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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6AM  CBS  August 6, 2018 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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all eastbound lanes are again shut down. jackie ward has a closer look. >> reporter: kenny, at one point chp opened one lane for eastbound drivers but they have been closed once again. this is following a deadly shooting that happened just a few hours ago. you can see the impact this is having on the morning commute for those trying to get to the east bay. this is video off snapchat of what it looks like to be one of those stuck drivers. this is the result of a shooting just before 2:30 a.m. two men in an suv were shot by someone in an unknown vehicle that pulled alongside their car. this caused the suv to collide with the sedan that chp does not believe was involved in the shooting. the driver of the sedan said they heard multiple gunshots before the crash, and the
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driver of the suv died on the scene. two passengers were taken to the on the and the shooter is still out there. chp again has been closing one lane, opening a lane. all lanes are rit now. we'll keep you updated as the situation changes, right now chp not giving us a time as to when this will be reopened this morning. it will certainly have an effect on your morning commute. at least one person was hurt last night after a shooting on westbound 680. police could only that are narrow down the location to about a 7-mile stretch. that shooter is still on the loose this morning. police are still on the scene of the shooting at the a
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towards the commute to get into downtown. you're dealing with major backups of everyone trying to get across the bay bridge. this is a live look over the bay bridge. you can see that eastbound side, the lower deck, not moving. westbound, your lanes are open past treasure island, but we had an earlier crash that had a lane blocked on the upper deck. looks like it's still out there causing backups. you can see the flashing lights and emergency crews. this is going on over three hours we have had the lower deck shut down. that's definitely impacting everyone's ride getting out of san francisco or getting into downtown san francisco.
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is lo just past 7th street. the backup is getting closer to the 80 at 101 interchange. you can take the 101 central, but it's going to be a slow ride no matter how you go. give yourself plenty of extra time getting out the door. lower bay bridge, traffic at a complete stop. we saw people turning around going the wrong way, but don't do that. it is very dangerous. please just follow the officers' instructions there, because we don't want to see any more accidents in this backup. we have already seen a couple. mary? thanks. if you're just waking up this morning, happy monday to you. we have areas of low clouds and fog to start the day.
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you can see outside this morning, currently low 60s for concord, livermore 59, mid-50s for san francisco, san josi in the mid-60s with high clouds to start the day. santa rosa a cool 49 degrees. let's talk about visibility. we have the low clouds and foggy conditions along the coast, 2 miles visibility at half moon bay this hour. tracking that through the afternoon, and most of us will see the sunshine. warming up this afternoon 2 to 5 degrees warmer than yesterday afternoon, and we stay warm through the middle part of the week. let's talk about the high temperatures. we are looking at 64 in pacifica, 86 redwood city, 88 9 we arengrough the afternoon, temperatures will be warming up. we'll have more on that coming
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up in a few minutes. back to you. we are learning more about a deadly plane crash in southern california. five people were killed after the cessna crashed yesterday, and anne makovec has new details on the victims' ties to the bay area. >> reporter: we now know the pilot was the ceo of a san francisco based real estate company called category iv. his name is scott shephard. his wife lara was on board as well as to other agents, floria hakimi and navid hakimi. we found their pictures on the website for pacific union international. the fifth on board was nasim ghanadan. the plane is seen in small pieces in the middle of a shopping center parking lot. the faa says the pilot declared an emergency just before
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crashing about a mile before john wayne airport. that's dash cam video of the plane nose diving to the ground. it hit an empty parked car outside a staples store. >> i saw the plane coming around and realized it was probably going to come down. i thought, maybe they're going to john wayne. just banked the turn and just came straight down. >> that witness says the plane sputtered before it crashed. a federal investigation is now underway. as a side note, the pilot's real estate company is named after an aviation term, category iii. it says, there is no margin for error, strict reliance, proper training and equipment training is functional. we work to bring category iv precision. records show his pilot license
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was renewed just last year. anne makovec, kpix. wildfires burning near clear lake are now the fourth largest in state history. the thomas fire was the largest, and the cedar fire in 2003 is second, followed by the rushfire in 2012. more than 260 that has acres have been scorched in the mendocino complex fires. the ferguson fire is still burning and some couldn't even escape. about 100 people got stuck at the yosemite ski area last night because of fallen trees. president trump is changes his story on mebeson an
