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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11PM  CBS  August 4, 2018 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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>> the mendocino complex fire hits a milestone. next. eir blood glucose every day. which means they have to stop. and stick their fingers. repeatedly. today, life-changing technology from abbott makes it possible to track glucose levels. without drawing a drop of blood, again and again. the most personal technology, is technology with the power to change your life. life. to the fullest. history tonight. more than 229- thousand acres have now burned. >> now at 11:00, the mendocino complex fire is being called the sixth largest wild fire in state history. 229,000 acres have burned. it is made up of two blazes. the ranch and the river fires. >> the ranch fire northeast of clear lake is the bigger problem tonight. it is now 181,000 acres.
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growing about 25,000 acres today alone. containment dropped from 27 to 22%. mandatory evacuations were issued a few hours ago in colusa county. andria borba reports from the fire where more than 15,000 homes are threatened tonight. >> reporter: west on upper lake, the daily pyro cumulus smoke cloud of the mendocino complex fires rises thousands of feet in the sky. on the ground, flames are chewing through acres of vegetation with speed and ease. right on clear lake, the town of lucern is one of many locations cal fire is making a stand on the ranch fire tonight. problem one, the wind. >> in this particular location, it is burning somewhat in our favor. but on other areas of the fire, it is not in our favor whatsoever. >> reporter: the space over
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clear lake is busier than sfo with plane after plane making a lap, grabbing water and heading back for the ridge. >> they are keeping the air space coordinated, it's a huge effort. and talking to the troops on the ground making sure all the priority drops are accommodated in this location and back at the head of the fire right now. which there are four heads of the fire. this is not one of them though it looks like it. >> reporter: ridge lines are painted red with fire retardant and firefighters are dealing with fuel loads that are beyond bone dry. what they call obnoxious amounts of dust and starts the process all over again. >> every ember lights a spot fire. it is 100% probability of ignition. they all start a fire and they start a new head fire on in that particularly location and it runs at us. andria borba, kpix5. >> smoke from the two fires is
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lingering here in the bay area. visibility wasn't a huge issue today. but you can see the haze. an air quality advisory is in effect through the weekend. governor brown is calling on the feds to give up more money. and the governor toured the car fire today. for more than a thousand homes have been destroyed. >> i have asked the president to make a major declaration. >> reporter: governor jerry brown asked for a new request of a disaster declaration making people impacted by fires in shasta, mendocino, lake, and napa counties eligible fo aihe is confident president tru will approve the request. >> these kinds of horrible situations bring people together regardless of the lesser ideologies. >> reporter: he talked about
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changing the way californians live and where we live in what appears to be a new normal for wild fires. >> we have to re-examine the way we manage our forces, how and where we build our houses. and how much we invest in our fire protection services. >> the car fire has now scorched more than 140,000 acres and displaced 40,000 people. the car fire is one of 17 major blazes across california. more than 14,000 crew members are on the california fire lines. so far, 400,000 acres have burned. cal fire is now trying to figure out the best way to use firefighters from as far away as australia and new zealand. >> it is almost like a chess board. moving the chess pieces to get them to the right place at the right time. >> firefighters from 17 different states are also in california to help out. firefighters in the bay area also stretched across the fire lines tonight. so, what happens if a fire breaks out here and the crews
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are not around in robert marshall with contra costa fire told our phil matier not to worry. we are covered. >> we back fill the conditions and back fill the engine. we are always covered when we have that. there may be a period of time particularly if it is a close fire, there may be a period of time where we are trying to get that staff up. but we work diligently to protect our citizens first. it has happened again, another double stabbing right on a bart train. and tonight, the man behind it is on the run. bart police say this man, 27- year-old sullivan espinosa, attacked two men with a box cutter. security cameras on a richmond bound train captured it last night. espinosa at the mack arthur station and might be a transient. espinosa didn't know the victims. one of them had cuts to his face, the other had his arm
