden. he's basing this off of the 2000 pro ball when gruden
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coached manning in the afc team. >> the pro ball is a little bit different now. back then it was a little more intense and serious. >> the unveiling, say hello to some of the 2018 pro fall -- hot football. jerry kramer thought he would be in by now. a lot of today was about a hall of fame class member not there. here was the scene, roughly 600 miles south of the pro football hall of fame. terrell owens in chattanooga, tennessee received his hall of fame yellow jacket. it is here he chose to give his induction acceptance speech.
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>> it's not always a popular stance to go against the grain. in my heart i know. this is the right thing to do. they say i am making the wrong decision, but sometimes you have to do what is deemed wrong or the wrong thing for the right reason. i love you too. but i love me more. >> to tennis, that is mahay lebens and sq. near elyse martins. a dagger of a shot there. she will face the winner in the championship match tomorrow at 5 pm. to golf, justin thomas, the third round. this is how you handle a short game. for 30 feet at 12.
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three under 67. tiger woods, 11 shots behind him. at three over par, at the risk of the producer pulling her hair out. >> who won the day? >> she is a thai golfer. she sings tie songs to calm herself down. she has a lead at the british open. >> we will be right back. xfinity mobile is a new wireless network designed to save you money. even when you've got serious binging to do. wherever your phone takes you, your wireless bill is about to cost a whole lot less. use less data with a network that has the most wifi hotspots where you need them and the best 4g lte everywhere else.
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saving you hundreds of dollars a year. and ask how you get xfinity mobile included with your internet. plus, get $300 back when you buy a new smartphone. xfinity mobile. it's simple. easy. awesome. click, call or visit a store today.
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the cbs weekend news is next. news updates are always on cbs-sf dot com. that's a us at 5. we will see you back here at 6:00. >> ninan: wild weather from coast to coast. northeast, a tornado rips through central massachusetts. and in the west, heat and wind gusts are driving dangerous fire conditions. also tonight, clashes between alt-right and antifascist groups in portland, oregon. pr in portland, oregon. president trump unleashes a aitter attack aimed at lebron james after the basketball superstar speaks out. r>> our president is kind of ying to kind of divide us. >> ninan: we'll have the reaction. a reversal by ohio state eootball couch urban meyer. he now says he knew about abuse allegations leveled against a former assistant coach, and that coach is defending his former boss.


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