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russian lawyers. this came as the president fired off a number now says a 2016 meeting between campaign members and russian lawyers was to get information on a political opponent. the meeting has been a focus of special counsel robert mueller's investigation into the election. >> the question is how would it be illegal? would a meeting of that nature itself constitute a violation of the law? >> reporter: the focus has been evolving over time, and a statement released last july by donald trump jr. said thing waq adoption of russian children. trump jr. later released e- mails which showed he thought the russian lawyer had dirt on hillary clinton. >> i think there's plenty of
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evidence of collusion or conspiracy in plain sight. >> reporter: some say the president needs to separate the investigation from russia's efforts to hack campaigns. >> the broader problem is russia continuing to interfere in our elections. >> reporter: laura podesta, cbs news. >> jared kushner and paul manafort also attended that 2016 meeting. police in berkeley arrested 20 people during confrontations at an antimarkism rally in berkeley. about 15 people with trump banners and american flags gathered near mlk park
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yesterday. a larger group of counterprotesters gathered nearby and several screaming and shoving matches broke out when members of the groups came together. >> i'm here to stand up against the marxists. >> we have had a lot of groups and organizations across the bay area that really don't want this type of racism to have a voice in our communities. >> police say three people suffered minor injuries during yesterday's demonstrations. a fire that killed two bay area teenagers over the weekend is now declared suspicious. >> and the long cleanup process underway after a train derailment leaves food and household products piled high. we are tracking low fog along the coast and parts of the bay. get ready for a warmup this week. details are coming up. and major delays for drivers trying to use the bay bridge this morning, all lanes closed on the lower deck and
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crews raced against the clock earthquake rocked indonesia. *3-4 sec of things falling, panicked shoppers* panicked shoppers in this mall ran down escalators as pieces of from 98 people are dead after a 6.9 earthquake rocked indonesia. panicked shoppers in the mall ran down escalators as pieces of the ceiling fell from above. outside a parking garage in bali, motorcycles were crushed beneath debris. authorities say they expect to find more bodies as crews reach more remote areas. the search has been slowed now due to a lack of heavy equipment. twin sisters and their mother are killed in a house fire and now investigators are
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calling that fire suspicious. it started just before 3:00 a.m. yesterday and police say an 11- year-old girl escaped and informed police two girls and a woman were still trapped inside. 15-year-old twins trinh tran and tram tran were killed, as was their mother. a friend got a text from one of the girls just before the fire, reading sarah are you awake? i'm really scared. >> it's really sad to hear that that was her last words to me, that she feels really scared. but i couldn't read it because i was asleep. >> police have declared the fire suspicious and opened an investigation. in pennsylvania, a freight train derailed yesterday just after 1:00 p.m. the train was coming from north new jersey to chicago.
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seven cars derailed, spillings items like food and mouthwash all over. no one was injured. >> speaking to the transit police and lieutenant, he's never seen anything like this with port authority trains. >> it will take about three days to remove the cars according to officials. it's back to work monday but today is really bad. >> as if monday couldn't get worse, we have a massive backup, major delays here. this is a live look over the bay bridge. the upper deck heading westbound is very slow, but the lower deck is stopped because of a police investigation after an overnight freeway shooting. all loans are shut down and we have a traffic alert in effect for eastbound 80 approaching treasure island. that's where all the lanes are closed.
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emergency crews on the scene there, trying to get this wrapped up. there's been no estimated time for when this will reopen. chp opened one lane and let traffic through, then shut that lane down again. if you're trying to get to the oakland side of the bay bridge, use the golden gate bridge to richmond-san rafael bridge or san mateo bridge. that seems like a long ride but trying to get into downtown san francisco, exit at king or 6th street. please plan accordingly and check before you leave the house. this is a live look at the
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backup stretching well beyond 7th street on the approach to the lower deck of the bay bridge. if you use 4th street to get into downtown san francisco, that's not the way you want to go this morning. you can see, traffic just at a complete stop. again, the westbound side, we are used to delays trying to get into san francisco. it backed up much quicker this morning. this is a look at the 580 approach, east shore freeway heavy and in the red, 47 minutes to get into san fro. thatcheck of your traffic. mary? thank you. this is busy monday morning, live look outside. just gorgeous with the shallow cloud deck out there with the sun rising. 61 in concord currently, 51 in
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san francisco, santa rosa a cool 49 degrees. satellite and radar, high pressure is building and will strengthen for us, meaning warmer conditions today and much warmer inland. tracking this area of low pressure, as this dips down, cooler weather comes in later in the week, so get ready for that. morning low clouds and fog, especially on the coast and parts of the bay. then in the afternoon, sun and patchy clouds along the coast. highs warm up today through midweek. air quality forecast, moderate conditions for the north bay and east bay. everywhere else is looking good for the air quality. first pitch is 7:15 for the giants and astros today, first pitch temperature 62.