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slashed. katie neilson has more. >> reporter: last night's attack happened a few hours after people gathered here at a makeshift memorial for mia wilson. the 18-year-old stabbed in the neck just two weeks ago. bart police are stepping up security, but some riders say it simply isn't enough. >> seems like there is a big set of excuses going on with no measures taken to make sure this never happens again. >> reporter: rusty staff is suing bart saying the transit agency is not doing enough to protect riders after he and others were attacked at the coliseum statio18ollson'samily and week they arsuing for the reason. >> i hope the repetitiveness of the lawsuits keeping us in the public eye makes the changes that needs to happen in the system. >> reporter: bart's deputy police chief says the violence isn't specific to the transit
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agency. but instead, the bay area as a whole. >> the crime that occurs on bart is largely reflective of communities that we travel through. so, safety is a top priority. >> reporter: bart says it is ramping up security by cracking down on toll evaders, installing more security cameras, and, paying overtime to increase staffing by 15 to 20 officers each day. >> our overtime officers will focus on the trains. >> reporter: two other people have died in july. one at the bay fair station, the other in pleasant hill. suspects in both of cases have been arrested. in oakland, katie neilson , kpix5. alt-right groups plan to rally at berkeley. you can see the city of berkeley is already putting up
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signs and barricades. an antifa rally is planned in a park a few locks away. here is what happened when they met in portland, oregon. police used tear gas to break up scuffles. reporter jennifer doweling was there. >> reporter: members of antifa marched to meet up with patriot prayer and police were not taking any chances. they charged protesters who would not comply with orders to disperse and made some arrests. they confiscated weapons and shot tear gas to break up the crowds. an officer tried to take a sign away from a woman and he shoved her to the ground. s swarmed by several an ay other officers. one of the big concerns was a repeat of the rally in charlottesville a year ago when heather hair was run down with a car. this prayer rally is the third one in portland this summer. the two previous ones ended in bloody fistfights and riots and a counterprotester was sent to
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the hospital with a skull fracture. there were other protesters not affiliated with antifa that opposed patriot prayer. three people were arrested as the alt-right group marched at cal's campus. about 100 people were there then. tonight, berkeley police have released a list of banned items ahead of the rallies. they include metal pipes, baseball bats, explosives or anything that can be used as a weapon. new video at 11:00 shows a dramatic helicopter rescue in half-moon bay this afternoon. you see the choppers dropping onto the sand to reach a ten- year-old boy who fell down a clip. his father and another good samaritan were stuck down there as well after they jumped down
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to help. the rescue team brought all three to safety. no one was hurt. the san francisco landmark that has been around about 150 years could soon close its doors for good. gump's san francisco was started in 1861. it may not survive the rise of online commerce. they have filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy protection. this comes after years of slumping sales. they had been looking for additional financing for a buyer but so far, they have not been successful. still to come, the new central sierra wild fire that is already exploding in size. >> plus, the key highway jumped in yosemite as flames leapt toward the ski resort. and tonight, the expensive hotel now housing evacuees. >> president trump takes on lebron james. now, the first lady is stepping in. how she is coming to lebron's
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defense. >> and they can't quite hang ten. that doesn't stop them. the bay area competition on four legs that is always a fan favorite. >> not a bad saturday. the look ahead toward sunday, and changes coming midweek. we'll have it all as we come back. you know when you're at ross shopping for backpacks... ...and mom also gets a back-to-school bag? that's yes for less. and it feels even better when you find them for less. at ross. yes for less.