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the high temperatures today are warmer compared to yesterday and for the weekend. for the south bay, 90 in campbell, 87 santa clara. as you head farther inland, 98 for brentwood and 96 in antioch and fairfield. napa 92, as well as sonoma, and 94 for santa rosa. the mendocino fire, firefighters there battling the mid-90s and wind gusts as well. seven-day forecast, warmer today with highs in the upper 90s, low 60s in the bay. cooler on wednesday, low 70s for the bay. we're heating up by the end of the week. we'll be right back.
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since the all-star break, the a's have the best record in all of baseball. they're starting them young in the a's fan club and it's growing by the win. scoreless against detroit, bottom of the fourth and a's go up 1-0. they win 6-0, sweeping the tigers and getting their sixth straight. in arizona, longoria, gone. he had a three-hit day. bottom of the eighth, dyson trying to get out of the bases-
6:25 am
loaded jam, mission accomplishes. giants beat the d-backseat 3-2. >> get ready for golf's final major, the pga championship on thursday, rounds three and four here after those rounds with the par 5 big game show. happy monday, everybody. >> play of the day, world series rematch between the astros and dodgers. >> this is deep to center field, jake all the way back near the wall, and he's robbed a home run! >> it's jumping jake and the center fielder for the astros bringing that one back.
6:26 am
it was not enough for the win, dodgers getting the 3-2 win. >> reporter: a fatal shooting followed by a subsequent crash eastbound on the bay bridge making the commute hard on people this morning from san francisco. and four people from the bay area killed in a plane crash yesterday after taking off in concord. we have the latest information on new information on those who passed away, next.
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i am extremely proud of jackie, gaby and stephanie.
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we worked with pg&e to save energy because we wanted to help the school. they would put these signs on the door to let the teacher know you didn't cut off the light e ters, th would call usgns on the the energy patrol.acher know so they would be like, here they come, turn off your lights! those three young ladies were teaching the whole school about energy efficiency. we actually saved $50,000. and that's just one school, two semesters, three girls. together, we're building a better california.
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and i'm melissa caen, michelle is off this morning. a deadly shooting and early morning crash on the bay br it is monday, august 6th. good morning, i'm kenny choi. a deadly shooting and early morning crash animal shelter
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bay bridge left traffic at a standstill and right now all eastbound lanes are shut down. jackie ward is live in san francisco with the latest. jackie? >> reporter: we are still in the early stages of what happened because that shooting just occurred about four hours ago. that's made traffic a nightmare. we are near the bow and arrow statue right now. traffic is at a complete standstill. we have been watching cars and they have been not moved in the three hours we have been here this morning. people are starting to get out of their cars to stretch, just standing in the middle of the bay bridge right now because they cannot head to the east bay. we have video from snapchat of what it looks like to be one of those stuck drivers right now. this is the result of a shooting that led to a traffic collision. according to chp, three cars were eastbound on the bridge before 2:30 a.m., and two men
6:31 am
in an suv were shot by someone in a vehicle that pulled alongside their car. this caused the suv to collide with a sedan. the driver of that sedan said they heard multiple gunshots before the crash. the driver of that suv died on the scene and his two passengers were taken to the hospital this morning. that shooter is still out there, and all lanes eastbound on the bay bridge are closed this morning. so definitely seek an alternate route, even if it means driving far north or far south to get to the east bay. >> and with more on that traffic situation, jaclyn? >> makes you realize how much we rely on the bay bridge. when we have a problem like this, there are not many good alternates. it looks like traffic is starting to move in some of
6:32 am
those lanes. we see a lot of activity there. looks like chp cleared that to the right side of the lower deck of the bay bridge, and we are seeing cars travel across the lower deck. we had an earlier report after an accident there so traffic will be slow. even if you're getting ready to head out, use one of the alternates or take bart, returning on time. this is a live look at the backup, 80 at 101. you can see the northbound 101 approaching the lower deck there, starting to see the backup stretch beyond the central freeway. expect delays getting into downtown san francisco. if you use 4th street to get into the city, you won't want to use that. you'll be dealing with this backup here. traffic is just not moving. even though they have started
6:33 am
moving some traffic here on the lower deck. the beginning of the span is not seeing that movement just yet. if you're trying to get into san francisco, use 280 or 101 central. we have a problem on the upper deck of the bay bridge. the middle lane is blocked due to an earlier stall then a crash. we have delays in both directions. right now that's an hour ride. the shooting has nothing to do with the delays in the westbound direction. this is due to the accident we had just past treasure island. if you use the golden gate bridge, be advised we have a fog advisory in effect for drivers heading across the span and into the north bay. san mateo bridge and richmond- san rafael bridge starting to see the delays as well. mary? thank you. what a mess out there. we are starting off the day
6:34 am
with shares of low clouds no spots. you can see there that shallow cloud dick, and a gorgeous sunrise off in the distance. currently 61 degrees in concord, 53 oakland, and san francisco low 50s. san josi mid-60s and santa rosa 49 degrees as we kick off the workweek here. visibilities, half moon bay 2 and a half miles there. we have foggy conditions at the coast and parts of the bay this morning. we are going to be warming up this afternoon, 2 to 5 degrees warmer than yesterday afternoon thanks to a ridge of high pressure strengthening for us. we are warm for the middle part
6:35 am
of the week. 64 in pacifica, 80 for oakland this afternoon, 96 for concord and fairfield, 92 in napa. more on when we'll see cooler weather, coming up in a few minutes. a san francisco police officer shoots a suspect. officers said he was swinging two knives in a windmill-like fashion. police saw him around 9:00 last night and shut down the area while trying to negotiate his surrender. 30 minutes later, authorities say the suspect advanced on them. then an officer fired and hit the suspect, who was taken to a local hospital. no word on his condition. new details about a plane crash that killed several people from the bay area, leaving concord's buchanan airport yesterday afternoon before crashing in santa ana. some of the victims were coworkers. >> that's right, heading to a real estate inference southern california when that plane went
6:36 am
down. the pilot was a ceo of a real estate company called category iii, named scott shephard along with his life lara. two other agents, floria hakimi and navid hakimi, were on board, along with nasim ghanadan. this is video showing the small plane in pieces there in the middle of a shopping center parking lot. it's a twin engine cessna 414 reported an emergency just before crashing. this video captured the image of the plane nose diving into the parking lot. >> i don't know anything about what this pilot did or what he was thinking, but it could have
6:37 am
been much more tragic. >> that fire captain said the fact that nobody was killed on the ground was nothing short of a miracle. some say they heard the plane sputtering before the crash and overs saw it spiraling in the air. the pilot's real estate company is named after an aviation term, category iii, which indicates precision in difficult flying conditions. anne makovec, kpix. a pg&e worker is now the seventh person killed in the carr fire in shasta county. the 21-year-old lineman died on saturday after crashing his utility truck while working to restore power near redding. the carr fire is over 260,000 acres and 43% contained. the president tweeted about the explosive fire season in
6:38 am
california, leaving experts scratching their heads. cal fire would not comment on the claim. >> have you been in a situation where you need water and couldn't get it? >> i don't think so. we are fortunate in california a aign that evy ught we were drop you use could be used on a fire. >> about a half million acres have burned across the state so far this fire season. the search for a missing bay area teenager is intensifying because today marks one week since she was last seen. dozens of volunteers turned out yesterday to search local trails for clues that could lead them to 14-year-old taylor kusich. she was last seen at a friend's how and left without her cell
6:39 am
phone, leaving no electronic signs. the search for a missing boy leads to a compound with 11 missing kids but the target of the search is nowhere to be found. and wells fargo admits to a mistake that cost thousands their homes. you know when you're at ross shopping for backpacks... ...and mom also gets a back-to-school bag?
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you know when you're at ross and you'rhello.... ...and then the price is like, helllooo! that's yes for less. find the latest trends and styles at prices that are a perfect fit. it feels even better when you find it for less. at ross. yes for less. remote compound in new mexico.. but a toddler is still missing. police say 11 children were spotted in this small tr people have rescued nearly a dozen starving children from a remote compound in new mexico but a 3-year-old is still but police found his father, who had a warrant out of georgia related to his missing son. authorities say the children had no food or water, no shoes and were surrounded by weapons.