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you know when you're at ross and you'rhello.... ...and then the price is like, helllooo! that's yes for less. find the latest trends and styles at prices that are a perfect fit. it feels even better when you find it for less. at ross. yes for less. for his charity work... less than 24 hours after her husband unleashed a twitter war against the n-b-a star. tonight: weijia jiang explains what prompted the president's outb >> first lady melania trump
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reached out in defense of lebron james after her husband starts a twitter war with him. >> reporter: nba star lebron james appeared on cnn this week to talk about opening a new school for disadvantaged youth in his hometown of akron, ohio but the conversation quickly turned to president trump. >> he is dividing us and what i noticed the last few months, that he has kind of used sport to kind of divide us. and, that is something that i can't relate to. >> reporter: the president responded on twitter last night writing lebron james was just interviewed by the dumbest man on television, don lemon. he made lebron look smart which isn't easy to do. adding to the drama, today, the president traveled to campaign for a gop congressional candidate in james' home state of ohio. governor john kasich chimed in. rather than criticizing king james, he should be celebrating him for his charity work, and efforts to help kids. in a statement, a spokeswoman for first lady melania trump
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said it looks like lebron james is working to do good things on behalf of our next generation. and, that mrs. trump would be open to visiting james' school. >> wouldn't you love to see one of these nfl owners, when somebody disrespects our flag, to say get that son of a [bleep] off the field. >> reporter: in june, trump disinvited super bowl champions the philadelphia eagles james weighed in at the time while playing in the nba finals. >> i mean, i know, no matter who wins this series, no one wants to invite us. >> reporter: weijia jiang, cbs news, the white house. we have breaking news out of redding. another death in the car fire. this time, a pg&e employee. the company confirmed the employee was restoring the restoration effort in the vicinity of the fire. it is not clear exactly how he died. that brings the death toll to
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seven people including two firefighters. also, some new video tonight in yosemite. it shows the fresh evacuations thanks to the stubborn ferguson fire. tonight, the three week old fire is approaching 82,000 acres. it is 35% contained. you can see on this forced service map, the fire has jumped highway 41 and is pushing closer to the yosemite ski area. reporter vanessa was there when workers and residents were told to get out. >> reporter: break lights along highway 41 may be a typical sight during yosemite's peak season. but they don't belong to tourists eager to see the park's iconic views. >> the burning they have been doing. thluon one thfire burnin and your goal is to keep the crews in. >> reporter: dakota snyder took this video when he was forced to evacuate when flames from the ferguson fire hit highway 41. >> it wasn't long they announced it had blown over the
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highway. >> reporter: fellow evacuees are staying with friends until it is safe to go home. most of them have their bags packed from the preevaccuations issued last week. >> the smoke has been really intense. we have had fires before. we have had evacuations before. but, to have this extended period of just this inversion layer of just hazardous unbreatheable air, it takes its toll. >> reporter: they are just at 50% occupancy, assistant general manager bret archer says they can do their part to help the community. >> we are honored to house some of the firefighters and some of the local evacuees from yosemite. >> reporter: as thick smoke towers over the area, they are working to strengthen containment. acreage grew by 3500. overnight crews were successful in keeping flames away from evacuated communities. about 60 miles north, a new wild fire has already taken out
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a 1700 acres of the stanasaw national forfest. it sparked wednesday and tonight, there is no containment. entertainment news. sir patrick stewart is set to star in a new star trek show with cbs. he confirmed his return in a star trek convention today. he will be reprizing his role as patrick jean-luc picard. the show which does not have a title is not a reboot of the next generation. it is being described as the next chapter of picard's life. in other news back in the bay area, a sea of surfing dogs in p world dog surfing championships returned. andrea nokano was there. >> reporter: the beach has gone to the dogs for the surfing championships. these dogs got their paws wet
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to catch the waves and in some cases got drenched in the pacific ocean. >> it was good. a little rough, cold. not like southern california. but we worked it. >> reporter: there are first, second, and third winners in several categories. divisions were small, medium, an large. these canines are fierce competitors but they are also buds. >> all the surf dogs get along really well. it is like they know they are all surf dogs you know. and they don't even trip on each other. they are like hey, what's up? >> reporter: skyler, the surfing dog from santa cruz is the reigning champ. >> i saw she had good balance as a pup. >> reporter: balance is important on water may be the other key to her success. >> she has to stay on the board because she doesn't like swimming. >> reporter: these dogs are all hoping to be crowned the top dog, but they need help from their best friend. it is up to the human to pick the right wave to take them all the way to the shore. >> superimportant.