6:43 am
>> no running water, no electricity. it was -- they are in bad shape. it was disheartening to see that in this day in age, that people could live that way. >> police say three women believed to be the children's mothers were also at the compound. the father and another man at the scene were arrested. the trial of president trump's former campaign manager resumes today. paul manafort is accused of bank and tax fraud, and this week robert gates is expected to testify against manafort. gates has cooperated with special coun a plea deal earlier this year. protesters erupted in iran as u.s. sanctions on iran's automotive sector and precious metal industry came in. in may the president pulled out
6:44 am
of the iran-nuclear deal. consumer prices have soared ahead of the sanctions and the value of its currency has plunged. president trump's trade war with china is entering its sixth month now and there are no signs it will end soon. >> the trade war in the spotlight today, and we are seeing the impacts really ripple across the global economy. in china, the shanghai exchange fell to its lowest level since early 2016. that stock market has been sliding big this year. germany, july plunged by 4%. analysts as far as earnings go, seaworld saw a surprise jump in attendance in its parks in the recent quarter. they have been under pressure
6:45 am
since the 2013 documentary black fish accused sea world of mistreating its orca whales. the dow is down now just over 60 points, nasdaq down by 7. back to you. >> thank you very much, jason brooks from kcbs radio. new trouble for wells fargo this morning. the san francisco-based bank says hundreds of customers lost their homes because of a computer glitch. the issue came to light in a regulatory filing showing that software mistakenly denied about 625 homeowners mortgage modifications and in about 400 cases, the bank foreclosed on the homeowners. the gaffe was fixed in october 2015 but had been going on since april 2010. wells fargo says it's set aside $8 million to compensate
6:46 am
customers affected by this mistake. let's check traffic. it's slow. the good news is that a few lanes have reopened on the lower deck of the bay bridge. two lanes remain closed, so chopper 5 giving us a nice look at traffic many both directions across the span. keep in mind those eastbound drive times are likely to stay in the red for some time. let's take it to 101 as you're approaching the 80 interchange there. you can see traffic on the right side of the screen, completely backed up approaching the lower deck of the bay bridge. folks are using that to get over to the 101 central, but that's still moving right now. this is a live look at the 80 interchange at 101, headlights moving eastbound trying to get to the lower deck of the bay
6:47 am
bridge. this is a live look at the lower deck of the bay bridge. drive times quickly down to about 22 minutes. i think it could take you a little longer but we'll give the sensors a chance to catch up. still under an hour going from the maze into san francisco. the bay bridge takes the cake for the worst commute of the morning, definitely backed up on your 580 approach. the berkeley curve is jammed and on to the east shore freeway. it's a busier ride in all directions at the bay bridge. 580 heading through the altamont pass is usually the first route to go slow and remain slow, and today it's in the yellow. i-80, east shore freeway, that's under a 45 minute ride getting from hercules over
6:48 am
toward the maze there. out of antioch, about 20 minutes to 680. we have reports of a crash on 85 near saratoga, so could see slowdowns in the northbound direction there. right now 280 in the green, 101 showing speeds in the yellow. mary? we are going to warmup as we head through the afternoon by about 2 to 5 degrees. we have a live look with the rooftop camera. if you look at the sunshine there, that's an indicator of smokey and hazy conditions due to the wildfires burning in the mendocino complex fires. we are tracking southeasterly winds, bringing in the smokey conditions out there. we'll talk about the air quality and fire weather conditions out there coming up in a few minutes. first our current conditions, 61 in concord, 59 oakland and san francisco in the mid-60s.