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you can't pull the board out there, push themselves. it all comes down to us making sure we are able to pick the perfect wave. >> reporter: and it is not all about going the distance. the judges also look for the pooch's style. in skyler's case, like owner like dog. >> she just performs out there. you know. she loves surfing and she gets such good waves in santa cruz that i think she is just a little natural. >> reporter: in pacifica, andrea nokano, kpix5. in the weather department, we have a warming trend on the way for the bay area after tomorrow. tomorrow things cool down a little bit. quick update. the fire, high pressure is still in full force. as a result, it will remain in the mid 90s tomorrow near the fires. things have cooled down. tonight, we look south from sales force. looks pretty clear. you can see the fog and the clouds coming in over the city. right now. concord has 71. san francisco, at 57. and, santa rosa has 61 degrees. futurecast, just look at the low clouds blossom overnight
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tonight. but they are confined mostly to the shoreline. most of us will have a perfectly sunny day. if you head to the beach it will be on the chilly side. as for usual this time of the year, tomorrow, numbers will come down inland by a couple of degrees but, by midweek, strong high pressure brings inland temperatures to 98. a little bit warmer than that in some spots. that is wednesday. in the meantime, tomorrow, we will shave a few degrees off inland highs. and have the low clouds near the shoreline. a lot to do this weekend. sonoma county fair, 90 degrees in santa rosa. it will be warm to hot. fremont festival of the arts. fremont festival of the art in the mid 70s . high temperatures tomorrow close to average. concord, 92 degrees in the south bay. san jose, 84. east bay, a lot of sunshine. and the numbers upper 80s , low 90s . north bay, not bad near the shoreline it will be chilly. but in san rafael, 84. in santa rosa, 87. extended forecast, after we
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look at ukiah's 2. stratus quo. and numbers approach 100 degrees. it is smoking hot which includes this man as well. >> oh yes. it has arrived. two for saturday night. you know how we do it? it is two for one. not one sports segment. two! and, hey now. if the sun doesn't shine tomorrow, you bet you, the oakland as will. these guys have been red texas asphalt hot! xfinity mobile is a new wireless network
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tigers at the bat. the as pitching. detroit struck first. a first inning r.b.i. single. and, that is going to score a run. but it will not be enough. bottom of the third. matt chapman at the plate. this is a grown man shot deep center. tied the game. bottom of the third. we got chris davis. it's a back to back number. third straight, 30 homer season. the as won the game 2-1. seattle lost, they lead the wild card by two-and-a-half. meantime, in the desert, giants andrew suarez roughed up in arizona. didn't go well. first inning, marte, a monster home run. giants gave up five runs in the first frame for the second straight game. top of the third. giants looking for a little spark. andrew mccutchen did something about it. backed away and gone. got the giants on the board to the bottom of the fifth.
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a two run shot. giants lost another one. final of 9-3. tennis, well, that's the san jose silicon valley semis. burns would rally. and won in three sets. 4-6-6-3, and 6-1. maria sacari facing daniel collins from the university of virginia. sacari finished. a little back hand number there. she will face mahala tomorrow at 5:00 p.m. hold on there, i'm not done, we do all the heavy lifting and deliver the sports content to you. ahead, a shining moment for a little league team and the pro football hall of fame induction day. in multiple locations. that's a first.
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some of the 2018 pro football hall class... >> the highest honor a football player can reach. the pro football hall of fame. some of the 2018 pro football hall of fame class, you saw him, former general manager
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bobby bether. built the chiefs, dolphins, redskins, chargers. jerry cramer. thought he would be in now. brian urlacher. brian dawkins. ray lewis? randy moss? what a class! but, a lot of discussion today was about a hall of fame class member not there. let me show you the scene. roughly 600 miles south of the hall of fame, terell owens in chattanooga, tennessee received his hall of fame jacket. a huge roar among his chattanooga alumni. it was here he chose to give his induction acceptance speech. not the hallowed steps of the canton, ohio shrine. livermore. let me hear you. the world u.s. final. livermore's carter mark throwing lasers kept them off
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balance. had command. and then, in the fourth, collin johnston to the left field corner. this would make it a 5-1 game which was the final score. livermore, the united states champions. they are going to face korea for the world series intermediate little league title. a nationally televised 6:00 p.m. start. right there at max bayer field. >> and you know livermore is cheering them on. >> maybe nobody is going to church tomorrow. they are celebrating. >> we'll be right back! , plus the most free shows to stream. and with savings on wireless, this is a relationship with more money to spend on the important things. this is how xfinity makes life... simple. easy. awesome. xfinity delivers the fastest, most reliable internet learn more, or get started for $29.99 a month for 12 months.
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to seven o'clock. news and weather updates are always on ght. >> thanks so much for watching. our next local newscast is tomorrow morning at 6:00 and 7:00. >> but r updates are on we recommend you stay up in the wee hours and look at them all. see you tomorrow! the others don't. we offer up to 6 hours of 4g wireless network backup.
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