6:49 am
san josi is mild to start, and santa rosa 59 degrees. satellite and radar showing high pressure building and strengthening for us, giving us highs 2 to 5 degrees warmer than yesterday afternoon. this area of low pressure will moon cooler weather later in the week. we are tracking areas of morning low clouds and fog, especially along the coast and parts of the bay. in the afternoon today, sun for most of us but patchy clouds along the coast and highs warmer in the middle of the week. the mendocino complex fires here, gusty winds up to 30 miles an hour this morning, and temperatures in the 70s to start the day. humidity is 15% to 20%, still dealing with the heat. highs will be around 95 with strong gusty conditions, watching that closely as firefighters try and get a
6:50 am
handle on the fires. moderate air quality for the north and east bay. with that air quality, that forecast there, we have the giants taking on the astros at 7:15, first pitch in the low 60s there. around the region here, 87 degrees in cupertino, 90 in campbell, 87 santa clara and 94 for morgan hill, 88 san josi. check out the highs here inland, brentwood 98 degrees, 96 antioch, and fairfield 96 this afternoon. .92 in sonoma and 94 for santa rosa. we have highs in the mid-90s for the mendocino fires, firefighters dealing with the heat in that area. seven-day forecast, you can expect it to get warmer today,
6:51 am
cooler tomorrow. we are heating back up in the middle part of the week for wednesday and thursday. there's the cooldown, especially by the weekend. melissa? starting today, the point reyes lighthouse is off limits. it's getting a major revamp including stabilizing the 148- year-old lighthouse, repaving access roads and improving pathways to the observation deck. the lighthouse is set to reopen in october. lance bass tweeted out that he had the winning bid for the brady bunch house, but the seller changed at the last minute, going with a hollywood studio willing to pay more for the house. he tweeted his appointment last night, saying his dreams were crushed. >> we know it's not illegal, but it's not exactly honest. anything can happen until you have that signed contract. >> bass claims that he was used
6:52 am
to drive up the price of the brady bunch home. a fire ripped through an east bay home killing two teenagers and their mother, and it's been declared suspicious. >> reporter: good news heading toward the east bay, chp opening a few lanes following a fatal shooting to try and get cars moving once again.
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xfinity mobile. it's simple. easy. awesome. click, call or visit a store today. it's 6--- time for your final five... >> reporter: we are in front of the bay bridge where commuters are trying to get moving through the east bay again. we have video of fic looked like minutes ago, people stuck here up to
6:56 am
three hours on the bridge. this congestion was the result of a shooting that led to a traffic collision, according to chp. three cars were eastbound on the bridge before 2:30 a.m. this morning, and two men in an suv were shot by someone in an unknown vehicle that pulled alongside their car. that suv then collided with a sedan not involved in the shooting. the driver of that car said they heard multiple gunshots before the crash, and the driver of that suv died on the scene. two passengers were taken to the hospital and chp is telling us this morning the shooter is still out there. traffic once again starting to move here at the bay bridge, but it has a residual impact, so drivers should still expect delays. jackie ward, kpix. time for your final movie. more on the plane crash killing several people in the bay area. >> the coroner released the identities of the five who
6:57 am
died. e pilot s scott shephard, along with his wife lara and two other real estate agents, floria hakimi and navid hakimi and nasim ghanadan. their plane crashed in the parking lot of an orange county shopping center yesterday. fires near clear lake are now the fourth largest in history, scorching more than 260,000 acres. full containment is expected in 9 to 10 days. a pg&e worker is now the seventh person killed in the carr fire. the 21-year-old pg&e workers crashed his utility truck while working to restore power near redding. a fire that killed twin sisters and their mother has been deemed suspicious. the flames erupted before 3:00 yesterday morning and 15-year-
6:58 am
old twins trinh tran and tram tran were killed along with their mother. about 15 people gathered near mlk park yesterday to protest marxism. several screaming and shoving matches broke out with counterprotesters. a traffic alert remains in effect for the lower deck of the bay bridge. this is a live look at the backup from that incident on the lower deck of the bay bridge. this is 101 approaching the 880 interchange. traffic on the right, that's the backup beyond 7th street. so on the westbound side, 40 minutes from the bay bridge toll plaza into san francisco, east shore freeway 50 minutes to get to the maze. it's slow no matter where you go. golden gate bridge is moving at the limit northbound, but we
6:59 am
have a fog advisory. be careful as you get into san francisco this morning. and you can see we are tracking areas of low clouds and fog to start today, especially along the coast and parts of the bay. through the afternoon, warmer temperatures compared to yesterday afternoon. 2 to 5 degrees warmer than yesterday. so check out the highs, 64 in pacifica, 80 for oakland and fremont, mid-90s fairfield, low to mid-70s for the bay. we take a dip on tuesday then we're warmer by the middle of the week, cooler for the weekend. >> patience out there, people. your next local update is in 25 minutes. have a great day.
7:00 am
good morning to our viewers in the west. it's monday, august 6th, 2018. welcome to "cbs this morning." rescuers search for victims after a powerful earthquake killed nearly 100 people in indonesia. international tourists rushed to escape overnight as thousands slept on a hillside due to tsunami fears. a small plane carrying five people plunging into the parking lot of a strip mall in southern california. firefighters say it's a miracle no one on the ground was killed. president trump now admits a campaign meeting involving his son and a russian lawyer was


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